The room that was entered from the dust-laden foyer had no lights, detectable air conditioning or conveniences of our modern age. The greatest of many shocks was in the fact that beyond this threshold the floor seemed antiseptic clean with no trace of even one dust particle. Just at the door, on the foyer floor, the dust pile up could better be described as a wall of snow that drifts against a doorway. To find no trace of dust on the inner side was not only a welcomed relief but a mystery beyond any possible explanation.

image/pict of the possible interior of the room (pict.r-)

Before I touch on a description of its interior design and overall structure, I'd like to give you a picture of its size and the various room divisions. This tomb, apparently constructed thousands of years prior to the Pyramid (because of its contents) was enormous in scope. Each of the four floors measured 300 feet square (means 93mx03m??)(measurements were taken after the third arrival into the interior) with a room height of not more than fourteen feet(4,3m). With four levels, the square footage totaled 120,000 or the size of an average factory in today's world. Each floor contained marble smooth walls, dust free floors of a highly polished limestone, and stone divider walls for each specific type of historic record. Each alcove featured its own arched ceiling of small cut limestone approximately ten times the size, of common brick.

Insert pict

At the south end of the tomb rooms on the eastern sides there were narrow stairways of the same 29-inch width that led from one floor to another. Each 30,000 feet of floor space featured a very wide hallway and the deep alcoves that ran off the center opening.

The interior design was quite unusual in that a separate arched (buet)ceiling appeared in the central hall opposite each and every alcoved room. All ceilings arched from four directions and met in the center at a given point. No tracts of a cement fill could be seen between these cut stones. The appearance was that of preciseness and that it remained intact by the pressure of the arched ceilings. In the four comers of each hall division, large columns aided the support of each arch. These pillars were unusual in design for at the top, their flair (eleganse) resembled no column seen before. The large rectangular stones that created the top flair were concave -banded around its center with a heavy band of metal of unknown material. As strange as it seemed, these bands of unknown metal were joined as any circular rim is, but without any trace of a weld. From all appearances, it was one solid band four inches wide and one inch thick placed in the middle of concave stones - which, at the current time, is totally impossible structure-wise.

The entrance to these floors of the tomb is located at the bottom level or the first ground floor on the north's magnetic side (or its front wall) facing the same direction as the entrance to the Great Pyramid itself, from the direction of the Sphinx. This entrance was located midway on the north wall or directly in front of the "Grand Hallway" as it was termed by its discoverers. As you will note, there are wall divisions of rooms with each headed by a limestone column. The floors, although slabs of marble, did have a high glow of shine and repeatedly reflected any direct or indirect light beam. The floor had all the appearance of being continually being washed and waxed, which I'm sure was not the case. Many of the partition walls were completely covered with metal bins (also a metal not of aluminum, steel or related alloys) that took nearly every square inch of space - and within these bins, lay odd shaped metal discs and rectangle sheets of tissue thin metal which seemed quite strange.

This first visit to the secret tomb was somewhat brief and no excessive investigation was done of these strange metal discs nor examinations conducted of the odd type machinery located in various anterooms. Since this was, in a way, an unexpected entry on the spur of the moment, no actual preparations were taken to scout the tomb any further. Leaving the tomb was relatively simple and the reverse vibrational tones did work as hoped when the entry was made. Only two hours were allotted for this portion of the expedition for there was that overwhelming anxiety to get back to the surface and get out. If the team was allowed out with the correct key, another expedition would be planned. Then and only then, when the right equipment was at hand, could we continue with searching out whatever lay before us.

Twelve hours had passed and many times during this vigil in the tomb we thought of our parched throats and would have given all the money needed in exchange for one drink of water. Even a sip of bourbon could have crippled the long ascend and could afford this default. With the tomb door closing quietly behind us, we began the steep trek towards the top and hopefully - freedom once again to keep the minds active and off of the hardships of walking these overly steep stairs, the conversation consisted of what would be needed on the next expedition and how many men would be required to do all that need be done. In mulling over all that had expired and the short notice we had in entering, it was decided we reconstruct some thing similar to this opening and with the exact time allowed, see just how many men can climb through this opening before the stone closes.

We pondered over the supplies we'd need on the next official expedition and this list of items being hashed over and then rehashed, kept our minds off the hazardous climb and occupied the mind to prevent total exhaustion. The items discussed were those of several infrared cameras with a close-up lens, an abundance of water, suitable food of a dehydrated nature, metering devices, recorders, a portable mine sweeper and a compass. When planning any expedition, the trend is to overload rather than take what is absolutely essential, but in dealing with the unknown, no one can be certain of what could be essential on such a journey as this.

When the three members reached the top of the stairs, they immediately reversed the correct tone signal and turned its switch to the on position. The trip up this staircase was an unbelievable short time and consumed only five and a half hours, which may seem rather lengthy, but when one is dealing with dust and slippery stair treads, the venture is twice to three times longer than one would anticipate to say little of rubbery legs. The total length of time involved from the very beginning - to their final return at the top, is now set a 19.5 hours. When the recording failed to cause a response, they were sure they were now mistaken with such a reversal, and from that minute on, many combinations were applied. The feeling of both fright and frustration began to control their thinking powers and before they went one step further, the men had to pause long enough to collect their reasoning powers, settle their nerves and calmly think this dilemma through. After much thought, Amend Abouu suddenly came up with the solution that since everything is in multiples of seven - so must it be in this situation. The time now totaled twenty hours and forty-five minutes. If his theory was correct and the magical number is in sevens, this stone should begin to toll(pne bom) on the twenty-first hour, thus, a short wait of another fifteen minutes, and possibly twenty-two if it is timed at twenty-one hours plus seven minutes - as it was at the time of the opening. At the precise time of twenty-one hours, nothing occurred. At twenty-one plus seven the recorder was once again turned on - and this time - it began to slide back - slowly but surely, and the scent of fresh air was a welcomed miracle. Freedom was never as great and below them, they could see the other members of the party in their ascent toward the opening.

lt's needless to say that when the group finally got together, much was discussed about this uncanny(nifs) discovery. Plans were laid within the next few days for the second trip and it was their primary concern to construct a mockup model of this sliding stone to be assured of the number of men that could get through in the allotted seconds of time. One slip could create serious injury if such a stone should begin closing on any member and it would be futile to lend aid. The following fifteen days were devoted to the search of needed materials and the start of the working model.

On this first descent, we saw something that could not be explained fully, but then again, at that time, the three scouts were concentrating on only one avenue, and that was the stairs and the dust factor. It was not until this little expedition was rehashed in detail that we had observed, on this downward journey, two unusual doors, located below the midway point and the furthest door downward was not more than three landings apart. Had the dust cloud not cleared for the split second it took to observe the side walls, these unusual doors of natural stone would not have been seen. The entire mental picture was not a bit clear and seeing a cut stone could have been the figment of a wild imagination of that hazardous journey - and now, even as all was reviewed, neither of the three could really describe if there was such a cut in the rock or whether there was an actual door off the landing. The next trek to the tomb should reveal the truth to any possible hallucinations.

From June 9,1976 to the ending of October 30th of the same year, much had been accomplished in the preparations for the second expedition when they planned to remain longer and scan this tomb with a fine-tooth comb. It was their intent to try and photograph some of the area and examine some of the thousands of metal plates and discs. It was a stipulated fact that on the next visit to the tomb, a spray would be used on the stairs and walls to not only dampen the dust to where it would remain stationary but a solvent of a non toxic nature to dissolve the mildew on the stair treads. Another matter of urgency was the use of masks and aqualung tanks to be used in sealed rooms that might exist off this passageway. The equipment they planned to take was more than necessary and with this added load, them was the distinct possibility that not enough time, could be allotted in the actual entering process, if equipment had to be handed through this opening.

At a roundtable discussion, Sherman Styles, Chief Engineer for the expedition and Robert Simitteey of the electronic division, stuck on the theory that at the time of this second opening, and assuming such had to be connected with electronic mechanisms of one sort or another, the recording of that special tone vibration could be delayed long enough to keep the stone open for a longer period than it was timed for. If some sort of a duplicate could be made, which was only a wild shot in the dark, this recorder could be set for a longer tape on that particular strand of notes, thus giving enough time for all members to slip in and drag with them some of the needed equipment.

Not knowing how this stone slid back or its propulsion power, all experiments were hit or miss and if such a delay could be designed they would make an attempt to try it at the stone but with no intention of entering This experiment would be for time only or to see firsthand if this was electronically designed. All forms of mechanical engineering was devised - using voice print devices, radar, sonar (for what it might do in case such electronics were buried downward below the staircase), laser sounds, x-rays and mine detectors set for electronic devices within a stone. These unusual experiments took many weeks of trial and error and to be perfectly candid, more errors than trial.

In the finalization of all experiments, over a three month period, success was reached, both in a duplicate mockup and the fact that if this stone was electronically controlled, it could be stalled at its opening but not for more than an additional twelve seconds, if their mechanism had an automatic safety relay. All of this, regardless of experimental time, would be useless if this device at the Pyramid was totally different of anything on earth.

On November 3rd, the experiment began. Four members were present for this test and all needed electronic devices were on hand - if needed. To have struggled up this Pyramid's south wall with all that was carried was more of a trial of human endurance and I dare say, such would not soon be repeated. At the exact hour, plus seven, the tone vibrations were turned on and at a given point where the stone stalled (at its fullest opening) the tone would be repeated every two seconds. At first, the experiment seemed to work but the recorder and its tone vibrations only prevented its stay seven seconds and regardless of their desperate attempts, it closed - but at a much slower rate. It was therefore proved that this stone was operated electronically but our devices could not forestall its closing for more than these seven seconds. If this was all that could be accomplished, the time of entry was extended enough to admit one extra man, if he was fast enough, or four in total.

The mockup model, plus the experiment at the sliding stone proved only one thing of importance. Four men, if all were agile enough to make a rapid descent to the staircase below the stone. Test after test was conducted and it finally resulted in the fact that four men could succeed but - much of the equipment had to be scratched off the list. It boiled down to these scant few items: Two small pressure tanks of 3 gallons of chemical in each (for spraying the dust). Two infrared cameras, one small first aid kit, four powerful searchlights, twelve additional batteries, seven packets of packaged dry foods for each man and one canteen of water each and only one canteen of lemon juice (used to prevent excessive thirst). All that could be stuffed inside pockets was essential and what they couldn't, had to be strapped to their front (stomach area) until they passed through the opening sliding in on their back. Once inside, these packs could be swung around to become a backpack. This was done to prevent anything catching on the stone lip and creating unnecessary delays.

The second journey began at 7:30 p.m. on the evening of December 4, 1976 and it was their intention to get to the location prior to the crucial hour of the designated time for the opening. Once at the area near the top of the Pyramid, some gymnastics were performed to relieve the strained muscles of the climb and to limber up for their diving into the opening. The crucial timing involved here is not so much the immediate scampering through the opening, but to get down at least fifteen stairs to allow adequate room for other incoming members. A law was established at the very last hour that if time became critical and a fourth member may or may not feel he has enough time, he should immediately abort the operation. For those who were to enter on this trip, would step aside on the third journey, giving other members the same opportunity of viewing the tomb. After 40 years of preparations, it was the general consensus that all who participated in this research, one way or another, should have a full opportunity to visit what they had dreamed of all these years. Only two of the original cast of explorers were not there and had been replaced five years prior (absent due to death).

The critical hour finally arrived. The exact time was recorded and the recorder turned on. All stood by with great anticipation and every vibrant nerve tingling through their entire body. Hearts pounded like sledgehammers on an anvil, blood rushed through their veins as though pumped through a fire hydrant and with one member, a headache began to cause ill effects caused by the excitement. This was the hour to behold and if all went well, history was in the making. With all of the rehearsal that took place in the last six months, one was never quite sure everything would go according to plan, and if all made the opening without mishap, it would indeed be a miracle to behold.


Figure: Cut-away showing secret entrance, Staircase, hidden chamber and "trans-tube" tunnel

A=known "official" chambers used for initiations - for separating the pfysical and the astral body - so that the person could experience immoraly and higher planes of existence.

B= The Sealed Chamber - here B - many floors.

C=unknown passage to the sphinx

D= secret "transtube" ("laserbeamed" out in the Earth-crust of past ETraces with high technology?)

E=hidden secret narrow staircase



The stone did slide as anticipated and all went well. Instead of waiting for its complete clearance (fully opened) one member began his half stand and half crawl into the slimness of whatever opening there was, thus allowing added time when it opened at its fullest. All members made the jaunt in the normal time - without using the delay timer as originally planned. This would have been quite an

achievement if it wasn't for the fact that this scurrying created a dust storm to a choking experience and even with the spraying, the dust wouldn't settle for nearly twenty minutes. Fortunately, this dust was not of a harmful vintage and once it cleared long enough for the flashlights to penetrate the created fog, the spraying became effective for the remainder of the downward trek.

Just below the midway location (locatable by the count of landings) the expedition scouts began to scan the walls in search of any cut stone doorway, had the previous scouts not had hallucinations. At the point of the twenty-first landing (landing markers in picture over - not to scale or actual count) a hesitation was called for. Here on their right, opposite the landing, a definite groove was cut in the limestone wall and to reach it, had it been an open doorway, one would have to resort to unusual gymnastics for this intended door laid over the open stairwell and could not be reached by stretching from the tiny platform. There was no doubt about this cut being the shape of a door, but it was not a door in the usual sense of the word. It was a perfectly straight line seven foot high, across in a horizontal direction four feet and then back down to its normal chosen base.

As long as the four were there (two on the platform and one above with the last member just below this point), the recording was turned on and every available combination tried - but to no avail. Nothing that was done budged this rock door and with one hour passed, the event was bypassed until another re-visit to the tomb. Two additional landings were reached and this time there was an actual door that was set back from the landing. At first its visibility was not all that clear due to centuries of dust covering its surface. It could have been easily missed by anyone merely passing by had it not been for one vertical crack that lay open and free of dust and mildew.

This, as I stated before, was a door and when it was lightly sprayed to prevent another dust cloud, you could make it out to be of a metal consistency. Tapping on its surface gave the rebound sounds of something quite thick and totally solid. It resembled the type of doors found on the Catholic churches in the Roman's era. This door, like the rock entrance was apparently sealed and again, no combination of sounds would budge it - and with enough time slipping past, the journey downward continued. Of the four men, two had stumbled or slipped and in trying to protect their fall in a headlong plunge, they scraped against the jagged wall surface and as a result both men were bleeding from shoulder to the hands in superficial cuts. First aid had to be administered immediately for the prevention of any possible infection, and their clothes had to be patched the best way possible under the circumstances.

Thus, after this mishap, only two were in good physical shape while the others had to find their own balance with their arm immobilized for the balance of this inner expedition. The long trek to the tomb was completed and the four scouts of the expedition stood at the door. As before, the vibrational tones keyed the sliding in its usual upward manner. The two who had done the introductory visitation -stood at the opening in as much awesome wonders. As did the newcomers of the team, for here, they felt, they were taken back in time and had entered the historical chambers of the ages - where no other man had ever walked before, and the secrets of untold phenomenon lay as great golden treasures worth more than all the gold and silver the world could muster together. Here before them lay the end results of 40 years of research, hardships, debts, sickness and frustration - and it was indeed real - beyond the comprehension of man.

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