Academician Ignatyev report and images about electromagnetic drive for spacecraft
Since this method use electromagnetic energy to create the flow of the ether, it is reactive motion in some sense. It is described in Academician Ignatyev's lecture by standard terms and if you have notion about Poynting vector, it will be the way for your experiments.

 Gyroscope propulsion by Dr. Francis MacCabe  Report from USA, description of experiments, photo and plans for propulsion system and power generation by means of gyroscope effect.

Experiments with gyroscope to demonstrate reactionless propulsion way

 Electrogravitics experiments
Photo of my experiments to prove possibility for electrogravitics propulsion.

 Antigravity as result of pressure gradient  Wing profile in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics can be used for space propuslion also.

 Thermogravitics  Macro and micro level for impulses can be used to get the asymmetry in net impulse of the system and for propulsion.

Asymmetrical vortex as a way for antigravity  Victor Shauberger's methods