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Page 67;


"In an attempt to further establish the underwater "tunnel" mentioned by the witness, it was learned that this "tunnel" was not of solid rock as we think of a tunnel, and it did not have any projecting stalactites or stalagmites as already mentioned by the witness. He could not describe its entrance opening in any frame of reference known to him, and he had difficulty describing the walls. They were not of solid finished material like brick or stone, but were translucent and flowing LIKE FIRMED WATER. The ships flew in an ''airspace'' that opened in front of the craft as they proceeded, and may have closed again behind it, and no water or anything else actually touched the surfaces of the vehicle itself. The swiftly flowing "water" was close but did not touch the crystal (windshield) in front of the witness' face.

It appears to us that the witness is describing a ship-generated force-field of some kind which separated the mass of the material ahead of it and produced a capsule of "space" around it in which the craft flew. The curve in the tunnel mentioned may have been simply a re-directing of the force-field for a change of vector that was controlled by the extraterrestrial pilot sitting to the right of the witness in this small vehicle. This rush of water not touching the ship has been described by another UFO abductee who was taken in a spacecraft to an underwater base.



Some pages further- from 3.hyp.session:

"they said that it is some 4000years since they began to make contact. When they gave us messages, the people misinterpreted them badly. That every time they have come to a particular place, they said, the people adore them as if they were gods. And they are beings superior to us, but they are still far from the gods that we speak of. Some that they have are advanced, others are very much advanced. They have much technical science, but they are not saints though people adore them as saints. They are preparing now, the things that are necessary so that we do not give them the reception we did in other times. It has been thousands of years since they descended last. The people then adored them and said that they were saints come to Earth.

HYPNOTIST - Continue.

FILIBERTO - There they demonstrated much technical science. They told me, "Look what is going to happen there. We have no intentions undesirable with you, but we want to help you and you will become more advanced. But when we have given instructions to anyone and we have made contact with them to give them knowledge of these things, they do not believe it. That in general they say that we are of forms very distracting, and that has been the drawback of the terrestrains. Because we do not prefer the ones over the others and in each part of the world are distinctly different races, they each seek superiority and believe us more knowledgeable (and seek to use us). They said that they have classes also, but that of the classes, those with the lesser intelligence or less scientific technology, could still be masters to teach thousands of years more knowledge than those of Earth. HYPNOTIST - Continue.

FILIBERTO - They showed me and said, "Look at what I have here in front of me," and they had kind of a stone. That stone was activated by means of a reflection of light. That mirror of light was capable of burning whole cities and great territories. They said the forces of Earth could have vast arms, but only one ship of theirs was capable of destroying them all. But they do not intend to cause harm because they do not want us to fear them. If we don't move forward, they will use more forceful demonstrations. But they are going to have to give a lesson to humanity to be able to save the rest of the world. They cannot advise us on great catastrophes or great things that are going to happen.


They also have special equipment, or something like that, they told me, that is like an electric battery, like a light that they call... I do not remember... but they said that it is the fourth ascendency above laser rays, that they used thousands of years ago, on Earth, laser rays and that they want to have now an access before we finalize this stage, this lap that we are now beginning, a stage that I interpreted as if it were years. In a short time they intend to have important demonstrations.


They told me that the distinct forms of religions, that we use, for a great part are dominated by people who seek aggrandizement, that develop into personality cults and gain power and abundancies of many things. They say that we terrestrians need a religion, but a distinct religion (personal), not in groups and the things that they are doing, and that each one within themselves symbolize the same God. They say that the head, in these moments can perform good works, but he has around him men of lesser intentions that apparently come from the intelligence of cosmic space, or as we call it, God. But that all these things are with a tendency to aggrandize which is definitely a bad system. I interpreted what they wanted to call bad as the devil. And that the head is trying to accomplish certain things, is trying to come down, is trying to humble itself but is trying to clean up the things that it has around it. I interpreted the head to be the Pope of the Catholic Church. They reprehended me strongly because I did not complete with them, the mission that they gave me. I told them that I had tried to complete in part the mission but that the people would not believe me. Then they told me that for those ones they have prepared this, so that the people will believe. And the people will believe. Because they have to believe. They don't want to take hard measures with anybody, but they are going to do what they have to do. After much time... (inaudible).


HYPNOTIST - Sleep soundly and continue talking loud and clear.

FILIBERTO - They showed me important things. Things that they can make appear and disappear in front of one's eyes, that not only their ships can do this...(illegible). They informed me also that we have to be careful because other places that do not pursue the same objectives, are making themselves as angels. They are not as advanced as the good ones but they are much advanced and are very important and they told me, if those pursue bad objectives against us, they could do two things. They could destroy this planet with the same arms that this planet has, without using any of theirs, or on the contrary, transport away our great armaments in one operation, that for us terrestrians would take no more than 20 minutes of our time. They could make us disappear into pieces in 20 minutes, or in the same 20 minutes leave us with no armaments capable of destroying anything because they can be visible or invisible as they choose.


HYPNOTIST - What combustible do they use for this? FILIBERTO - They did not tell me.

HYPNOTIST - Speak loudly and clearly.

FILIBERTO - They could appear, being at our side and we didn't see them, but if they like, they can leave us at once. They have around the world, or better, of our planet, at this time, since some years ago having conducted experiments, 81 begotten beings (half extraterrestrial and half terrestrial) living on Earth. Most of them have completed missions while others are still little. But there are many of them who have completed missions of great importance.

HYPNOTIST - And why did they tell you all these things? For whom did they tell you?

FILIBERTO - Precisely for my test, to see if I was a proper messenger for when things begin to happen. Because others will come who will also make the announcements but the people will not believe them. To help make them believe the others when they appear.

HYPNOTIST - On this occasion did they mention what things are going to happen?

FILIBERTO - I asked them about that, for some things. HYPNOTIST - And what did they say?

FILIBERTO - Among other things, there will disappear, here precisely on Earth, great portions of land and whole cities VIRGILIO - When?

FILIBERTO - They said in a short time. It is not that they are going to do anything, but to see if they could prevent, at least, a little and save some numbered millions of people.

(comment rune; a lot of such warnings came forth thru different spacecontacts in the 50-60-70ths, so apparantly they saw how a heavy karmic wave was ready to strike in those timeperiods, but seemingly a new wave of love energy was transmitted to earth from some helping planets in those years- and higher developed children incarnated here, which made it possible to delay, and may be soothe the karma some time….)


VIRGILIO - Two or three months?

FILIBERTO - All of the things that we have been saying, and all the things that are to come soon.

HYPNOTIST - Continue sleeping soundly but you will continue relating rapidly and strongly all that has passed since when your car broke down, that was where we began . . . Continue rapidly.

FILIBERTO - That part I have already told to you.

HYPNOTIST - Have you already regresses, or have you not regressed?

FILIBERTO - I still am where I was presenting something (seen) in an apparatus that looks like a television from here, from Earth. Those terrestrians who are going to be destroyed, or better, that are going to become great or immense lakes or parts of the sea. There is another city very distant which will also become ocean or a lake of importance.

HYPNOTIST - In America or in Europe?

FILIBERTO - The city is called... the capital of Mexico! HYPNOTIST - Very soon?

FILIBERTO - This will happen in a little time. They are not going to do this. They always say with emphasis, "We didn't do this, we want to prevent these happenings." When I asked them if they could do something they said no, that the inhabitants of those places have been abandoned. Because there is something, there is something that is... (silence)...

(yes, a lot of the warnings that came thru those years, also this about Mexico, have so long not happend of any karmic reason, but the big question is whether this karma is removed forever…. R.Ř.rem.)





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