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Meier took nearly 1100 diapictures of pleiadian (pleiaren-) -ships, many of them stolen (ca. 500?): The journalist Gary Kinder wrote in his book "Lightyears" on the case - how easy it was to  "borrow" Meiers original pictures. Meier had commited Semjase not to deny anybody information - and many of the pictures  was simply stolen and has never later appeared.

Researcher Wendelle Stevens learned how the secret services very closely spyed this ongoing case in the 70/80ths, and later has much of the hidden work of the agencies come foreward through "leaking" channels such as Dr.Michael Wolf,  Bob Dean,  and the work (example) of Dr.Greer.


art of Jim Nichols from a contact - it is to remark that Semjase herself forbid Meier  taking pictures of her - also  fearing pictures could be used as a focus for negative telepathie /black magic against her. He once tried to take a picture of her from behind - when she entering the ship - but the camera didn't work/fell to ground!!

see also slideplayer on this case, half hour,  with diverse info on just this meier ufo- case:


And those were PHYSICAL CONTACTS -

That means these contacts didn't happen on the basis of "channelling" as so many claim to use today - 30 years later!

Summary of the Contact Notes

Throughout all of Billy Meier's contacts, which began at the age of five and continue today - he has always written them down as true to word as he can. These writings are called the Semjase Reports (Semjase Berichte) or most commonly known as the 'Contact Notes' and amount to over 1800 pages collectively. Some of it have been published in English (Wendelle Stevens in 1979?). Here we have summarized them to give you an idea of some of the more important elements they contain. Herein are answers to history, philosophy, science and some of the mysteries of our Earth.

This material may seem messy or leaping - because she touched different themes in the same contact - and remember those are only summaries. It's best to get the complete material from figu if possible.


the basis: the spiritual teachings

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After reading this material we have some comments. It seems like they are locked to a certain realityview, and all what differs from this are rejected. Much of the material is wisdom, espesially the part which describes the spiritual philosophy on Erra. But some texts are damning persons with another view.

There is hardly any ufo-contact-person being so accused for fraud and deceit as just Meier, but there is corresponding not any CONTACTPERSON that as him accuse OTHER alleged such, to be just frauds and swindlers ("lüger und betrügers" - yes this is the law of Karma; what you say about others, "they" will label you).

According to cosmic laws one does not have any reason to damn anyone. The reality is not as black and white as some parts of the texts here indicates. As  we see it: The reality exists within several parallell eventchannels. This means that one realityview can be just as "good"/correct as another. Yes - some live in a "wrong illusion" and ignorance - but this does not justify any damnation - as Meier often do in his texts.

They seem to have no access to more higher, emotional dimensions of Earth and other planets - which is not limited to this coarse-matter level/vibration. Example: that they could not view or visit the REAL lifelevel of the planet Venus, which seems to be elevated higher up on the dimensional scale. They seem to have some emotional  blockades or lacks to reach such levels, which presuppose DEEP sympathy. Apparently they have some obstructions or blockades here - and seem to be captured in this same "classroom/ coarse-learing-room" as "the material scientist on Earth"  - and seem to lack (or at least bad to express) the big view of evolution:

"that everything is well/natural/perfect on the prevaling level of consciousness for Earth-human right now, and that the "darkmen" are only ignorant, who through their actions now, will create themselves a painfull future - though in the purpose of LEARNING to live according to the eternal-cosmic life-rules, which can only be experienced through self-learned pain/practice on this coarce-vibr.level/"school".

 According to some of the text, Meier is the only person who have had contacts to higher forms of life the last 2000 years. This statement is illogical, as also can be red from their own material  (see link) + (257th Contact Monday, February 3rd, 1997, 12:03AM) Many persons on Earth have daily contacts with higher worlds in other dimensions of Earth and other planets as well, using their higher vibr. bodies for these contacts. Either directly or indirectly, by use of the chacrasystem - which is the transmitter-centres for contact to these higher-vibr.layers of the body.

It look like devas and similar creatures are unknown to them, or they avoided talking about it - because much "astral beliving" is coected with such and the Erra-people contacting Meier seem to be more intellectual.

It's not correct that all "Venus-contacts"(+ | ppt) is/was  hoaxers. They had - as many of the others of Figu indicated liars - contacts with spacepeople from another natureplane/dimension, with a higher dimensionary vibrating frequency. It seems like this dimension is unknown to the Erranians and that some "spiritual obstacles" prevents them from reaching those levels.

Much of what the text describes as wrong information, can be valid for persons with another view on the reality, than some of these Erranians had. One can wonder if the negativeness is coming from Meiers personal view, influating the contact notes, or if the came from the Erranians themselvs. When studeing the spiritual teaching from Semjase one can see it is of high quality. It's unlogical that Semjase would talk negativly against persons with her high spiritual level. It's more likly that Meiers personallity is influencing the contact notes.  

Its up to the readers to evaluate the text and use what seems to be right to each person and reject what does not feel good. It is very important to read other spirtual/ and contact-material, beside from this "family". But we have all sympathy for Meier and his haunted life in this incarnation!






Why only paintings? Because cosmic law and the law of free will forbids the spacepeople or other helpers from above as well - to give too convincing proofs -as YOU yourself, must/will recognize the "thruth" when mature - because just this is the "initiationtest" of those days.



Some from page 24>on in:

AND YET... THEY FLY!  by Guido Moosbrugger, on the case-

and it is in:


Bilderesultat for AND YET THEY FLY  Guido Moosbrugger

Living Quarters

If we can visualize the fact that Errans have exactly the same amount of living space on their planet of about 500 million people as do the people of Earth with a population of more than 6 billion, we can clearly see that there is ample space on Erra for all forms of life. Literally speaking, the population of our Earth should not exceed 529 million people. This number complies with the laws of Creation. We should strive to return to this population count because our extreme over­population poses the gravest danger to Earth at the present time. (See  Chapter 14 regarding the dangers ofoverpopulation)


On Erra there are several cities, which have multi-story homes, but no hous­ing structures are built in the form of high-rise buildings or skyscrapers in which people have to live closely packed together like canned sardines. Extensive park grounds and garden facilities with footpaths are placed between individual living quarters. There are no streets of any kind   they are not even necessary, for that matter, since Errans do not use any form of land vehicles at all. All residential areas have their own pedestrian zones. They do not suffer from the noise or environ­mental pollution we experience from exhaust fumes, sirens, etc.


The majority of inhabitants prefer to live in the country in single-family homes that have semi-spherical or spherical forms and a minimum diameter of 21 meters (69 ft.). Building materials largely consist of a weather-resistant metal alloy or synthetic material, which is extracted from the soil  primarily from sand

and is similar to our silicon. Such homesteads offer sufficient room for a fam­ily of five. A woman is permitted to bear as many as three children but this num­ber may not be exceeded. Furthermore, each house is built on its own fertile plot of land, generally at least one hectare (2.5 acres) in size. All families take pleasure in planting and cultivating their own fruit, vegetable and flower gardens. Potatoes and other economically valuable plants naturally flourish here, as well. In general, each available plot of land is reclaimed as much as possible and cultivated. Factories and industrial facilities of every kind are built in unattractive and unin­habited regions. They are also built underground to ensure environmental pro­tection. On Erra, not a single smokestack pollutes the air with exhaust fumes!


Safeguarding nature and the environment has a very high level of priority. Furthermore, the individual communes are as self-sufficient as possible, since each home has its own water and energy supply.



Unfortunately, we could not learn much about the clothing of the Pleiadians. Semjase said their clothing would appear somewhat strange to us but is much more practical than the garments we wear. However, around the year 2050, our clothing trend will be quite similar to theirs since we will have a change of mind by that time and will prefer practical to "fashionable" clothing. Their footwear is similar to ours. It is no longer made of leather but of synthetic materials. Very close-fitting overalls are specially made for space travel and designed with a ring collar for attaching a protective helmet. The only piece of clothing that a member of our group has ever seen on an extraterrestrial was a lustrous silvery rain cloak that Quetzal was wearing on a walk one night when he was scheduled to contact Billy and stepped in front of the headlights of Engelbert's car. (See  Chapter & What is Skulking About There at This Late Hour?)



The Errans nourish themselves according to the laws of Creation, which means that they consume a balanced and nutritious diet of both mineral and vegetable as well as animal foods. Of primary value is nutrition obtained from fruits and vegetables. They never slaughter domestic animals such as cattle and swine, as we do.


Nevertheless, people do not abstain from meat specialties, since cutlets, for example, are also on their dietary plan. But how does this relate to the aforementioned? Well, it simply means that the meat used for dietary purposes is artificially cultivated with the help of cell cultures. Therefore, we should not be surprised to find out that on Erra, veal cutlets are fabricated on a production line without having to slaughter a single animal.


According to Quetzal, many Earth people unfortunately have very different arid erroneous opinions about nutrition that have equally harmful effects on them. The erroneous opinion that a human life form can develop to its full and healthy potential without animal substances is just as false as the assumption that large quantities of animal substances improve the physical constitution. The truth is that great deficiencies appear when either excessive animal substance are con­sumed or none at all. The entire structure and preservation of human life forms are dependent upon floral and faunal nutrition, at least those pertaining to the physical body. If, for example, faunal nutrition is not available or is abstained from based on erroneous assumptions, then plant substances of equally nutritious value must substitute the lack of animal substances. But this is not possible on Earth because these nutritious plant substances have remained practically undiscovered. The few that are known are shunned for some unintelligible reasons of disgust.


It would also be interesting to find out what the inhabitants of Erra drink. I do not know enough about this to give a full report, but it is certain that natural juices in all possible variations play a major role. Pure alcoholic beverages are com­pletely unknown. Instead, beverages similar to alcohol are consumed without causing intoxication - not even if a person drinks large quantities.

In my opinion, it would be commendable if our nutritionists would familiar­ize themselves with the nutritional habits of the Errans in order to give the people of Earth appropriate advice on healthy nutrition in the future.



The ancestors of today's Pleiadians, who lived on the Earth in former times, took many types of plants back to their planet and cultivated them. All the plants that we know of today, as well as others we know nothing about, can be found there. Cereals, potatoes, berries, fruits and vegetables are cultivated for daily use among the population, but there is nonetheless a substantial difference between their products and ours. Their fruits and vegetables are so nourishing and thirst-quenching that no other food is necessary to satisfy hunger and thirst for days at a time, even up to the remarkable period of 90 hours! The various types of fruit are much more exquisite in taste and fragrance than those we are accustomed to. Their colors have a greater intensity, as well. The color green, for example, has a rather dull appearance in our natural environment, whereas the unsoiled and lush green on Erra is very pleasing to the eye. One reason for this is the clean air on Erra, which is free from all kinds of harmful toxins. Gratitude is also owed to the robots and androids working there and the exemplary manner in which they properly attend to the plants.



In addition to this, horticulture is practiced on Erra with such captivating results that we on Earth would not believe it possible. There are very special gar­dens, which grow and flourish in a climate created just for them. Due to their extraordinary size, we have to refer to them as giant plants. Among these are 18-meter (59 ft.) corn stalks with cobs that are 2.2 meters (7 ft.) long and 20-25 cen­timeters. thick. Peppermint plants and other similar herbs grow up to 15 meters (50 ft.). However, I have not yet mentioned the largest of these,  the apple, pear and cherry trees that soar 120 meters (396 ft.) into the sky. Mammoth apples grow as large as pumpkins and weigh from 20-30 kilograms (44-66 lbs.). Such gigantic fruits are industrially processed and exclusively used for export to other planets where a food shortage prevails. These giant crops are grown for the sole purpose of providing this aid. Although they result from crossbreeding, the fruit tastes just as good and is as nourishing and flavorful as the normal-sized ones.



I would now like to comment briefly on the flowers. When Billy visited Erra, he was indeed warmly welcomed, but not with a bouquet of flowers. The Errans, according to Billy's statement, let flowers remain where they grow. No one would ever consider uprooting even a blade of grass to take home and stick in a vase, as is customary here among us. However, the women especially cultivate a flower similar in appearance to our anemone. An exceptional feature characterizes it. After being plucked, the blossoms remain fresh for several hours as if the flower had never been removed. It then starts to dry out similarly to our dried flowers and is used as an embellishment for the women who wear one or more blossoms in their hair. This is the only jewelry they wear since they have no rings, earrings, necklaces, broaches, bracelets, or any other embellishments of this kind.

The viewpoint of the entire population basically considers every plant, no mat­ter how small, as an integral part of Creation. They feel bonded in some way to all life forms.


Domestic Animals

In former days when the ancestors of today's Pleiadians lived on Earth, they returned home with a pair of almost every kind of animal existing on Earth and then totally eradicated all animal diseases. Today, as previously mentioned, it is strictly prohibited to import animals from foreign planets for security reasons unless they have been 100 percent disinfected so there is absolutely no danger of bringing in a disease.

Despite their love for animal life forms, domestic animals are treated quite dif­ferently from the animals here on Earth. In view of the fact that many diseases are transferred from domestic animals to humans, they switched over long ago to keeping all domestic animals on Erra in specially built preserves, but never direct­ly in human living quarters.


This also holds true for cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, etc. that are often viewed or treated as children or family members here on Earth. Out of ignorance and a false understanding of love for animals, this type of treat­ment can unfortunately lead to very many health problems. It just so happens that we usually grow most fond of domestic animals. They are often the only form of companionship that prevents elderly and solitary people from feeling so alone and forsaken. However, cats and dogs are also responsible for more than 50 percent of all contagious diseases. According to the Errans, cats and dogs are principle carri­ers of many deadly diseases and the danger of contagion is relatively high. The pre­sumed cleanliness of a cat is only an outward appearance since deadly pathogens can be found in its coat only 30 seconds after it has undergone a complete chem­ical disinfecting. These are facts that hit us Earth people especially hard and which we cannot easily digest all at once. In view of the misplaced affection for animals and the incorrect keeping of house pets, our present attitudes on Earth will prob­ably not change too quickly. For all those who are fond of house pets, the follow­ing should be carefully heeded in one's own interest as well as in the interest of the general public:

·         Immediately after petting or simply touching a domestic animal, one's hands should be washed.

·         Household pets should not be treated as humans by kissing them or letting them sleep in the same bed, or similar practices.



When Earth people discover the field of esoteric study, they generally would like nothing more than to drop everything else and turn their full attention to spiri­tual matters. This approach would be a mistake, as we shall establish here. It is far from the truth to assume that Pleiadians have reached such a high evolutionary stage that manual labor is an irrelevant and inferior activity. This assumption is far-fetched and completely untrue.

If people, regardless of the planet they are from, desire to grow in spirit and in knowledge, they can only accomplish this by also performing manual work to the best of their ability. This is not only essential to earn a living but also provides a counterbalance to the study and assimilation of spiritual teachings. If people want to live according to Creational Laws and Directives, they must acknowledge that a certain allotment of physical work is necessary, whether they like it or not since their efforts would otherwise be in vain. The greater the quantity of learning mate­rial and its degree of difficulty, the greater the need for physical activity, since the ability to learn is enhanced through the exercise of manual skills which have been acquired beforehand.

Provided that the spiritual evolution of a given person is known, then the dura­tion of manual work required of him or her can be calculated. Let's hear what Quetzal (the Erra-base-chief on Earth) has to say about this:


QUETZAL: "... The decree was given to Earth humans that they must work in order to promote their spiritual and conscious receptiveness and diligence toward learning. Thus, the greatest daily average of manual work on Earth is eleven hours, whereas it is only two hours per day for thePleiadians."


All Errans, adults and adolescents alike, perform these two hours of manual work in order to reach a balance between their spirit and consciousness. This daily work quota is performed for the welfare of the general public and is done without pay­ment. In exchange for this, they receive all the necessities of life free of charge. This regulation holds true for the entire planetary region and promotes the feeling of togetherness among the planetary community since other working conditions pre­vail there as they do here on Earth. Errans have such diverse education and skills that they can accomplish practically all the work needed for general public wel­fare. Regardless of where a person lives on Erra, they are never restricted to one given place. Consequently, they do not have to fulfill their duty year after year at  the same place, but can always-select new places of employment whenever they

please. Should there be a lack of personnel somewhere, provisions have been made for the always-available androids to help out. As a rule, the work in factories is not physically demanding since it largely consists of monitoring the machines and robots. Besides, there are naturally many other jobs, especially creative jobs of a technical and spiritual nature just as we have here.


After completing their compulsory workday, every person is free to do what­ever they please with the rest of their free time. They can simply take a seat in their hovering vehicle, fly a few thousand kilometers over the countryside and land wherever they please. In this way they can help out with farming on some occasions and with industrial manufacturing on others.

  On Erra, it is not unusual for someone to have studied up to thirty different fields of knowledge. Even the oldest of the elderly do not simply retire but con­tinue to plow their own land or help out with agricultural work on other estates. In so doing, they often encounter people whom they have never met before. In this way, personal contact grows over the entire planet, friendships are made, neighborly love is enhanced, and all things of importance for a harmonious social life are cultivated.

  Apart from the agricultural work, fruit cultures, etc., for public and export purposes, the cultivation of a private garden plays an especially important role in their lives. Although the Errans certainly have adequate mechanical devices to relieve them of the demanding manual work in their own gardens, they make no use of them. We learned from Billy that most of the inhabitants have callused hands (hard hud; hornhud; træler) indicating hard physical work. Their private gardens are intentionally worked by hand. This also holds true for Quetzal who has collected such imple­ments as pitch forks, hoes, picks, shovels and all other tools from our planet that are necessary for garden work.

  Contrary to this, the cultivation of soil for general needs and export purposes is done with machines. Here again, we are confronted with such novelties as machines and working robots, which avoid contact with the ground but hover over it instead. They are equipped with short metal arms or long hose-like arms, that have a suction funnel at the end. With this suction funnel, the soil is lifted from the ground, conveyed into the machine and spit out the other end, after which the ground is as good as tilled. Similar devices are used to sow seeds, har­vest crops or pull weeds. To remove weeds, a special arm is extended that uproots the weeds through suction. They are then processed in the machine and returned to the soil as fresh humus. In general, all the working robots hover over the ground and use the suction principle. This method ensures that the soil is never over­worked by heavy machinery.


Characteristically, the leading powers on planet Erra are the spiritual leaders who have taken the place of politicians. They also perform their two hours of compulsory manual work for the common welfare. Not until after they complete their public work, do they pursue their actual work, which consists of function­ing as advisors, informers and teachers of the people. Their work simply includes everything that the populace desires and needs to know to orient their lives according to Creational Laws and Directives. These spiritual leaders, who num­ber about 2,800 for a population of 500 million, are not bound to any fixed loca­tion. Just like all the rest, they may also change their residence as they please. Every settlement has a special place where the spiritual leaders can fulfill their functions. In larger settlements, relatively more space is available. If another already occupies the place selected, then that occupant packs his bags and moves on, therefore, allowing for continual change. Each inhabitant has the right to select a spiritual leader )* and ask him questions.


)* Spiritual leaders strive to promote the spiritual evolution of the population with all possible means at their disposal.


Since all citizens on Erra receive everything that is needed and owed to them, payment by means of money is not necessary. As already mentioned, all able-bod­ied people work two hours a day without payment for the community as a whole. In exchange for this, they receive all necessities free of charge.

  Regarding work, I would once again like to stress that the Errans consider every type of work and meaningful activity as a means of promoting the evolutionary process, for no sat­isfactory material existence or progressive spiritual evolution would be possible without it.



Transport Vehicles

On Erra there are many vehicles but not a single ground vehicle, so there are no streets as we have here on Earth. To cover shorter distances or to take extensive walks, pedestrians only use footpaths between the houses and in the parks. In the open countryside, there are paths that invite hiking. (no: fot-tur, spasere).

For transportation within a planetary region, the Errans make use of hovering vehicles, which come in two variations, either as: 1. a spherical craft, or 2. a disk-shaped structure somewhat comparable to the spacecraft, which are available in all possible sizes for space flight. A hovering vehicle is designed to accommodate one to five people. Each residence or residential building has at least one means of transportation. The need for a family vehicle is up to the individual. Each adult can request and claim a vehicle for his or her own private use as needed. There are some cases in which two or more people share a common vehicle, but the num­ber of passengers never exceeds five. Therefore, whenever a larger group wishes to travel somewhere together, they do not go by chartered aircraft on Erra. Instead, a corresponding number of hovering vehicles (with five seats each) would suffice. There is probably no need for me to point out that these spacecraft cause absolute­ly no environmental pollution because they are powered by propulsion systems that does not burn fossil fuel. In addition, they fly almost silently and, if desired, at breakneck speed.


Finally, I would like to call your attention to yet another unique attraction on Erra, concerning a "museum of Earth vehicles." Every one of the wheeled and tracked vehicles ever built on Earth is exhibited here in a huge area of several hectares.

A special experience for the founder of this museum consists of taking an excursion in the wilderness during his free time with nothing other than an earth­ly Land Rover from his own collection! Space vehicles will be dealt with in detail in the next chapter.


The Problem of Diseases

It would certainly be of great interest for us to know whether the Pleiadians have similar illnesses, such as cancer, and whether they have overcome this scourge of mankind or have never known it at all. Assuming that they have already solved the problem of cancer, could we then profit from their experience and spare ourselves great suffering and sorrow? When asked about this, Semjase responded with the following explanation:


SEMJASE:         "Our scientists conquered many diseases centuries ago, but afflictions of a pathogenic nature transmitted from other star systems in earlier times still prevail today. However, they no longer exist in a fatal or physically destructive form. They are afflictions of a less harmful nature such as colds, which can develop into pneumonia or other similar afflictions that we ordinarily can constrain very quickly before they degenerate any further. This also holds true for other afflictions. We, too, are only human life forms like the inhabitants of Earth. Consequently, we are also suscepti­ble to certain diseases but are, as a rule, quite capable of controlling and healing them. Moreover, there are certain illnesses unknown on Earth that are pathogenic in nature on our planet but which our science has been able to master. As for what you (Billy) refer to as cancer, which is manifested because of a leech-like, falsely guided life, we were fortunate enough to ban this disease quite some time ago. This was not possible until our human race and our scientists started to think and act in new ways and had purged themselves of certain negative attitudes and forms of behavior.


"Earth humans must acquire the necessary knowledge about these sub­jects through hard work, because they will then grow from within. Only in this way will they be able to understand many things and, therefore, learn the correct form of behavior. If we were to reveal this knowledge to Earth humans, we would be handing them a tool which they, in turn, would use for destruction and annihilation. The knowledge to fight this disease embodies too many powerful forces for us to simply reveal and then account for. It is still too early for Earth humans to possess this knowledge. Only through continual and progressive evolution will they be able to assimilate this much knowledge, with its strength and power. At that point they will exercise it moderately and according to Creational Laws and Directives and will not use it for negative purposes.


With certainty, this explanation will seriously disappoint some of my contempo­raries. This does not mean that the Pleiadians are unwilling to help us. They sim­ply may not help us in this particular case - which they exceedingly regret. A pre­mature disclosure of the cure for cancer would load them with great guilt. As an analogy; we would not profit in any form if we were to entrust a pre-adolescent child with detailed information on the use of curare, a lethal poison, for purpos­es of healing. This example should be thoroughly considered by all those who are inclined to accuse the Pleiadians of inhumane behavior and should serve to set their minds at ease, once and for all.


Among other things used by the Pleiadians for purposes of healing are the regeneration machines and other superb equipment that can heal broken bones instantly and do much, much more. Their medication conforms to natural med­icine. They always use basic substances that release appropriate activating signals in the body. In contrast, our allopathic drugs function on the theory that chemi­cal residues will bring about healing advantages. Unfortunately, they also produce harmful toxins, which burden the body with considerable disadvantages.

We were unable to learn anything about their surgical techniques, but we did receive a comprehensive report from Semjase about organ transplants.


SEMJASE: "...This is an evolutionary type of science, which is still prim­itive and will continue to have very little success, with few exceptions.

Our science, for example, is also working with the transplantation of eyes, but they are only transferred from one living life form to another. This has proven to be a complete success in every respect. However our scientists only transplant eyes because no form of technology can replace the natural eye. No other bodily organs or limbs are removed from the living or the dead to be transferred to other living life forms. Such trans­plants involve great dangers in various ways. I would only like to mention two of those that are important. One dangerous factor involves a com­plete destruction of the body's immune system after undergoing a limb or organ transplant from a foreign body. This means a body that is subjected to transplantation is made fully defenseless by anesthetics and other toxic substances. Its power of resistance is totally destroyed so the transplant­ed organ or limb will not be rejected. The body therefore becomes dan­gerously susceptible to all external influences so even a very small particle of dust is enough to extinguish the body's life and cause the life form to die. The second factor is the existence of the foreign aura inherent in the transplanted part of the donor's body. With all certainty, transmitted auric forces work against the auric forces of the body undergoing the trans­plant. This gives rise to many dangers and factors that degenerate the body and spirit. We have the capability of a complete regeneration. However where the possibility of success is in question, the organs are replaced with artificial ones that will probably outlast the life span of the body. This procedure is also used with the loss of limbs. Consequently, this means we do not perform transplants! Earth medical science should make endeavors along these lines. The best solution is the production of artificial and practical organs that are replaceable."


The possibilities of Pleiadian medicine would thrill the heart of every doctor on Earth. All the same, it is comforting to know that we can make great progress in this important sector for the well being of the entire population of Earth.



Music, Art and Literature

One day, Billy asked Semjase whether or not the extraterrestrials have musical activities, as we do. Semjase answered this question affirmatively and then added:


SEMJASE:         "Certainly, these things are characteristic of all human life forms in the universe. We also have proper schools for music, but interest­ed and truly talented people who will later work for the welfare of all can only attend them. There are no such things in our world such as musicians appearing in public who produce ear-piercing sounds, as is customary on Earth. I often find it dreadful when I listen to Earth music, but I am delight­ed about truly good and harmonious music which has nothing to do with 'hits' that are often bad and discordant."


Billy said that this just so happens to be barbarous music to which the people of Earth are still largely predisposed.

For us Earth people, music of the Errans would sound very strange but, on the other hand, it would be so harmonious and enrapturing that we would not be able to withstand it very long. The yearning for this harmonious state would grow to overwhelming proportions within us. For this reason, Billy was not per­mitted to bring back any music from planet Erra when he stayed there once on a visit. He did explain to us that we have three musical pieces on Earth, which are somewhat similar in harmony to the Pleiadian music. These pieces are Bolero by Maurice Ravel, the Valkyrienrift from The Valkyrie (an opera by Richard Wagner), and the chorus of prisoners from the opera Nabucco by Guiseppe Verdi. Other than that, their composers use completely different instruments from ours. Unfortunately, I do not know any details about their art and literature.


Burial of the Dead

The Pleiadians still have certain things in common with us despite their very high evolutionary level. This has been established, among other things, by the burial of their dead. Semjase described the facts as follows:


SEMJASE:         "Burial of the dead is also known and practiced on our world just as it is on Earth. We have special depository facilities that are remote from inhabited areas. From ancient times, we have retained the practice of cremation for very rare cases if desired.


'Apart from burial in the ground, eliminating the lifeless body is also cus­tomary. This matter is left up to the individual so that either form of burial can be used. Burial in the Earth is considered to be the natural form, for it has been practiced in this way since the very beginning. There are no objections to an elimination when no heed is paid to the loss of certain auric forces that linger on for a while within the lifeless body and naturally escape through eliminating or burning. Auric forces can linger on for cen­turies or at the longest, until the skeleton has been destroyed.' 

*) contrary to cremation, where the ashes are at least retained in an urn, there are no remains left after an elimination.

 These auric forces are bound to the physical body and can be a great consola­tion for those left behind. These forces also linger on objects frequently used by the deceased, such as pieces of clothing, jewelry, etc. Often, a piece of clothing is saved so those left behind have the feeling that the deceased continues to remain among them. These feelings can be traced back to stored auric forces. However, the mistake should never be made of praying to such memorials or idolizing them as is often done on Earth, because humans unconsciously deplete their own ener­gy reserves in this way.

 The Pleiadians have a distinctly healthful understanding of what death or the dying of a human life form means. Of course, there is sadness and pain over the loss of a loved one, but even so, they are very well informed about what happens after death. They know that only the crude physical body decomposes, whereas the immortal, spiritual form merely crosses over into another dimension in order to thoroughly process the knowledge and impressions accumulated in this life and then to reincarnate into a new body. They also know that a close bond exists between two people who love each other and it does not cease with death but con­tinues far beyond it. Once love has grown, it is lasting and cannot be destroyed.

From ignorance and a misunderstanding of these facts, we often mourn intensely, especially when death involves very young people who had to depart this world due to war activities, natural catastrophes, or terror assaults. Exaggerated mourning, which many people succumb to, is for the most part nothing more than self-pity and is zealously nurtured over weeks, months and years. In addition to this, the deceased are sometimes idolized so that all contact with reality is lost. To prevent such unnatural illusions, it is absolutely necessary to carefully examine the question of "life and death" in order to acquire a better understanding which will also greatly help those affected to better cope with such situations.


Prison Methods

It is often assumed that extraterrestrials are superhuman beings who no longer subject to fault and, hence, no longer needs laws and directives. This assumption is erroneous, for the laws and directives are given wherever Creational order has become absolutely self-evident. This is only the case, however, in very high dimen­sions where beings are in a purely spiritual, evolutionary plane in which all crude matter belongs to the past. On the other hand, physical life forms of all types and races are still burdened with too many faults to simply ignore the laws and direc­tives appropriate to their level of evolution.


This implies, no more and no less that the Pleiadians also err in their deeds and actions now and then. They even burden themselves with guilt and are punished according to the severity of the violation. Semjase once said that she always calls an error by name and stands by it because there is no sense in covering it up, as the people of Earth often do. To err is absolutely essential for further development because by making mistakes, we learn how to eradicate the sources of error. Through proper behavior over the course of time, the errors eventually no longer occur. Hence, the Pleiadians are walking along the same path of evolution as all other human life forms in the universe. Naturally, the frequency curve of errors and their severity gradually lessen with increasing maturity. Positive attributes such as carefulness, accuracy, reliability, etc. then take the place of such negative traits as superficiality, forgetfulness, etc. Perhaps it could be said that the road to perfection is paved with many good resolutions. It is regrettable that those who neither see their faults nor learn from them must pay more for them, each time.


The legislative (lovgivnings-) process of the Pleiadians corresponds to their spiritual level and is, therefore, more humane. Unfortunately, that cannot be said of our own prim­itive legislative process. Severe violations in their world are not punished by a death penalty, nor do they inflict other injuries upon the body and mind as "corrections," which are still customarily practiced in a barbarous manner to some extent here on Earth.

On all planets inhabited by Pleiadians, a uniform penal system has been intro­duced which has proved to be excellent. Depending upon the severity of the crime, the guilty are either banished to a very remote island or a specially selected planet - for a lifetime in the case of severe criminal offenses. For well-founded reasons, both sexes may never be banished together. The men are sent to one island and the women to another. The prisoners are left entirely on their own and must literally earn their daily bread by the sweat of their brow. That literally means they may not have machines, nor manufacture any, to help them with their work. To enforce this measure, regular controls are in place to ruthlessly eliminate equip­ment that has been secretly produced to facilitate their work. Furthermore, care must be taken that the banished are not able to establish or cultivate contact with any other life forms.


According to Semjase's words:


SEMJASE:         "This form of punishment guarantees the greatest possible security for the maintenance of order. On the other hand, the guilty do not become a burden to the populace. This form of punishment is very humane and useful because the guilty are not inhibited in their development during their life-long banishment.

"In primeval times, various criminal life forms from diverse worlds in the universe were banished in this manner to your Earth, including some of our own race, as well. These early times, though, are also inconceivable to us because we have no accurate data about them."


Some readers may have the impression that this type of prison method is bru­tal. After careful consideration, I do not feel this way. The realization gradually crystallized within me that banishment was probably the only effective method of fulfilling the punitive measures necessary to guarantee a fundamental directive of Creation. This directive plainly states, "every life form has the right to be com­pletely free with respect to its body, its psyche, and its physical and spiritual con­sciousness."


This law is by no means fulfilled through mere imprisonment or through contentious harassment with all kinds of torture or execution. On the contrary, the exact opposite of what mankind really wants is often achieved. After several admonitions, a person guilty of transgressions must be punished until they can see why they have acted falsely and how they can prevent a repetition in the future. There must be punishment, but it must not injure a person's dignity or conflict with the Creational Laws. Punishment is only meaningful when it actu­ally achieves the desired objective. Criminals of all kinds are misguided or men­tally sick because they act against the law out of false motives resulting from their illogical thinking. Therefore, they must be offered the possibility of atonement by separating them from society and giving them the opportunity to improve. In this manner they learn to recognize the flaws in their thinking and their actions and begin to act in the right way according to the Creational Laws and Directives.


This goal cannot be, and may never be, achieved through any form of torture or the enforcement of a death penalty. Torture is not only a cowardly act of the lowest order but, in my opinion, the most malicious and abhorrent human behavior that anyone could possibly imagine. In comparison, even the death penalty appears rather harmless, although it naturally misses the objective by a long shot. On the one hand, a delinquent is robbed of every possibility of atonement through the death penalty. On the other hand, we are subject to a flagrant fallacy if we believe that we have found an optimal and ultimate solution to the problem by enforcing the death penalty.


The opposite is actually the case. The criminal receiving the death penalty is taken out of circulation for a while to the extent that his body decomposes. His immortal spiritual form goes to the next world but cannot stay there very long. It must reincarnate as soon as possible and begin a new life on Earth in another body. Since that person did not have a chance to learn the least bit from previous life misdeeds, the reincarnated person continues to think and act as erroneously as before. Any child can figure out what will happen. Sooner or later they will commit the same crimes again. There is no improvement, even in imprisonment, because this prison method does not bring about the slightest progress for the criminal receiving the death penalty or for the general public. Since our terrorists and other criminals do not fear in the slightest the threat of torture or the death penalty, it would have greater meaning to be objective and to use effective measures somewhat similar to the form of correction common among the extraterrestrials.


Forms of Government

The Pleiadians struggled hard to finally win lasting peace in their home worlds about 50,000 years ago. They overthrew the politicians, then the spiritual leaders took over their positions and stood by the entire population to advise, teach and help them. This is why there is only a single form of government on Erra and the other three inhabited planets of the Tayget System. Ptaah explained these matters with the following words:


PTAAH:         "Our worlds are not divided into different countries, as on Earth. Every world has its own uniform group of people and a uniform world government, as you would call it in earthly terms. In each world, the government serves as a regulative and administrative power and they all are subject to the High Council. The High Council embodies the actual leadership of all of our worlds and is, so to speak, the central government. This central government is not located on our home world (Erra) but on a very special planet.


"This is the central governing planet for our races. The High Council, which lives on this planet, consist of half-spiritual and half-physical human life forms. They are the ones who are in a period of transition and have an absolutely enormous level of knowledge and wisdom. They are also the

only life forms still called humans who are able to come into contact with the very high and pure spiritual forms - something absolutely impossible for the more physical life forms. Even we Errans are unable to make con­tact with pure spiritual forms, and it is even more impossible for the people of Earth to do so.


"Our people are therefore subject to the central government which is comprised of the half-spiritual High Council. Planetary governments only constitute the administrative agencies and act according to the directives of the High Council. The High Council's form of government is based on Creational and natural laws and directives and therefore does not resemble any form of government known to you. For all affairs and disciplines, the Creational and natural laws are used according to the manner in which an individual life form must live. Each separate life form must comply with every decision of the High Council in their thought pattern, contingent on the fact that each person is approximately on the same evolutionary level in a spiritual sense. Minimal differences are not completely ruled out. Our teachers of spiritual evolution use everything in their power to continually further the spiritual development of each individual life form. So all of our people live in vibrations of almost the same value."


In addition to this, I would like to say that the High Council - as expressed by its name - is active only in an advisory capacity. In other words, the orders of the central government located in the Andromeda Galaxy may or may not be fol­lowed by the people. They are entirely free to accept the recommendations and comply with them or to act at their own discretion.




Cosmic Alliances and Organizations for Public Order

The Pleiadians are affiliated with a cosmic alliance,  a League of Nations,consisting of 127 billion people that extends far into the cosmos and to which many planetary systems belong. They all have an allegiance to the High Council in the Andromeda Galaxy. Of course, other similar types of alliances also exist in the universe, but we have no detailed information on them. (well – some info on this is given also thru the Korendor-contact of Robert Renaud in the early 60s. rø-rem.)


Because other races exist which are in different phases of development from the peace-loving human races, some type of cosmic organization is urgently needed to maintain peace and harmony.

With this in mind, I would like to quote Semjase's father, Ptaah, once again:


PTAAH: "In the entire universe, space travel is practiced by many various life forms ranging from humanoid to non-humanoid races. For the most part, similar or like-minded life forms always come together and form alliances with one another. Their values are based on mutual support of every kind and in all matters of evolutionary interest. These combined efforts in all aspects of life are, needless to say, wonderful and even tran­scend the boundaries of other universes such as the Dal Universe. The objective of all alliances, whether they be universal, inter-universal, galactic or intergalactic, is peace and progress in all physical aspects of life and spiri­tual evolution."


The allied partners maintain organizations that guard the entire universal realm and beyond. These organizations may extend over galaxies separated by extreme­ly vast distances. For such a far-reaching and difficult task, only the large space­craft are suitable and are equipped with all imaginable technical possibilities and armed to meet all situations. Fighting cannot be ruled out when non-human life forms attempt to appease their greed for power. Whether we like it or not, they must be confronted since confrontation is an inseparable part of human life.

Basically, the intentions of all highly developed life forms are to peacefully work on their spiritual evolution. The universe is inhabited by such diverse life forms that a conflict is often unavoidable. Nevertheless, the Pleiadians attempt to settle all disputes, if possible, through reasonable arbitration before they revert to other measures. Only when no agreement can be reached or the adversaries come up with some type of trick do they resort to the use of force as the last alternative. They then drive away the scoundrels or take them prisoner and ban them to des­olate islands or planets. Only in an extreme emergency do they resort to the elim­ination of persons and material since all species are in need of evolution and basi­cally this always takes the same course in its evolutionary phases.

One more word from Ptaah:


PTAAH: "Our very early ancestors, who are also actually the forefathers of the Earth human, were once just as low in their spiritual evolution as today's Earth human, as are many other life forms in the innumerable uni­verses."


These cosmic organizing forces normally do not intervene in pure planetary affairs unless acts of war threaten the structure of universal space by endangering other planetary systems. In such extreme cases, and when there is simply no other alter­native, the obstructionists are brought to reason by force.


When inhabitants of a planet are headed on the fastest course to knocking each others' brains out and ultimately destroying one another, as the case is on Earth, then the extraterrestrial life forms try to render useful help in the form of teach­ings and inspirations. Those concerned must decide entirely on their own whether to accept, ignore or reject this help because free will must be upheld at all times and all places. Therefore, it is never within the Pleiadian scope of duty to inter­vene and force other people to avoid acts of war on their respective planets. The extraterrestrials only intervene if inhabitants of other planets are endangered by the war actions of their neighbors.


Based on a Creational Law, it is not possible that even one single Earth person will be evacuated by an extraterrestrial rescue action if we actually go so far as to transform our earthly globe into a deadly inferno. It is our decision, alone, to com­ply with, process and act according to the valuable teachings, which the Pleiadians have let us, receive and which we must consider with an open mind. Only in this will we be able to halt the threatening danger of total destruction and to finally obtain a peaceful existence worth living.




On Erra, they have unmarried people, as we do. Normally, marriage is only prac­ticed in polygamous form. In the entire universe, each human life form is in need of certain regulating orders and guidelines, which are anchored in laws and direc­tives. In drawing up the regulating orders, the extraterrestrials primarily use nature as an exemplary means of orientation. The universal law of love states clearly and concisely that each male life form, as the inseminating part of nature, is able to mate with several female life forms. For the people concerned, this explicitly states that every healthy man may enter the bond of marriage with several women. Only one man can impregnate a woman in the sense of a receptacle, which is why she may have one bond of marriage according to nature.


This law is practiced by the Pleiadians to the fullest extent, so that several women are wed to one husband in each respective marriage. For example, one man is married to four women of his choice and each individual wife has her own house. The man lives alternately with each individual partner. Of course, this reg­ulation has nothing to do with polygamy, as we know it, a harem or the like. Among the women concerned, a loving and friendly relationship exists, just as it does with the husband. All forms of jealousy are completely unknown. I would like to stress at this point that the women in a marriage bond are of equal value with their husband in every respect. The laws of incarnation also regulate that men are not favored over women - the sex alternates from time to time in the course of several incarnations. In this way, a continual counterbalance is achieved and the presumable injustices are herewith eliminated. Admittedly, it will not be easy for some of us to understand or accept these explanations in part, or perhaps, not even at all.


From an evolutionary viewpoint, the full spiritual maturity required for mar­riage on Erra is not reached until approximately 70 years of age. Accordingly, the bond of marriage is not entered until that time. As a rule, the Errans practice sex­ual abstinence until that age in order to give undivided attention to their spiritu­al development.

If two people come together and are of the opinion that they are capable of developing deeper feelings for one another, they have a full three-year period to clarify their feelings and determine if they exist and are genuine. After this period of time, they are tested by authorized specialists to find out if they truly belong together. They are not permitted to unite in a bond of marriage until the test has been successfully passed. This occurs when the necessary requirements such as fundamental feelings, affection and love, are existent. Normally, a marriage bond lasts a lifetime, but it can be dissolved afterwards if the prior clarifications have proven to give a false picture.


The three-year period preceding this test of marriage is divided so that the per­sons concerned may meet each other once every seven days for several hours. They are free to select how they wish to spend their time, but sexual acts of any kind are not permitted until the intended marriage has undergone a test and is concluded. If the two people are involved in an activity that inevitably brings them together more than once a week, there are no objections. However, a purely personal ren­dezvous is not allowed. This provision is intended to give the marriage candidates a period of six days to fully consider everything they have experienced. If they suc­cessfully pass the two-year test period, a separation of one year follows. During this time, the two people may not see or meet each other at all.


They may even decide to be transferred to foreign planets to fulfill their duties in order to have enough time to ponder everything thoroughly once again. They will not proceed with the test until this has been accomplished. Divorce among the Pleiadians is only per­mitted in extreme cases where serious violations are made against the Creational Laws and Directives of marriage. Particularly, the breaking of wedlock, known to us as adultery, falls in this category. In the high evolutionary level of the Pleiadians, this transgression is very serious and, as a result, the immoral are sent into exile for the duration of their lives. (See  Prison Methods  later in this chapter)

In response to the question of what would happen if a Pleiadian were to fall in love with a person who is from a different planet, Semjase replied:


SEMJASE:         "If a person from our race were to fall in love with someone from another world inhabited by a spiritually inferior race to the extent that both desired to be joined (in matrimony), the probability of this must first be resolved according to our laws. If the facts show that all necessary requirements have been fulfilled, the contract of marriage may proceed. In this case, it does not matter if the life form from another world exists on a lower spiritual level since this condition can be upwardly advanced in such a case (with the help of special devices) by our scientists to correspond with our spiritual level. Such incidents, though, are quite infrequent."


The topic of jealousy may be of interest considering how easily sheer jealousy would occur if Earth husbands were allowed to have several wives - most of whom would probably get into quarrels regarding such a controversial arrangement. I can just hear the clamor when I think about it. If I should be mistaken  regarding the Pleiadian practice of multiple marriages for men only (which is contrary to my expectations), I will renounce this statement. But if the roles were reversed, who knows what would happen, regardless of its illicitness, if an Earth woman were able to marry several husbands?


What is different for the Pleiadians, is that they are no longer plagued with the problems of jealousy within a relationship between a man and woman. In former times, though, they had to endure similar evolutionary stages of learning. In view of this, Semjase said:


SEMJASE:  'A person who is completely anti-materialistic in their thinking is no longer susceptible to jealousy because their thinking has evolved into universal thinking in which all possessions are respectfully viewed, without honoring, and are exalted in love and joy as the common property of all. But this only applies if honest affection from both sides exists through the heeding of the laws and directives.


"If two of our people enter into a marriage bond, this does not mean that each partner possesses the other, but simply that they join together in a mutual bond of affection. Rights of possession are not involved - only love, understanding and the joy of each other's company. Both partners are completely free to choose their own ways of fulfilling the laws and direc­tives. Conversely, the actions and decisions concerning their marriage are jointly discussed until a mutual agreement is reached, thus fulfilling the laws and directives. In an evolutionary sense and in all respects, mutual clarifica­tions and agreements are required, given through certain rules and order."


For us lowly earthlings, it is somewhat difficult to understand what is actually meant with it, but I would not wish to withhold these comments since they con­tain some food for thought in order to obtain new realizations. Within the scope of this subject matter, the question of marital quarrels arose. In return, Semjase asked whether we view Pleiadians as superhumans. She explained that it is quite natural that differences of opinion will occur between marriage partners, only they may not degenerate into a fight, which is all too common with us.


SEMJASE:   'As with us and others elsewhere, all life forms are different in their evolution, just as two "like" poles will never be found together. This would signify a degeneration and termination of evolution. Therefore, two opposing poles must always meet for an evolution to take place. Both of these opposite "poles" will inevitably grate against one another and two dif­ferent opinions will clash. So, for the purpose of evolution, differences in opinions must arise. This is an irrevocable law of evolution which we and all other life forms of the universe must align with."




Chapter Three



The Plejadians are in command of an entire armada of smaller and larger space­craft that can be distinguished by their structure, size and flying range depending on their use. The following spacecraft are included among the Pleiadian spacecraft fleet: telemeter disks, reconnaissance ships, beamships of various types, large spacecraft (no information available) and special spacecraft for special missions (no information available).

Telemeter Disks

See Photos #25 and #57; taken at night.

The telemeter disks are exclusively used for surveillance and exploration purposes of all kinds. They can be used for stationary or mobile missions. Their flying range is limited to the planetary region. The telemeter disks of the Pleiadians vary in size from 1 centimeter to 5 meters. They all fly unmanned and are usu­ally operated from fixed stations by remote control. In 1977, a total of 7000 of these spacecraft orbited around our terrestrial globe. On clear, starry nights from the year 1975-1978, their orbital paths could easily be observed with the naked eye because of their glaring lights with high frequency blinking. This was espe­cially true of those that traveled along relatively low orbital paths. The blinking light was similar to radio signals used exclusively for remote control. As of 1978, the blinking device was replaced by another type of mechanism.

End of extract from this chapter


  Also some on languages:

Some from page 24>on in:AND YET... THEY FLY!  by Guido Moosbrugger, and it is Chapter Two - THE PLEIADIANS, OUR EXTRATERRESTRIAL FRIENDS AND TEACHERS


….the visitors were also involved in development and improvement of the Earth languages. As for the alphabet of the Pleladians, it should be said that ch and sch are individual letters whereas i, qu, V and y are not includ­ed at all. In place of I, j is used. The vowel combinations ae, oe, ue are also not included."



Original word    

Developed into


all African languages



all Indian languages such as island languages in the southern and central hemisphere


all Germanic, Indo-Germanic, Latin, English and Celtic languages


Assyrian, Arabic, Hebraic, Babylonian and Armenian languages


Chinese and Japanese languages


Australian, Near East, Turkish and Osmanian languages


Minoan (from this, the old Greek language was developed), Atlantic, Gobanian, Sumarian and Limurgian languages

 Fig. 2-5.

The languages listed here are by no means complete but they do give a general overview of the development of Earth languages in relation to their origin.

 Associated with this, dear reader, I do not want to deprive you of the develop­mental history of Earth languages. The primitive Earth language called Bro'6 was mixed with seven highly valued old Lyrian or extraterrestrial languages named Westan, Trjdjn, Arjn, Hebrjn, Kjdan, Bamar and Suman. They developed over time into the ancient fundamental languages of Earth and eventually evolved into today's various Earth languages.

At this point I would like to mention another matter, which occurred in 1976 when the children of my school classes asked me for Semjase's autograph. At an appropriate moment, I took this request to the contactee, Billy, who further relayed it to Semjase during a personal contact on June 23, 1976. To my joy, Semjase promptly responded during her conversation with Billy, writing four autographs in Latin script with a felt pen, which Billy had given her. Because she had little familiarity and practice with this script, she made a small error on her first attempt by writing the word Semjase with a y instead of a j. Being aware of this, Semjase then wrote three other samples, this time without a mistake.

 Using these original autographs, I made enough copies for all the students in my class. These were not comparable in quality to the originals, but the school children took the copies with joy and wanted to give Semjase a young kitten as a gesture of thanks.

 Due to the danger of transmitting diseased bacteria, the Pleiadians are not permitted to bring home any animals from foreign planets.        


to get the book:


a handful of people in Europe, (first in Spain) have since about 2008 had claimed telepathic and chat contacts directly from what is claimed to originate from Pleiades/Taygetha ships in the Earth's atomosphere. Later they began to post information DIRECT to servers on "the surface"- and esp.the info from this channel.

Here are links to some samples of this comprehensive new information.
Swaruu Oficial
*Elena Danaan youtube clip from book
Cosmic Agency

video on "the 58 RACES of the ALIEN RACES BOOK"

the earth and the galaxy, is in the transition between the primitive, instinctive animal kingdom, and moving gradually, through the coming centuries and millennia, up to the stage of galactic cooperation, and where one can first call themselves real people, who really love each other and recognizes his neighbor in his own being. The spiritual science of this transformation is found in the books of the Danish Martinus (1890-1981)

video on the FIGU-center (2019):

the Erra-group on the moon-landing-faking:

Billy and Quetzal continued..
English + German

         faked moon landing:

Billy: Then once again something concerning the Earth's Moon, respectively in regard to the first alleged Moon landing of the Americans, which is supposed to have happened on July 20th, 1969.

Billy: Dann wieder einmal etwas wegen des Erdmondes
resp. bezüglich der ersten angeblichen Mondlandung der Amerikaner, die am 20. Juli1969 gewesen sein soll.

This theatre spectacle was indeed only staged for political reasons and allegedly in
order to have obtained a giant success before the Soviet Union because, at that
time, the Russians already stood shortly ahead of the Yankees, coming before them
with a manned Moon landing.

Dieses Theater-Spektakel wurde ja nur veranstaltet
um der Politik willen und um angeblich vor der Sowjet-Union einen Riesenerfolg
erzielt zu haben, weil die Russen damals bereits kurz davor standen, den Amis mit
einer bemannten Mondlandung zuvorzukommen.

But after the gigantic American swindle with the so-called Moon landing, which was
cinematically faked in a suitable place in America, up to 1972, five Moon landings
actually subsequently came about.

Nach dem amerikanischen Riesenschwindel mit
der angeblichen Mondlandung aber, die in Amerika auf geeignetem Gelände filmisch
getürkt wurde, fanden dann nachträglich tatsächlich bis 1972 fünf Mondlandungen

However, to be able to prepare and accomplish these landings, the Yankees required
more time than they had at their disposal before 1969.

Um diese Landungen aber vorzubereiten und durchführen zu können, benötigten die Amis mehr Zeit, als ihnen
diese bis 1969 zur Verfügung stand.

For this reason, and also even because of politics, this gigantic swindle was staged
and all of humanity shamefully deceived.

Daher und eben auch der Politik wegen wurde der Riesenschwindel inszeniert und die ganze Menschheit schändlich betrogen.

Will this swindle actually never be uncovered?

Wird dieser Schwindel eigentlich nie aufgedeckt?

Also it makes me wonder why the Yankees actually never allow anything to be heard
regarding that on the South Pole and North Pole of the Moon there are big areas
where daytime permanently rules, as I had seen, as in my earlier youth in the year
1946 from Sfath, and then in 1975 also from Semjase who provided the possibility to
behold the Moon from up close and to see the aerospace-junk that the Earthlings had transported there.

Auch nimmt es mich wunder, warum die Amis eigentlich nie
etwas davon hören liessen, dass es am Süd- und Nordpol des Mondes grosse Gebiete
gibt, wo ständiger Tag herrscht, wie ich gesehen habe, als mir in meiner frühen
Jugend im Jahre 1946 von Sfath und dann 1975 auch von Semjase die Möglichkeit
geboten wurde, den Mond aus der Nähe zu betrachten und den Raumfahrt-Gerümpel zu sehen, den die Erdlinge dorthin transportierten.

Quetzal: 582. The story of lies, of the alleged first Moon landing, is surely never
more able to be worked out of the world.

Quetzal: 582. Die Lügengeschichte
der angeblich ersten Mondlandung wird wohl nicht mehr aus der Welt zu schaffen sein.

583. And regarding the continuous daytime area on the Moon's South Pole and NorthPole is to say, that I also don't understand why nothing is publicly mentioned about that.


Yes, also the film-maker mr.Kubrick talked about this and also how Armstrong had problems afterwards to live with that lie

And even nrk (norway state broadcaster) was into this  - thru the artist interviewed here -  in this clip with norwegian talking...

And many have probably seen the most embarrassing (now leaked after nearly 50years in the shadows...) part of the studio recording of the "Moon Landing" ...where the studio light mast falls down, just after "Armstrong" left the ladder - jumping to the "moon-surface".

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How Atlantis was crushed by a guided asteroide Semjase's education on the past of our Earth:

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