From page 183 - chapter " The Masters of Wisdom " from the book

UFOs: A Great New Dawn for Humanity

Of Enrique Castillo Rincon



The Masters of Wisdom

"You are made out of parts from infinity and from the stars; but you do not know it, because you are asleep. ..

-COMMANDER KRUNULA, from the Plejades



ON THE NEXT DAY, Christmas, DECEMBER 25, 1974, at 7:00 a.m., somebody knocked gently at the door of my bedroom. We were awakened and called to breakfast, which consisted of steamed potatoes with a delicious vegetable broth, three different kinds of bread-toasted, whole, and baked soft-warm milk, herbal tea, and fruit juices. Each one served himself buffet style. Two Inca natives stood smiling at both sides of the table, offering additional food. Fresh water was served at room temperature.

Once rested, we were offered a very peculiar type of bath, from a spring that was dammed behind the cabin. The water was warm, from volcanic origin. The attendants gave us large towels that some of us wrapped around ourselves, and we looked quite funny wearing such a garment. After fifteen or twenty minutes, we showered and got ready. Instructor number four was waiting for us, to give once again the same instructions given by instructor number one. Earlier, because it was Christmas, we had congratulated each other during breakfast. The only woman among us looked half nervous and half happy.

The designated hour finally arrived. We were led through a subterranean passageway. Cyril, Krunula, and two other extraterrestrials showed up at the tunnel entrance. The greetings were very warm, and for me, especially tranquilizing. Cyril, after greeting and wishing us all good health, moved close to me so we could walk together through the tunnel. Just for a second, he put his hand on my shoulder. Light, emerging from the floor, illuminated the whole passageway. The floor was made out of some clear, hard plastic blocks. All was very clearly visible, without annoying reflections.


We walked about eighty meters, almost in a straight line. Then, there was a slight curve at the end, where light became visible. The ones ahead, walking with the instructor, were shaking their heads in astonishment.

At one side of the cave outlet were four small "explorer ships," each about four meters in diameter, levitating in midair!

They were shiny, without any trace of doors or windows, and were suspended about eight to ten meters above ground level. We passed our hands below them, trying to detect "something," but no, there was nothing there!

From here we could view all the magnificence of the incredible Andean countryside, with snow-capped mountains on the horizon. A lovely valley lay in front of us. Guanacos and llamas' dotted the scenery, and two native shepherds cared for a herd of about twenty goats.

We all shared a feeling of great expectancy. We witnessed the arrival of the population, men, women, youths, and children, who were sitting on the green grass, against a great promontory that like a wall deflected the cold wind. All greeted us, bowing their heads and waving their hands in friendly gesture. Some young girls were carpeting the ground in front of the entrance with flower petals and little twigs. Instructor number one showed up and reminded us to abide by the instructions.

He asked for a collective greeting from the gathered people for all the twenty-four friends and brothers (us), a very original greeting, which consisted of waving both hands and uttering a prolonged AAAAHHH! We were able to just say: thanks, thanks!

The instructor approached the entrance to a tunnel carved in the living rock and clapped his hands twice. He retired to one side, and the most incredible Being made his appearance.

We were astonished beyond description!

That being looked exactly like Jesus, the Master.

I thought immediately that the Pleiadeans had brought us here with the purpose of meeting Jesus Christ, who was here again, fulfilling the prophecies. We looked at each other, speechless. Those were seconds of extreme tension. He looked just like the images kept in the homes of all Christians: his beard, his hair, and his age, which I guessed to be about thirty-seven years. He wore a light brown robe, gathered at the waist by a cloth band. The fabric looked rough, like "cabuya" (sisal), with medium- (three-quarter) length sleeves and an open collar, where we could see his chest hair. His arms and hands revealed infrequent exposure to sunshine. His bare feet were shod with one-piece sandals. The robe reached below his knees.

Smiling, he bowed in salutation, crossing his right arm to his left shoulder, with the left hand under his right armpit, and then repeated in the opposite way. Gazing toward all the listeners, he said:

"I am not who you believe I am.

My name is a thousand names; give me any, and That I Am.

I am ancient before you, not in age; but in knowledge;

And humbly I bow my head before you.

My name is Age; for I am the Ages and the Time.

I am Wisdom, and my name is Wisdom.

I hold thirty-five percent of Universal Wisdom,

And humbly I bow before you.

(He repeated the initial salutation.)

I am Knowledge; and I bring you Knowledge;

I am the breeze; I am the wind, the cloud and the rain,

The tender blade of grass in the morning.

I am the soil the furrow, and the seed, the river and the sea.

I am the good, hardened hand of the soil tiller,

The tree; the flower, and the mountain.

I am the valley, the dawn, and the night.

I am the Ancient One among you, and humbly I bow my head.

I pull my sword out of its scabbard to tear the hypocrite and the vociferous off their pedestals.

I am the bird and the flower.

I am the white hair of the old, the laughter of children,

The lullaby of the mother, and the awakening of the conscience.

I am the conscience!

My name is the Law, for I am the Law!

My name is Life; because I am Life.

I am the Word and the Wisdom. My name is Wisdom.

I am the Ancient One before you, not by my age; but for my knowledge.

Humbly I bow my head before you.

I am the hurricane and the movement.

I am the force; and the whisper and the voice. My voice has life!

I am the bride; who unblemished arrives to be married.

I am the Peace among men, my name is Peace; and Peace I give.

My name... my name... is Love. I am the Love that propels the Universe.

nb- picture not from book


He stooped and picked up a small branch, which he struck gently against the palm of his left hand, and took a few steps, looking at all present. There was absolute silence, the silence of the mountains. It seemed as if everything was keeping quiet, in his honor.

He walked, stepping among the legs and feet of those lying on the ground. He came close to me and looked into my eyes from a distance of about four meters. What a beautiful countenance! Never had anybody looked at me as he did.

He walked back towards the cave, without turning his back to us, saluted for a last time, waving his hands, and disappeared through the same tunnel.

The intelligence and love expressed by his face, projecting peace, was the most incredible and marvellous that I have ever felt. All stood up and in complete order returned to their duties through the tunnel.

After this formidable experience, I was left with several questions:

Why a single woman among twenty-four?

Why could we not keep in contact afterwards?

Why was the information not the same for all?

Where are the other twenty-three now?

What type of information was given the others, and why?

What is the role of this unusual personality whom we met at the vortex;

Why are his words so similar to those of Jesus Christ, being somebody else;

What is his relationship with the extraterrestrials?

What is going to occur at a planetary level that will lead to a new human behavior pattern?


What role do we- the contactees- play, in this confusing panorama? I still do not know. What about the other twenty-three?

Why were no names and addresses interchanged? I don't have the answer.

My return from the Andes left me breathless. The experience with the extraterrestrials, the instructors, and the personality with a thousand names, left me in a quasi-mystic condition, which I could barely surmount.

Thanks to my education as a child and the freedom I enjoyed, I was able to realize the danger to which I was exposed, if I interpreted wrongly my experience at the Andes Highlands.

There was no doubt, as far as I was concerned: the High Entity of the Andes was the same One that I called, and rightly so, the "MASTER OF WISDOM."


-apparently others got contacts to spacepeople in the same timewindow  as Rincon - around 1973.

more on this Peru/Rama-contact on link here

Listen to a mp3 file above
where Sixto Paz from Lima/Peru (picture), talks/-and it is translated directly  - about a ufo-contact they had in the same time as Rincon told of. Not sure if all the other info he talks about else in this talk, is from the ETs education - or if it is from info he has red else.

Regarding the many contacts in the 70ths in south-amerika - and later those in Switzerland/Meiers Semjase-contacts:

Evidently did the spacepeole understand, that they could not come any further with the usa-dominated Nato-lands, regarding getting out info on this subject. (because just the usa have "bad conscience" because it has "traded" with the greys, -just like a father having sold his daughter as a prostitute) Acc. to Bob Dean, this subject of ufo's had the higheset security inside Nato thru all the 60ths- and before and later as well.

So they - "the cosmic gardeners"/spacepeople - seemingly tried thru south-amerika, to get out some real information, which was not charged with fear, as the politics and agenda have been else, USA, and else where the BIG MONEY RULES - trying to scare the people away from searching into this theme. (Yes- because the spacepeople talks about siv's free of this slavemedium- money! - and just this revelations are of course just what the "politicians" hidden governed by the "moneypeople" - afraid of!!!)

So seemingly more ufo-contacts were etablished in the sout-amerika - as the ex.with the Rincon-contact here shows.

here -is the mp3 file - 8,2 mb and 28min.
It is to recommand to download the quicktimeplayer ( here or here ) as it plays it directly - which some other players need to take it all down first.

more about another - Sixto Paz -contactcase from southAmerica here

Sacred Encounters at Lake Titicaca An Interview With Luis Fernando Mostojo Maertens


 more in sound from this area, south-america/bolivia, regarding ufos etc;

Wendelle Stevens talk about ETbases etc./Akakor, (Carl Brugger) in south-am.jungle- mp3 sound

"Extraterrestrial Guides: The Great White Brotherhood in the Andes & Lake Titicac" - 

Presentation by Luis Fernando Mostajo Maertens (Bolivia) at the Earth Transformation: New Science, Consciousness & Contact Confrence, May 17, 2008 [110 mins]. 

Since the 1970's, South America has been the site of many great physical contact experiences lived by some people with the "wise elders", who live in underground cities or "sacred cities" all across the Andes, as well as with beings who come from outside our own planet and who have been guiding and helping our civilizations for thousands of years. These extraterrestrial guides have given some people the opportunity to travel with them to visit their own civilizations on their planets, so we can also learn from them and create a higher civilization here on Earth, not only technologically speaking, but also spiritually. I myself have been fortunate and have had this experience of several physical encounters with the "Elders" in the Andes and Titicaca Lake. Now I come as their emissary, bringing men and women the message of hope and alternative ways to build a new civilization in these times of change and transformation. The year 2012 will mark the beginning of a new era; an era of existence in a higher dimension that will lead us into a life of fraternity and love among humans

in mp3-sound- downloadable by rightclicking + save as ; : part 1 part2part3 | part4 | googlevideo-all-in-one, 1,5h 


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