Exploring the underground cities of Mars.

FROM INTERVIEWS WITH AL BIELEK IN THE 90ths but new info from late 2009 confirms his claims.

There are 2 different interviews with Bielek below + one article on secret  spacetravel to Mars in the early 60ths in cooperation with ETs

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Interview of Al Bielek (In English -sound mp3) regarding his exp he had under a timetravel to y 2749 > ca 700y foreward.

BIELEK was working on secret procjects like the PHILDELPHIA EXPERIMENT from ww2.

picture not from the stuff here directly


link to another coverup-mil-witness | +

introduction (rø): if this information is true -was secret procjects out of the research of Tesla - mixed with extra-terrestrials help - made before, under and after second world war. And out of this, made it possible to construct a "stargate" to Mars. This based on insight that all the socalled "reality" is a given "matter-frequency" in a given timeline. 

Many future/fiction movies has been made on this theme - which is inspired from higher levels/ET's - describing the tech of tomorrow like science-fiction and so preparing people for what has been hidden for decades.

here 8 min in sound/mp3 on a whistleblower talking on this  -Andrew D Basiago - his father worked in CIA on hidden projects | more

Interview with Al Bielek 1991

Al Bielek, noted lecturer on the famous "Philadelphia Experiment" and the time travel/mind control experiments of the "Montauk Project," recently spoke with The Scribe interview team in Yelm.

Bielek gave an update on the current use of mind control and psychic warfare, and also offered a more detailed account of his experience in the Montauk Project. Montauk, also known as the Phoenix Project, used Bielek and his brother Duncan Cameron, to explore the underground cities of Mars.

SS: Sovereign Scribe (magazine)- AB: Al Bielek

SS: Regarding your experience on Mars you walked through the time tunnel, you take a step and you're on Mars: What did you see?

AB: Well I was not on the surface of Mars. We were in the underground. The story goes back to the Alternative 3 book, the TV production in England outlining the fact that we have Mars bases, one or more, Provided by a joint operation with the US. government. I do not know if the Russians are in on it - and aliens. They are on the surface bases It's a World Government operation really, that's not strictly the United States government.

After they were on the surface which was about 1969, they found that there where entrances to the underground sealed and they knew there was something down there. The rumors were that there was probably artifacts from an ancient civilization buried underground because there were a lot of remains above ground, ruined cities that have been there by NASA's estimates maybe 300,000 years, 250,000 years. But they found the entrances all blocked, all scaled off to any underground areas. So the word went back through communications (in the late 70's) to whomever back to the Montauk and Phoenix project, "Can you do anything about this for us? We can't get into the underground of Mars." They said, "Yes, I think we can. Give us some coordinates on the surface of the planet. We'll have to run astronomical computation." Which they did and plugged these all into the computer. They wanted two people to go and it happened to be Duncan and myself.

SS: Why two?

AB: To corroborate what the other one saw and also in case there was any problems in the underground. They didn't really know what was down there.

So they sent us and we went up there in the underground. [Using the Montauk Time-Space "Tunnel" device, developed as a result of the Philadelphia Experiment. (See Scribe issues 9,13 and 14.)] There was a problem with light. We had to take lighting with us at the time. Lateron, if I remember, we found some of their light sources and turned those on. We found eventually that the last remnants of the Martians, if you wish to call them that, died in the underground between 10 and 20,000 years ago by estimate, and they left everything they had of their civilization underground. We found enormous amounts of statuary which appeared to be religious.

SS: What did they look like? How big were they?

picture - in his claimed initiation in deep caverns/tunnels below Lhasa in Tibet Rampa similar saw those BIG "gods" from the far past in stone-coffins in his initiation one time in the 20ths.

AB: Typically 6,7,8 foot tall, stone, gems embedded in them and so forth.

SS. These were of human-like people?

AB: Yes. They were quite well preserved. Then we found archives. We found a lot of scientific equipment. We found electronic equipment down there; tons and tons of stuff. And the rumor was also later that ... I didn't recall until Duncan reminded me of it about a week ago. he said, "Don't forget the 17,000 metric tons of Martian gold they took out. According to his recollection of it, it was very strange gold. It was 5 times denser than ours. It was worth an unbelievable fortune. Where it went we have no idea, but it was returned to Montauk and from there it went somewhere. There were several authorized trips. And Duncan and I got the bright idea since everything was in the computer let's take a trip or two on our own and do our own exploring. So we did. After the second one it was found out and we were stopped. That was when he got into the archives and found enormous records of the civilization which was buried down there.

SS: What did you find out?

AB: He as the one that read them. I couldn't read them.

SS. He didn't tell you?

AB: No. Well he did at the time but I can't remember any of it now. It's a very strange memory. On again, off again, and that part of it was never made clear to me as to what he really found. Right after that we were removed.

But I do remember some of the other installations we saw down there. They had very odd, large generators of some type. If you did not see it, I recommend that you go see the movie Total Recall. In fact it was seeing that movie that reminded me of the fact that I had been there. Not the colonies but the shots of the underground where they showed these large, round canisters where the director said these were probably for oxygen generation. I'm not quite sure but we think so. I looked at them and said, "They're not round. They're hexagonal." And I asked myself, "how the hell did I know that?" So that was our view of Mars from the underground. We didn't see hardly a thing of it from the surface.

SS: Did you see ice under the surface like in Total Recall?

All: Ice? No.

SS: If I remember the Movie, that's what they melted a lot of ice to create the atmosphere.

AB: It was not ice under there. There were oxygen generators and they also had some storage. There was a generating system which apparently the ancients had left. I don't really know much about it. but it was activated before they moved the surface colonies in. They also melted down the polar caps. The rumors are that they used a hydrogen bomb or two for that. I don't know if that's true. But they did melt down a lot of the polar ice so they would have some water. It's still sparse but they have it. The atmosphere is thin but they have atmosphere. And the temperature is warm enough. In the equatorial region they have no problem surviving. It runs about 50o and of course the astronomers have known this for about 50 years or more. It's quite livable in terms of temperature.

SS: The lighting that you mentioned. What was that like?

AB: Unknown form of illumination, after we found out how to turn it on. Some of the power generators are still working. After we turned on the underground lighting we had no lack of light. Otherwise we had to carry our own and portable lighting was not all that effective because we were dealing with larger underground chambers, several hundred feet across high ceiling and portable lights are not very good for a large chamber like that. Eventually we found where they had their own lighting. It was very bright.

SS: Have you any information on the face on Mars?

AB: Not that I remember in the underground. There's more than one face on Mars, by the way. They found several. But I remember the NASA announcements some years ago, about 2 years ago that they're receiving a low frequency radio transmission from Mars. It was about 50 kilohertz, if I remember correctly. Quite a low level indicating the equipment or whatever it was that was generating the RF signal, and it was coded, was quite old and probably nearly worn out, so they were amazed there was anything still coming out of it but it was enough of a signal that they could pick it up and put it through the computer and transcribe it. It was a warning. A warning message to humans not to repeat the mistakes they made.

SS: Do you have any feelings about being on Mars? What were your general impressions?

AB: We were digging in there remains of an old civilization that preceded ours and it felt very peculiar. To look at what was left at what was once a great civilization and realize that they literally died there and left everything behind and that eventually the thing shutdown. It was in the underground deliberately apparently was survival because the circle cities had long since been destroyed and they lived down there and stayed there.

From what I understand of it, a number of the Martians survived whatever the attack was on the surface eventually took off for Earth and others decided to stay behind on Mars in the underground. And quite literally their progeny eventually died out and the whole race that was left behind on Mars died out. It's rather a strange feeling to realize that the remnants of a race died out in the underground totally. They just left all their hardware behind.

SS: In Rod Steiger's book


Here short on some of another spiritual theme where Bielek answers:

How does the idea of a higher self relate to densities?

In terms of an entity perceiving through as linear time structure, the higher self exists in sixth density and functions in the entites "future". One interesting aspect of it is that the entity who is perceiving the higher self manifestation is actually a thoughtform materialized by the "higher self" itself. Entities in these terms are actually a complex composed of what they perceive to be mind", "body", and "spirit". These complexes can occur within single entities or groups, depending on the specific space/time conditions. The higher self is that self which exists with full understanding of the accumulation of experiences of that entity. At one point, the entity perceives a lower self and a higher self. They are not actually there "simultaneously"; functions of the higher self interact from a position in development which equates to the linear "future" of the entity, as perceived by an entity in this state. Obviously, cultural conditioning encourages development of impotent states of mind where the "lower self" is in control and the "higher self" is reached very little or totally ignored. There is no synthesis that will permit the energy of the intelligent matrix to flow correctly.


How are the cultural states of mind organized? How do they fill the needs of the Orion group and the Brotherhood?

Well, start with the prime factor of body identification. The society promotes the concept of "you are your body", which results in fear, especially fear of "death", which is tied in with the idea of physical pain. Combine this with religious doctrine and various cultural ideologies, and you have a very fertile ground for manipulation. There is also promotion of identification with the personality and ego. The ego is culturally conditioned to a reactionary state which is encouraged by media and literature to focus on the elements of security, sensation and power. Under these circumstances, individuals are basically disempowered and blind. In terms of cultural activity, individuals are put in a position where they spend most of their time dealing with "self preservation", "self-gratification", and "self-definition". These functions are basically left hemisphere related. The ego structure often becomes fragmented into "partial selves", making the problem even worse. What is missing is the love of truth, life, and the creator that we are all a part of. The idea is to transform "self-preservation" into right action, .. self-gratification" into right feeling, and "self-definition" into right thought. This is not probable in the Orion based culture in which we reside if the missing elements are not introduced. What will help to introduce it is the quickening of the vibrational resonance as we move into the fourth density, and what we are seeing around us is the desperation of the negative forces as they grapple for position and control. The alien agendas are beyond secret government manipulation, and at this time they are very worried. That is why the mind control technology has been developed and implemented - to make sure that they can try and preserve control over the population.


Thanks to the publication "The Sovereign Scribe", with some interviews with Al Bielek and Preston Nichols

From: http://www.freezone.org/mc/e_conv06.htm

Paola Harris interviews Al Bielek

March 2005-11-17

The Philadelphia Experiment

picture: Paola Harris interviews Michael Wolf
Paola: What was the Mauntalk project? 

Bielek: That was a project that appeared between 1975 and 1983. It collapsed and was resurrected in 1987. It was run by the German Scientists that came over under operation paperclip. They worked for 20 years at Brookhaven National Laboratories and they were kicked out of there about 1967. While looking for a new home, they heard about Mauntalk and the projects out there. And they went out there. At that time it was still operated by the U.S. Military Air force. They were doing the research for SAGE radar project, over the horizon radar . When they got through with the testing, and they were in the process of shutting them down and the German scientists heard about it. The German Scientists said we would like to do some further research. we'd like to show you how to do things like win the next war by pushing a button. The military were very interested. So the scientists came in and the Military packed up and left and they were there until 1968 until 1983 when it collapsed and was resurrected for a few years in 1987 by the same German Scientists until the Air Force took it over 1991. In taking it the Air Force was concerned with the Hale-Bopp Comet problem. They knew about it before Dr. Hale and Dr Bopp ever know about it and they were doing the work to defect it which they did do successfully. The Air Force "Project Sky Pebbles" was the official name. The Air Force project in 1998 closed down and the Navy came in and took over about the summer of 1998 and they are there still in the underground. They cleaned off almost all of the old buildings with the exception of the radar tower and cleaned it up and it is a park now. So Mauntalk point on the surface is a park. Underground, it is still a military base being used for the Navy and nobody knows for what and nobody that I know of at this point has any knowledge of what they were doing and why they are there at the present time and a group of civilians working for them and have their own separate housing village. 

Paola: The Montauk project has to do with time travel, right? 

Bielek: It had to do with Time travel and Mind Control. The Montaulk boys came out of there originally and they were moved off that base to another areas down under all connected with every major city in the U.S. and major cities in Europe. 

Paola: you know I am going to ask you this because I have to. How are you privy to this information. How do you know? 

Bielek: Because I was part of it. I was part of the Mauntauk project and I was a major part of the Philadelphia experiment. I worked for the Mauntalk project for a number of years. I was a civilian. Originally when they put the SAGE system 28 radar towers around the periphery of the US and as they went to the next phase which was a higher powered system (Bemus Project), they could pick up a missile launched in Russia as it left the ground. The tower on long Island remained completely operative after the Military pulled out and the Germans took it over because to build their own systems. It was also done in conjunction with a group of aliens that the US government said would be part of the project to develop the time tunnel. We knew how to do time travel at that point but we did not know how to make a worm hole. 

Paola: What year is this? 

Bielek: Mauntalk became operational under the German control approximately in 1970 and became effective about 1976 until 1983. 

Paola: I have to ask you about the Alien involvement. Do you know about the Alien Involvement or were you involved with the aliens. 

Bielek: Mauntalk Point was called that because originally the Mauntalk Indians were there. They were kicked out by the US government about 1900. The Pyramids were torn down. I understand there were pyramids there. I understand that there are some people on the island who have pictures of it but I have not seen it myself. 

Paola: have you seen the Aliens? 

Bielek: yes at Mauntalk. 

Paola: What were they? The human type aliens? 

Bielek: no. They were a mixture of the human type as well as some others from all over including a Draco who was in charge of some others. 

Paola: A Draco, is that a Reptilian type? 

Bielek: A particular species of Alien who stands 7 feet tall. Some are winged, some are not. They are very heavy about 450 pounds. They are very intelligent and the one that was there was in charge of other aliens. They had appeared on the Eldridge deck in 1943 when we ripped a hole through the Fabric of space time and became part of the collaboration on time travel technology. They had said "We can show you how to create this worm hole".

Paola: Are you saying aliens were Involved with building time travel technology. In what way? 

Bielek: You can do that simultaneously. You can build the equipment you can do that. We will show you what to build and how to build it. 

Paola: what would be the benefit of their teaching us how to build time travel equiptment? What would be the benefit for them? what would they get out of it? 

Bielek: What they got out of it was that they told the government that we have our agenda. We wish to use the station when it is working properly, we wish to use it for our own agenda. The government agreed with that. What our own agenda was happened on on August 12th 1983, when they locked up with the Eldridge, or the ship they called The Eldridge and in August 12th 1943 and they threw a hole in space time 40 years wide in which to let their own large ships through because their ships were in a war with somebody else and they wanted to get through to this Universe. 

Paola: So was it like tearing a hole in a dimension to let them through. Is that part of the Philadelphia experiment or is it a spin off or did they know they were going to do that? 

Bielek: They knew they were going to do that and they did it deliberately because they delayed the test for the second test for the Philadelphia experiment until 12 august 1943.It had to be on the 12th of August. Because the Earth has its own biorhythms... like the human Biorhythms. They all peak out like the Earth biorythm speak out, all four of them. The Earth's peak out on the 12th of August every 20 years, plus or minus half a day. That is 1943, 63, 83, 2003, 2023 have a synchronizing effect on certain affairs and certain matters. In the case of 12 August 83 we were conducting experiments. They were conducting the Mauntak experimentthe two experiments synchronized and locked in. That was done very deliberately not only to pull the Eldridge into Hyperspace but in order to produce a sort of worm hole effect but actually a breach in space time large enough for the aliens ships to get through. 

Paola: Ok. You said alien ships plural so there are different alien ships and brands of aliens who want to get through that hole 

Bielek: ... they could 

Paola: You don't know which ones came through You don't know who was at war? 

Bielek: I do not know.Possibly The government knew. 

Paola: and this information came through having been part of that project. 

Bielek: Yes! We found out some of the missing links afterwards... we jumped off the ship, we wound up in 1983 on the territory of Montauk and we were taken in to meet John Van Neumann and some of the other people and they told us quite a bit of what was going on but they themselves did not the alien connection causing the breech in space time but they knew the two experiments had locked up. Von Neumann told us that so we had to go back to the ship and destroy the equipment so the ship would return to its original starting point. We said we don't know how we got here, how can you send us to the decks of the Elkridge? They said no problem we can take control over space time. We can send you anyplace we want. 

Paola: The government said this?. 

Bielek: No. John Von Neumann said that. They did they sent us through the worn hole to the decks of the Elkridge. 

Paola: They sent you through the worm hole? 

Bielek: Myself and Duncan 

Paola: How does that feel? Is that just being here one minute and gone the next...? 

Bielek: The first trip you make can be quite nauseating and after that you sort of get used to it. 

Paola: You get dizzy and nauseated and that kind of thing.. It is like traveling. 

Bielek:, Well ,we knew we were being propelled through something. There a slight feeling when you go through a worm hole. We were a little nauseated not like the first time. but in any case we went back and we destroyed the equipment as directed and the ship returned to 1943 and we then saw the problem of the sailors buried in the steel deck and the bulkhead and Duncan took one look at this and he headed for the railing and jumped over and disappeared and went back to Montauk in the 80's and worked there and had some problems himself. But that was in the records we read later. After passage of normal time and Duncan no longer there, I became part of the Montauk project at a later date. Much later after they changed my identity from Ed Cameron to Al Bielek because I was there on Montauk as Al Bielek. 

Paola: In other words Al Bielick-Ted Cameron. Wouldn't it be the other way around? 

Bielek: They are both the same person. Except in 1953, the navy got tired of me and and wanted to find some way of getting rid of me without killing me because they knew it would cause enormous reactions and problems in terms of space time because they were afraid I had traveled so much in time that there would be a collapse in the space time continuum in the period where I had been and I had gone through so they decided they couldn't do that. So they cooked up a plot to age regress me, whitewash all my memories nine month old kid and send me back to another family in past to 1927 which were the Biellks and those were the only parents I knew for many other years. 

Paola:That is amazing! With this time travel thing, what would you say was the time, the dates that the government was working with time travel? 

Bielek: 1938. 

Paola: With the Nazis Right? 

Bielek: The Nazi's were working on it also but they never completely solved the problems. They solved the rest of them after they had been extracted from Germany at the end of WWII and brought to the United State under Operation Paperclip. 

Paola: Those paperclip guys did a lot of things but colonel Philip Corso had the feeling that the aliens at Roswell were from the future coming back to warn us about Nuclear power and he believed that they were time travelers and he told me "Paola, we have discovered a Time machine". But I never knew what he was talking about. But he did bring us material on the Philadelphia Experiment. Is there an occasion when somebody has changed the time-space continuum that you know of and history has changed? 

Bielek: Yes 

Paola: Where would that be? 

Bielek: I can think of two specific items. Number one, history says that the South lost the Civil war and they didn't. they won it! It was changed later by the use of the Montauk project or a different one, I am not sure. But they went back and changed history deliberately because I run into people who remember the fact that the South won the Civil War and some of the earlier text books said that and the Southerners believe that even when I was in high school And the second thing that turned up is "how well do you remembering the era of the German Nazis, the Swastika?" Which way did it point at the top? Which way did it appear to be rotating in your memory? 

Paola: The right? 

Bielek: It always used to point to the left. That was the Nazi symbol for years. It was a sacred symbol of certain Indians which they took and of course those tribes do not like that happening. They objected violently It was not adopted by the Nazi hierarchy pointing to left. Now it points to the right and I saw it happen on TV and I could not believe what I was seeing because it always pointed to left and suddenly pointing to the right. The textbooks have changed and the monuments or anything that showed the Nazi swastika, suddenly it is all pointing to the right. It changes everything even symbolically. 

Paola: Colonel Corso said that certain events in time has been changed and we are in a altered timeline. 

Bielek: We operate and live on what you might call a timeline. The time field is actually a closed loop ,it is a gigantic loop. If you go far enough forward in time, you will wind up crossing over and going into the past because it is a connecting link so to speak and it is a huge loop. I can not describe it as something physically in space but in terms of time, it is a huge loop. I do not know how many years are involved in it. But eventually the cross over, plus or minus the infinity point as it is called, you are in the past, the very ancient past in the galactic history an and if you keep going forward, you will eventually come up to our present time. It can be navigated with the proper time travel equipment. You can go forward or backwards. Some scientists today say maybe time travel forward is possible but it is not possible in reverse. That is absolute nonsense if you look at the equations correctly, you will see that you can go either way. 

Paola: You can go either way. What I asked you specifically though instead of just the swastika, is there an occasion like the death of Kennedy where he was alive and he didn't get killed or of some person being here who should not be here. (see the paranormal factor in the rubrica). 

Bielek: specifically no. I think it happened. 

Paola: What Colonel Corso said is they came once in the Roswell incident. 

Bielek: There were two ships involved and the other, due to the radar systems we had developed that was interfering with their navigation system. 

Paola: But Corso said that he saw the ship ten years later 1957 in " Red Canyon" in an encounter. But what benefit is it for us to have " time travel technology. 

Bielek: That is a very good question.I don't know as it has any real benefit. 

Paola: It must or they would not do it! 

Bielek: It is a toy to certain government groups because they can use it to travel through time and change history That is the principal reason it has been used. Of course other travelers from the future have come into our time and in particular THE WINGMAKERS out of the 28th century and they have contributed some technology. The premise is: That race of robots will come to the earth to take it over (the M51 group). basically if they can take that point in time in which they are about to discover the earth and clock the earth as such, that the ship goes on by and doesn't see it. They also are experimenting with sound as in the movie Stargate. All of that music was synthesized in their a computer. No human voice, no real instruments, they even replicated a 36 foot diameter vast base drum which does not exist now. I do not know if they have one in the future. All this was sent back and sent to the producers. 

Paola: You said the benefit was to change history but would it not be beneficial to tear another hole in space and create another situation that would benefit the aliens. Don't they come through and travel through "worm holes" that go to other realities? 

Bielek: That is possible. If the aliens were to come in and were knowledgeable about space time, Yes, they could rearrange some of our history for us that would make it more advantageous for themselves. I do not know which aliens have time travel technologies but I know the Pleadians do. We created wormholes with Montauk but the Ancients already had wormholes called "Stargates". This is all possible. 


Interview of Al Bielek (In English) regarding his exp he had under a timetravel to y 2749 > ca 700y foreward.


SOME short on norwegian, but more english stuff one "click -page down":

AL BIEELK-  sto fram i 1989 da han begynte å huske sitt fortidige liv som "de militære" hadde forsøkt å slette. Han påstår han ble flyttet fra NAVY i 1947- året da det amr.militære fikk ny administrasjon. De ville bli kvitt ham. Men han hadde hatt tilgang til arkiver for utv.av atombomben. Han ble så sendt fra LOS ALAMOS til østkysten - MONTAUK - der han ble hjernevasket, og alle minner forsøkt slettet.

PHONIX PROJECT ble startet i -47 som en forlengelse av PHILADELPHIA -EXPERIMENTET, og deltagere var vitenskapsmenn fra 2.v-krig + fra  andre land. I dette prosjektet ble det arbeidet med utviklingen av MIND-CONTROL...


Lecture by Capt. Bil Robertson on the Alernative 3 Video which here talks about:


from "AboveTopSecret.com"

From www.earth-today.com website

OK, welcome to the event about UFO's. 
"How many of you have heard about or read about a thing called 
Alternative 3? For those of you who haven't I'll just give you 
a short summary.

"A British independent television crew were investigating what 
happened to many scientists and military people in the 60's, 
because these people seemed to disappear from England, and 
everyone thought they had gone to make more money in other 
countries. They were intellectual people, scientists, 
business, top military people and so on. So they were going to 
do a program about this to explain "why can't Britain keep up 
with the rest of the world. Why don't they pay these people to 
stay here and work with us," and so on. And in the 
investigation they came across very interesting data.
They referred to this as the brain drain. In other words 
"brains going down the drain" in England - they were going 
somewhere else. The smart people going away, you know. And 
they did the investigations of the friends and relatives of 
these people. And the funny thing about it is they only heard 
from them one time. And they never heard from them again. And 
some of the postcards and letters they sent were exactly the 

The picture and everything, and the way they wrote it 
was exactly the same. Almost as if they were ordered to do it. 
And then they had gone completely out of communication.
Further investigation....When they put on the first program 
about this, several people saw it that wrote to the station 
and said, "we know more about this." One of them was a 
scientist at the observatory in England, who said that he had 
recorded from an American spaceship on one of his radio 
telescopes a report coming from an American spaceship in the 
days before the Americans had sent anybody up. And he knew it 
was a NASA Space Agency recording, because it had a certain 
code, a bip bip bip to it, but he did not have a decoder. But 
the television station investigated all this, and they found 
another guy who had a decoder, and they brought the two 

Now during the bringing the man, the professor of astronomy, 
was going to drive it to London, but he thought maybe 
something might happen, so he mailed it in a package. And then 
he drove, so he wouldn't be rushing he drove slowly, but he 
was killed on the way, a very strange accident. He was found 
in his car down the side of the road, and he was burnt all the 
way to his bones, as if it was done by a high intensity laser 
or something. It could not have been done by a car just 
crashing and burning petrol. And this remained part of the 
mystery in the second program they gave.

Now this was all true, and it was all recorded in the British 
newspapers. And then there were other people that gave 
stories: That the government of America and Russia were 
working together to establish bases on the Moon and Mars, and 
that's why they needed all these people. And this was in the 
days before sputnik and spacecraft. And so by that time the 
station was in the problem of almost appearing to be putting 
out a science fiction movie. And they are supposed to be 
investigative reporters of facts, you see. So they were told 
to admit to the public that these programs were all a hoax or 
they'd lose their license. 

And they must fire the reporters 
who were working on it. That is essentially... The book was 
then written by the 2 reporters or 3 reporters that were 
fired. OK? Now that's how the Alternative 3 book came about.
Now you understand that that was the Alternative 3 idea. The 
three alternatives mentioned by the book had to do with some 
of the data they found to apparently explain why the Russians 
and Americans would do this. They said that a climatic 
catastrophe was coming upon the planet, you know the 
carbon-dioxide - the ozone, and that they only had three 
possibilities: Go underground, live underground. Do something 
drastic with the atmosphere like with nuclear weapons or 
something - war. And set up bases or set up bases on other 
planets, for just the top people of course. That's what they 
explain it with.

Now you are going to see the real explanation of Alternative 
3, because that itself was a cover scenario. Are you ready? 

They showed this on the television, before it was cut off the 
air and before they were threatened of the actual - - - what 
was on that tape.
And you are going to see it and are going to see and analyze 
what it really means.
This is the supposed landing on Mars 1962 by the Americans. 
That's the tape.

Now the thing he said at the last, he says - Boy, when they 
take the wraps off this, it'll be the biggest day in history. 
22nd May 1962, we're on Mars and we have life.
Now, we're gonna watch this - I'll show you something 
interesting. OK let's pause. All right, here you go. 

Look; let's first of all examine the possibility that this was made 
in Hollywood. If they did make it in Hollywood what would be 
the point of making it so secret that they had to kill people 
to keep it from being known? Would they just be doing it 
to...Why would they keep it a secret, if they made it in 

 They would want everyone to know about it and say - 
Look we landed on Mars! and they never said that. So what 
would they want it for as a fake, and how could this professor 
have recorded it coming from outer space, this tape, if they 
made it in Hollywood, you see. So let's take their word for it 
is true. They did kill enough people, they threatened the 
radio station with closing the license - I mean the television 
with closing the license of the program, they did fire the 
people who worked on it. And when the book came out they 
banned it in America. So knowing all those indicators of a 
secret conspiracy going on, let's take it as a true tape, but 
let's analyze it as to what is the real truth.

Look at that porthole they are taking the pictures out of. 
That is not from an earth type spacecraft. That has a square, 
curved outer hull surface, and it's very thin as you can see. 
There's no bolts, you understand, and all that stuff they have 
on American and Russian spacecrafts. Right, it's very big. You 
remember the first spaceships that went up. They had little 
tiny holes in them like that with bolts, like on a ship. 
That's the first point I want you to see. Now I want you to 
see something else here. There, you see the curves? Aha, you 
see this - stand by to scan, that's what he said. Now watch 
this, watch what happens to the picture. See how slowly it's 
moving? America and Russia never had any spaceships that are 
landing on the Moon, landing on any other planet that could 
slow down and do this. Watch this: the ship is rotating, 
slowly. Then it stops - Stand by to move on. Watch... see 
there, now they're back on the landing pattern.

If you analyze this from an aeronautical point of view, you 
have the ship coming in. All of a sudden it stops, rotates 
around like this stand by to go-ahead, resume landing. Does 
that remind you of anything? It reminds you of the stories of 
"flying saucers". They go, they stop, they move around a 
little bit, they go. All right. What's that? (I never saw that 
one before.) OK, we go on with the analysis.

That, see this? Every time they change mode there's 
interference on the transmission, or they've stopped the 
transmission and started it again. This interference with any 
radio transmission frequency is caused by a high intensity 
electromagnetic field. Also this is in the stories of UFO 
reports where people's car radios stop and the pilots, their 
compass goes around like this. There are also stories written 
how, obviously, UFO's are controlled by high intensity 
electromagnetic fields. And if you were broadcasting from 
there back to Earth you would expect the broadcast to be 
interfered with every time they had to change the controls, 
altitude or path of the flying saucer, and it does!

And now... watch again. Now look how slowly it's going. 
Temperature 4 degrees Celsius, 21 km/h wind. 707,7 Mb air 
pressure. 760 (is normal), no 1013 Mb. This is only 7/10 as 
much as Earth. OK, next. I want you to observe this place 
they're coming toward. You didn't notice that, did you? 
There's a tower, like a control tower. And there are 1, 2, 3 
pads to land on, but they are only round ones, and they look 
like they are a hundred or so feet in diameter, 30-40 meter or 
more. 1, 2, 3 and they're round. Now what could you land there 
if you have never been there before? Could they have built a 
landing base, if they had never been there before? 

Now watch this when they land: They get to static again, because they have to put in the electromagnetic field. So you don't see 
them actually landing there, but you can believe they are 
going to land on this one or one of these. Right. Watch that 
closely. You see that? There it is, there it comes. Stand by 
for landing. Let's do it again, so you can see it. There are: 
1, 2, and 3. There's the building. Now they are obviously 
sitting on one of the pads looking out away from the building. 
And now they see the brown very closely. Americans... some 
kind of mole, a mole. OK, now.

What the cover-up was, what the secret of Alternative 3 was, 
which is still a secret, is that the Americans did get to Mars 
in 1962 with a radio and television camera, but they didn't 
make the ship. That was an alien flying saucer. You wanna see 
it again? This is the big secret. That's what they didn't want 
anyone to know. They were just passengers. Imagine it.... on a 
flying saucer, you see it? The base, the little pads. OK.
So I told you it would be amazing. I took you on a videotrip 
on a flying saucer as the first thing. That's how they work, 
just like that, you see it from the inside. How did you like 
that trip? That was the big secret of Alternative 3. The 
Americans did not land on Mars. They took as passengers on a 
flying saucer. All this Alternative 3 stuff was cover.

Now who were these people that took them? And what connection 
do they have with the American government? And what connection 
do they have with this planet? And why is it all a secret? Now 
what the hell is the importance of this place anyway?
Well, in case you don't believe.... by the way, how much time 
do we have? I can do this part after lunch. 1/2 an hour left 
to lunch? 45 minutes to lunch. In case you still don't believe 
that these ideas and stories that you hear about UFO's, these 
kind of things, if you still don't reckon that there's really 
anything to it... I mean I started you off with a trip from 
inside of one. Now I'll show you some from the outside that 
people have actually photographed. People say there's no 
photographs of them. They are not true. Yes there are 
photographs and television. All right.

Now this was on the program even, but people still say they 
haven't seen this. They are still-pictures that they've taken 
of flying saucers. There it is. Just watch the pictures, there 
it is. Going behind there to land somewhere. Another picture. 
Another one. Another one. OK. Next, we go to this last couple. 
These things look strangely alike from the outside of what you 
were just seeing from the inside out the little portholes. 

There's another one coming - there it is. There's one. There. 
Looks like he's taking pictures too. That was the last one 
here, last shot. This one, that one. Then there's another one 
they are showing you at night, glowing a little bit. This one. 
All right. OK, next.

So these things have been around, and it looks like the 
government is keeping it quiet. We still don't know why, but 
we're gonna find out. During the break you can come up and 
look at some of these articles. They also have some newspaper 
stories about it. But I knew that most of you from Germany 
would rather have hard, more physical evidence. Either 
pictures or videos or from inside. OK, ready? Here's some 

The last one, this is one of the best ones, because it will 
show you how they land into the... on the planet. These were 
taken on Earth. Now you noticed they had a little landing 
place on Mars. If they're gonna be here on the planet they 
must also have landing places, OK? So let's look at them going 
into one. Right after this. There, watch this guy. He's 
landing behind the mountain or into a hangar or something. 
Slowly down, you see. He doesn't come up again. That's how 
they would take off, you see, come backwards. This is how he 
lands, see? OK. Now that was a little thing that they tried to 
excite everybody's curiosity with. But we've got some more 
stories about these from people that actually worked with the 
aliens. See that? That is not a conventional aircraft or 
weather balloon.

OK, so up to this point I just wanted to show you some of the 
physical evidence that we have about these things. And then we 
will... I'll ask you if you have any questions about that so 
far, but I won't tell you anything about what's gonna happen 
after lunch, because that's gonna be very exciting. I'd rather 
you have a good lunch first, because some of this is not 
pleasant. If these people were here, if these aliens were here 
to be friendly and to make trade with you, and buy your nice 
apple juice and wines from France and everything like that, 
then there'd be no reason to keep it secret, would there?
But unfortunately they are here doing, some of them, are doing 
something different than that. And that we're gonna find out 
after lunch. But up until this point is there any questions 
about what we've said so far, Alternative 3, landing on Mars 
1962, pictures of UFO's, the way they moved, who they worked 

Yes, questions.

Let's take this gentleman first. "Could you explain the 
atmosphere on Mars, because when one sees pictures from 
telescopes from here to Mars there's no atmosphere." 

Yes, apparently it is very thin and there's very little cloud in 
it. And we also know from other reports that a lot of the NASA 
photographs and the NASA things they've done since this time, 
some of the photographs and some of the satellite photographs 
and orbiting photographs they leave them out. They don't let 
them out to the public.

There was a gentleman in America, two gentlemen, who actually 
were researchers and discovered those pyramids on Mars. Did 
you see that article? And they had to...they discovered those 
photographs filed incorrectly under the southern latitude and 
longitude on Mars when they should have been in the northern 
part. They were deliberately taken out. And they just happened 
upon them by chance, and no one would come to their press 
conferences either, and now it's just sort of one of these 
crackpot stories as well, but they had been working with 
actual NASA photographs from Mars. But NASA has never admitted 
that those are real photographs of pyramids on Mars although 
they took them. You see, so there's still a cover-up going. 
And we find there's false data being given about the Moon and 
Mars. Not necessarily false, there's so much omitted, they 
don't tell you everything. Just as if you were trying to not 
tell about where you went last night to your wife. I just went 
out drinking with some friends - OK, that's all right. You 
don't say how many bars, how many girls that were there, and 
how many times you spent going to some other places. See what 
I mean? That's the same with the government. They are lying to 
their children, to their wives, husbands, whatever...

Next question is here: "In the textbooks the atmosphere on 
Mars is explained as being reddish, not blue, and the pressure 
is given as about 1/1000 of the pressure on earth, so these 
data don't fit?" 

That's nearly a vacuum. They are probably 
lying. But I tell you one thing they are wrong about, the... 
when you're on the planet looking at... If there's any kind of 
carbon dioxide or molecular air structure just because of the 
sun's refraction and incidence into an atmosphere any type of 
clear gas - you're gonna get a blue effect. That is for any 
planet when you're on the planet. In a clear atmosphere you're 
gonna get a blue.

"This blue sky depends on clear gas. Mars' atmosphere is 
supposed to be dusty, and then it's physically sound to have a 
red atmosphere." That's what they say. Now if you go up on a 
high mountain, Mount Everest or something, you see pictures 
from there, you have a thin blue look as well. Now that's a 
very low pressure. The outpoint in the scientists' story about 
what you just said, if the atmosphere is so thin, then what's 
holding the dust up? Nothing, because in a vacuum, if it's 
near vacuum, the dust will fall like a rock. Go ahead.

"About the Mars atmosphere I read an article in I think it was 
scientific American, and then they tested animals that live on 
Earth, and then they figured out that the lower the animals 
are the longer they can survive on Mars' atmosphere. A frog 
for example can survive at least for 24 hours." 

Yeah well, you saw a mole living there on that picture. It was some kind of underground animal, and I bet you if you were on Mars and 
didn't have any water, and you were examining how people live 
on Earth, you would not believe that anything lived in the 
ocean. You would not figure out how a gill for instance could 
exist. And yet we have lots and lots of animals living in the 
oceans including dolphins who are airbreathers. And the 
largest animal in the world: whales. And yet if you were on a 
dry planet, you could never believe that. You see? 

Next question. Sir:
"He saw that an animal lives on Mars, so he thinks when that 
was kept secret there must be more living beings up there." 
Exactly, genau. I mean just to tell you some of my background, 
before we go to lunch. Any more questions first? First 
question, yes.
"I saw another interference after this animal, how could this 

Very good observation. I would say they were shutting 
down the power on the whole ship. How much time do we have, by 
the way? How many? 5 minutes. OK. First I'll tell you some of 
my background. I have two college, university degrees. But 
don't go look them up, because the FBI has probably already 
taken them away. Tulane University New Orleans, Louisiana. One 
in mathematics and physics, and the other in civil 
engineering. Civil engineering: docks, airports, railroads, 
buildings. And then I had a graduate scholarship where they 
were paying me to go to Columbia University in New York on a 
NASA scholarship to be in a space structures organization, 
where we were supposed to build space-platforms and spaceships 
for the American government.

The only thing I couldn't figure out: What happened to the 
next year students? They all disappeared. I only stayed for 
the first year and then I disappeared. I got out of it. 'Cause 
I couldn't find anybody from the next year, they had all 
disappeared. I never knew why until I read the Alternative 3 
book. They were taking them away, working somewhere else. And 
I was followed by the US Government after that. They wanted to 
find out if I was a communist agent. And when they decided I 
wasn't I then got the job as an engineer and was in charge of 
building 20 ICBM sites, Intercontinental Ballistic Missile 
sites. These were positioned in Colorado, Wyoming and 
Nebraska. Every 10 missile sites that's "the minute man 
silos", they call them "minute man silos". They are 90 foot 
sunk into the ground (30 meters), and every 10 of them is 
controlled by an underground control center, like a small 
submarine sunk into the ground 30 feet down. And I built 20 of 
those and quit when I found out it might be a hostile act to 

A good movie to see, to see how those things were - they 
finally have come out with it after 20 years, how they look - 
is Wargames. It's about a little kid and a computer. He 
overrides the missile system. Well, in the beginning they show 
pictures of a little house on the surface and people walk in 
and they go down an elevator. Then they control the capsule 
down there with the buttons and all for the rockets. It's 
right at the beginning of the film.

The other thing in that film which is accurate is the city 
inside the Iron Mountain down by Colorado Springs by the 
Airforce Academy. They show in there-big blast-doors with 
buildings inside on big springs. When I worked for the 
government on these missile sites, I saw the plans for that 
base and that's exactly what they were like.

I worked on another project, which was to make a copy - sorry, 
storage building, to build a building. It was about a mile 
long and very big, just a warehouse to keep a copy of every 
American's tax record and every American's files. A copy from 
Washington was sent there to Colorado and then from there they 
were going to be put on a computer, and that computer was 
supposed to be inside the mountain in Colorado Springs. And 
that was to be the computerized files on every American, blast 
proof, atomic bomb proof inside the mountain. All right. I 
worked on these projects, they were paying good money, they 
were real projects, and they were being done. And that was 
back in 1962, same year that they were taking passengers to 
Mars. So what you're gonna hear in this afternoon, you'll hear 
how far this has all gone since then. And why. 

OK, so have a good lunch and thank you for coming.


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