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"They showed me a type of sleeping cot right in the same rocks ... on different levels... and they were fat but yet small... no luxury... nothing out of this world... The thing that impressed me most was that I could see all of this and also the laboratory... The rest of the installation was like normal but austere... like eating and sleeping."

"The aliens were not super beings... they were humanoid and very similar to us... just of a different shade of color and unique in many ways... and they looked very much alike... all of them. I couldn't tell them apart. Without expressive features they seemed so alike... so strange... but yet I could sense LOVE ... but they don't show it. They have 83 other human beings on this good earth that they are in contact with. I am not the only one. They told me that I am not their only property (contact). If I wanted, they could get someone else. I don't know how long I am going to be contacted... I don't know. I am not irreplaceable. Once I stop serving them they will get another... someone else. I only serve a purpose. As long as it works it will continue."

Ever since going aboard the UFO, whenever in presence of someone deceitful he sees a warning beacon of light on their head. He has developed other remarkable faculties that he can-not explain. He remembered that the alien being spoke of the law of the speed of thought... which he did not quite understand. Ohneshto had also said at one point that one hour of our time com-pares to 200,000 hours of their time in their own dimension. He had also mentioned that molecular structures can be made to travel in a linear direction at up to seven times the speed of light. ... He said it took about four hours of our time to come to Earth from Koshnak in Orion. He said they travel in the seventh and eighth dimensions, unknown to Earth humans, and that they are aware of 13 dimensions of being. Ohneshto pointed out refer-ences in our bible pertaining to UFOs. He said that their normal span of life is about 800 to 1,000 of our years. 

Their normal intelligence would be over 200 by our scales. He explained that they could continue life forever with only one cell of the body. Ohneshto said that the axis of the Earth has changed four times as far as they have checked this out, that it tilts about every 20 to 25 centuries. He said that man is as old as his Earth, that more ancient races were the ancestors of nearly all the inhabitants of this planet.

The Orion said that other beings in our universe become very active other Earth, studying and recording just before each tilt. They are standing by to assist and help prevent the total loss of life on Earth in these catastrophes, to aid in the re-growth of humanity on a new scale. They are much concerned about avoiding the mistake of 1943 where the development of atomic sciences occurred before they were due.

On subsequent contacts where the aliens had occasion to com-municate between each other he heard the language used, which was articulated, and it sounded slow and slurred to his ear. They used a lot of "gla, 0, a, 1,11, and m" in their intercommunication.
They didn't seem to communicate much between each other. Everyone seemed to be occupied at his particular task and they all seemed to be quite busy. They appeared to be well organized and they operated with great efficiency.

From this time on the electrical charge around the person of David Delmundo increased until 1973. Whenever he got near an electrical device it would make those strange noises. He seemed to be carrying some kind of electromagnetic charge on his body because if he touched grounded metal or electrical circuits, or even water if it was grounded, he would draw sparks and he could see a flow of bluish energy from his fingertips to the object. Even if the electrical current to the object was turned off he would feel a strong electrical charge.
The beeps continued on a more or less frequent basis, and every time he heard them he could look up and see the bright and often luminous object in the sky above, even in bright daylight.

In 1973, during another UFO flap over Puerto Rico, seven people from the mission, including David Delmundo and his elder daughter Moira and son David Junior, were driving the high-way below Mayaguez near Cabo Rojo on the southwest corner of the island. When they were about ten miles from the lighthouse they began seeing the now familiar bright greenish-blue disc-shaped self-luminous objects flying all around them. As they made a turn and came in sight of the water south of the cape they saw several objects go into the sea and disappear beneath the surface. They could see the glow in the water for a few seconds after the objects submerged. It was just dusk and they could see the objects and the skyline quite clearly. The most notable part of the observation was that the objects had a glowing greenish-blue field around them and they entered the water at considerable speed without any splash. The water just parted ahead of the visible field and the objects flew into the hole and it closed up behind them with only a flurry of ripples. Other disc-shaped objects came out of the water the same way and flew northeast over the island. After the UFOs entered the water there was a greenish glow for a few seconds that faded as the objects presum-ably went deeper. Conversely, when they came out of the water they were preceded by the greenish glow and then the water would part and the ship would emerge - again with no splash and no water dripping from the object.
As the mission group drove away some minutes later, two very bright greenish-bluish-white discs of light rose out of the water south of the lighthouse and flew away to the south.

In the early part of 1978, Mr. W. Mendez of San Juan, a 34 year old airline transport pilot and his girlfriend (now his wife) were driving from State Road 174 and were nearing the intersection of state roads 812 and 879, when they saw a brilliant bluish-white ball of light in the sky to the north. It was close to 20:30 in the evening and he called his girlfriend's attention to the light and then slowed the car to watch. He saw that the brilliant ball of light was descending in a smooth glide when all at once the ball seemed to flatten out, like a plate standing on edge being turned down on its rim upside down, and now he could clearly see its true outline despite its brilliance. He could easily distinguish its disc shape with a low dome raised in the middle on top. As soon as the disc was level horizontally it dropped like a stone to the ground and the light went out. He drove up to where he thought it had landed but couldn't see anything more.

He waited a few minutes, looking, and then tried his CB radio to see if anybody else had seen the light. He couldn't raise anybody at all and then tried a base station nearby for a radio check. He couldn't contact the base station either. Later he learned that all CB radios in the area had been unable to receive or transmit for over two hours at about the time of his observation. They all reported hearing strange noise interference in the background which they hadn't heard before and which they have not heard since.

On the twelfth of April 1980, young David Junior saw one of the alien beings from through the window in his father's home. It was between 01:00 and 02:00 A.M. and all were sleeping with closed doors and closed windows, something unusual because they do not usually close both. David Junior got up to go to the bathroom and turning, closed that window, too. As he closed the bathroom window he saw the alien standing just outside - less than six feet away. He froze in astonishment . . . closed the window... thought, "Can it be?"... opened the window again and the alien was still there and they stared each other in the eye for several seconds. He was very impressed by the intelligence and power he felt in those eyes. This alien was dressed in the same kind of garment as described earlier by his father, and the descriptions given by his father fit this one very closely also. On a later contact his father learned that this being was from the same ship as Ohneshto and that he was called Orenox.

In August of 1980 Mr. Hector Vasquez of the mission was awakened at 2:00 A.M. with a very severe pain in his side that seemed to move to his lower back. He sent one of his children to see if David Delmundo would drive him to the hospital for treatment. He had had the pain before and it had been diagnosed as a kidney stone. He knew what he faced. David came for his and put him in the car and they started out for the hospital - a 20 minute drive.
Hector was lying down, doubled up with pain, in the back seat when David, who was driving, noticed an orange glowing luminous disc of light in the sky a few hundred feet above the car. It was quite large and close, and illuminated the foliage and ditch on both sides of the road. He called Hector's attention to it, but Hector, who was still lying down in the back seat, thought David was only trying to get his mind off the pain and made some remark like, "Yes, and the New York Yankees are out there waving flags at us, too." But David insisted and Vasquez turned to look. Then he saw the light, too, but from his lower viewpoint he could see it more clearly, and watched it carefully. It moved to one side of the car and paralleled its travel only a few hundred feet away to the right and a few hundred feet above the ground. 

Then it moved ahead of them and when they came up to the turn it was waiting. It moved ahead again and waited, and did this several times. Then Vasquez noted that the pain was gone. They arrived at the hospital about that time and Hector went in to be treated. He couldn't bear the pain coming back again. When he was examined, however, the kidney stone was completely gone-and it hasn't returned since. When they started home an hour later they saw the orange colored luminous object in the sky again, but this time it was much higher in the sky and it flew away. Hector is convinced that the object had something to do with the disappearance of the kidney stone.

A few days before this event there was a small greenish UFO hovering over the clinic. It could be seen clearly with binoculars. Part of the telepathic communication received at that time by David Delmundo stated that there was a sketch in a book on its way to him (UFO . . . Contact From The Pleiades) that was similar in shape to the one under observation, and would show that such craft do in fact exist. (The sketch referred to is the one of the 15 foot diameter remote controlled disc-shaped craft.)

In 1977 the mission group was advised in detail about this visit taking place now in 1980, and were given a message to be relayed to this author at that time. On 12 April 1980 another message was delivered to be mailed to me prior to this trip, but Delmundo hesitated to mail it. He handed it to me at the end of our first day of examination of his UFO experience. The message read:
"Please be advised once and for all of our presence here on this, your Earth. We must emphasize (that) you must come out in the open and go forth as you have been previously used... You Earth-lings have . . . for it is time for action. The second year of this decade (1981) will leave us no other choice but to come out in the open and (we) certainly hope that encounters will be throughout (the world). Nonetheless, should you fail, your own personal life is in great danger and leaves us no choice but to connect sufficient and more serious structures to go forth."

"Now we are... just one point... from 700 are only 84 dispersed throughout your world. Should there be any need we could go to 600thousand. We are agreed that the consciousness re-awakening of your society should have given to the decade 50 what we are now striving to do in decade 80. Thus within three decades of foolishness and waste we should perceive not to wait as long as three years for a book to be published, but rather go on nationwide networks, otherwise WE shall intervene personally, and WILL do so. The start of awakening of those we call gods (authorities) has been done individually already, and the broadcasts are just a call, as a key word, to those who have already been advised as such."
"The tragic moments expected are due soon, and although this society is cherished much, because of circumstances beyond your understanding, we have no choice but to proceed in accordance to writings, scriptures, and foreplans. We certainly hope to come forth in closer communication to the Navajos in your mainland and in the state of New Mexico. You will understand your Indian nations, hopefully."

That message, though stilted in style and poorly worded in English is a sincere communication from another intelligence visiting us on our planet and should not be taken lightly. They are very serious. It at least gives us some clues as to why they are here.
Then Delmundo said, "There is more to this - I have four implants, three in my heart and one in my head. I was seven months in the hospital and the doctor said I would not survive. The aliens installed miniature devices (micro circuits) in my body - that is why I do not wear any metal-it interrupts..." Delmundo has had several heart attacks and been hospitalized for it.

"During the seven months, when I was in intensive care, I spoke in many languages unknown to me. My heart stopped many times and I was near death. The doctors told me that part of my brain was damaged by a lack of circulation. I have my medical records here.... I am not supposed to be able to see, or hear, of move my limbs, and I am walking and driving, and I listen better than ever. I have a bit of short vision, but who does not at my age, anyhow?"

When the witness was five years old he was stricken with spinal meningitis-an almost always fatal disease-and he was given up by the doctors as incurable. His parents were told to take him home and isolate him because "he contaminates everyone and everything" and he will die. And he died. Then something happened and he started to revive and to recuperate. He lived and began to recover. He had to go through all of his learning processes again-learning to crawl, to eat, and toilet training all over again. It took almost a year but he slowly came back. He thinks now that the aliens had something to do with his miraculous survival, and he dedicates his life to their cause if need be... but working silently and out of the UFO limelight. He seeks no attention or recognition and doesn't want any. In fact, he thinks it would hinder his work and that is why we have carefully disguised his real identity.
His work goes on to this day and his contacts still continue with the successors to Ohneshto and Orenox, and he serves in the best way he can.

If only the rest of us were inclined to follow his example we wouldn't be trying so desperately to destroy our beautiful planet.

Wendelle C. Stevens

all honour to Wendelle - the most important ufo-investigator in modern time- because he has brought forward and published those positve contact-cases - in contrast to the mil/gov./film/BIG-MONEY info- WHICH  ONLY GOES ON FRAR/horror - MAKING. Because those same power-behind-people, have "traded" our genetics to some dark ETraces, and are now afraid that this shall be public known before they die.

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