From the booklet "I AM ISHCOMAR -

the voice from beyond our stars." (from 1967 - but the message is timeless - more critical than ever)

Part 2:



"I am Ishcomar.

"It has been requested of us before to provide suggested guidelines for you upon which to focus your thoughts to expand your awareness.

"The following communication will be offered to your minds based on facts and presented to fulfill your request.

"We, in our own right, respectfully request that you who receive this data do not wrongly evaluate our intent by accusing us of standing in judgment over you.

"We call to your attention once more, that above and below all theory and belief, fact is fact, truth is relative to true existence and all transient (forbigående) cause and effects.

"To obtain understanding of your own world and the worlds of those around you, it is of utmost necessity to study and come to understand yourself. You, individually, are at the center of your world that has been created for you by you. Your individual world is composed of worlds within worlds. All that is within your awareness constitutes (utgjør) your individual world in its entirety.

"The planet whereon you have your being is but the placement of your center of existence. Yet your individual world may encompass (omfatte) the universe.

"To come to greater understanding of yourself, study others. You have available to you the studies and evaluations of many of your people in a field of knowledge classified by you as psychology. There have been books produced containing what others have learned and theorized. Absorb their knowledge into your own mind, read and evaluate all such communications as you may find, then compare them and evaluate. (today - the ripe one should then study the spiritual science as ex. Cosmology - R.Ø.rem.)

"You will not reach understanding of the coinhabitants of your planet - by uninformed criticism, nor by applying boundaries to human education horizons.

All of you, to a greater or lesser degree, seek to influence the world of others by imposing your evaluations upon their minds (as I do here by my comments R.Ø.rem.). Lack of completeness in your own knowledge will often lead you to wrongly influence another's proper balancing of coordinating evaluations.

"Only by proper evaluative exchanges of inter-coordinated knowledge and theories will you be able to mutually arrive at a level of true higher awareness and understanding.

"You may judge your own world; it has not been given to you to stand in judgement over the worlds of another. We may evaluate you; may we not judge you. For it would be contrary to the Universal Law of Sovereign Individuality to do so.

"You, on your planet, constantly apply your individual desires and evaluations on each other and seek to impose your will by forceful methods if necessary. You have little recognition of the invidualized sovereign rights of each living being. Because of this you constantly distort each other's worlds and bring chaos to the conscious level of the world mind that is the sum total of all of you.

"We offer you again, the first law of the universe, the Law of Sovereignty of the Individual. Come to understand it and apply it. You will not come to understand it without acquiring knowledge of the physiology and psychology of living beings at all levels of living activity on your world.

"Your planet is a small spool in the intergalactic university for acquisition of knowledge by sensate beings. By your own sovereign right are you free to avail (nytte) yourself of the knowledge that is available to you, thereby increasing your awareness so as to grow to your greatest potential.

"You now react to your environment and by so doing - increase its hostility by your lack of knowledge to control with awareness. It should not be so. By knowledge are you aware, and by awareness do you control. By this awareness you will learn to control all environment that it reacts to you beneficially.

"Most of you tread the pathway of today in fear of what awaits you tomorrow. Fear is the product of lack of knowledge and awareness. Fear distorts your evaluating processes and leads to all the destructive tendencies exhibited by your people, individually causing pain and sickness and, in a larger scope, nations to destroy nations.

"Beyond your horizons of understanding be it know to you that fear could destroy all of the known and unknown universe you have perceived and have yet to perceive.

"To expand your awareness, enlarge your knowledge. Explore all areas of human knowledge available to you. Evaluate all data within the reach of your mind concerning your planet and our universe.

"As you begin to understand that which is outside you, then will you being to comprehend that which is within you.

"You have never directly observed the back side of your own head, with your physical eyes. By observing the head of another, however, you have evaluated its general appearance or by the use of a reflection on a reflective surface.

"You must look outward to see that which is within and then look inward to truly see that which is outward. By diligent effort on your part you may amass greater knowledge and, by so doing, increase the fertility (fruktbarhet) of your mind.

"Given a basis upon which to build, we may then add to your foundation of knowledge and assist you to build the structural columns within - and round about your kingdom of existence - to your desirable specifications.

"Except that you enlarge your knowledge and enable yourself to more adequately comprehend our communications, we may be of little assistance to you.

"Too great a lack of knowledge of the structural functioning of your planet and its living forms provides little basis in your mind for us to add to.

"Knowledge is a universal language. The greater the store of knowledge, the more efficient the exchange of thought-forms between beings at all degrees of living activity.

"To save and preserve the planet that is now your home, intense effort must be expended by all man beings now inhabiting it. Your present position in time and location is most critical.

"Except that you now educate yourselves by all out effort, almost all of the life forms of your world will be non-existent within less than a generation. (later sources describes how and why they have been helping from "behind the scene" to make this not come true - as a part of the planets spiritual "immune-system" - R.Ø.rem.)

"This time could be greatly shortened by careless disposal of vast quantities of intensely toxic substances now retained in storage; also by accidental distribution of deadly poisonous elements in transportation failures and other factors not now controllable by you or your people.

"You may soon become the victims of your own ignorance. However, not innocent victims, for it is by your own neglect to fully educate yourselves that such disaster looms (dukker opp) within the reach of your lifetime. Only by your unwillingness to now educate yourselves - will you proceed forward to your own obliteration (utviskelse) and the destruction of your world mind within which you have your being.

"Seek knowledge and you will expand your aware-ness.

"Seek us and you will find us.

"We only await your call.

"Peace be with you.

"I am Ishcomar."




"Greetings once again. I am Ishcomar.

"Once more you have asked me for information. I will answer you concerning your problem of development.

"The basis for your development on a positive foundation begins in your early state of growth as a child.

"You do not adequately guide your young ones to develop a sense of responsibility toward all life. You do not guide them to have adequate positive sense of responsibility even toward others of their own kind. Should you do this, you would no longer need to strangle your lives with the prohibiting laws, nor waste so much manpower and lives and resources in enforcing laws you would not need.

"You are inhabiting a world that is at present still hostile to your existence. Because of this, during natural unguided (planløs) development, certain attributes are acquired by the young of your species - that are unfavorable to living harmoniously with others of their kind.

"The so-called evils you recognize in others to a greater or lesser degree - you, yourself - contain in greater or lesser quantity, depending upon your developed sum total, which has been derived by conditions during the tenure (levetid) of your life to this moment.

"Careful thought and cautious evaluation of the responsibilities necessary to your proper mental development as a whole must be given. Diligent training of your young ones must be exercised to recognize the rights of freedom of action of their fellow beings. To feel responsible before man, before the universe and to themselves - for every action and thought during their entire lifetime.

"This concept must be made a part of their very lives before the true development of your planetary worth can truly begin. The lack of this state of being responsible to all - for the act of each individual - is the lock with which the door to true freedom for all of you is fastened.

"Consider the energy, time, resources and lives devoted to maintaining and enforcing all manner of laws and restrictions upon the free action of your people because almost all lack a full sense of responsibility toward each other. (The cosmic reason for this is that the earth is now a "cosmic school" where everybody must learn through the process of: first sink to the bottom - where at last go through the feeling of beeing total lost ("the Prodigal Son") and then - through HIS/HER own effort - find the way "home" via knowledge. R.Ø.rem.)

"As your restrictive reactions are made necessary, your lack of responsibility and proper balanced judgment necessitates the ever broadening interwoven complications of strangulations of the actions of one to another, to the complicated degree that none of you are free individuals.

"Your first responsibility towards yourself and your kind is to pursue the development of a positive attitude of this responsibility. Live it and teach it to your young ones. Beyond this, explore all avenues of knowledge available to you. Drink well from the fountains of accumulated knowledge of your world. Develop hunger to enlarge yourself. Encourage this hunger in your young ones.

"Devote not your lives to the fantasies of fictional heroes who never lived. Draw instead upon the minds of those who lived and left behind useful knowledge to add unto yourselves. Accumulate unto yourselves the knowledge of those among you, who yet live and have useful knowledge to add unto you. Reach out beyond yourself to enlarge yourself. The restrictions you place upon yourselves can only be removed by yourselves. We cannot accomplish it for you through miracles. That which is not earned is not treasured so dearly as that which is earned.

"We will help you through guidance.

"We await your call.

"Peace be with you.

"I am Ishcomar."



"As to seeing into enclosed places - try it over and over again until you develop the mental muscles to accomplish it.

"You could, at this moment, direct your attention to any place on this planet and see what is occurring at that place at that moment.

"You may communicate with others by the use of thought transmission and receiving. You have so come to rely on the use of spoken words and sound transmission of thought, that most of you have come to disbelieve in thought transfer in any other way except by writing. Through neglect, therefore, direct thought transfer lies dormant (sovende) within you.

"Many talk about it, discuss it and write about it. I say to you, unless you make an effort to awaken this ability it will continue to lie dormant and of no use to you.

"Try it over and over again, do not give up. You did not learn to speak your language on the first day. You spoke a word. It was learned by you laboriously through practice and use over the period of your life to this moment, and you are still learning new words to add to your usage.

"In the same way must the abilities of which you are capable, that you are not now experiencing, be acquired - by using them instead of just talking about them.

"If you truly desire to develop your dormant, natural abilities, practice through usage within the limitations of your knowledge. Begin by attempting to see into enclosed places, reading messages in enclosed places, transmitting mental pictures or images or emotions to another who is of like interest. Receive and return transmissions from them. Attempt over and over to see someone you know at various times wherever they may be. See them in their surroundings, attempt to see through the eyes of someone you know. See what they are doing, as they see it. See what they see, as they see it.

"Exercise this caution, however. Always, in all that you attempt, until you have greater awareness than you have now, do not attempt to move material objects at a distance or to change material existence in any way.

"Wish no harm to anyone, even in so-called fun. Evaluate very carefully every decision you make concerning the use of your abilities as they develop.

"Each man is responsible to every other man in the universe for every action in life. All life of man is intercorrelated in a way you are not yet able to comprehend. In time you will come to understand this.

"As your capabilities increase constantly, be aware of this law. All that you do, all that you think, especially in this respect, if directed for negative, destructive or harmful purpose, will harm you, yourself.

"Approach your development with serious intent and purposes. Do not play as with a new toy. Never misuse your natural abilities on any level as you begin your mental growth.

"Seek us and you will find us.

"We only await your call.

"I am Ishcomar."



"The necessary urge to procreate (avle), to maintain and increase habitation of the species of man in a hostile environment, is the basis of marital relationship between your males and females.

"The inhabitants of your world have erred only in perspective.

"The basis of all man beings interrelations should be based upon the same principal necessarily observed by male and female to enable them to successfully cooperate in mutual endeavors conducive to the fulfillment of the needs of each.

"Jealousy, greed and all intermediate emotional reactions are the direct results of hostile environmental conditions. Such emotional tools were and are protective tools necessary to the survival of the species in hostile environmental surroundings.

"Hostile conditions have given rise to the overt development of these protective emotional reactions. However, by being misunderstood in the mass mind, therefore are not controlled, have been responsible for man to increase, by his lack of perception, the hostility of his environment of your world.

"The basis of true marriage between two man beings is not a matter of custom or emotions, but of necessity based upon need, individually and mutually. Without a common need, giving rise to a common goal, no union of cooperative effort can be long sustained between individuals, nations or worlds.

"Proper perspective of mutual need is the cement that binds all beings into cooperative activity and thought.

"Love is a most desirable emotional product of instinctive needs. "Need creates customs. Customs create secondary laws to support customs.

"Ignorance of universal laws of force, form an interaction of reaction, allows the perpetuation (bevarelse) of custom to law to custom, in the activities and thought processes of intellectually endowed beings.

"The unnecessary limitations the inhabitants of your world, not only of your western social system, self imposed, are the restrictions you place upon creative exploration beyond the known horizon of reason and knowledge."




"The Creator is not a separate goal toward which to travel.

"We and yours are thoughts within elemental force fields.

"All in existence, throughout the universe are contained within the Creator, therefore, the only pathways to the Creator, are the ones you create to enlarge your awareness of the Creator.

"There are truly no right or wrong pathways to the Creator, only degrees of awareness."



"My thoughts are now directed to the Father Creator of all that is, ever was, or ever will be, whose in-going and out-going thought force gives form and being to all that exists in the universe.

"I am, within myself, thankful that I have been created and given the opportunity to live. Within my own being lies the awareness of my individuality, yet also my oneness with all that is, ever was, or ever will be.

"You have given me oneness as a sovereign being and I have created my own kingdom of inner worlds and outer worlds. With responsible attitude, I have accepted my place in time and existence and by so doing, brought peace to my inner worlds and order to my outer worlds. My self-appointed task is to bring peace and order to all I may reach in your universe, not by yoke and forceful domination, but by persuasive reason.

"I cannot judge another sovereign being, but I can help that being to expand its awareness so it may judge itself.

"With honorable purpose, I express my willingness to justify each moment I exist in usefulness to the universal whole, that the universal whole may also justify my existence.

"I stand in a moment of time between the eternal past and the eternal future, content, that for me, all that was before and all that will be - cannot exist for me, and yet I exist, because all that was before - gave me my moment in time, and I will share the responsibility for all that will exist in the eternal future.

"I recognize the adversary (motstander), the destroyer and the deceiver of worlds - wild uncontrolled fear that can grow in the intellect of all thinking beings. I know that caution is a positive thought form from which fear grows. Ungoverned by reason and understanding, it becomes the author of confusion and the enemy of all that is.

"I dedicate my moment in time to the task of bringing peace and order to all beings wherever I may be permitted to touch their intellects with my awareness, that in their self-created kingdoms, they may establish peace in their own inner worlds and order to their outer worlds by denying fear to exist, thereby committing it to an endless void of eternal disuse.

"Father Creator, Your kingdom is mine, for I am aware of it.

"My kingdom is Yours, for because of You, I created it.

"I am Ishcomar."



MIGRATION OF THE INTELLECT (intellektets vandring)

"Man is capable of exploring this galaxy mentally, not by disassociation or so-called astral travel, as taught by many on your world, but by utilizing thought transmission processes not yet understood by the inhabitants of your world.

"Light is believed, by most of your mathematicians, to travel at the ultimate speed. Some of your mathematical minds have begun to suspect and attempt to show otherwise.

"Compared to thought, light is extremely slow.

"Your query (spørsmål) shows your interest in survival of the intellect.

"When this computing device you call your body is not longer usable by you, it is possible to impose at least a portion of your intellectual capacity and knowledge to the inter-dimensional time exchanges, into a new body - not always a newborn body.

"All intellects do not migrate, yet some intellects migrate many times.

"Migration may occur between solar systems. A man beings intellect may migrate from world to world.

"Man may not only communicate with us, but is capable of communicating with man beings and others on many worlds and in other levels of existence.

"Peace be with you.

"We only await your call.

"I am Ishcomar."



"I am Ishcomar.

"Inquiry has been made concerning the religions of your planetary environment.

"You who are bound by planetary existence at your level of development, realize a very small occasional glimpse of your own vast potential.

"You, by your instincts, know your conditions of life should be more controllable. You should not be beset (omgitt) by emotional upheaval, illness, pain. Most of your brother beings inhabiting your world spend the majority of their sojourn (opphold) on your planet in one form of discomfort or another. Knowing this should not be so, the imagination of most of you, reaches outward and forward to create a dream of better conditions, and to create an idea to explain why such conditions exist - when you know they should not.

"This dream search takes as many forms and avenues as there are creative beings on your world. However, there are guided groupings of overall patterns. These groupings of patterns are called, by your people, religion.

"I used the description guided; the meaning I convey is guided from generation to generation - by men who have become well versed in the group pattern they have studied, accepted and often added to.

"Each group pattern has an overall basic story and a stead set of rights and practices with outstanding human examples to point to as figureheads to promote the group pattern.

"Within the structure, however, each individual, following the overall pattern of thought, has created his own understanding and fitted his own desires within the structure of the pattern.

"For thousands of years we have provided information and offered guidance to the inhabitants of this planet. However, until now only a small percentage of our teachings in each generation was utilized. Most whom we reached chose to accept only that which he could intercorrelate with already accepted ideas.

"With some, however, acceptance was greater in their mind and many old ways and ideas were discarded(vraket), yet retaining much of the old. Many of these persons became known as exceptional examples of mankind. During your present era we now have our greatest opportunity to give to you the freedom you have sought.

"In this land you have a schooling system that begins with kindergarten as the first process of your learning. The inhabitants of your world are about to begin the kindergarten of life, of knowledge, of true existence, and of learning to be useful to yourselves and to the universal whole.

"We have no intentions to invade your world. If so, we would have done so thousands of years ago.

"We are providing knowledge to many of your people in all portions of your planet. Where men's minds free themselves sufficiently to accept this knowledge. When a mind frees itself of group pattern ideas and yet continues to reach out in sincere searching, the circumstance, especially in your present era, often occurs that our beams are made contact with. These minds serve as channels to provide information to other minds, to free them from the mental chains that strangle and imprison them. All information is not re-channeled by these minds uncorrupted, however. Yet the basic knowledge is shared. To the degree your minds have become free of antiquated planet-bound dreams, to that degree you will become free.

"The mind that will examine no new ideas or data, where such idea or data conflicts with the group pattern accepted by that mind, is a captive (fanget) mind.

"If the degree of limitation is exaggerated (overdrevet) to a very narrow margin, the mind is strangled and little or no progress can be expected from that mind.

"We wish to take nothing from your planet or its beings at this time. You have little at this time of interest to us - except potential. In time, intercorrelation of data between ourselves, your planet and other worlds - may be of uncalculated value to you, to us, and to the other inhabited worlds involved.

"Free yourselves from your self-created gods, heavens, hells and rules of mental strangulation and become free man beings.

"Reach out with your minds.

"Seek us and you will find us.

"We only await your call.

"I am Ishcomar."



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