picture only to illustrate - not of this case

Extract from page 99, but remark that this was another case:

"…with such widespread interest in what was going on, many witnesses came forward with their own stories of related sightings of strange lights in the sky, and described their movements and colors and how they arrived and departed. There seemed to be a consistency and a constancy to the appearance of these strange objects in this region.

But what the articles did not say, was that in the middle of this great hubbub, one of the flying objects did descend not far away, and from it disembarked two occupants who remained for several minutes on the Paulista soil -- apparently attracting minimum attention of the thousands of observers who anxiously waited for some direct contact.

According the account of one eyewitness, photographer Joao Antonio Sobrinho of the Diano Popular (one of Sao Paulo's larger newspapers), together with reporters; Amundsen, Limeira and Rosa Maria Sposito, there to cover the event:

"We spent the whole night there. We saw and photographed the strange lights as they moved about in the sky above. At first there were only two (luminous objects). a little later 3 more appeared. We were in the city of Sorocaba, as were most of the reporters covering the story."

"It was past mid-night when an automobile approached my position; 'You from the Press?' I nodded affirmatively and the motorist invited me to get into the car. Inside, I was introduced to Marcelo and Cristina Sanches. He was employed by Dr. Alfredo Metidieri, ex-president of the Paulista Federation of Football. He told me that at the farm of Dr. Alfredo we would be able to see the aerial spectacle a little better, and from there with less city light interfering, I might be able to get better photographs. We travelled on a dirt road for a distance of about 10 kilometers, until we arrived the place where I disembarked and was introduced to a guard, Joao Luiz Coxnez, who recieved me emotionally saying: 'They, today, are impossible. One of them passed so low and so close that I had to run inside the guardhouse for protection!'

"The other reporters had remained in the city and now I knew more about this than they. Nevertheless, they had eyes to look at the sky and the strange lights dancing above, maneuvering alternately, some with others, and then forming new combinations. I was ecstatically shooting photographs and conversing with Joao Luiz. Altogether I used up 3 thirty-six frame rolls of film and I do not know when Amundsen and Rose arrived at the farm. I knew that Marcelo had gone to look for them and tell them where I was. The three of us continued watching the maneuvering discs until 05:00 in the morning when the occupants of the landed disc were seen.

"One of the discs had descended and was hovering in the air above a small elevation of terrain while the others continued their rations above. It further descended slowly until it almost touched the ground and a port opened and from its interior emerged two humanlike creatures. They were small beings that I thought could be no more than 1.50 meters tall. They seemed to be poised above, or on top of, a kind of platform that floated between the ground and the ship. They were both dressed in identical one-piece space suits with enclosed helmets covering the head. The helmets had small light beams coming from a kind of housing on the top of the helmets -- like miner's lights. This illuminated the ground in front of them, while the small beings in their suits were illuminated by light emanating from the disc-shaped ship above them.

"I felt like I must be hallucinating this as my eyes followed the unfolding scene. I was able to observe the smallest details. They were there in front of me at this very moment. I had heard the stories of the appearance of such strangers in various forms and aspects, but it never occurred to me that I might someday see them with my own eyes, and I could see them well. There was no disputing the reality of these Ufo occupants.

"You can believe that it gave me a scare, a mixture of curiosity and fear. A person who can see and feel the presence precisely, of the arrival and proximity of the creatures is affected, but when they actually approached this close, people trembled. It must be the fear of the unknown that produces this. When we arrived at Sorocaba, famous for the Sao Domingos Quarry, which seemed to be the epicenter of the UFO activity, there we were surrounded by many people, which gave one a certain assurance of safety. But here at the Santa Maria farm it was different. There were few people and those discs above, and one even hovering there in front of us with occupants outside and visible! I was sure that they were able to see us with those lights on top of their helmets.

"With fear and emotion we watched the accompanying manoeuvres of the spacecraft and observed these small beings before us. They seemed to be effecting some kind of sounding of the ground, seemingly indifferent to our presence in the vicinity. The disc-shaped craft from which they had emerged was about 10 meters above the ground and some considerable distance from us -- too far away for good photographs, but sufficiently close to observe their activities in great detail. Difficult because of the darkness of that Friday night and because the light that emanated from the disc was very bright. It was a different kind of diffuse halo-like light that was very bright but clear.

"The 2 beings did not remain long on the ground, perhaps no more than 15 or 20 minutes or so. While we were watching the small beings at whatever they were doing, the bright light of the disc which illuminated the scene suddenly went out. And then the small headlamps on the helmets also went out, and it became completely dark and we could see nothing. Shortly the disc began to ascend, but now we could not see any vestige of the small beings. Then the ship began an oscillating movement and descended some, but as it was descending toward the ground it passed behind the hill. I tried to get a final photograph, which failed despite a return of some of the light to something like half-light. There was a kind of luminous explosion and everything went very quiet. Nothing else was seen, except the same other discs that continued their flying above, now more dimly seen but still visible. As daylight was beginning to break, we decided to return to the capital (Sao Paulo).

"The flying discs continued to return on following nights but we were never ordered to return to the scene for any kind of followup*

*Realidad Fantastica No. 2, Nov 1980, p. 4