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Here an extract from chapter 7 about the 2.abduction

(page 127)


Next contact happend when Filiberto and his wife Iris,went out to the first meetingplace, because they could not sleep. So he, and his wife drove to the same place. It happend 21.feb-79, ca.5 in the morning. On this occasion, some others witnessed the spaceship, and the investigators came to the conclusion that it had to be the ship that took up Filiberto &wife.



They called the investigator just after they had returned to let him get the story fresh, as they had no missing memory of it this time:

."the ship appeared from behind us as we stood there. It made a turn at about 60 to 80 feet altitude above our heads, descended and hovered just above the ground, without touching it. It maintained like a foot of altitude above the ground without any type of landing gear, tripod, wheels or anything. We could hear a sound that didn't seem like it should be coming from a ship so large. We could see that the ship had like two levels or stories, one level a little smaller below and another larger one above. I (Iris) stayed in the lower level and did not see above."

"Iris saw the ship arrive. She took out a cigarette and lighted it, very naturally. I told her I didn't think she should do that because they might not like it. Then she did not know what to do with the cigarette. In comparison I would say that the ship was a little larger than a truck or autobus, though of a very distinct form. We entered (the ship) up a ramp about eight feet long. We could see inside but nevertheless, it gave me the impression, or better, the sensation that my body passed through the body (transparent material, like glass) that was there. It was like I was going to collide with something but passed through It was like a window of crystal, which upon passing through, we felt a distinct atmosphere, almost like we were out of this world! I felt myself floating. I felt like my body did not weigh anything. My thoughts and ideas were of great intensity. When I looked back outside through the 'door,' it seemed as if it were a division between two worlds, very distinct and separate."

Referring back to the extraterrestrials, they gave me the impression that there was not much physical difference between them and us, despite the fact that I had not seen them without those suits. They all looked to be of strong constitution. I got the bright idea that they covered their whole body, head and face with something as a protection for the walking ones that surrounded us, and it was that that made it difficult for me to see well their configuration."

They were dressed in a suit of very special brilliance. It was the color of silver and reflected the lights around them. (Iris) They were not very tall. They were shorter than Filiberto and seemed to be light in weight. I saw four of them among whom there was a woman. I was only aware of this because of the form of her tightly fitted suit. The suit covered her whole body, and hands and feet, leaving only an aperture for the face, and it came down and covered half of the forehead. On the right side of the head for where the ear should be, they had a bulge in the suit like an audiophone, but inside the suit. From the nape of the neck to the bottom of the back near the waist, they had five cables or flexible transparent tubes, which did not impede their movement. Besides this they had other buttons and controls on the breast of the suit that could be operated by the alien being."


"The face was normal, much like ours, but the eyes were elongated and had eyelashes like ours. I could not see the eyebrows. Either they were covered by the suit or they did not have any. The nose was smaller and a little flattened. The mouth was large and long without having much lip, or rather the lip was quite fine. They opened their mouth to talk but I could not hear their voice. The face ended in a small light beard."

"On the suit, on the right breast, they had an emblem made up of a serpent in the form of an 'S' or maybe more like a 'Z' with rounded corners, with a wide 'X'-shaped cross lying down underneath. I could not see their hands because they were covered by the suit extending down over the fingers like a glove. They sneezed constantly. (They later explained that the sneezing was caused by the near presence of human beings.)"

Iris Cardenas is still talking.


"Inside the ship there was a sound something like that of parrots, a great number of parrots. I could hear them perfectly but I could not see them. They must have had several cages for them installed in this ship. (Iris did not connect the parrot sounds to the beings at that time. As an afterthought one wonders if that might not have been the language of the beings themselves.)

"The extraterrestrials paid a great deal of attention to my painted nails, both fingers and toes. I was wearing sandals at the time. They looked at them constantly, my painted nails, that is. There was only one that spoke to me. He communicated mentally because I could not hear his voice. He spoke very fine and delicately to me. I felt very well with them, they did not frighten me. It seemed like I was floating and I felt very tranquil. Instead of feeling afraid and wanting to run, I, on the contrary felt peace and tranquility."


"At a point I asked the one who talked to me if he would permit me to touch him. I was like St. Thomas in wanting to see for myself before believing and I wanted to touch him. He (the extraterrestrial) said to me, yes, that I could. He raised his right arm and I could see that he had a body under the suit. The suit material seemed to have a soft scaly texture."

"In the lower level of the ship where I remained the whole time, there was a small cabin full of televisions in rows, one alongside another, many in double banks. There was a narrow seat with a high back, as if it were for the captain of the ship. It was very prominently placed. This seat rotated. There was another seat in which nobody was sitting and they seated me there. On that floor around me there were many small lights. When I sat down I observed the lights around my seat, which began to brighten in different colors. The white light to which we had become accustomed went out and I couldn't see it any more. The lights were clear and brightly transparent, such as nothing that we have here. The floor was made of a very strange material. It was not plastic, but it was a smooth flat material. It was of some kind of material completely unknown to us. Also it had various levels of elevation. I didn't see any walls as such. Everything was covered with apparatus or was 'windows.' Inside the ship one had the sensation of not standing on the floor, but more like he was floating. For the whole time I was there, some twenty minutes, I was conversing with them, but in a form very strange, not like I am talking to you now. The one who talked to me was sitting in the high seat in front of me, and as he spoke he looked at me intently. Filiberto was standing at one side on foot, though in a moment they took him to the upper level in the ship."

"They, the extraterrestrials, walked very rapidly there inside the ship. You would see them there and then almost immediately they were here. The one in front of me smiled. They had a language of their own which they used to communicate between themselves. It sounded to me like they were talking in some kind of Arabic dialect. I did not understand them. They were very small. They smiled at me as they were saying, 'Be calm, nothing is going to happen to you.' In the conversation that I carried on with the one seated in front of me, in the high seat, he talked of LOVE, UNIVERSAL LOVE. He told me much about universal love. He said that they came on a mission to Earth and that they selected any person for contact simply by accident of time and place. These persons were subjected to a series of tests. If that person felt LOVE toward them, then they often continued the contact. But if, on the contrary, they did not feel any LOVE they did not contact them again."

"They allowed the contactee to say that he had seen them (the extraterrestrials) without interfering with his memory. He said that they did not come to harm us and that they are messengers. They told me that this is the only way they can come here to Earth, without causing fear or panic. Many for this reason have been contacted only once. If the person contacted does not feel LOVE, or if he does not report his experience, or does not respond to the needs of others contacted, then they leave him. For that reason, they told me, there are here on the Earth, many who have been contacted only one time and no more. But if, on the oth~r hand, a person contacted comes to know them and does not fear, they often continue contacting him. At the same time they are studying the people. They bring many messages. For example:

Cancer can be cured. They told me that the time has come. They are going to tell us with what we can cure cancer. It will come from a plant, the sap of a plant. Also they told me that we must make our lives more healthy. They say that we are very contaminated, that we do not have here a very healthy life. They do not want from us any goods of the Earth. They live more naturally than we do, and the suits and the tubes installed in them is to protect them from the contaminating Earth elements. They control everything with the power of the mind which, they told me, was of extreme importance. At a moment in the conversation I asked them, 'Why did you select my husband for this problem?' And they responded that any person here in the universe could be selected. Right now is a period of expe4mentation, but later, there will be millions who will see them. They do not want to endanger humanity. They come here to help us. We are super backward in everything, they say.

"There exist other planets much advanced over us. In 1993, we Earth people will make contact with other planets ourselves. There we will be able to see the life and the advancements of the other planets."

Then Filiberto Cardenas spoke to the investigators. "I can not repeat all that they told me aboard the ship, but they reaffirmed that they came to planet Earth to aid us in all they could, and very especially in all that related to health. They ratified their universal love concept. They do not come to endanger nor to conquer us, nor do they want to be recognized as saints or saviors. This has happened before. They say that they are beings of other dimensions, of other worlds, but that they are not gods, and they do not want to be considered such. They do not want to be attacked. They are wanting me to be one who talks to the public about these messages, messages designed to prepare for the coming of them on Earth. These messages have been given to six other people of Earth who have been contactees of this kind or will be contacted soon. I do not know for sure whether these over six are abductees or whether they are being contacted mentally to receive the messages. I have the impression that some are abductees, having the opportunity to see and feel directly the same as I."

"Among the things that I was told was an assurance that women will rise to important positions in our society. It is to be

that many women throughout this Earth will rise to high positions in politics as well as in business. There will be a tendency to defer to and to vote for women in those positions with the hope of a change, and to see if the world can grow up. This tendency, the extraterrestrials see in the very near future."

"When they come to make definite official contact with us, the illnesses will be something of the past. The sick will be cured easily. The state of anxiety, our preoccupation of mind, is precisely for the moment of evolution in which we are living. In actuality this is one of the worst illnesses. The excessive preoccupation with material existence, without feeding the spiritual, produces the immense majority of the illnesses. Preoccupations such as fear of illness in us, produces illness. Fear that something will occur produces illnesses, and fear in general, of many things, produces premature aging. They told me that we, in a period very near, and after their coming, will undergo radical changes. Some people who already have been contacted, and who possess certain powers, could live easily more than a hundred years. Perhaps even to a hundred and ninety years. At first certain people with psychic faculties and strong spirits capable of assimilating knowledge and controlling their emotions could live even up to three hundred years."

"They possess great destructive power through their scientific advancement, but they told me that they have no desire to destroy us. They live looking for and giving LOVE. The Pope who is now in the Vatican (Pope John Paul) is one of those contacted by them. The function of this Pope is to evangelize throughout all corners of the Earth, or at least that is what he is trying to do. What the Pope is going to do, what he has done, and what he is doing is of great importance."

"After my abduction I received the help of distinct religious groups, and all of them asked me, what is the message for humanity. And they all were pleased when I told them, but more so that the extraterrestrials spoke of universal love. The pope is one of those most greatly worried about the lack of love at these times in this world."

"I believe at this time that those who believe in God do not have to look in others or elsewhere for Him but within themselves. If they have faith, God is within them. Christ is within every person. Here is where you have to look for it. The Pope is a beacon of light for humanity. Not only for Catholics, but for all, including the atheists. Those who desire to have a change in the world should heed the gestures of the Pope."

"Before this I worked excessively, working with the logical

aspiration that any person could achieve a good social position. I must confess that I did not dedicate enough time to the questions of spirituality and aid to less fortunate people. Or rather that I gave a little love to all those people who did not need it. I believe that the whole world must begin to give more LOVE. Not only to the man in the street, but to begin with your parents, your children, your families and friends. LOVE must begin in the family, which is the base of our heritage, and radiate out from there. I ask of all who hear me that they give more time to LOVE that inspires love in humanity. This is how we will achieve our majority sufficiently great in this system in which we are living at this time."



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all honour to Wendelle - the most important ufo-investigator in modern time- because he has brought forward and published those positve contact-cases - in contrast to the mil/gov./film/BIG-MONEY info- WHICH  ONLY GOES ON  MAKING FRIGHT. 

Because those same power-behind-people, have "traded" our genetics to some dark ETraces, and are now afraid that this shall be public known before they die.