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Cosmic Integration


The Marriage of the Lamb

The new planet which will belong to perfected humanity seems to be one of the present planets of our solar system, which fundamentally does not belong to the life-creating matter-consciousness of our solar system. This planet is about as big as the earth and came from 'outside'. It was imprisoned in the gravitation-field of the sun when the whole of evolution, up to and including man, was already completed. It is thus an outsider which did not originally belong to this matter- consiousness. Therefore a perfected humanity will not have the matter-consciousness of this planet so that this matter will not take part in the material collapse of the solar system. Thus, out of this collapse a 'surviving' planet will emerge.

The new planet, which will be our new home, is one without an atmosphere, without water and with a glassy surface. But before we transform it into a new cosmic paradise, the great feast of the Marriage will first be celebrated.

Initially this concerns the incarnation of the Son through the uniting or convergence with his 144 000 rhosen one~ However the 'wedding guests', the billions of other people, will take part in another event, i.e. the uniting or convergence of the people who have the same identity (self-awareness). This individuality-convergence needs a separate explanation.

With other intelligent races, with a normal closed cycle, the same person lives many successive lives. He is reborn with the karma, the burden of guilt from former lives, which he then wholly or partially repays. Through the continual collective mentality improvement he gets the chance to achieve guiltlessness during the super-civilization. The successive lives are also, through the burden of guilt, irrevocably bound together so that it is still one and the same person who achieves completion in the final phase. No-one will then find it hard to understand that he or she has lived several dozen, or perhaps hundreds of lives and that he/she is ultimately one person. For us that is much more difficult to understand. We are not yet bound to the other lives in which our own transformation-original is living. To us it is incomprehensible why one person lives in prosperity and luxury and another in misery and suffering. Seen from the point of view of one individual this chance difference seems to be the height of injustice, but this judgement will soon be reversed when such a person knows the truth.

During the marriage feast on the new earth all people with the same transformation-original (the same divine nucleus) will recognize each other with absolute certainty as themselves, as the other lives which they themselves have lived. Then the scales will fall from our eyes and we will know who we are. Then precisely the same thing will happen as on the other planets and then we will possess the individual self-awareness of dozens or hundreds of lives. We will then be purified and perfected and thus we will have nothing more to do with the burden of guilt from former lives, which every present human has already paid for. Men and women will be united as one asexual being, the completed person, the final individual. Then too, the superiority of the woman will be relinquished, for the simple reason that the division between man and woman no longer exists.

The scales will fall from our eyes and we will see the wonderful harmony which was created by a timeless God who knows the future. Then the questions as to why we ourSELF have had to suffer so much more in one life than in another will be answered of themselves: - that sometimes in concurrent lives we have discriminated against our other self, so that we ourSELF have literally gone through what we have done to another; that, as a rule, we were confronted with the injustice committed by our-SELF which we have perpetrated in other lives; that, even so, we have met with whatever calamity or prosperity on our way which was beneficial for our forming and through which these various lives appear to have complementary characteristics. Some lives are certainly the result of the karma from other lives but there are also life histories, which are not that (???- R.Ø.remark.) Indeed, every human life was an uncontrolled chance-creation: earth. During the creation God provided every human life 'in advance' with a soul which 'fits' precisely into that chance life. Thus every life seems to have a significance although we may not be able to see that yet.

Through this individuality convergence (sammenløpning)people will come to exist who are much greater than the greatest of people living now. The enlarging of their consciousness and their possibilities for experience brings the balance between their emotional and spiritual capabilties. They are no longer made top-heavy by their spirit. The marriage will be a huge festival for them, where this final personality will be 'full-filled' by the almighty love-power of the incarnated Son.

The radiant centre-point of this Marriage will be the Bridegroom with his Bride. The convergence will manifest itself in the same way as in the individuality-convergence. Suddenly, two individuals who stand opposite each other will unite in body and in being. In the Son's case this will be a little different because the uniting with his chosen ones will not take place on natural ground but through the free will of the chosen. Exactly as in a marriage ceremony they will both have to say 'I will.'

This marriage ceremony will be solemnized in the presence of the millions of final personalities, in which the whole of humanity will be represented. After the solemnization the perfected Son of Man will fill these personalities with his almighty love-power and humanity will be completed. The new God will be created through the convergence of three People: the Son, the Spirit of Truth and unanimity in love-will of this second generation of archangels: Christ. From that moment they will all manifest in the One, all-encompassing self-awareness of the Son of Man, the unique, human Quality of the One Son. Whatever this unanimity wants or undertakes it can be all-mighty.


What Exactly Is an Angel Now?

The sequel to the story of creation must begin with a further description of the final personality after the completion. As has been said, they are the convergence (møte)of dozens or hundreds of human lives - let us say a hundred. A hundred men and women then form one asexual personality, which will be referred to by the masculine form 'he,' and who is clearly conscious that he himself has fulfilled these hundred lives. This convergence seems to be precisely the same as that on other planets with the normal reincarnation cycle.

The final self embraces (omfavner)all the experiences of these lives. I can re-experience and contemplate every former life and then that old self again has the floor exclusively. The experience and the acquired talents are, for the most part, complementary; that is to say they fill each other out, just as man and woman do, through which I have all this experience.

Simply through this, he has a great ripeness, maturity and wisdom such will not be found in a single person today, apart from the fact that he embraces only the goodness and purity of all these lives. The total skills will exceed our 'hundred-fold-ness.'

Another characteristic of the final personality is that he has the collective facts and knowledge memory of the whole of humanity, a grandiose aspect of our future existence. As with the absolute 10,000 they have one and the same awareness ofknowledge. Knowledge in unlimited multiplicity. Each final person knows all that any person has ever known and knows every detail of every human life. He knows more than all professors rolled into one. He knows every thesis, every construction and every piece of music and even the whole of world literature by heart. In knowledge they are all alike, but in their nature and character each one is unique. His unique character is the most important thing, which results in a particular nature of his emotionality and love-power.

This knowledge-exponent is the divine Task of our science. Every discovery enriches the human realization of knowledge that we will cherish for all eternity as part of our unique human identity. Our being human was also determined all along. Thus science fulfills an exclusive collective task and that was recognized, directly or indirectly, by most scientists-considering their general readiness to publish their knowledge.

This pressure to publicize will not stop in the completion. An essential part of the cosmic integration process is the input of our collective awareness of knowledge in the cosmic awareness of knowledge. This last is not the absolute ALL-knowledge but the all-encompassing knowledge-awareness of the Son in the quality of the intelligent races who have achieved the completion, the Christus Unitas Universitas (the Unity of the universe). C.U.U.=Q-consciousness.

Does not the Spirit of Truth which comes directly out of the ABSOLUTE have any knowledge-awareness of its own?

No. He has the Identity of the second-generation consciousness and cannot thus have the ALL-knowledge, because this is a characteristic of the first. He IS the power of recognition of the Son and as such he preaches what he receives from the Son. As John says (John 16,13) 'he shall not speak of himself, but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak...' Here also it seems that He has no knowledge-awareness of his own but that his knowledge comes from all that he hears.

It is also completely logical that the divine Partner builds up his own knowledge-realization through his own experience and creativity because this knowledge also dictates the character. If he is ever able to be completely self-supporting and independent of the Father then, just like every child, he will have to build up his own experience and knowledge-consciousness. First at the Father's side and then alone.

The universe is already billions of years old and countless numbers of intelligent races have already reached completion. Therefore the cosmic Spirit has already an enormous experience and knowledge-consciousness, which is still continually increasing. Hence the designation 'cosmic integration;' with our knowledge we will take part in and be absorbed in this gigantic cosmic knowledge-realization. To that end will we learn, study and teach.

To make this process understandable I will go back to the explanation of the development in our present realm of death. In the course of time a dead person integrates in the collective spirit of humanity and finally he has the self-awareness (ego) of human all-knowledge. When he has reached that state of consciousness-expansion he lives in the living because he directly experiences every addition to his knowledge and self-awareness at the same moment. All that humanity experiences or discovers he also experiences or discovers. The fantastic consciousness of unity comes into being in exactly the same way; we are one with all people.

Exactly the same happens during the cosmic integration process. Every final person has the total knowledge consciousness of humanity. He experiences every increase of this knowledge directly and immediately. Each person therefore represents the whole of human knowledge to the full and we actually need to send only one person to another planet in order to obtain knowledge of all that is available there. At a distance of thousands of light years we know accurately and instantly what our representative experiences there. Through this connection in knowledge and thinking the dominant feeling of unity of all final people comes into existence. Through their super-communication they are constantly and automatically in touch with each other. Spiritually they are infinitely greater than the people of the present time. Through their broad-based understanding and their perfect intelligence they learn and study without difficulty, as if it were all a big game. Their memory is immaterial and faultless; what they have heard once they know for all eternity. Their awareness of truth is pure and unimpeachable.

They give the impression of being turned inward and not very communicative and in that respect they remind us a little of our dead but it is only on the surface. Their 'wireless' communication runs via an internal process and not as a rule through speech or gesture. They are never angry but they do not laugh either. To us that seems an impoverished (forarmet)existence but then we do not yet have any idea of their ecstatic consciousness-experiences in which there is simply no place for this sort of expression.

They radiate a powerful force-field, a wave of warmth, serenity and happiness. It is plain to see that they have suffered but also that they have drawn a great satisfaction from it. Satisfaction is perhaps the best catchword for these beings: satisfaction of what will be achieved, the immense satisfaction through the direct experience of the Father out of the consciousness in the Son and the satisfaction about the tranquility (fredfylthet)and certainty of their power and security. Suffering and death are conquered; loneliness no longer exists. Their whole existence manifests itself out of the all-pervading and jubilant 'we.'

Their world of existence is so magnificent that if a present-day person could observe it for only half an hour, knowing, he would, for the rest of his life, be unfit to continue this earthly existence. We still live in a more or less blocked consciousness.


How Abstract Is an Angel?

Many people feel that abstract existence in a spiritual body is worthless and unreal; a shadowy spirit world which we cannot so much as see - a disappointing end to the story of creation.

I admit that for a materialistic person this seems far from attractive, but the judgement must come from a special knowledge of the facts. Therefore I will attempt to clarify this spiritual existence.

An angel has a body which is formed from the abstract principle of material, the atomic field without nuclear particles. To us it is invisible and imperceptible, it does not fit in with the laws of nature, it possesses no mass and no inertia, it is quicker than lightning.

We can make it conceivable to some extent by comparing it with a television picture of a person who suddenly steps out of the screen and stands in the living-room. An angel can also make himself visible and then the situation is exactly comparable. Exactly like a television picture he is a field projection and thus invulnerable. We can fire a bullet at him without ever hitting the person himself. If we try to punch him our fist cuts through an empty space.

Aha! He is not real then, he just calls up the illusion!

He is there as really as could be. If he punches us we receive a huge blow-not because we feel his hand as material but because the hand makes the gesture through which the almighty will is activated. We are absolutely powerless against him. He comes through closed doors as a spirit but he can do everything that he wishes. Without difficulty he can make a knot in a railbar. He is bound to time and place just like us. When he is somewhere then he sees, hears, feels and smells just as we do, only much better. He sees as if in a transparent universe and sees through things. He can move with the speed of thought to any point of the universe. He observes the wonders of creation with his own eyes and at close quarters. He is the life-principle of the human body, the vibration-double 'filled-in' with the principle of matter. He is the real essence of a person. He is just as real and essential as the vibration in the copperwire-web of a radio set. The material of a radio is of secondary importance, for without this electric vibration configuration no sound could come out. The only reality of a radio is this invisible vibration, the rest is a side-issue.

An angel lives exactly like this in the invisible vibration of his life-field. He lives much more really than we do. It is not that 'alas' he has to do without the material, on the contrary, he is 'freed' from the material and so he is free on a grand scale. He can go and stop and do as he wishes to the furthest corners of the universe. He really lives-in comparison we just muddle along.


The New Earth

After this exploration of the final phenomenon of man, the moment has come to continue the story of creation. 'And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven (dwelling-place of saints) and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.' (Revelations 21,1)

Why do abstract beings still need a planet?

In the first place they need a home, a frame of reference for their unique identity and also, for the time being, they must exist in the presence of time-creating matter. The principle of matter has no inertia and creates no time.

Why is the planet called the new earth?

It is a planet which is about as big as the earth and which will be taken possession of by earthly consciousness. Here not only the human life-field is awakened to new life, but also that of all plants, trees and animal species. The planet is created in the known earthly paradise with a breathtakingly beautiful and unspoiled nature. Luxuriant forests, great areas of grass, an abundance of flowers, plants and bushes, which bloom with eternal life. All the final animal species play the game of life with enthusiasm and abandon; a joyful paradise where the pure life manifests itself without discord, without sickness or death.

This humanity sparkles creativity and a craving for action. They literally create a new earth. At first sight what happens there is hideous; they build, create and construct a copy of our present earth. They rebuild not only the fine buildings and works of art of the thousand year Reign, but also the buildings of our own present and past. They build exact copies of everything we have ever built on our planet, from cathedrals to factories, from skyscrapers to old villages, from roads and railways with cars and trains, with carts and coaches, to stations and entire airports with all possible types of airplanes etc...

It is unbelievable that these beings who can move with the speed of thought create all these things like cars, planes and rockets with thought-power. To make matters worse they also build war machines, cannons, tanks, battleships as well as complete slum areas and shanty towns out of scrap material like corrugated iron and oil-drums.

This beautiful planet will once again be devastated by over-zealous human hands - at least, that is how it seems in the first shock-wave which sweeps over the observer. Fortunately, in the second instance it will be clear that something quite different is being enacted.

The final humanity builds there a complete exhibition under the heading: Man. From prehistoric times to the thousand year Reign, every interesting product of humanity will be rebuilt in the principle of material (indestructible force-field). They will be built by the original designers and builders, making use of their faultless memories. They build with thought-power and thus they do not actually have to build the objects and complexes. We have to consider them as a kind of tv-picture, filled in with normal matter, also a projection which demands only the knowhow of the designer and builder.

On the eve of the cosmic integration this humanity needs not only somewhere to live, but also a frame of reference, a point of recognition for their own identity. Thoughts and memories alone are not enough for the identity-fixing. Every original individual from prehistoric times must be able to recognize himself in this eternal world exhibition. As such it is the most exact and complete exhibition imaginable.

These beings remain people in spite of their incredible expansion of consciousness. Their original identity can never be lost and therefore they need a home in which this identity is fixed. Just as we need a reference point in our own house, especially if we make long journeys, they need that too. We also need our own house if we want to receive good personal friends. The cosmic isolation of humanity will be relinquished and we will receive visitors from the universe. We will also go off on visits. The principle of cosmic integration or the linking up in the cosmic Unity in Christ is the integration of the human field of knowledge with that of other cosmic races. This integration process begins through the exchange of final individuals and their 'assimilation' on the spot in the exhibition.


Time and Space- Transforming Craft

The most fantastic journey of discovery through the stars awaits us as part of the integration process. Although it is not really relevant here, it seems interesting to tell something of the manner in which we will be able to travel through space.

This explanation concerns final people during the first phase of development of the integration process. They can move with the speed of thought through the unanimity (enstemmighet) of the group and that suggests space travel without special vehicles - by moving the body through the power of the spirit. Remarkably that is not the case, at least as far as the first phase is concerned. They use relatively simple vehicles, which could not be called space-ships. In fact they do not travel through space as we know it, but they transpose themselves through an abstract time-space. This abstract transposition requires a dematerialization, a parting with material which, in the form of smoke, mixes with white flakes on the planet from which they leave, sink down or fly off. For this dematerialization they have to be totally free from the surface of the planet in order to avoid undesirable damage. What they need are relatively simple anti-gravitation craft or vehicles with a sort of rocket propulsion which are best described as space capsules; shells which contain and protect the crew. This protection must be described as a force-field which forms a 'shell' around the time- and space-bound bodies of the people. The capsules are shaped like bullets, eggs, pears, cigars or disks and are anywhere from a few meters to dozens of meters in size. They have one thing in common; they all have a material propulsion system in materialized form (with mass) in order to lift off from the planet's surface. This is where the kinetic vibrator comes in. This is an apparatus which, through a particular sort of vibration, produces an energy-loading such as a rocket has when the ram-jet has provided acceleration for a while. It sets off against the earth-mass so that fantastic acceleration and direction changes are possible. Since every atom within the capsule's force-field is subject to the same acceleration you do not notice a thing.

The dematerialization is not caused by a machine but purely through their matter-governing spirit and therefore it is impossible for this transposition-power to be used by the incompetent. The transposition itself is immediate, irrespective of distance and the rematerialization process follows just as swiftly (this is the 'filling in' of the vibration-double with normal matter which was described earlier). The material used is that which is available on the spot, so that it has the matter-consciousness of that particular solar system or planet.

The rematerialization takes longer than dematerialization because it takes time to 'put on' the necessary amount of matter out of an atmosphere of cloud-material. During this process the most monstrous forms can be seen and these are smoothed out only when the materialization is complete. Sometimes a partial materialization takes place and then the form remains monstrous or dependent on the unconscious expectation-pattern of the earthly observer. He sees what he wants to see.

In fact, all of this is a phase of transition from the old material existence to an abstract spiritual existence. In the first phase we cannot manage without material. This is also apparent in the creation of the new earth where we practice a materialization of already existing earthly forms which were 'transposed,' as it were, in an abstract spiritual form to the new planet, subsequently to be 'filled in' with material on the spot. It is exactly the same principle. Complete buildings will be transported in this way. For beings 'with mind over matter' all this is possible.

The universe is literally swarming with these space capsules and it is amazing that we still observe so few of these UFO's. The number of sightings can be only a few percent of the total, which are actually there.

Then there is a second category of UFO's and these originate from the earth itself. Our prehistoric ancestors, the incarnate absolute gods, also had the power of mind over matter, but were earth-bound because they had a material body from which they could not detach themselves (first generation). But what they could do, which the angels couldn't, was timetransformation. The technique of this process is also unknown to final people, probably because they could not actually use it. Although it may seem so to us, there is no foundation of dematerialization involved in this process. They used an egg-shaped capsule on three legs which took off from the earth by means of a kind of rocket engine with a radio-active flame, subsequently to disappear with a bang. Time-transformation means a sudden transformation of matter by which the capsule and its contents are transposed to another time in less than a microsecond, although by the look of the material earth the place remains the same.

They then make use of the fact that the time-creating vibration which holds the universe in its grasp contains the absolute opposite, is timeless and exists in 'all' time. They crossed over via the time-synchronization field (see appendix) and they could do that because they existed fundamentally out of matter. To us it seems like dematerialization but it is actually a time-transfer. Yet another ingenious facet of the creation process: Gods cannot travel through space because they cannot dematerialize themselves but they can travel through time. Angels can travel through space but not through time because they cannot really materialize. Matter is not a characteristic, a condition of life. Another reason why angels cannot travel through time is that they have to perform a great task in the future, and thus make the future. Earth Gods cannot travel through space because their task lies on earth -but they are permitted to travel through time in order to study their descendants. The Gods' task was the programming of the phenomenon of man, of our individual soul, while through the divergence they lost the timeless, perfected knowledge-awareness. Thus they have to know what the chance-process will bring and they had the task of avoiding a calamity, without affecting our character structure. It was and remains an internal earth-concern. They will visit us frequently, especially during the final phase.

Lastly there is a third category of UFO (though there may well be more). These are not capsules but complete materialized spaceships of huge proportions and provided with a material propulsion principle, the disk or flying saucer described in this book. At present they are stationed without crews in the proximity (nærhet)of the earth, ready to be able to pick people up just before the catastrophe. At that time we will still have the reflection life and will not be able to dematerialize so that we cannot be saved with capsules. Such solicitude(bekymring) to protect a self-opinionated race against itself!

We have nothing to fear from the craft of the angels; they are materialized manifestation-fields which function solely as lookout posts from other worlds and do nothing to disturb us.

Alas there are also misleading imitations, pseudo-spaceships which come from the earth or out of our own solar-system. These also come from the spirit-world, but from the category which I call matter-bound spirits, they are materializations of thought-forms which can be called fantasies but which turn out to be pure deceptions.

They are the bane (skadelig)of many serious UFO investigators, they can take on any conceivable form and at the moment are frequently flying saucers. In the past they have manifested in other ways; as seamen who sail complete ships high in the air or lie at anchor with the anchor in a village street, as pilots who fly ghost-planes, as inventors who tested saucer-shaped airplanes etc. Now it has become a game of 'things from outer-space' and out of the saucers all kinds of humanoids beings creep; large and small, monsters and robots, even cylinder-shaped tins which walk around on two spindly legs. Sometimes it seems that these 'apparitions' answer the unconscious expectation-pattern of the chance witness and are dismissed as halucinations. This does an injustice to the witnesses; they are subjective projections all right, but real in materialized form. Their saucers have mass, the landing legs leave prints on the ground, they can be photographed and sometimes cause damage to the spiritual or physical health of the witnesses.

For people with any knowledge of these lowest regions of the spirit world which surround us - and here I am thinking of the circles of occultists and spiritists - this will come as no surprise. They are familiar with the fantastic deception which will be let loose on that level, especially on the newcomers who tread the terrain of spiritist contact for the first time. It is the world of knocking spirits, poltergeists, rains of stones (spirits), goblins and elves, utterly demonic, self-less entities and archaic atavism. It is a world of lies, deceit and misleading. Literally not one word of what they say is true. On a 'higher' level there are pure satanic manifestations which must be respected as dangerous. As long as they play the UFO game this deception goes all right, but problems begin when they make contact with people either materially or mediumistically - the so-called UFO encounters of the third kind - sometimes these may also be in the area of the paranormal. What they say then seems deceptively (villedende)like serious messages in the philosophical or scientific field, but with expert examination it always turns out to be sheer nonsense. Sometimes these witnesses are held on the line for years without any useful information being given or anything sensible coming out - with all the damage it does to them.

This deception is sometimes followed by the manifestation of an anti-power. The UFO witness concerned is then called up or visited by 'men in black' who, by means of persuasion, intimidation or deceit, attempt to silence him - 'normal' voices or men who speak to the person concerned in his native tongue.

These imitations can even be involved in an accident here on Earth, they can dematerialize only at a certain altitude, and hitting the Earth surface hard enough to damage the material propulsion system means that no return is ever possible. Therefore accidents can happen through which not only remnants of their ships but also the bodies of"dead" humanoids remain here on Earth.

It would be extremely interesting if we could obtain examples of such bodies or materials for examination because then it will be proved that they are imitations. The bodies are just imitations of living beings, which never have lived in reality, they are missing the vital organs for metabolism, blood circulation, breathing, etc. The remnants of materials will prove to be imitations of earthly metals. It sounds unbelievable that such spiritual degenerations are still able to materialize but alas, they are "really" there.

The reason for this detailed but otherwise parenthetic explanation is the expectation that this deception will increase considerably in the coming years, especially if the information in this book, although of UFO origin, is recognized as the truth. It is then almost certain that those with this information who break open the isolation of the earth, will go and 'play' with the aim of creating chaos. My teachers are firm in their opinion that once this information is published no second contact with earth will take place - this is a 'one-off.'

In addition, a 'real' contact is quickly and easily recognized by the efficiency with which the information is given in a very short time, and in that it always refers to God and his plans for the earth. All the rest is deception. If, in spite of this, someone allows himself to be enticed into a UFO contact, let him ask the simple question: What do you say of the Christ? From the answer their identity will be clear: materialized phantasies, degenerations of previous gods.

The Cosmic Integration

So, at some point we will go on a journey through the stars and it will be a great journey of discovery. It is a joyful study and experience through the direct observation of the wonders of God's creation.

The receiving of visitors out of the universe is as effusive as if good friends are meeting again after centuries of separation. The reason for this is simple; the origin of our "self" - our transformation-original, has also lived on many other planets. Not on all planets, for the talent-configuration is dependent on the character of the planet and therefore is an assortment. Nevertheless, many final people will recognize their alter-ego and realize that they have lived there themselves. Our other self has a totally different character there, another past, another knowledge-consciousness and other attained talents and powers. Before we can converge with it to complete the mixture of talents, the transformation, all memories will be recalled.

These are intensely joyful meetings in which a new and awe-inspiring world opens up to us. On other planets the past is just as present as it is on the new earth, so that we can see the exciting adventure 'films' of the transformation of divine consciousness of other worlds in real life. Even better, we will understand the wonderful harmony of the creation and our existence becomes yet more interesting.

Step by step a steadily greater and extensive consciousness forms through the integration of two planetary knowledge-fields and the subsequent convergence of final people. Words cannot describe more than a fraction of this world of experience. What a life, what an existence!

Because of the wondrous creative aspects and the almost inexhaustible field of work this cosmic journey of discovery is an incomparable challenge for which every person must achieve the peak of his abilities. The universe is so incredibly large, as is the number of intelligent races which will bring the convergence and a breadth of consciousness which surpasses all human understanding. The Father has given us not only the possibility for equality but even for a much bigger consciousness than His. He has also given us a freedom of action, which is greater than his own. He has created our unimaginable experience of happiness through his suffering. Yet He does not ask for Love. He only gives.

At first this cosmic integration process, this shaping of consciousness, is only the means and not the end. The first purpose of the Son and His People is the almighty expression of love for the Father. At particular times the people collect together round the house of God on the new earth. They come to be one in the Self-awareness of the Son of Man in order to see and experience the Father in the unity of their spiritual power. No information was given about this spectacle. Every question on this subject was answered with the symbol for the unspeakable. It is something so extraordinary that every attempt at description necessarily constitutes a devaluation.

Therefore this description must limit itself to one of their almighty possibilities of expression, in the hope that this will I still be comprehensible. It is a precarious subject, for it concerns their singing. There are many people who do not like singing, but in the completion that will be quite different. In their unanimous manifestation the angels have not only all knowledge, but also all skills of all people. They can, for instance, sing as the best singers the earth has ever produced. They also gain great pleasure from this skill and that stimulates their creativity enormously and in every conceivable way.

This is not just singing, but an almighty expression of their feelings with the force of a volcanic explosion. Imagine; a choir of hundreds of millions who have such a unity of thinking that without a conductor they can sing such a precise staccato that it seems like one voice, with a perfect purity and an awe-inspiring volume and timbre. The power of this singing is so great that everything vibrates in harmony. Not just the plants and animals but the very ground of the planet vibrates-or, to put it better, join in with their own singing which, with the strength of a hurricane, brings everything into movement. It is a spiritual form of singing and therefore not sound as we know it; more a vibrating primeval force, but to their ears it is pure music of earthly origin.

They sing variations and improvisations. At certain moments more choirs weave several voices through each other, sometimes joining in, sometimes quiet again, a moment of silence, then a swelling to a powerful volume that jubilantly echoes away. They are vocal works of art with an expressiveness which shakes matter to its foundations, yet with a tenderness which reminds us of whispering. They sing often and with pleasure in the universal language of the angels. They are feelings expressed in waves of musicality and in which no one is missed out. They are expressions which tremble through their ecstatic spiritual rapture, utterances of love and thankfulness to Him, who has given us all He had to give and whom we all have to thank.

Then in a moment of silence they hear' from the unfathomable depth of the universe, carried across a distance of many light-years, another song from our cosmic brothers and a little later they join in with their harmonic variations and additions. Thus a fantastic music whirls through infinite space, further and further. In their singing their all-might and the cosmic extent of their consciousness manifest themselves at their clearest, but what they experience is indescribable. To think that as yet no eye has seen and no ear has heard what the Father has prepared for those who love Him --- That is what awaits us after the completion of the universe.

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