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Står vi på terskelen til det størst paradigmeskiftet noensinne, når UFO-fenomenet nå kanskje avsløres for fullt, og hvilke implikasjoner har dette? Møt verdens ledende forsker på området.  norsk lydfil med terje toftenes

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Extraterrestrials and

The Secret Treaty

The U S Government and Extraterrestrial Entities
by Richard K. Wilson and Sylvan Burns

(artwork: jim nichols - see below)

Regarding Aliens and the Government
c) 1989 N.A.R

The research behind this subject is quite demanding, and requires a tremendous amount of time, as well as cooperation between the many researchers that may be involved. The whole idea the "UFOlogy" is a science is not very accurate. Its' a disciplinary investigation that is born out of a pattern of human and non-human deception that reaches into the very core of our civilization.

What's really going on around us? The answer to that question has a scope that is almost insurmountable, but not impossible. Due to the efforts of a great many researchers, information has come forth that sheds a lot of light on what is actually going on. Unfortunately, some of that information is quite disturbing; the various structures of society maintain individuals in a very fragile state, and aspects of the universe that don't fit into that societal mold are often are able to break through these barriers and find out some of the answers without sustaining much ill effect.

The information here is being presented to you in the hope that you will consider it in the light of your own experience. You are not being asked to "believe" anything, for that would require a faith which may not have a basis in your common core of experience. However, the data presented herein is based on a common core of experience that is shared by literally thousands of people on this planet. Aspects of that common core of experience are also shared by billions of other entities that are not terrestrial humans. But that;s another story.

Lets take a look at the situation. The time period where actual manipulation of societies started to become evident within society itself appears to be in the late 1800's. The creation of the elite class structures gave rise to groups like the Illuminati, who made use of the financial structure to control the planetary populace.

The process of control of the planetary populace necessitated the following activities:

*Planning and execution of deliberate conflict in order to divide, fragment and limit population to controllable levels.

*Retention of constructive technology, including health related technology, in order to insure a dependent societal structure that would support and maintain the power structure.

*Deliberate manipulation of the planetary power structure in all matters of finance; planning and control through creation of economic "crisis".

Historical Comments

The era of "modern" interaction with non-human terrestrial and non-terrestrial entities also started in the late 1800's. Abduction of animals started in the 1890's. There are many records of abduction of humans, both children and adults, from that time period. Legends and writings of the various tribes of hunting and gathering societies also contain a lot of information about early abduction of humans.

1928 - 1944

In 1928, Thomas Brown discovered a relationship between electrical capacitance and gravitational control. His work was subsequently taken over by the government. In 1930, Dr. Henry Coanda began work on aerial craft that were lenticular in shape. In 1932, Adolph Hitler was in control of the German society enough to force scientists to work in laboratories on advanced aircraft designs. Aided by the implosion vortex technology of Viktor Schauberger, and the technical expertise of scientists like Schriever, Habermohl, Ballenzo and Miethe, the Germans began flying aerial craft as early as 1938. There is also some evidence that the Germans recovered a crashed alien disk in 1937. (more on the german pre-ww2-ufos here)

As a result of all this technology, the German scientific effort was pushed forward by leaps and bounds, and was conducted at several underground research facilities at Reinickendorf, Kummersdorf and Thuringia. The earliest "pilotless aircraft" were produced in 1934, and has some moderate degree of success. The United States was quite aware of the German technical progress and sent an American named Wilson to Germany to "give technical assistance" and generally to keep an eye on German technology. It was probably by virtue of Wilson that the Germans never used their gravitational craft en masse in the war, for Wilson attained a high position in the German technical community, and switched propulsion methods from gravitational to advanced jet propulsion in an apparent effort to "get technology out there to fight the war". Because of this, German gravitational research remained in the labs and stayed in the R&D phase until around 1941, when the Schriever/Miethe designs were successfully tested.

It was clearly a situation where the war was going on faster than the Germans could technically develop their designs. Hampered by sabotage and deliberate technical misguidance from Wilson, as well as delays in metallurgical research which didn't result in an acceptable alloy of magnesium and aluminum until 1944, the Germans could only continue to harass allied pilots with the "fireballs", pilotless craft developed and used since 1942 which emitted electrical fields that interfered with the operation of aviation engines.



In 1945, the British discover German plans for advanced craft and joined the efforts of the United States to subvert the German program. On February 16, 1945, despite allied efforts, the Germans successfully flew a crew-carrying version of the "fireball" from the underground facilities in Thuringia. The craft had a top speed of over 1,250 mph. The craft was called the "Kugelblitz".

The Germans in the scientific community knew the war was lost as early as 1942. They decided to establish a plan for continuing the dream of the Third Reich despite the war. They decided that the establishment of a separate society founded on Nazi principles of genetic purity was the answer. The development of gravitational technology aided that plan. On February 23, 1945, the newest engines of the Kugelbitz were tested and then extracted from the craft. The Kugelbitz was blown up by SS personnel and the scientists, plans and engines were shipped out of Germany to the South Polar regions, where the Germans had maintained underground construction activity since 1941. Two days later, on February 25, 1943 the underground plant at Khala was closed and all the workers sent to Buchenwald and gassed.

The Germans also sent their "aryan elite" children and other elements of their society to the underground base. General Hans Kammler, who disappeared in April 1945, was instrumental in the evacuation operation, as was General Nebe. There, the Germans developed a eugenic society that apparently is limited to a specific number of people. They're still there. Apparently they also maintain technical colonies in South America.

art: jim nichols

On May 7, 1945, Germany surrendered. Both the Americans and Soviets gained access to elements of German disk technology and scientists which the Germans had neglected to eliminate before the hasty departure at the close of the war. The Canadians also had access to some of the data that the United States had acquired, as well as some data directly from the German efforts.

On July 16, 1945, the United States detonated their first nuclear explosion in New Mexico. By August 15, 1945, the Japanese had "been induced to surrender", despite the fact that the Japanese government had offered to surrender on February 14, 1945 and again in June 1945. Both offers were refused by the United States, who preferred to use the nuclear device on them two months later, as planned. It is most probably that the nuclear detonations also attracted the attention of non-human entities.


In 1946, the United States imported German SS intelligence officers in an effort to form what later become the Central Intelligence Agency. This was part of a plan conducted by Allen Dulles in 1943, when a deal was cut with German intelligence to provide the Untied States with a viable intelligence operation as well as provide German intelligence with a place to go after the war. Good inducement, indeed.


In 1947, the powerful radar until in the four corners area in the midwest cause the crash of several alien disks, the most notable of which were at Roswell and Aztec, New Mexico. The disks recovered had a reptilian species on board, as well as the bodies of United States Air Force pilots. There was evidence that the bodies had been mutilated. In June 1947, Kenneth Arnold coins the term flying saucer. 

The Germans, having had two years to get it together after the war, started making fly-overs over the United States in their disks, which had by then achieved a remarkable degree of development. This prompted the United States to undertake plans to ascertain both the exact location of the German base at the Pole and their technical capabilities. In 1947, Operation High-jump was conducted at the pole in an attempt to locate the Germans. It was a failure. The Germans used their technology to thwart the efforts of the United States. It wasn't until 1958 during the International Geophysical Year that another major attempt to work on the Germans was made. Various polar expeditions that occurred in between 1947 and 1958 had intelligence as part of their design, and also seemed to evoke activity from other forces and entities from inside the Earth. There also seems to be some evidence that the Germans made contact with alien forces from inside the planet during the stint at the pole.

In 1947, the United States decided that the problem with both the Germans and aliens was getting a little dangerous, and it was necessary to implement severe measures in order to hide the truth of alien presence. The German problem was easier to control as far as public knowledge was concerned. In September 1947, Truman caused the national Security Act to be passed in order to hide the activities of the Government, the CIA and the alien problem. CIA mind control projects began at Bethesda Naval Hospital in 1947, with data gained from German SS intelligence. Truman created a study group in order to control the alien problem. A series of National Security Council (NSC) memos removed the CIA from the sole task of gathering foreign intelligence and slowly legalized direct action in the form of covert activities. The memos, including NSC- 10/1 and NSC-10/2, established a buffer between the President of the United States and the activities that were going on, as well as providing means for the President to deny knowledge of any covert activities.

It was decided that more knowledge was needed about the various types of alien craft. Project Sign, created on December 30, 1947 and established at Wright Field, was to investigate disk technical capabilities and performance. There was still the problem of evaluation of the disks that had been recovered. It was decided that the Navy Auxiliary Field in the Groom Mountains in Nevada would be the ideal spot to do the testing.


In August 1948, Project Sign prepared a Top Secret estimate of the situation, which was designated as Air Intelligence Report 100-203-79.

General Hoyt Vandenburg, after reviewing the report, ordered the report destroyed. Not all copies of the report were destroyed. In December 1948; at least one still survives, Project Sign was redesignated as Project Grudge, with public version to be known as Project Bluebook. The liaison between Project Grudge and MJ-12 was the Air Force officer in charge of Project Bluebook, Captain Edward Ruppelt.


1949 was also the year that construction started on AEC property on Nellis range of the complex designated to perform testing and evaluation of alien technology. It was also another year that German disks started fly-overs in the United States. As a response to this activity and the general alien problem, the CIA Act of 1949 was enacted, giving the agency more capability to act outside the bounds of established las in order to guarantee that the alien problem remained inside the government. At that point, the CIA office of Scientific Intelligence began to review civilian reports of sightings in order to determine the scope of the suppression effort.

It was in 1949 that the Soviet Union detonated their first above ground nuclear test. It is uncertain whether the Soviet effort to produce a nuclear device was aided by the delivery to them of 1 kilogram of uranium in the 1943 by the United States, or the subsequent delivery of nuclear weapons plans to the Soviets in the same year by President Roosevelt under the lend Lease program. A major who was in charge of the transfer of Lend Lease supplies discovered that at least three assignments of uranium chemicals totalling .75 ton, as well as documents and reports, were transferred to the Soviets.

Julius and Ethel Rosenburg were blamed for the Soviet weapons acquisition during the next year, and were summarily executed in order to cover up the technology exchange. President Roosevelt's son, James, wrote a book entitled "A Family Matter" in which he details Roosevelt "bold decision" to share the nuclear technology with the Soviet Union.

In 1949, alien craft were often seen hovering over sensitive nuclear installations, especially in New Mexico, and probes known as "green fireballs" were frequently seen all over the state; they were presumably monitoring something to do with radiation. The disk crash at Roswell, New Mexico netted on live alien, named EBE (Extra-terrestrial Biological Entity). It was a name coined by study group member Detlev Bronk.

Secretary of Defense James Forrestal became disenchanted with the whole handling of the alien problem. He voice his concern to President Truman, who asked him to resign on March 3, 1949. Within one month, the White House had all 3,000 pages of the diaries of James Forrestal locked up in a white house safe and had sent him to Bethesda Naval Hospital under the care of Dr. Raines. Forrestal's brother decided to take him out of the hospital, fearing for his brothers' life. On the same day his brother was due to pick him up, James Forrestal was found hanging outside of a 16th story windows of the hospital with a sheet around his neck. The sheet broke, and Forrestal fell to his death.

By December 1949, the government decided to close Project Grudge and divert efforts elsewhere.



In 1950, Canadian scientist Wilber Smith reported in a letter that the disks were on of the most highly classified issues in the United States Government, even "higher than the H-bomb", which President Truman ordered into production in January of 1950. In 1950, problems continued with alien disks. There were near misses with commercial airline flights, and continued overflights over sensitive military installations. By August of 1950, it was decided to let General Walter B. Smith assume Forrestal's vacant position in the study group. It was also the same month that the Government decided to seize all USS railroads in order to prevent a general strike.

In December of 1950, a unit called IPU, Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit, was established operational unit to deal with the ever-increasing scenarios of crashed disks and aliens. That same month a disk crashed in the El Indio-Guerro area of Mexico and was taken to the AEC facility at Sandia in New Mexico.


In 1951, construction of the base at Groom Lake took on a more earnest effort with Project Redlight. Information leaked out that disks were stored at Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio. Viking Press published a version of the Forrestal diaries.

Flying wing type aircraft were seen over Albuquerque. The alien named EBE suddenly became ill, and was worked on by a Dr. Mendoza for almost a year until 1952, when the alien died.

General MacArthur, famous for his statement about interplanetary was being inevitable, was relieved of his command by President Truman.

In 1951, the CIA was essentially telling the public that it was closing it's books on the "UFO" problem. President Truman crated the National Security Agency (NSA) in 1952 to monitor and contain the secret of alien presence, decipher alien communications and eventually establish an ongoing dialogue with any alien species it could make communications with. Presidential Executive Order exempts the NSA from all laws except those laws which specifically mention the NSA.



President Truman kept the allies of the United States, including the Soviet Union, informed of the developing alien problem ever since the recovery of the crashed disk in Roswell, just in case it was discovered that the aliens turned out to be a threat. The problem was that there was ever increasing threat to security about the aliens. To solve that problem, the group known as the Bilderbergers was created in order to take the decision making about the alien problem and other international issues out of the hands of governments. The Bilderbergers are headquartered in Geneva, and evolved into the elite secret body that still controls international situations. Nelson Rockefeller, Gerald Ford, Henry Kissenger and George Bush are involved with the world control groups, and have been for many years.



In 1953, Thomas Brown gave a demonstration of his electrogravitic effect to the Air Force, who promptly took over the project. It was also the year that Eisenhower was elected. It was Eisenhower who appointed Rockefeller to head a group that would propose a reorganization of government. Eisenhowers' favorite comment seemed to be "do whatever it takes". That comment seemed to form the basis for all actions to do with the alien problem from then on.

Project Sigma, created in 1953 and run by NSA, functioned to intercept and decrypt alien communications. With ten disk crashes, effort to maintain security took a supreme effort.

Eisenhower, in 1953 asked Rockefeller for help with the alien problem. This is where the idea for MJ-12 was born. It was probably a critical mistake in asking a member of the world control group for help with a problem with alien beings.

Astronomers in 1953 made a rather disturbing discovery of a large object that entered the solar system, which later proved to be an object that was intelligently guided and emitted communication signals. The Air Force, in the same year, discovered huge orbiting objects between 100 to 500 miles altitude. They were alien craft.

Project Plato, governed by the NSA, endeavored to establish some sort of diplomatic relations with the alien species that had appeared. In 1953, the NSA was successful at this task, and the CIA, perceiving that more public disinformation was needed, convened the Robertson Panel. The summation report, issued in January of 1953, stated that there was: 

"no threat to national security from UFOS". 

By now, some of the aliens were KNOWN, and therefore the semantics describing "unidentified" flying objects could be truth fully used. Contact was made in 1953 with a race known thereafter as the Big-nosed Greys, and meeting was arranged with the aliens at Holloman AFB in New Mexico for 1954.

A Secret Treaty was formed where the aliens would not interfere in our affairs and we would not interfere with their affairs. We would let them do what they want and also establish underground bases here in exchange for alien technology.

Concern or public probing into the "UFO" question caused the government to come up with the idea of developing disks using conventional technology and then displaying them to the public. This would take the heat off the real programs. Project Snowbird was created for this purpose. It to, was headquartered in Nevada.

The United States and the Canadians had been cooperating for some time on the disk technology, and in 1954 successful tests were made of some jointly developed disk designs. Project Redlight sustains it first death of an Air Force pilot in Nevada during a test of an alien vehicle. Project Pounce was created to provide a general process of disk and occupant recovery, as well as providing cover stories. It too was run by the NSA. Project Plato, another NSA project, was initiated in order to establish a continuing program of technological evaluation of alien disks.

Increasing numbers of people in the public domain began to have encounters with alien beings. In order to retain the element of secrecy, the Air Force established a number of "debriefing colonies" in the United States for contactees and their families - a practice which continued well into the 1960's and beyond.

The Government also had contact with another race of aliens in 1953. This race would not share technology with the government, and despite their warnings about the Big-nosed Greys, the government broke off contact with them, preferring to allow the Greys to trade technology in mind control, beam weaponry and gravitation for silence on part of the United States about their abduction and mutilation operations.



In 1954, Dr. Wilhelm Reich began experiments with his cloudbuster equipment, and discovered that he could affect the propulsion systems of some of the alien disks. Reichs discoveries also involved the manipulation of biological energy in terms of conquering disease. It didn't take the government long to realize what a threat Reich was to the established order, and Reich was hassled by the government and jailed. He was finally murdered in Lewisburg prison in November 1957.



In 1955, a documentary film about UFOs was released from Hollywood in an attempt to de-mystify UFOs as far as the public was concerned. The CIA mind control program, which was authorized in 1953 when Allan Dulles approved project MKDELTA, took on a new insidious turn when mind control drugs began to be given to subjects in normal settings in order to observe the effects. Later, by 1956, testing of mind control drugs on prisoners would be approved.

The National Security Council had established a "deal" with the Big-nosed Greys. The Greys would make sure that they would give a periodic list of abductees to the NSC. By April of 1954, it became obvious to the Eisenhower administration that the Greys had broken the agreement and were abducting far more people than they reported, including large numbers of children.

Also in 1955, Henry Kissenger was chosen as the head of the Alien study group, know as the JASON society, under National Security Council provision NSC 5411. NSC edict 5412/2 established the original study committee. In 1956 the group, publicly referred to as the Quantico group, was closed. The 5412 designation became public knowledge, but the purpose of the group remained secret.


In 1956, Captain Rudppelt, who left the Air Force in 1953, wrote and published his famous book "Report on Unidentified Flying Objects", he also made a statement that year about a "group of Germans having advanced aerial vehicles".


By 1957, Joseph McCarthy was becoming a problem. He was admitted to Bethesda Naval Hospital where, of course, he mysteriously died.

In 1957, it was decided that the course of human evolution would make the planet uninhabitable by the year 2000, so various "Alternatives" were discussed. Alternative 1, was to allow things to continue the way they were and hope things could be repaired. The second alternative was to arrange for underground cities and facilities to be built in order to insure the survival of select groups of people. Alternative 3 was migration to other planets. Both Alternatives 2 and 3 were chosen as being the most viable. Work was then started on both of them. In order to implement Alternative 3, alien technology would be needed. It was also necessary to push for more complete forms of mind control in order to insure a smooth flow of operations despite any opposition that might occur.

In 1957, work under Project Redlight was begun in earnest in Nevada. A facility code named DREAMLAND was constructed in the proximity of an alien underground base known as "S-4". Here, the process of exchange of alien technology began.


In 1958, International Geophysical Year, expeditions were made to the poles in order to again assess the problem of the Germans, as well as the threat from aliens of different character that were detected as coming from inside the Earth. Work continued on Alternatives 2 and 3.


In 1959, the RAND Corporation held several conferences on Deep Underground Construction. These conferences were attended by the various military services as well as large corporate construction firms like Bechtel. Underground construction projects began within a year. Existing underground facilities were beefed up and new ones were started. Funding for government underground facilities come from "Presidential Shelter" funds, as well as covert drug operation conducted by the CIA under the orders of MJ-12. This procedure appears to be still in effect as of July 1989. Over 75 underground facilities have been constructed under various programs.

Also in 1959, Joseph Bryan, CIA Psychological Warfare director, met with Major Donald Keyhoe in order to review cases. Keyhoe refuses. Captain Ruppelt, dissatisfied with governmental operations in terms of "UFO investigations" is becoming an increasing problem.



In 1960, Edward Ruppelt mysteriously dies of a heart attack. In that year, Project Aquarius is initiated in order to collect medical and technical information from alien technology. It was another NSA sponsored project. Ronald Reagan is governor of California. His personal secretary was former translator for those Germans over Eichmann during World War II.



In 1961, Cape Canaveral/Kennedy radar locked onto an object that was following a polaris missile over the ocean. Vice-president Johnson's private aircraft crashes. Radar showed UFOs in the area.

In 1961, John Kennedy was elected president. He orders NORAD not to divulge information about foreign space vehicles. Experiments with ultrasonics and brain lesions are done by universities. Donald Keyhoe begins sending proof of his censorship to Congress. At Fort Ord, 221 military members are abducted and implanted with devices. They and their families are sequestered.

By May 1961, a House subcommittee had been formed to look into the subject of UFOs. It was again put down and the problem seemed to 'disappear' for a while. Kennedy, dissatisfied with some areas in the covert governmental structure, threatens to go public. In 1962 the Bilderbergers meet to discuss the problem.



1962 was the year that the American public watched John Glenn orbit the Earth in the manned "space program", which was a public program designed to be a pool where funds could be siphoned off for work on covert projects. Some of the projects were concerned with the development of alien technology.

1962 was also the year that a space probe was landed on Mars. It confirmed the presence of a viable atmosphere and further strengthened the push for Alternative 3. Disk activity is observed by the public around the area of Dulce, New Mexico, the area that would later become famous as the site of a joint government alien facility.



In 1963, Kennedy evidently issued an ultimatum to MJ-12 and they decided that Kennedy should be subject to an expediency - killed. This was the era when the United States first started having its own operational disks. 1963 is the date of one of the earliest visits to an underground joint base by an abductee that came back and lived to tell about it. It is the first hint of the underground breeding facilities that are described in the Dulce Papers, events surrounding Paul Bennewitz and Thunder Scientific Corporation in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and other insidious experiences that have been reported by scores of people from 1963 to 1989.

Within a month after Kennedy's murder, the Bilderbergers met again to formulate their plans. In England, mind control experiments began in Warminster. Lonnie Zamora's abduction case gave further impetus to public awareness of abduction by alien entities.



In April 1964, Cape Kennedy radar technicians track disks in pursuit of the Gemini capsule. On April 15, two intelligence personnel meet under the Project Plato with aliens in the New Mexico desert to arrange a meeting on April 25 at Holloman AFB, New Mexico in order to "renew" the treaty in a psychological bid to buy time in order to solve the problem of the Greys.

In May 1964, the book "The Invisible Government" was release, and many significant details about the operation of the CIA were released to the public.

In the summer of 1964, alleged metal samples from the Socorro case were being analyzed. Scientist Ray Stanford states that the samples are an unknown alloy. On August 20, 1964, fifteen days after Stanford makes his statement, NASA scientist Sciacca states that the Socorro sample is silicon.

September 17, 1964 marked the release of the Warren Commission Report on the Kennedy assassination, intended to pacify the public about the event and obscure the details about the assassination. In December, disks were back again, buzzing the Pautexent Naval Air Station in Maryland.



In 1965, the Bilderbergers met again. George Adamski takes motion pictures of an object at Silver Spring, Maryland on February 26, 1965. On March 18, the Soviets give a less than adequate performance during the "spacewalk" of Leoniv. Its obviously a staged event not taking place in space. In June, astronaut James McDivitt sees an object in space and reports it. The government begins to review data about the earth energy grid system detailed by Dr. Bruce Cathie in New Zealand. It is believed that the energy grid provides power to sustain some of the implant systems and other equipment that the aliens use. It also provides (if the tilt of the earth is correct) the power to energize apparent "window areas" on the planet and open dimensional doorways.


In 1966, actual technology on-board far exceeded technology that was made available to the public. It is believed that a research lab in Silicon Valley had developed 3 dimensional television and had it perfected. Video tape was also in the process of being developed for release. The SR-71 blackbird, an aircraft having advanced design and special alloy skins allowing it to travel to the fringes of space, was designed and built. It was around that time period that people become acutely aware of the series of underground tunnel systems that lie under California and the other Wester States that connect corporations and other facilities together.

1966 marked the end of the mind control experiments in Warminster, England. Cheyenne Mountain and its NORAD facility is activated, and the Bilderbergers meet again. Henry Kissenger, Olaf Palme (who would authorize the use of implants in Sweden in 1971 and subsequently be murdered), Gerald Ford and Schmidt from Germany were among the attendees. The NASA budget had swelled to over $572 million dollars.

A 1966 Gallup poll indicated that over 8 million people had seen UFOs in the United States. Public interest increased. It was time to manipulate public opinion again. The Condon Committee was set up, chaired by Edward Condon, who admitted his forgone conclusion that UFOs didn't exist. The Condon Committee announced its results to the public, declaring the UFOs didn't really have any basis in reality. It was the beginning of a debunking process that would culminate in 1969 when the Air Force made a public announcement that they are "closing Project Bluebook". Congressman Gerald Ford makes a declaration to Congress that they should look into the subject of UFOs. Two months later, in June 1966, disks interrupt tests at Pine Gap facility near Alice Springs, Australia.

In August 1966, Dr. J. Allen Hynek publicly criticizes scientists for not investigating UFO reports.


In 1967, Astronomer James E. MacDonald sees a classified version of the 1953 Robertson Report and becomes a critic of the Air Force and the CIA. macDonald makes a statement that UFOs may be visitors spying on the planet. Also in 1967, a large shipment of gold leaves Fort Know, destination unknown.

In October 1967, Britain is hit by a wave of disk sightings. In December, the Schirmier case in Nebraska becomes the most interesting abduction case of the year. Schirmer is brought to an underground base and relates the details afterward.


In 1969, Richard Nixon becomes president. Edward Condon releases his book "Scientific Study of UFOs" in an attempt to further obscure the subject as far as the public is concerned. The US Army Language School R&D department produces a brain nullifier device. The Air Force declares Project Bluebook abandoned "out of lack of interest". The Brazilian Air Force issues a directive forbidding release of UFO info to the press. Donald Keyhoe, a longtime enemy of the government, is ousted from NICAP and replaced by CIA operative John Acuff.

On May 28, 1969, former president Eisenhower dies, marking the last time a President will have full knowledge of the whole alien situation until the election of President Bush in 1988.

On July 20 - 21, 1969, the public is treated to Neil Armstrong landing on the Moon (in the wrong place). Armstrong and his crew are treated to views of huge alien spacecraft surrounding their landing site. Radio hams pick up the chatter involved in the incident.

A controversy erupted in 1969 over the 1950 Internal Security Act which authorized detention camps in the United States. Senator Daniel Inouye introduced a bill to abolish the section of the Act which dealt with detention camps and it was quickly passed into law. Despite the governments official policy, some believe the law has been violate.

Years later, a suit was filed in US District Court in Houston by businessman William Pabst, who charged that the federal government established secret concentration camps and mental hospitals for the purpose of jailing political dissidents. Pabst said that a massive computer system exists whereby government officials have access to the names of citizens in order to arrest and control them.

By 1969, the NASA budget has shrunk to a mere $44 million. They don't want any more intrusions into the operation on the moon. In October of 1969, Jimmy Carter sees and reports a UFO.


In 1970, the Bilderberges meet. The world population is 3.6 billion. In October 1970, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau suspends the Canadian Bill of Rights, which allows search without warrant.


In 1971, the Bilderbergers meet again, this time in Woodstock Vermont. The Air Force still continues Project Bluebook. A bill is introduced again to repeal Title 2 of the Internal Security Act as far as detention camps are concerned. Currently, emergency provisions stall stand on the books.

In June 1971 Dr. James E. MacDonald mysteriously drives out into the desert and shoots himself in the head.


In 1972, the Central Security Service (CSS) was created at Fort Meade. Purpose: communication interception. Project Redlight assumes a new phase of operations in Nevada. The first Watergate breakin occurs. Scientist Rene Hardy, also a prominent UFOlogist, is found dead; an apparent suicide. The CIA mind control project at Bethesda Naval Hospital ends. On June 12, 1972, the second and most prominent Watergate breakin occurs. in December, astronaut Edgar Mitchell admits that NASA has provisions for encounters with alien life-forms. On December 25, 1972, President Truman dies.


In 1973, increasing numbers of aerial craft are being seen. A visit to the underground base at Twentynine Palms is documented by an Air Force member who takes pictures of an alien autopsy and an alien craft that is bigger on the inside than outside. Brazilian State Directive, Institutional Act No. 5, forbids dissemination of UFO related information. NICAP files are taken over by Hyneks's Center for UFO Studies. Scientists again discover a large object moving toward the Earth. It is confirmed to be another alien craft.


In 1974, large numbers of animal mutilations begin to occur in Texas. Hynek visits APRO headquarters and is denied access to their files. Nelson Rockefeller becomes vice-president. The Soviets begin their research into weather modification. A photo of a disk is taken by an aviation photographer near Nellis AFB, Nevada. In February 1974, Robert Galley, French Minister for Defense, goes on TB and publicly states that the disks are real.


In 1975, the NASA budget is back up to around $121 million for R&D projects. The area around Dulce, New Mexico starts to experience another intense wave of animal mutilations. NICAP begins its downward financial slide. George Bush becomes director for the CIA. Documents indicate that ultrasonics research lasted 20 years. In April 1976, NSC directive 4A authorized covert psychological activities to be conducted against American citizens. May, 1976 was the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Illumnati.


In 1977, the United States sends the Soviet Union a super-super-magnet which they then use for weather modification. President Carter gets elected and says that he'll make every piece of information about UFOs available to the public. Carter is shown a disk and changes his mind. In 1977, the intelligence branch of the Royal Air Force decides to no longer publish statistical reports about UFOs. The Freedom of Information Act was passed in 1977. In May 1977, Jack Acuff, CIA representative in NICAP, is approached by Soviet KGB agents in regard to UFOs. In September 1977, a Red Flag pilot strays over Dreamland and is reassigned within 48 hours to another base. Also in September, USAF Colonel Senn sends a letter to NASA General Crow, expressing the hope that UFO investigation will stop.


In 1978, a wave of sightings in England begins that lasts until 1983, with some 3,000 sightings documented. In 1978, an NSA employee provides CIA NICAP representative Jack Acuff with classified UFO related documents. The movie "Close Encounters" is released to the public; a new effort at acclimation toward pseudo-friendly aliens. In 1978 the United States sends new F-16 aircraft to NATO allies on Soviet ships. A former CIA employee verifies drawings of alien hands made at autopsies. Leonard Stringfield publishes "Situation Red". The magazine "Harrisburg" predicts an incident at three mile island nuclear plant for March 28, 1979.

On March 18, 1978, William Herman is abducted and told by the aliens of the existence of a "network" of civilizations. They also confirm the loss of ships in the 1940's because of radar units. On June 19, 1978, president Carter issues an executive order creating the Federal Emergency Management Agency; an act viewed by some to be unconstitutional.

In September 1978, scientist Paul Bennewitz discovers the activities of alien craft at Manzano Weapons Storage area outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Bennewitz submits a report called Project Beta to the government and is put under observation. He was allegedly subjected to three bouts with electroshock treatment starting in 1979, then was left to be observed by both the government and the aliens with whom he had been communicating through his computer equipment.

Also in 1978, the Federal Emergency Management Agency conducts its first Rex excise, Rex-78.


In 1979, a conference on animal mutilations was organized by Senators Smith and Domenici, and was attended by Scientist Henry Montieth, who had just completed ten years of research on the subject. The conclusion of the conference was that there was something of substance in animal mutilation cases that could not be explained. 979 was the year that a disgruntled scientist at the Dulce Genetics Facility fled with videos, pictures and notes, vowing to expose the atrocities found there.

Presidential candidate Ronald Reagan visits NORAD in Cheyenne Mountain in 1979. CIA agent John Acuff of NICAP is replaced by retired agent Hall.

In 1979, a retired OSS agent claims during an interview that he was asked to kill General Patton. In January 18, 1979, a debate on UFOs took place in the House of Lords in England. On March 28, 1979, just as predicted, the Three Mile Island event took place. In October 1979, an altercation takes place between government scientists and military personnel and the resident aliens. Sixty six people were killed.


In 1980, after his election, Ronald Reagan changes the 'Air Defense' in NORAD to "Aerospace Defense". The 'Roswell Incident' was published by William Moore. The MUFON journal publishes an article on Project Redlight. The Federal Emergency Management Agency conducts Rex-80 exercises, in which they relocate Cuban refugees as part of a population relocation test.

In January 1980, Peter Gersten secures two documents from the NSA under the Freedom of Information Act. Gersten was able to find out on April 27, 1982 that some 238 NSA documents were located in the search that the government made.

In May, 1980, psychologist and researcher Leo Sprinkle regresses Myrna Hanson, who relates information about underground bases with vats. Also in May, Judy Doraty and her son witness a cattle mutilation and are abducted and implanted themselves.

In August 1980, disks intrude again into the Manzano Weapons Storage Area in New Mexico. On August 8th, a disk was discovered by a Sandia guard next to a building containing HQ CR44 (nuclear materials). On August 9th, a security officer checks down Coyote Canyon Road and discovers a disk.

By November 1980, researcher Paul Bennewitz was still being monitored by the NSA. In December 1980, the Cash - Landrum case occurred where both women received severe radiation poisoning during an encounter with a US disk that is escorted away in full view of the two woman by 23 military helicopters.


In 1981, George Bush (former head of the CIA) becomes Vice-President and Ronald Reagan becomes President. The NASA R&D budget is $109 million. Ronald Reagan was shot in an assassination attempt that wanted to put George Bush in office a little sooner.

In 1981, the University of Florida begins work on thought operated computers. The Stealth 117A aircraft was first test flown. In January 1980, discovery of the Bentwaters/Woodbridge case featuring underground activities.

On January 13, 1981, Colonel Charles J. Halt writes a memo at RAF Bentwaters on the alien encounter in Rendlesham Forest.



In 1982, Peter Gersten of CAUS files a petition with the Supreme Court relative to NSA involvement in UFO related activities.

Researcher Linda Howe (A Strange Harvest) was allegedly contacted by MJ-12 with ideas for making a documentary release of information - they changed their mind later. In 1982 the planetary population exceeds 4.8 billion people. On March 10, 1982, the House of Lords held its second debate on UFOs, still coming to no definitive conclusion. The Federal Emergency Management Agency conducts the Rex-82 exercise, which tested the national ability to mobilize quickly for wartime military production. Industry failed miserably.


In 1983, a Nevada researcher discovers a metal rod in the center of a geomagnetic vortex in Blue Diamond, Nevada. The British government starts to release UFO files for the first time.

In 1983, the Stealth 117A fighter becomes operational on a covert basis. In 1983, the Colorado Advanced Technology Institute was created as a basic structure for future space oriented developments to take place starting in 1988 - 90. The memo of Colonel Charles Hait of Bentwaters is released in the United States. An internal Pentagon document dated December 1, 1983 describes in detail the military directions for pulling out the troops in case of some unspecified emergency. The document lists exceptions to the Posse Comitatus Act, the federal law that prohibits the military from operating in the United States. The document gives as its authority for such actions "the inherent legal right of the United States Government to ensure the preservation of public order.... by force if necessary", a claim that Supreme Court had dismissed when President Truman tried to use it to justify taking over steel mills in the early 1950's.

There is evidence that new Army divisions, like those at Fort Lewis in Washington, will have a dual foreign and domestic role. Another planned division will be located at Fort Ord, California. FEMA has standby legislation in a bill innocuously titled the "Defense Resources Act". The bill would suspend the Bill of Rights, abolish free enterprise, eliminate privately owned property, and generally clamp the American people in a totalitarian vise. Section 202 of the bill, for example, allows the President to instantly confiscate any real estate or personal property "that shall be deemed necessary for national defense purposes". Section 501 authorizes the takeover of any industry the White House authorizes. Section 1213 outlaws all strikes. The standby legislation also includes "Censorship of Communications", which allows the president, whenever he "shall deem that the public safety demand it", to censor "communications by mail, cable, radio, television, or other means of transmission". The "COG" (Continuity of Government) also exists. It is a secretive shadow government that is in place and ready to run the country.

Since 1980, this unprecedented apparatus has been installed to thrust the United States into a military takeover with or without the president's co-operation, and all in the name of preserving democracy from some un-named threat.

Guess what the threat might be?


The movie "V" is presented to the public, portraying reptilian aliens who feed on human flesh, store humans for food, etc. Active resistance groups are also plugged in the movie/series. NASA budget is $192 million. The book "Clear Intent" is published by Fawcett and Greenwood. The Soviets conduct a national poll on UFO experiences, to which 30,000 reply. The Federal Emergency Management Agency conducts the Res-84 exercises. These exercises was involved with practice in detaining and handling large numbers of people. Large numbers of people might presumably have to be dealt with after a controversial government action.

Any guesses?

On April 26, 1984, General Bond is killed flying in Area 51 during a classified aerial test. In December, the US Space Foundation held its first Annual National Symposium in Colorado.


In 1985, McDonnel Douglas receives brand new technology from apparently nowhere. John Herrington becomes Secretary of Energy. The Soviets reveal major encounter data to the public. Author Ralph Noyes UK) publishes "A Secret Property" about the British Government and UFOs. NASA Budget has grown to $248 million for research and development. Lawrence Livermore Labs begins to manufacture artificial blood, some of which is destined for Dulce Genetics Facility in New Mexico. Cattle mutilations begin to drop off in the midwest.

In October 1985, Aries Properties acquires 21,000 acres running next to Colorado Springs, site of a future space technology center.

In November 1985, NBC broadcasts a program about "black unmarked helicopters, secret projects, and bad money". On December 4, 1985, president Reagan voices thoughts about alien forces from space to high school students.


In 1986, "Sky Crash" by Jenny Randles and "UFO Crash at Aztec" by Steinman and Stevens are published. The Brazilian Air Force, according to government documents released by the FOIA, chases UFOs. Project Snowbird goes into another phase to develop craft with conventional technology to show to the public. Crime rate rises 5.2 percent.

On July 26, 1986, Dr Robert I. Sarbacher Dies.


In 1987, Star Wars budget is $4.2 billion. The Department of Defense now funds 75 percent of all Federal Research and Development.

A Los Angeles policeman dies after discovering a major CIA distribution point for heroin and cocaine at the top of the Staffers Concourse Hotel in Los Angeles and is killed. Funds created by the agency are funneled to covert projects. Other distribution points exist at Riverton, Wyoming and on the Laguna Indian Reservation in Arizona. Delta Security Forces provide protection.

In 1987, the "Dulce Papers" are first released. Data on five entrances to Dulce Lab is leaked, and the government takes care of them by destroying buildings and building new ones in odd locations for apparently no perceivable reason. In February 1987, there are 102 operable nuclear facilities in the United States. On February 15, 1987, the San Jose 'Mercury' reports on the Pentagon "black budget" program. On April 27, 1987, genetically altered bacteria are publicly released. The bacteria were produced to interfere with 'frost damage to citrus crops'.

In September 1987, 16 - cycle waves are broadcast from transmitters and repeaters for a period of four months before the election of George Bush. The ELF (extremely low frequency) waves cause entrainment of millions of Americans to occur, possibly to influence the election. Allegedly, the main transmitter was located in Nevada. On September 4, 19877, the group called "Justice for Military Personnel (JMP)" sends a letter to the president, detailing crimes the military has been ordered to commit against private citizens in regard to the alien problem.

On September 21, 1987, Reagan again voices his thoughts about aliens threatening the earth in an address to the United Nations.

On October 11th, the Las Vegas Review Journal reports a story on Area 51/ Dreamland in Nevada. On the 17th, large numbers of B-52's were seen taking off from Hickem AFB, Hawaii. On the 20th, William Moore visits Albuquerque, New Mexico.

On November 21st, the Parkenson Institute begins asking the public for human fetuses to study. Requests are made to groups of hospitals. On the 27th, groups of US Army rangers attempt and apparently bungle an attempt to enter a joint alien facility in New Mexico. In December, the CIA begins to contact everyone who was ever in its employ that ever had anything to do with the alien problem. A woman draws a picture of a black-mirrored spherical craft she says belongs to the National Security Agency. On the 14th of December, John Lear offers to host the MUFON Convention in Las Vegas in July 1989.


George Bush finally becomes president. A joint alien base off the Florida coast is re-activated, giving rise to the sightings at Gulf Breeze. On March 25, John Lear releases a statement to the public on the status of affairs with the alien situation. On April 27th, Leonard Stringfield speaks at a Milford, Ohio public library.

In May 1988, Reagan again makes a speech in which he refers to an "alien threat from outside this world". Newspapers report Reagan has been allegedly "warned" by astrologers that there will be a space invasion by 1993. It was discovered that EBE's are sensitive to any material having a left-hand atomic spin. On May 5th, Leonard Stringfield releases and article in Batavia, Illinois about aliens.

In June 1988, Senator Cranston is allegedly shown disks at Norton AFB. The publication "NASA Techbriefs" shows a photo of an EBE with no caption or explanation. Word comes from New Mexico to researchers that Los Alamos has developed an antimatter weapon, which allegedly will be used as a last resort if "the Greys cannot be pried away from the planet". The number of Greys on Earth is estimated at 20 million. In December, Steven White (President of Bechtel Investments) dies. Bechtel has been heavily involved in underground construction. Starting in 1989, billions of dollars are being spent modernizing NORAD.


Starting in 1989, billions of dollars are being spent modernizing NORAD. Data on Project Excaliber is released. The project is involved in developing a warhead that will penetrate 1000 meters of earth and then detonate. Useful for destroying underground bases.

1989 is the year that Zbigniew Brzezinski predicted that the United States Constitution would be re-written. In January 1989, William Cooper and John Lear issue an indictment to the president regarding the alien problem.

No reply was ever received.

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