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How the U.S. Government Suppressed the World’s First Civilian Spacecraft Industry   videoconference oct 2013


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Curtis Cooperman’s interview with Ralph Ring -2011- mp3audio  -  txt

Om den undertrykte teknologien - intuitivt og ledet "ovenfra" - utviklet av engelskmannen  John Searl for et halv århundre siden

 update 2023 on the ufo-coverup and among others Ralph Ring and Otis Carr

extract from article of Michael E. Salla, PhD

HER NORSK ART. om John Searl's ufo-teknologi fra 50år siden

Ralph Ring Emerges to Reveal Carr’s successful development of the OTC-X1 - ufo/spacecraft

In March 2006, a largely unknown individual came forward to reveal that he was one of three pilots of a successful test of Carr’s full scale prototype of the OTC-XI. Ralph Ring claims to be a technician who was recruited into Carr’s team attempting to build a 45 foot prototype spacecraft after Carr had relocated in California in 1959. Ring at the time was a talented inventor who had grown frustrated with corporate sector disinterest in innovative principles concerning electromagnetic energy. He had earlier helped the famous French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau develop the aqualung, and later worked at a government-funded research organization called Advanced Kinetics.

 In a series of public interviews and presentations, Ring described the conditions of leaving Advanced Kinetics. He claims to have resolved two complex engineering problems involving electromagnetism. Confident of a job promotion, Ring was instead told by the director that they were government funded corporation and “we’re paid to look for the answers, but not to find them!” In frustration, Ring left and met with Carr in late 1959, and was quickly impressed with his ideas, including a plan to build a civilian spacecraft. In his first public interview, Ring described Carr as follows:

He was an unquestioned genius. Tesla had recognized his quality immediately and had taught him everything he knew. He was inspired, and – like Tesla – seemed to know exactly what to do to get something to work. He was a private man and was also very metaphysical in his thinking. I think the fact that he was not formally trained in physics helped him. He was not constrained by any preconceived ideas. As crazy as it sounds now, he was determined to fly to the moon and really believed it could be done. I believed it. We all did. 

Ring directly participated in the testing of smaller models of the OTC-XI craft developed by Carr. He described how these had been successfully tested and exhibited unique characteristics when achieving certain rotational speeds:


...the metal turned to Jell-o. You could push your finger right into it. It ceased to be solid. It turned into another form of matter, which was as if it was not entirely here in this reality. That's the only way I can attempt to describe it. It was uncanny, one of the weirdest sensations I've ever felt.


Most importantly, Ring claims that the 45 foot OTC-XI prototype developed by Carr was completed and successfully tested back in 1959. Ring says he was one of three pilots on the craft which flew 10 miles instantaneously. Ring described how Carr had been able to maintain communications with the three man team piloting the OTC-X1 who were instructed to complete a series of tasks, before returning to the launch site. When asked if the OTC-XI had flown to its destination, Ring said:


Fly is not the right word. It traversed distance. It seemed to take no time. I was with two other engineers when we piloted the 45' craft about ten miles. I thought it hadn't moved – I thought it had failed. I was completely astonished when we realized that we had returned with samples of rocks and plants from our destination. It was a dramatic success. It was more like a kind of teleportation.


Ring described how the test flight had been able to change the flow of time:


"What's more, time was distorted somehow. We felt we were in the craft about fifteen or twenty seconds. We were told afterwards that we'd been carefully timed as having been in the craft no longer than three or four minutes. I still have no complete idea how it worked.

The most remarkable part of Ring’s testimony concerns the unique navigation system used by the pilots to control the movements of the OTC-XI. According to Ring, this navigation system used the conscious intent of the pilots rather than conventional technology.


The Utron was the key to it all. Carr said it accumulated energy because of its shape, and focused it, and also responded to our conscious intentions. When we operated the machine, we didn't work any controls. We went into a kind of meditative state and all three of us focused our intentions on the effect we wanted to achieve. It sounds ridiculous, I know. But that's what we did, and that's what worked. Carr had tapped into some principle which is not understood, in which consciousness melds with engineering to create an effect. You can't write that into equations. I have no idea how he knew it would work. But it did.


Success of the first test of the full scale OTC-XI meant that planning for flights into outer space and to the moon was now proceeding in earnest. Ring said Carr and his crew worked round the clock to complete the testing program before announcing the results to the general public.


The most dramatic part of Ring’s testimony concerns what happened two weeks after the successful test of the OTC-X1. He said that Carr's operation was closed down by the FBI and other government agencies in a secret raid involving seven or eight truckloads of armed government personnel. The FBI told Carr that his project was being closed “because of your threat to overthrow the monetary system of the United States of America .”  

Indeed, Carr’s successful testing of a civilian spacecraft, had it been allowed to go ahead, would have revolutionized the energy sector and the aerospace industry. The conventional energy industry using fossil fuels to generate electric power and the aviation industry would have become redundant overnight. Large U.S. corporate interests in the energy sector would have lost their substantial investments. Lack of corporate profits would throw countless thousands out of work. The financial effect of a civilian spacecraft industry using electrical energy from the atmosphere for power would indeed have placed enormous pressure on the U.S. monetary system possibly causing its collapse.


In a series of interviews and public presentations, Ring claims FBI agents confiscated all the equipment including the OTC-XI prototype. They debriefed all of Carr’s employees, warned them to remain silent on what had happened, and made Carr sign non-disclosure agreements. Ring’s testimony, if true, reveals what really happened with Otis Carr’s radical civilian spacecraft project. Rather than Carr being a fraud who deceived a number of investors funding his radical civilian spacecraft ideas, Carr had been successful. His success so threatened entrenched interests in the energy sector, that his operation was shut down with the full approval and knowledge of a select number of government agencies concerned with the financial impact on the U.S. monetary system. Carr himself was forced to endure trumped up charges designed to discredit him, and end his bold effort to develop a civilian spacecraft industry.


How Credible is Ralph Ring’s Testimony?

How much evidence exists to substantiate Ring’s testimony? Ring is a very likable and sincere individual who has impressed audiences with his genuineness and frankness. Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy, founders of Project Camelot, a website featuring video interviews of whistleblowers, were the first to interview Ring in March 2006.After a series of interviews, they conclude: “There is no doubt in our minds that Ralph Ring is 100% genuine. Everyone who has met him and heard his story in person is in full agreement.” This is something I can personally verify since I was able to hear Ring present his ideas at the International UFO Congress in 2007 and was able to speak personally with him. I concur with Ryan and Cassidy that Ring’s personal qualities make him very credible. He appears to be motivated by a simple desire to tell the truth about events that happened almost 50 years ago that could have revolutionized life on the planet.


Ring has provided a number of photographs of the OTC-XI developed by Carr. These photographs had previously not been published. The photos showed that Carr had indeed succeeded in building a number of models including the 45 foot prototype spacecraft (see photo below on left). The photos dispel the view that Carr had not succeeded in developing a full scale prototype spacecraft. Ring’s photos are material evidence that he did indeed collaborate with Carr on the OTC-X1, as he claims.

  Perhaps most significant is what occurred to Ring soon after coming forward to reveal his experiences with Otis Carr in March 2006. Bill Ryan describes what happened:


"Shortly afterwards, Ralph went into hospital for a routine knee replacement operation. He accidentally received the wrong treatment, and nearly died three times. At the time of writing (July 2006) he has just recently emerged, very frail, from intensive care - but is determined to tell his story. Prior to that he had enjoyed perfect health for 71 years.


In his presentation at the 2007 International UFO Congress, Ring described how he had been taken by ambulance to a hospital 25 miles away, bypassing a hospital adjacent to where he was staying. Ring hovered perilously close to death as a result of the ‘mistreatment’ and the long ambulance ride. Was the “accidental” application of another patient’s medication, and the “bypassing” of nearer hospitals part of a covert attempt on Ring’s life? The circumstances are certainly suspicious and do indicate an effort to silence Ring. This series of “accidental” events that almost took Ring’s life soon after his public emergence provides circumstantial evidence in support of his claims.


Exopolitical Implications

We can now draw together the different elements concerning Otis Carr’s OTC-XI project and Ralph Ring’s testimony. Carr’s successful development of a fully operational civilian spacecraft using radical electromagnetic propulsion and navigation systems led to a brutal response by federal government agencies. Agencies led by the FBI raided Carr’s construction facilities, confiscated equipment, intimidated employees into silence, and publicly discredited Carr through trumped up charges orchestrated from the U.S. Stock and Securities Commission. Ring’s public testimony and photographic evidence he provided of the existence of Carr’s OTC-X1, give confidence that elements inside the U.S. Government suppressed a wholly civilian owned spacecraft industry. Several motives for this suppression appear.

 The first and principal motive for the government suppression was to protect U.S. industrial interests in the energy sector that would have been threatened by knowledge of how to draw free electrical energy from the atmosphere. U.S. corporations dominate the energy sector around the planet, and the appearance of “free energy” technologies would wreak havoc on their stock value. This would impact negatively on the entire U.S. economy.

 A second and related motive for this suppression is the impact of “free energy” technologies on the U.S monetary system – the explanation given by FBI agents for raiding Carr’s plant. The development of free energy technologies would make redundant the conventional energy sector owned by U.S. corporations possibly leading to a collapse of the U.S. dollar.


A third possible motive is preventing the development of a civilian spacecraft industry that could travel into outer space and other planets with minimal or no government regulation. Such a civilian spacecraft industry could easily travel to nearby planets to confirm whether intelligent life forms have ever resided or continue to reside on the moon, Mars and elsewhere in our solar system. There is evidence that intelligent extraterrestrial life has been discovered on the moon and other planets but this is being suppressed by major governments. Many analyses of NASA photographs of the moon and Mars reveal artificial structures and anomalous phenomenon under intelligent control. Despite widespread public interest in these, NASA refuses to seriously investigate such evidence and many have concluded a cover up is underway.

 A fourth motive to suppress Carr’s OTC-XI project was to keep secret technology already being developed in classified projects. Carr’s work was not deemed important enough to be classified so that he and his technicians could continue to work on developing his ideas of a spacecraft that could travel to the moon at light speed. His project was shut down, Carr discredited and his technicians intimidated into silence. There is an obvious explanation for this response by involved government authorities.

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 update 2023 on the ufo-coverup and among others Ralph Ring and Otis Carr

The Missing Secrets Of Nikola Tesla as videos

Om den undertrykte teknologien - intuitivt og ledet "ovenfra" - utviklet av engelskmannen  John Searl for et halv århundre siden

Curtis Cooperman’s interview with Ralph Ring -2011- mp3audio  -  txt

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