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Written and Compiled by:


Steven M. Greer, M.D., Director


Theodore C. Loder III, Ph.D.


April, 2001




This document contains an overview of issues surrounding UFO/ET topics, recommendations for action, background information, position papers, UFO/ET sighting’s evidence, summarized testimony of military and government witnesses to UFO/ETI events, summaries of two major recent reports, and selected government documents.


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"There exists a shadowy Government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself."

- Senator Daniel K. Inouye


"In the councils of Government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the Military Industrial Complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals so that security and liberty may prosper together."

- President Eisenhower, January 1961




Table of Contents


1.0 ABSTRACT – Purpose of The Disclosure Project Briefing Document *

2.0 TO THE READER - How to Use this document *


3.1 Disclosure: Implications for the Environment, World Peace, World Poverty and the Human Future *

A Brief Summary *


3.2.1 Section I: The Scientists *

3.2.2 Section II: The Government Speaks - Political, Military and Intelligence Figures *







3.8.1 Overview *

3.8.2 Radar / Pilot Cases *

3.8.3 SAC/NUKE *

3.8.4 Government Insiders/ NASA/ Deep Insiders 165

3.8.5 Technology / Science *


4.1 Recommended Press and Public Actions *

4.2 Recommended Congressional Actions *

4.3 Recommended Military Actions *

4.4 Recommended Scientific Community Actions *

4.5 Recommended Actions for the President of the United States *

4.7 Amnesty Issues and Security Oaths *

4.7.1 Why Amnesty? *

4.7.2 Evaluating the Validity of National Security Oaths Related to the UFO/Extraterrestrial Subject (1996) *


5.1 Need for Disclosure and Dangers of Continued Secrecy *

5.1.1 Operational Readiness and the Unidentified Flying Object/Extraterrestrial Intelligence (UFO/ETI) Subject: Why Military and National Security Leaders Have a Need To Know *

5.2 National Security Implications of the UFO/ETI Subject: A Brief Summary *

5.3 New Energy Solutions and Implications for the National Security and The Environment: A Brief Overview for the US Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works *


6.1 Introduction to the Best Available Evidence *

6.2 UFO Sightings Prior to the 1940s *

6.3 1942 - 1945: The Present Era Of UFO Sightings Begin *

6.4 New Mexico Crash Retrieval and Landing Cases *

6.5 Military Aircraft Encounter - 1951 *

6.6 The Summer of 1952: UFOs Over Many Areas Including Washington, D.C. *

6.7 Air Command Base Overflights *

6.8 Military Chase Over Iran - 1976 *

6.9 RAF/USAF Bentwaters - Woodbridge - December 1980 *

6.10 The Japan Air Lines Incident (1986) *

6.11 The United Kingdom Wave of the 1990s - Triangular Craft and More *

6.12 The Mexico Wave - From 1991 *

6.13 The Incident in Varginha – Extraterrestrial Life Forms captured in Brazil? 397

6.14 The Arizona Sightings - March 1997 *

6.15 St. Clair, Illinois Sightings in Jan, 2000 *



8.1 Sturrock/Rockefeller Report on Physical Evidence Related to UFO Reports *

8.2 COMETA Report: The French Report on UFOs and Defense *


9.1 Summary Review of Government Documents *

9.2 Appendix I.1: List of Descriptions of Government Documents Related to UFOs *




  1. ABSTRACT – Purpose of The Disclosure Project Briefing Document

This briefing document was written to provide an overview of a public disclosure of the very complex UFO/ET (Unidentified Flying Object/ExtraTerrestrial) subject and provide background materials and references for individuals to start their own research. This subject is inherently overwhelming as it touches on broad and profound implications for the future of mankind on our planet from both an intellectual and a technological perspective. We have provided recommended actions for different stakeholders (including the press, the public, congress, the military, the scientific establishment, the president of the US, and the members of the UFO/ET control groups). These recommendations should help smooth the disclosure process, making this issue the subject of open and informed discussion, both within our government and the public sectors. The background materials include the following types of information: 1) Summaries of video taped testimony of military, government and private first-hand witnesses to UFO/ET events. 2) A series of position papers describing the background history, the need and implications of disclosure and the dangers of continued secrecy. 3) Fourteen major sightings cases with over two dozen military witnesses, many with multiple witnesses and supporting government documents. 4) A series of 27 quotes from scientists and government witnesses who knew the subject is real. 5) Reviews of two major recent reports by scientific review committees on the need for further research into the UFO phenomena. 6) A high level review of technological issues including zero-point energy, over-unity devices and anti-gravity research. By reading this document, it is hoped that the astute and open-minded reader will understand that UFOs are real, and move on to thoughtfully address the implications of this reality for our governments and people of this planet.


  1. TO THE READER - How to Use this document

Carl Sagan once stated that "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." In the case of the UFO issue this could be clarified with two additional statements: "the development of extraordinary evidence requires extraordinary attention", and "extraordinary attention is not merely justified, but virtually demanded by the growing legion of extraordinary observations."

With this in mind, we suggest the reader use this briefing document as a source book, not a read-through report. First, read the Abstract and Disclosure Implications (section 3.1) to gain a sense of the overall issues. If you (like many) have trouble believing our government can not keep a secret (they can) and therefore this can not be true, read Understanding UFO secrecy (3.3) and Unacknowledged (3.4). Then if you have not already done so, read or review our Recommended Actions (4.0) for various stakeholders to understand what needs to be done to disclose these issues. If you want to better understand the critical need for disclosure and its implications in more detail, read the remaining Position Papers in section 5.0.

Our experience has shown that when individuals are first presented with this information, it strains their credulity. However, once they have done their own research, they begin to truly grasp the reality and complexity of these issues. To help you get started we have provided several types of evidence. The summary of Witness Testimony (3.8) provides compelling first-hand evidence, which supports the notion that there are numerous people involved in the UFO issue and its cover up, and that a number are willing to come forward with testimony about their experiences in this field. In addition, a number of well-known and well-documented UFO cases (6.0) are reviewed, many which have supporting government documents included in the Appendix. The Introduction to the Best Available Evidence (6.1) provides sources for obtaining further information. The Quotations section (3.2) cites quotations about the UFO issue from many well known military and government figures "in the know" since the 1940s. There is also a high level review of zero-point energy, over-unity devices and anti-gravity research (7.0). Finally, summaries are included of recent US and French UFO studies by scientists, government leaders, and military people (8.0). Further supporting information will be found in Dr. Greer’s book on the witness testimony.




3.1 Disclosure: Implications for the Environment, World Peace, World Poverty and the Human Future

A Brief Summary

Copyright Steven M. Greer, M.D. – March 2001

For most people, the question of whether or not we are alone in the universe is a mere philosophical musing – something of academic interest but of no practical importance. Even evidence that we are currently being visited by non-human advanced life forms seems to many to be an irrelevancy in a world of global warming, crushing poverty and the threat of war. In the face of real challenges to the long-term human future, the question of UFOs, extraterrestrials and secret government projects is a mere sideshow, right? Wrong – catastrophically wrong.

The evidence and testimony presented in the following pages establishes the following:

  • That we are indeed being visited by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations and have been for some time;
  • That this is the most classified, compartmented program within the US and many other countries;
  • That those projects have, as warned in 1961 by President Eisenhower, escaped legal oversight and control in the US, the UK and elsewhere;
  • That advanced spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin, called extraterrestrial vehicles (ETVs) by some intelligence agencies, have been downed, retrieved and studied since at least the 1940s and possibly as early as the 1930s;
  • That significant technological breakthroughs in energy generation and propulsion have resulted from the study of these objects (and from related human innovations dating as far back as the time of Nicola Tesla) and that these technologies utilize a new physics not requiring the burning of fossil fuels or ionizing radiating to generate vast amounts of energy;
  • That classified, above top-secret projects possess fully operational anti-gravity propulsion devices and new energy generation systems that, if declassified and put to peaceful uses, would empower a new human civilization without want, poverty or environmental damage.

Those who doubt these assertions should carefully read the testimony of dozens of military and government witnesses whose testimony clearly establishes these facts. Given the vast and profound implications of these statements, whether one accepts or seriously doubts these assertions, all must demand that congressional hearings be convened to get to the truth of this matter. For nothing less that the human future hangs in the balance.

Implications for the Environment:

We have identified insiders and scientists who can prove, in open Congressional hearings, that we do in fact possess classified energy generation and anti-gravity propulsion systems capable of completely and permanently replacing all forms of currently used energy generation and transportation systems. These devices access the ambient electromagnetic and so-called zero point energy state to produce vast amounts of energy without any pollution. Such systems essentially generate energy by tapping into the ever-present quantum vacuum energy state – the baseline energy from which all energy and matter is fluxing. All matter and energy is supported by this baseline energy state and it can be tapped through unique electromagnetic circuits and configurations to generate huge amounts of energy from space/time all around us. These are NOT perpetual motion machines nor do they violate the laws of thermodynamics – they merely tap an ambient energy field all around us to generate energy.

This means that such systems do not require fuel to burn or atoms to split or fuse. They do no require central power plants, transmission lines and the related multi-trillion dollar infrastructure required to electrify and power remote areas of India, China, Africa and Latin America. These systems are site-specific: they can be set up at any place and generate needed energy. Essentially, this constitutes the definitive solution to the vast majority of environmental problems facing our world.

The environmental benefits of such a discovery can hardly be overstated, but a brief list include:

  • The elimination of oil, coal and gas as sources of energy generation, thus the elimination of air and water pollution related to the transport and use of these fuels. Oil spills, global warming, illnesses from air pollution, acid rain etc can and must be ended within 10-20 years;
  • Resource depletion and geo-political tensions arising from competition for fossil fuel resources will end;
  • Technologies already exist to scrub manufacturing effluent to zero or near zero emissions for both air and water – but they use a great deal of energy and thus are considered too costly to fully utilize. Moreover, since they are energy intensive, and our energy systems today create most of the air pollution in the world, a point of diminishing return for the environment is reached quickly. That equation is dramatically changed when industries are able to tap vast amounts of free energy (there is no fuel to pay for – only the device, which is no more costly than other generators) and those systems create no pollution;
  • Energy-intensive recycling efforts will be able to reach full application since the energy needed to process solid waste will, again, be free and abundant;
  • Agriculture, which is currently very energy dependent and polluting, can be transformed to use clean, non-polluting sources of energy;
  • Desertification can be reversed and world agriculture empowered by utilizing desalinization plants, that are now very energy intensive and expensive, but will become cost-efficient once able to use these new, non-polluting energy systems;
  • Air travel, trucking and inter-city transportation systems will be replaced with new energy and propulsion technologies (anti-gravity systems allow for silent above surface movement). No pollution will be generated and costs will decrease substantially since the energy expenses will be negligible. Additionally, mass transportation in urban areas can utilize these systems to provide silent, efficient intra-city movement;
  • Noise pollution from jets, trucks and other modes of transportation will be eliminated by the use of these silent devices;
  • Public utilities will not be needed since each home, office and factory will have a device to generate whatever energy is needed. This means ugly transmission lines that are subject to storm damage and power interruption will be a thing of the past. Underground gas pipelines, which not infrequently rupture or leak and damage Earth and water resources, will not be needed at all;
  • Nuclear power plants will be decommissioned and the technologies needed to clean such sites will be available. Classified technologies do exist to neutralize nuclear waste.

Utopia? No, because human society will always be imperfect – but perhaps not as dysfunctional as it is today. These technologies are real – I have seen them. Anti-gravity is a reality and so is free energy generation. This is not a fantasy or a hoax. Do not believe those who say that this is not possible: they are the intellectual descendants of those who said the Wright brothers would never fly.

Current human civilization has reached the point of being able to commit planeticide: the killing of an entire world. We can and we must do better. These technologies exist and every single person who is concerned about the environment and the human future should call for urgent hearings to allow these technologies to be disclosed, declassified and safely applied.

Implications for Society and World Poverty:

From the above, it is obvious that these technologies that are currently classified would enable human civilization to achieve sustainability. Of course, in the near term, we are talking about the greatest social, economic and technological revolution in human history – bar none. I will not minimize the world-encompassing changes that would inevitably attend such disclosures. Having dealt with this issue for much of my adult life, I am acutely aware of how immense these changes will be.

Aside from the singular realization that homo-sapiens are not the only – or most advanced – creatures in the universe, this disclosure will cause humanity to be faced with the greatest risks and opportunities in known history. If we do nothing, our civilization will collapse environmentally, economically, geo-politically and socially. In 10 – 20 years, fossil fuel and oil demand will outstrip supply significantly – and then it is the Mad Max scenario where everyone is warring over the last barrel of oil. It is likely that this geo-political and social collapse will precede any environmental catastrophe.

The disclosure of these new technologies will give us a new, sustainable civilization. World poverty will be eliminated within our life times. With the advent of these new energy and propulsion systems, no place on Earth will need to suffer from want. Even the deserts will bloom…

Once abundant and nearly free energy is available in impoverished areas for agriculture, transportation, construction, manufacturing and electrification, there is no limit to what humanity can achieve. It is ridiculous –obscene even- that mind-boggling poverty and famine exists in the world while we sit on classified technologies that could completely reverse this situation. So why not release these technologies? Because the social, economic and geo-political order of the world would be greatly altered. Every deep insider with whom I have met has emphasized that this would be the greatest change in known human history. The matter is so highly classified not because it is so silly, but because its implications are so profound and far reaching. By nature, those who control such projects do not like change. And here we are talking about the biggest economic, technological, social and geo-political change in known human history. Hence, the status quo is maintained, even as our civilization hurtles towards oblivion.

But by this argument, we would have never had the industrial revolution and the Ludites would have reigned supreme to this day.

An international effort to minimize disruption to the economy and to ease the transition to this new social and economic reality will be needed. We can do this and we must. Special interests in certain oil, energy and economic sectors need to be reigned in and at the same time treated compassionately: Nobody likes to see their power and empire crumble. Nations very dependent on the sale of oil and gas will need help diversifying, stabilizing and transitioning to a new economic order.

The United States, Europe and Japan will need to adjust to a new geo-political reality as well: As currently poor but populous countries dramatically develop technologically and economically, they will demand – and will get – a meaningful seat at the international table. And this is as it should be. But the international community will need to put in place safeguards to prevent such potential geo-political rapprochement between the first and third world from devolving into bellicose and disruptive behavior on the part of the newly empowered.

The US in particular will need to lead through strength – but avoid the current trend towards domination. Leadership and domination are not the same, and the sooner we learn the difference the better off the world will be. There can be international leadership without domination and hegemony, and the US needs to realize these distinctions if it is to provide much-needed leadership on this issue.

These technologies, because they will decentralize power – literally and figuratively – will enable the billions living in misery and poverty to enter a world of new abundance. And with economic and technological development, education will rise and birth rates will fall. It is well known that as societies become more educated, prosperous and technologically advanced – and women take an increasingly equal role in society – the birth rate falls and population stabilizes. This is a good thing for world civilization and the future of humanity.

With each village cleanly electrified, agriculture empowered with clean and free energy and transportation costs lowered, poverty will dramatically fall in the world. If we act now, by 2030 we will be able to effectively eliminate all poverty in the world as we know it today. We only need the courage to accept these changes and the wisdom to steer humanity safely and peacefully into a new time.

Implications for World Peace and Security:

A few years ago I was discussing this subject with the former Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Claiborne Pell. He explained to me that he had been in Congress since the 1950s but had never been briefed on this subject. I told him that the nature of these black projects has resulted in most of our leaders being left out of any decision making on this subject, and what a shame this is. I said, "Senator Pell, all that time you were Chairman of Foreign Relations, you were deprived of the opportunity to deal with the ultimate foreign relations challenge…" and I pointed to the stars above our heads. He said, " You know Dr. Greer, I am afraid that you are right…"

It is true that our great diplomats and wise elders, such as Senator Pell, President Jimmy Carter and other international leaders have been specifically and deliberately prevented from having access to or control over this subject. This is a direct threat to world peace. In the vacuum of secrecy, operations supervised by neither the people, the people’s representatives, the UN nor any other legitimate entity have taken actions that directly threaten world peace.

Testimony, corroborated by multiple military witnesses who do not know each other and who have had no opportunity for collusion, will show that the US and other countries have engaged these ETVs in armed attack, in some cases leading to the downing of these vehicles. As I said to Mrs. Boutros Ghali, wife of the then Secretary General of the UN, if there is even a 10% chance that this is true, then this constitutes the gravest threat to world peace in human history

Having personally interviewed numerous credible military and aerospace officials with direct knowledge of such actions, I am certain that we have done this. Why? Because these unknown vehicles have been in our airspace without our permission and because we wanted to acquire their technology. Nobody has asserted that there is an actual threat to humanity from these objects: Obviously, any civilization capable of routine interstellar travel could terminate our civilization in a nanosecond, if that was their intent. That we are still breathing the free air of Earth is abundant testimony to the non-hostile nature of these ET civilizations.

We have also been informed that the so-called Star Wars (or National Missile Defense System) effort has really been a cover for black project deployment of weapon systems to track, target and destroy ETVs as they approach Earth or enter Earth’s atmosphere. No less a figure than Wernher Von Braun warned on his deathbed of both the reality and the madness of such a scheme, apparently to no avail (see the Testimony of Carol Rosin, former spokesperson for Wernher Von Braun).

Well, unless we change directions we are likely to end up where we are going.

With the types of weapons currently in the covert arsenal – weapons more fearsome even than thermonuclear devices – there is no possibility of a survivable conflict. Yet in the darkness of secrecy, actions have been taken on behalf of every human that may endanger our future. Only a full, honest disclosure will correct this situation. It is not possible for me to convey in words the urgency of this.

For 10 years I worked as an emergency doctor and saw how every possible object can be used as a weapon. Every technology, unless guided by wisdom and a desire for that good and peaceful future – the only future possible – will be used for conflict. Super-secret projects that answer to no legally constituted body – not the UN, not the US Congress, not the British Parliament – must not be allowed to continue to act in this way on behalf of humanity.

One of the greatest dangers of extreme secrecy is that it creates a hermetically sealed, closed system impervious to the free and open exchange of ideas. In such an environment, it is easy to see how grave mistakes can be made. For instance, the testimony here will show that these ETVs became very prominent after we developed the first nuclear weapons – and began to go into space. There were multiple events – corroborated here by numerous credible military officials – of these objects hovering over and even neutralizing ICBMs (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles).

A closed, military view of this might be to take offense, engage in counter-measures, and attempt to down such objects. In fact, this would be the normal response. But what if these ET civilizations were saying, "Please do not destroy your beautiful world – and know this: we will not let you go into space with such madness and threaten others…" An event showing concern and even a larger cosmic wisdom could be construed over and over again as an act of aggression. Such misunderstandings and myopia are the stuff wars are made of.

Whatever our perceptions of these visitors, there is no chance that misunderstandings can be resolved through violent engagement. To contemplate such madness is to contemplate the termination of human civilization.

It is time for our wise elders and our levelheaded diplomats, like Sen. Pell, to be put in charge of these weighty matters. To leave this in the hands of a clique of un-elected, self-appointed and unaccountable covert operations is the greatest threat to US national security and world security in history. Eisenhower was right, but nobody was listening.

In light of testimony showing that covert actions have been taken that involved violent engagement of these visitors, it is imperative that the international community in general and the US Congress and President in particular do the following:

  • Convene hearings to assess the risks to national and international security posed by the current covert management of the subject;
  • Enforce an immediate ban on weapons in space and specifically ban the targeting of any extraterrestrial objects since such actions are unwarranted and could endanger the whole of humanity;
  • Develop a special diplomatic unit to interface with these extraterrestrial civilizations, foster communication and peaceful relations;
  • Develop a suitably empowered and open international oversight group to manage human-extraterrestrial relations and ensure peaceful and mutually beneficial interactions;
  • Support international institutions that can ensure the peaceful use of those new technologies related to advanced energy and propulsion systems (see below).

In addition to the above, a less obvious – but perhaps equally pressing – threat to world peace arises from the fact that the covert control of this subject has resulted in the world being deprived of the new energy and propulsion technologies discussed earlier.

World poverty and a widening gap between rich and poor are serious threats to world peace, which would be corrected by the disclosure and peaceful application of these technologies (see above). The real threat of war over a shrinking supply of fossil fuels in the next 10-20 years further underscores the need for this disclosure. What happens when the 4 billion people living in poverty want cars, electricity and other modern conveniences – all of which depend on fossil fuels? To any thinking person, it is obvious that we must transition quickly to the use of these now classified technologies – they are powerful solutions already sitting on a shelf.

Of course, a number of insiders have pointed out that these technologies are not your grandfather’s Oldsmobile: They are technological advances, like any other, that could be put to violent uses by terrorists, bellicose nations and madmen. But here we enter a catch 22: If these technologies are not forthcoming soon, we will face a certain meltdown in human civilization and the environment; if they are disclosed, immensely powerful new technologies will be out there for possible destructive uses.

In the short term, it is prudent to view humanity as likely to use any new technology violently. This means that international agencies must be created to ensure – and enforce – the exclusive peaceful use of such devices. The technologies exist today to link every such device to a GPS (Global Positioning System) monitor that could disable or render useless any device tampered with or used for anything put peaceful power generation and propulsion. These technologies should be regulated and monitored. And the international community must mature to a level of competence to ensure their exclusive peaceful use.

Any other use should be met with overwhelming resistance by every other nation on Earth.

Such a pact is the necessary next step. Maybe someday, humanity will live in peace without the need for such controls. But for now, the situation is like that of chained dogs – some strong leashes are warranted and are essential.

But such concerns cannot be a rationale for further delaying the disclosure of these technologies. We have the knowledge and means to ensure their safe and peaceful use – and these must be applied soon if we are to avoid further degradation of the environment and an escalation of world poverty and conflict.

In the final analysis, then, we are faced with a social and spiritual crisis that transcends any technological or scientific challenge. The technological solutions exit – but do we possess the will, wisdom and courage to apply them for the common good? The more one contemplates this matter the more it is obvious that we have one possible future: Peace. Peace on Earth and peace in space – a universal Peace, wisely enforced. For every other path leads to ruin.

This then is the greatest challenge of the current era. Can our spiritual and social resources rise to this challenge? Nothing less than the destiny of the human race hangs in the balance.



3.2.1 Section I: The Scientists

Carl Sagan, Ph.D.

Late Professor of Astronomy and Space Sciences, Cornell University

"It now seems quite clear that Earth is not the only inhabited planet. There is evidence that the bulk of the stars in the sky have planetary systems. Recent research concerning the origin of life on Earth suggests that the physical and chemical processes leading to the origin of life occur rapidly in the early history of the majority of planets within our Milky Way galaxy--perhaps as many as a million--are inhabited by technical civilizations in advance of our own. Interstellar space flight is far beyond our present technical capabilities, but there seems to be no fundamental physical objections to preclude, from our own vantage point, the possibility of its development by other civilizations."

Margaret Mead, Ph.D.

Anthropologist, author

"There are unidentified flying objects. That is, there are a hard core of cases--perhaps 20 to 30 percent in different studies--for which there is no explanation. We can only imagine what purpose lies behind the activities of these quiet, harmlessly cruising objects that time and again approach the Earth. The most likely explanation, it seems to me, is that they are simply watching what we are up to..."

J. Allen Hynek, Ph.D.

Former Chairman, Department of Astronomy, Northwestern University; Scientific Consultant, Air Force Project Blue Book (1947 - 1969)

"Each wave of sightings adds to the accumulation of reports which defy analysis by present methods... An investigative process in depth is necessary here if, after twenty years of confusion, we want some answers."

"When the long awaited solution to the UFO problem comes, I believe that it will prove to be not merely the next small step in the march of science but a mighty and totally unexpected quantum jump."

Frank B. Salisbury, Ph.D.

Professor, Plant Physiology, Utah State University

"I must admit that any favorable mention of the flying saucers by a scientist amounts to extreme heresy and places the one making the statement in danger of excommunication by the scientific theocracy. Nevertheless, in recent years I have investigated the story of the unidentified flying object (UFO), and I am no longer able to dismiss the idea lightly."

James E. McDonald, Ph.D.

Senior Physicist, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, University of Arizona

"The type of UFO reports that are most intriguing are close-range sightings of machinelike objects of unconventional nature and unconventional performance characteristics, seen at low altitudes, and sometimes even on the ground. The general public is entirely unaware of the large number of such reports that are coming from credible witnesses... When one starts searching for such cases, their number are quite astonishing."

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics UFO Subcommittee (1967)

"From a scientific and engineering standpoint, it is unacceptable to simply ignore substantial numbers of unexplained observations...the only promising approach is a continuing moderate-level effort with emphasis on improved data collection and objective means...involving available remote sensing capabilities and certain software changes." [emphasis added]

and regarding The Condon Report (Project Blue Book), 1986:

"The opposite conclusion could have been drawn from The Condon Report’s content; namely, that a phenomenon with such a high ratio of unexplained cases (about 30 percent) should arouse sufficient scientific curiosity to continue its study."

Peter A. Sturrock, Ph.D.

Professor, Space Science and Astrophysics, and deputy director of the Center for Space Sciences and Astrophysics, Stanford University

"The definitive resolution of the UFO enigma will not come about unless and until the problem is subjected to open and extensive scientific study by the normal procedures of established science and administrators in universities."

"Although...the scientific community has tended to minimize the significance of the UFO phenomenon, certain individual scientists have argued that the phenomenon is both real and significant... To a scientist, the main source of hard information (other than his own experiments [and] observations) is provided by the scientific journals. With rare exceptions, scientific journals do not publish reports of UFO observations. The decision not to publish is made by the editor acting on the advice of reviewers. This process is self-reinforcing; the apparent lack of data confirms the view that there is nothing to the UFO phenomenon, and this view works against the presentation of relevant data..."

Helmut Lammer, Ph.D.

Physicist, Space Research Institute, Department for Extraterrestrial Physics, Austria

[Writing about the formations in the Cydonia region of Mars]

"It is the author’s belief that the Viking data are not of sufficient resolution to permit the identification of possible mechanisms of the origin for these objects, although some results to date suggest that they may not be natural. Clearly these mysterious objects deserve further scrutiny by the forthcoming Mars missions. If one of these missions finds that the face on Mars, the pyramids and the other strange structures are indeed artificial, then the ‘unlikely’ Prior Colonization or Previous Technical Civilization hypotheses would provide a possible answer."

Professor Hermann Oberth (1894-1989)

German rocket expert and a founding father of the space age.

"It is my thesis that flying saucers are real and that they are space ships from another solar system. I think that they possibly are manned by intelligent observers who are members of a race that may have been investigating our Earth for centuries. I think that they possibly have been sent out to conduct systematic, long-range investigations, first of men, animals, vegetation, and more recently of atomic centers, armaments an centers of armament production."

Dr. Carl Justav Jung

"A purely psychological explanation is ruled out...the discs show signs of intelligent guidance, by quasi-human pilots...the authorities in possession of important information should not hesitate to enlighten the public as soon and as completely as possible."




Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Ph.D.

In 1971, Dr. Mitchell became the sixth person to walk on the moon as part of the US Apollo Space program.

"I am an American astronaut and a trained scientist. Because of my position people in high places confide in me. And, as a result, I have no doubt that aliens HAVE visited this planet. The American government and governments throughout the world have thousands of files of UFO sightings which cannot be explained. As a scientist, it is logical to me that at least some of these will have been witness of alien craft. As a former astronaut, the military people who have access to these files are more willing to talk to me than to people they regard as mere cranks. The stories I have heard from these people, who are more highly qualified than me to talk about UFOs, leave me in no doubt that aliens have already visited Earth…"

… "when I learned that aliens really do exist, I wasn’t too surprised. But what did shock me when I started investigating extra-terrestrial reports a decade ago is the extent to which the proof has been hushed up. It isn’t just the US government which has kept quiet about alien visits. It would be arrogant of an American like myself to assume that ETs would only choose to visit my country. Indeed, I’ve heard convincing stories about governments all over the world that know of alien visits - including the British government."


3.2.2 Section II: The Government Speaks - Political, Military and Intelligence Figures

President Harry S. Truman

"I can assure you that flying saucers, given that they exist, are not constructed by any power on Earth."

President Dwight D. Eisenhower

"Beware the military-industrial complex."

President Gerald Ford

"...I have taken a special interest in these [UFO] accounts because many of the latest reported sightings have been in my home state of Michigan... Because I think there may be substance to some of these reports and because I believe the American people are entitled to a more thorough explanation than has been given them by the Air Force to date, I am proposing that either the Science and Astronautics Committee or the Armed Services Committee of the House, schedule hearings on the subject of UFOs and invite testimony from both the executive branch of the Government and some of the persons who claim to have seen UFOs... In the firm belief that the American public deserves a better explanation than that thus far given by the Air Force, I strongly recommend that there be a committee investigation of the UFO phenomena. I think we owe it to the people to establish credibility regarding UFOs and to produce the greatest possible enlightenment on this subject."

President Jimmy Carter

"If I become President, I’ll make every piece of information this country has about UFO sightings available to the public, and the scientists. I am convinced that UFOs exist because I’ve seen one..."

President Ronald Reagan

"...when you stop to think that we’re all God’s children, wherever we may live in the world, I couldn’t help but say to [Gorbachev], just think how easy his task and mine might be in these meetings that we held if suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet outside in the universe…"

"Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world."

J. Edgar Hoover

"I would do it [study UFOs], but before agreeing to do it, we must insist upon full access to discs recovered. For instance in the L.A. case, the Army grabbed it and would not let us have it for cursory examination."

General Nathan D. Twining

While he was the Commanding General of the Air Material Command he wrote the following:

"It is the opinion that:

a. The phenomena reported is something real and not visionary or fictitious.

b. There are objects probably approximating the shape of a disc, of such appreciable size as to appear to be as large as a man-made aircraft.

c. There is a possibility that some of the incidents may be caused by natural phenomena, such as meteors.

d. The reported operating characteristics such as extreme rates of climb, maneuverability (particularly in roll), and action which must be considered evasive when sighted or contacted by friendly aircraft and radar, lend belief to the possibility that some of the objects are controlled either manually, automatically, or remotely."

General Walter Bedell Smith

CIA Director, 1950-1953

"The Central Intelligence Agency has reviewed the current situation concerning unidentified flying objects which have crated extensive speculation in the press and have been the subject of concern to government organizations... Since 1947, approximately 2,000 official reports of sightings have been received, and, of these, about 20% are as yet unexplained. It is my view that this situation has possible implications for our national security which transcend the interests of a single service. A broader, coordinated effort should be initiated to develop a firm scientific understanding of the several phenomena which apparently are involved in these reports..."

H. Marshall Chadwell

Assistant Director, Scientific Intelligence, CIA

"Since 1947, ATIC has received approximately 1500 official reports of sightings plus an enormous volume of letters, phone calls, and press reports. During July 1952 alone, official reports totaled 250. Of the 1500 reports, Air Force carries 20 percent as unexplained and of those received from January through July 1952 it carries 28 percent unexplained."

Captain Edward J. Ruppelt

Former head [1951-1953], U.S. Air Force Project Blue Book

"This report has been difficult to write because it involves something that doesn’t officially exist. It is well known that ever since the first flying saucer was reported in June 1947 the Air Force has officially said that there is no proof that such a thing as an interplanetary spaceship exists. But what is not well known is that this conclusion is far from being unanimous among the military and their scientific advisors because of the one word, proof; so the UFO investigations continue."

Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter

First Director, CIA, 1947-1950

"It is time for the truth to be brought out... Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about the UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense... I urge immediate Congressional action to reduce the dangers from secrecy about Unidentified Flying Objects..."

Major General E. B. LeBailly

Director of Information, Office of the Secretary of the Air Force

"...many of the reports that cannot be explained have come from intelligent and technically well qualified individuals whose integrity cannot be doubted. In addition, the reports received officially by the Air Force include only a fraction of the spectacular reports which are publicized by many private UFO organizations."

Congressman William Stanton (Pennsylvania)

"The Air Force failed in its responsibility in thoroughly investigating this incident [April 17, 1966 sighting, Pennsylvania]... Once people entrusted with the public welfare no longer think people can handle the truth, then the people, in turn, will no longer trust the government."

Wilbert Smith

Department of Transport - Canada, senior radio engineer, head of Project Magnet

"The matter is the most highly classified subject in the United States Government, rating higher even than the H-bomb. Flying saucers exist. Their modus operandi is unknown but concentrated effort is being made by a small group headed by Doctor Vannevar Bush. The entire matter is considered by the United States authorities to be of tremendous significance."

Lord Hill-Norton, Admiral of the Fleet, Great Britain (Five Star)

"I have frequently been asked why I am so keenly interested in UFOs; people seem to think it odd that someone who has been so closely involved with Defense for many years should be so simple. I am interested for several reasons. First, I have the sort of inquiring mind that likes to have things satisfactorily explained, and the one aspect of this whole matter which is starkly clear to me is that UFOs have not been explained, to my satisfaction. Indeed, so far as I am concerned the U stands more for unexplained than unidentified. Second, there is a very wide range of other unexplained phenomena which may or may not be related to UFOs but which have come to my notice in the UFO connection. Third, I am convinced that there is an official cover-up of the investigations which governments have made into UFOs, certainly in the United States... The evidence that there are objects which have been seen in our atmosphere, and even on terra firma, that cannot be accounted for either as man-made objects or as any physical force or effect known to our scientists seems to me to be overwhelming."

Major-General Wilfred de Brouwer (Deputy Chief, Royal Belgian Air Force)

"In any case, the Air Force has arrived to the conclusion that a certain number of anomalous phenomena has been produced within Belgian airspace... Until now, not a single trace of aggressiveness has been signaled; military or civilian air traffic has not been perturbed or threatened. We can therefore advance that the presumed activities to date constitute a concrete menace... The day will undoubtedly come when the phenomenon will be observed with technological means of detection and collection that won’t leave a single doubt about its origin..."



Over the past few years I have had the responsibility of briefing senior government and scientific leaders both in the US and abroad on the UFO/Extraterrestrial subject.

The evidence regarding this subject is clear and overwhelming: It has not been difficult to make a compelling case for the reality of UFOs per se. What is a greater challenge is elucidating the architecture of secrecy related to UFOs (see the exposition of this matter contained in the paper entitled "Unacknowledged" in Section 3.4). But the greatest challenge is explaining the "why." Why all the secrecy? Why a "black" or unacknowledged government within the government? Why hide the UFO/ET subject from public view?

The "what" or evidence is complex but manageable. The "how" or nature of the secret programs is more difficult, much more complex and Byzantine. But the "why" — the reason behind the secrecy — is the most challenging problem of all. There is not a single answer to this question, but rather numerous inter-related reasons for such extraordinary secrecy. Our investigations and interviews with dozens of top-secret witnesses who have been within such programs have enabled us to understand the reasons behind this secrecy. They range from the fairly obvious and straight-forward to the really bizarre. Here, I wish to share some key points regarding this secrecy, why it has been imposed and why it is so difficult for the controlling interests within covert programs to reverse policy and allow disclosure.

In The Beginning

In the early days of the ET/UFO phenomena, military, intelligence and industrial interests had concerns regarding the nature of the phenomena, whether it originated from our human adversaries and once it was determined to be extraterrestrial, how the public would react.

In the 1930s and 1940s this was no small matter: If these UFOs were of terrestrial origin, they would be evidence of an Earthly adversary with technological devices far in advance of US aircraft. And once it was determined to be extraterrestrial (some quarters knew this prior to the end of WWII) there were many more questions than answers. To wit: why were the ETs here? What are their intentions? How do the devices travel at such fantastic speeds and through the vastness of space? How might these technologies be applied to the human situation – both in war and in peace? How would the public react to this knowledge? What effect would the disclosure of these facts have on human belief systems? Political and social systems?

From the late 1940s through the early 1950s, a concerted effort was made to figure out the basic science and technologies behind these spacecraft, primarily through the direct study and reverse-engineering of the retrieved extraterrestrial objects from New Mexico and elsewhere. It was immediately recognized that these objects were using laws of physics and applied technologies far in advance of internal combustion engines, vacuum tubes and the like. In the climate of the Cold War and in a world where a relatively minor advantage technologically could tilt the balance of power in the nuclear arms race, this was no small matter.

Indeed, the theme of human geo-political dysfunction appears as a recurring feature of the secrecy related to UFOs – up to the present hour. More on this later.

From the Wilbert Smith top secret Canadian government document of 1950, we know that this subject was held in greater secrecy than even the development of the hydrogen bomb. There was a tremendous effort underway by the late 1940s to study extraterrestrial hardware, figure out how it operated and see what human applications might be made from such discoveries. Even then, the project dealing with this subject was extraordinarily covert.

It became much more so by the early 1950s when substantial progress was made on some of the basic physics behind the ET craft energy and propulsion systems. The best we can estimate, it was then that the entire project became increasingly "black" or unacknowledged.

The compartmentalization of the project dealing with UFOs was exponentially increased by the early 1950s when it was realized what it was that these covert projects actually had: Devices displaying physics and energy systems that – if disclosed – would forever alter life on Earth.

By the Eisenhower era, the UFO/ET projects were increasingly compartmented away from legal, constitutional chain-of-command oversight and control. This means that – while we know from witness testimony that Eisenhower knew of the ET craft – the president (and similar leaders in the UK and elsewhere) were increasingly left out of the loop. Such senior elected and appointed leaders were confronted with (as Eisenhower called it) a sophisticated military-industrial complex with labyrinthine compartmented projects that were more and more out of their control and oversight. From direct witness testimony we know that Eisenhower, Kennedy, Carter and Clinton were frustrated in their attempts to penetrate such projects.

This is also true of senior congressional leaders and investigators, foreign leaders and UN leadership. This is indeed an equal opportunity exclusion project – it does not matter how high your rank or office; if you are not deemed necessary to the project, you are not going to know about it. Period.

Contrary to popular myth, since the 1960s concern over some type of public panic when faced with the fact that we are not alone in the universe has not been a major reason for the secrecy. Those in the know – notwithstanding the fantastic tales spun in UFO circles and on the X-Files – understand that fear of hostile ET s has also not been a significant factor. While there has been continued confusion in some covert circles over the ultimate purpose behind the ET phenomena, we know of no knowledgeable insiders who regard the ETs as a hostile threat.

By the 1960s - and certainly by the 1990s - the world was very familiar with the concept of space travel and the popular science - fiction industry had thoroughly indoctrinated the masses with the idea of ET s from far away being a possibility. So why the continued secrecy?

The Cold War is over. People would hardly be shocked to find out that we are not alone in the universe (the majority of people already believe this - in fact most people believe the UFOs are real). Besides, what could be more shocking than to live through the latter half of the 20th century with thousands of hydrogen bombs aimed at every major city in the world? If we can handle that, surely we can handle the idea that ETs are real.

The facile explanations of fear, panic, shock and the like do not suffice to justify a level of secrecy so deep that even the President and his CIA Director could be denied access to the information.

A Current Estimate

Continued secrecy on the UFO subject must be related, then, to on-going anxiety related to the essential power dynamics of the world and how such a disclosure would impact these.

That is, the knowledge related to UFOs/ET phenomena must have such great potential for changing the status quo that its continued suppression is deemed essential, at all costs.

Going back to the early 1950s, we have found that the basic technology and physics behind these ET spacecraft were discovered through very intensive reverse-engineering projects. It was precisely at this point that the decision was made to increase the secrecy to an unprecedented level – one which essentially took the matter out of ordinary government chain of command control as we know it. Why?

Aside from the possible use of such knowledge by US/UK adversaries during the Cold War, it was immediately recognized that these devices were not your dad’s Oldsmobile. The basic physics behind the energy generation and propulsion systems were such that they could easily replace all existing energy generation and propulsion systems on the Earth. And with them, the entire geo-political and economic order.

In the 1950s, there was no great concern over global warming, eco-system collapse, ozone depletion, rain forest loss, bio-diversity degradation etc. In the wake of WW II, what was needed was stability, not a new convulsion of the world economic, technological and geo-political order. Remember: those in control like to stay in control. They are risk – averse, do not like significant change and do not give up control and power easily.

The disclosure of the existence of ET s, with the inevitable disclosure related to these new technologies soon to follow, would change the world forever – and they knew it. This was to be avoided at all costs. Besides, that was the era of "what is good for GM is good for America," and the same would be true of big oil, big coal and the like.

The inescapable fact is this: The disclosure of the ET presence would bring with it the certain release of these technologies – and that release would sweep away the entire technological infrastructure of the planet. The changes would be immense – and sudden.

Fifty years later this is more true now than then. Why? Because avoiding the problem in the 1950s – while convenient at the time – means that the situation is more tenuous now. For example, world dependence on oil and internal combustion technology is greater now than in 1955. And the world economy is larger by orders of magnitude now, so any change would be exponentially greater – and potentially more chaotic.

And so this is the conundrum: each decade and generation has passed this problem on to the next, only to find any path but continued secrecy more destabilizing than it would have been a decade earlier. In a maddening circle of secrecy, delay of disclosure and increasing world complexity and dependence on out-dated energy systems, each generation has found itself in a greater squeeze than the one before. As difficult as disclosure would have been in the 1950s, disclosure now is even more difficult. And potentially Earth-shaking in its consequences.

The technological discoveries of the 1950s resulting from the reverse-engineering of extraterrestrial craft could have enabled us to completely transform the world economic, social, technological and environmental situation. That such advancements have been withheld from the public is related to the change-averse nature of the controlling hierarchy at the time – and to this day.

And make no mistake, the changes would be immense.

Consider: A technology which enables energy generation from the so-called zero point field and which enables every home, business, factory and vehicle to have its own source of power – without an external fuel source. Ever. No need for oil, gas, coal, nuclear plants or the internal combustion engine. And no pollution. Period.

Consider: A technology using electro-gravitic devices which allows for above surface transportation – no more roadways to cover fertile farmland since transportation could take place totally above the surface.

Sounds great. But in the 1950s, oil was plentiful, nobody worried too much about pollution, global warming was not the faintest concern and the powers that be just wanted stability. The status quo. And besides, why risk the tectonic changes related to such a disclosure? Let a later generation take care of it.

But now, we are that later generation. And 2001 is not 1949. The Earth is straining under the burden of a growing population - now 6 billion people - all of whom want cars, electricity, TV s and the like. Everyone knows that we do not have 50 more years of oil - and even if we did, the Earth’s ecosystem could not withstand 50 more years of such abuse. The risks of disclosure are now much less than the risks of secrecy. If secrecy continues much longer, the Earth’s ecosystem will collapse. Talk about a big change and global instability...

Many people will consider the technological and economic impact of such a disclosure as the central justification of continued secrecy. After all, we are talking about a multi-trillion dollar per year change in the economy. The entire energy and transportation sectors of the economy would be revolutionized. And the energy sector - the part where non-renewable fuels are purchased, burned and have to be replenished - will utterly vanish. And while other industries will flourish, only a fool would dismiss the impact of such a multi-trillion dollar segment of the economy disappearing.

Certainly the ‘vested interests’ involved in the global industrial infrastructure related to oil, gas, coal and internal combustion engines and public utilities is no small force in the world.

But to understand UFO secrecy you must consider what all that money represents at its core. Power. Massive geo-political power.

One must consider what will happen when every village in India (or Africa or South America or China) has devices which can generate large amounts of power without pollution and without spending huge sums of energy on fuel. The entire world will be able to develop in an unprecedented fashion - without pollution and without billions spent on power plants, transmission lines and combustible fuels. The have-nots will have.

This would widely be considered a good thing: after all, much of world instability, warfare and the like is related to mind-numbing poverty and economic depravity in a world of great wealth. Social injustice and extreme economic disparity breeds much chaos and suffering in the world. These decentralized, non-polluting technologies would change that permanently. Even the deserts will bloom...

But it must be remembered that geo-political power flows from technological and economic prowess. India has over 1 billion people and the US about one-fourth of that, but who has the greater geo-political power?

As these new energy systems proliferate, the so-called third world will rapidly reach parity with the industrialized world of Europe, the US and Japan. This will cause a massive shift in geo-political power. And the industrialized world will find that it must then actually share power with the now down-trodden third world.

Those in the cat-bird seat currently (and in 1950) have no interest in doing any such thing. We can hardly even support and share power in the United Nations.

The release of information on the UFO/ET subject will lead to the global proliferation of new energy systems which will rapidly result in an equalization of power in the world. The US and Europe have around 600 million people. That is only 10% of the world’s population. Once the other 90% rise in technological and economic standing, it is clear that the geo-political power will shift - or equalize - to the rest of the world. Power will have to be shared. Real global collective security will be inevitable. It is the end of the world as we know it.

When you combine the economic and technological impact with the geo-political impact, it becomes obvious that the changes related to ending secrecy are truly tectonic - massive, world-encircling and transformative. It is not to be regarded lightly.

But 50 years after the world could have had these new technologies — and 50 long years of ecological degradation, social and economic chaos and disparity — we find that we are the last generation in the long line of passing the cosmic hot potato known as the UFO secrecy problem.

And here we stand, holding this hot potato, but what shall we do about it?

To end the secrecy means vast and profound changes in virtually every aspect of human existence — economic, social, technological, philosophical, geo-political and so forth. But to continue the secrecy and the suppression of these new energy and propulsion technologies means something far more destabilizing: the collapse of the Earth’s ecosystem and the certain depletion of the fossil fuels on which we depend. And the growing anger of the have-nots, who are needlessly being deprived of a full and dignified life. There are no more generations to which we can pass this cosmic hot potato: we must deal with it and do what should have been done in 1950.

The Webs We Weave

As if the foregoing was not enough to justify secrecy, recall that extraordinary things have been done to maintain this secrecy. The infrastructure needed to maintain and expand the level of secrecy which can deceive presidents and CIA Directors and senior congressional leaders and European Prime Ministers and the like is substantial - and illegal. Let me be clear, the entity which controls the UFO matter and its related technologies has more power than any single government in the world or any single identified world leader.

That such a situation could arise was forewarned by President Eisenhower when, in January 1961, he cautioned us regarding the growing "military-industrial complex." This was his last speech to the world as president - and he was warning us directly of a frightening situation about which he had personal knowledge. For Eisenhower had seen the ET craft and deceased ET bodies. He knew of the covert programs dealing with the situation. But he also knew that he had lost control of these projects and that they were lying to him about the extent and full nature of their research and development activities.

Indeed, the current state-of-the-art in secrecy is a hybrid, quasi-government, quasi privatized operation which is international — and functions outside of the purview of any single agency or any single government. "The Government" — as you and I and Thomas Jefferson may think of it — is really quite outside the loop. Rather, a select, tightly controlled and compartmentalized ‘black’ or unacknowledged project controls these matters. Access is by inclusion alone and if you are not included, it does not matter if you are CIA Director, President, Chairman of Senate Foreign Relations or UN Secretary General, you simply will not know about or have access to these projects.

Indeed the situation is so dire that senior Joint Chiefs of Staff leaders in the Pentagon who I have briefed have no more access to such projects than any other civilian - unless they are on the "inside" for some reason. But this is rare.

To acquire and maintain such power all types of things have been done. We are reminded of that Robert Frost poem in which he describes "the webs we weave..." But how does such an entity extract itself from such a web of secrecy, deceit, lies and insubordination?

To be specific, this group has usurped power and rights not legally granted to it. It is extra-constitutional, both in the US and in the UK and other countries around the world.

I will grant the possibility that, at least initially, this covert undertaking was designed to maintain secrecy and avoid instability. But the risks of inadvertent leaks — or a national or world leader deciding legally that it was time for disclosure — made it essential to weave a web of greater and greater secrecy and of illegal operations. And now the web has closed in on the operation itself.

That is, the complexity of the compartmentalized projects, the degree of unconstitutional and unauthorized activity, the "privatization" (or theft) by corporate partners (the "industrial" part of the military-industrial complex) of advanced technologies, the continued lying to legally elected and appointed leaders and to the public — all of these and more have contributed to a psychology of continued secrecy — because disclosure would expose the greatest scandal in recorded history.

For example, how would the public react to the fact that the degradation of the entire Earth’s ecosystem and the irretrievable loss of thousands of species of plants and animals now extinct due to pollution, has been utterly unnecessary — and could have been avoided if only an honest release of this information had occurred in the 1950s?

How would society react to the knowledge that trillions of dollars have been spent on unauthorized, unconstitutional projects over the years? And that these taxpayer dollars have been used by corporate partners in this secrecy to develop spin-off technologies based on the study of ET objects that were later patented and used in highly profitable technologies? Not only have the taxpayers been defrauded, they have then been made to pay a premium for such breakthroughs that were the result of research paid for by them! And this does not address the intellectual property theft of such technologies from the ETs. While the basic energy generation and propulsion technologies have been withheld, these corporate partners have profited wildly from other breakthroughs and benefits in electronics, miniaturization and related areas. Such covert technology transfers constitutes a multi-trillion dollar theft of technologies that really should be public domain since taxpayers have paid for it.

And how would the public react to the fact that the multi-billion dollar space program, using internal combustion rockets and the like, has been a primitive and unnecessary experiment since much more advanced technologies and propulsion systems were in existence before we ever went to the moon? NASA and related agencies have, for the most part, been as much a victim of this secrecy as has the rest of the government and the public. Only a small, very compartmentalized fraction of NASA people know of the real ET technologies hidden away in these projects. Certainly my uncle, who helped design the lunar module which took Neil Armstrong to the moon, was as much a victim an anyone insofar as he was denied access to these technological breakthroughs. He had to rely on the old physics and the old internal combustion jet thruster technologies just like everyone else. What a shame.

The inescapable reality is this: This secret project, no matter how well intentioned initially, got carried away with its own secret power. It abused this power. It has hijacked our future for fifty years.

In fact, the quiet coup d’etat of the late 1940s and early 1950s, once exposed, could result in real instability today.

But the situation is actually much worse than this. All that is written above is dwarfed by a larger problem: The covert group running these UFO related black projects have also had exclusive sway over the early days of an embryonic extraterrestrial-human relationship. And it was been tragically mismanaged — nearly to the point of genuine global catastrophe.

For what happens when an unelected, unappointed, self-selecting, militarily oriented group alone has to deal with inter-species relations between humans and ETs? Well, as in most areas, if you wear rose-colored glasses the entire world looks red. And if you are wearing military glasses, every new and uncontrolled development will be seen as a potential or real military threat.

The nature of such a group — which is inordinately controlled and incestuous — is that it is homogenous in world-view and mind-set. Power and control are preeminent qualities. Such extreme secrecy creates a very dangerous milieu in which checks and balances, give and take, are utterly lacking. And in such an environment, very dangerous decisions can be made with inadequate feedback, discussion or insight from needed perspectives that are, per force, excluded.

In such an environment of extreme secrecy, militarism and paranoia, we have found that immensely dangerous actions have been taken against the ETs. Indeed, we have multiple inside sources who have described to us the use of increasingly advanced technologies to track, target and destroy extraterrestrial assets. If there is even a 10% chance that this is true ( I am convinced it is 100% accurate) we are dealing with a global diplomatic and social crisis which is utterly out of our control but which puts the entire planet at risk.

Remember, covert reverse-engineering projects have resulted in huge quantum leaps forward in technologies that, once applied to military systems, could be a real threat to ETs who may be here peacefully. The attempts to rapidly militarize space are likely a result of a myopic, militaristic and paranoid view of extraterrestrial projects and intentions. If left unchecked, it can only result in catastrophe.

Indeed this group, no matter how well-intentioned, is in urgent need of exposure so that global statesmen with a new perspective can intercede in this situation. While we see no evidence that the ET civilizations are at all hostile, it is also clear that it is unlikely that they will allow unfettered and growing interference with their operations. Self-defense is likely a universal quality. And while tremendous restraint has been shown by the ET s thus far, might there be a "cosmic trip wire" if human covert technologies begin to reach parity and we are using such advanced technologies in a bellicose fashion? The prospect is sobering.

We need our Jimmy Carters and Dalai Lammas and other international statesmen involved with so vast a problem. But if access is denied -and the subject remains undisclosed and off the global radar screen — we are left with the unelected few to decide our fate and act on our behalf. This must change, and soon.

In the final analysis, while the changes attendant such a disclosure related to UFOs and ETs would be massive and profoundly impact virtually every aspect of life on Earth, it is still the right thing to do. Secrecy has taken on a life of its own — it is a growing cancer which needs to be cured before it destroys the life of Earth and all who dwell on her.

The reasons for secrecy are clear: Global power, economic and technological control, geo-political status quo, the fear of scandal surrounding the exposure of such projects and their behavior and so forth.

But the one thing more dangerous than disclosure is continued secrecy. The Earth is dying because we are killing her. The top 250 people and families in the world have the net worth of 2.5 billion of our poorest citizens. The promising relationship between humanity and people from other planets is being militarized and strained by failed thinking and failed programs run completely in secret.

As daunting as disclosure may be, with all its potential for short-term instability and change, continued secrecy means that we will destroy the Earth through our folly and greed. The future of humanity, which has been delayed and hijacked for the past 50 years, cannot be hijacked for 50 more. For we do not have 50 more years - the Earth’s ecosystem will collapse before then.

There are no easy choices. But there is one right one. Will you help us make it?



Can the government keep a secret?

A really big secret — the biggest of all time? When the peccadilloes of every politician and government leader are prime time news, could the government hide from us the most astounding discovery in the history of the world — the existence of extraterrestrial life?

Well, yes — and no.

First, the concept of government must be redefined, because there exists the government of "we the people," elected and appointed officials, public representatives, the executive, legislative and judicial branches, etc., etc., a la your standard junior high civics course.

But then, there is also the unacknowledged "government:" the "government" of deep cover, deep black projects, contract agents and companies, and shadowy mid-level functionaries whose task it is to ensure that the government of ‘we the people’ knows little or nothing about the unacknowledged "government."

The right hand does not know — or often want to know — what the left hand is doing...

But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves now. First some background.

For nearly eleven years I have quietly researched how real secrecy is maintained, in the latter half of the twentieth century. What I have found is astonishing, and frankly unbelievable. What you are about to read is the truth — but I admit that I would not have believed it had someone told me this 10 years ago. You may want to read the rest of this article as if it were a fictional story. You may feel more comfortable looking at all of this from a distance. But let some part of you know that this is the truth.

This section is not about whether UFOs/ETs are real, or are visiting Earth. Let’s get this out of the way first, since it is the easy part: UFOs are real; they are of extraterrestrial origin; they have been around for decades (if not centuries); there is no evidence that they are hostile; there is probably more than one type of life form visiting us; and aspects of the "government" have known this for 50 years, at least.

The more difficult part of this subject is getting your mind around the fact that something this extraordinary is real, and yet remains somehow unreal, hidden, secret, enigmatic. That the official government — and the official keepers of truth in the media and science — have been deceived for this long is a tribute to the sophistication, depth, breadth and ubiquity of a secret program unparalleled in history.

Indeed, the story of how — and why — this deception has existed exceeds the extraterrestrial phenomenon itself in bizarreness, mystery and incredulity. In fact, it seems that the effectiveness of the secrecy is itself related to the stunning incredulity of the nature of the secrecy. Put another way, the whys, hows, and wherefores of these secret projects are so bizarre and unbelievable, that they provide their own best cover: no one would believe it even if they came upon it. It is absolutely over the top.

To be honest, my own first reaction to what you are about to read was, "Yeah, right…" But then confirmation after confirmation, and independent corroboration after independent corroboration convinced me of it. And then I was saying, "Oh God..."

Space here only permits me to share with you the highlights of 6 years of intense, behind-the-scenes research. Someday, I hope the entire story can be told, names and all, but for now allow me to paint for you a broad picture, and some of the details. This information comes from personal, private and exquisitely sensitive meetings and long discussions with very senior and relevant military, intelligence, political and private corporate sources. The search for truth regarding these secret projects has brought me to heads of state, royalty, CIA officials, NSA operatives, US and foreign military leaders, political leaders and high-tech corporate contractors. The process has been exhaustive, relentless and mind-blowing. Safety and prudence requires that I leave their names out of this for now; by the time you finish reading this, the reason will be obvious.

Beginning at least as early as World War II, we found that certain officials in the US government knew that we were not alone, that there were advanced machines flying around in certain regions of the WWII conflict which were not ours, and not theirs. A medical colleague and friend, whose relative was a celebrated WWII pilot, has told me that this pilot was sent to Europe by the president to figure out what these so-called "foo" fighters were. He reported back to the president that they were extraterrestrial spacecraft.

From there on, it gets more and more strange. A retired general, who later became right hand man to a certain CIA director, told me this: That as a military officer in 1946, he was responsible for writing "non-responsive" letters regarding a series of day time sightings of UFOs over Idaho. He said people knew the UFOs were real, but soon a Cold War was on, and later a few hot wars ensued, and everyone was concerned with global thermonuclear war — so who had time to worry about these enigmatic but harmless ETs?

Who indeed?

Multiple new, independently corroborating witnesses told us of the crash and retrieval of ET spacecraft in 1947 in New Mexico and in 1948 in Kingman Arizona. Now this really got someone’s attention, and the name of the game was, henceforth, advanced extraterrestrial technology. How does it work; what can it be used for; how will they use it; what if the Soviets figure it out before we do; what if it leaks out and some new Hitler uses it to dominate the world; what if people panic when they learn of it; what if?

And a million more questions, at the time all unanswered.

And thus was born the secret project of the millennium.

After all, at the time, we were working on the development of the hydrogen bomb — and our arch enemy the Soviets were hot on our tail. What could be more destabilizing to an already fragile world order than the introduction of inter-stellar propulsion technology to a world of vacuum tubes and internal combustion engines? To say we were facing a quantum leap in technological capability is an understatement. And we wanted it safely for ourselves.

So, "National Security" demanded that this entire matter be kept quiet at all costs. And no cost was spared in doing so.

But there was one very large and busy fly in this ointment: The ETs were flying, sometimes in formation, with thousands of witnesses, over the skies of America, and the rest of the world. Now, how do you hide that?

The mind hides it. In an Orwellian twist, it was found from past psychological warfare efforts during WWII that, indeed, if you tell a lie often enough, especially if told by ‘respected’ authority figures, the people will believe it. It appears that one of the masters of psychological warfare during WWII was put in charge of this in the late 1940s. General Walter Bedell Smith helped coordinate the psychological warfare components of this problem, and helped launch the big lie: UFOs, even though millions have seen them, do not exist.

For every sighting that made its way into public awareness, there would be official denial and, worse, ridicule of the event and the observers. Harvard Astronomer Donald Menzel was trotted out to tell the world that it was all hysteria, that UFOs were not real, that it was all poppycock.

So well into the 1950s, a relatively small group of people knew the truth, and kept the truth to themselves. When an event occurred which got the media’s attention, authority figures would deny and ridicule it. Since humans are generally insecure social creatures, and more like lemmings that we would like to admit, it became clear that if you wanted to avoid embarrassment, ridicule and social estrangement, you kept quiet about UFOs, even if you had seen one up close and personal. Add to this the active encouragement of wacky stories and bizarre tall tales within the civilian UFO subculture, aided by the naturally occurring level of crazies and crack-pots in society generally and, well, you get the picture. Any respectable person –and especially the "respectable" media, scientists and political leaders — would have to view this as the "topic non grata" to avoid.

(Having gone through what I have in the past 11 years, I really can’t say I blame them...)

But this is all very conventional stuff, really. The bizarre twists began in the 1950s, when a new model for covert projects evolved; a Frankenstein was created, but now it has gotten a will of its own, has gotten up off the table, breaking all restraints, and is moving around amongst us.

In late 1993 and into 1994, 1995 and 1996, from one meeting to another, a shocking truth emerged. Somehow on the way to the 90s, something awful had happened: The entire matter had been largely privatized, was 10 levels deep black and was operating outside the constitutional chain of command of the US or any other government. Now, I know what you are thinking — I thought the same at first — but hear me out.

Within a few months of that initial meeting in July of 1993, I and/or members of our team had met with very, very senior officials of the CIA, Congress, the Clinton Administration, the UN, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the military in England and elsewhere. Our initial logic was first to make the case to these folks that since the Cold War was over, a window of opportunity had opened through which a major disclosure on this matter could be made. The time had come to return this matter to the international community. Right? Wrong! Virtually without exception, leaders in the military, intelligence fields, politics and national security areas agreed that the time had come for the truth to be told. Problem is, they had no access to the truth, or the data, or the cases, or the technology or the deceased ET bodies in storage (Yes, we know where they are and it is not Wright Patterson Air Force Base any longer).

Those who I thought would be in the loop were out, and the ones running the show were a strange combination of covert operatives and private corporate interests. From then on it was through the looking glass we go.

My ancestors fought in the American Revolution in North Carolina. They fought for the establishment of a constitutional, representative form of government; now I wondered what had happened to the constitution. Like a very bad dream, I kept hoping to awaken to find it was not true. How could I share this with others? Who would believe it? It was bad enough for a doctor in NC to maintain that we were being visited by advanced extraterrestrial life forms, but this?

I asked a friend who was on the staff of President Reagan’s National Security Council how this could be true. How could some of the most powerful people in the world — in government, in the military, the senior intelligence and national security areas — not only not know about this, but have no access to this information? I asked him if we let the President know exactly who out there really does know about this and he called them into the Oval Office and said, "I am the President of the United States and I want you to tell me everything you know about this matter," what would they do?

He laughed and said, "Steve, if they don’t want the President to know, they will simply lie to the president and say no such thing exists. It’s done all the time..." I was stunned by the cynicism of this, and by the clear breech in constitutional law.

Under the ruse of "plausible deniability" to "protect" senior government officials, this apparently is done in certain sensitive areas, and the UFO matter is the most sensitive of all.

In a meeting with a very senior leader in the intelligence community, whose position any one in the public would assume allowed him to know every bit of important secret information, I discovered that, even though this official knew the matter was real, that the UFOs were real, he had no access to either past or current information or projects dealing with the ET subject. Again, I was stunned.

Ditto for very senior Senate investigators with subpoena power and top secret clearance. Ditto for people at the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Ditto for senior UN people. Ditto for senior Ministry of Defense officials in Great Britain. Ditto for heads of state.

And so it went, on and on. No deception this; these meetings were arranged by personal, back-door contacts and friends. Ironically, these leaders were turning to us for information, analysis and, strangely, action, to get this secret mess fixed. My pointing out that I am only a country doctor from North Carolina, with a wife, four kids, a minivan and a golden retriever did not change this reality. So in my ‘spare’ time, I have done what I could.

UNACKNOWLEDGED SPECIAL ACCESS PROJECTS. USAPS. This term — concept, really — took some time to take hold. Call me naive, but I really believe in democracy and the constitution, the office of the president, the importance of a congress and so on. But such quaint notions at some point had to be assimilated in my mind and reconciled with this new reality: That the president, and congress and the courts and the UN and all the other world leaders exist. They worry about taxes, money, programs of this sort or another. But the really big stuff - leave them out of it. After all, these people come and go every 2 or 4 years. What they don’t know won’t hurt them; besides, we’re doing them a favor by keeping them innocent of any knowledge of these secret projects. At any rate, these projects are UNACKNOWLEDGED, and they don’t really exist at all...

What is a USAP? It is a top secret, compartmentalized project requiring special access even for those with a top secret clearance, AND it is unacknowledged. This means that if someone -anyone- including your superiors, including the commander and chief, the president, asks you about it, you reply that no such project exists. You lie.

People in these USAPS are dead serious about keeping their project secret, and will do nearly anything to keep the story covered, and to keep both other officials and the public disinformed.

And the grand daddy of all USAPS is the UFO/ET matter.

Remember that a top secret Canadian document written by Wilbert Smith in 1950 stated that he had found that a secret US group was working on the UFO matter, including the technology behind the UFOs, and that this was the most secret undertaking in the US government, exceeding even the secrecy surrounding the development of the H-bomb.

Now imagine if you will, this project 50 years later. A lot of water has gone beneath the bridge. There has been 50 years and countless billions spent on various aspects of the project: reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology to figure out how it works; experiments with non-linear propulsion and communications systems; massive public disinformation efforts and the deceit of constitutionally elected and appointed officials and bodies; and more.

Add to this active disinformation — the hoaxing or simulation of false ET events, to deceive the public and serve as decoys, thus taking peoples’ attention away from the real action. Abductions. Mutilations. Hybrid babies floating in space and in underground bases. Secret pacts between one-world -government forces and the sinister aliens. And so forth ad nauseam. Tragically, the tabloid media, book publishers, the UFO subculture/industry and the general public eat this stuff up by the gallon measure.

Not only does this nonsense serve as effective decoys to the unfunded and unprofessional civilian UFO subculture, it creates the patina of craziness and tawdriness needed to keep "respectable" scientists, mainstream media and public officials silent. It keeps the whole matter safely off their radar screens.

From the mid-1940s to the mid to late 1950s, as these matters go, this secret group was somewhat conventional. A number of officials in the Truman and Eisenhower administrations knew about it and were involved. It was genuinely felt to be imperative to the national security that this matter be kept quiet for a while. And I believe they were acting in good faith, and within the reasonable limits of our constitutional democracy.

But apparently sometime in the mid to late Eisenhower years, a pattern developed where those who legally should be in the loop were shoved out. We have more than one corroborating source that this was the case in the late Eisenhower years and the Kennedy Administration.

First hand witnesses have told us that Eisenhower was furious that he was being kept in the dark about a number of important aspects of the UFO/ET matter. He had seen the ET spacecraft and bodies, and yet he found that extraordinary projects were under way, and he was out of the loop. Is it any wonder then that, notwithstanding the fact that he was a five star general and conservative Republican, he warned of the "military-industrial complex" in his last address to the nation as president? People forget that it was this five star general — and not Abby Hoffman — who coined the term military-industrial complex, first warning us of the dangers of its excesses. Why? Because he had seen those excesses up close and personal.

Fast forward to June of 1963. Kennedy is flying to Berlin to deliver his famous speech proclaiming, "I am a Berliner." On board Air Force One is a military man who relates the following: Kennedy, on the long flight, at one point began discussing the UFO matter with this military officer. He admitted that he knew the UFOs were real, had seen the evidence, but then astonished the officer by stating that "the whole matter is out of my hands, and I don’t know why..." Kennedy said that he wanted the truth to come out, but that he couldn’t do it. And this is the President of the United States, the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, stating that the matter is out of his hands, and he doesn’t know why. I wonder if he found out before he was killed later that year.

Eisenhower, Kennedy, Clinton Administration figures, military leaders, intelligence leaders, foreign leaders. All out of the loop. But all know its real. What is going on?

USAPS is only part of the story. The smaller part. Remember Eisenhower warning of the military-industrial complex? Operative word: industrial, private, privatized. In discussing this matter with a former head of the Ministry of Defense in Great Britain in July of 1995, I found that he was similarly kept out of the loop. We found once again that the really secret stuff was kept from even a man who was head of MI5 and the MoD. The answer existed in part with USAPS, but more largely with private contract entities.

The US government builds almost nothing (thank goodness...). The B2 Stealth bomber is not built by the US government, but FOR the US government by private industry. And private industry keeps secrets even better than USAPS. It makes sense: After all these years no body knows the formula for Coca Cola. Not even the President of the United States can get it. The formula is secret, and private.

Now if you will, combine the proprietary power of private secrets with a combined liaison with USAPS and you build a covert fortress which is virtually impenetrable. Because if you try to get at it through the private sector, it is protected by proprietary privilege. And if you try to get to it through the public sector-government it is hidden in USAPS, and the "government" as you and I ordinarily think of it is clueless.

And from personal experience I can tell you that if you inform the leaders of this, they will hold their heads in their hands and say, as I once did, "Oh my God..."

So, what is the essential profile of this covert operation?

Description: This group is a quasi-governmental, USAPS related, quasi-private entity operating internationally/transnationally. The majority of operations are centered in private industrial "work for others" contract projects related to the understanding and application of advanced extraterrestrial technologies. Related compartmentalized units, which are also USAPS, are involved in disinformation, public deception, active disinformation, so-called abductions and mutilations, reconnaissance and UFO tracking, space-based weapons systems and specialized liaison groups (for example to media, political leaders, the scientific community, the corporate world, etc.). Think of this entity as a hybrid between government, USAPS, and private industry.

The group consists primarily of mid-level USAPS-related military and intelligence operatives, USAPS or black units within certain high-tech corporate entities, and select liaisons within the international policy analysis community, certain religious groups, the scientific community and the media, among others. The identities of some of these entities and individuals are known to us, though most remain unidentified.

Approximately 1/3 to 1/2 or those comprising the decision-making body are now in favor of a public disclosure of some type on this matter; these are, in general, the younger members who have less complicity in past excesses. The remaining members are opposed or ambivalent regarding a near-term disclosure.

Actual policy and decision-making seems to rest predominantly at this time in the private, civilian sector, as opposed to USAP-related military and intelligence officials, though some information indicates that there is significant relative autonomy in certain areas of operations. It is our current assessment that a rising degree of debate exists regarding certain covert operations and the advisability of a disclosure.

Many compartmentalized operations within "black" or USAPS projects are structured so that those working on the task may be unaware that it is UFO/ET related. For example, some aspects of the so-called "Star Wars" effort, or SDI, are intended to target extraterrestrial spacecraft that come into close proximity to Earth, but the vast majority of scientists and workers in the SDI program are unaware of this.

We have learned from three separate, corroborating sources that since the early 1990s, at least 2 extraterrestrial spacecraft have been targeted and destroyed by experimental space-based weapons systems.

The vast majority of political leaders, including White House officials, military leaders, congressional leaders, UN leaders and other world leaders are not routinely briefed on this matter. When and if inquiries are made, they are told nothing about the operations, nor is the existence of any operation confirmed to them. In general the nature of this covert entity ensures that such leaders do not even know to whom such inquiries should be addressed.

International cooperation exists to a wide extent, though some witnesses state that certain countries, particularly China, have aggressively pursued somewhat independent agendas.

Major bases of operations, apart from widely diversified private sites, include Edwards Air Force Base in California, Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, particularly S4 and adjacent facilities, Los Alamos New Mexico, Fort Huachuca Arizona (Army Intelligence Headquarters), the Redstone Arsenal in Alabama, and a relatively new, expanding underground facility accessible only by air in a remote area of Utah, among others. Additional facilities and operations centers exist in a number of other countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, and Russia. Numerous agencies have deep cover, black, USAPS related units involved with these operations, including the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), the National Security Agency (NSA), the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), Naval Intelligence, Army Intelligence, Air Force Intelligence, the FBI, and a group known as MAJI control. An even more extensive list of private, civilian and corporate entities have significant involvement. The majority of scientific, technical and advanced technology operations are centered in the civilian industrial and research firms. Significant — and lethal — security is provided by private contractors.

The majority of personnel as well as the leadership of most if not all of these agencies and private groups are uninvolved and unaware of these compartmentalized, unacknowledged operations. For this reason, sweeping accusations related to any particular agency or corporate entity are wholly unwarranted. "Plausible deniability" exists at many levels. Moreover, specialization and compartmentalization allows a number of operations to exist without those involved knowing that their task is related to the UFO/ET subject.

Both positive inducements to cooperate and penalties for violating secrecy are extraordinary. A senior military source has related to us that at least 10,000 people have received $1 million or more each to ensure their cooperation, over the past few decades. Regarding penalties, we know of more than one credible case where individuals have had their families threatened should they break the code of silence, and we have learned of two recent alleged ‘suicides’ at a private contract industrial firm which occurred after the victims began to violate secrecy on a reverse-engineering project related to ET technology.

Funding: A senior congressional investigator has privately related to us that "black budget" funds apparently are used for this and similar operations which are USAPS. This ‘black budget’ involves conservatively $10 billion, and may exceed $80 billion per year. The amount dedicated to the UFO/ET operation specifically is unknown at this time. Additionally, significant funds are derived from overseas sources and private and institutional sources. Amounts deriving from these activities are also unknown by us.

This is part of what we know at this time. Obviously, there are more questions than answers here, and what is unknown exceeds what is known. Nevertheless, we have, I believe, made significant and historic advances in understanding how this entity operates. I have presented this general assessment to a number of important military, political and policy institute figures, and was surprised that it was regarded as quite accurate and in agreement with independent assessments arrived at separately by them.

But the larger question is why? As in life in general, the whats, whos and hows are always easier than the whys. Why the continued secrecy and deception?

I am reluctant to go too much further out on this limb, because here we get into questions related to ultimate motive and purpose, which is always a rather squishy area, ill-defined in the best of cases. And this, I am afraid, is no ordinary matter, and the emotions, motives and purpose behind such extraordinary and high-stakes actions are likely complex and dissonant. Indeed, such motives are likely a very mixed bag, ranging from the initially noble and well-intentioned, to the depraved.

Sen. Barry Goldwater told me in 1994 that the secrecy surrounding the ET subject was "a damn mistake then and a damn mistake now..." I am inclined to agree with the senator here, but the drive for secrecy was not and is not altogether rooted in stupidity. Rather, I see it rooted in fear and a lack of trust.

While I generally dislike psycho-babble, I believe the psychology of all of this is important. It is my belief that secrecy, especially extreme secrecy of this degree, is always a symptom of illness. If you have secrets in your family, it is a sickness, born out of fear, insecurity and distrust. This, I feel, can be extended to communities, companies, and societies. Ultimately, the drive for secrecy is a symptom of a deeper malaise derived from a fundamental lack of trust, and an abundance of fear and insecurity.

In the case of UFOs/ET, the early days of the 1940s and 1950s were, I sense, a time of fear bordering on The USSR was expanding its empire, and arming itself to the teeth with bigger and deadlier nuclear weapons. And they were beating us in the race into space.

Now along come extraterrestrial spacecraft, which are retrieved along with deceased (and one living) life form. Panic. Fear. Confusion. Countless unanswered questions arise, all tinged with fear.

Why are they here? How will the public react? How can we secure their technology — and keep it from our mortal enemies? How can we tell the people that the most powerful air force in the world cannot control its airspace? What will happen to religious belief? To the economic order? To political stability? To the keepers of current technology? To....

It is my opinion that the early days of secrecy were predictable, even understandable, and possibly even justifiable.

But as the decades rolled by, and especially with the end of the Cold War, fear alone does not fully explain the secrecy. After all, 1996 is not 1946 — we have been to space, landed on the moon, detected planets around other star systems, found the building blocks of life in far-away space, and about 50% of the population believe the UFOs are real. And the soviet empire has collapsed.

I believe two other significant factors are at play now: Greed and control, and the inertia of decades of secrecy.

Greed and control are easily understood: Imagine being involved with a project unraveling and then applying advanced extraterrestrial technology. The power and economic impact — and thus value — of such technology exceeds the combined significance of the internal combustion engine, electricity, the computer chip and all forms of telecommunications. We are talking about the technology of the next millennium. You think the computer/information age revolution is big? Fasten your seat belts, because down the road — sooner or later — will be the non-linear, zero point technological revolutions based on advanced ET technologies.

No wonder the corporate, military-industrial complex interest and secrecy exceeds even that of the government related USAPS. The formula for Coca Cola has nothing on this.

The bureaucratic inertia of large secret operations is yet another matter. After decades of operations, and of lies, public deceptions and worse, how does such a group unravel all the webs it has weaved? There is a certain addictive allure to secret power for some types of people; they are charged by having and knowing secrets. And there is the specter of a sort of cosmic Watergate, with all manner of people calling for this head or that. It becomes easier to maintain the status quo, something all bureaucracies are adept at doing.

And even now there is fear. Not just fear of being exposed in the age of Watergate, this -gate and that-gate, but a rather xenophobic and primitive fear of the unknown. Who are these humanoids, why are they here; how dare they enter our airspace without our permission! Humanity has a long tradition of fearing - and hating - that which is different, unknown, from elsewhere. Witness the still-rampant racial, ethnic, religious, and nationalistic prejudice and hatred that ravage the world of humanity. There is an almost ingrained xenophobic response to the unknown and that which is different. And it is certain that the ETs are more different from us than, say, Protestants are from Catholics in Ireland.

I once asked a physicist involved with military and intelligence operations related to UFOs why we were attempting to destroy these spacecraft with advanced space-based weapons. He immediately became agitated and said, "Those cowboys running this thing are so arrogant, so out of control, that they view any entry by a UFO into our air space as an offense worthy of a hostile response. And they are going to get us into an inter-planetary conflict if we are not careful..."

And so it goes. Fear. Fear of the unknown. Greed and control. Institutional inertia. These are a few of what I see as the current animating forces driving the continued secrecy.

But where to from here? How to transform this situation from extreme secrecy to disclosure?

There is an old Chinese proverb that says, "Unless we change directions, we are likely to end up where we are going." How true. And where we are going in this area is immensely dangerous. Extreme secrecy, especially on something this far-reaching and important, undermines democracy, subverts the constitution, concentrates enormous technological power in the hands of the unelected few and puts the entire planet in harms way. This must end.

I suggest that the Administration, in cooperation with Congress, sponsor open hearings where these witnesses, who now number over 400, could openly testify to what they know about the UFO/ET matter. This would constitute a definitive disclosure, I assure you. In this regard, you can help in two ways:

  1. Write the President and ask that he issue an executive order permitting these witnesses to safely come forward, and at the same time write your Senator and Congressman and request that they sponsor open hearings where these witnesses may speak.
  2. Contact us immediately if you or someone you know may be a current or former government, military or corporate witness. We have protective measures in place, and the more witnesses we have, the stronger the case — and the greater the margin of safety for all concerned. Please help us if you can.

The international community and the United Nations should similarly hold open hearings on this matter. We have witnesses from all over the world, and ideally, an international disclosure and evidence gathering effort should begin immediately.

The world community should not sit by passively, thus abdicating responsibility to secret operations. The Disclosure Project has for five years been involved in a citizens diplomacy effort, and made significant breakthroughs in developing protocols to contact these extraterrestrial visitors. Rather than passively watching this as some distant "phenomenon," we should attempt to establish communication with these life forms, and begin the early stages of an open inter-planetary relationship. If you are interested in learning more about how you can be involved in such a research and diplomacy effort, contact us.

Lastly, we must be prepared to forgive. There is nothing to be gained by calling for severe retribution for those involved with either current or past secrecy. Many may have felt they were doing the right thing at the time, and even currently. We do not need a cosmic Watergate, and we must collectively renounce it. We should be willing to look to the moment and to the future, and forgive the past. There is precedent for this: In the early days of the Clinton Administration, there were sweeping disclosures about past excesses and crazy experiments within the Department of Energy, and the former Atomic Energy Commission. We learned of plutonium being put on the oatmeal of kids in orphanages, of deliberate radiation releases in populated areas to see "what would happen," and so forth. This truth came out, and the world did not end. Nobody had to go to jail. The government did not collapse, and the sky did not fall. Let us move forward, with some real compassion and forgiveness, and begin this century anew.

Ultimately, if the people will lead, the leaders will follow. Courage, vision and perseverance are needed to transform this situation, and create a time of openness, trust and to lay the foundation for both global and inter-planetary peace. If our leaders currently lack this courage and vision, then we must manifest it for them. The stakes are too high to look the other way while our future is stolen from us. The future of life on Earth, and our place in the cosmos are at risk. Together, let us work to secure it, for our children and our children’s children.



Copyright 1998 Steven M. Greer M.D, Prepared for Congress, 30 August 1996


Government Facilities:

Edwards AFB

Haystack Butte

China Lakes

George AFB

Norton AFB

Table Top Mountain Observatory (NASA)

Blackjack Control

Aerospace Facilities

Northrop "Anthill" (Tejon Ranch)

McDonnald Douglas Llano Plant

Lockheed-Martin Helendale Plant

Phillips Labs (North Edwards facility)


Area 51/S4

Pahute Mesa and Area 19

Groom Lake


Los Alamos National Laboratories

Kirtland Air Force Base

Sandia National Laboratories (SNL), Defense Nuclear Agency

Phillips Labs

Manzano Mountain Weapons Storage Facility, and underground complex

Coyote Canyon Test Site (N. end of Manzano)

White Sands Complex


Fort Huachuca, underground storage facility, NSA and Army Intelligence complex

near Ft. Huachuca underground storage of extraterrestrial spacecraft and previously

autopsied extraterrestrial life forms


Utah underground complex southwest of Salt Lake City, accessible only by air

Redstone Arsenal underground complex Alabama

Lawrence Livermore Labs

Cheyenne Mountain Colorado Deep Space Network, dedicated console for tracking UFOs

US Government Agencies with Current or Past Involvement

(Activities are compartmentalized into super-secret USAPS -Unacknowledged Special Access Projects, which means that they are not acknowledged to anyone, even those senior in the chain of command.)

NRO (National Reconnaissance Office)

NSA (National Security Agency)


Military Intelligence divisions (Army, Air Force, Navy)

Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI)



Space Commands


Private Corporate Entities Believed To Be Involved

Northrup Aerospace

Boeing Aerospace

Lockheed Martin (various facilities including Denver research center)


E Systems


Wackenhut Corp.

Village Supercomputing, Phoenix AZ

Phillips Labs

McDonnell Douglas Corp.


Rockwell International

Booz-Allen and Hamilton, Inc.


SAIC (Science Applications International, Inc.)

Bechtel Corp.




Brigadier General Stephen Lovekin: Army National Guard Reserves

"But what happened was that Eisenhower got sold out. Without him knowing it, he lost control of what was going on with the entire UFO situation. In his last address to the nation, I think he was telling us that the Military Industrial Complex would stick you in the back if you were not totally vigilant. And, I think that he felt like he had not been vigilant. I think he felt like he trusted too many people. And, Eisenhower was a trusting man. He was a good man. And I think that he realized that all of a sudden this matter is going into the control of corporations that could very well act to the detriment of this country.

"This frustration, from what I can remember, went on for months. He realized that he was losing control of the UFO subject. He realized that the phenomenon or whatever it was that we were faced with was not going to be in the best hands. As far as I can remember, that was the expression that was used, "It is not going to be in the best hands." That was a real concern. And so it has turned out to be…

"It had been discussed with me on numerous occasions what could happen to me militarily if I discussed this. I would say that the government has done as good a job enforcing secrecy through the installation of abject fear as they have done with anything within the memory of modern man. I really believe they have done a job.

"One older officer discussed with me what possibly could happen if there was a revelation. He was talking about being erased and I said, ‘Man, what do you mean erased?’ And, he said, ‘Yes, you will be erased-disappear." And I said, "How do you know all this?’ And he said, ‘I know. Those threats have been made and carried out. Those threats started way back in 1947. The Army Air Force was given absolute control over how to handle this. This being the biggest security situation that this country has ever dealt with and there have been some erasures…’

"I don’t care what kind of a person you are. I don’t care how strong or courageous you are. It would be a very fearful situation because from what Matt [this older officer] said, ‘They will go after not only you. They will go after your family.’ Those were his words. And, so I can only say that the reason that they have managed to keep it under wraps for so long is through fear. They are very selective about how they pull someone out to make an example of. And I know that that has been done."

Merle Shane McDow: US Navy Atlantic Command

"These two gentlemen began to question me about this event. They were being pretty rough about it, to be honest with you. I remember literally putting my hands up and saying, ‘Wait a minute fellows. I am on your side. Just a minute.’ Because they were not really nice. They were very intimidating and made it quite clear to the point that nothing that was seen, heard, or witnessed, that transpired was to leave this building. ‘You are not to say a word about it to your co-workers. And off base, you just forget everything that you may have seen or heard concerning this. It didn’t happen…’"

Lt. Col. Charles Brown: US Air Force (Retired)

"It is sort of strange but we send people to prison, we send people to their death because of eyewitness accounts of crimes. Our legal system is based on that to a large degree. Yet in my following of unusual aerial phenomena for the past 50 years, there seems to be some reason to discredit very viable and very reputable witnesses when they say something is unidentified…

"I do know that there are agencies of our Government that can manipulate data. And you can create or recreate [whatever you want]. Craft, intelligently operated craft, have basically violated our laws of physics on this planet. And they have done that for a long time. The fact that the Government at this point -- I know we have been investigating since 1947 -- has not come up with an answer, to me indicates that there is something seriously wrong. Are we this incompetent in science? I don’t think so. Are we this incompetent in intelligence? I know we are not this incompetent in intelligence. Now, Project Blue Book, when it was closed by Dr. Condon’s group, I have every reason to believe that this was a total deliberate whitewash….

"UFO’s have been investigated for an extended period of time and the general public is not being made aware, fully aware – but are given only bits and pieces, programmed responses and things like that."

"Dr. B":

"I know that some people I worked with did disappear on certain programs and were never heard from again. They just disappeared. There has been evidence of that all through my work. You know, that people go out on projects [and disappear]. But [to protect myself from this] I wouldn’t go any further on a project because I could see something strange coming. So, a lot of people have disappeared you know, that are higher up."

Lance Corporal Jonathan Weygandt: US Marine Corps

"‘You weren’t supposed to be there.’ ‘You are not supposed to see this.’ ‘You are going to be dangerous if we let you go.’ I thought that they were going to kill me, really…

"They had a Lieutenant Colonel from the Air Force and he did not identify himself. And he told me, ‘If we just took you out in the jungle, they would never find you out there.’ I didn’t want to test him to see if he would really do that so I just said, ‘Yeah.’ And, he said, ‘You have got to sign these papers. You never saw this.’ I ‘don’t exist’ and ‘this situation never happened.’ And if you tell anybody, you will just come up missing…

"They are yelling at me and hollering and cursing. ‘You didn’t see anything. We will do you and your whole goddamn family.’

"It was basically that for about eight or nine hours… ‘We are going to take you off in a helicopter and we are going to kick your ass out in the jungle and we are going to end you…"

"These different agencies are on their own. They don’t obey the law. They are rogue. Do I think that this is a project that goes up through the government and everyone has a piece in it? No. I think these guys operate on their own and no one knows what they do. It is so easy to do today. And there is no oversight, no control. They just do whatever they want…

"Lethal, deadly force has been used. For those of you who don’t know, I know marine snipers and I have heard other guys talk about it and I’ve heard that these guys go on the streets and they stalk people and they kill them. I know that the Army Airborne snipers do the same thing. They use Delta Force to go grab these people and silence them by killing them."


Maj. George A. Filer, III: US Air Force (ret.)

"At times I used to carry nuclear weapons. In other words, I was mentally fit to carry nuclear weapons, but I’m not mentally fit if I see a UFO. This criticism and this ridicule have done more to keep the story coming out than almost anything else."

Nick Pope: British Ministry of Defense Official

"I believe that governments and the military, and indeed private researchers, politicians- whoever- should place everything in the public domain on this issue. Governments can’t, I think, have it both ways. You cannot say on the one hand, as the party line often goes, that UFOs are of no defense significance, and then on the other keep back some of the data.

"You simply can’t do that. You have to have it one way or the other. And if, as governments consistently say when the politicians probe on this issue or when the media inquire, that there’s really nothing to worry about, then okay, let’s see all the data."

Larry Warren: US Air Force, Security Officer

"We were gone over with a Geiger counter and there was one return on one of the guys, and something was taken out of his pocket. This guy was removed very quickly. And, I will swear on my life, I never saw him again. He was removed. This happened to a lot of people. It led to a suicide that the Air Force is responsible for. This is a real person with a real name…

"We were brought in and there were sheets on top of the law enforcement desk. There were about 10 of us. And there were one, two, three, four, five, six, seven stacks of documents, pre-typed. One was a pre-typed statement, all generic, of what we saw -- which was not what we saw. It said we were off-duty and saw only unknown lights flipping amongst the trees. I clearly remember that. I said, what if we don’t sign this, Major Zigler? And, he says, you have no choice. And, he says, I have no choice but to ask you to do this…

"Two people came up behind each of us, and I do remember someone heading toward him, and I heard the sound of what sounded like an aerosol. And, I went black. My nose ran profusely and my chest got tight. I, obviously, was not getting into the car properly, so I was beaten, literally hit in the ribs and pushed… Anyway, I have 20 minutes of recall and I’m gone for a day. And, it’s established with other people. People said I was on emergency leave or on leave or off the base. But I was just under the base. And, there were other personnel down there.

…I had marks, by the way, from an IV, or something, when I came out of there. I had the bruise and I had a bandage. I will admit that. That’s for real. I had it. I’m terrified to know or think of what might have happened…

"The only reason I have my records is because I was advised to steal some of them, by an Air Force Colonel, because he said they would vaporize you. He said, they are going to fireproof you. I was looked at, almost like a Frank Serpico kind of guy. I was not a team player because I was talking to everyone… religious. I respect that, but we had nothing in common. He was a nice guy. And, they did not do anything to help us…"

Sgt. Clifford Stone: US Army

"During the discussion of UFO’s, the question, ultimately, is going to come up, can any government keep secrets, let alone the U.S. Government? And the answer to that is unequivocally yes. But one of the greatest weapons the intelligence community has at their disposal is a predisposition by the American people, the American politicians and the debunkers -- people who wish to try to debunk UFO information. They immediately come out and say, oh, we can’t keep secrets, we can’t keep secrets. Well, the truth is, yes, we can.

"The National Recognizance Office remained secret for many, many years. The mere existence of the NSA remained secret. The development of the atomic weapon remained secret until once you exploded one you eventually had to tell some people what was going on.

"And we are conditioned by our own paradigms not to accept the possibility or probability of a highly advanced intelligent civilization coming here to visit us. You have evidence in the form of highly credible reports of objects being seen, of the entities inside these objects being seen. Yet, we look for a prosaic explanation and we throw out the bits and pieces of the evidence that doesn’t meet our paradigm. So it is a self-keeping secret. You can conceal it in plain sight. It is political suicide to go and start hitting up intelligence agencies to get this information released. So, most of your members of Congress, and I know I’ve worked with a lot of them along that line, will balk and try not to do it. I can name you three members of Congress that were point blank asked to have a congressional inquiry on what happened here at Roswell…

"We have got to get the documentation as it exists in the Government files. We have got to get it released before it ultimately is destroyed. A good example is the Blue Fly and Moon Dust files. I had classified documents the Air Force acknowledged. When I got members of Congress to help me open up more files, they were immediately destroyed and I can prove this.

"Somewhere along the line, they may see that material and realize there is some very highly sensitive information that would have a damning effect upon the national security of United States should it become compromised. It needs to be further protected, to insure that there is only a limited access to that information to a small number of people. So small you can put them on a list of paper, on a piece of paper, and list them by name. Thus, you have the special access programs. The controls that were supposed to be put on the special access programs are not there. When Congress did their review of the way we protect documents, and the way we go ahead and implement our secrecy programs, they found that you had special access programs within special access programs -- that is was essentially impossible to keep control of them all by Congress. And, I’m telling you right now, it is essentially impossible to keep control of them all.

"When it comes to UFO’s, the same criteria applies. Therefore, only a small nucleus within the intelligence community, numbering less than a hundred- no, I’d suggest less than 50- control all that information. It is not subject to congressional review or oversight at all. So, Congress needs to go ahead and ask the hard questions and convene a hearing."

Master Sgt. Dan Morris: US Air Force, NRO Operative

"I became part of a group that would investigate, gather the information, and in the beginning it was still under the Blue Book, Snowbird and different covert programs. I would go interview people who claimed they had seen something and try to convince them they hadn’t seen something or that they were hallucinating. Well, if that didn’t work, another team would come in and give all the threats. And threaten them and their family and so on and so forth. And they would be in charge of discrediting them, making them look foolish and so on and so forth. Now if that didn’t work, then there was another team that put an end to that problem, one way or another."

A.H.: Boeing Aerospace Employee

"A CNN reporter in Washington, D.C., the second time that Gorbachev came to America, was able to interview Gorbachev and his wife. When they got out on the street they drove the security detail up the wall. And a CNN reporter asked Gorbachev ‘Do you think we should get rid of all our nuclear weapons?’ And his wife stepped in and she said, no, I don’t think we should get rid of all our nuclear weapons because of alien spacecraft.

"Now CNN put this story on for the half hour, on CNN headline news; I heard this and I jumped up and put a blank tape in to record the next half-hour. Well, that story disappeared and you know who intercepted that. It was the CIA that got involved with that, because I know that they were monitoring CNN and all international headlines at that time. They squashed that, but I heard it. And this tells me that my information is correct about Ronald Reagan, from my NSA source. The secrecy is just total overkill as far as I’m concerned. And the Congress needs to know about this information…

"He said that we’re trying to get a lid on this to try to minimize the sightings and quell the news media and the witnesses that are reporting these sightings to the news media. The Air Force wanted to push this thing under the rug and continue to research it and just get a handle on it. He confirmed that the Air Force wanted to steer the news media off on some crazy idea that these sightings were created by college pranks and balloons and meteorological problems…

"What he told me regarding the security ramifications were that if their military personnel talked about this they could be court marshaled or at least threatened to be court marshaled to get him to back down. Other intimidations would be to hold their paychecks back, transfer them to other bases where a lot of people would not want to go to, like Alaska…

"Basically, these projects were controlled by the Majestic 12 group, which is no longer called MJ12. I’m trying to find out the new name of this group. My contact that worked at Area 51 knows the name of the group, but he’s refusing to tell me the name. Basically it’s an oversight group intermingled with the National Security Council and the National Security Planning Group in Washington, D.C. There is a group called the National Security Planning Group that overseas everything. And Majestic 12 is intermingled with these people, the National Security Planning Group.

"They have full control. They alert the President of what’s taking place and he either authorizes or just says, hey, you guys go at it. They have full control. They have no Congressional oversight whatsoever. They answer to nobody, except for the President of the United States. But they are trying to push even that aside, away from the President, from what I understand.

"The Presidents no longer have that much control over these groups anymore. It’s like a separate entity."

Officer Alan Godfrey: British Police

"I was absolutely amazed at what happened after that. My life just turned upside down in an instant. From being a happy go lucky chap, within a space of six months I was put through hell and turned into one of the most horrible persons you could ever imagine coming across. Purely through harassment, stress, victimization, you name it, I had it."

Sgt. Karl Wolfe: US Air Force

"I didn’t want to look at it any longer than that, because I felt that my life was in jeopardy. Do you understand what I’m saying? I would have loved to have looked at it longer, I would have loved to have had copies. I would love to have said more about it, discussed it more, but I knew I couldn’t. I knew the young fellow who was sharing this was really, really overstepping his bounds at that point.

"I felt that he just needed somebody to talk to. He hadn’t discussed it, couldn’t discuss it, and he wasn’t doing it for any ulterior motive other than the fact that I think he had the weight of this thing on him and it was distressing to him…

"I knew that I couldn’t go anyplace for at least five years without telling the State Department where I was, after I left the military. Any time I traveled I had to notify and get permission, even in the United States. They had to know where I was all the time. As an example, if we went to Vietnam there was always someone there with us, with a gun, ready to annihilate us basically if we should fall into the hands of the enemy. They didn’t want the enemy to get us; we would be killed instead.

"So we knew we were operating under these sort of conditions. Your life was in jeopardy all the time, should you fall into the wrong hands. So we were aware of that. I was told when I left that I would be investigated on a regular basis to make sure that I wasn’t involved in any peculiar activities that didn’t suit the government’s needs."

Mrs. Donna Hare: NASA Employee

"There was a point in time when I had some people come out and tell me I shouldn’t talk about this. They didn’t threaten to kill me but I got the message I shouldn’t talk about it. But I’d already talked about it so much it didn’t really matter anymore. And like I said at the [1997] congressional briefings, I really started feeling like this topic was like sex. You know, everybody knew about it but nobody talked about in mixed company. I’m waiting to tell more whenever there’s a congressional hearing where I could be protected. I trust Dr. Greer. I feel he’s done everything he said he would do as far as protection, secrecy of what I give him, for now. I want it to come out when it’s necessary and proper and can do some good. I don’t want people going around that are trying to get rid of these people or hurting them or challenging them or making them so frightened they move away-like this one particular man I know of who has just disappeared off the face of the Earth. This one man, he has disappeared. I just don’t want that."

Mr. John Maynard: DIA Official

"Of corporations involved in this matter, Atlantic Research Corporation is one of the big ones. So it’s not very often heard about. It’s an insider beltway bandit, if you want to call it that very low profile, mostly has all of its work done within Intelligence. TRW, Johnson Controls, Honeywell: All of them at some point or another became involved with the Intelligence field. Certain works, activities were contracted out to them. Atlantic Research was one of them -way back. These are entities that were created out of people in the Pentagon to become a ‘beltway bandit’ -- received projects, grants, and monies to do certain projects that were so highly classified and compartmentalized that you know only about four people would know what was going on. So it was that tightly controlled."


Dr. Robert Wood: McDonnell Douglas Aerospace Engineer

"As you may know, when you get cleared for one of these classified programs you wear your special badge and you know you can talk to anybody who’s in the room with a lot of candor and it feels like that’s ones psychological group- there’s a lot of camaraderie that builds up. And you had access to special libraries. So one of the things that we could do is go up to the library that the Air Force ran and sort of paw through top- secret material. Since I was interested in UFOs, when I had some usual business to take care of, I’d also look in their library to see what they had on UFOs. And for about a year I was getting quite a few hits on the subject about various reports. Then all of a sudden, the whole subject material vanished. The entire classification for the subject just vanished. The librarian in our group that I was working with said he’d been in that vault for twenty years and knew exactly how things were normally done. He said, this is remarkable. He said, I’ve never seen that before, you just don’t have a whole subject vanish out from under you. He said, I think there is something there that you hit on…

"In the meantime, there was one other thing that came about as a result of my association with Jim McDonald. I liked the guy, he was really an energetic physicist and wouldn’t let any grass grow under his feet. When he got a case he would dig his teeth into it and present an overwhelmingly convincing story to professional societies. He would talk to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the American Physical Society, and I happened to be members of both. So whenever he was in town I would pick him up, escort him, made sure he felt welcome.

"So once when I was traveling through Tucson, where he lived, I stopped- I had a two-hour layover to catch an airplane -- and he came out to the airport to have a beer with me. I said, ‘What’s new, Jim?’ He said, ‘I think I’ve got it.’ I said, ‘What do you think you got?’ He said, ‘I think I got the answer.’ I said, ‘What is it?’ He said, ‘I can’t tell you yet. I have got to be sure.’ It was six weeks after that that he tried to shoot himself. A couple months after that he finally died.

"Knowing what I think I now suspect about the skills of our counterintelligence people, I think we had the capacity to convince him to do it himself. I think that’s what happened…

"Clearly in order to have effective control of this subject, you have to control it at all levels and the most obvious level is the media. So you have to look at all the kinds of media there are, the movies, the magazines, and of course in the early days that’s all it is, newspapers and movies and magazines. Now we have the Internet and video and all those other sorts of things. But as the technology has blossomed in these other avenues, the people worrying about this control have also just moved into those avenues right along with them. So every time a new avenue comes up they have a new counterpoint."

Glen Dennis: NM UFO Crash Witness

"One of the MPs took me aside and he just said, look mister, you don’t go and start any. Nothing happened down here. And he said, if you do you know there’d be real serious problems. The way my character was at that time, I just said, I’m a civilian and you can go to hell. And that’s when he said, you may be the one going to hell. He said, somebody would be picking my bones out of the sand if I talked."

Sgt. Leonard Pretko: US Air Force

"In the military they do ridicule you and I was ridiculed a few times about these UFO events. I was told that I would never make Master Sergeant if I brought this crap up again. My superior said, ‘If you keep this crap up you will never make Master Sergeant. You will get orders for Tech but you will never make Master Sergeant. They will force you out of the military.’"

Dr. Roberto Pinotti: Italian UFO expert

"Probably there are, in every part of the world, invisible links with a definite invisible college that is keeping this secret. They are dealing with this subject from the standpoint of research secretly in order to have gains and technologies to be applied in a various ways. The UFO problem is not only a scientific problem, it is also an intelligence problem.

"This is the second important face of the UFO reality. When we begin to understand this we may understand a lot of things, because all this has to do with power. Power everywhere, in every country, with every government, with every situation."


Dr. Paul Czysz: McDonnell Douglas Career Engineer

"The black budget world is like trying to describe Casper the friendly ghost. You might see a cartoon of him but you don’t know how big he is, you don’t know where his funding comes from, you don’t know how many there are because of the compartmentalization and the oath that people have to take. I know people today that worked on one of the things that I worked on, and if you asked them about it --even if it is being discussed on the Internet -- they would say no, I have no idea what you’re talking about. They’re in their seventies now, but they still absolutely would never admit that they even know what you’re talking about. You have no idea, but it’s probably larger than you think."




Astronaut Edgar Mitchell:

"But it has been the subject of disinformation in order to deflect attention and to create confusion so the truth doesn’t come out. Disinformation is simply another method of stonewalling. And that’s been used consistently for the last 50 years or so: Weather balloons over Roswell as opposed to a crashed craft of some sort. That is disinformation. We’ve seen that for 50 years. And it’s the best way to hide something…

"Whatever activity is going on, to the extent that it is a clandestine group, a quasi-Government group, a quasi-private group, it is without any type, as far as I can tell, of high level Government oversight. And that is a great concern."

John Callahan: FAA Head of Accidents and Investigations

"…When they got done, they actually swore all these other guys in there that this never took place. We never had this meeting. And this was never recorded…

"This was one of the guys from the CIA. Okay? That they were never there and this never happened. At the time I said, well I don’t know why you are saying this. I mean, there was something there and if it’s not the stealth bomber, then you know, it’s a UFO. And if it’s a UFO, why wouldn’t you want the people to know? Oh, they got all excited over that. You don’t even want to say those words. He said this is the first time they ever had 30 minutes of radar data on a UFO. And they are all itching to get their hands onto the data and to find out what it is and what really goes on. He says if they come out and told the American public that they ran into a UFO out there, it would cause panic across the country. So therefore, you can’t talk about it. And they are going to take all this data…

"Well when they read the reports that came through the FAA decided it had to protect themselves -- you can’t say you saw a target, even though this is what he said. So they made him change his report to say ‘position symbols’, which makes it sound like it wasn’t really a target. Well if it’s not a target then a lot of the other position symbols that we are separating [on radar] aren’t targets either. And when I read that, I thought oh, there is something fishy here, that somebody is worried about something or other and they are trying to cover up.

"When the CIA told us that this never happened and we never had this meeting, I believe it was because they didn’t want the public to know that this was going on. Normally we would put out some type of a news release that such and such happened…

"Well, I’ve been involved in a lot of cover-ups with the FAA. When we gave the presentation to the Reagan staff I was behind the group that was there. And when they were speaking to the people in the room, they had all those people swear that this never happened. But they never had me swear it never happened. And it always bothered me that we have these things going on and when you see something or you hear something on the radio or TV, the news, that it’s put down as it’s not there. I have a hard time saying nothing."

"NORAD [North American Air Defense Command] knows about it. They had called NORAD. The senior NCO pulled me to the side and said that NORAD knows about it — that’s the only people we notify. We don’t talk about this. We don’t tell anybody about this. The people that know, know. We just watch, see what happens, and that’s it. That’s our job. I insisted there has to be a report filed or something filed, you know? And he said that there is a report that you can file — it’s about an inch thick, and the first two pages are about the sighting. The rest of it is basically a psychological profile of you, your family, your bloodlines, everything.

"When the Air Force goes through it, they can discredit you completely by either saying that [you were] on drugs, or your mother was a communist, or anything to discredit you. You’d never get a promotion, and [you’d] spend the next three and one-half years up at the North Pole, living in a tent, checking the weather balloons. You know — no hope for promotion. So, the message was pretty loud and clear: you just shut-up and don’t say anything to anybody…

"Another experience I had happened on third shift. I was on the radar, and NORAD called me and informed me that there was a UFO coming up the California coast and it would be in my area pretty soon.

"I said what do you want me to do? And they said, "Nothing, just watch it, don’t write it down." We have a log book in which we are supposed to keep track of anything out of the ordinary. But they said, "Don’t log it or anything, just watch it. We are just letting you know — heads up." NORAD was well aware, obviously, that these UFOs were around, and the action of the people when I first saw the UFO on radar was as if it happens quite often."

Michael Smith: US Air Force Radar Controller

"The government, they cover up. They don’t want anybody talking about it. But this is such remarkable technology. These people come from who knows where. I would think you’d want everybody to know…

"On a personal note, after the first event happened in Oregon, I came home on leave and told my Dad about it. He was red, white, and blue through and through--an old WWII hero and all that, and very patriotic. I was explaining to him about these UFOs that we routinely see out there, and he said, ‘No, the Government says that there are no UFOs.’ I’m saying, Dad, I’ve seen these on radar with my own eyes. And he says, come on, the Government would never lie to him. You know? But here’s his son; I would never lie to him.

"So, he just didn’t know what to do. It wasn’t until years later, until after Watergate, that he said, ‘Hey, sit down and tell me about this. The Government is lying to me about a little thing like Watergate, so obviously they are out lying about something big.’

"It’s a Government cover-up that doesn’t need to be here any more. There is no more Cold War. I believe the same thing Dr. Greer does, that the technology they have could enable us to stop burning our fossil fuels and stop the damage to the ozone, etc. These people have technologies — they must have something. And the Government knows about it. They have these aliens, they have these spacecraft, they have this technology, all this. There’s a lot of back-engineered technology, that’s pretty obvious. Who are they to cover this up when other Governments are coming forward, admitting, and showing their files — why isn’t our Government?"

Franklin Carter: US Navy Radar Technician

"They didn’t want anybody to know anything about what we were seeing. And I think that started the cover-up. And then it got out of hand.

"But I know that the only people that they are keeping it secret from today are the Americans. Everybody else knows about it and accepts it. And all of the other Governments in the world except England and the U.S. primarily, are accepting it.

"It’s very irritating to me personally, to see that go on."

Neil Daniels: United Airlines Pilot

"In the past pilots that had seen things and had talked about it were let go. Some were released from their flying and treated as nutcases and things like that. So that was the last I said of it for many, many years."


Lt. Frederick Fox: US Navy Pilot

"There is a publication called JANAP 146 E that had a section that says you will not reveal any information regarding the UFO phenomenon under penalty of $10,000.00 fine and ten years in jail. So they were quite adamant that whatever experiences you had you were not to go public with it without their permission…

"The subject never came up with Air Traffic Control. In any event I would never have opened my mouth. There was a Captain, Pete Killian, who was written about in some of the UFO books. He was a Captain with American Airlines back in the ‘50’s that evidently had a sighting and testified before the Senate committees. And then there was another captain that actually took a photograph of a UFO off his wings. And of course they were subject to ridicule. I didn’t want to go that direction. So, I never reported anything to FAA or the military. A lot of pilots just did not want to get involved in this because of peer pressure and ridicule. So the secret has been kept…

"I have a very personal friend that was a B-24 pilot during W.W.II that got into [the] O.S.S. And he was one of the first people into Japan after the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Nagasaki. He ended up on Project Bluebook, Section 13, which I believe was the top-secret portion of that investigation. At the time he was a captain in the Air Force. He’s in his late ‘70’s now and he is still being carried on active duty as a captain. I don’t know if he’s being paid but if he’s on active duty he should be a three star general with time and rank and he should be paid. And the whole reason that they have kept him on active duty is to keep his national security oath active because of what he knows. There are certain things that he will not talk to me about because of that security oath even though I had a top secret clearance with the Navy and we are both very interested in the same thing.

"For whatever reason the Government, or those agencies of Government, deem necessary to protect their agendas, which obviously now, aren’t our agendas. I think it is time for us to act, to end this charade. And to take whatever steps are necessary to insure that the human race evolves properly and enjoys the fruits of that evolution."

Captain Robert Salas: US Air Force, SAC Launch Controller

"I wrote up a report about this incident; it was in my log and I turned it in. When we got to the base we had to report to our squadron commander right away. And in that room with my squadron commander was a fellow from AFOSI (we had an Air Force Office of Special Investigations on the base). He was there in the office with the commander. He asked for my logs and he wanted a quick briefing although it seemed to me he knew pretty much what had happened already. But we gave him a quick briefing and then he asked us both to sign a non-disclosure agreement saying this was classified information- we were not to release this to anybody, and that was it. We couldn’t talk; he told us we could not talk about this to anyone, including any of the other crews, our spouses, our family, even amongst each other…

"Bob Kominski headed up the organization to look at all aspects of these [UFO related ICBM] shutdowns. Kominski relates to me in writing that at some point he was told by his boss that the Air Force said, ‘Stop the investigation; do no more on this and in addition do not write a final report.’ Again, this is very unusual especially in light of the fact that CINC-SAC headquarters was stating that this was of extreme importance to find out exactly what happened here. And yet, the head of the investigative team was told during the investigation to stop the investigation and not write a final report."




Prof. Robert Jacobs: US Air Force

"After an article [came out about the incident], the shit hit the fan! I started being harassed at work. I started getting odd telephone calls that would come during the day. At night, at my house I would get telephone calls- all night long sometimes 3:00 in the morning, 4:00 in the morning, midnight, 10:00, people would call and start screaming at me. You are going down mother fucker! You are going down mother fucker! And that’s all they would say. And they’d keep screaming that until I finally hung up the phone.

"One night somebody blew up my mail box by putting a big load of skyrockets in it. The mailbox went up in flames. And that night at 1:00 in the morning the phone rang. I picked it up and somebody said, skyrockets in your box at night, oh what a beautiful sight, mother fucker!

"And things like that have happened on and off since 1982…

"I believe this nutty fringe around UFO’s is part of a concerted effort to keep serious study of it down. Anytime anybody tries to study this subject seriously, we are subject to ridicule. I’m a full professor at a relatively major university. And I’m certain that my colleagues at the university laugh at me and hoot and holler behind my back when they hear that I have an interest in studying unidentified flying objects- and that’s just one of the things that we have to live with…

"What happened to the film is an interesting story in itself as Major Mansmann related to me and other people. Some time after I had gone, the guys in civilian clothes -- I thought it was the CIA but he said no, it wasn’t the CIA, it was somebody else- took the film and they spooled off the part that had the UFO on it and they took a pair of scissors and cut it off. They put that on a separate reel. They put it in their briefcase. They handed Major Mansmann back the rest of the film and said here, I don’t need to remind you Major of the severity of a security breach; we’ll consider this incident closed. And they walked off with the film. Major Mansmann never saw it again"

Harry Allen Jordan: US Navy

"A Lieutenant Commander whom I didn’t know very well came over and he asked, you know, what was up Jordan? What have you got in your log? And he says, you don’t need to put that in there. Now to me that was highly irregular, highly irregular to say that particularly on a ship’s logs. I did have the contact logged in there. And I started writing in UFO."

James Kopf: US Navy Crypto Communications

"A few days later the Commanding Officer and the Executive Officer came on the closed circuit television system that we had on board. It was the only way that they could address the crew of 5,000. He [the Commanding Officer] looked at the camera -- and I will never forget this -- and he said, ‘I would like to remind the crew that certain events that take place on board a major naval combative vessel are considered classified and should not be discussed with anyone without a need to know.’ And that was all he said."


Beginning in 1993, I started an effort that was designed to identify firsthand military and government witnesses to UFO events and projects, as well as other evidence to be used in a public disclosure. From 1993, we spent considerable time and resources briefing the Clinton Administration, including CIA Director James Woolsey, senior military officials at the Pentagon, and select members of Congress, among others. In April of 1997, more than a dozen such government and military witnesses were assembled in Washington DC for briefings with Congressmen, Pentagon officials and others. There, we specifically requested open Congressional Hearings on the subject. None were forthcoming.

In 1998, we set out to "privatize" the disclosure process by raising the funds to videotape, edit, and organize over 100 military and government witnesses to UFO events and projects. We had estimated that between $2 million and $4 million would be needed to do this on a worldwide basis. By August of 2000 only about 5% of this amount had been raised but we decided to proceed since further delay was deemed imprudent given the serious issues involved here. So beginning in August we began creating the Witness Archive Project and we set about the task of traveling all over the world to interview these witnesses in broadcast quality digital video format. Due to the severe limitation of funds, this effort was predominantly prepared by myself and a few other volunteers roughly from August 2000 through December 2000.

Beginning in late December 2000, I began editing over 120 hours of raw digital video testimony at home using a dual-G4 Macintosh with 90 Gigabytes of storage and a digital video deck. I should note that I am a medical doctor and not an editor. Nevertheless, from late December 2000 until late February 2001 the 120 hours were reduced first to 33 hours of select testimony and then 18 hours of super-select testimony. The 33 hours of select testimony were dubbed to audiotape and transcribed resulting in approximately 1200 pages of testimony transcript. In March and early April, 2001 I edited these transcripts into a readable form, which appear herein.

I must emphasize that this has been done under the most severe time and funding constraints, working 7 days a week and mostly 18 hours a day. And I thought the Emergency Department was tough!

I share this only so the reader will understand that these transcripts and other materials are very likely to contain errors. These include likely errors in proper names arising from the phonetic spelling of such names directly from transcribed audio tapes of testimony. I apologize in advance for these.

The transcripts (that appear in the Briefing Document) have only been altered to correct for a) length and b) grammar and readability. I have assiduously avoided changing the meaning of testimony at all times. Statements in brackets [ ] are for clarification. Statements in italics and brackets [ ] reflect commentary on my part and are followed by my initials, SG.

These materials are, as you can now discern, only the tip of the iceberg of what we have recorded on digital videotape. That is, from over 120 hours of testimony by over 100 witnesses we transcribed only 33 hours and then further edited materials down to a fraction of that amount. Moreover, the full archive represents the testimony of only 100 witnesses of the more than 400 identified to date. The edited testimony will be appearing in book form. A portion of it appears in The Disclosure Project Briefing Document and only small excerpts and summary bios of testimony appear in this Executive summary. We hope in the future to secure funding for a 5-6 part broadcast quality video documentary series to be made from the videotaped testimony we have as the impact of hearing and seeing these witnesses speak is very moving.

As you read this testimony remember that it is indeed only the beginning. The rest is up to you: Call and demand that Congress and the President and the leaders of other countries hold hearings into this subject without delay. These witnesses welcome a subpoena so that they may officially testify under oath to what they have experienced and said here. Indeed, the most revealing testimony waits to be seen since the deepest sources are refusing to come forward until protected through official Congressional hearings.

This then brings me to my last point: The witnesses who have given testimony to date are extraordinarily brave men and women – heroes in my eyes – who have taken great personal risks in coming forward. Some have been threatened and intimidated. All are risking the ever-present ridicule that attends this subject. Not a single one of them has been paid for his or her testimony: It has been given freely and without reservation for the good of humanity. I wish to personally thank them here and extend to them my personal, highest respect and gratitude.

Please, I implore you not to let this effort and their sacrifice be in vain. Help us place this matter in front of the public, the media, and our elected representatives so that the full truth may be disclosed, so that those Earth-saving technologies now classified may be released, and so humanity may enter a new chapter in its evolution as one of many people in the cosmos.

This summary is focusing on the testimony of important first-hand witnesses. We have thousands of government documents, hundreds of photographs, trace landing cases and more, but it is impossible to include them in a summary of this length. These materials will be made available for any serious scientific or Congressional inquiry.

Steven M. Greer, M.D. 5 April 2001



3.8.1 Overview

Testimony of Astronaut Edgar Mitchell

May 1998

[Our deepest gratitude goes to James Fox for sharing with us this interview. SG]

In February 1971 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell flew on Apollo 14 and was the 6th man to walk on the moon. In his testimony, he acknowledges the fact that there have been ET visitations here on Earth as well as crashed craft and recovered materials and bodies. He also speaks of the concealment that has been prevalent surrounding this subject for over 50 years and the lack of oversight and visible Government control. He is concerned over our stewardship of this Earth and sees our growing environmental crisis as real.

EM: Astronaut Edgar Mitchell JF: James Fox

EM: In the literature we see accounts from military people who have had encounters in flight, and been vectored to chase unidentified objects. These are people who have official positions whose job was to know about possible extraterrestrial visitation and to do something with it, people within Government.

There’s a lot that does go on with these high security classifications-they are under military rules. I think it is a fairly muddy area when we are talking about this level of activity. There are some stories [about how secrecy has been enforced] that are rather ghastly, as a matter of fact. I can’t validate those. I don’t know that they are necessarily true. But, like many other stories, they put fear in the hearts of people and that’s, perhaps, why many people don’t want to come forward.

My interest basically is what’s the nature of the universe we live in? What is our relationship to the larger reality? If [UFOs] are a part of the larger reality and we are denying it, that to me is unconscionable. I don’t live that way. I went into space to learn about the universe we live in, to get new insights, to go beyond the boundaries of our known existence. And if these phenomena are really indicators of new information about the cosmos at all, and intelligent life in the cosmos, and our ability to travel in the cosmos, then we ought to get to the bottom of it. It is just my curiosity that drives me.

There seems to have been, over the last 50 years at least, a great deal of secrecy surrounding the so-called UFO events. It’s a very complex subject. We are not dealing with something that’s very simple here. We have sightings of all sorts. We’ve been reporting thousands and thousands of sightings for 50 years or so. Large numbers of those sightings are indeed misperceiving natural phenomenon in some way. But a large number of them are not misperceiving. They are well documented events that represent flying craft that do not match anything we have in an Earthbound arsenal, which is very short of saying we have validated in the public domain that they are ET craft. We have to rely upon people who have been there and interacted, have firsthand data.

The only people I know of that claim to have been in that position are former intelligence, military, and Government people, and some contractor people whose official duties in the early days were to investigate this and know about it. Those people were under, at that time, great restrictions and high security clearances that prevented them from telling the general public about it. It would appear that period has long past but they are still under security restriction, or at least believe they are.

Yes there have been ET visitations. There have been crashed craft. There have been material and bodies recovered. And there is some group of people somewhere that may or may not be associated with Government at this point, but certainly were at one time, that have this knowledge. They have been attempting to conceal this knowledge or not permit it to be widely disseminated.

I cannot answer who are these people. But there is a lot of evidence that points to what I call a clandestine group- people who have some quasi affiliation with Government and certain Government facilities but operate in a very stealth and secret way that is not generally under high level Government control as far as we can tell. From all that I know, yes there has been ET visitation and may continue to be. There have been craft that have been recovered. There has been a certain amount of reverse engineering that has allowed some of these craft, or some components, to be duplicated. And, that there are Earthlings who are utilizing some of this equipment in certain ways.

And, that, perhaps a large part of the activity that’s classified as UFO activity- abductions and the whole host of this type of activity- may very well not be due to ET activity at all. I would suspect if any is due to ET activity, it is a rather small part. And a larger portion is due to human type activity, Earthling type activity in a very clandestine fashion.

I will stop short of attaching motivation to this. I don’t know the motivation. But if it is normal human motivation, it has to do with power and control and greed and money and so forth.

I think it is long past time to open this up to the public. I do not see anything that suggests, really, malevolent intent… We see things that, like abductions for example, that many would claim are hostile. To the extent that that may be true, I would more likely attribute it to some other [non ET] cause.

There is a mountain of evidence, if you will, that essentially amounts to smoking gun evidence that has not been brought forward at this point, at least not by the powers of Government.

The question of, has it been kept secret, or how could it be kept secret? It hasn’t been kept secret. It’s been there all along. But it has been the subject of disinformation in order to deflect attention and to create confusion so the truth doesn’t come out. Disinformation is simply another method of stonewalling. And that’s been used consistently for the last 50 years or so: Weather balloons over Roswell as opposed to a crashed craft of some sort. That is disinformation. We’ve seen that for 50 years. And it’s the best way to hide something.

It shouldn’t be any more of an effect that ET’s have come here than that we have gone to the moon. Okay? It’s just a part of the way things are. And we have to understand it and put it in context of the story of ourselves, our knowledge base, of cosmology, the nature of our existence, who are we, how does the world work. And of course that knowledge does change our understanding of how the world, or the universe at large, works. Until the last 30 years, it was conventional wisdom, both in science and theology, that we are alone in the universe, that we are the whole, single repository of life anywhere in the known universe. Well no one believes that anymore. That changes our concept of who we are and how we fit.

And it is becoming very clear that the way we have conducted ourselves as stewards of life on planet Earth is wanting. We haven’t been good stewards. We have environmental, global problems right now that are bringing civilization to a crisis. And people don’t want to hear that but it’s slowly becoming obvious that that is true. And so, this knowledge of who we are, how we manage a planet, how we fit into the larger scheme of things, is a very important question.

Well, Dr. Greer did indeed mount an initiative and did go to Washington, did speak with high level Government people, did present some of the witnesses that we’ve talked about here, to give briefings. He has asked for congressional hearings on these matters. I attended and helped him with that. And I believe it is a very important effort that we get congressional oversight of all of this. But so far, that hasn’t happened. We briefed certain members of Congress, some of their staff, some of the people from the White House. We talked with people in the Pentagon. And in general, it was well received and some were quite amazed at what they heard. But so far it hasn’t resulted in any great activity.

JF: Was this news to a lot of their ears?

EM: To some people, yes. Others, not really so much. But I will say, it led me to the belief that people in high level Government have very, very little, if any, valid information about this. Most have no more knowledge than the man in the street. They were out of the loop of the things we were talking about, that’s right.

JF: Is that a concern for you?

EM: Oh yes, it’s a very great concern. I have expressed this concern over and over. That is exactly what I’m saying: whatever activity is going on, to the extent that it is a clandestine group, a quasi-Government group, a quasi-private group, it is without any type, as far as I can tell, of high level Government oversight. And that is a great concern.

[Astronaut Mitchell here is referring to the 1997 Briefings that Dr. Greer organized for Congress, White House personnel, the Pentagon and others. There were over a dozen government and military witnesses present who testified regarding what they personally had seen related to UFOs and ET matters. It was indeed disconcerting to see so many high government officials and senior Pentagon officers who had been kept in the dark about something as important as this. SG]


Testimony of Monsignor Corrado Balducci

September 2000

[Through translator]

Monsignor Balducci is a Vatican theologian and an insider close to the Pope. He has been featured on national Italian television numerous times to express that extraterrestrial contact is a real phenomenon and "not due to psychological impairment". In this testimony he explains that not only the general populous but also highly credible, cultured, and educated people of high status are recognizing more and more that this is a real phenomenon. He goes on to speak about the extraterrestrial people as part of God’s creation and that they are not angels nor are they devils. However they are probably more spiritually evolved.

CB: Monsignor Corrado Balducci SG: Dr. Steven Greer

CB: … We have come to the point that we can’t anymore deny that there is something that is happening, that something is happening here in this field of ufology, not just flying saucers, but there might be actual people, beings, extraterrestrial beings…

I want to speak as a theologist right now. To be so skeptical is against normal common sense, it’s against reason. Human testimony is the most common way of communication and dialogue. Because, when we listen to people, we have to have faith that what they are saying is true. It’s a dialogue between one who says something and believing what the person has to say, or not believing what the person has to say.

But if we go ahead like this, and this is the real point that really moved me as a theologian, if we continue saying this isn’t true, then what’s going to happen? Then whatever human witness testimony we have for anything else will not be given the importance deserved to witness testimony. And this witness testimony, if it becomes diminished will have a lot of negative repercussions: individual negative aspects, social negative aspects, and religious aspects. And especially for what concerns the Christian religion…

It’s also possible for another reason: God. God in his wisdom wouldn’t have created only us as humans.

SG: In America, there have been some reactionary fundamentalists who have said that these are the work of the devil? What do you think of this?

CB: The devil has nothing to do with this! I haven’t talked about this publicly in the past, but angels and devils don’t need [space]craft; they don’t need the flying saucers. They don’t need these things. God would never allow the devil to show humanity this kind of manifestation in such a great form. He would never permit this. Don’t even think about it being the devil…

And it says in the Bible, everything that exists in the universe is in the creation divine. There are no extraterrestrials which are not part of the divine creation…


3.8.2 Radar / Pilot Cases


(transcribed and edited from an oral presentation by Dr. Greer)

This area of testimony deals specifically with pilot encounters, radar cases and related cases. It should be pointed out that for decades, people who have been skeptical of the UFO subject have asserted that if these objects were real, they would have been tracked on radar. We have no fewer than 20 witnesses from the Air Force, the Marines, the Navy, the Army, and civilian authorities in the United States and abroad who are qualified air traffic controllers and pilots who have seen and tracked these objects on radar. Please note that these people state emphatically that these objects have not been weather balloons; they have not been air inversions; they have not been "swamp gas." They have been structured craft often traveling at thousands of miles per hour, then suddenly stopping, hovering or moving in a nonlinear fashion. These objects have been tracked going from one spot to hundreds of miles away or further within one radar sweep. These are solid objects. They are metallic and they give strong and unambiguous radar returns.

This is not a situation any more where we just have one or two witnesses, and one must consider this very seriously as you evaluate the evidence: To have more than a dozen of these witnesses on tape testifying that these objects have been tracked on radar, and at times as many as a dozen radars tracking at the same time, means that we are dealing with an actual, real, physical and technological craft -- not something that is imaginary, not something that is a mass hallucination, and not something that can be written off as some kind of anomaly. As Air Force Colonel Charles Brown pointed out, the Air Force Project Grudge, as far back as 1950, had radar confirmation of these objects by ground radar, ground visual, airborne radar, and airborne visual – and, "It does not get any better than that." Many of these witnesses have also observed these objects returning on multiple nights to similar areas and have checked out their equipment rigorously to be sure that there were no technical glitches in either the software or the hardware.

This of course is explosive. The testimony of these witnesses forever puts to rest the argument that these objects don’t exist because we have, in addition to their testimony, the radar tracings; we have documentation of these events; and we have people who have been on the inside of such events ranging from the 1940s all the way up into the 1990s.


Testimony of FAA Division Chief John Callahan

October 2000

For 6 years Mr. Callahan was the Division Chief of the Accidents and Investigations Branch of the FAA in Washington DC. In his testimony he tells about a 1986 Japanese Airlines 747 flight that was followed by a UFO for 31 minutes over the Alaskan skies. The UFO also trailed a United Airlines flight until the flight landed. There was visual confirmation as well as air-based and ground-based radar confirmation. This event was significant enough for the then FAA Administrator, Admiral Engen, to hold a briefing the next day where the FBI, CIA, President Reagan’s Scientific Study Team, as well as others attended. Videotape radar evidence, air traffic voice communications and paper reports were compiled and presented. At the conclusion of this meeting, the attending CIA members instructed everyone present that ‘the meeting never took place’ and that ‘this incident was never recorded’. Not realizing that there was additional evidence, they confiscated just the evidence presented, but Mr. Callahan was able to secure video tape and audio evidence of the event.

JC: FAA Division Chief John Callahan SG: Dr. Steven Greer

JC: I was the Division Chief of the Accidents and Investigations Branch of the FAA in Washington, D.C. I stayed there for about six years and then retired.

This particular incident started with a phone call from the people in Alaska. He says, we got a problem here. I don’t know what to tell the media. The whole office is full of the media from Alaska. I said, what’s the problem? He said, well, it’s that UFO. I said, what UFO? He said, well last week we had a UFO chase a 747 across the skies up here for about 30 minutes or so and we didn’t think too much of it, he says. But apparently the word got out and we have all these news people here and we want to know what to tell them.

So being an old Government employee, I told him what you always tell him. Tell them it is under investigation and then get all that data together. I wanted all the discs that they had and all the tapes that they had available flown overnight to the [FAA] tech center in Atlantic City.

They called the military and they told the military they wanted all their tapes. The FAA controls all the airspace above the United States and its territory. It doesn’t belong to the military. It doesn’t belong to the guys shooting the rockets off. It belongs to the United States Government and it is controlled by the FAA. So I told him to get the military’s tapes and all their

said, the military said they were short on their tapes and they had to put them back in service, but it’s only been 12 days. Now, the tapes were supposed to be kept for 15 days.

The FAA Administrator sent my boss, who was the associate director of the FAA, and me down to Atlantic City to look at this thing to see if he had something to worry about. It took us two days to look at all the data. We went in and told him we wanted this room set up to be just like it was in Anchorage [during the encounter]. And we wanted all that data to come to this radarscope. And we wanted to see everything the controller saw. We wanted to hear everything he heard. And we wanted it all tied together, the radar, the digital radar and the sound.

Some of the people that were working on that side of the fence and who were displaying this, had already reviewed the tapes, and they didn’t feel comfortable showing us what was on there. But we looked at all of it.

When the Air Traffic Controller had asked the military man, do you see anything? The military guy says, yes, I have a target at such and such, 1:00 and eight miles from the Japanese pilot, 747.

The way it started is there was a Japanese Airline 747, was coming from the northwest going across the Alaskan territory. And he was at either 31,000, 33,000, or 35,000 feet. And it was around 11:00 at night, but you can check the real times. He called and asked the Controller if the Controller had any traffic at his altitude. And the Controller said, no. Basically it was a midnight operation and they didn’t have too much traffic. And he said, well I have a target at my 11:00 or 1:00 position about eight miles away.

Now in the 747 they have radar in the nose that picks up the weather outside there. So his radar is picking up a target. He sees this target with his eyes. And the target, the way he described it, was a huge ball with lights running around it. And I think he said it was like four times as big as a 747!

And the military man said something like, yeah, I see him 35 miles north of Anchorage. And who’s that at 11:00 or 1:00 in his position? And the FAA Controller said, I don’t have anybody [any regular traffic]? Do you have anybody? The military controller said, it’s not mine.

ATC called the military controller and asked them if they had anybody out there. And they said no, all their traffic was on the west side. And he came back and said, we have no traffic here. And a couple of times during the operation, the Japanese pilot would say, he’s now at 11:00, he’s now at 1:00, he’s now at 3:00. The UFO was bouncing around the 747 here. And when he would say that, the military guy would cut in and say, he’s now at 2:00 or 3:00 and he would confirm the position. The military controller has, what they call, height-finding radar, and they have long-range radar and short-range radar. So if they don’t catch it on one of their systems they catch it on the other. And if you listen to the military man, at one time he said, I have it on the height radar, or my range radar, which indicated that they had a target on his system. Well they ran through for the best part of 31 minutes. The UFO would be in one position or the other following the Japanese 747. After a while they changed his altitude and it still stayed with him. They gave him a 360. When you are a 747 and you make a 360, it takes you a few minutes to turn around. You cover a lot of space. And it still stayed with him. It was either in the front, on the side, or behind him. They would see it at 1:00 in front of the 747 seven or eight miles [away]. And then on the next sweep, which would be like 10 seconds later, it would be behind him, seven or eight miles. And it always stayed seven or eight miles away from the target.

[Note the familiar non-linear maneuvers of this UFO, covering many miles in less than 10 seconds. This is corroborated by dozens of other UFO-radar events in the testimony of many other witnesses. SG]

When it was all done and we went back to Washington the next day, the Administrator [of the FAA] had called down and wanted to know if he had a problem or not. And my boss had told him, well we took a video of it and it looks like there might have been something there. Well the FAA Administrator said can you come up and give us a quick five-minute run-down of what happened? So we go up to the 10th floor [of FAA Headquarters in Washington DC] and give a four or five minute debriefing for the Administrator who was at the time Admiral Engen. He said, well have you got that video with you? Can you show me the video? I said, yeah, you just plug it in and play it.

So we plugged it in for him. He started watching it and after about five minutes, he told his staff to cancel his meetings. So he watched the whole thing, just over a half an hour.

We get all done, and he says, what do you guys think? My boss gave a good political answer and he said he wasn’t sure what it was... So his take was, don’t talk to anybody. And don’t talk to anybody until I give you the okay. Then the next day I got a call from someone with the Scientific Study Group [for President Reagan], or the CIA, I’m not sure who it was, the first call. And they had some questions about the incident. And I had said, I don’t know what you are talking about; you probably want to call the Admiral [FAA Administrator Engen].

Well a few minutes later the Admiral calls down and says, I have set up a briefing tomorrow morning at 9:00 am in the round room. Bring all the stuff you have. Bring everybody up there and give them whatever they want. We want to get out of it. Just let them do whatever they want. So I brought all the people from the Tech Center. We had all kinds of boxes of data that we had them print out; it filled up the room. They brought in three people from the FBI, three people from the CIA, and three people from Reagan’s Scientific Study team -- I don’t know who the rest of the people were but they were all excited.

We let them watch the video. Then they had all kinds of questions about the frequency, the rate of the antennae turning, on and on and on, how many radar’s, how many antennas, how does the data get processed. They were all excited -- the only way a man would be if that was his job. When they got done, they actually swore all these other guys in there that this never took place. We never had this meeting. And this was never recorded.

SG: Who said that? Who was saying that?

JC: This was one of the guys from the CIA. Okay? That they were never there and this never happened. At the time I said, well I don’t know why you are saying this. I mean, there was something there and if it’s not the stealth bomber, then you know, it’s a UFO. And if it’s a UFO, why wouldn’t you want the people to know? Oh, they got all excited over that. You don’t even want to say those words. He said this is the first time they ever had 30 minutes of radar data on a UFO. And they are all itching to get their hands onto the data and to find out what it is and what really goes on. He says if they come out and told the American public that they ran into a UFO out there, it would cause panic across the country. So therefore, you can’t talk about it. And they are going to take all this data. So I said, okay, take all the data if that’s what you want.

SG: Who took that data?

JC: Well, that group. I don’t know who it went to, but that group took it. But they took only what we had there. They didn’t ask me if there was anything else that I had. They said, they are taking all this data. And I said, fine. Now, I had the original video that I took and I had the pilot’s report that came through, the first report. And I had the FAA’s first report that was all downstairs on my table.

They didn’t ask for that so I didn’t give it to them. And later on when I retired, that was the stuff that was in my office and all that came with me. And we’ve been sitting on it ever since.

[We have obtained all of these materials, including the radar video, ATC voice transcripts, the FAA report, and the computer printouts of the event. SG]

At the end, the Japanese 747 is leaving the airspace, and there’s a United Airlines flight coming up to land in Alaska. The Controller says to the United, we’ve got a Japanese 747 up here and he’s being chased, followed, by a UFO and we’d like you to check him out. Can we leave you at that altitude? And the United says, fine, or sure. And so they give him a left turn, 20 degrees or so, keep him at his altitude and they kind of run him in toward the Japanese 747.

Once the two airplanes pass, that target [UFO] follows the United down through the airspace until he gets on final approach and then the UFO just disappears.

Well when they read the reports that came through the FAA decided it had to protect themselves -- you can’t say you saw a target, even though this is what he said. So they made him change his report to say "position symbols," which makes it sound like it wasn’t really a target. Well if it’s not a target then a lot of the other position symbols that we are separating [on radar] aren’t targets either. And when I read that, I thought oh, there is something fishy here, that somebody is worried about something or other and they are trying to cover up.

When the CIA told us that this never happened and we never had this meeting, I believe it was because they didn’t want the public to know that this was going on. Normally we would put out some type of a news release that such and such happened.

And I think it was mysterious that the military tapes disappeared. It wasn’t right. We went from 30 days to 15 days [for the time period required to keep radar tapes]. And the first indication makes it look like it, the military, knew more than we did about who the visitors were and they didn’t want anybody else to know. And of course the people that are involved at the lower levels don’t really know what is going on above them. When someone calls up and says put those tapes back in service, they just put them back in service. They really don’t care.

When they asked me what I thought I told them that it looked like we had a UFO that was up there. The reason it wasn’t [consistently] on the FAA’s tapes was because it was too large of an aircraft, and it was picked up as weather, so we wouldn’t record it. [The system is programmed to filter out such things]. The pilot, the Japanese pilot did see it. The Japanese pilot drew pictures of it. Eventually they gave the Japanese pilot a hard time because of what he said. He was embarrassing his country.

[The tragedy of this JAL 747 pilot is a poignant reminder of the power of ridicule in keeping this subject secret. The pilot was forced to take a desk job for a prolonged period and was humiliated. See the testimony of former NASA research scientist Dr. Richard Haines regarding his knowledge of the event and how he helped get the pilot flying again. SG]

Our military controllers said they had seen it. Our FAA controllers said they had seen it. Our FAA controllers, after a period of time, came back and said they really didn’t see a target, that they saw something else, which makes it sound like somebody is helping them fill out their reports. And that looked suspicious.

But who do you tell that you were involved in a UFO incident without them looking at you like you ain’t wrapped too tight? And this I think is the way our country is set up now. The only ones that see a UFO in the TV programs are the rednecks out in the country that are going coon hunting or alligator hunting at night. You don’t find anybody with any kind of smarts or some professional individual saying hey, last night let me tell you what I saw. They don’t display that in the United States. So if you talk about seeing a UFO, you are putting yourself in a funny kind of category. That’s probably one of the reasons why you don’t hear about it anymore. But as far as I’m concerned, I saw a UFO chase a Japanese 747 across the sky for over half an hour on radar. And it’s faster than anything that I know of in our Government.

Well, I’ve been involved in a lot of cover-ups with the FAA. When we gave the presentation to the Reagan staff I was behind the group that was there. And when they were speaking to the people in the room, they had all those people swear that this never happened. But they never had me swear it never happened. And it always bothered me that we have these things going on and when you see something or you hear something on the radio or TV, the news, that it’s put down as it’s not there. I have a hard time saying nothing.

It still bothers me that I’ve seen all this, I know all this, and I’m walking around with the answer, and nobody wants to ask the question to get the answer. And it kind of irritates me a little bit. And I don’t believe our Government should be set up that way. I think when we have something like this, that you can probably find out more about what’s going on in the world [by not covering it up]. If they [the UFO’s] can travel that far, that distance with that type of machinery, who knows what they could do here for the health of the nation, the people, the food they could give them, the cancers we could cure. They have to know more than us to be able to travel at that speed.

For those people that say that if these UFO’s existed, they would some day be on radar and that there’d be professionals who would see it, then I can tell them that back in 1986 there were enough professional people that saw it. It was brought down to headquarters, FAA headquarters, Washington D.C. The Administrator saw the tape of it. The people that we were debriefing, they’ve all seen. Reagan’s Scientific Study team, three of those professors, doctors, they’ve seen it. As far as I was concerned they were the ones that verified my own thoughts about it. They were very, very excited about the data. They had said that this was the only time a UFO was ever recorded on radar for any length of time where it is 30 some minutes. And they have all this data to look at.

Now a 30-minute radar return filled up boxes across the room, and the boxes were stacked, you know, two or three high. There was a lot of paper there to look at. They knew the frequency now of the radar. They knew how fast it turned. They knew where it was. They had the military that confirmed it.

And yet I think the way the Government wants the outside people to view those that have seen something like this is like they are kooks, like they’re not wrapped too tight. And you’ve got to watch out for them. That’s the image that they put out. I guess I really don’t care about the image…

SG: Do you recall the names of the CIA people and others at this meeting at FAA Headquarters?

JC: When I gave him my card the CIA guy said, "you know, we are with the company (they don’t say CIA). In the company, we don’t have cards. We don’t have company cards." They may have a card, but it’s nothing to do with the company. And he said that there’s nothing we can give out. On the Admiral’s calendar, they should have who reserved the room and who was there for the day of the briefing.

What I can tell you is what I’ve seen with my own eyes. I’ve got a videotape. I’ve got the voice tape. I’ve got the reports that were filed that will confirm what I’ve been telling you. And I’m one of those, what you would call the high Government officials in the FAA. I was a Division Chief. I was only three or four down from the Admiral. We investigated all the airline incidents, all the accidents.

[Indeed those who would say that these objects are not real because there is no proof of them recorded on radar and being analyzed by competent professionals, can now stand corrected. Presented here is a very senior FAA official stating on the record that the event happened and that the CIA and other Government officials ordered the event be kept secret and who confiscated (or so they thought) the evidence. We are profoundly grateful for the courage shown by Mr. Callahan in coming forward and in preserving and conveying the evidence of this case. SG]

Testimony of Sgt. Chuck Sorrells, US Air Force (ret.)

December 2000

Chuck Sorrells is a career Air Force military man who was at Edwards Air Force Base in 1965 when not one, but at least seven UFOs appeared over Edwards Air Force Base airspace, moving in extraordinary fashion at enormous speeds, making right-hand turns and other maneuvers which no known aircraft was capable of at the time. They appeared on multiple radars, were seen visually by several people, and a special UFO officer scrambled and authorized a jet to intercept these objects. This event lasted for five or six hours. An edited transcript of the audio tape of the event follows his testimony.

CS: sgt. Chuck Sorrells SG: Dr. Steven Greer

CS: My name is Chuck Sorrells. I went into the Air Force in 1954 and retired in 1974. I was a Tech Sergeant. Most of the time I was an Air Traffic Controller. I’ve been at Edwards Air Force Base in California, and in Japan, Thailand, Alaska, and several places in the states.

This event happened October the 7th of 1965 at Edwards Air Force Base. It was on a midnight shift and I was the Air Traffic Controller on duty in the tower. At about 1:30 or so in the morning, I noticed this real bright light to the east of my tower. It was a light green and it had a red light underneath it. The red light was a pulsating type light, and it had a white light on top that just glowed. It was very bright and quite large. I observed it for quite a while, because there wasn’t any aircraft in the area at the time. I called the dispatcher down at the base operations and the weatherman that was on duty that night (the forecaster), and got them all to go outside and take a look. I had one of the guys from the interceptor detachment that was on the base look also, and I had the captain down there look. We talked about it for a while, and the RAP-CON people (that’s radar people on the base) didn’t have any aircraft in the area at the time.

We called it down to the Air Defense people at Los Angeles defense sector. The director down there called around to his sites, and at one point in time they had at least four different radar sites that were getting radar returns on it. [The UFOs] were getting seen at a couple of other towers, like George Tower, and there were a couple of other places that were seeing them. So, there were several people on the ground looking at these UFOs, and about four radar sites [looking at them]. This [went] back and forth and back and forth for two or three hours. They finally decided to scramble an aircraft on it, to go up and take a look at it. This was coordinated with the other, higher headquarters, and I think NORAD was involved.

[See the testimony of military air traffic controller Michael Smith regarding NORAD being involved in this unambiguous UFO case, their denials notwithstanding. SG]

The jet [went] up to take a look at it, and they tried to run him in to intercept these targets. At the very beginning, I had one — the big, large light. Some time later, it was just sitting there, mostly stationary, but it was too close to the horizon to be a star or anything like that. It was down below the mountains [and] the hills and stuff, so it wasn’t a star, [and] I couldn’t correlate for what it could possibly be. Then, all of a sudden, there [were] three more objects, and they had similar characteristics as far as the lighting [was] concerned. But these three stayed together. They stayed in a formation and stayed together, and then moved down to the south of me and sat there, stationary, for a while. A little later on, three more appear[ed], but these three [were] individual ones. They would fly individually around and go north, south, east, west — a lot of maneuvers. At this point I had seven of them at one time. This is when they decided to scramble the jet interceptor. It was getting way up in the early morning hours by that time.

They were having no luck intercepting these UFOs. They kept asking me, in the tower, where was this object in relation to the airplane? The only thing I could do was line him up with my runway, where I knew what heading he was on in relation to where I was. Then, as soon as he’d get to the end of the runway, I’d tell him to turn to a certain heading and head straight forward. Well, about three different times that night, he’d say "contact", and that "contact" means he had contact with something on his radar in the cockpit of the aircraft. What it was, we don’t know to this day. But they were real.

At one point in time the interceptor was up to 40,000 feet. When he went near the object, the object just rose real fast, real sudden, straight up, and he just went under it. There’s a place on the tape where the Director says, "How’s he looking, tower?" And I said, he’s low. He [replied], "Well, he’s at 40,000 feet," and I said, I don’t care — he’s still low.

[The tape he refers to is an audiotape of the actual conversations of this hours-long encounter. We have this tape. Refer to the transcript of this tape below. SG]

That UFO just went way high. They searched on their radar, the height finders, and everything for it. I highly suspect it was above their radars at that point.

SG: How high would that be?

CS: Probably 100,000 feet or something like that. 80,000 to 100,000 feet was probably their capability back in those days.

The interceptor did have contact about three different times, and then he’d lose it. These objects played around there for the remainder of my shift. About daylight, the UFOs started getting higher and higher and higher in the atmosphere. By the time it was light enough that you wouldn’t see the rest of the stars, they were gone too — they just disappeared into the atmosphere.

I know craft of all types, so I know a lot of things this was not. I know it was not a helicopter. I know it was not an airplane. I know it was not a balloon--a weather balloon or any other type of balloon. I know it was no known aircraft or flying object that we know of today, or at that time. And it wasn’t a laser show. It wasn’t anything like that, but they could move real fast. They could be to the east of my field, and then in just a short period of time they could be to the west. They could probably go 30-40 miles in the time you could snap your fingers twice. I mean, just fast! And they could rise — just go straight up. It seemed like they could do that instantaneously. At some points they would hover and just sit for a long period of time — then they would move. The smaller three individual ones had a lot more movement than the other ones. The original very large UFO didn’t move all that much. After a couple of hours, though, it moved a little bit from the east, down a little bit toward the south, and then moved back toward the east a little bit again — like that. But it didn’t make any sudden, fast movements until they tried to run an intercept on it, and then it went straight up.

The three that were flying around individually would dart north, south, east, [and] west, and they were the ones that really went fast. They were the ones that were actually nearer to the base and nearer to the ground. I judged that their altitude would be around 2,000 feet or less at times. I know that we were getting radar cuts on them. I’d find a cut anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 [or] 11,000 feet. So, that’s pretty low to the surface.

These UFOs had to be something that would return a radar signal, and that had to be something solid and metal. Radar is a very simple thing: it’s a radio beam that hits something, bounces off something, and comes back. So, it had to be something the radar would bounce off, and it wouldn’t bounce off a rubber balloon or anything like that. It would have to be something with a metallic nature that would cause it to bounce back and make an indication on your radar screen.

SG: Can you estimate the speed of these objects?

CS: It would have to be in the thousands of miles per hour — up in that area, speed wise. These things would have to be very, very fast. The radar people were having a hard time determining [their] speed because they’d be in one place and they’d sit for a little while, and then they’d move real fast. By the time the radar screen got around to finding them, the UFO was already at another location. It was very difficult to get any kind of a speed on them. You could be watching one in the east, and if you looked around for a little bit, if your attention was diverted someplace else for just a minute, you’d look back and he’d be over in the west. They could make quick turns and had all sorts of maneuverability that we didn’t know anything about at the time. It was a very strange evening.

These events happened over at least a four-hour timeframe. In those days, every base had what they called a UFO officer — an unidentified flying object officer. We had one, and he was the guy that actually gave the order to take a look at this thing. The Air Defense Director for the Los Angeles defense sector and the radar controllers wanted to take a look at it, but they had to get his say-so before they could go ahead and do it legally.

At that point in time at Edwards Air Force Base, we had a rocket site. They were experimenting with a whole lot of different fuel combinations, and they were doing a lot of rocket burns over there just to see what thrust they could get. From my standpoint, that looked like the area where this huge UFO was just sitting — just about over that rocket site.

The F-106 that they did scramble that night was what they call a cold bird. It wasn’t armed in any way.

SG: During your Air Force career, did you hear of other people having these types of encounters with UFOs?

CS: Yes, there were. I’ve heard guys talk about seeing things like that, but they wouldn’t necessarily come forward and say what they had seen, because they didn’t want the stigma attached to them that they were crazy or they were seeing things. Or they didn’t want the ribbing that they were going to get from their buddies.

The tape that is in existence now of the event that night is made up of radio patches and telephone patches that were recorded at the various radar sites that were involved. There would be another tape as well, someplace, from the tower that I was in, because everything that was going on in the tower [was] recorded.

The [largest number of] objects that I saw at any one time was seven. There was one large one, and then there [were] three smaller ones with the same type characteristics, but these three kind of stayed together. At a certain point after this, there were three other ones that were flying around individually, but at one point, I had as many as seven, visually, at one time. From hearing the tapes now, I hear that there might have been as many as 11 in the area that night.

I can’t tell you what [they were], but I can tell you a lot of things [they weren’t]. [There isn’t] anything that we know of today that has those types of characteristics — could do the maneuvers and do the speed, with no sound. At some points, they were close enough to the tower that if it had been a jet or something, I would have heard the sound from it. I wish I knew what they were…

[This extremely important case involves a seasoned Air Force Air Traffic Controller, an official "UFO officer", 4 separate radar stations, lock-on from on-board radar on a jet interceptor, many hours, and many objects over several hours. The debunkers and those who would ridicule the UFO matter need to be able to explain away all of these elements--and the voice tape of the actual event. The only conclusion is the obvious one: these UFOs were real and were not swamp gas, ball lightning, hallucinations, or any of the other absurd explanations offered by academia and officialdom for these events. SG]




Excerpts from Edward Air Force Base Audio tape – 1965


P = Voices of various Pilots;

A = Voices of various ATCs;

O= Voices of various Officers;

H = Height coverage officer;

Pedro = San Pedro station;

FS = Flight Supervisor

A: Do you get anything between Victorville and Edwards?

P: Here’s one out here.

A: Does it appear now that hey are moving away and moving out?

P: [too faint to copy]

A: They’re going, huh?

P: I already … officer … I don’t think got here in time to see ‘em. They’re going up.

A: Hum. Does it look like they are moving away and moving out?

P: Yes, it sure does. They’re goin’. The ones to the south, they’re going straight up. All of them are.

A: Hum. About how many were there?

P: At one time I had several.

A: Uh huh.

P: At the present time I have 1-2-3-4-5 rising too.

A: Are those five also rising?

P: All five of ‘em are rising.

P: Well Sir, they are all rising now.

O: (Clark) is that right?

P: Yes sir: They’re all going up now.

O: (Clark) Okay, you’ve got one bright star just about south of us. Where from that? You know, that bright one – I think it’s about a 45-degree angle up.

P: All of them from here now, that the red light has stopped and they all appear to be heading _____

O: Is that right?

A: I’m gonna’ watch that bright one again.

O: Okay

[Voices in background are relating what pilot says through a radio or phone, talking to other parties.]

P: There’s 3-4 of them, well south and dim.

P: I still red light occasionally out of one of them.

O: Where are they from that big bright one?

P: Beneath them and just a little bit south. And there’s three of ‘em almost in a straight line.

O: Uh huh.

P: Almost horizontal

O: I see.

P: And I still see a red light occasionally form those, but not from the big one.

P: This space – this space officer that has been observing this here with me all night. Here, let me get him back on and see if he is getting the same impressions of it I’m getting. I don’t like to be the only one seeing these type things.

A: Roger [laughs]

O: The man says the tower boy there is froze. He has had somebody confirm his story. He said they are all pulling up at a very rapid rate right now.

A: Well, we’ll wait and go. All we need is their request.

O: Alright sir.

A: We’ve lost radar contact with them.

O: ______ is on the other phone. I might get a consultation to see if he’s seeing the same thing I’m … it appears to me that they are all rising in altitude rapidly. It would appear to be. Yep. How about the bright up? Does it appear to be straight up? How about straight – that’s much higher now than when we first say it. Yeah.

O: It’s (a name –can’t make out) again. Base Ops confirms my – what I’m seeing. They are all rising and the weather man in Base Ops has been observing these things all night with me and he has been using reference points to try to judge if they’re moving.

O: Right.

O: And he confirms that they are very much higher now than what they were. They are, they are definitely going up.

O: Do you have any estimate on the altitude now?

O: I’d hate to venture a guess. I would say something like maybe 30,000 – 40,000, but now this is strictly way out …off the eyeball guess.

O: Not on my low altitude?

O: No sir, I wouldn’t say. Not nearly what they were. At first sighting on that one, I would have judged it’s altitude to be no more than, at the most, 5,000 ft.

O: Well, we had some measured altitude, but, but said UFO officer was gonna’ want us to take a look. We were waiting to go. But I haven’t heard anything yet from him.

O: I didn’t think he’s made it Base Ops yet.

O: Well, I wanted this captain down here at _____ to see it before we went o r something. I can’t make out any red lights anymore…(two voices talking at once). One is still definitely flickering. Well, they’re all still flickering buy they are so far away now I can’t make out the red light. It was like there was just a small red light on the bottom of it like an obstruction light of some type.

A: You know, we have a lot of traffic. Well, not a lot of traffic, but we have some traffic moving in that area now. I was wondering maybe if they might have gotten up out of the way or something. This whole thing is nice, isn’t it?

A: Yeah, it was (slurred).

O: This is Captain Clark back on again.

O: Yes, Captain Clark! What did you find out out there?

CC: On that bright star now, lets see if I have the right one, coming down and to the right slightly you find three that are kind of a "V."

O: That’s the ones you’re looking at?

A: Yes sir.

CC: And then I see on eon the bottom bar of that V, the V kind of aims up to the right.

A: The three to the south…they seem to be… One of them will blink and then it will be the other one and then another one.

A: Well, now. I have observed it now for an hour and 50 minutes.

O: Yeah.

A: Almost two hours now. And in that time it has gained altitude twice and moved what would appear to be five or six miles to the west.

O: Uh-huh.

O: (another) Does anybody have the winds over there?

A: Yes, sire, I have it here in the tower. It’s presently calm. No more than 2 knots and they are easterly winds. And these things are moving westerly.

O: Oh, hold it. I’ve got a report here from Lans. My airman says he’s got one maneuvering there. He’s taking my binoculars up now and taking a look.

O: Okay, sir. Here’s height coverage from the site. Okay, .________ Major Strubble break through. The rest of you people on the line if you want to hear the Major speak.

A: The height people are on now.

H: Okay. The target has moved 3 miles to Zero Nine One. It’s moved form Zero Three Zero degrees at 80 miles to Zero Sic Zero at 30, at uh 50 __________ on the site.

O: Which site?

H: From San Pedro

O: Alpha Zero has a contact, he says about 15 right or 20.

A: Two Two Zero?

O: Right.

O: Alpha. Do we got any flights down there anywhere now?

A: No sir, we don’t. We’re gonna’ let them fly.

Pedro: 345. Range about 80.

H: Okay. That’s Interceptor.

A: They’re gonna’ swing him Zero Nine Zero again shortly here. Right over tower. Okay, turn it starboard Zero Nine Zero.

H: Pedro?

Pedro: Man, are you getting any data off these objects now?

H: Pedro, hi.

Pedro: This is Pedro. How are ya’ doing?

H: Right Kind your Number One into manual and follow the Interceptor and I’ll tell you when to chase ahead of it.

A: Alright, I have Alpha Lima in sight now.

A: Yeah, he says he’s got contact. 12 o’clock 16.

A: That’s it.

H: Olay Pedro. Turn your height finder 7 degrees ahead of him. Turn your height finder 7 degrees ahead of that – ahead of that Interceptor.

O: That should be a contact.

H: Hey, tower?

A: Yes?

H: How’s he looking now? Is he headed toward anything?

A: Pretty good. He looks good.

H: Are the blips merging… I mean, uh …

A: Yes, he’s converging on him.

H: Okay, keep going…keep going ahead. Go as far as 25 to 15 degrees ahead of the target.

O: Hey Tower ___________

A: They are converging. He seems to be maybe just a little bit south of it. Left turn, left turn. Low left turn. He’s low and left. That thing is rising.

H: Tower, how’s things look now?

A: He’s low! Search high – search high. Search very high, the thing is rising. It’s rising rapidly.

O: It looks like its right above him from the Tower now.

A: It looks almost directly above him and rising.

H: Okay. Pedro, come back. Come back to the ‘Ceptor

A: But I have the object in sight. It’s much higher than it was, though.

H: Okay. Alpha Lima’s gonna’ climb to 40,000.

A: Okay.

H: Olay, Pedro. Turn your height finder to Zero Three Zero degrees.

A: Have Alpha Lima show a landing light.

O: Mark that spot, Sherm. We lost the possible contact on search radar again.

A: What altitude?

H: Okay. Zero One now should be Zero Six Zero for 20.

H: I’ve got a possible contact on search radar bearing from your station Zero Seven Five for 10.

Pedro: Zero Seven Five at 10?

H: Roger. Anything out there?

Pedro: I have one at Zero Seven Five, could ______

H: Rog.

Pedro: And high. He’s in our blanked out area now.

H: Which height finder?

[Several speaking at once]

O: Lans, this is Tower

H. Rog.

O: This is Captain Clark. Do you have any height on these things over here to the east of Edwards?

H: Negative. Unable to get them on height finder. We’re trying to mark them now with the Interceptor passes under them

CC: Right.

H: Or in the vicinity of them. And we are unable to get them on the height finer at the present time. If you give me an approximate time that he does pass under this, I got the surveillance man at the site standing by to mark this position. I’ll have both height finders search that area.

H: Luminous object 12 o’clock?

A: Should be 12 o’clock.

?: (calls out) Luminous object 12 o’clock.

A: Have him turn port another 10 degrees. Port Zero Six Zero.

H: Zero Six Zero now.

A: He’ll be passing to the right of it.

H: Have you got anything else in sight?

A: No sir, just those two that we tried on there. And he appeared from the Tower to pass way beneath it.

H: Edwards?

A: Yes sir?

H: Is there one about southeast of you? About 3 miles at this time.

A: He’s at 3?

H: Right. Yes, southeast much closer. We’ve got a possible contact there on something.

A: Just a moment, I see something, let me throw my glasses on it.

H. One Two Zero.

A: Let me throw m glasses on it.


H: Pedro, what’s the ground speed on that target you got?

Pedro: That I just gave you?

H: Right.

Pedro: I don’t know, I scanned him twice and now he’s gone.

H: Painted him twice and he’s gone. That’s what I was afraid of. Hey, Tower? Hey, Tower? Hmm. Sir I hate to be an optimist but that fighter looks like he’s going some place.

H: I’ve got a possible contact on search there.

A: He’s about 16,000 feet?

H: 16,000?

A: Right. Sir? W.D.? Yo!

H: Rog. Right. That target at Edward there is 16,000.

O: You’ve got him on target at 16,000?

H: Right.

O: That’s One Six thousand?

H: Right 16,000. Pedro? Keep your height finder locked on it. And search. Keep an eye on it.

Pedro: Is that a uniform One Zero Six?

H: negative. This is an uninitiated tract. It’s uh.._______ at Edwards.

Pedro: Roger. I see. We’ll initiate it.

H: Keep an eye on it. Last time we did, it split. Remember?

O: You still got prism search?

H: Tower, come back on the air. Sir. Yes. That target has disappeared off of radar.

H: He’s coming in head on at it.

O: Roger. Were you able to establish a track out of that?

H: Negative, Edwards was able to establish a track... Have you still got it on height finder? Hey Tower?

A: Yes, sir.

H: Zero One bearing One Two Zero for 10 coming now.

A: One Two Zero at 10. What altitude?

H: He’s descending to One Five.

A: I don’t have it.

H: Okay. Zero One’s got a visual – a flashing target, low his present position.

A: He’s got one?

H. Yes he does.

A: All right. Zero Zero Eight. He’s in the right place.

H: Let’s see, he’s orbiting now. Looks like he’s turning starboard directly over ya.

A: Does he have a ___________.

H: Hey, Edwards?

A: Yes?

H: Do you have Zero One now?

A: Yes, I have him tracked.

H: Is he still in the vicinity of the target?

A: I can’t definitely say that that is a target. We saw it. We have what he’s looking at but it doesn’t appear to be, ah, flashing from the Tower. I think we have what he’s looking at. We do have something out there. I can’t say what it is.

[Terrible background noise continues]

A: But that’s not a target, huh?

A: It doesn’t look like the other ones did. It looks further away. It looks like he’s coming back over the field now. He’s heading out west of me now, right?

H: Say again.

A: He’s out west of me now, right?

H: Roger.

O: Did the Interceptor make any contact with that target Zero One Zero?

H: He ran right over it. I don’t think – I don’t know if he made contact visual on it or not.

A: …it’s stationary…

H: Is he stationary?

A: Rog. 16,000?

H: You still got that bat on the radar?

Pedro: I still have him on search…

?: Search One Zero Nine and see what you get.

H: You had him at 16,000 though, right?

Pedro: Right. He’s stationary, he hasn’t moved but about one degree. He’s still the same.

H: Okay. Put that height finer on automatic and I want to send a request to it.

Pedro: Will do.

A: We’ve got radar contact out here at your One Three Zero position for 12.

O: Are you running an ETM on it now?

H: Affirmative

O: I don’t have a contact on it now _______. Okay, does Zero One have a visual contact on these things?

A: Yes.

O: Okay, we’ll cover off Lima Zero One then.

A: I don’t have another one in sight.

H: You lost them all, huh? Zero One said he saw some reflections off the ground that appear to be flashing.

A: Reflections off the ground that appear to be flashing?

H: Right. Off the lakebed.

A: Huh. I don’t know what hat could be – my beacon?

H: No, he knows the beacon. Okay, sir, might as well key off and break this line down then.

FS: I’ll be doggone.

H: He went through it 15, 25, and 40,000 feet on the visual object and uh, supposedly flew right under it according to ground observations, visual observations, and I recorded nothing flying underneath it.

FS: Okay, well thanks very much. It was kind of interesting anyway.

H: Yeah, it is. We’re as curious as you are.

FS: Yeah.

H: Guess we’ll never know.

FS: Yeah. I guess not. Okay, well thanks for calling.



Testimony of Mr. Michael W. Smith, US Air Force

November 2000

Michael Smith was an Air Traffic Controller with the Air Force in Oregon and, subsequently, in Michigan. At both of these facilities he and others witnessed UFOs tracked on radar and moving at extraordinary speeds. He also confirms that personnel were expected to maintain secrecy concerning these observations, and that NORAD, the North American Air Defense Command, was fully apprised of these events. In fact, in one event in Michigan, NORAD was fully engaged, and steered B-52s returning to base around these UFOs.

My name is Michael W. Smith. I was in the Air Force from 1969 to 1973 and was an Aircraft Control and Early Warning Operator, which was basically an Aircraft Control person. Our job was to track and give altitudes for military aircraft, and to detect and identify any incoming aircraft coming into our airspace.

In spring of 1970, while I was stationed in Klamath Falls, Oregon. I came up to the radar site on the evening shift, and where there [were] normally two or three people in the radar room, there [were] quite a few, from the cooks to maintenance — all kinds of people. I asked what was going on, and they said that they were watching a UFO on radar. I immediately was stunned and asked if the Pentagon [had been] notified or if we [had] called the President. They said no, they don’t do that. And I said, well, we should call the news media or, you know, call somebody — this was Earth-shaking news to me. And they said, "No, just calm down."

NORAD [North American Air Defense Command] knows about it. They had called NORAD. The senior NCO pulled me to the side and said that NORAD knows about it — that’s the only people we notify. We don’t talk about this. We don’t tell anybody about this. The people that know, know. We just watch, see what happens, and that’s it. That’s our job. I insisted there has to be a report filed or something filed, you know? And he said that there is a report that you can file — it’s about an inch thick, and the first two pages are about the sighting. The rest of it is basically a psychological profile of you, your family, your bloodlines, everything.

When the Air Force goes through it, they can discredit you completely by either saying that [you were] on drugs, or your mother was a communist, or anything to discredit you. You’d never get a promotion, and [you’d] spend the next three and one-half years up at the North Pole, living in a tent, checking the weather balloons. You know — no hope for promotion. So, the message was pretty loud and clear: you just shut-up and don’t say anything to anybody.

This UFO was stationary, wasn’t moving at all. Then it would slowly lower itself down until it got behind a mountain so that you lost radar contact. It would stay down for about 15 minutes, and the next thing you knew, it was right back up there at 80,000 [or] 90,000 feet. Then, [in] the next sweep of the radarscope, it would be 200 miles away, stationary — completely stopped. It would hover there for 5 [or] 10 minutes, and then slowly start descending until it dropped off radar. Then it would come back up. It did this three times, that I saw.

This happened one more time that I know of. I heard that it’s not an infrequent occurrence out there. They have them quite often, but I’ve personally seen it twice.

There’s no aircraft that can accelerate and decelerate that fast without having the pilot’s face go through the windshield. I mean it is impossible to operate that way with gravity... So, it was obviously something we didn’t have. We never scrambled interceptors on them, so it was obviously something the Russians never had. It was a UFO. That’s the only explanation there was for it. NORAD knew about it and they just handled it like it’s just a UFO — watch it and see what happens. Don’t take any actions, don’t tell anybody, don’t write it down, and don’t disclose it.

NORAD is in charge of all of the air space of the United States and North America. It’s their job to identify any incoming aircraft, any threats — Russian planes or any aircraft at all. The first thing they do is check it with the flight plans of airlines or private carriers or whatever. Everything is identified, so when something like this just pops up on the scope with no flight plan and doing erratic behaviors, it’s their job to identify it. They have a tie-in with all the radar stations in North America. It all goes to Cheyenne Mountain, CO [NORAD HQ]. They have a big screen and they can see any area of the country at any time.

Another experience I had happened on third shift. I was on the radar, and NORAD called me and informed me that there was a UFO coming up the California coast and it would be in my area pretty soon.

I said what do you want me to do? And they said, "Nothing, just watch it, don’t write it down." We have a log book in which we are supposed to keep track of anything out of the ordinary. But they said, "Don’t log it or anything, just watch it. We are just letting you know — heads up." NORAD was well aware, obviously, that these UFOs were around, and the action of the people when I first saw the UFO on radar was as if it happens quite often.

The first time you see a UFO on radar you realize the Government knows about this, so why aren’t they telling the press?

But when I was pulled to the side, it was explained that, yes, there are UFOs. Yes, we know [about] them. Yes, NORAD knows about them. But that’s it. This is a secret. You are not supposed to talk about it. Don’t tell anybody about it. Don’t make any reports. Don’t write it down. Just shut-up and you’ll get your next stripe, and you’ll be promoted, and we’ll go on from there.

Another encounter happened while I was stationed in Michigan. It was in 1972 — I believe it was in the fall of 1972. I was working alone that night. By then I was promoted to a Sergeant. I got a phone call from the switchboard operator, and he said he had the State Police on the phone and they wanted to talk to me. He was real frantic when he got on the phone, and said that there [were] three UFOs over the north tower of the Mackinac Bridge. Mackinac Bridge connects the upper peninsula and the lower peninsula of Michigan.

I immediately turned on the radar, but my immediate reply to the officer was [that] they are not on radar, and I hung up the phone. It’s just something that’s programmed into you — that’s what you are supposed to say, "There’s nothing on radar", even if you see something. But actually, the north tower seemed to be a little bit bigger, and then I realized that they were the UFOs. One took off, left the other two, circled Mackinac Island and came back to the other [two]. Then all three started going along Interstate 75, north from St. Ignace.

In the meantime, I got calls from the Sheriff’s Department. They were frantic, saying, "We are chasing these UFOs up the highway." My response was, there’s nothing on radar. Several people called — several civilians. I believe there was a newspaper person that called. In the meantime, I called NORAD and told them. They looked it up and they said, "Oh, they are going up I-75?" I said yes, at about 70-80 miles an hour.

Now, about halfway between St. Ignace and [unintelligible], there is Kincheloe Air Force Base, which is a SAC base [closed in 1977]. They have B-52 bombers. They had two that were on final approach, and that crosses I-75. Apparently, they diverted those two bombers because they didn’t want — [whether] they have nuclear weapons or not — to take a chance on them meeting UFOs about the same altitude, crossing the highway. So they diverted the two B-52s.

As the UFOs came closer, I realized that they were coming this way — following the highway right by my radar site, which is up on top of a hill.

Then I saw a bright bluish glow go by silently, followed by the flashing red and blue lights of the police cars that were chasing them.

If I had said, oh, yes, I have them on radar, then the next thing I know, newspapers are going to be up there wanting to talk to me and I’d probably get court marshaled… It was just instinct, saying there’s nothing on radar when there actually was. I was watching them come up the highway. They were so close together, they looked like one return. In other words, it looked like it was one aircraft and it was very low.

It doesn’t matter if he’s wearing a badge or not — you don’t talk about it. In the log book, [I] wrote this down, and I told my Senior NCO the next day about it — but that’s all you are supposed to do. Don’t tell anybody else. Don’t write it down, although I did write it down. But, I doubt you’ll ever find that log book.

The government, they cover up. They don’t want anybody talking about it. But this is such remarkable technology. These people come from who knows where. I would think you’d want everybody to know…

On a personal note, after the first event happened in Oregon, I came home on leave and told my Dad about it. He was red, white, and blue through and through--an old WWII hero and all that, and very patriotic. I was explaining to him about these UFOs that we routinely see out there, and he said, "No, the Government says that there are no UFOs." I’m saying, Dad, I’ve seen these on radar with my own eyes. And he says, come on, the Government would never lie to him. You know? But here’s his son; I would never lie to him.

So, he just didn’t know what to do. It wasn’t until years later, until after Watergate, that he said, "Hey, sit down and tell me about this. The Government is lying to me about a little thing like Watergate, so obviously they are out lying about something big."

It’s a Government cover-up that doesn’t need to be here any more. There is no more Cold War. I believe the same thing Dr. Greer does, that the technology they have could enable us to stop burning our fossil fuels and stop the damage to the ozone, etc. These people have technologies — they must have something. And the Government knows about it. They have these aliens, they have these spacecraft, they have this technology, all this. There’s a lot of back-engineered technology, that’s pretty obvious. Who are they to cover this up when other Governments are coming forward, admitting, and showing their files — why isn’t our Government?

While I was in the Air Force, there were a number of other people that had witnessed UFOs on radar, also. A number of pilots I’ve talked to had chased them or come close to them or flown in formation with them. For example, a friend of mine was in a tower and there was a flight of three interceptors coming in. And he said, "No, there’s four of them." And the Captain is going, "No, there’s three of us." And he said, "Well, look around." Sure enough, there was a UFO flying in formation with them.

When Dr. Greer brought us down to Washington, D.C. for the Congressional briefing [in April 1997], I was very nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. However, there were about 12 other people there that really amazed me. My story is very tame compared to what they’ve experienced and what they’ve encountered. It was a real eye-opener, how deep this secrecy goes, how deep the cover-up is — everyone from astronauts to senators who know that there’s something going on.


Testimony of Commander Graham Bethune, US Navy (retired)

November 2000

Cmdr. Graham Bethune is a retired Navy commander pilot with a top-secret clearance. He was a VIP Plane Commander who flew most of the high-ranking officers and civilians from Washington D.C. In his testimony he explains how he was flying a group of VIP’s and other pilots into Argentia, Newfoundland when they all witnessed a 300 foot UFO that traveled 10,000 feet straight up in a fraction of a second toward their plane and was on radar. He has documented the event extensively. A selection of those documents follow this testimony.

GB: Cmdr. Graham Bethune SG: Dr. Steven Greer

[Note that this case is also described in section 6.5. It occurred on Feb. 10, 1951. SG]

GB: My name is Graham Bethune. I am a commander, retired pilot from the Navy and I went through the regular Navy program of training pilots. I graduated in 1943 from Pensacola, the Academy Air. And of course all Navy pilots are trained navigators, which is very important when you are going to talk about what we’re going to discuss here, because we had to know all of the star systems and we had to know these types of things. I navigated maybe 13 years around the planet with the stars. And when I first graduated from Pensacola in 1943 I went to the South Atlantic and we were hunting German submarines. This was all night flying. Everything we did was at night in patrol planes.

I was transferred to Air Transport Squadron One in 1950. I was sent to Keflavik, Iceland, along with two other officers after a meeting that they had in Washington, D.C., where Iceland was involved in seeing UFOs over Keflavik, Iceland, and they wanted troops up there to protect them.

During our meeting they were explaining to us why they had requested the troops and what they were seeing. And we asked them if they could really go into more detail about the type of craft that they were seeing. And their explanation was that they were seeing most of them at night -- lighted craft, circular. And we knew coming from a naval air test center, we tested everything there, that we had nothing like that that we had tested.

So I asked them, well, what did our government tell you that they were? And they said, you’re government said they were experimental, probably experimental Russian bombers (laughter).

The flight was normally about ten hours. But this particular night we had a 16-knot head wind. And about maybe 300 to 400 miles outside of Argentia, Newfoundland I saw something below the horizon, on the water, that looked like approaching a city at night. It was just kind of an ambient light, no definition whatsoever. But it looked like the same thing that you would see if you were approaching a large city at night. So I watched it for a while. It was about 1:00 am.

And then finally I called Kinden’s attention to it, who was sitting in the right seat. He was route checking me. And he took a look at it and he didn’t know what it was. We couldn’t figure out … there was nothing out there. We had passed over the guard ship already. In those days, they had a guard ship that was between Iceland and between Newfoundland. The guard ship had given us the latest weather. The weather was clear. There was no Northern Light activity, which they give as part of the weather report. And we had ship plots. There were no ships plotted in that area. So we asked control if he could give us another fix and find out if we were really on course. We thought maybe we had drifted, that we were seeing Labrador or maybe the tip of Greenland. So he said, no, we were right on course.

So we watched it for a while and we were drifting to the right of it. Our heading was 222 degrees, 225 degrees. We were at 10,000 feet, I would say it was 40 miles away originally. When we were about 25 or 30 miles away we could see defined lights and there was a pattern on the water. So, with that pattern we couldn’t figure out what was going on. Maybe the Navy was doing something that was highly classified, recovering something down in the ocean or something of this nature, we thought. And it was a circular pattern. And it was very large.

So I sent the crew chief back to get the other plane commander, Al Jones, because they wanted to land at Argentia. There were 31 passengers and we had two VIP crews that had pilots also, and patrol plane pilots. And at the time that they came forward, the lights went out on the water. There was nothing on the water. This was about 15 miles away. I mean it was just dark.

Now standing behind me was the navigator, the radioman, and also the plane captain – the cockpit was full. All of a sudden we saw, on the water, a yellow halo that was very, very small, about 15 miles away. And it came up to 10,000 feet like that – a fraction of a second.

[Note the similarity of movement of this UFO with other accounts: It covered 15 miles in a second or so. SG]

And I thought that it was going to go right through us. So I disengaged the autopilot, pushed the nose over, because I was going to go under it at the angle that it was coming toward me.

So what happened, the minute that I did that, it was up at our altitude and I could see nothing outside of the cockpit but this craft. And so I didn’t know which way to go. And then all of a sudden I heard a racket. I didn’t know what it was. And I said, Fred, what the hell was that? He looked around and he said, everyone was ducking in the back of us and they collided and they are all lying on the deck back there, scrambling on the deck. So when I looked back it wasn’t there. And he said, it’s over here on the right hand side. Now it was about a mile or so away. It kind of drifted forward, maybe to a position five miles away, and that’s where it stayed with us for quite some time.

This is when we could first see it wasn’t above our altitude. It was below our altitude. But it was still above the horizon where you could see the side of the craft. You could see the dome and you could see the color around the perimeter of the craft.

And then we knew that it was a friendly encounter. We knew that it knew that we were there. We knew that it came out to see us. But we didn’t think at that time that the reason that it did this was because they wanted to show us what the Icelanders were talking about.

So we watched it for a while. And Al says, well, let him get in the seat. So I let him get in the seat and he disengaged the autopilot and was going to chase it. Now we had a head wind of about 60-knots, so our ground speed was only maybe 120, 130-knots. And so he wasn’t going to go too far in chasing this thing. But he did turn to chase it.

So I decided that I would go back to see how the passengers reacted and also talk to the doctor who was back there. And so I went to him first, I said, Doc, did you see what we saw? And he said, yeah, he looked me straight in the eye and said, yeah, it was a flying saucer. He says, I didn’t look at it because I don’t believe in such things. Well, it took me a couple of seconds to realize what he was saying. He couldn’t believe, being a psychiatrist, in that kind of thing. So I went back forward and I said, Al, whatever you do don’t tell anybody we saw anything, they will lock us up as soon as we get on the ground. He says, it’s too late. I just called Gander control, to see if they could track this by radar. So that’s how the story got out.

So when we landed at Argentia, the Air Force was there and they interrogated us. And the captain that did the interrogation did a real good job. But you could tell this wasn’t his first time that he had ever interrogated anybody as far as this type of encounter was concerned. He made a good report, which went to the headquarters of the Air Force in Washington, D.C.

Initially the color was yellow. Since then I’ve learned from the boys upstairs why we saw different colors as it was coming toward us. The colors were around the perimeter. And it turned from a yellow to an orange to almost a fiery red and then almost a purplish red. And they said that that had to do with the amount of energy being used or dissipated. It had to do with the power so to speak. And so when it slowed down, close to us, in a fraction of a second, it was back to the yellow range. And it was foggy around it to where it was like a plasma mist or something of this nature.

When we were asked about the crafts size 300 feet came to my mind. And when I got the report out of the Archives in 1991 I had never seen anybody else’s report, everyone said it was anywhere from 250 to 350 feet in diameter. And when I talked to the others they said it was just something that they knew and estimated. Now the velocity when it left us was estimated from between 1,000 miles an hour to 2,000 miles an hour. And when I looked at the report, Al Jones had estimated 1,800 miles an hour. Mine was 1,000. Another was 1,500 miles, but in that range. It turns out that the radar report, which I have never seen said it was 1,800 miles an hour

We had nothing that would go that fast. And of course I was at the naval air test center. This is where we had our test pilot training school. This is where we did all the highly classified tests of aircraft. And to my knowledge we had nothing anywhere near that speed or anything that was circular.

Now this craft went 15 miles in that short period of time (one second or so). Now you could calculate how fast it came toward us. And then just like put the brakes on in front of us. You take something 300 feet in diameter, and you don’t see much out of your cockpit window.

I’ve been corresponding with a magnetic engineer for several years that’s writing a book. He’s already gotten pretty close to 100 pilot reports (of UFOs with magnetic effects on the aircraft). And I gave him, in detail, everything that happened.

When I went to set the automatic pilot back, the magnetic compass, which was in the center of the panel, was swinging back and forth. I said to Fred, I said, did you see that? He said, you should have seen it when the craft was close. He said it was spinning. And so then we looked at the other compasses. At that time the craft was sitting out maybe five miles from us. We had what we called Bird Dogs. They are low frequency radio components that will point to the station when you tune in the station. These two Bird Dogs were pointing toward the craft. We had two other compasses. We had a remote compass, which is out in the wing; it was reacting. There were a total of five different directional gyros in that airplane. And out of the five, three of them were acting up.

I was told that it was tracked by radar. He said, as far as he knew the radar report was sent in to the Air Force Headquarters in Washington, D.C. It usually goes from there to Wright Patterson AFB. But my boss found the report in the Archives in Wright Patterson in Project Blue Book after talking to Colonel Watson, and he confirmed the speed of 1,800 miles. I said where did you find that out? He said, well, it was a radar report and it said that. So something happened to the radar report before they microfilmed it. Because what I have on microfilm I got from the Archives (and the radar report is missing). I was told by a friend of mine at Wright Patterson AFB that I’ve known for years that they had allowed Steven Spielberg microfilm this, the Blue Book records or whatever for Close Encounters of the Third Kind. So he (Spielberg) had a pretty high clearance. He had to be associated with some of the … well, you know who, as far as the control group is concerned.

The other plane commander I located many years ago but he was with this company and he wouldn’t talk. After he retired, I got a hold of him again in 1996 and I flew out to where he lived and I said, what we will do is we’ll just take a tape recorder and we’ll just discuss it. So that’s what happened. In the report that I wrote, his statement is in there, several pages of his statement. His schematic of what he saw is in there. And it was amazing how they matched.

[We have this full report with the other pilot’s corroboration of events. SG]

The document that I found [See Government Documents] was the official document that the Air Force had put together. And it was originally filed under Project Grudge.

[Refer to the testimony of AF Colonel Charles Brown who was part of Project Grudge. SG]

But on the front page it says Project Twinkle where they put a lot of reports that they had to get rid of somehow.

[Note that Colonel Brown confirms in his testimony that really sensitive cases were placed in another project outside of Grudge and beyond his access. SG]

There were 18 pages according to the Archives. But they only at that time, Admiral McCormick, who had relieved Eisenhower, was the NATO Commander, the Supreme Allied Commander. Now his aides had approached me. Everybody seemed to know about this event. Like Admiral Radford, who became the first Joint Chiefs of Staff, his aides knew about it because he had talked to me about it. So there were quite a few who knew about this. So this was how I learned a lot that really was not official and was really not in any books.

[Note that Colonel Corso and others relate that the very sensitive material was conveyed verbally, "brain to brain." SG]

Later in May, I had an Intelligence officer come to the house. And he showed me pictures. The first pictures that I had ever seen. There was nothing, absolutely nothing there that looked close to it. There was one that was 100 feet in diameter. It didn’t look like it was damaged too much.

[He implies here that these were photos of retrieved or crashed objects since he can comment on the extent of damage. SG]

So he’s the one that I asked a lot of questions. I said what happens to this report. And he told me exactly what happens. He says there is a committee. Now these are his words: "There is a joint intelligence committee…" And he said, "… and they make the decisions as to where it goes."

They were coming to me a lot of times and showing me photographs. A lot of them looked like what we would call foo fighters. A lot of them looked like just a round, bright disc of some kind.

There was a Secretary of the Navy Kimball … I was what you would call a VIP Plane Commander in the Flag Division, which flew most of the high-ranking officers and civilians out of Washington, D.C. Several of these officials told me what they had seen. For example, there were two craft flying together out in the Pacific. And a bright disc came up beside one of them and stayed with them for a while and flew around it.

Our office came under the headquarters of Wright Patterson. It was a central district. You had pilot meetings. You had all these types of meetings. And I would go down there about once or twice a month to the meetings, plus I would go maybe two or three times a year for seminars … it would be a week or so.

Once, while on the flight line where we parked our plane we weren’t too far from what looked like a hanger. It looked like a corrugated metal hanger. And it was open most of the time. Every time my boss and I would go by there he couldn’t understand why I was not interested in going and looking at what was behind the metal wall back there. And he told me basically that they had a craft (UFO) back there. And he told me basically that they did have ET bodies there. Now he’s not the first one that ever told me that.

From discussions that he had had with Admiral Forney he learned that Admiral Forney (who was our missile chief and had spent time at White Sands) was convinced that craft from other planets were visiting us. He kept bringing up Colonel Watson also. He said Colonel Watson let him look at a lot of these files, plus he was the one that told him about what they had there. He saw what they had there [the ET craft and bodies], and as I said he couldn’t understand why I wasn’t interested. I said, well, really I don’t have any interest because I will never be able to talk about it. And I know enough now from what I’ve seen that I know they exist. It was a craft at Wright Patterson AFB. It was a craft that did crash somewhere.

SG: Extraterrestrial?

GB: Extraterrestrial craft, exactly. Yes. And the bodies that he was talking about were extraterrestrial.

Well, I’m convinced of what I saw. To my knowledge we wouldn’t have had anything of that size. And I’m certain that it was from another planet, not from this planet. Our technology was not such at that time that we could have any kind of a craft like that, I’m sure of that.

I had a top-secret clearance. But here we get back to the need to know. And I am sure that in a lot of cases the other people had the need to know about certain things that I didn’t have. And so I’m sure that if we had anything from another planet, that some of these engineers would be involved, whether they were magnetic engineers or aeronautical engineers or whatever they were, they would be involved.

Regarding Corso’s book, I was involved in some things that I’m suspicious were of the same nature. They were asking us to see if we could find a contractor in the area that could build something like this, to back-engineer something like this. And we never thought about it when he said, well, it wasn’t our technology.

Later in the ‘60s, we were just moving into a new home. My son was about eight years old. And we were sodding the backyard. And I went into the house to wash up and he came into the house and says, dad, mommy wants you outside. I said, what for? He said, we’re looking at flying saucers. Well, I thought to myself what the heck does he know about flying saucers? So I go outside and here she is standing and pointing to something up above us. And you know what it was? It was a ship and there were smaller craft all around it. So I go back in the house to get the binoculars because I wanted to get a good look at this. So I come back and the ship itself had gone but I got a chance to see two or three of the small ones. So when we got back in the house I said to my wife, how did you find out about flying saucers? Because we were not supposed to tell even our wives of our encounter, which was in 1951.



Testimony of Mr. Enrique Kolbeck, Senior Air Traffic Controller

October 2000

Mr. Enrique Kolbeck is a senior Air Traffic Controller at Mexico City International Airport. In his testimony he speaks about the frequent UFO sightings seen at the airport visually and on radar. They are clocked at tremendous speeds and making almost instantaneous hairpin turns. Of the 140 air traffic controllers at the airport, he estimates that over 50 have seen this phenomenon. During one sighting, 32 controllers visually saw the same red and white lights simultaneously moving around a conventional landing aircraft. There have been reports from all four air traffic control centers in Mexico of these UFOs.

My name is Enrique Kolbeck. I am an Air Traffic Controller at Mexico International Airport. I have been a controller for 25 years.

From the Mexico Control Center, we have had many sightings of UFO phenomenon. They appear suddenly and frequently cross the flight paths of the incoming aircraft. We see them on the radar screen and sometimes the pilots give us information about what they are seeing. We don’t have any kind of control over this kind of phenomenon, of course. And the pilots definitely feel insecure about the control of the airspace around their aircraft.

Flying saucers: In the past, to hear that would be very funny. Today, it is very serious for us. Especially after the incident we had with Aeromexico flight 109. Four years ago more or less, we had an incident that was very dangerous involving an unidentified object. The UFO was flying over a very important building in the city. It is located on the final track of runway five for Mexico City Airport.

This flight was coming from Guadalajara to Mexico City and I passed the control of this aircraft to the other controller. It is beginning the approach for runway five precisely. We saw two objects on the screen, two craft, very close to the aircraft at that moment. But it very suddenly and quickly disappeared. We had radar contact for more or less, thirty seconds. And the pilot doesn’t report anything. Then later we discovered that this aircraft in the final turn hit his principle landing gear on this kind of object.

It is important that you know that we received information two hours later from people who were watching the phenomenon fly over the building. Then we heard something about the airplane hitting this object and it was very, very dangerous for us- because we have responsibility to know about everything that is flying in our airspace.

We have a lot of reports about UFOs flying very close to the final track, within four or five miles from the final approach. It is very real and on radar; we have information about those encounters, precisely. In the week of the Aeromexico encounter, we had about seven reports from pilots at different in times. It is important that you know that these UFOs appear on our radar screens and show up like a point digitally.

They moved definitively very fast. The human aircrafts- Boeing 727, Boeing 757- move in a different way and of course their speed is completely different from the UFOs. When you have the view of the airspace and the radar screen you see the UFOs go around twenty or thirty miles in a second. That is very real. And of course it is nothing like other human aircraft. The UFOs can turn suddenly and turn almost ninety degrees in a second or a half second.

When this kind of phenomenon appears, we see it sometimes twelve times a day, or it may appear twelve times a month or a week -- you don’t have information about when these UFOs will appear.

Also, the UFOs can go vertically straight up very quickly. That is completely different, of course, from even the military aircraft.

But this phenomenon doesn’t come with a flight plan. Nobody knows anything about them. They appear when they want to appear. The pilots sometime become scared and require immediate information. A lot of pilots report when they have a sighting and sometimes report problems with their instruments of flight, the electronic instruments. These UFOs come within 2-5 miles of their aircraft.

I have been seeing these UFOs on radar for seven years. Many sightings were reported near the volcano outside Mexico City

Once, near the volcano, a Mexican pilot had an experience with three objects flying around him. Two of these objects were flying on top of the wings of the aircraft and the other flew in front of him. We had the radar register that information.

We have around 140 controllers at the Mexico Center. I think that 50 at least have seen the objects on the radar screen and had visual contact with the UFOs. On one occasion we had two Mexican aircraft flying from the north to land when one of them reported seeing a small object of red color passing beside him very fast. And the aircraft that was flying behind him also reported it. Within one minute of that, we saw it from the tower - a lot of people ran to the windows to watch this phenomenon. One was red and the other two were white. Around 32 air traffic controllers had the same sighting of this UFO!

In Mexico, we have four Control Centers and 52 airports. In the four Control Centers, we have been getting information about radar tracking this kind of phenomenon. Yes, in all four. In Matzatlan, we have information that around fifteen years ago two commercial flights and another private aircraft were flying in Mazetlan airspace very close to the border of the United States. There were about four or five UFOs flying around there. The human pilots were so scared that they decided finally to land on Mazetlan. They didn’t consider the airspace safe at that moment.

Our Mexican authorities have sent out a lot of information about pilots’ and controllers’ reports of UFOs in our country.

I am sure that your country [the US] has information about these UFOs. I am sure that in your country a lot of controllers have information about pilots’ reports and sightings of pilots. I am sure.

We also have a case where this lady took a picture with her camera of a UFO at the same time that we have a detection on the radar screen 40 miles away. We received information from different sources about that sighting which happened near Metepec.

After that event, we had a very busy week with sightings- they happened each day for a week. Some pilots have seen these objects or flying saucers going down inside of the volcano.

Just like other radars in the world, our radar doesn’t detect light. It only detects solid objects flying. That is very important. When you have information from pilots, controllers and people walking in the street seeing at the same time the same object, definitely you are talking about something real. It is very real.

Really, the important thing for me and for the professional guys like me is that they represent traffic. At one time, we had registered on radar information about twelve or fifteen UFOs at the same time! At the same time! They were very close to the city and the airport also.

The pilots report the size of some of these objects at around 100 meters or greater. I remember reports of a Mexicana aircraft flying from Santa Cruz to Mexico City and they had a sighting of a very large UFO. Another pilot flying 40 miles behind the first aircraft has the same object in sight. They are talking about how enormous it was. With 40 miles between the aircraft, the object was enormous.

Testimony of Dr. Richard Haines

November 2000

Dr. Haines has been a NASA research scientist since the mid 1960’s. He has worked on the Gemini, Apollo, and Skylab programs as well as several others. Over the past 30 years, Dr. Haines has compiled over 3,000 cases of unusual visual and radar sightings of unexplained aerial phenomena. He notes that numerous foreign cases also appear in the literature and are very similar in nature to the American reports. In one case here in America, a B-52 captain told him that he and his crew had five round spheres appear just off of each wingtip, behind their aircraft, above the aircraft, and below and they kept up with the plane at cruise altitude and speed. The captain tried to shake the spheres with evasive maneuvers but each sphere kept exact position. There are other cases where pilots look into the transparent cupola of some of the UFOs and detail can be seen inside.

… In many cases, Air Force interceptors have been sent up to identify or investigate the phenomenon. And the pilot might ask for radar coverage. Did you see anything on radar? I have many, many cases in my AIRCAT files where there is good, positive, visual radar correspondence.

AIRCAT stands for Air Catalogue. This is a rather extensive library I’ve been collecting for almost 30 years now from commercial, military, private and test pilots.

I have over 3,000 cases. I have tape recordings or video recordings of the interviews with some of the pilots. I have FAA tapes that you can obtain as a citizen through Freedom of Information Act requests. And so this database is very large. Those cases that are not complete are usually the result of a hesitancy on the part of the pilot to disclose everything. If they are a commercial pilot, for instance, there may be concerns about job security or ridicule…

We have an interesting case involving several aircraft, compasses deviating, radio frequency interference, and radar. There is a wealth of data there. And it just amazes me that my colleagues in the physical sciences, for some reason aren’t interested in this subject…

Is there some intelligent guidance behind the phenomenon? Well that’s a scientific question. That is a valuable scientific question. And to me, where I am right now in the data analysis, I think there is. I’m gaining more and more data to make this case that there is a high degree of intelligence and control behind this phenomenon…

I had a B-52 captain tell me once that he was flying in the front left seat of a brand new B-52 from Wichita, Kansas, where it was made by the Boeing Corporation. His job was to ferry that aircraft with a light crew to an Air Force base in the southwestern part of America. It was a clear, sunny day, beautiful bright sky, and an object, a round sphere, probably four or five feet in diameter with no markings, no rivets, no seams, no insignias, no USAF on the side- showed up right off his left wing tip. Well, his co-pilot said, Captain, we have an object off our right wing tip and he described it and it was the same shape, size, everything, identical to this one on the left wing. So there are two objects now keeping up with the aircraft at cruise altitude and cruise speed.

Well, to make a long story short, he told me that an object showed up behind the aircraft, above the aircraft, below the aircraft and off each wing tip, five total. And, I said, well, what did you do. He said, well, I hit the autopilot button on the control column and went into evasive maneuvers, which is kind of standard operating procedure, to try to shake these things. He said if they were balloons, they weren’t going to keep up with us very long. If they were birds, why were they at that altitude and flying at 300 or 400 miles an hour, so forth and so on. Good, typical piloting behavior, checking off what they weren’t, you see. Well, he said, no matter what he did with that aircraft, they stayed with the aircraft, perfectly aligned. It is called station keeping. So he said, after a while of this, we are running out of fuel and I have a job to do. So he added power, got back up to cruise altitude, and put her back on autopilot. After 15 or so minutes more the objects departed from the aircraft in the exact opposite order they arrived. Intelligence. To me that’s not random. That is intelligence. That is deliberate…

Now the skeptics will say that these are all visual illusions. And I can’t buy that. Not all these cases, not with three sets of eyeballs in that cockpit, not with radar confirmation, not with ground confirmation by radar and even additional aircraft nearby…

Pilots, being professionals, have careers at stake. And so it is easier not to report them and usually they don’t report them. My estimate is that for every one pilot who does come forward and makes a confidential or a public report, there are 20, 30 other pilots who don’t.

As a result of this review of my AIRCAT files, I found a number of cases back in the ‘60’s for instance when the Air Force was still heavily involved in this subject, where they stepped in and interrogated commercial pilots. Not just their own military pilots, but also commercial pilots. The Air Force ended the interview by saying you are not to tell anybody about what you saw…

Quite often there is a little protrusion either on the top or the bottom, or both, that some people describe as a cupola or a cockpit of some sort. And very often, they are transparent. And detail can be seen inside the windows. It is very interesting for a pilot to look you in the eye and tell you that he saw this at 100 yards distance, at altitude. That has a great emotional impact on me, I must say…



Testimony of Mr. Franklin Carter, US Navy

December 2000

Mr. Carter was trained as an electronic radar technician in the Navy in the 50’s and 60’s. He tells of an incident where he witnessed a clear, unambiguous radar contact speeding along at 3,400 miles an hour. There were other radar operators as well who, at various times in 1957 and 1958, also witnessed these unusually fast moving objects. At the time, the fastest human aircraft clocked in at 1,100 miles and hour. In one case an Air Force operator tracked one of these UFOs 300 to 400 miles out in space. When these reports repeatedly kept coming in to General Electric who manufactured the radar, their technicians came in and modified the electronics so that the radar would limit it’s reporting to 12 to 15 miles out into space.

…But we had a very unusual experience one night. I was a radar specialist and my job was to maintain the radar’s aboard the ship…

I got off-duty one night at midnight and went to bed and was called and told to come fix the radar, there was something wrong with it. When I got up to CIC and I asked them what the problem was. They said, well, we are tracking an aircraft here at 3,400 miles an hour. And I said, well, there is something wrong. So I took that radar offline, put the stand-by radar online and went to work. And I started running all the tests. And everything was normal. And I completed all of the preliminary tests that you would run to check out a radar and everything checked out absolutely normal…

They told me this had been an absolute stellar contact -- this was a blip that was better than a half-inch across which indicated a really large target or something very close. It tracked every sweep. And if you get anomalies usually what will happen is every sweep or every other sweep you’ll get a blank or maybe every 10 sweeps but it’ll blank out. But this one was solid on every sweep and that indicates a solid target…

Then one night I was on the plot board, maybe three or four months later. And here comes this contact. And with the second blip you could see that this thing was really moving. It was moving like three or four inches on a 360-mile scale. And so sure enough, I plotted it and it was 3,400 miles an hour. And again we didn’t report it. But they say there is nothing wrong, this is our friend back. We didn’t make a big deal out of it but we sure would have liked to know what that was: 3,400 miles an hour in 1957! The closest thing that we had was about 1,100 miles an hour then.

It continued to happen during the year, the last part of ‘57, and up until May of ‘58. It happened at least three more times. And I had radar operator friends that would tell me, well, we had another one of those fast ones last night. And it always was at night…

We tracked them at 3,400 miles an hour. He said, the interesting part of it was we tracked them 300 and 400 miles out in space. And he said, we complained to General Electric who had built the system. And so we kept reporting these events and they kept telling us we couldn’t report that stuff. So we said, well, we are doing it and it is real. And so they came in and actually made movies of the scope and when they took them back and analyzed what they were seeing, they came back and put a fix into the radar so their distance into space was like 12 or 15 miles. They said, that’s all the ballistic missiles will ever go. You don’t need to see any further. So they just limited the receivers to where the scope would only expand to where they could see 12 to 15 miles out in space. His name was Dave Wallace…

When people claim that these UFOs may be the figment of my imagination, I say I was a damn good E.T. [electronics technician]. I knew my radar. It was my love at the time. And I know the systems and that there was nothing wrong with those systems. I knew that we were tracking real contacts. I knew the difference between what they call running rabbits and all of the other test bogeys that they would give us.

I doubt very seriously that in 1956 and ‘57, that the U.S. had craft, even in the experimental stage, that could fly 3,400 miles an hour, repeatedly…

They didn’t want anybody to know anything about what we were seeing. And I think that started the cover-up. And then it got out of hand.

But I know that the only people that they are keeping it secret from today are the Americans. Everybody else knows about it and accepts it. And all of the other Governments in the world except England and the U.S. primarily, are accepting it.

It’s very irritating to me personally, to see that go on…

I think it is important that we recognize that there are civilizations that we need to communicate with. And I think we’ve reached that point in our evolution as a human race that we need to recognize that. And the thing that disturbs me is that the U.S. is going to be a third world nation in that field if we are not careful by having all of this secrecy and refusing to set up any kind of diplomatic protocols as I know that you [SG] have called for and which I believe in very strongly. Because they are out there. Other nations recognize them and they are going to talk to the people [ETs] that are willing to talk to them on a peaceful basis. I’m hoping that people will come to their senses and stop hiding this stuff from the U.S. citizens…

I also investigated a military sighting by a friend of mine. We knew each other in business for about seven or eight years. And he did not know that I had any interest in UFO’s. And I did not know that he knew what a UFO was until I saw him make a report of a sighting one day. So I called him up and talked to him about it. He told me about his sighting when he was a Lieutenant in the Air Force. He was a navigator on a RB-36, which had the big cameras and they did all of the secret photographing back in the ‘50’s. He was the navigator on one of these with 22 people aboard his plane. They were up over North Dakota and somebody called from the tail gunner section and said look out over the left wing. And out- they estimated 100 yards from the left wing- was this 100-foot disc. And this was as clear as day. He says they talked to the radar control tower and they had it on radar. All of the guys got up and went and took pictures of it. They had been given cameras. Now this is another part of it- the secrecy thing. They had been given 35mm cameras and told how to fill out a report if they saw a UFO. He said all 22 guys got up and looked out the window and saw this thing for about five or six minutes and then it just took off…

What was interesting was that when he landed they were met by an Air Force group. They debriefed all of these people and told them that they could not discuss it for 12 years, and that they were under a secrecy oath. And then a week later a group from Washington came out and debriefed them and reminded them of their secrecy oath. They confiscated all of the camera and the films and everything. And then when he was discharged from the Air Force he was a Colonel in the Reserves, they reminded him again that he had signed a secrecy oath about this. His name is Jim Lloyd.

Testimony of Mr. Neil Daniels, Airline Pilot

November 2000

Mr. Daniels is a pilot with over 30,000 of flight time spanning 59 years. He entered the Air Force and became a B-17 pilot surviving 29 combat missions. After leaving the Air Force he worked for United Airlines for 35 years. He tells about the time in March of 1977 when he was flying a commercial flight from San Francisco to Boston. The plane was on autopilot when by itself it began to bank left. He looked out the window and noticed a brilliant bright light. The first and second officers both saw it also. They were perplexed because all three compasses reported different readings.

…The one and only sighting that I had was in March of 1977. I was flying a DC-10 on a flight from San Francisco to Boston. And it was United Flight 94. We were about halfway between Buffalo and Albany at 37,000 feet, fog cover underneath, dark night, when all of a sudden the airplane which was on auto pilot started a 15 degree turn to the left. And of course I looked out the window and I saw this brilliant light.

The first officer saw it and the second officer got out of his seat and took a look. And that’s when the Air Traffic Control in Boston wanted to know what was happening. So we told them when we figured it out we’d give them a call. And about that time the first officer hit the auto pilot release button and went back to manual control. As I was looking out the window this thing that we had seen disappeared back towards the left of the airplane and to our rear at a very rapid rate. The whole event took place in probably less than three minutes or so…

Well, the first officer’s autopilot, which is connected to the Captain’s compass, is out in the left wingtip of the airplane. And apparently for some reason or another the magnetic force was interrupted to cause the aircraft to veer off course because it is hooked up to the compass. All three compasses were giving different readings, which is very unusual. So what we gathered was it was an enormous magnetic force in whatever that ball was that we saw out there, that white light.

After we turned the autopilot off and the first officer straightened out the airplane the magnetic interference that had made the compasses all different readings ended and all returned to normal. And the object had disappeared away from us. So everything returned to a normal state…

In the past pilots that had seen things and had talked about it were let go. Some were released from their flying and treated as nutcases and things like that. So that was the last I said of it for many, many years.

Quite a few pilots have told me of their incidents and their sightings and what has happened. And one especially, was a sighting back on the east coast and he saw this thing for a long time, something like 18 minutes. And when he reported it to his boss, it was a different airline not United Airlines, they investigated it and the Government said, well, that’s swamp gas. At 18,000 feet, doing 250 knots, swamp gas! No one really wanted to admit that there might possibly be something there.


Testimony of Sgt. Robert Blazina (retired)

August 2000

Mr. Robert Blazina is a retired military man with a top-secret clearance. He worked transporting nuclear weapons all over the world. He personally witnessed a UFO maneuvering in the clear nights sky at an incredible speed straight up. Another time he and a civilian 747 both saw on their radar screens an object travel an estimated 10,000 miles an hour directly at them.

… My first experience with UFOs was in 1952. I was on a flight from Seattle, coming back to Sacramento. It was between 10 and 12 midnight. It was a clear, dark night. Sitting there, looking ahead, I saw this orange glow in front of us….

We added power and we kept getting closer and of course it got larger until we got up to about Redding, California. It went into a descent and we followed it. We picked up quite a bit of speed in a shallow dive and it went clear into Sacramento and across the city and right over the capital building. We were right on it. We had the aircraft redlined, as fast as it could go. At that point, it went vertical and it disappeared in a matter of two seconds, straight up...

While in the Air Force Reserves in the 1970s, we were coming back from Germany. We were in a C-141 and we were, at the time, 35,000 feet plus. We were around two hours out of Dover, Delaware. Again, it was clear skies, but dark. We observed this object on our radar screen. We had two of the scopes on board, the pilots had one and the navigator had one, and it was on both of them. It would come directly at us, but we couldn’t see it visually and then it would turn off. It made several passes at us, in fact, one time it came directly on our nose, so close that the pilot took evasive action.

At the same time, there was a civilian 747 off to our right that we could see. We contacted him and the pilots talked back and forth. They were seeing the same thing on their radar that we were seeing and we couldn’t figure it out.

The navigator, he worked it out and said that it (the UFO) was traveling 10,000 miles per hour, plus…


Testimony of Lieutenant Frederick Marshall Fox, US Navy (retired)

September 2000

Lieutenant Fox was in the Navy in the 60’s flying attack planes. He had a top-secret clearance and served in Vietnam. He is a retired pilot of 33 years with American Airlines. In his testimony, he reveals that there is a publication called JANAP 146 E that has a section which states that no one is to share any information regarding the UFO phenomenon under penalty of $10,000 fine and 10 years in prison. During one incident in late 1964, while flying an A4 Skyhawk, he says that all of a sudden a darkened saucer shaped object about 30 feet in diameter appeared on his left side. There were many other events over the course of his career where he observed saucer shaped and cigar shaped UFOs over military installations as well as one time seeing two red lights traversing the night’s sky from horizon to horizon in three seconds. He was afraid to bring up these events to others due to the inherent ridicule in the subject.

…In the Navy my rank was Lieutenant and I was a nuclear weapons delivery pilot so I had a top-secret clearance.

Well, as far as the Navy goes I was Code 4 PUBS, which was a confidential publications and communications officer. There is a publication called JANAP 146 E that had a section that says you will not reveal any information regarding the UFO phenomenon under penalty of $10,000.00 fine and ten years in jail. So they were quite adamant that whatever experiences you had you were not to go public with it without their permission…

I was out about 180 miles from the carrier one night by myself at about 20,000 feet when an object showed up on my left side. It didn’t have any hostile intent; it was just there observing me. And I sort of observed it and came away with a very peaceful feeling. I never said anything to anybody until later in my career with the airlines. I later found out a fellow shipmate of mine had a similar incident.

The object was maybe 30 feet in diameter… Maybe it was an intelligence gathering disc. It was saucer shaped…

The subject never came up with Air Traffic Control. In any event I would never have opened my mouth. There was a Captain, Pete Killian, who was written about in some of the UFO books. He was a Captain with American Airlines back in the ‘50’s that evidently had a sighting and testified before the Senate committees. And then there was another captain that actually took a photograph of a UFO off his wings. And of course they were subject to ridicule. I didn’t want to go that direction. So, I never reported anything to FAA or the military. A lot of pilots just did not want to get involved in this because of peer pressure and ridicule. So the secret has been kept…

I have a very personal friend that was a B-24 pilot during W.W.II that got into [the] O.S.S. And he was one of the first people into Japan after the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Nagasaki. He ended up on Project Bluebook, Section 13, which I believe was the top-secret portion of that investigation. At the time he was a captain in the Air Force. He’s in his late ‘70’s now and he is still being carried on active duty as a captain. I don’t know if he’s being paid but if he’s on active duty he should be a three star general with time and rank and he should be paid. And the whole reason that they have kept him on active duty is to keep his national security oath active because of what he knows. There are certain things that he will not talk to me about because of that security oath even though I had a top secret clearance with the Navy and we are both very interested in the same thing.

For whatever reason the Government, or those agencies of Government, deem necessary to protect their agendas, which obviously now, aren’t our agendas. I think it is time for us to act, to end this charade. And to take whatever steps are necessary to insure that the human race evolves properly and enjoys the fruits of that evolution.

Testimony of Captain Massimo Poggi

September 2000

Captain Poggi is a senior 747 captain for Alitalia . He relates an event where when flying from Rome to Sao Paolo in July of 1999 he witnessed a glowing green halo soaring past just 500 feet below his 747. The aircraft experienced a sudden jump when this UFO passed underneath. Very noisy static came through his headphones during this experience. At another time while flying over Turin Italy in 1992, he saw a distant elliptical sphere maintaining a very steady position relative to the clouds as if stationary. He saw this UFO through a spotting scope. After looking away to briefly speak to his co-pilot, he looked back and it was gone.

My name is Massimo Poggi. I am a senior captain, of a Boeing 747 in Alitalia, Italy’s airline.

On the 1st of July, 1999, I was flying from Rome to Sao Paolo, Brazil. Almost at the mid-Atlantic position we had a background noise on our headphones which was increasing and became very, very noisy with static. Then in a couple of seconds we saw a halo, a glowing green, glowing light, diffuse, just flying very fast below our nose, below our aircraft. At the same time the 747 had a sudden jump, just one, only one jump. Half a second later the noise and light had disappeared. That’s the only jump we had in eleven hours [of] flight.

This object was very, very near. We were flying at 930 kilometers per hour, about 500 knots, and the object that crossed under us was a lot faster - I think 1,000 knots, or much more.

The object was below us but not by much - maybe 500 feet. It was very near, yes. For an aircraft flying, it was a near collision.

Testimony of Lieutenant Bob Walker, US Army

October 2000

Lieutenant Walker was a 2nd lieutenant in the Army. After World War II at a NASA (then NACA) open house he saw a 30-foot saucer-shaped craft which had been brought back from Germany for study. On another occasion he was piloting an aircraft for a TV station when a disc shaped object came in from the west. He had his camera and climbed to 12,000 feet to take some photos of it. After landing, he immediately had the pictures developed and enlarged. The object turned out to be a football shaped silver object with points at each end. His film was subsequently taken from him under unusual circumstances. In his testimony he also speaks of a time when he happened into a diner late at night near Ft. Campbell in Kentucky and overheard conversations from MPs about how a flying saucer had landed next to a nearby farmhouse and the MP’s were there cordoning off the area. Creatures were present and were shot at by the frightened farmhouse owner.

…I happened to catch a strange transmission from the tower. The tower said that there was a disc shaped object coming in from the west. And I thought, "Well this is a pretty good opportunity. I will take a look and see if I can see it." I guess now if I were to estimate altitude the object would be somewhere not less than 50,000 and on up.

So I called the tower after they were making people alert of what was coming over the area. And the tower said, "What do you want to do?" And I said, "If you don’t mind, will you release me from 2,000 and let me go to 12,000, which was my maximum altitude without oxygen. And they said, "Go right ahead." And it took me several minutes to climb from two to twelve and I got up and about that time a silver ball was passing over and I took a number of shots on 35mm film as it was going over.

And the next thing that I knew it was gone. After I had gotten down, I asked what happened and they said, "Well, they had alerted the fighters at Langley to take a look at what it was. And by the time they could get scrambled and get in the air and get to that altitude, it was gone…

I didn’t make it known to anybody but somehow somebody knew that I had this picture and I got a call, probably about six or eight weeks later. And they said, "We are into this area of gathering information on possible UFOs and I understand that you took some pictures and would you mind loaning them to us so that we could just take a look." I didn’t ask for credentials or anything like that and I said, "Well, in addition to pictures I also have kind of an interesting collection of news items that have come over AP for the past five years." And, they said, "Well, bring those along. We are interested. We would like to look at that."

The house was not furnished as though it was a home. It was very lightly furnished. It was an older home and didn’t have anything in it of any value, as I recall. No antiques and no oriental rugs or anything. In fact, it was kind of shabby. It kind of made me curious as to what he did and who else was in the house. But I turned it over to him and I thought, "Well, call me when you are finished or else I will come back and get it." And he didn’t call me for about two or three weeks. And I thought, "Well, that is enough time."

Since I didn’t hear from him and I didn’t have his telephone number, I thought I would go on back to the house and pick it up. Well, I got to the house and the house was empty. I had no idea who the person was. I was very naïve- more so because I didn’t keep a negative on it and I didn’t keep a print. These were original things that I had. The newspaper didn’t keep a copy either because when we did that we were just doing it for our own interest. It wasn’t for print or publication. And they disappeared from my life forever…

Another time, I was interviewing the Director of NASA at Langley and we began talking about flying saucers. I got the typical nebulous but not evasive answers. And one of the things we were talking about was different aircraft and UFOs and we were kind of blending the subject in together very nicely. So I said, "Well what about aircraft in the future? What are they going to be like? And he said, "We have aircraft now. We have vehicles or aircraft now that we could actually fly but they are so unique and so unorthodox that the public would not accept them.

He was explaining that these craft were not conventional. I guess he was referring to the fact, no rudder, no tail, no wings or whatever…


Testimony of Mr. Don Bockelman, US Army

September 2000

Mr. Bockelman was a Launch Area Electronics Technician for the US Army. He was also trained as a systems analyst and worked on Nike Hercules missiles. For two years he worked for Honeywell making nuclear tipped torpedoes. Mr. Bockelman heard numerous first hand accounts from various radar operators that they were seeing extremely fast targets moving at 3500 miles an hour. Some of these were making impossibly small-radius turns. At one time he witnessed an attempted to shoot one down with an air defense missile near Mount Vernon, WA.

… There are technicians and operators dealing with really high speed, very mobile targets which were UFOs on radar. I heard a number of those accounts from operators. They were stationed at different places around the world. Integrated Fire Control is where the radars were stationed in relation to the missiles and it is a whole bunch of radars. They would recount stories where vehicles would come in and they would track them and pass them off and they would be going 700 miles an hour and accelerate to 3,500 miles in the atmosphere quite rapidly. It was off the scale in terms of what the technology for our potential Russian targets were. It was off the scale. I want to say that these operators are very adept. They are trained to determine the difference between radar strikes and any atmospheric disturbances that can approximate targets. They are experts at it.

So when they were tracking targets, they were tracking the actual physical objects in the atmosphere. They were 100% convinced that there were physical targets that were in the atmosphere and were involved in a variety of different types of travel. That was in the late 1960s that I was hearing these reports. The reports went back into the 1950s because a lot of the older operators had been on Ajax sites and they were tracking them…

After leaving the military, one evening I was sitting in my living room and it was in October of 1978 and I had all the lights off and I was just sitting there letting my mind wander and quite abruptly all of a sudden four amber lights started shining in the room and filling it with a diffuse amber light. Needless to say, I turned around quite rapidly to determine what it was that I was seeing. And there were three lights who were approximately equal distance from each other and a fourth one off of the equal distance spacing a little bit, but in the same plane…

Then this jet came from due west. I saw this object while I was standing on the back porch of my house, and it was then attacked and fired on by an air defense missile. As it turned out it was a high explosive missile right at the target. Shrapnel was falling to the ground. It had exploded and the object was accelerating away at a mind-boggling speed away from where the attack occurred. The actual attack on the craft occurred about ten miles east of Sedro Woolley. I would say about three miles north of the area called Lyman [and] Hamilton.

About the objects which we tracked on radar while I was in the military, outside of the speed, the thing that was most impressive about these targets is their capacity to have abrupt turns. People who are in air defense look at mass and turning radius. We had nothing that was capable of matching their capacity for minuscule turning radiuses. We are talking about virtually no radius turns at high speeds. 2,000 miles an hour and right angle turns. And not only turns but descents and ascents. They would descend rapidly. It didn’t seem to make any difference to them in which direction where they went…


3.8.3 SAC/NUKE



(transcribed and edited from an oral presentation by Dr. Greer)

This section deals with the Strategic Air Command and UFO events involving nuclear facilities. I wish to emphasize again that the witnesses we have here are diverse. They range from the Atomic Energy Commission to people who have been at Strategic Air Command facilities and at missile launch control facilities throughout the United States and Canada. These witnesses give unmistakably clear testimony about the fact that these extraterrestrial vehicles appear to be quite concerned with our weapons of mass destruction. And in fact, more than one of these witnesses have stated to me that they believe that these extraterrestrial vehicles were there because they were very concerned that we might blow ourselves up- or that we might begin to go into space and be a threat someday to other civilizations.

I believe this is very important because, while none of these witnesses has stated that there ever was any hostile action taken by these objects, it is quite clear that they are concerned about what we may do with weapons of mass destruction. And this speaks to something very profound: That we have reached the point where the only possible future is one that is peaceful. The weapons are too powerful and the stakes are too high to advance any further and contemplate the use of such weapons. We must advance forward into space without using these vast weapons within our arsenal against any life form. The extraterrestrial civilizations, which appear to be monitoring our activity and have been doing so for decades, may indeed have this as one of their chief concerns. And it is very likely that entry into inter-planetary society has as its primary requirement the ability for a people to advance into space peacefully. For we are not talking now of muskets and canons and swords but of thermonuclear weapons, pulsed laser weapons, and exotic technologies which can rip the fabric of time-space. It must be clear to all that the only survivable future is a peaceful one. This peace is the hallmark of the maturation of the human race.

It is also possible that people within the national military command structure, as well as the national security apparatus of the United States and other countries, have misinterpreted some of the actions from these extraterrestrial vehicles as a violation of our airspace or our sovereignty. I think we must take a wider look at this and consider the fact that if we were to come across a planet which, within a hundred years, had gone from an agrarian civilization to one capable of the early stages of space flight and which had thousands of thermonuclear devices capable of destroying worlds, that perhaps we would be concerned as well. I think that we have to begin to look in the mirror as a people and ask ourselves what we should be doing to ensure a peaceful future for our planet and also to guarantee that we keep these weapons out of space forever.

In discussing this issue about the Strategic Air Command facilities and nuclear events, you will learn that on some occasions these objects, which have hovered over control launch facilities or missile silos, have been able to take these devices off-line: That is, they have been able to render inert intercontinental ballistic missiles. I do not believe that this is a sign of any hostility on their part but their way of saying, "Please don’t destroy this beautiful planet; and know this: we will not let you destroy ours." I think it’s very important for people to understand that such actions however, may have been misinterpreted by certain authorities within the vacuum of secrecy and this is something we must look at very carefully as a civilization. What happens within the darkness of secrecy? Secrecy grows on itself, and it creates an information and perspective vacuum where there’s not enough give and take with people of differing views or from different walks of life. In that milieu, it’s very easy for paranoia and misinterpretation to set in and that is one of the great inherent risks of obsessive secrecy -- the kind of secrecy which President Eisenhower warned us about in January of 1961.


Testimony of Captain Robert Salas

December 2000

Captain Salas graduated from the Air Force Academy and spent seven years in active duty from 1964 to 1971. He also held positions at Martin Marietta and Rockwell and spent 21 years at the FAA. In the Air Force, he was an air traffic controller and a missile launch officer as well as an engineer on the Titan 3 missiles. He testifies about a UFO incident on the morning of March 16, 1967 where 16 nuclear missiles simultaneously became non-operational at two different launch facilities immediately after guards saw UFOs hovering above. The guards could not identify these objects even though they were only about 30 feet away. The Air Force did an extensive investigation of the incidents and could not find a probable cause. At a debriefing about the incident, an officer from the Air Force Office of Special Investigations required him to sign a non-disclosure form and told him that he was not to talk about the event to anyone including his family or other military staff. At a time during the Cold War when minor technical anomalies were openly communicated amongst the staff, this incident was not and to this day Captain Salas thinks this to be very unusual.

RS: Capt. Robert Salas SG: Dr. Steven Greer

RS: My name is Robert L. Salas and I graduated from the Air Force Academy and spent about seven and a half years in the Air Force on active duty from 1964 to 1971. Then I went to work for Martin Marietta first in Denver and then Rockwell International here in the southern California area. I worked for the FAA in 1974 and worked for them for about 21 years and retired in 1995 from federal service.

In the Air Force I was an air traffic controller- we called it ground control intercept controller. And then I was a missile launch officer. After that I was an engineer on the Titan 3 propulsion system out of Los Angeles Air Force station.

The UFO incident, happened on the morning of March 16, 1967. I was on duty along with my commander Fred Mywald. We were both on duty at Oscar Flight as part of the 490th strategic missile squad and there are five launch control facilities assigned to that particular squadron. We were at Oscar Flight.

It was still dark out and we’re sixty feet underground [at the ICBM launch control facility]. It was early in the morning and I received a call from my topside security guard who’s the flight security controller and he said that he and some of the guards had been observing some strange lights flying around the site around the launch control facility. He said they were acting very unusual just flying around, and I said, "You mean UFO? He said, well, he didn’t know what they were but they were lights and were flying around. They were not airplanes; they weren’t making any noise. They were not helicopters; they were making some very strange maneuvers and he couldn’t explain it. Well, I just kind of shook my head and said, "Call me if anything more important happens."

Basically we just ended the conversation. It wasn’t more than a few minutes- maybe a half hour later- and he calls back and this time he’s very frightened; I can tell by the tone of his voice he’s very shook up. He says, "Sir, there’s a glowing red object hovering right outside the front gate -- I’m looking at it right now. I’ve got all the men out here with their weapons drawn". Of course he was very disturbed while he was telling me this; he was very excited.

I didn’t know what to make of it but he wanted me to give him instructions or orders, tell him what to do. And I think I said something like, "Make sure the perimeter fence is secure." Then right away he said, "I’ve got to go sir, one of these guards has been injured", and he hung up.

I immediately went over to my commander who was taking a nap -- we have a little cot down there for rest periods -- and I was telling him about the telephone call we just received. As I was relating this to him our missiles started shutting down one by one. By shutting down, I mean they went into a "no-go" condition meaning they could not be launched. So we get bells and whistles- a red light no-go condition.

As I recalled at the time, it seemed like every one of them shut down but later in recalling this incident with my commander Mywald, he said he felt we only lost maybe seven or eight of these weapons.

SG: Can you describe what these weapons were, for the record?

RS: These weapons were Minuteman One missiles and were of course nuclear-tipped warhead missiles.

As they started shutting down, immediately he gets up and we both start querying the status board. We’ve got the ability to query and determine what the cause of the shutdowns were. As I recall, most of them were guidance and control system failures. And then he started reporting to the command post. In the meantime I called upstairs to find out what the status was of this object and the guard said, well, the object has left- it just left at high speed.

The injured guard was apparently trying to climb this barbed wire but it had nothing to do with the UFO firing anything or injuring this airman. I asked him what the object looked like and all he could say was that it was an oval shape glowing a reddish orange around the object.

SG: How far away and what altitude was it?

RS: Well, he said it was hovering right over the fence and that would have been within about 30 feet from him. The fence was maybe eight feet high.

There was also another incident that happened within a week of this, just after, where there were radar reports and quite a few more witnesses.

[See the corroborating testimony of Lieutenant Colonel Arne Arneson]

The Air Force did an extensive investigation of the entire incident and was not able to come up with a probable cause for the shutdowns. And I’ve got quite a few witnesses that will testify to that- we’ve got a couple of people who worked on the investigative team- and I’ve got correspondence from the man who actually organized the investigative team. There was no viable explanation for this [shutdown of multiple ICBMs]. Each missile is basically self-supporting. Most of them are powered by commercial power but each missile has its own power generator.

The only connection between the capsule and the missile sites themselves is what we call SIN-lines or sensitive information network lines. They’re basically buried cables but inside the capsule itself and these lines go to the missiles directly. The missiles are not connected to each other so having a fault at one site would not affect missiles at another location.

At our site anywhere from six to eight went down but they went down in rapid succession which again is an extremely rare happening. We rarely had more than one missile go down for any reason at all. And this was very rare. Weather was ruled out. Like I said an extensive investigation was done and power surges were ruled out. There was only one possibility that was looked at by one of the Boeing engineers that did some test in the laboratory and he thought that some kind of an electromagnetic force or field might have caused the signal to go. But it would have had to go through the buried cable to each of these missiles.

After I talked to my guard upstairs, my commander talked to the command post. When he finished talking to the command post he turned to me and said, "The same thing occurred at ECHO Flight." ECHO Flight is another squadron, I’d say probably 50 - 60 miles away from our location but they had the same sort of thing happen. They had UFOs that were hovering, not at the launch control facility but at the actual launch facilities where the missiles are located. They had some maintenance and security people out there at the time and they observed the UFOs at those sites. Now they lost all ten of their weapons- all ten.

SG: This is around the same time?

RS: It was the same morning. So that morning we lost anywhere from between 16 to 18 ICBMs at the same time UFOs were in the area and were observed by airmen. Those missiles were down the entire day because we’ve got testimony from Colonel Don Crawford, who relieved the crew at ECHO Flight and he was there when the missiles were being brought up to alert status and he said it took the whole day. So I’m assuming it took our missiles all day to be brought back up also.

When we got relieved, I went upstairs and the first thing I did was look in the guard’s eye and say, "Hey, were you telling me the truth about this object?" He swore up and down he was telling the truth. I believed him for a couple of reasons. I knew he was frightened when he called me down there and then when I looked him in the eye and he told me about the situation I certainly believed him.

I wrote up a report about this incident; it was in my log and I turned it in. When we got to the base we had to report to our squadron commander right away. And in that room with my squadron commander was a fellow from AFOSI (we had an Air Force Office of Special Investigations on the base). He was there in the office with the commander. He asked for my logs and he wanted a quick briefing although it seemed to me he knew pretty much what had happened already. But we gave him a quick briefing and then he asked us both to sign a non-disclosure agreement saying this was classified information- we were not to release this to anybody, and that was it. We couldn’t talk; he told us we could not talk about this to anyone, including any of the other crews, our spouses, our family, even amongst each other.

That was the end of that. I was there at Malmstrom [phonetic sp] for another two years after that and in that time we were never given a de-briefing on any of the incidents- neither the ECHO incident or our own, which is very unusual because we got briefed every morning on any of the anomalies that were going on with the equipment. We got briefed and we discussed these technical issues that were going on with the weapons but we never heard anything else about these incidents. And these were major happenings. These were major happenings.

I’ve got a copy of a telex which we received under FOIA coming from SAC headquarters and coming to Malstrom and other bases right after the morning that happened saying that this incident was of extreme concern to SAC headquarters because they couldn’t explain it. Nobody could explain what happened. And yet we never got de-briefed. And we were cleared for very high classification because these are nuclear weapons we’re dealing with.

We did get the security incursion alarms at those sites when the missile went down. That is unusual because usually when a missile went down for something like guidance failure, we wouldn’t get security incursion alarms, which means a perimeter is breached, an object crossed the fence, or something broke the security alarm system that we had on the perimeter of the launch facility. I did sent out guards to a couple of those facilities to investigate that.

The reason I think this story is very significant is because, going back to August of 1966 at Minot, ND, a very similar thing happened at one of the launch control facilities at Minot Air Force Base. They had the same kind of weapon system that we had- they had M-1 missiles. This [UFO] was observed on radar, there was some communication failure and the object was observed over the launch control facility.

That happened in August 1966 and that’s a well documented incident. About a week prior to my incident, in March 1967, I’ve got a record of a call from one of the security guards who was out roaming looking at the launch facilities and saw an object very similar to what I just described over the launch facility. The commander reported it to command post. About a week to ten days after our incident, there’s a very well documented incident that happened at Malstrom. In this case, near Malstrom Air Force Base, a UFO was tracked by radar and was observed at relatively close range by a truck driver and highway patrolman. The Air Force did an investigation and there’s an extensive report on the Air Force investigation of this UFO sighting because it flew around the base and very close to the base.

So this is a whole series of things that happened having to do with the same kind of weapon system, the Minuteman Missile.

The reports that were made to me by my guards were official reports. These were not jokes- they were not meant to be anything but official reports because we were dealing with strategic weapons during the Cold War, during the Vietnam War. They were professional, these guards, and they were not about to joke about weapons being down, about what they were seeing. So these were not rumors, they were official reports. If they were recanted for any reason, these men should have been court-martialed for giving false reports during a very sensitive incident. And none of that happened.

Bob Kominski headed up the organization to look at all aspects of these shutdowns. Kominski relates to me in writing that at some point he was told by his boss that the Air Force said, "Stop the investigation; do no more on this and in addition do not write a final report." Again, this is very unusual especially in light of the fact that CINC-SAC headquarters was stating that this was of extreme importance to find out exactly what happened here. And yet, the head of the investigative team was told during the investigation to stop the investigation and not write a final report.

I heard that many of the guards that reported this incident were sent off to Vietnam, as a matter of fact. I know for a fact - this I can attest to- that one of the guards that I sent out to the launch facilities and observed an object came back and was very shaken by the experience. And he was taken off guard duty from then on. He was sent somewhere else because he was too shaken by the experience.

[See the official government documents regarding these and related UFO events at or near nuclear facilities. SG]



Testimony of Lt. Colonel Dwynne Arneson, US Air Force (retired)

September 2000

Lt. Col. Arneson spent 26 years in the USAF. He had an above top-secret SCI-TK (Special Compartmented Tango Kilo) clearance. He worked as a computer systems analyst for Boeing and was the Director of Logistics at Wright-Patterson AFB. At one point he was the cryptography officer for the entire Ramstein AFB in Germany and while there one day he received a classified message that said that a UFO had crashed in Spitsbergen Norway. While at Malmstrom AFB in Montana he again saw a message that said that a metallic circular UFO was seen hovering near the missile silos and that all the missiles went off-line so that they could not be launched.

DA: Lt. Col. Dwyyne Arneson SG: Dr. Steven Greer

DA: My name is Dwynne Arneson. I was born in Rochester, Minnesota back in 1937, and went to Rochester High School. From there I graduated and went on to St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota where I got my degree in physics and math. Upon graduation, I competed for Officer’s Training School in the Air Force and then was selected to get a commission, went to Officer’s Training School, and was commissioned back in 1962. I went on to spend twenty-six years in the U.S. Air Force as a communication-electronics officer and retired in 1986. I had assignments all over the world, including Vietnam, Europe -- you name it, I’ve probably been there.

I held a top-secret SCI-TK clearance. That means Special Compartmented Tango Kilo information, which is above top secret, if you will. It takes a special investigation to get that sort of a clearance. Upon getting out of the Air Force, and retiring as a colonel in 1986, I applied for work at Boeing, and I came to work for Boeing as a computer systems analyst, and I’ve been working since 1987 in that capacity with Boeing. I retired in 1986 as Director of Logistics at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

I had various opportunities to see things that come through my perusal. One instance was back in 1962 when I was a lieutenant at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany. I was the crypto officer for the entire Ramstein Air Base. I was a top-secret control officer. And in that capacity, I happened to see a classified message go through my com center, which said that "A UFO has crashed on the Island of Spitsbergen, Norway, and a team of scientists are coming to investigate it."

I do not recall where the message came from, where it was going to, because in that capacity we were oftentimes told, "What you see here, leave here." But I can recall seeing that.

The next thing that comes to mind is one that took place in 1967. I was in charge of the Communication Center, the Twentieth Air Division at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana. I was again the top-secret control officer there. I dispatched all the nuclear launch authentications to the SAC missile crews, so -- I had a very good top-secret background.

One day, I happened to see a message that came through my communications center. There again, I cannot quote the date, where it came from, where it was going to, but I do recall reading it and seeing it. It said, basically, that "A UFO was seen near missile silos"… and it was hovering. It said that the crew going on duty and the crew coming off duty all saw the UFO just hovering in mid-air. It was a metallic circular object and from what I understand, the missiles were all shut down.

And then later on, years later while working here at Boeing, I heard from a man named, Bob Kaminisky, who had retired from Boeing and he said, "Yes, I was the engineer assigned by Boeing to come up and check out the missiles to make certain that they in fact had not gone down upon their own." And he said, "I gave them a complete bill of health." And I worked for Bob in Boeing and I was a good friend of his.

Even before he passed away, we had many, many conversations on this subject, and he was just a very incredible man.

[See the testimony of Capt. Robert Salas regarding these ICBM missile events at Malmstrom AFB. SG]

What I mean by "missiles going down," is that they went dead. And something turned those missiles off, and so they could not be put in a mode for launching.

At another time, when I was Commander of a radar squadron up in Maine, at Caswell Air Force Station, Maine, we were right next door to Loring Air Force Base. It was where they launch the B-52s and the KC tankers and things like that. I had a lot of security friends over there at Loring who told me about UFOs hovering near the nuclear weapon storage area on Loring Air Force Base.

[This corroborates the testimony of Lieutenant Colonel Joe Wojtecki. See that testimony regarding a significant event at Loriing AFB. SG]

A little bit of background, not to belabor the point, but -- when I was assigned as Director of Logistics at Wright-Patterson, I left the wife and kids back in Oklahoma City. It was my daughter’s last year of high school, so I went out there on my own for about a year. And in the search for an apartment out there, I came across this lady, Chris Weedon by name, who had a little five-acre English manor outside of Dayton. She had three rooms for rent, three bedrooms. So I rented one, and I kind of became her son. I helped her cut the grass, I mowed the lawn, etc. She was up in her seventies.

Her husband was a Lieutenant Colonel Spencer Weedon. Now, he died about twelve years prior to that, and from everybody that I met, they said he was just a brilliant guy. He had a photographic mind, and he was one of the lead investigators of UFOs at Wright-Patterson. In fact I have a tape at home, produced back in the 1950s, of a debate between Spencer Weedon and that Major Donald Keyhoe. It was done in the Armstrong Circle Theater. So he was her husband.

The one person I happened to meet and took quite a shine to, and he to me, was a Dr. Adolph Raum. Now, he at that time was eighty-three years old. I think he has since died. One night after supper and after a few martinis, I jokingly asked Adolph, "What do you know about the little gray men that are supposedly on ice here at Wright-Patterson?" And I distinctly recall his face turning ashen white, his voice got very stern, and he said, "Arne," he says, "all I can tell you is that they were not weather balloons, and we will not talk about it again. Do you understand?" And there was no uncertainty in my mind that we wouldn’t talk about this further. He was from Switzerland originally. He was on the first A-Bomb test in the U.S. and he knew Dr. Oppenheimer personally. Even though I had a top-secret clearance, there were areas that we just couldn’t get near, and we just could not find anything about some of these areas at Wright-Patterson that may have held some bodies or -- who knows what they held? And a lot of my technicians that worked for me as a communication electronics officer; would tell stories about objects going across their radar screens at fantastic speeds. Nothing we had could go that fast.

SG: What years would this have been?

DA: Well, this was back in the mid-seventies when I had that radar squadron commander’s job at Caswell Air Force Station, Maine. That’s when these technicians would tell me about events like that.

As a commander of a radar squadron, you have people who are operational types as well as the people who are the technician types, who actually maintain the radars. In fact, in that capacity, we would take and have battle exercises. We were the only radar squadron in the U.S. under operational control of the Canadian NORAD Division. Now, you’d see the B-52s coming down from Canada, the fighter interceptors being directed against them, or whatnot. So these men knew how fast things were flying. They knew the speed of bombers. They knew the speed of the current fighter force that we had. The radar technicians I had, the maintenance men working for me -- they were in the position to say, "Yes, that scope was in A-1 condition -- or the radar is in A-1 condition." So things could check out. The experience of the operational types, the experience of the maintenance guys -- they confirmed that the system was operating perfectly. And they said, "That thing is going two or three thousand miles an hour." I heard it from different sources that related similar events at different radar stations throughout the U.S., not just at Caswell Air Force Station. We had radar stations back in those days all over the U.S. and stories like that are not uncommon at all.

If you think about it, all this vast universe we have, if we’re the only intelligent life here, God has sure got bad judgment…



Testimony of Professor Robert Jacobs, Lt. US Air Force

November 2000

Professor Jacobs is a respected professor at a major US university. In the 1960’s he was in the Air Force. He was the officer in charge of optical instrumentation and his job was to film ballistic missile tests launched from Vandenberg Air Force base in California. In 1964, during a test of the first missile they filmed, they caught on film a UFO traveling right next to the missile. He says it looked like two saucers cupped together with a round ping-pong ball like surface on top. The film showed that from the ball a beam of light was directed at the missile. This happened four times, from four different angles, as the missile was about 60 miles up and traveling at 11,000 to 14,000 miles an hour. The missile tumbled out of space and the UFO left. The next day he was shown the film by his commanding officer and was told to never speak of this again. He said, if it ever comes up you are to say that it was laser strikes from the UFO. Professor Jacobs thought this unusual because in 1964 lasers were in their infancy in the labs but he never the less agreed and hasn’t talked about it for 18 years. Years later, after an article came out about the film, professor Jacobs started receiving harassing phone calls at early hours in the morning. His mailbox was even blown up out in front of his house.

What we photographed up at Vandenberg Air Force Base affected me for the rest of my life and made a huge impact on my understanding of the universe and of Governmental manipulation of our minds.

The background of this event is that we were testing ballistic missiles that were to deliver nuclear weapons on target. That’s what they were there for. We weren’t launching real nuclear weapons we were launching dummy warheads. They were the exact size, shape, dimension and weight of a nuclear warhead. I was the officer in charge of optical instrumentation at Vandenburg Air Force Base in the 1369th photo squadron and as such it was my duty to supervise the instrumentation photography of every missile that went down in that western test range. In those days we called them ICBM’s, inter-county ballistic missiles, because most of them blew up on launch. And our job was to determine why they blew up, to provide the engineers good engineering sequential photography so that they could see what was wrong with the burners that took off in flight. For my achievement in setting up the photographic station to track these tests I was awarded the Air Force Guided Missile insignia. I was the first photographer in the Air Force to get the Missile Badge and it was a highly coveted thing at the time.

The incident was definitely in 1964 because Major Mansmann confirmed that; he had written it down and knew the exact date of it.

They counted down the missile and we heard engine ignition lift-off so we knew the missile was underway. We were looking down south, southwest, and the missile popped up through the fog. It was just beautiful and I hollered, there it is. Our guys on our M45 tracking mount with a 180-inch lens on it filmed the missile. And the big BU telescope swung over and got it and we followed the thing. And sure enough we could see all three stages of powered flight boosters, they burned out and dropped away. And then of course, to our naked eye all we saw was a smoke trail going off into subspace as it headed off towards its target which was an island in the Pacific. Well, that was our first filming of a launch and we got it.

We sent the film back down to the base and- I don’t know exactly how long it was after the event, it might have been a day or two- I was called into Major Mansmann’s office at the First Strategic Aerospace Division Headquarters. I walked into his office and they had a screen and a 16mm projector set up. There was a couch and Major Mansmann said sit down. And there were two guys in gray suits, civilian clothes, which was fairly unusual. Major Mansmann said watch this and turned on the film projector. I watched the screen and there was the launch from the day or two before.

It was quite exciting. Because of the length of the telescope, as the Atlas missile entered the frame we could see the whole third stage. That was pretty exciting optics. We watched that stage burnout. We watched the second stage burnout. We watched the third stage burnout. And then on that telescope we could see the dummy warhead. It’s flying along and into the frame came something else. It flew into the frame like and it shot a beam of light at the warhead.

Now remember, all this stuff is flying at several thousand miles an hour. So this thing [UFO] fires a beam of light at the warhead, hits it and then it [the UFO] moves to the other side and fires another beam of light, then moves again and fires another beam of light, then goes down and fires another beam of light, and then flies out the way it came in. And the warhead tumbles out of space. The object, the points of light that we saw, the warhead and so forth, were traveling through subspace about 60 miles straight up. And they were going somewhere in the neighborhood of 11,000 to 14,000 miles an hour when this UFO caught up to them, flew in, flew around them, and flew back out.

Now, I saw that! I don’t give a Goddamn what anybody else says about it. I saw that on film! I was there!

Now when the lights came on, Major Mansmann turned around looked at me and said, were you guys screwing around up there? And I said, no sir. And he said, what was that? And I said, it looks to me like we got a UFO. Now the thing that we saw, this object that flew in, was circular, was shaped like two saucers cupped together with a ping-pong ball on top. The beam of light came out of the ping-pong ball. That’s what I saw on film.

Now Major Mansmann said to me after some discussion about it, you are never to speak of this again. As far as you are concerned, this never happened. And he said, I don’t need to emphasize the dire consequences of a security breach, do I? I said, no sir. And he said, fine. This never happened. As I started for the door, he said, wait a minute. He said, years from now if you are ever forced by someone to talk about this, you are to tell them it was laser strikes, laser tracking strikes.

Well, in 1964 we didn’t have any laser tracking strikes. We didn’t have any laser tracking at all. Lasers were in their infancy in 1964. They were little playthings in laboratories. So I said, yes sir, and walked out and that was the last I talked about it for 18 years.

I didn’t talk about it to anybody at Vandenburg Air Force Base, nobody in my squadron knew about it. Nobody saw the film but me. My Commanding Officer Major Lewis S. Clement, Jr. didn’t see it. My Operations Officer Captain Kenneth R. Callahan didn’t see it. His assistant Lieutenant Ronald O. Baylor didn’t see it. Their assistant, Chief Ward Officer Spooner didn’t see it. Nobody in my squadron saw it. And I didn’t talk about it to anybody under direct orders from Major Florence J. Mansmann, Jr. Consequently no one at Vandenburg that I know of knows anything about this.

That sounds real suspicious doesn’t it? Somebody should have seen it. Somebody should have talked about it. Well, they didn’t because in those days, I didn’t talk about top-secret things that I was told not to talk about. There are things that I know about that I did in the service that I won’t talk about to you now because they are top-secret and I could get my ass in trouble for talking about them.

After 18 years it occurred to me that I could talk about this one incident because nobody ever told me it was classified top-secret. If you parse what Major Mansmann said, he said, you are to say this never happened. Well, that’s not classifying it top-secret, is it? That’s why I felt free to talk about it. It’s not a secondhand story. This happened to me. And I was a part of a United States Air Force cover-up for 18 years.

After an article [came out about the incident], the shit hit the fan! I started being harassed at work. I started getting odd telephone calls that would come during the day. At night, at my house I would get telephone calls- all night long sometimes 3:00 in the morning, 4:00 in the morning, midnight, 10:00, people would call and start screaming at me. You are going down mother fucker! You are going down mother fucker! And that’s all they would say. And they’d keep screaming that until I finally hung up the phone.

One night somebody blew up my mail box by putting a big load of skyrockets in it. The mailbox went up in flames. And that night at 1:00 in the morning the phone rang. I picked it up and somebody said, skyrockets in your box at night, oh what a beautiful sight, mother fucker!

And things like that have happened on and off since 1982. I told you that since this History Channel thing came up and since you’ve started asking questions and this thing is in the wind again, I’m starting to get telephone calls again. My wife and I get phone calls out here in nowhere {___} where we’ve retreated out to our farm. And it’s strange – They don’t say anything. You pick up the phone and say hello, hello, and there’s a hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, click. It’s disconcerting. But I’ve learned to not give a flip. I just don’t care anymore. What are they going to do kill me? What are they going to do discredit me? Are they going to do any more than Philip Klass has already done to me? Are they going to make me look foolish? That’s about all they can do.

I believe this nutty fringe around UFO’s is part of a concerted effort to keep serious study of it down. Anytime anybody tries to study this subject seriously, we are subject to ridicule. I’m a full professor at a relatively major university. And I’m certain that my colleagues at the university laugh at me and hoot and holler behind my back when they hear that I have an interest in studying unidentified flying objects- and that’s just one of the things that we have to live with.

The Air Force denied everything. Was I in the Air Force? The Air Force denied it. Was I ever at Vandenburg? Well of course I couldn’t be because if I wasn’t in the Air Force how could I have been at Vandenburg? Did I put a tracking site up along the California coast? No, there was no tracking site in California. Which is a crock! The tracking site is still there right where I put it. And they use it to show you every time the space shuttle lands in California- that’s where you first see it from. And they are still photographing missiles from Vandenburg from that tracking site.

At any rate, to corroborate my story, Lee Graham tracked down Florence J. Mansmann, Jr., the same Major who had ordered me to shut-up about it and he was now a Ph.D. at Stanford and a rancher in Fresno, California. And he wrote back to Lee saying everything Bob said in his story is absolutely true.

He corroborated my story and he continued to do that year after year, every time somebody brought it up, every time somebody would contact him he corroborated my story by saying, yes, that’s exactly what happened. It takes a lot of guts to do that. I became a fan of Sonny’s [Mansmann]; he is now deceased. He was my hero for a while.

I wasn’t in the room at the time but what happened to the film is an interesting story in itself as Major Mansmann related to me and other people. Some time after I had gone, the guys in civilian clothes- I thought it was the CIA but he said no, it wasn’t the CIA, it was somebody else- took the film and they spooled off the part that had the UFO on it and they took a pair of scissors and cut it off. They put that on a separate reel. They put it in their briefcase. They handed Major Mansmann back the rest of the film and said here, I don’t need to remind you Major of the severity of a security breach; we’ll consider this incident closed. And they walked off with the film. Major Mansmann never saw it again.

And as far as I’m concerned nobody else ever saw it again certainly not at Vandenburg. I’m certain that it left Vandenburg and went somewhere else. Major Mansmann, who’s a very good reader of film, said it must have been extraterrestrial. They assumed that the beam of light that struck the dummy warhead was some sort of plasma beam because it looked like a plasma beam.

Major Mansmann was a man of great honor and great scientific standing in the community. For him to corroborate it is good enough for me. Even if I didn’t believe myself, I would believe Major Mansmann.

So there were two of us who were Air Force Officers at the time and we saw something and we both corroborated with each other that we saw it. And what I have to ask skeptics or people who disbelieve what I’m saying is why would I make this up? Why would Major (and Doctor) Mansmann make it up? What have we to gain? I’ve got nothing but pain and suffering out of it, out of talking about it. I’ve been harassed at my home. This was used against me, partially in losing a job once in teaching. I’ve had a hell of a time after I’ve told this story but I continue to tell the story because I think it is important for people to understand that this sort of shit goes on in the Government. That the Government covers up information that we are entitled to know about as citizens of this country. That’s why I tell my story. That’s why I’m telling it to you.

Now, I’ll continue to tell it as long as I’m alive. And I’ll always tell it the same way because it only happened one way. I never vary the story because I can’t; it’s the truth. And I’ve been the subject of humiliating letters and phone calls from skeptics like James O’Berg at NASA and Phillip J. Klass, who’s a paid informant of the United States Government who persisted in belittling me. And that’s fine if they want to belittle me but don’t belittle Sonny Mansmann!

The Air Force’s position right now is there was no such incident and there was no film of it.

The thing that’s important to me about this whole operation is very simply this: the biggest event in the history of humankind is the discovery that we are not alone, that there are other living entities- intelligent entities- in this universe and that we aren’t here alone. That’s a huge, enormous discovery. It’s the discovery of the lifetime of humankind, isn’t it, to find out that we’re not here alone? That’s why I think it is important to talk about these things. I think that’s exciting. And I think that it’s important for us as humans to come to terms, to grow-up and recognize that we may not be the paragon of animals after all. That there may be something out there that’s bigger and more exciting than we are. And that just maybe, just maybe they are telling us something.

Because what I saw that day was something shooting down a dummy nuclear warhead. What message would I interpret from that? Don’t mess with nuclear warheads. That’s probably the message I would interpret from that. Maybe somebody doesn’t want us annihilating Moscow; maybe we should stop doing that.

[I have interviewed many military officers who have reached the same conclusion after extraterrestrial vehicles have appeared at nuclear facilities: Maybe others have evolved to the point of interstellar travel and know how dangerous these weapons are and understand their use would end our civilization. And they certainly do not want us going into space with such weapons. SG]

Ronald Reagan one night went on television and did a most astonishing thing: He stood up in front of America and said we are going to build a defensive shield, we are going to call it SDI, the strategic defense initiative, and its mission is going to be to protect us, to protect all of us. Ronald Reagan said we are going to share this with everybody. We are going to share it with the Russians- our enemies, the guys that only a few years ago we were pretending to annihilate. Now suddenly we are going to protect them with a shield. From who are we going to protect them?

Perhaps that was the first shot across the bow, the first warning shot from somebody saying, knock this off kids it’s time to grow-up. You don’t want to annihilate this planet, do you? Could be…

The information I’ve just given you about my take on what happened there is based on not only my own speculation but having read other things and talked to other people over the intervening years. Perhaps our paranoia is unfounded and if we encounter beings with superior technologies maybe we should embrace them and be nice to them because they might be showing us how to survive.


Testimony of Colonel Ross Dedrickson, US Air Force (ret.)/AEC

September 2000

Colonel Dedrickson is a retired Colonel from the USAF. He went to Stanford business school where he studied management. Back in the 50’s part of his responsibilities included maintaining the inventory of the nuclear weapon stockpile for the AEC and accompanying security teams checking out the security of the weapons. Many reports kept coming in that UFOs were seen at various nuclear storage facilities and some of the manufacturing plants. He has seen them himself many times and was present when the famous fly-over over the Capital happened in July of 1952. At that incident he recalls seeing nine illuminated disc-type craft. He also tells of at least two occasions where extraterrestrials destroyed nuclear weapons headed out to space, one heading to the moon to be detonated for tests. It was destroyed because "nuclear weapons in space … were not acceptable to the extraterrestrials…"

RD: Col. Ross Dedrickson SG: Dr. Steven Greer

RD: … While I was at the AEC in 1952, I had my first incident with UFOs which was in mid July when they flew over Washington, D. C. I saw my first nine UFOs…

I was a staff officer for the military liaison committee between the chairman of the AEC and the Secretary of Defense. I became acquainted with not only the Army, Navy, and Air Force, but civilian agencies, the CIA, the National Security Agency, and other contacts which I developed. During that period of time one of my functions was to accompany a security team which visited all of the nuclear facilities to check on the security of weapons. And we were getting reports of visits by UFOs over the storage facilities and even some of the manufacturing facilities. And that went on continuously…

And so, then after that siege which went through the entire ‘50s, I was assigned to the Unified Command under Admiral Felt during the ‘60s. I was the officer in charge of the Alternate command post involved with nuclear weapons operation planning. During that period of time, I maintained contacts with NORAD, with the SAC operations, and was involved with operational plans for the use of nuclear weapons. And during this period of time, I also learned of a number of incidents which happened involving UFOs. And then further on I finally retired from the Air Force and joined the Boeing Company where I was assigned to the Minute Man program where I was responsible for the accounting of all the nuclear fleet, the Minute Man One, Two, and Three. And during that period of time, I also learned about incidents involving nuclear weapons. And among these incidents were those where a couple of nuclear weapons that were sent into space were destroyed by the extraterrestrials…

SG: Were over-flights of nuclear facilities taken seriously?

RD: Oh yes. Oh yes indeed. In fact, they were taken so seriously that the observers would often not report them because it involved so much bureaucracy and protocol, and et cetera. They deliberately would not report them. On most of those cases where the UFOs became identified at least on a radar or with reports, why, they would try to scramble aircraft to intercept them. It was a very aggressive, you might say, response from our own government. Well, there was one incident when we exploded a nuclear weapon over the Pacific and this was in about ‘61 I believe. The consternation that it caused [from the ETs] was because it shut out communications over the Pacific basin for a number of hours in which no radio transmission was available at any time. And this was very significant. And of course this was one that the extraterrestrials were really concerned about because it affected our ionosphere. In fact, the ET spacecraft were unable to operate because of the pollution in the magnetic field which they depended upon. It was my understanding that in either the very end of the ‘70s or the early ‘80s that we attempted to put a nuclear weapon on the Moon and explode it for scientific measurements and other things which was not acceptable to the extraterrestrials.

SG: And what happened?

RD: The ETs destroyed the weapon as it went toward the Moon. The idea of any explosion of a nuclear weapon in space by any Earth government was not acceptable to the extraterrestrials and that has been demonstrated over and over.

SG: How was that demonstrated?

RD: By the destruction of any nuclear weapon sent into space. …

And then later on our visits to Los Alamos and Livermore we found that people were interested in the extraterrestrial technology, very much so.

SG: Did those conversations indicate that there were materials of extraterrestrial origin that were being studied?

RD: Oh yes. Oh yes. In fact, that was the time when Area 51 became notorious…


Testimony of Harry Allen Jordan, US Navy

November 2000

Mr. Jordan spent 6 and a half years in the US Navy and was a radar operator on the USS Roosevelt in 1962. Trained in operations intelligence, he has a classified clearance and also worked in electronic countermeasures. He testifies that as a radar operator on the Roosevelt, he had a radar contact with a huge object above 65,000 feet traveling at about 1,000 knots. The Captain launched two Phantom-2 aircraft to investigate. As the Phantoms approached the UFO, it disappeared and about half an hour later it re-appeared but this time closer to the ship. He described the intimidation which followed the event. He later found out that in the prior year the Roosevelt had a huge UFO event that was photographed where people saw a saucer descend from the clouds. This happened more frequently after the Roosevelt took on nuclear weapons. Many years after Mr. Jordan was discharged from the Navy, he says that he was listening in on his HAM radio to the Space Shuttle STS 48 communications when he heard them speaking about seeing an alien spacecraft. He describes the harassment which followed after it was known what he had heard.

…Anyway, I was on mid-watch during my second med-cruise. It was oh, sometime between midnight and 2:00am. And I had a contact come on the radarscope…

This target was above 65,000 feet and the strength of the signal was as strong as the surface contact on the water of an aircraft carrier so this contact was huge. It got my attention and the attention of others that were on watch. There were four enlisted on watch and two officers at the time that this occurred. We challenged it and checked the codes out. It was not commercial. And then it began to move fairly slowly at first, and then very quickly. It was doing better than 1,000 knots. The first time I picked it up on radar it was hovering, it was stationary. Then it was doing about 1,000 knots. Then when we tried to make contact it was over 500 miles away…

In this particular case it was showing up on height finding equipment and it was showing up on radar equipment. The CO came in and he wanted to know what the heck was going on here. And they looked at it and asked what the hell was that, you know? And it got the attention of the Captain at that time, Captain Clark- my commander was Commander Gibson. There was only one person on watch in ECM and in the matter of 15 minutes the ship was being turned and two Phantom-2’s were being prepared for launch.

Now I got on a set of headphones and I’m on a SPA 8 repeater now. And I’m listening to communications between the pilots and the CO flight ops. And when you go to general quarters you do the same thing and I was used to doing this because one of my jobs during general quarters was to sit right next to the commander of our division and to listen to the aircraft. My job was to log in all the tally-ho’s and everything [a tally-ho is when contact is made with the target by the fighter pilot]. My job was as a recognition expert, also-to be able to identify different types of navy ships, foreign ships, commercial ships, maritime ships, and aircraft. Not only electronically but visually and be familiar with electronic fingerprints.

In any event, the Phantom-2’s went to after-burners. And they were about 100 miles or so away from this contact and turned on the conical scan radar to lock on and it winked out. Just disappeared. I could see the two Phantom-2’s on my scope and this thing winked out. They flew around for about 10 minutes and then they headed back to the ship.

After they landed, about 35 minutes later, this thing winks back on again and it’s about 12 to 15 miles from the ship, hovering at about 30,000 feet…

Of course I couldn’t say anything. I didn’t say anything because I was told by my CO that, Jordan, you know, what you have in your log, this never happened. And I wasn’t the only one there on watch that night. So anybody who was there at that time knows what I’m talking about and knows that it’s the truth. But less than a dozen people knew what went on that night. And that ship had 5,000 men on it…

In this case, the radar contact was not leaving any kind of a heat signature. It was not leaving any kind of a trail. It was not moving at an usual speed. This thing was moving 10, 15 miles in 30 seconds, 20 miles, then 30 miles, then 40 miles, then 100 miles. And in three and one-half minutes this thing moved almost 500 miles. And then it was moving from one altitude to another in a way that would cause any normal pilot to black out. This was a real contact. This signal from this contact at that distance and that altitude was sending back a signal as strong as the Roosevelt itself and the Roosevelt was over 1,000 feet long.

A Lieutenant Commander whom I didn’t know very well came over and he asked, you know, what was up Jordan? What have you got in your log? And he says, you don’t need to put that in there. Now to me that was highly irregular, highly irregular to say that particularly on a ship’s logs. I did have the contact logged in there. And I started writing in UFO…

Years later during the [Space Shuttle] STS 48 mission, while they were in orbit, I was listening on the HAM radio. I have an OMNI antennae and the astronauts were saying, ‘we have the UFO under observation’. And then I heard them say we have the alien spacecraft under observation. I was one of the HAM operators who did hear that. So I called Dr. Kasher about that, he is a friend of mine who had a son going to school where I teach, and I told him they are talking about alien spacecraft. They actually use that term over the airways. And it just stunned me. It just stunned me…

Later I saw Inter-Agency cars right across the street and guys in suits taking pictures of me. They also took pictures of me and my wife in Kansas City when we were at Worlds of Fun. I told other people about this because I got very skittish about what was going on here. I took down the license number of the vehicle and it was registered at an Air Force Base.

I also had an Air Force Intelligence Officer visit me at my house…

The planet is becoming intellectually celibate in my opinion. People are walking around in a daze. They have no idea, no idea what is going on. Many corporations have been getting wealthy [from UFO related research and materials]. Yes they’ve been providing humanity as a whole with technological change that benefits us all but they really aren’t sharing the meat and the source of where it all came from and ultimately they are not sharing the truth about UFO’s…


Testimony of Mr. James Kopf, US Navy/ National Security Agency

October 2000

Mr. Kopf joined the Navy in 1969 and worked in communications part of the time on the USS JFK which was carrying nuclear weapons. He worked for the NSA from 1980 till 1997. In his testimony he tells how in the summer of 1979 all the electronics and communications on board the USS JFK stopped functioning when a huge glowing orange-yellow UFO hovered above. He personally saw this pulsating UFO, as did a number of others. All eight teletype machines were printing randomly and the ship went to battle-station alert for two hours. A radar operator friend of his told him that the radar screens were glowing and then went black - they couldn’t detect anything. A few days after this incident the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer came on the ship-wide closed circuit TV system and reminded the crew that certain events that take place on board the ship are considered classified and should not be discussed with anyone. When the ship finally returned to Norfolk, VA, men in suits arrived to interview various crewmembers.

JK: Mr. James Koph SG: Dr. Steven Greer

JK: …All eight teletypes were just typing complete garbage. Totally incoherent. I had seen one or two mistakes in the messages but never anything this extensive. So I immediately called the facilities control on the intercom to inform them that my broadcast was out and they informed me that they were busy because all communications had just gone out, ship-wide. This had never occurred before.

We had an intercom and a pneumatic tube system that went between the communications room to the signal bridge, which is located at the very top of the island structure of the carrier. And we heard a very excited voice come on yelling that "God was here. It was the end of the world." And we looked at each other and thought that that was strange. What was going on there? Another few seconds went by and another voice came on, more controlled. This person said that there was something over the ship. Well, I looked at a friend of mine, a shipmate, and he looked at me and we decided to go have a look…


So we exited the Communications Center and went to the catwalk on the port side of the ship on the edge of the flight deck and we observed a large glowing sphere over the ship. It was hard to decide what size this thing was because there was no perspective. It was late in the evening. The sun had gone down, it was twilight, but it looked huge…

After that, I talked to a few shipmate friends that I had on the ship. One in particular worked in the radar department and he was on watch during the incident. He told me that all the radar screens were glowing- and then nothing. They couldn’t detect anything on radar. We stayed up most of the night talking about it.

We heard that the compasses were not working on the bridge and that the radar navigational system had gone offline…

A few days later the Commanding Officer and the Executive Officer came on the closed circuit television system that we had on board. It was the only way that they could address the crew of 5,000. He [the Commanding Officer] looked at the camera - and I will never forget this - and he said, "I would like to remind the crew that certain events that take place on board a major naval combative vessel are considered classified and should not be discussed with anyone without a need to know." And that was all he said…

The UFO was only over the ship for maybe five minutes or less however the ramifications of the disruptions lasted for at least an hour. That is why we stayed at battle stations for two hours. I guess they were waiting to see if it came back. And they were still trying to restart systems and get things back to fully operational. It took them probably at least an hour.

There were no aircraft in the air. They were all on board when the incident started. They kept two F-4 Phantoms, which were called a Ready CAP, Combat Air Patrol. From what I heard, they would not operate. They were trying to start those jets and from what I heard, they wouldn’t start. They were out of commission…

We had an organization on this ship called IOIC, Integrated Operations Intelligence Communications, something to that effect. I heard that they were out there taking pictures of this thing during the event.

I am convinced that somebody in the government knows a lot more than we know. I have my own theories as to why it is being hidden. I think that there are many reasons that the information is being kept from the public.

SG: What would those be?

JK: They probably feel that the general public couldn’t handle the knowledge of extraterrestrials visiting. I think that they have information that would seriously undermine the economy of the country. I think there are devices that could produce energy at very low cost and with no pollution but corporate greed would prohibit that.

That would be the part that would bother me the most about the cover-up. I think of all the pollution that there is and all that could have been saved…


Testimony of Lieutenant Colonel Joe Wojtecki

October 2000

Lt. Colonel Wojtecki spent 20 years in the Air Force and retired in 1988. He spent most of his time with Strategic Air Command and Tactical Air Command. He tells of a night in April of 1969 while stationed at Loring AFB in Maine when he and his flight instructor both saw three very bright lights in a perfect equilateral triangle silently moving across the sky. They estimated that this UFO was lower than 3,000 feet. He discovered the next morning when he reported for duty that for six hours, a UFO was seen hovering over a group of B-52’s containing nuclear weapons. Every time a plane drew near to the lights, they would part and move in ways that were very unconventional. When the planes left, the lights came together again and focused on the group of B-52’s. Many years later Lt. Col. Wojtecki attended a lecture given by SG and saw a photograph of a UFO that was the exact configuration that he had seen years earlier.

JW: Lt. Col. Joe Wojtecki SG: Dr. Steven Greer

JW: …As we got out of the car my flight instructor was looking back to the northeast in the direction of the runway and said, what is that? And I looked up in the direction he was looking in the sky over the runway. What we saw were three very bright but independent lights. I mean, three separate lights; we assumed they were independent. And they were in a perfect equilateral triangle with the point south and the other two points of the triangle directly behind it to the north. The curious thing about this formation of lights that caused us to watch it for an extended period of time -- 10 or 15 minutes we watched it -- was that first, it was silent. Second, it was moving slowly but in a perfectly constant altitude, perfectly constant velocity, and perfectly constant direction from north to south. We pieced together later it was actually coming from the direction where my flight instructor had reported seeing the flash of light earlier…

The next morning I reported for duty. This would now have been the morning of April 18th. The first duty I had each day was to report to a wing stand-up briefing in the wing command post. This was a Strategic Air Command base equipped with, as I recall, three squadrons of B-52’s, two squadrons of 135’s, and a squadron of F-106 interceptors. When I arrived at the command post the next morning about 6:30 in the morning, it was unusually active and unusually well staffed. In fact, it was a beehive of activity. And there were people who had obviously been there most of the night from their general appearance and apparent level of frustration. So I very quickly learned that what had been occurring during the night began at about the time my flight instructor and I saw these lights. And it seems that these lights did position themselves over the alert force of the B-52’s, over the alert pad of a number of B-52’s configured for their wartime mission should they be required to perform it. Therefore this was a very sensitive area, naturally….

And as sorties returned, I was told by those who had been there overnight they were asked to close with and try to identify these lights. And this included B-52’s, KC 135’s and some of the F-106 interceptors that had been out during their particular training missions. And the pattern was the same: each time an aircraft would approach, the lights would part in ways that defied any aerodynamic knowledge that anybody there had or could explain. There was rapid acceleration, rapid changes in direction including vertical. They were doing things that something that is flying by the rules of aerodynamics that we understand would not have been at able to do. Then always to return to their point of interest which was the aircraft in the alert area. And then at some point late in the night, early in the morning their curiosity was satisfied and they took off very expeditiously in a straight line and were gone.

I would be guessing how many hours this whole event took from beginning to end but it was probably in the range of six and perhaps more hours in duration.

So I filed it away. And I just mused about it and I discussed it with a few people over the years but not too many. Until a day in the early 1990’s -- I forget the exact year and date but it was about ‘93 or ‘94 -- that I had occasion to attend a lecture by Dr. Steven Greer in Hampton, Virginia. And saw a photograph of what I now understand is a very familiar sighting among those who have been privileged to actually see a UFO. And when I saw the photograph, I literally jumped out of my seat, grabbed my wife by the hand and I said, that’s it. That is exactly what I had seen nearly 25 years ago, at that point. But to see that picture just brought back the image so strikingly clear that there was no doubt in my mind that that was exactly what we had seen over the runway in April of 1969. And it was only then that I had any notion that it was in fact a single machine not three independent machines.

I will deduce with some degree of knowledge that they must have been because of the repeated attempts of returning aircraft to close with them, from distances and altitudes where they couldn’t have acquired them visually because of the low ceiling that night. So I would deduce from that fact that they were being tracked on radar, both ground control radar and airborne radar on the aircraft that were returning to base. It would be a very reasonable deduction to say that they were easily being tracked on radar…

I do remember very clearly that no aggressive action was taken by the Air Force by anybody at the wing in response to the lights because they in fact showed no aggressive or threatening behavior whatsoever. They were simply in airspace that was restricted air space. But they were not doing anything that would prompt any sort of a security response…

SG: Was it bigger than a conventional plane?

JW: Oh absolutely. That’s why I was so surprised when I saw the photograph to learn that those lights which were so far apart could conceivably be part of a single machine. And why I naturally assumed, and for all those years believed, I had seen three separate machines operating independently- although their formation was so perfect that in retrospect, clearly there is no reason to assume they were three, except that for them to be part of one unit it would have to have been so enormously large compared to anything. And at that time, B-52’s were considered pretty big airplanes. And this of course dwarfed anything that would have been part of a B-52.


Testimony of Staff Sergeant Stoney Campbell, US Air Force

October 2000

Sergeant Campbell entered the Air Force in 1966. In the summer of 1967 he was guarding a B-52 at a SAC AFB in Oklahoma when suddenly, directly over one of the B-52’s, a huge bluish haze appeared. It was in the form of a boomerang wing and was glittery and not solid. It was picked up on radar and seen by numerous people.

… This was 30 years or more ago. This happened in Altus, Oklahoma at a SAC Air Force Base. I was guarding a B-52. SAC is the strategic air command and we were guarding nuclear weapons. I was on guard duty, guarding a B-52 bomber in the bomber area, which is divided in two sections with what we called the Hurry House in the middle. And that’s where the officers and the flight crew stay on ready if they are on alert to disburse to the planes quickly. This would have been in the summer of 1967, sometime in the summer period. There were approximately four planes on each side. It would have been at night, probably late, midnight to probably sometime in the morning, between that period of time. Suddenly, over one of the B-52’s which were armed with nuclear weapons, there appeared a bluish haze, almost in the form of a boomerang or a wing shape. And in this haze there was a glittery light. We had no idea what this was. We do know that the SAC teams were called to ready so they came out to the planes. But prior to that, this [object] just hovered over the plane for a short period of time and then it vanished. We were told later that it was picked up on radar. It wasn’t as if you actually saw it glide away. It was like in a whoosh it was gone.

It covered most of the wingspan of the B-52 -- it was large…



3.8.4 Government Insiders/ NASA/ Deep Insiders


(From an oral presentation by Dr. Greer)

In this section you will hear from people who have been involved in events where objects of extraterrestrial origin have landed or have crashed or been forced down and which have been retrieved. This is, of course, explosive testimony. It establishes the reality of the phenomenon and also of the fact that we have been studying this phenomenon for years. Many people might believe that this is limited to the so-called "Roswell event" of the 1940s; this could not be further from the truth. In fact there have been multiple events, at least a couple of dozen, where objects of extraterrestrial origin have been downed, acquired, and studied.

We believe that this is something which is of extreme importance because one cannot consider that covert programs -- having spent hundreds of billions of dollars over the decades on research and development, so-called "reverse engineering" or "back engineering" extraterrestrial technologies -- have not had significant breakthroughs. The testimony will show that in fact we have: That we have had breakthroughs that have trickled out to our society in the form of certain advances in electronics, materials, and sciences. However, the central breakthrough dealing with the physics of the quantum vacuum space -- the so-called "zero-point energy" phenomenon, as well as antigravity and electrogravitic propulsion -- has been withheld from our society. In addition, programs studying extraterrestrial technologies and extraterrestrial life forms are projects that are on going to this day.

This is something that would be of great importance to the world and the scientific community, but more importantly it is of great importance to our public officials who, we know, have not been briefed adequately on this subject.

Testimony of Astronaut Gordon Cooper


[We are grateful to Mr. Fox for sharing this interview with us.]

Gordon Cooper was one of the original Mercury Seven astronauts and the last American to fly into space alone. In his testimony he recounts how he observed UFOs flying in the same formation as his fighter group over the skies of Germany These UFOs made maneuvers that could not be done by conventional fighters. He felt they must have be under intelligent control to communicate with one another due to the type of maneuvers they were mimicking. At another time, while filming conventional aircraft performing precision landings, a saucer flew directly overhead and landed ahead of them on a dry lakebed. The entire event was filmed including detailed close-ups. The film was sent back to Washington and was never returned.

GC: Gordon Cooper JF: James Fox

GC: These objects [UFOs] kept coming over flying in the same kind of formation that we fly in our fighters while we were flying in Germany. We were flying F-86’s. They would come over and do the same maneuvers that we made except every once in a while one of them would go zip, and make a maneuver that you can’t do in a conventional fighter.

What started it was that the weatherman was tracking a weather balloon and he saw these objects with his binoculars. That started people getting out and looking at them and we decided to put some airplanes out and see what they were. But we couldn’t get to them. They were higher and faster. So we couldn’t tell whether they were large and far away or smaller and closer in. It was difficult to gauge exactly what their size was.

[Astronaut Gordon Cooper and the others know what weather balloons resemble and these UFOs were not "weather balloons", as the absurd government claims have maintained for over 50 years. SG]

JF: Were they in formation?

GC: They were definitely in formation.

JF: What year was this?

GC: In 1951.

JF: Do you think the Russians had that kind of technology back then [that could do this]?

GC: No.

JF: You definitely determined that they were objects that were under intelligent control?

GC: Well, yes. They weren’t just random. They were flying fighter formations very definitely under control.

JF: Can you describe what they looked like?

GC: They were just typical saucer shaped, double saucer shaped, and metallic looking. I think they were definitely piloted vehicles. Each one of them had a pilot in it. I think they were very definitely in communication with one another because they would make a turn such that they had to be in communication to be coordinated.

One would zip off to the side, do a lateral maneuver off to the side…

Later at Edwards Air Force Base I was having some of the cameramen film precision landings and we were right on the edge of a dry lake. A saucer flew right over them, put down three landing gears, and landed out on the dry lakebed. They went out there with their cameras … towards the UFO. It lifted off, put the gear back in the well, and flew off at a very high rate of speed and disappeared.

So while I was going through all of the regulation books and finding out the number to call in Washington to report this, I had the cameraman go over and develop the film. By the time they got back with the developed film I had higher and higher and higher level officers talking to me. Finally, a Colonel told me that when the film arrived on my desk to put it in a courier file. There would be a courier there at my office and they would arrange for him to fly in our base airplane back to Washington with these films. [The Colonel said] to not run prints, etc., etc., etc. So we stuck them in the courier packets.

JF: Did you watch the film?

GC: We didn’t have a chance to run it. I had a chance to hold it up to the window to look at it. It was certainly good film.

JF: Were there close-up shots?

GC: Good close-up shots. Nothing like I had ever seen.

JF: Was the vehicle in the close-ups like the vehicles you had seen?

GC: About the same shape. Double inverted saucer shape. It didn’t have wings on it or anything. It was pretty much the same shape [as the ones we saw in Germany].

Well, at the time this happened I was involved in research and development and doing very classified projects at the task center. I knew that we didn’t have any vehicles [like that] at that time. I am 99.9% sure that the Russians didn’t have any of that type either. At that point in time there was no doubt in my mind that it was made someplace other than here on Earth.

But you send it [the evidence] on just like you are told to do and you do what they tell you to do. At the time I was working on a little program that nobody knew about and we weren’t allowed to discuss it with our family or anybody. That was the U-2 program. It [this event] was in the same category [of secrecy] really.

I don’t know why [it is kept so secret]. In my opinion, I think they were worried it would panic the public if they knew that someone had vehicles that had this kind of performance way back right after WWII. So they started telling lies about it. Then I think they had to cover it with another lie, tell another lie to cover their first lie and now they don’t know how to get out of it. Now it is going to be so embarrassing to admit that all of these administrations have told a lot of untruths. It will be embarrassing to get out of it.

JF: Do you think they want to get it out?

GC: I think that basically each and every President would probably like to get out of it, come clean on the deal and not have to continue to tell untruths. Eventually something is going to happen that will make all of them have egg all over their faces and they are going to have to admit that they haven’t been truthful at all.

JF: Who has kept this secret?

GC: Well, somebody has kept it pretty secret for quite a while, haven’t they?

[When asked about meeting with the United Nations Secretary General about UFOs in the 1970s, Gordon Cooper says:] Kurt Waldheim was really interested in the subject and he thought that it would be a good idea to form a committee and to do the investigation at that level [of the UN] but nothing ever got done. It was typical of the U.N. They talked a good game but they never get around to doing anything about it.

By NASA’s own figures there are some 400,000 other planets out there that could be habitable. I just can’t believe that God would inhabit this one planet and then leave all of those others bare. In my personal opinion, I just feel that we are out here in the hinterland of all of the galaxies. We are way out in the sticks. All of these other galaxies are closer to one another. I think they probably have a lot of travel to and from one another. Once in a while we will get a few travelers or stragglers or come through from distant other galaxies.

I wrote a letter [to the UN] suggesting that we form a group at the U.N. level and start gathering information around the world and let it be handled and coordinated at that level. There were a lot of countries that had information. There are a lot of countries like Russia is now. The government of Russia right now works directly with the civilian UFO groups. You have differences from country to country to country. But we should have all of this information come together and be correlated in one place.

Just think about what we could do from a technical point of view: some of them may be remotely operated. They may be radio-controlled so to speak like what we call unmanned or unpiloted vehicles. I think that some of them undoubtedly have crews in them and in my opinion I think those people are probably very similar to us.

I think definitely there was something other than a weather balloon that crashed at Roswell.

JF: Do you think the truth was lost?

GC: I think the truth has been very submerged in all of the lies that have been told.

JF: Do you think they would cover up one of those saucers that you saw?

GC: Very likely. I would like to think that they reverse-engineered it, did something of benefit with it. That would be the logical thing to do.

JF: Did you know where that footage went of the flying saucer that landed on the tarmac?

GC: It went to Washington; that is all I know.

JF: Did you ever keep in touch with anybody about it, or discuss it?

GC: How would I keep in touch with anybody? There is no way in the military or within the government of keeping track of something that is classified unless you are directly involved in it and I was not. I had no way of knowing what happened.

JF: Was it included in part of the Project Blue Book investigation?

GC: No, it was not. And that was one of the complaints that I had about Project Blue Book. In my opinion, Project Blue Book was totally a whitewash.

[Other high level witnesses such as Colonel Brown and Dr. Wood have concluded the same: Blue Book was a PR whitewash while the real research went on elsewhere. SG]

There were a number of other things that I had occasion to know about that were not included in the Blue Book either.

In my opinion, I think they are coming from some other planet. There is no doubt in my mind. I think they are for real and I think that eventually we will find out that there is regular travel to this Earth from other planets.

Who was flying these vehicles we saw? I think there were extraterrestrial pilots flying them, no doubt about it.

[When asked about ‘black’ or invisible projects, Gordon Cooper says:] That was one reason that we did the U-2 Program the way we did it. We had put no classifications on that program because when you classify a program then a Congressman or a Senator thinks they can go out and tell all of the details. They are privileged to be able to do that. They trample all over security and tell the details to whomever they want to. We didn’t classify it at all until Gary Powers was shot down. The world really didn’t know about the U-2. At least in the United States we didn’t know about them.

[Cooper and others have told me of projects beyond classification and Colonel Corso spoke of the E. T. projects as being conveyed ‘brain to brain’. Extremely tightly held unacknowledged projects such as those dealing with UFOs really are beyond top-secret and access is blocked to Congress and the public. SG]

I think we have a lot of potential learning from them [the extraterrestrials]. If we can just set up the schedule of how to go about doing it. They can come land in my backyard anytime. If they want to come land in my backyard I would welcome them.

I think they are just the same as we are just a little higher, a little better, and a little faster.

I have a good friend who is a commercial airline pilot and he has had about three different occasions where a UFO has pulled up right alongside his wing and stayed in formation with him. He is in a major airline. The airline has a policy that their crews aren’t allowed to talk about UFOs.

Testimony of Brigadier General Steven Lovekin, Esq.

October 2000

Brigadier General Lovekin entered the military in 1958. In 1959 he joined the White House Army Signaling Agency and served under President Eisenhower and then under President Kennedy with an above top secret clearance. He was familiar with Project Blue Book and related how that project documented highly scientific and specific UFO cases from very reliable sources. They reviewed photos taken from Air Force pilots, Marine Air Corps pilots, and some foreign pilots and multiple reports of radar lock-ons. He was also shown a piece of metallic debris taken from the Roswell crash. While working under President Eisenhower, he discovered that Eisenhower had a keen interest in UFO’s, but that Eisenhower came to realize that he had lost control of the subject.

SL: Brigadier General Steven Lovekin SG: Dr. Steven Greer

SL: I graduated from the George School, which is a private co-educational prep school in Philadelphia, in 1958 and went into the military. After going through advanced infantry training, I was transferred to the Pentagon where I worked for the Radio Frequency Engineering Office. I finished there and then joined the White House Army Signaling Agency in May of 1959. I served under Eisenhower from May of 1959 until he got out of office and then I served under Kennedy until I left the service in August of 1961.

My job was to learn to deal with code [and code breaking]. In the process of dealing with that I learned a lot about Project Bluebook [which deals with UFOs]. Bluebook was discussed quite openly in the office. Sections of Bluebook were opened for discussion. There were other matters as well that were brought to our attention: One afternoon when we were just about ready to finish up training, Colonel Holomon brought out a piece of what appeared to be metallic debris; it looked like a yardstick. It had inscriptions on it. And the inscriptions were pointed out by Colonel Holomon to each one of us who were in that class (I think that there were six or seven of us at that time). We were told that this object came from matters connected to Operation Bluebook.

What they were trying to say was, "Look, we have this physical evidence to go along with what you have seen in Bluebook; we have now been able to get our hands on and show you this material" and that is what he did. He went on to further explain that this was the material that had come from a New Mexico crash in 1947 of an extraterrestrial craft and that was discussed at length. If I am not mistaken, we spent perhaps another hour or so discussing this. The next day it was discussed again. He did not describe what the bodies looked like, although they did discuss the fact that there were bodies, extraterrestrial bodies. There were either three or five bodies… three or five stands out in my mind as the number that was taken. One was partially alive at the time that this happened and I do not know what may have happened to him after that.

The Air Force at that time was very, very much concerned with Bluebook and there were strict regulations involving anything that had to do with the reporting of UFOs or talking about a UFO. If you wanted to ruin your career, it was explained to us, the thing that would do this the fastest was to talk about UFO’s. I was enlisted then and was the lowest thing down on the totem pole. We were being groomed for Top Secret and above, and that we certainly would not be cleared for any kind of confidential material should this information be released.

We saw an awful lot. We saw a lot of pictures of UFOs. Some pictures that I saw I think were maybe a little bit better than the ones you see today. These pictures of UFOs were taken by Air Force pilots.

SG: So you saw official pictures the military took of UFO’s?

SL: Oh, indeed they did. Yes. Not only did the Air Force take these pictures but also some were taken by civilian pilots -- and some were taken by Marine Air Corps pilots and some were foreign. It was made quite clear that there were a number of others that were in place in other agencies that were being used at that time that were not being put in the Bluebook. I inferred from that that perhaps those pictures were better than the pictures that they were showing us. I think that Colonel Holomon gave that impression to everybody in the class.

[See the testimony of Colonel Charles Brown of Project Grudge who also confirms that the really significant evidence was compartmented outside of Blue Book and in some cases even Grudge. SG]

This piece of an extraterrestrial craft was a grayish foil-like material maybe eight to ten inches long or so. It seemed giant-like because it was the first time that I had ever seen anything like this before and all eyes were just peeled on that particular thing. And when he told us what it was it was frightening. It was eerie. You could have heard a pin drop in the room when it was first mentioned.

SG: And what did he tell you it was?

SL: Well, he said that it had been taken from one of the ET craft that had crashed in New Mexico and that it had been taken from a box of materials that the military was working on. They didn’t use the word "reverse engineering" at that time but it was something similar to reverse engineering that they felt like they needed to work on and it was going to take years to do this. I do remember that at the Army Engineers at Ft. Belvoir, they were doing a lot of experimentation and that surprised me. It surprised me an awful lot.

The inscriptions looked like hieroglyphics. It is hard to describe hieroglyphics but if you have ever seen any ancient Egyptian writings you will know that the hieroglyphics were animated in some form and these appeared to be animated. If I knew the code that was supposed to be used to find out how this language was to be interpreted then we could understand it. The writing was very expressive, you could tell it was expressive.

[Lovekin explained at another time that his group in the Pentagon was shown this item as an example of advanced, difficult to break code. SG]

He had a stainless steel box with a lock on it almost like a carpenter’s box but maybe bigger. And that is where he got this from and that is where he put it back. And I gathered that was not the only thing that was in that box. But that is the only thing that he did show. This occurred in the Radio Frequency Engineering Office.

At the Pentagon, you have to remember, we had one instructor, a Lieutenant Colonel. And his job was to not only teach us but to make us believers as well and that is when he produced that piece of material from what appeared to be a stainless steel box. It was maybe a kind of a dusty gray like-foil and it looked like it may have been burned on a grill. He indicated that that was not the only piece of information that he had and the only object that he had. He had several others. Maybe the whole box was filled. I don’t know, but that is the only piece that he took out to show us. And the reason he did this was to make sure that we understood we were dealing with something that was totally out of context from what we had been dealing with earlier but that we might be dealing with in the future. I think he intended for us to know that our futures were going to be dealing with this subject matter more and more.

He did describe the inscriptions as being symbols of instruction and that is as far as he would go but he did infer that the instructions, whatever they might have been, were something that was important enough for the military to keep working on a constant basis. He made it quite clear that this was something that was of grave importance. We were in the basement of the Pentagon and in those days. That was in 1959; there was a tremendous amount of security there in that area of the Pentagon. And anybody who has worked there knows what I am talking about. You could almost carry on an entire war in the basement and no one else would know what was going on on the floors above. That is how secure it was.

I was working on top-secret clearance. I had gotten a secret clearance and by the time I finished the school I had been given a top-secret one but I was given one step higher than that because at that time they didn’t have a clearance specifically dealing with this (UFO) problem. If you dealt with a problem you got a Q Clearance, which was a nuclear clearance. Maybe later on they decided that they were going to change that but I remembered that that was the big question, "How are we going to give security clearances to these people who have been through this course?"

There were probably 1,500 reported cases at that time that were eligible to be put in Bluebook. The findings that were put in there were highly scientific. This information was information that would never get out to anyone else but it was designed for the use of particular military personnel. So what was there was extremely exact and specific. These cases were as bona fide as they possibly could be. They were talking about people who had sterling reputations either in the military or in the civilian capacity of some form or another but they were not taking any loose cannons. This was information they thought was extremely accurate.

There were stories about radar lock on. Several of those stories came out of Ohio at Wright Patterson Air Force Base but several others came from California, Texas, and Washington from what I can recall. I would estimate that there probably were between two and three hundred cases of radar lock on [with UFOs]. That is why those cases were in there because they were authentic.

I was told that the material they showed us came from the New Mexico site but there were other sites and there were other crashes of ET craft. They did not say where. They were not pinpointed but it was made quite clear that that was not the only site that they had gathered information from and also material.

[See the testimony of A.H., Clifford Stone, et al. SG]

The Wright Patterson Air Force Base was brought up on a number of occasions. Apparently there were more lock-ons at Wright Patterson than at any other Air Force Base. Edwards Air Force Base was mentioned as an experimental station. When I say mentioned, in that context I mean Edwards was involved in testing whatever ET materials they found. It was said that that was what was being done. Radar lock-ons had come from Edwards Air Force Base [too].

[See the testimony of Chuck Sorrells regarding the 1965 multiple UFO radar lock-on at Edwards. SG]

I should note that I was there in the Pentagon at the same time that Colonel Philip Corso was there.

I did not have any more contact with the subject matter of UFO’s until after I came in contact with the President [Eisenhower]. I had heard that he did an awful lot of doodling on paper, on notebook paper, particularly at conferences that he wasn’t particularly happy with. He would take to doodling and one of the things that he did was doodle various forms of UFOs.

I never saw Kennedy do this but President Eisenhower did it, and he did it in my presence as well as several other people who were attached to the White House Army Signaling Agency where I was assigned. When I first came to work for the President I didn’t meet him until probably a month and a half after I had been on board. At that time it was a very formal meeting. Right after that I got an opportunity to travel a little bit with the President. We did some traveling towards Florida. And I had an opportunity to see him under fire, as it were, and how he handled certain people that he didn’t like and when he did that he would doodle. He was probably one of the world’s best doodlers and everybody would kid him about it. I wouldn’t, but I wasn’t in a position to do so but the higher officers would kind of say little things every now and then. He would just smile and keep on doodling.

Well, on some of those occasions he had just been given messages or had been given information pertaining to sightings or information about UFO’s and I know that for a fact because I was in the COM Center and I saw that information. When he would get these reports it would excite him. He was just a kid. He would get so excited and give orders like D-day was happening all over again. He was very, very interested in the shapes and sizes of the UFOs and what made them go.

The White House itself has a huge COM Center in the basement. It is run by the Air Force but the Army is there. Every place where the President would go including Camp David has a COM Center that deals specifically with presidential traffic. The information would be conveyed usually by a Warrant Officer.

Our Chief Warrant Officer had been in the Army for probably 30 years or more. When he would get that kind of information [about UFOs] he sometimes would close himself off and he would be alone for a while and then he would call in whomever he needed to call in. But dealing specifically with UFOs, I can only remember on one or two occasions where that information came directly from the COM Center to him. Most of the time it seemed to come indirectly to the President.

Most of that material when it is passed through, it is "for eyes only," and that means that if you have a direct interest in it then you will see it. If you don’t then you won’t. You knew that there were sightings of UFOs. You knew that there were new findings. If you had been around the President long enough you could just judge by his expressions what he was reading and what interested him. It was just something that you knew from being around him.

SG: He showed particular interest in this subject?

SL: Very, very much interest. In fact, I would say that this subject was probably among his highest of interests at that time. Yes indeed.

Reports about these UFOs were not terribly rare. It happened quite frequently. I wouldn’t dare say how many times but it happened frequently.

What happened was not one particular agency could handle dealing with the entire subject matter, dealing with the engineering portion, to sighting information, to reporting it into Bluebook. The whole process of dealing with the UFO phenomenon could not be handled anymore by one agency and so in order to keep it alive it was given to various parts of the government to work on. And I guess that they thought that they could also keep the intelligence factor as secret as possible by giving agencies a little bit here and a little bit there. And that type of compartmentalization oftentimes is done with matters like this.

But what happened was that Eisenhower got sold out. Without him knowing it he lost control of what was going on with the entire UFO situation. In his last address to the nation I think he was telling us that the Military Industrial Complex would stick you in the back if you were not totally vigilant. And I think that he felt like he had not been vigilant. I think he felt like he trusted too many people. And Eisenhower was a trusting man. He was a good man. And I think that he realized that all of a sudden this matter is going into the control of corporations that could very well act to the detriment of this country.

This frustration, from what I can remember, went on for months. He realized that he was losing control of the UFO subject. He realized that the phenomenon or whatever it was that we were faced with was not going to be in the best hands. As far as I can remember, that was the expression that was used, "It is not going to be in the best hands". That was a real concern. And so it has turned out to be.

It had been discussed with me on numerous occasions what could happen to me militarily if I discussed this. I would say that the government has done as good a job enforcing secrecy through the installation of abject fear as they have done with anything within the memory of modern man. I really believe they have done a job.

One older officer discussed with me what possibly could happen if there was a revelation. He was talking about being erased and I said, "Man, what do you mean erased?" And he said, "Yes, you will be erased-disappear." And I said, "How do you know all this?" And he said, "I know. Those threats have been made and carried out. Those threats started way back in 1947. The Army Air Force was given absolute control over how to handle this. This being the biggest security situation that this country has ever dealt with and there have been some erasures."

I know he was very convincing when he said this and he was in a position to know. He was much older than I and he had been involved with the CIA. He knew what he was talking about. He wasn’t kidding. So I guess fear has done it. I don’t care what kind of a person you are. I don’t care how strong or courageous you are. It would be a very fearful situation because from what Matt [this older officer] said, "They will go after not only you. They will go after your family." Those were his words. And so I can only say that the reason that they have managed to keep it under wraps for so long is through fear. They are very selective about how they pull someone out to make an example of. And I know that that has been done.

In this country during the early 1950s, numerous bases were built that would allow the President and Congress and VIPs to go in case of attack. That is to maintain the government to function and so forth. Mt. Weather, Virginia was one of those. Ft. Ritchie, Maryland was another. Camp David, Maryland was another. There was another one in West Virginia at that time which we only knew as Concrete. That was the code name. Mt. Weather, for example, is underground. It is designed specifically to be impenetrable, as far as we knew, from atomic weaponry. When I first went on tour there, I was told about special equipment that they had. We had to go through all of these places where the President would go just to familiarize ourselves on what to do and how to do it. And there was equipment up there to deal specifically with the UFO problem. There was a standard operating instruction on what to do. UFOs had been sighted around Mt. Weather not only on one or two occasions but on numerous occasions from what I understand. They also have been sighted in West Virginia at the place that I referred to as Concrete.

We have gotten so much momentum with the secrecy that has shrouded this subject matter that we are liable to wind up in a big, fat crash. And granted I am not privy to the things that I would like to be privy to but as I see it when you propagate a lie and propagate a fear of the truth, you put yourself in a very vulnerable position.

They have been keeping this secret for a long time so evidently they have known how to do it. But at some point in time, because of the interest I think that the media has taken, there will be people coming out speaking that have never thought about speaking before, particularly about Nellis and what has been going on there. And you can’t create anything positive through fear. Fear only degenerates the human soul and the human psyche, the human mind if you will.

I think secrecy has been enforced because what would be revealed would totally destroy an economy that was designed by certain capitalists in this country a long, long time ago to maintain them and their corporations from here to eternity. I think oil has a special interest in seeing that it maintains its position where it is, regardless of what kind of pollution or disastrous side effects may have occurred and continue to occur.

I think that what we are dealing with is certain electromagnetic devices that are powered by sources that we just don’t quite understand as of yet - well, we are certainly not advertising them anyway. But these devices would generate free power. And free power would be something that corporations panic about. I think this government panics about it. Looking at it from a governmental point of view: How are you going to tax free power? And from everyone that I have talked to who knows something about this subject matter, they do believe that the sources of energy that keep these vehicles in propulsion are sources of energy that are just as free as free could be. They don’t cause any harm to the environment. They don’t cause any footprints to be left anywhere…

Given the fact that we are having a real question about how to deal with the high price of Arab oil right now, Bush as you know, is trying to insist that we go into some of the arctic regions and take more oil out. I for one don’t see that as an answer. With the global warming situation being what it is, that would just be another nail in our coffin. But at some point in time we are going to have to share this information that would allow us to have free energy. The government knows about this. It is foolish for them to try to make the rest of us look like imbeciles and say that this can’t happen. Well, it can happen.

The question was, "Did I hear that we had ever picked up signals which could not be identified or, if they could be identified, were they coming in from strange craft that perhaps had put us under surveillance?" Yes I did hear that. I heard that from at least five or six reports that wound up in Bluebook. In fact, several of the reports had come in through pilots’ radios. So whatever intelligence we were dealing with at that time knew how to deal with us. They knew how to communicate with us and we knew they were of extraterrestrial origin.

[See also the testimony of John Maynard and others.]

Testimony of Merle Shane McDow, US Navy Atlantic Command

October 2000

Mr. McDow entered the Navy in 1978 and gained a top-secret, Special Compartmented Intelligence (SCI) clearance with a Zebra Stripes. He was assigned to the Atlantic Operational Support Facility, Atlantic Command, then under Admiral Trane. Mr. McDow was present when a UFO was tracked by radar and seen by pilots visually moving at high speed up and down the Atlantic coast. The Command Center was put on Zebra alert and Admiral Trane gave the order to force down the UFO. Mr. McDow discusses the threats, intimidation and confiscation of logbooks that occurred after the event.

MM: Merle McDow SG: Dr. Steven Greer

MM: I enlisted in the United States Navy in August of 1978, and was assigned to the USS America, where unfortunately I sustained some injuries on the flight deck while performing my duties. I then went to CINC-ANT Fleet, Atlantic Command Support Facility in Norfolk, Virginia on Hampton Boulevard. I was directly assigned to AOSF, Division 22; we were a group of about eleven people then. We were directly responsible for briefing Admiral Trane who was the Commander in Chief, Atlantic Command. We briefed him on current military operations around the world, what the Soviets were doing that day, what they had done the night before, etc.

AOSF is just an acronym for Atlantic Operational Support Facility and CINC-ANT Fleet is another acronym for Commander in Chief-Atlantic Fleet, which Admiral Trane was at the time. Everyone on the eastern seaboard answered to this man.

After a six month wait I got a top-secret, Special Compartmented Intelligence (SCI) clearance, with a zebra stripe identification badge, which permitted access to all facilities on the base at all times.

I had unrestricted access to any facility at any time as well as the Command Center to which it was specifically assigned. My station was up on the mezzanine, or the third deck as we called it, over the Command Center. My job was to make sure that any incoming and outgoing audio/video information that came into the Command Center was recorded and duly logged for reference in case they needed it later.

I recorded all of the video and audio- everything that is going on- even when they called a Condition Zebra alert. This was generally a training exercise that they would announce beforehand by saying, "This is a drill. This is a drill. Set Condition Zebra." and unauthorized personnel would then be escorted out of the Command Center if they didn’t already know that they had to leave.

Condition Zebra is the highest level of alert that the Navy has – or had at that time – for generally dealing with global nuclear threats, in particular the Soviets. Soviet Bearcats were routinely patrolling up and down the eastern seaboard watching what we were doing. And we would set a Condition Zebra if we had the need to put planes in the air to escort the bearcats out of the area if they were a little too close to our airspace or if they had ships in the area that were suspicious acting, for instance. Or we would have a drill, for instance, when they would get out the MAD books to wage nuclear war. The Watch Officer and the Junior Watch Officer, the JOD, had keys to a safe and they would get these books out called the MAD books – Mutual Assured Destruction – and they would have the codes that were necessary to transmit to the submarines if necessary, to launch a nuclear strike. And not many people were allowed in the Command Center when that was going on because they actually did use the codes and so forth. I am sure the Soviets and any others person who were enemies of the United States would like to get their hands on that information.

The Zebra Classification - well, without that you were not allowed authorized access to these facilities during this drill and the Zebra Drill was specifically for the highest level of top-secret information that was being exchanged between the Command Center and ships and/or submarines at sea.

Well, about this incident: The day started out pretty routine. I would say this was around the first week or two in May [1981] to the best of my knowledge. So everything was going along pretty routinely when they dimmed the lights (they did this first in the Command Center when they set a Condition Zebra alert). Most of the time when they set these drills they would say, "This is a drill. This is a drill. Set Condition Zebra." But they turned the lights down this time and they didn’t say, "This is a drill." And the Watch Officer and the Junior Watch Officer looked at each other and told some of their assistants to verify whether or not this was a drill as the event was taking place. And the early warning system- I believe it came in from an Air Force base in Greenland or Nova Scotia at that time- said that we had contact with an unidentified flying object that had entered our air space. And they said that this was not a drill and so it was treated with the utmost promptness and everyone started running around like mad once they realized that it wasn’t a drill. It took on a whole different air.

Within moments of that, the Watch Officer summoned Admiral Trane over to the Command Center because this was a little out of his area of authorization for lack of a better way to put it. It required Admiral Trane’s oversight. And within minutes Admiral Trane was rushed into the Command Center into his viewing booth that he had right under the Mezzanine there and the first thing that Admiral Trane wanted to know was how many contacts we had, where they were, which direction were they going, and were the Soviets responding. Because we knew that it wasn’t the Soviets that had entered our airspace. That was verified from the get go, from the start.

At that point, when Admiral Trane found out that it wasn’t the Soviets and that he wanted to know were the Soviets responding to this threat also, that was the moment that he gave authorization to put two planes up to go see what this thing was. And that was when the chasing up and down the eastern seaboard began. We launched planes from as far north as Greenland to NAS (Naval Air Station) Oceania. This object, we had it on radar- this event lasted almost an hour. You could hear the pilots live voice transmissions being piped into the Command Center. And they had visual confirmation of the object and made descriptions of the object. Pilots were able to close a couple of times and were able to see that the object was not an aircraft that we were familiar with- it was nothing that we had and nothing that the Soviets had. That was determined very quickly. This vehicle or whatever it was that they were chasing showed very erratic flight up and down the coast, quick flight.

It would actually be off the coast of Maine, for instance, and would leave the airspace in that area so quickly that we were having to have planes coming out of Dover Air Force base just to pick it up just in what seemed like moments. Well, I know for a fact that it would take an F-14 probably thirty minutes to traverse that much distance but this object, whatever it was, was just popping up. One minute it was here and the next minute bam, it was down several hundred miles down the coast, just playing tag.

[See the accounts of Dr. Paul Czysz, Commander Bethune, and many others regarding this type of non-linear and extraordinary propulsion. SG]

It did go all the way down to a point off the coast of Florida around Mayport, the Naval Air station that we have down there at Cecil Field. And that was before it turned and took what would have been an easterly direction from our vantage point back up towards the Azores before we actually lost track of it.

During all this, we were using satellites called the KH-11 satellites that we use for information gathering. And this satellite did have a very high capability of taking really good photographs of things literally within a few feet of the ground from a vantage point out in outer space. And they were trying to get the KH-11 satellite to track this thing to get some photographs of it. The photographs that we did get back in the Command Center later on came from the first encounters that the planes had with it off of the northern North American coast. They did get close enough to get some photographs taken that were later brought over to the Command Center.

Well, from the photograph I remember the shape was more like a cylinder; it was quite flat and long. It had abrupt ends. The ends didn’t taper down like most aircraft. It just came to an abrupt end and it did appear to be reflecting sunlight and you could clearly tell that it was metallic. And the pilots were giving information such as it was not leaving behind a vapor trail, no discernable lights or markings on it, no cockpit windows or doors, nothing like that. It just seemed to be one solid thing whatever it was.

What was really bugging Admiral Trane, what was really driving him nuts, was this thing absolutely had complete control of the situation and could be anywhere that it wanted to be in a matter of seconds. One minute we were closing on it off the coast of Maine and the next minute it is in Norfolk heading south towards Florida. And it is all that we can do to get the early warning radar up and down the coast to watch for this thing as it just had it’s day with us.

Admiral Trane and his staff were quite concerned about it to say the least. They were quite concerned especially once they found out that it wasn’t the Russians and it wasn’t us and he wasn’t aware of anyone else who had the technology to build such a craft that could move about so easily and so quickly. I remember distinctly looking over the rail of the mezzanine and just watching complete chaos break out because of their inability to keep an eye on this thing, whatever it was.

The UFO was moving around so erratically and so quickly up and down the coast… They were trying to notify as many commands as they could up and down the coast to track this thing or get a plane up. Admiral Trane was scrambling and authorizing planes just left and right up and down the whole eastern seaboard to try and cut this thing off and to get some planes from the north and south to literally track it and to force it down. It was clear that they wanted to recover it, to force it down by whatever means possible.

The order was given by Admiral Trane to try and get this object forced down out of the sky if at all possible, by whatever means possible. After they found out and knew for certainty that it wasn’t the Russians, they didn’t care who it was as long as it wasn’t the Russians. They didn’t care who it was or where it was from. They wanted it and they wanted it bad.

The information coming in from the Command Center was being relayed to us from different radar sites that we have up and down the eastern coast that watch our airspace.

I would describe the officers as being scared. Yeah, they were scared to put it in a nutshell. Admiral Trane was usually a very calm man of very mild demeanor a really nice fellow. And you never really saw him lose control or raise his voice or get excited about anything. But this really got him upset to say the least. I would say that was the impression that I had from most of the officers there- they were just as much in the dark and scared as everybody else.

They would actually not track it down the coast. It would just appear hundreds of miles from the last sighting. And the pilots said that one moment it was there and the next moment it wasn’t. And I think that that was one of the things that really had Admiral Trane’s hackles up because he didn’t have any control of it or the situation.

This thing just had a mind of its own and was causing such an uproar up and down the eastern coast. Admiral Trane was ultimately responsible at that time and I am sure it was stressing him out quite a great deal. You could tell by his tone of voice. You could just tell by listening to him that he was very, very, very worried.

But on radar we were keeping track of it one minute and then we would absolutely lose it, and then we would pick it up. It would just appear as an unauthorized vehicle in military airspace.

And trust me, the military knows where every commercial flight is at all times. We knew where every plane we had was at all times. We knew where every commercial flight coming through our airspace was at all times. There just wasn’t anything going on that we didn’t know about it. All the planes that were scrambled were put up off of the shore facilities- the Navy has shore facilities, the Naval Air station for example, Oceania.

When you set a Condition Zebra, whether it is a drill or not people are not authorized to be there who do not have a Zebra Access Badge. It is a zebra striped area on your clearance badge. They have to leave the Command facility and we have Marines stationed inside and outside the building there that were under orders to shoot any unauthorized personnel that remained in the Command Center during one of these episodes. That was for the interest of national security.

For example, one time a Condition Zebra was called and the Marine comes in and wants to know what is going on. Is this a drill or so forth? They have got orders to start shooting people. And I know because I actually got the Junior OOD’s attention and said, "Hey, you guys need to tell this guy something. He is ready to start shooting people." They haven’t told him to stand down yet, which he did. And I remember wanting to just get the hell out of there because he came in there and he said, "You have got a minute or two. If I don’t find out something"– he was ready to come in there and start shooting people, destroying evidence.

When this event, as I refer to it, ended, the object that we had been chasing up and down the seaboard headed out over the Atlantic, over the Azores. I do remember them saying that it had pulled up at a 66 degree angle as it approached the Azores like this, and it just pulled up at a 66 degree angle without slowing down or anything and left the atmosphere and was gone into space. It just took off into space and was gone like that (snaps fingers). I mean it just absolutely left. You are talking about something that covered thousands of miles in a blink of an eye and it was just gone and it just left everyone sitting around scratching their heads. "Gee whiz, I wonder what that was."

It was comical in a way to see how the vast military might of the United States was put on its knees by something they had no idea what it was, where it came from, where it was going or anything. The only thing that they knew for sure was that it wasn’t the Soviets and they were very adamant about finding that out.

So we secured from Condition Zebra. They turned the lights up. Everyone was sitting around talking about it down on the command floor. I am up here by myself on the third deck. Admiral Trane is down here in his briefing area. They stayed for a few minutes before they left. I made a note of it in my logbook like you had to do. Then I really didn’t give it much more thought.

Later, these two guys came in, in suits. They weren’t in military uniform. They just came in, in suits and they had their little badges on but they didn’t have Zebra Striped badges. It was like a visitor badge. You could tell that they weren’t regular personnel. And I didn’t know them from Tom, Dick, or Harry. I had never seen these guys before. So we go downstairs to the first floor and there were several little conference rooms and they took me into one that they already set up and sat me down- and they had my logbook. They got that and took it down with me.

These two gentlemen began to question me about this event. They were being pretty rough about it to be honest with you. I remember literally putting my hands up and saying, "Wait a minute fellows. I’m on your side. Just a minute," because they were not really nice. They were very intimidating and made it quite clear to the point that nothing that was seen, heard, or witnessed, that transpired was to leave this building. "You are not to say a word about it to your co-workers. And off base, you just forget everything that you may have seen or heard concerning this. It didn’t happen." They were nasty, I guess is a good way to put it. I distinctly remember sitting back in my chair and I put my hands up and had to tell these guys, "Wait a minute, we are on the same side fellows. We don’t have a problem here."

You got the impression that they would do bodily harm to you otherwise, without really coming out and threatening you. You could just tell by their tone of voice when someone is saying, "Hey buddy, do what I say or else."

If this object had been hostile and wanted to drop weapons or shoot missiles at us, or whatever, it would have been very easy for them to do that. There was no question about that. We didn’t have anything at that time that could hold a candle to whatever this was. And it just had its own free run of our airspace and could do anything it wanted as far as traveling. We did not pose any threat to it whatsoever. That was painfully obvious, very much so. I do believe that Admiral Trane knew that too and was quite afraid. Just in a word I would say that that old boy was just plain scared.

SG: Whatever happened to the photographs of the UFO?

MM: That is a really good point that you raised about what happened to the 35 mm slides that we had. That is a really good point that you have there because we never got around to putting them up on the Telesign [sp] for Admiral Trane to actually view. They were just prepared. I can remember her [the technician dealing with the slides] telling me that these two men in suits came in, got up all the film developed and undeveloped and all the materials that they had with it and the slides. My logbook, I never did see that again. I know that we had a new logbook the next day- a brand spanking new one to start with. I don’t know what happened to it and nobody really knew what happened to it.

This technician also said, "These two guys came in here and read us the riot act and wanted this, that and the other and rounded up all their stuff and they weren’t real nice."

This event went down as just an unidentified flying object. They never did know what it was. I remember the Watch Officer and the JOD and the OOD, Officer of the Deck and Junior Officer of the Deck, I do remember them looking at each other talking. And I am just hanging my head over listening and they are talking to each other about how to put it in their logbook. They just said, "Put it down as an unidentified flying object contact and that is it."

I would say that the facilities that actually had this UFO on radar- there were five that I am sure of, and that is from Greenland all the way to Florida, and there may be some others that I don’t know. I know this because Admiral Trane was giving orders to NAS Oceania, "Let’s get some planes up from there, scramble some fighters." He did make a call for them to alert Dover Air Force Base, Patuxent River, Maryland, Cecil Field down in Florida…

When I got out, I received an official United States Navy document on the Navy letterhead. They gave me this document where for five years it was absolutely out of the question for me to leave the country under any circumstances whatsoever. And to leave the state of Virginia I had to contact the Roanoke office of the FBI and let them know if I just wanted to cross the state line to go into North Carolina. And that was for five years after I was discharged.

I also wanted to tell you about this member of my wife’s family. Jack Booth is his name. He is dead now but he was in the army and he was stationed at Roswell when the Roswell incident happened. He was my wife’s uncle- my wife’s mother’s brother. He was from Bluefield, West Virginia. He said that when he was just a kid in the army, he was at Roswell (NM) when this thing, whatever it was, crashed. And he was there pulling guard duty when they went out to the crash site. A truckload of them went to pick debris up and whatnot, and he was there when they actually did recover the bodies. He said, "I am telling you that they put little bitty guys in body bags and they weren’t humans. They were just little odd-looking fellows. They were nothing like a human." And they put them in body bags and one or two of them were still conscious or alive or something like that from the crash. There were actual survivors from this crash according to him.

They were picking up all the little pieces of the craft and he said that they actually put those guys down shoulder to shoulder on their hands and knees and went across the debris area picking up any little speck and scrap that they had. And they did it for days. He said that they were all threatened. He said they just came right out and said, "Look, if you say anything about this you might just turn up missing tomorrow."

[See the testimony of Glen Dennis, John Weygandt, Brigadier General Lovekin, et al regarding such threats. SG]

He did say that. They didn’t make any bones about it and came right to the point about letting them know how much they wanted to keep this under wraps. He said, "I’m telling you – I was there."

Another man I met who knew about this subject was John Michael Murphy. He was a Marine Corp Corporal when I was in the Navy. He was stationed down there at the security barracks at CINC-ANT Fleet. He was part of the security detail there for the base. Murphy swore up and down that when he was still in the Marine Corp that he had actually guarded a spaceship, an extraterrestrial craft at a facility not far from Dover Air Force Base over in Delaware. Knowing Murphy as I did, I would believe him. I would believe Murphy. This would have been 1979 maybe, 1980.

[This testimony is of great significance because the witness had such a high security clearance top secret SCI with Zebra stripes and was personally involved in a prolonged encounter with an extraterrestrial vehicle for over one hour that was on at least five radar scopes, visually contacted by pilots, etc. It underscores the need for a general disclosure on the subject since the dangers to world peace and security resulting from our forces chasing and attempting to down such advanced craft are obvious. In briefings that I have done for senior CIA and Pentagon officials, often we find these men are not at all adequately informed about the subject and might react in a similarly dangerous fashion shown here by Admiral Trane’s orders to down the object. In the vacuum of secrecy, terrible mistakes can be made due to a lack of knowledge and perspective. For this reason we continue to call for an ending of secrecy on this subject so that our military and national security leaders can be adequately informed and so diplomats and other leaders in society can formulate an appropriate, safe, and peaceful response to the extraterrestrial civilizations which are already observing our world. The stakes are too high to allow this matter to be the domain of only covert projects or unprepared military leaders. The danger here is not from the extraterrestrial vehicles per se but from a lack of knowledge and preparation in how to properly deal with their presence. SG]

Testimony of Lieutenant Colonel Charles Brown (retired), US Air Force

October 2000

After returning from WW II an Air Force hero, Col Brown worked in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. He was assigned to work on Project Grudge where he was responsible for investigating UFO’s and came to recognize that on some cases there were no viable conventional explanations. He later came to believe that Bluebook was a deliberate whitewash to the public. Among others he was privy to reports of cases where four independent radars were tracking objects that were traveling 5000 miles an hour.

CB: Lt. Col. Charles Brown SG: Dr. Steven Greer

CB: I’m a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force. I spent approximately 23 years in military service, and the latter seven years as a Senior Foreign Service Officer. In my career I spent about 15 years abroad. I started out as an enlisted man in the army in the West Virginia National Guard in the fall of 1939 [and] enlisted in the regular U.S. Army in the Signal Corp. in June of 1940 upon graduation from high school. I started training as a pilot in July of 1942 and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant pilot in April of ‘43, then trained as a B-17 pilot aircraft Commander.

I went to Europe and arrived there in early November of 1943 and commenced combat as a B-17 pilot on 13, December, 1943. I flew my 29th and last complete mission on the 11th of April, 1944. Combat during this period was fairly severe. I just completed a survey of my 31 attempts at missions. And every time we went into the air, we had 235 casualties during those 31 missions. And I was very fortunate to complete it…

[I was] given a regular Air Force commission in early 1950. I left active duty in the fall of ‘65 and gave up my promotion to Colonel to accept employment as a Senior Foreign Services Officer. I then served seven years with the Agency for International Development. Six of those seven years were spent in Southeast Asia as a regional inspector for the Agency.

Basically, because of my counter-intelligence training and police work in an outfit called Air Force Office of Special Investigations, and because I was one of the few pilot trained investigators, I ended up doing a lot of investigations of aircraft, unusual aircraft accidents in which sabotage was suspected. And as a consequence became acquainted with some outstanding scientists and worked with the Air Technical Intelligence Center on a project called Grudge. At that time Office of Special Investigations was a worldwide investigative unit in the Air Force. We were given the responsibility of investigating what became known as unidentified flying objects. The title within the center was Project Grudge.

My job was in District D-05 of Wright Patterson Air Force Base where we received these worldwide reports. My job was to hand carry these reports over to the technical center and coordinate them with the project officer and answer any questions from an investigative viewpoint that I could assist on. I did that for approximately two years until the fall of 1951.

When I left Wright Patterson, Colonel Dunn was nice enough to give me a two-page letter of appreciation for my work with Project Grudge. And so far as I know, that is certainly one of the early formal recognition’s of work of an Air Force officer with Project Grudge. Now, the behind the scenes efforts that could have been going on simultaneously, fortunately, I was not privileged to but I did gain a feeling [of what was going on] in that many of the investigations were never answered. Normally, in the investigative field, you have an allegation of something or in the case of a UFO, a sighting let’s say. You carry it through to its conclusion and a result. And, in many of those instances, although it’s been a long time ago, I do know that there were no viable scientific results [reported]. And as a consequence, it developed my interest into the unidentified flying objects. Having spent several hundred hours in the air at that point, I followed it throughout the rest of my Air Force career. And in Strategic Air Command, I was a coordinating officer between the Deputy for Intelligence and Continental Army Command, which at that time, had responsibility for the missile defense of the United States.

When an object is moving a few thousand miles an hour, 12-14 minutes is a tremendous amount of time. I do remember speeds in excess of four to five thousand miles an hour, which were far in excess of any known aircraft that we had or any of the enemies. And being an Intelligence Officer one of my responsibilities was to have at least a rough idea of enemy capabilities and of their equipment.

Once, we flew into Nellis Air Force Base and another pilot and I were flying a Gooney Bird [C-47A Skytrain]. The sky was totally clear. And an object went across southwest to northeast and it transited the entire heaven, looking at it from my right, and it went out of sight on the left, in probably less than 15 seconds. It was moving at a speed that I couldn’t even begin to calculate. It was certainly no satellite. It was a controlled object in flight.

Some of the objects reported were tracked on radar. We had objects with four-way confirmation, ground visual, ground radar, airborne visual, airborne radar. And so far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t get any better than that!

[Here we have a senior military and foreign service official, a hero of our country, confirming the excellent nature of the radar evidence and the reality of these UFOs while in Air Force Project Grudge. This starkly contradicts the official Air Force and government claims that no adequate evidence exists to confirm the reality of UFOs and therefore there is nothing to study. SG]

You are not talking about someone’s imagination. And in this same timeframe, I heard so-called experts that the Air Force brought in and concoct stories from swamp gas to things like that. If it’s an aircraft with wings and then the laws of air dynamics apply, you don’t stop that thing and reverse it in a blink of an eye. And things like that did occur.

It is sort of strange but we send people to prison, we send people to their death because of eyewitness accounts of crimes. Our legal system is based on that to a large degree. Yet in my following of unusual aerial phenomena for the past 50 years, there seems to be some reason to discredit very viable and very reputable witnesses when they say something is unidentified. Well, you show me the individual that can identify everything in the heavens, and I will show you the Second Coming. Just, that simple! Because I don’t care how technically qualified you are -- for someone who is not there to voice an opinion and say oh, they saw such and such [is nonsense]. And my question is where did they get off, what was the stop that dropped them that qualified them to be experts? And I have a real problem with that.

I truly believe that these phenomena have been visiting this planet long before Project Grudge. I think there is adequate evidence of it. And the more we learn about the planet, the more we learn how little we truly know. And so the advance of science is something that has to keep evolving and we have to keep learning.

CB: I do not remember much of that. And I would do very little in terms of looking at Gun Camera film, for example. Photographs I tried to, to do rather well on.

SG: Had you heard that Gun Camera footage of UFOs exists?

CB: I had every reason to believe they existed. But I also had reason to believe that the Gun Camera film was handled very carefully, not for general observations.

[Note that Colonel Brown repeats what Commander Graham Bethune and others have observed: that the compartmented nature of projects dealing with the UFO subject creates a situation where someone like Colonel Brown, working inside Project Grudge would not have access to other evidence, projects and information. SG]

CB: President Truman, who was a rather direct individual [knew about these objects] over White House airspace. I’ve seen radar photographs of organized lights of unidentified objects, balls of light, if you will [over the White House]. These are on radar, ground, visual ground radar, airborne visual, airborne radar. Now the airborne visual, strangely enough, by the time you get a couple of fighters down there, those things apparently disappeared whenever they wanted to.

[He is referring here to the multiple encounters of UFOs over the White House and surrounding areas in July of 1952. SG]

So President Truman gets involved. He sees all of the newspaper headlines and things. He says I want the man who is responsible for investigating these things. So, I think General John Sanford was an Air Force Assistant Chief of Staff Intelligence. Someone said, well, General Sanford is the Chief of Air Force Intelligence. So President Truman said, is he the guy that’s responsible for it? Well, they said, well yes, sir, overall, but… Truman said, is he handling the investigation? They said, no sir. That would be a man out at Wright Patterson AFB. Truman said, then that’s the man I want to brief me. So I do know that they flew into Washington. And I have every reason to believe that he briefed the President.

Later when I was in Britain, they were having a NATO exercise out in the North Sea area. And a couple of these little friendly balls of light got in the traffic pattern. Well, you can imagine what happened when they flew over the deck without landing, needless to say. And it threw the Navy into absolute consternation, as you can imagine. Well, the newspapers picked it up and they were in those days able to talk to the sailors and the airmen involved. And everyone is screaming for an investigation. They [the British] said, we have no investigative agency, blah, blah. Well, to make a long story short, some years later, the group Captain I worked for, who retired as an Air Vice Marshall… we were talking about this incident. And he said that the U.K. agency investigating UFO’s was one floor above me in the same building that I worked in for three and one-half years, and yet they did not admit its existence!

[This testimony is corroborated by British Foreign Service Official Gordon Creighton who, while not knowing Colonel Brown, tells an almost identical account of a covert UK office dealing with the matter. SG]

Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg, because some of the very unusual sightings were in the U.K.

[See the testimony of Nick Pope, Larry Warren, et al. SG]

And they were also talking about the little Foo Fighters that were over Germany. The Germans thought they were ours and we thought they were Germans. Now in the real world, balls of light do not have a place being guided by an Intelligence, being airborne, and causing consternation or playing games. There is no explanation other than they are from someplace else. So as far as I’m concerned, that is totally inexplicable, based on my judgment, my background, and my research.

I do know that there are agencies of our Government that can manipulate data. And you can create or recreate [whatever you want]. Craft, intelligently operated craft, have basically violated our laws of physics on this planet. And they have done that for a long time. The fact that the Government at this point -- I know we have been investigating since 1947 -- has not come up with an answer, to me indicates that there is something seriously wrong. Are we this incompetent in science? I don’t think so. Are we this incompetent in intelligence? I know we are not this incompetent in intelligence. Now, Project Blue Book, when it was closed by Dr. Condon’s group, I have every reason to believe that this was a total deliberate whitewash.

[This is confirmed by Government documents and the testimony of Dr. Robert Woods and others. SG]

And my judgment is that there is an excellent chance that elements of the United States Government, for reasons unknown, have failed to advise the public of everything that has transpired.

UFO’s have been investigated for an extended period of time and the general public is not being made aware, fully aware – but are given only bits and pieces, programmed responses and things like that. So it is strange that you should be interviewing me prior to a national election [October 2000] because all you have to do is turn on a television set or listen to a radio and you hear and see the results of professional programming. We make blind men see and injured people walk and things like that. And we make people talk in a certain fashion and we give them intelligence. We can do a lot of things. We also hide a lot of things.

SG: Please tell us about your work with new energy research and how that has been suppressed.

CB: I knew from engineering manuals and from research done at MIT that if we went from totally dry air to totally saturated air, you should improve the efficiency of an engine by about 2%. Well, by humidifying air [through this process we discovered] -- at that time I thought it was all I was doing -- I was getting 20% to 30% improvement in the efficiency of an internal combustion engine. Well, engineering people and scientists just wouldn’t believe it. So I went ahead, not knowing any better, I started selling these devices which improved engine performance so remarkably. Well, some strange things started to happen and Government agencies moved in, and particularly the Federal Trade Commission. The EPA was satisfied that it worked. But there was no Government support. Finally the administrator of the EPA had asked the director of their research lab in North Carolina if he would work with me. So I showed up without knowing that he had called him with a diesel vehicle. Very spectacular results in that, so far as I know, it was the first diesel ever tested in a United States EPA laboratory that simultaneously reduced all aspects of measured diesel emissions, plus improved fuel economy up to 23%. So far as I know, no one has every equaled it.

The Federal Trade Commission later performed, literally, an illegal act. The statement, precise statement made to the attorney for a large dealer in Washington was, we don’t care whether it works or not. We just don’t want people buying these large American cars. I could not, when I got that report, I couldn’t imagine an officer of the United States Government -- this is 1979 - ‘80 -- saying that.

So I flew to Washington and went to the Congress and saw a Senator with the Science and Technology committee, and met the General Counsel. He questioned me at length. I had documentation. He then said they would act. When I pointed out the unfairness of the FTC aspect, they wrote a scathing letter to the Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission and sent me a copy of it. Within three weeks from that date, I lost my vehicle, about $100,000 worth of equipment, and a test vehicle was stolen. I had sponsored the U.S. Army race team on a little sprite racing car. They stole my unit off of that car after we had just won the race. The Captain of the Army race team was a Master Sergeant in the Army. We’d created a super car. And they stole that car from the U.S. Army in Van Nuys, California. So in three weeks, psychologically I was wiped out. This is no longer just talk. There’s a real world out there. And as one who had engaged in, been in and around a combat zone nine years of my life, to have to come back to this… It was quite traumatic.

[Many researchers with devices that could replace fossil fuels or greatly reduce our dependence on them have been subject to this type of abuse and sabotage. It is unconscionable to me that a hero of our country like Colonel Brown could be treated this way and no aspect of Government or law enforcement has helped him. Meanwhile, the Earth’s environment continues to be degraded. SG]

We also had a project with the Maritime Administration, which was very successful. The conclusion was I could either add 20% in horsepower or 20% in fuel reduction, at the same time, simultaneous, with reducing emissions by 40%.

[I have the results of these studies and they are remarkable. Imagine: 20 years ago we could have reduced emissions by 40% and increased fuel mileage by 20%, had suppression not occurred. SG]

Near the end of the project, two months before, they said, our agreement is off. We are going to cancel the project. And I said, you can’t do this. [They said] we’ve done it. So I said, well, I’m going to finish the project, and I paid for the last two months of it. They said, we are not going to distribute the test results. Not only that, they said, we want all of your notes and all of your records. I’m saying, you really don’t have a right to those. And they say, yes we do. We paid for them. So, you don’t argue with the Government. So I made copies of everything I had, several copies, distributed them at various points, and sent them the originals of all of this. What I did not know at the time, I put in a call to the chief engineer who had set up the project and he was never available. The number two engineer was never available. So I finally called the comptroller. And he said, they are no longer with us. I said, what are you talking about? He said, they have eliminated the research division in the Maritime administration! So someone did not want this concept to be successful.

Then, later on a business trip, at two minutes after midnight, just into my birthday, a call comes into my hotel room when I’m just getting ready for bed. A voice says, please get out of your room immediately. I said, well if you tell me who you are and why, I’ll get out. Well, this is the desk clerk, and this poor man’s voice was breaking. He said, we just got a call there’s a bomb in your room. I said, I don’t think I’ll discuss this any further. So, I hung up and went out. By this time they are evacuating the whole motel. And so I said, I’ll check in to a Holiday Inn, which I did. I parked in a lighted area, right in front, this beat up old car I had with this device in it. I had several thousands of dollars of equipment in it and was taking it over to Purdue University to do some air tests.

Anyway, next morning quarter of seven, I look out, there’s a blank space where my car was. They had stolen my car. Police recovered it two or three weeks later, and found drilled holes in the gas tank and all of my test equipment gone. I had built a prototype carburetor. That was the last time I ever did that. I had actually built the thing. And everything was gone. And psychologically again, it sort of zapped me.

So we have a call that there was a bomb in my room. Somebody was following me. My phone was tapped. No question about this. And there was no logical reason for it. My unit was offered by this car dealer free with every new American car, truck, or van purchased. I made that stipulation it had to be American made.

My concept really just opened a door on a whole new field of science. This is not just my judgment but that of at least three or four Ph.D.’s, in physics, chemistry, and engineering.

There are combustion stimulating molecules and radicals generated in this process. It creates a thunderstorm in a bottle [and creates molecules which greatly increase fuel efficiency and decreases emissions.]

My concept can work as a retrofit item on older vehicles for people who want to keep them. But particularly on the polluting, major polluting vehicles, which are 18 wheelers, diesel automobiles, diesel buses in cities, tow boats, and ocean going vessels. I think the potential is there for power generating plants, based on research done in Europe, in England, and by Max Planc in Germany. I have every reason to believe it can be made to work on power generating plants. You would not even see white smoke coming out of one. I’m 90% certain this can be made to happen with a minimal investment.

So anyway, my concept adds oxygen to the air among other things. Everything it adds is an oxidant. It helps the planet. It even reduces CO2: when you use less fuel, CO2 is reduced. So far as I know, it is probably the most fault free concept.

And in essence I was advised by an agency of the United States Government a few years ago, if I can do what I say I can do, it was a new field of science. Well, I’ve known it’s a new field of science since I can find no competitive concepts. It is a method of enriching the combustion air, or charged air on any heat cycle engine. I’ve tested it on propane and done extensive multi-million mile testing on diesel and gasoline. I’ve tested it on gasoline from 75 to 125 octane. I can run a vehicle that normally requires 92 octane on 75 octane without knock. And I have done so for a period of three months. In terms of the potential [of this technology], I’ve just scratched the surface.

Had at the beginning, 25 years ago, the oil companies gotten fully behind me, it might extend the useful life of existing oil on this planet, which is a finite resource.


Testimony of Dr. Carol Rosin

December 2000

Dr. Carol Rosin was the first woman corporate manager of Fairchild Industries and was spokesperson for Wernher Von Braun in the last years of his life. She founded the Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space in Washington DC and has testified before Congress on many occasions about space based weapons. Von Braun revealed to Dr. Rosin a plan to justify weapons in spaced based on hoaxing an extraterrestrial threat. She was also present at meetings in the ‘70s when the scenario for the Gulf War of the ‘90s was planned.

CR: Dr. Carol Rosin SG: Dr. Steven Greer

CR: My name is Carol Rosin. I am an educator who became the first woman corporate manager of an Aerospace Company, Fairchild Industries. I am a Space and Missile Defense Consultant and have consulted to a number of companies, organizations, and government departments, even the intelligence community. I was a consultant to TRW working on the MX missile, so I was part of that strategy, which turned out to be a role model for how to sell space-based weapons to the public. The MX missile is yet another weapon system that we didn’t need.

I founded the Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space, a Washington DC based think tank. I am an author and have testified before Congress and the President’s Commission on Space.

When I was a Corporate Manager of Fairchild Industries from 1974 through 1977, I met the late Dr. Wernher Von Braun. We first met in early 1974. At that time, Von Braun was dying of cancer but he assured me that he would live a few more years to tell me about the game that was being played- that game being the effort to weaponize space, to control the Earth from space and space itself. Von Braun had a history of working with weapons systems. He escaped from Germany to come to this country and became a Vice President of Fairchild Industries when I had met him. Von Braun’s purpose during the last years of his life, his dying years, was to educate the public and decision-makers about why space-based weapons are dumb, dangerous, destabilizing, too costly, unnecessary, unworkable, and an undesirable idea, and about the alternatives that are available.

As practically a deathbed speech, he educated me about those concepts and who the players were in this game. He gave me the responsibility, since he was dying, of continuing this effort to prevent the weaponization of outer space. When Wernher Von Braun was dying of cancer, he asked me to be his spokesperson, to appear on occasions when he was too ill to speak. I did this.

What was most interesting to me was a repetitive sentence that he said to me over and over again during the approximately four years that I had the opportunity to work with him. He said the strategy that was being used to educate the public and decision makers was to use scare tactics… That was how we identify an enemy.

The strategy that Wernher Von Braun taught me was that first the Russians are going to be considered to be the enemy. In fact, in 1974, they were the enemy, the identified enemy. We were told that they had "killer satellites". We were told that they were coming to get us and control us – that they were "Commies."

Then terrorists would be identified, and that was soon to follow. We heard a lot about terrorism. Then we were going to identify third-world country "crazies." We now call them Nations of Concern. But he said that would be the third enemy against whom we would build space-based weapons.

The next enemy was asteroids. Now, at this point he kind of chuckled the first time he said it. Asteroids- against asteroids we are going to build space-based weapons.

And the funniest one of all was what he called aliens, extraterrestrials. That would be the final scare. And over and over and over during the four years that I knew him and was giving speeches for him, he would bring up that last card. "And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it is a lie."

I think I was too naïve at that time to know the seriousness of the nature of the spin that was being put on the system. And now, the pieces are starting to fall into place. We are building a space-based weapons system on a premise that is a lie, a spin. Wernher Von Braun was trying to hint that to me back in the early 70’s and right up until the moment when he died in 1977.

What he told me was that there is an accelerated effort in place. He didn’t mention a timeline but he said that it was going to be speeding up faster than anybody could possibly imagine. That the effort to put weapons into space was not only based on a lie but would accelerate past the point of people even understanding it until it was already up there and too late.

When Von Braun was dying in front of me, the very first day that I met him, he had tubes draining out of his side. He was tapping on the desk telling me, "You will come to Fairchild." I was a schoolteacher. He said, "You will come to Fairchild and you will be responsible for keeping weapons out of space." The way he said it with this intenseness in his eyes, and added that very first day, the first time I met him, that space-based weapons were a dangerous, destabilizing, too costly, unnecessary, untestable, unworkable idea.

The last card that was being held was the extraterrestrial enemy card. The intensity with which he said that, made me realize that he knew something that he was too afraid to mention. He was too afraid to talk about it. He would not tell me the details. I am not sure that I would have absorbed them if he had told me the details or even believed him in 1974. But there was no question that that man knew and had a need to know, I found out later.

There is no doubt in my mind that Wernher Von Braun knew about the extraterrestrial issue. He explained to me the reasons why weapons were going to be put into space, the enemies against whom we were going to build these weapons, and that all of that was a lie. He mentioned that extraterrestrials were going to be identified as the final enemy against whom we were going to build space-based weapons back in 1974. The way he said it to me, there was no doubt in my mind that he knew something that he was too afraid to talk about.

Wernher Von Braun never spoke to me about any of the details that he knew related to extraterrestrials except that one day extraterrestrials were going to be identified as an enemy against whom we are going to build an enormous space-based weapons system. Wernher Von Braun actually told me that the spin was a lie – that the premise for space-based weaponry, the reasons that were going to be given, the enemies that we were going to identify – were all based on a lie.

I have been tracking the space-based weapons issue for about 26 years. I have debated Generals and Congressional Representatives. I have testified before the Congress and the Senate. I have met with people in over 100 countries. But I have not been able to identify who the people are who are making this space-based weapons system happen. I see the news. I see the administrative decisions being made. I know that they are all based on lies and greed.

But I have yet to be able to identify who the people are. That is after tracking this issue for 26 years. I know that there are big secrets being kept and I know that it is time the public and decision-makers pay attention to the people who are now going to be disclosing the truth. Then we need to make some definite changes and build a system in space that will benefit every single person, and all of the animals, and the environment of this planet. The technology is there. The solutions to Earth’s urgent and long-term potential problems are there. I have a feeling that once we start studying this extraterrestrial issue, all of the questions are going to be answered that I have had for 26 years.

But I have concluded that it is based on a few people making a lot of money and gaining power. It is about ego. It is not about our essence and who we really are on this planet and loving each other and being at peace and cooperating. It isn’t about using technology to solve problems and heal people in the planet. It isn’t about that. It is about a few people who really are playing an old, dangerous, costly game for their own pocketbooks and power struggle. That is all it is.

I believe that this entire space-based weapons game is initiated right here in the United States of America. What I hope is that with this information that is being disclosed, the new administration will to do what is right. That is to transform the war game into a space game so that we use the technologies that are available not just as spin-offs of war technology, but as direct technological applications to build a cooperative space system that will benefit the entire world and that will allow us to communicate with the extraterrestrial cultures that are obviously out there.

Who would benefit from these space-based weapons? They are the people who work in that arena, people in the military, in industries, in universities and labs, in the intelligence community. This is not just in the United States but it is worldwide. This is a worldwide cooperative system. Wars are cooperative. Just as peace will be when it breaks out. But right now there are a lot of people benefiting. This is what our economy has been based on in this country and spreading around the world- war. People suffer as a result. It is not fair. It never has been. People have screamed: "out of swords let us build plow shares, let’s have peace and hold hands around the world," but it hasn’t worked because too many people are benefiting. Not only are they benefiting financially, but from what my experience is there are people who actually believe that Armageddon should happen so we have to have these wars.

So it is going from the pocketbook, to the religious right: some people actually believe that we have to have wars for these religious reasons. There are people who just love war. I have met warriors who just love to go to war. Then there are the good people, the soldiers, who just take orders. They have to feed their children and send them to college so they want to keep their jobs. People in laboratories have told me that they don’t want to work on these technologies for war but if they don’t they won’t get a paycheck. Who is going to pay them? But what I see is that there are not only dual uses for these technologies but there are many uses for the same technologies.

We can build space hospitals, schools, hotels, laboratories, farms, industries. It may sound far out but if we don’t do that we are going to build battle stations and weapons pointed down all of our throats and into space. Apparently we have been doing some of that already. We have a choice now that can be made. We can all benefit – all of the people in the military industrial complex, in the intelligence community, in universities and labs, in the United States and all over the world – we can all benefit. We can just transform that industry so easily with just a decision based on our highest consciousness, our spirituality, and on the fact that we have no choice unless we all want to die. And we don’t. So we can all benefit financially, spiritually, socially, psychologically; it is technologically and politically feasible to transform this game now and everybody will benefit.

In 1977 I was at a meeting in Fairchild Industries in a conference room called the War Room. In that room were a lot of charts on the walls with enemies, identified enemies. There were other more obscure names, names like Saddam Hussein and Khadafi. But we were talking then about terrorists, the potential terrorists. No one had ever talked about this before but this was the next stage after the Russians against whom we were going to build these space-based weapons. I stood up in this meeting and I said, "Excuse me, why are we talking about these potential enemies against whom we are going to build space-based weapons if, in fact, we know that they are not the enemy at this time?"

Well, they continued the conversation about how they were going to antagonize these enemies and that at some point, there was going to be a war in the Gulf, a Gulf War. Now this is 1977, 1977! And they were talking about creating a war in the Gulf Region when there was 25 billion dollars in the space-based weapons program that had yet to be identified. It wasn’t called the Strategic Defense Initiative, at least. Not until 1983. This weapons system, then, had obviously been going on for some time and I didn’t know anything about. So I stood up in this meeting in 1977 and said, "I would like to know why we are talking about space-based weapons against these enemies. I would like to know more about this. Would someone please tell me what this is about?" Nobody answered. They just went on with this meeting as though I hadn’t said anything.

Suddenly I stood up in the room and said, "If nobody can tell me why you are planning a war in the Gulf when there is a certain amount of money in a budget so that you can create the next set of weapons systems that will be the beginning of the sell to the public about why we need space-based weapons, then consider this: my resignation. And you will not hear from me again!" And nobody said a word, because they were planning a war in the Gulf and it happened exactly as they planned it, on time.

SG: Who was at this meeting?

CR: The room was filled with people in the revolving door game. There were people that I had seen once in a military uniform and other times in a gray suit and an industry outfit. These people play a revolving door game. They work as consultants, industry people, and/or military and intelligence people. They work in the industries and they revolve themselves through these doors and right into government positions.

I stood up in this meeting and asked if I was hearing correctly. That when there was 25 billion dollars expended in the space-based weapons budget, that there was going to be a war in the Gulf, stimulated, created, so that they could then sell the next phase of weapons to the public and the decision-makers. This war was going to be created so that they could dump the old weapons and create a whole new set of weapons. So I had to resign from that position. I could no longer work in that industry.

In about 1990 I was sitting in my living room looking at the money that had been spent on space-based weapons research and development programs and I realized that it had come to that number, about 25 billion dollars, and I said to my husband, "I am now going to stop everything. I am now going to stop and sit and watch CNN television and I am going to wait for the war to happen." My husband said, "Well, you have finally gone over the edge. You have flipped out." Friends said, "You have really gone too far this time. There is not going to be a war in the Gulf, nobody is talking about a war in the Gulf."

I said, "There is going to be a war in the Gulf. I am going to sit here and wait for the war in the Gulf." And it happened right on schedule.

As part of the war game in the Gulf, we in the public were told that the United States was successful in shooting down Russian Scud Missiles. We were rationalizing new budgets based on that success. In fact, we found out later, after the budgets were approved for the next phase of weapons, that it was a lie. We did not have successful shoot-downs the way we were told. It was all a lie, just to get more money put in the budget to make more weapons.

I was one of the first people to go independently to Russia when I heard that they had "killer satellites."

[See the testimony of Dr. Paul Czysz. SG]

When I went to Russia in the early 70’s, I found out that they didn’t have killer satellites, that it was a lie. In fact, the Russian leaders and people wanted peace. They wanted to cooperate with the United States and with the people of the world.

Another time I called Saddam Hussein when he was lighting his oil fields on fire. My husband was in the kitchen while I was making this phone call. I got a call back from his First Attaché with Saddam Hussein nearby and he asked, "Are you a reporter? Are you an agent? Why do you want to know?"

I said, "No. I am just a citizen who helped to start the movement to prevent the weaponization of outer space and I have found that a lot of stories that I have been told about weapons systems and the enemies are not true. I wanted to find out what would satisfy Saddam Hussein so he would stop making these oil fields catch fire and stop antagonizing people." He said, "Well, nobody has ever asked him that question, what he wants."

So when I hear that there is a possible threat of extraterrestrials – and I look at the history of thousands of years of possible ET visitations, and hear the disclosures of honest military-intelligence-industry people who have had experiences with UFO’s, with crashes and landings, with live and dead bodies of extraterrestrial beings – I know it is a lie. And if I am ever told that these are enemies against whom we have to build space-based weapons systems, based on my own personal experience of having worked in the military industrial complex on weapons systems and military strategy, I am going to know it is a lie. It is a lie.

Not only will I not believe it, but I am going to go out as loudly as I can and tell everyone to take a look. They [the ET’s] have not taken us away yet. We are still here after thousands of years of visits. If in fact they are still visiting us now and we have not been harmed then we have to look at this as something that is not a hostile occurrence.

It would be my hope and my intention to do everything I could to work with people who are working to communicate with and cooperate with these extraterrestrial beings. They are clearly not hostile. We are here. That is enough proof for me.

There is no limit to how people can choose to live on this planet. We have a chance to do that and I think that the window is closing rapidly. I don’t think that we have much time in which to make that decision. We are too close in too many ways to having some horrible disaster happen, having some sort of war take place, whether it is from high technology or an exotic weapons system.

We need leadership and it has to start with the United States President and that is who we all have to reach. If you are international, if you are around the world, if you are in the United States of America, whether you are from any party, any belief system or religion- the United States Commander in Chief, the President of the United States is the person that needs to be reached. We need to say that we want an ultimate, comprehensive, verifiable ban on all space-based weapons.


Testimony of "Dr. B."

December 2000

"Dr. B." is a scientist and engineer who has worked on top-secret projects almost all his life. Over the years he has directly worked on or had involvement with such projects involving anti-gravity, chemical warfare, secure telemetry and communications, extremely high-energy space based laser systems, and electromagnetic pulse technology. "Dr. B." has direct knowledge of the fact that certain groups have used these space-based systems to successfully shoot down extraterrestrial spacecraft and their occupants. On at least one occasion he has seen extraterrestrial spacecraft in person.

DB: "Dr. B." SG: Dr. Steven Greer

DB: When I was still at Autonetics prior to my NASA days with the Rockwell contract, I worked on a project called E Y E L A S S. Which became a billion watt laser system that we launch from space to shoot down aliens, which I’ve seen. So I worked on that…

sg: Are you confirming that we actually have targeted and hit ET craft?

db: Oh yeah, definitely.

I have a friend of mine named Norm Hayes, who just lives down the road here, who’s another rocket scientist friend of mine, that, is really hooked up in the laser area.

We developed these systems in ‘62, ‘63. It was really going strong in the early ‘60’s.

sg: Please explain how we are doing this.

db: It’s called plasma. It is called electro-plasma light beams.

sg: And they are based on platforms in space?

db: Yeah. They are actually. They are on platforms in space, but they also have them in 747’s now. There was one on the front cover of Popular Science about a year ago. It’s a new laser plasma device that they’ve developed…

I used to work in a Hughes facility in L.A. -- the one up here at Fullerton. I worked both facilities on a lot of hush-hush projects in those days.

sg: What were they dealing with?

db: Anti-gravity. As a matter of fact, I used to go out to the Hughes in Malibu. They had a big think tank up there. Big anti-gravity projects; I used to talk to them out there. I’d give them ideas, because they bought all my equipment.

But the American public will never, never hear about that.

I have buddies of mine that work in aerospace. We have our little get together every once in a while. And a friend of mine flew a disc. You’ve probable seen that disc, you know, from Area 51.

This flying disc has a little plutonium reactor in it, which creates electricity, which drives these anti-gravity plates. We also have the next level of propulsion, it is called virtual field, which are called hydrodynamic waves…

Not only was I talking to people about this anti-gravity propulsion issue, I’m also talking to Von Braun about it. I mean, I’m loud, you know me, I’m very loud. And I was no quieter then.

Then, the first night we are bringing the Saturn rocket out of the hanger I get a shake. I’m sitting there at the computer console, sound asleep, it’s 4:00 in the morning. One of my engineers comes up and shakes me. Mr. B, come on outside, there is something big happening. You said it was going to happen. I said, what, what what? They had just pulled the bird [Saturn] out and we are taking pictures. And a big disc came down in Seal Beach, California. I don’t have a picture of the ship hovering over it, but the disc came down and 400 employees saw it at 4:00 in the morning, early spring. It was 1966, about April of ‘66.

sg: How has all of this been kept secret?

db: I know that some people I worked with did disappear on certain programs and were never heard from again. They just disappeared. There has been evidence of that all through my work. You know, that people go out on projects [and disappear]. But [to protect myself from this] I wouldn’t go any further on a project because I could see something strange coming. So, a lot of people have disappeared you know, that are higher up…

It doesn’t matter who is in [the White House] because the industry is controlling this right now. Special interests -- that is what this whole country is running on right now.

sg: Which industries in particular?

db: Which ones would I think? Oil industry.


Testimony of Lance Corporal John Weygandt

October 2000

Lance Corporal John Weygandt enlisted in the Marine Corp in 1994. Stationed in Peru to provide perimeter security to a supposed drug-traffic radar installation, one night he and two other Sergeants were told to secure a possible crash site in the forest. When they arrived they saw a 20-meter egg-shaped UFO buried in the side of a gorge. He was called back from the craft, arrested, handcuffed and threatened and abusively interrogated. One of the men told him that the interrogators basically did what they wanted and that they were not under Constitutional law. Weygandt believes that this UFO was shot down by a HAWK missile.

JW: Lance Corporal John Weygandt SG: Dr. Steven Greer

JW: I enlisted in the Marine Corp under the delayed entry program in July of 1994 while still in high school. I enlisted, of course, in a delayed entry for a year or so. I went to boot camp on the 18th of June. I graduated 8 September 1995. And from there my MRS was 0311, which was a grunt.

In late January of 1996, I was given new orders and was given a new MOS, Military Occupational Skill listing as a 7212 Stinger Avenger. So I was in training to be an air defense gunner on the FIM 92 Alpha stinger missile, the surface to air missile, and the avenger weapon. And I was in training from February to late May of 1996.

After graduating from that school, I was reassigned [to] a first duty station, second marine air wing, 28th Marine Air Control Group, Second air defense battalion troop in North Carolina. I was assigned Battery B in June of 1996 and I went on several Ops, Operations – we call them Ops for short. Basically I was there and I was transferred over to the section for laser strike in February of 1997. When I got back, I was asked if I wanted to go and I said, "Sure" so I volunteered and I was sent to the section. We shipped out in March of that year to Peru.

We were sent there to provide perimeter security to this radar installation. Basically this radar station was tracking- supposedly -drug aircraft that were exiting in and out of Peruvian and Bolivian air space. One night Sergeant Allen and Sergeant Atkinson came to us and said, "Look, we have got a situation where we have an aircraft crash and it is possibly friendly and they need us to go and secure the crash site." This is late at night, about 11:00 or 12:00 at night.

I was on guard duty that night so I was already up and it was my shift. So we got up at about 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning and headed out with about five or six hummers. We drove to where we needed to go and from there we had to hump through the bush. So we got there at about 6:00 or 7:00, just when it started to get light.

Well, we found the area real easy because there was a huge gash in the land where something had crashed. It didn’t break anything- I don’t know if you have ever been to a crash site where you had trees and they had just broken like in half. Everything was burned and it was like something had almost cut warm butter with a knife. It was like something on fire or had some kind of energy like a laser had cut it. It was really strange. Anyway, I was in the front with Sergeant Allen and Sergeant Atkinson. And we were ten or twenty meters ahead of everyone else. We all had maps and radios and compasses so we wouldn’t get lost.

We were the first ones to see this thing. It had gone up the hill and then off in the side of the ravine and ridge. This is about a 200-foot ridge, at least -Solid rock. It was buried in the side of a cliff. Anyway, we didn’t go straight up, we went to the left and walked up to the top of the ridge and that is when we saw the craft.

This was a huge ship. And when I first saw it I was scared. It scared the heck out of me. I didn’t know what to do. It was really confusing. We all climbed down and it was buried at about a 45-degree angle in the side of the cliff there at the ridge. This was a steep cliff. It was straight up and down. And it was dripping a syrup-like liquid. It was everywhere. And it was greenish-purple and it kind of fluctuated. You would look at it one time and then you would look at it again and it was almost like it was alive and changing but every time that you looked at it you saw a different shade of greenish-purple.

There was one light on the ship that slowly went around. And the machine, I could hear it because it was still functioning and it had like a hum to it. It was like a bass, like say if you unplugged an amp from a guitar, that kind of deep sound and it kind of fluctuated and then finally it just cut off and everything just seemed to stop.

When I was looking at the craft, it was buried so I could see the back of it and there were these large things that looked liked vents, sort of like a fish gill on the back. I couldn’t see around the other side and I guess that it was the same way on the other side. Again, this liquid that had come out of the ship got on my cammies and it discolored them and ate them almost like acid. It ate some of the hair off my arms- I didn’t know that until later on.

I was down there with the ship. There were three holes in it. I assumed that they were hatches but there was no way to tell. They were not flush with the main body of the craft. They were, I don’t know, a few inches below. I knew that there was one on top because you could slightly see it. I don’t know about the other side. There was another hatch the same width and diameter of the top hatch and it was kind of crooked to the side and it was half open. I didn’t see any lights or anything coming out of it but I felt this… presence.

It is real strange. I think the creatures calmed me. It was weird and I think they were trying to communicate with me, like, I guess, telepathically. It is really weird and I don’t believe in any of that stuff. It is like basically sitting in your car and turning on an a.m. station that is just noise and just turning it up real high. That is what I heard when I first got in there.

The ship was about ten meters in width and about 20 meters in length, that is just an estimate from what I remember. But it was huge. It was shaped like something between an egg and a teardrop. It looked really aerodynamic at least in the shape. I was close enough to make out detail on it but it was not just smooth. There were bumps and notches and things on it. It was really organic -it was almost like art. It looked like something that someone made in a shop. It looked like it could have been hand made but out of what and what materials, I don’t know. Definitely nothing like titanium.

It looked metal but it didn’t have any reflection on it. The sun is shining on it and I could see the different shades of the craft and it didn’t reflect anything. I guarantee that if I had shone a flashlight on it, it wouldn’t have reflected it.

I wanted to get inside because someone- the creatures I think were calling me to help them. Everything was going to be all right. I was so mesmerized and into it and suddenly Sergeant Allen and Sergeant Atkinson were hollering and cussing at me to get the hell out of there.

SG: Why?

JW: I think that they were scared and they didn’t want me to get hurt. I don’t know. And they were real pissed off at me. Basically what happened was after we climbed back up, the DOE, Department of Energy people were there. They knew about it so I don’t know why we went there still to this day. But anyway, I was arrested. I had all my gear taken from me by men in black cammies. They had no nametags. They were older men, probably in their late 30s or 40s. I was at the site probably fifteen or twenty minutes- we were the first people on the position. Then there were other people. They had containment suits. They must have just gotten there. I don’t know because we were down in the gorge. When we climbed up, there were the guys in the black cammies. They took me and put me on a cot that they had. They had me cuffed, both hands down, and they had my legs tied together with those plastic fasteners that the police use. They are kind of like cuffs. And they took me in this huge 47 and we took off.

SG: Did they explain why they were treating you this way?

JW: No, they were cussing at me saying that I was a "dumb asshole." "Why don’t you fucking people ever pay attention to orders?" "You weren’t supposed to be there." "You are not supposed to see this." "You are going to be dangerous if we let you go." I thought that they were going to kill me, really.

Your question again is how long was I contained or subdued. I don’t know. For about two days I think. They had a Lieutenant Colonel from the Air Force and he did not identify himself. And he told me, "If we just took you out in the jungle, they would never find you out there."

[See the similarity of these threats with those made to Glen Dennis at Roswell 50 years earlier. SG]

I didn’t want to test him to see if he would really do that so I just said, "Yeah." And, he said, "You have got to sign these papers. You never saw this." I "don’t exist" and "this situation never happened." And if you tell anybody, you will just come up missing.

He was real abrasive. Just a cynical asshole I guess is the best way to put it. They had me segregated with Air Force personnel for approximately three weeks and after that I was sent back.

At this facility, I saw there were Americans but there were a lot of other nationalities there. There were Chinese. I think Germans were there. A lot of other people were at this other base. All they did was take me to an interrogation room.

I sat in there for, I don’t know, fifteen hours with a light. They put this light in my face and they were yelling at me. I couldn’t readily identify any of these guys but I knew one of them was at the crash site because I recognized him and he was in black fatigues. He was saying, "What did you see?" He was like growling. He goes, "Are you a patriot? Do you like the Constitution?" I’m like, "Yeah." He said, "We are on our own program. We don’t obey. We just do what we want." And they are growling and they are relishing it. They are yelling at me and hollering and cursing. "You didn’t see anything. We will do you and your whole goddamn family."

It was basically that for about eight or nine hours… "We are going to take you off in a helicopter and we are going to kick your ass out in the jungle and we are going to end you." They didn’t physically put their hands on me but I was sitting in a chair and I was handcuffed to the chair and I couldn’t move so basically it was just harassment. I didn’t eat anything for a whole day. No water. No nothing. I just sat there.

The group, my section was about eight to ten guys but just me, Sergeant Allen and Sergeant Atkinson saw this ship. We were the only ones that saw it. Now the others saw the crash area where it came through the jungle. They saw all that. They didn’t go into the ridge. Like I said, we were ten to twenty meters in front of them and we radioed that we found it and everything was fine. It was in late March, early April of 1997 when this happened...

When I got back to the US I approached Sergeant Allen about it. He is married and has about one or two kids and I went to his house on base. He got all upset and threw me out of his house. He said he didn’t want to talk about it. I guess they scared those guys too. You have got to understand I can’t speak for the rest of the armed services but in the Marine Corp everything is monolithic: When they are told to do something, they are going to do it. If you don’t want to go along, they will basically railroad you.

I didn’t want to keep my mouth shut about it. I told First Sergeant Powell about it. I don’t think that he is still there anymore. We are talking three years ago.

There was no debris that I saw but there were big gashes in the rear of the aircraft. What it looked like is it had been hit with maybe a surface to air missile. There were a couple of HAWK batteries, that’s Homing All the Way Killers – that’s a low to medium anti-aircraft missile.

Basically, it doesn’t have to hit the target in order to destroy the target. What it does is it gets in proximity of it and it has a high explosive fragmentation warhead and it basically explodes like a big shotgun in the vicinity of the targeted area. And by fragmentation it is suppose to destroy the target or damage it so it won’t be able to continue its mission. So I think that we shot it down.

This is what I think happened. We shot it down. The other guys [at the radar facility] knew it was flying. I knew that these aircraft were flying because I had been in the Command Center there at the radar installation and I heard a couple of women there in the Air Force talking about aircraft flying in and out of the atmosphere at mach ten plus. So these aircraft were flying around there. They would reenter the atmosphere. I believe that the higher ups knew it was flying in the area.

This ship was not one of ours. In Stinger School they teach you about all different kinds of aircraft and I knew a lot of aircraft anyway. Essentially, when I saw it I said, "This is nothing that I knew of."

Basically, the radar was sitting on a hill and it rotates. There is a command bunker that was built under the Earth. It looks like Star Wars in there. It is totally air-conditioned. It is really nice. There are computers and they have the control panels that control the radar and I guess they are linked to other sites and get other data coming in.

Well, one night I was in there checking people going in and out. They have ID’s and I would check them. So these two girls came walking out and they were talking, "Well, we have these aircraft flying again." And the other girl said, "Yeah, they are coming in and out of the atmosphere." And they log all these flights coming in. Later a man comes and gets the logbooks and I had to sign off for him to take all that.

When you have objects that reenter the atmosphere and then stop on a dime and then turn around and go exactly the opposite direction -- that is kind of strange. Meteors don’t do that.

SG: Is this something that was rare or something that was happening all the time?

JW: Oh, this was happening all the time. There were about three or four instances where I was on duty there that the same Air Force Officer came in there to get the log books. So these craft were tracked from this particular radar and were logged in. I guess the reason they were taking them is that they didn’t want people to know that they were tracking these craft. I am just assuming that.

So I think they knew this craft was coming in. We can’t identify it. It is violating airspace here. They could have radioed the Peruvians and said to take them out and they shot them down. I am confident that when I saw the aircraft, it had been hit by something. Something had taken it out.

I am not doing this to make money or publicity or anything but I think it needs to be told. I think that people need to hear it. Whether they agree with me or not is of no consequence.

It is not from Earth. I knew that when I looked at it. I wondered if those facilities were built for the intent to track UFO’s or other objects and their cover was there to track drug aircraft. I don’t know, but from what I understand they were doing a whole lot more than just tracking drug aircraft. They had laser range finders and all kinds of high tech stuff that I have never seen before. I couldn’t really explain it. They [the laser range finders] looked like big telescopes but they had them in a bunker and it was able to rise up and zoom around- Just a bunch of weird stuff.

The base I was taken to was definitely something like NATO or some multinational deal. I keep going back and really thinking about that. Why are all these guys here? Why would the Chinese be concerned with drugs being smuggled into the states? I know for a fact that our government is the one that is importing drugs. I think that this Command Center was permanent. This thing has been in operation for while…

At the crash site there were about thirty of those guys with hazard suits on, at least. They marched right by me as I was being taken away. They were marching to get down the cliff. I guess they were there to check this thing out. I think they went in there and they took everything out and they shipped it back home.

The behavior of these people was like this is routine and these guys were squared away. They knew exactly what they were doing. They had been trained to do this stuff before. That was the atmosphere: professional, cold, unassuming nature. We are here to do a job. Get the fuck out of our way is basically the attitude.

[See the testimony of Clifford Stone who in the 1970s and 80s served on such a retrieval team. SG]

I almost lost my mind after this happened.

SG: Why is that?

JW: I was raised in a Christian home to believe that there was a God and that he created everything in the Universe and here they are -- these creatures that I have never seen before and this happens. It made me almost crazy. Not suicidal, but I had to reevaluate everything that I knew. It is sort of like when you were a kid and you had been told that Santa Claus is real and then you find out that he is not. It is like now that you know that there is no going back.

There is no denial. There is no way to say, "I didn’t really see this." What do I do? Do I tell people? Who is going to believe that a Lance Corporal in the Marine Corp in the middle of the fucking jungle is going to see an aircraft like this?

If I had to I would go with these creatures right now. I had this obsession with that I guess because of the pain and the experience in the Marine Corps, but I just wanted to escape and I was thinking about being with these creatures and wanting to go with them and wanting to get out of here…

[See the testimony of Larry Warren regarding Airman Burris and how he reacted after the encounter at Bentwaters AFB in the UK. SG]

These different agencies are on their own. They don’t obey the law. They are rogue. Do I think that this is a project that goes up through the government and everyone has a piece in it? No. I think these guys operate on their own and no one knows what they do. It is so easy to do today. And there is no oversight, no control. They just do whatever they want. They are evil. These people are evil. Do I think that it goes to Bill Clinton and the Congress? There may be guys up there that know about it but they are not going to say anything. If they say anything, they are through.

Lethal, deadly force has been used. For those of you who don’t know, I know marine snipers and I have heard other guys talk about it and I’ve heard that these guys go on the streets and they stalk people and they kill them. I know that the Army Airborne snipers do the same thing. They use Delta Force to go grab these people and silence them by killing them. If this goes on, where do they get the money to finance all this. Very simply, they are selling arms. They are selling drugs. A lot of this business is about having the spec ops and how they get these unlimited amounts of money. Well, it is not coming from the government coffers - it is coming from running drugs or weapons - the selling of hardware or whatever.

I have lived in honorable circumstances but I confessed to having smoked marijuana so I could get out of the Marines. That is what I told them because I wanted out. Well, there were two ways to do it: I could have either told them that [or that] I was homosexual. That wouldn’t have gone over too well. So I went over to First Sergeant Powell and I told him that I wanted to get out and what was the quickest way to get out and he said, "Tell them you smoked marijuana. Only tell them that you smoked it once." So I told them that and they had the CID guy come and talk to me and I said, "Yeah, I smoked marijuana. I took one puff and I inhaled." I was desperate to get out…


Testimony of Major George A. Filer III

November 2000

Major George Filer was an Air Force Intelligence Officer who not only had an extraordinary encounter with a massive UFO on radar over the United Kingdom but later, in the 1970s while he was at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey, found out that an extraterrestrial biological entity had been shot at Fort Dix. The Extraterrestrial fled to adjacent McGuire Air Force Base, where it died on the tarmac. He testifies that this life form was then picked up and taken to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Afterwards, many of the key personnel on the base who had a connection with this event, were quickly transferred. Major Filer also points out that the ridicule factor has been very effective at silencing people who have seen ETs or UFOs, and has helped to maintain secrecy.

GF: Major George Filer SG: Dr. Steven Greer

GF: My name is George A. Filer, III. I was in the U.S. Air Force and my final rank was major. I was a navigator in various aircraft and tanker transport aircraft. I was an intelligence officer most of my career, and in that period, frequently briefed generals and congressmen on our capabilities and the threat to our forces.

Well, I was a briefing officer, and I would come to work [at] 4:00 or so in the morning. On the morning of January 18, 1978, I drove through the main gate at McGuire, and I noticed that there were red lights out on the runway, and that probably something was going on out there. [I] didn’t think too much about it until I got to the 21st Air Force Command Post, [which] was where I worked. I was the Deputy Director of Intelligence for the 21st Air Force, which controlled half the military aircraft that flew the presidents and the various VIPs from the Mississippi River around to India. We had some 300 aircraft, and we were flying all kinds of missions — almost anything that had to do with military airlift, we accomplished.

This particular morning, when I went into the command post, I was met by the head of the command post, and he said that it [had] been a very exciting evening — that [we’d] had UFOs over McGuire all night, that one had apparently landed or, possibly, crashed at Fort Dix, and that when a military policeman came upon the alien, that he had pulled out a gun and shot him. And I said, foreigner, [that kind of] alien? I was a little bit confused by him saying alien. And he said, "No, an alien from outer space." He was very specific about the fact that an alien from outer space had been shot at Fort Dix, and that he had run away after being wounded, and headed for McGuire. Now McGuire and Fort Dix just have a fence between them, and this alien apparently climbed the fence or went under it, and got to McGuire and died out on the end of the runway. The security police were out there and had captured the body, so to speak, and were guarding it. He said that a C-141 from Wright-Patterson was coming in to pick up the body. That made me stand up, because I didn’t realize that Wright Patterson had C-141s — I thought Military Airlift Command was the only one who owned C-141 aircraft — so I was like, my gosh, what’s going on here? He said, "We want you to brief us at the standup general briefing this morning and explain what happened to everybody." And, I said you want me to tell General Tom Sadler and everybody in the command post that we captured an alien?!

They said, "Yes, we want you to brief [them] this morning." Well, I did some checking around, and I called the 38th Military Airlift Wing Command Post to check with them to see if the story was the same as I was given. They said, yes, that they had heard the same information; they said that this actually did happen — that an alien was found on the base.

Later that morning, I was told that they decided not to brief it in the standup briefing, so I didn’t actually brief it. Later that morning, I carried the code word down to General Sadler’s office, and I noticed some commotion going on in there, and that some of the security police people were there, looking rather disheveled. Since General Sadler was a stickler for everyone looking perfect, it was surprising to see these people that obviously needed shaves and were in fatigues, so then I knew that this might tie into the story that I had heard.

After the briefing I went to the photo lab; almost every day I went to the photo lab, because in these briefings, you have four screens and you have to keep them all filled up with pretty pictures, and so on. There, they indicated that they had taken pictures of something extraordinary, and I said, well, let me see them. The sergeant was handing them to me, when his master sergeant said, "He can’t see those," so all I knew is that they had some pictures that I wasn’t allowed to see — but normally, being the general’s briefer — I had never been stopped from seeing any pictures that they had.

It was a very serious operation. There are nuclear assets on the base — they used to carry nuclear weapons back and forth to Europe — and I talked to one of the security policemen who [claimed] to have been out there. He indicated that he essentially saw a small body that could have been like a child, but it seemed to have a larger-than-normal head.

One interesting thing is that many of the key personnel on the base at that time who had a connection with this event, were quickly transferred — from the wing commander on down — indicating that if you knew something, they tended to split you up, so to speak, so you couldn’t talk about it. This was done within a matter of weeks. The security policeman told me that he was transferred within a few days — as a matter of fact, he was taken to Wright Patterson within a day or two, debriefed by a number of people, and essentially told not to talk about it anymore.

I also heard that they listened to this going on, on the radios, and they heard that this chase was on; that the alien had been shot at Fort Dix. They were chasing it towards McGuire — for whatever reason, it chose to run towards McGuire Air Force Base — and that both the state police and the military police were chasing this person or alien that came from what looked like a UFO. As I understand it, it was a disc-shaped craft.

They indicated to me that the UFOs had been in the area for quite some time that evening, that they had [them] on radar, and that the tower operator had seen them. Some of the other aircraft in the area had apparently seen them as well.

There were six or eight people guarding the body; then there was the commander of the security police, and a few of us in the command post [who knew of this event]. I assume that General Sadler was briefed about it.

SG: Have you learned of other UFO events while you were in the military?

GF: Well, I happened to meet a lady who was at White Sands, and was an engineer working out there. She was out hiking one day, and she told me that she and a couple of her friends had come up to the top of a hill, and they had looked down in this valley, but only their heads were showing on the top of the hill. They just happened to be looking over, and down the way the path was, and they saw a UFO on the ground with a couple of little aliens picking up rocks and things. They watched it for an extensive period; it was only several hundred yards away from them, and they got a pretty good look at it. And eventually the aliens did see them, and they jumped in the craft and took off.

I had personally never seen anything until about 1962, when we were flying tankers over England, and London Control asked us to intercept a UFO. We happened to be done with our refueling mission, and we accepted the assignment. We were just over the North Sea, and they asked us to fly to the center of England. We were doing some 400 miles an hour in a dive down to intercept this object. They gave us headings, and it was pretty much hovering in the Stonehenge area — Oxford, to the Stonehenge area, at 20-30 miles out. I got it on radar, and it was a very large return.

We used to fly up by the Forth of Frith Bridge, which was kind of like the San Francisco Bridge — it is a very large bridge, and the return of the UFO was similar to that in size and intensity. In other words, it was a very large radar return. Obviously, London Control had it on their radar, and they were vectoring us to this object. When we got about a mile from the UFO, it just took off into space — several thousand miles an hour, almost directly up. Frankly, at least to my knowledge, we had nothing like that capability.

My best guess is that it was a disc-type craft, but a fat disc — at least, there were lights something like this at the top and at the bottom. It was more than just a straight plate-like object; it had a dome on the top of it.

If the radar return was accurate, it was probably 500 yards across in size, or something — I mean it was a huge thing. We wrote it in the navigator’s log.

I also had a sighting here, where we live. This is Briarwood Lake in Medford, New Jersey; we had just moved into this house. We were asleep — I’m just guessing it was 3:00 in the morning, asleep with my wife — and, suddenly, the room got very bright in the middle of the night. I got up out of bed, and opened up the shade, and looked outside. I don’t know if most people have seen a submarine surfacing with all the water coming up — well, this was like a disc about 30 feet in diameter surfacing, and what looked to me like water coming off of it.

Around the craft was this ionization — very similar to the Aurora Borealis. It moved across the lake for a while, and then flew off at a fairly high rate of speed. Because of that, I have checked with a lot of the neighbors, and it’s amazing how many people have actually seen craft on these lakes.

Also, occasionally I used to do briefings on the UFO sightings that had occurred around the world, to the generals. One that sticks out in my mind is 1976 — there was a famous encounter near Tehran.

Around that time, this particular colonel was telling me that the F-106 had set the world’s record for speed. They had these aircraft going as fast as they could, and they would be diving on this UFO that was hovering in a valley in Colorado. Just like my experience in England, when they got near the craft, it took off and left them standing still. They were doing 1,500 mph or something — whatever the top speed was at that time for these aircraft in a dive — but whoever was flying these had capabilities far beyond anything that we had for years and years — I think even today.

I think these are something alien: it is a non-human [craft] that has a different form of propulsion and is coming here and doing reconnaissance.

I’ve talked to a number of astronauts who have seen them; I’ve talked to other military pilots who have seen them, and I remember Captain Ramidge who I used to work for in Athens, Greece — he had one during the Korean War fly right off his wing, stay with him like for an hour — not only off his wing, but [doing] acrobat things around his aircraft! I don’t know the exact percentage of people, but something like 10 percent of the pilots and aircrews that you ask about it have had sightings.

I sat in this room here a few years ago, and a colonel who was in Intelligence told me he had his whole B-52 crew see a UFO. You know, these people don’t volunteer and sit in front of the camera and tell about it, but there are an awful lot of people who have seen them. They know that they have advanced capabilities. They usually see some kind of a solid object that appears to be made of some kind of metal — usually a gunmetal gray. Particularly at night, people usually report various lights around them.

SG: What happened to the ET at McGuire?

GF: It seems to me that I was told that it was put in some kind of a casket and flown away.

I also think that in 1947, in that time frame, something crashed out West. I think that something happened out there, at least based on what you might say is the talk in the military.

The tendency is to make things classified when you don’t know what’s happening — secret, top secret or whatever — and if it comes down from the President, it’s a very high classification: probably a code word above top secret. In other words, need to know that kind of thing, and once that caveat or designation is put on something, it’s very difficult to get it downgraded. You can go to the archives and despite what they tell you, they have things going back to the Second World War that you still are not allowed to look at. Once these things are top secret, it just kind of moves on and forever stays top secret. You can base it on the fact, for example, that this craft had advanced technological capabilities, so you don’t want the other side to know what you know, and how these things work — it’s to your advantage to keep this secret.

But, I think that it’s time that these various programs come out. The way that it’s been kept secret to this extent is through ridicule. If it was just a matter of it being top secret, I think most of the world would know about it today, but they put in a kind of ridicule factor. You will hear someone telling a story like this, and people will say, well, he must be crazy — he believes in UFOs. And, they brought this ridicule out when anyone saw anything, but my experience has been an awful lot of policemen have seen these; an awful lot of FBI have seen these; an awful lot of military have seen these.

At times I used to carry nuclear weapons. In other words, I was mentally fit to carry nuclear weapons, but I’m not mentally fit if I see a UFO. This criticism and this ridicule have done more to keep the story [from] coming out than almost anything else.

[We hear this over and over from military and other witnesses: the media and official ridicule is so intense, that it has served as a powerful force for silence and secrecy. Most people do not want to expose themselves or their families to such ridicule, and instead choose to remain quiet. SG]













Testimony of Mr. Nick Pope, British Ministry Of Defense

September 2000

Nick Pope is a British Ministry of Defense official, still currently employed at the Ministry of Defense, who headed up the Ministry’s office for research and investigation of the UFO phenomenon for a number of years in the 1990s. In his testimony, we will learn of incontrovertible evidence in several events with massive objects moving at extraordinary speeds, witnessed by military personnel with impeccable credentials, and tracked on radar — objects which are not manufactured on this Earth. He will also confirm the Bentwaters case and other cases within the United Kingdom, and acknowledge the existence of extensive government files on the UFO phenomenon. Mr. Pope supports total openness and honesty on the UFO issue, and believes that there should be a full disclosure of all information on UFOs, held by governments all around the world.

NP: Mr. Nick Pope SG: Dr. Steven Greer

NP: My name is Nick Pope. I’m a serving official with the British Ministry of Defense, which I joined in 1985. I’ve done a number of different tours of duty there, the most relevant of which is from 1991 to 1994, when I was posted to a division called Secretariat Air Staff. My duties there were to research and investigate the UFO phenomenon for the British government.

I received somewhere between two and three hundred UFO reports each year. My job was to evaluate these [and] to come to a decision about whether there was evidence of any threat to the defense of the United Kingdom. After an in-depth investigation, 90-95 percent of those sightings turned out to have prosaic explanations, but we were left with a hard core of sightings, which defied any conventional explanation whatsoever. These were a number of interesting cases involving sightings by military personnel, near misses between UFOs and aircraft, instances where UFOs were tracked on radar, and cases where UFOs were captured on film and video.

Over the years in which the British government has been looking at the UFO phenomenon, there have been numerous cases in which uncorrelated targets have been tracked by military flight controllers and, certainly, on a number of those occasions, military jets were either diverted from task or, indeed, scrambled, to try and intercept these objects — not to engage them in any hostile sense, but merely to close with them to identify them.

Now, on those occasions, I have to say, we have not been successful in our attempts to make an interception. Invariably, we find that the speeds and maneuvers of the UFOs are way ahead of the best things in our inventory, with regard to aircraft. They run rings around us, frankly.

On occasion — when military jets have actually been chasing UFOs to try and get gun camera footage, or to try and close within visual range to get an ID on what the mystery craft is, these things have shown that not only are they capable of phenomenal bursts of speed, but also the capacity to just stop and turn in an instant, raising all sorts of issues about the G-force implicit in such a maneuver — G-forces, which frankly, even with the best G-suit, would be far too much, I think, for any human to survive. That, in itself, raises interesting questions about who’s operating these things.

To pick a few cases to talk about which are particularly impressive, I think one has to perhaps start back in 1956, with a radar visual sighting that took place near the Bentwaters area. Incidentally, this was one of the cases written up in Project Blue Book and judged to be particularly specific. To cut a long story short, there were fighter controllers who picked up a radar target, which was not readily identifiable as one of our own aircraft. So, we simply took a look at that and judged that there was indeed a solid structured craft in the air. It was traveling at a phenomenal speed compared to the envelope, as it were, of our own fighters.

Jets were launched, and, indeed, the pilots did manage to close and get a visual sighting on this object. They just described it as some sort of structured, possibly disk-shaped craft, but frankly, it was just too fast and maneuverable for them to get a really clear view. Again, it ran rings around them. So, that was an interesting example — one of many of these craft displaying speeds and maneuvers which we couldn’t hope to match.

To throw in an example of a [much more] modern sighting and one that I was directly involved in the investigation of [was] on the 30th and 31st of March, 1993 [when] a series of UFO encounters took place over Great Britain — the most interesting of which involved an occasion where two air force bases were actually overflown by a large triangular or diamond-shaped UFO. The two establishments involved in this are RAF Cosford and RAF Shorebury, in the Midlands.

At RAF Cosford, this part of the sighting happened in the early hours of the 31st, about ten past one in the morning. The guard patrol at Cosford saw this UFO fly directly over the base. They, of course, phoned in an immediate report, and found, interestingly, there was nothing showing up on radar at all — even though they had this thing going right over their heads. They phoned, amongst other people, their colleagues at RAF Shorebury, which is about ten or twelve miles down the road. The meteorological officer took the phone call. You have to understand, there is only a skeleton staff at these establishments, so the "Met" officer there took the call, went outside, perhaps just thinking, really, that this was people playing a trick on him.

But, sure enough — in the distance he saw a bright light heading his way. This thing got closer and closer. The way he described it to me, voice shaking with emotion the following morning, was like a massive flat triangular-shaped craft, possibly raised a little bit like a diamond, passing over his head at a height of maybe no more than 200 feet, slightly to one side, emitting a low frequency humming sound, which he said he could not only hear but feel.

Intriguingly, this craft was firing a narrow beam of light down at the fields just beyond the perimeter fence of the military base. He said that this object came toward him at a speed of probably no more than 20 or 30 miles an hour — very slowly.

Suddenly, the light retracted up into the craft and, in an instant, it shot off to the horizon in a matter of seconds. Bear in mind, this is an Air Force officer with eight years experience in the service. He sees aircraft and fast jets every day of his life. He said the speed of this thing was probably about ten times the speed of an Air Force jet. When I asked him to estimate the size of this mystery craft, with typical military precision he said it was probably midway between a C-130 Hercules transport aircraft and a Boeing 747 jumbo jet.

I launched a full investigation into this incident, and in fact, this was one of a series of sightings that took place over the entire country on that particular night, involving not just members of the public, but numerous police officers, particularly in the southwest of England and in Wales, and also in the Midlands. I made all the usual checks. We impounded the radar tapes and had them sent up to the Ministry of Defense main building. We made all the series of checks that we could possibly make — checking for everything from satellite tracks and reentry into the Earth’s orbit of space debris, to astronomical phenomena, meteorites, fireballs, military aircraft exercises, weather balloon launches — however unlikely this was, we checked. That was always the philosophy — you check everything in this business.

We drew a complete blank, and at the end of about a week or so of pretty solid work on this, I put a report up the chain-of-command through my Head of Division to the Assistant Chief of the Air Staff — an Air Vice Marshal Two-Star Air Force Officer. We put this up to him, and we basically said that an uncorrelated target, an unidentified craft — but not just a light or a shape — a structured craft of unknown origin, penetrated what we call the UK ADR, the United Kingdom Air Defense Region.

On that particular night, it flew without being tracked on radar, without any aircraft being launched, and flew with total impunity over two military establishments and over a large part of the rest of the country — and then disappeared, object unexplained. The Assistant Chief of the Air Staff thought long and hard about that. I suppose it was a Catch-22 situation. He simply came back and he said, "It’s a very interesting case, but you’ve clearly run all the checks that you can make. There is frankly nothing more we can do, but it’s fascinating."

Now, I think when that went up the chain-of-command, we certainly changed a few people’s minds there about the whole nature of the UFO phenomenon, and we got, I think, a number of senior civil servants and military officers to really realize that on their watch, as it were, this occurred and was not just nonsense. The UFO phenomenon is not just lights and shapes in the sky. It’s real, it’s solid; it can involve the military as much as anyone else. I think that that remains one of the most significant cases ever to have taken place in Britain, and frankly, it shows — if indeed there is any doubt remaining — the serious defense and national security issues raised by the whole UFO phenomenon.

Over the years, there have been a number of films taken by military aircraft through gun cameras. Now, unfortunately, this film footage does not seem to exist anymore, but one of my predecessors who headed up the division where I worked under its previous title of DS8, that is Defense Secretariat 8, was a man called Ralph Noyes. He is someone who, before his death, also as a Ministry of Defense employee, spoke out publicly about the reality of the UFO phenomenon and made the point to all who would listen that there was a serious phenomenon here, and it did need and deserve serious study. Now, Ralph certainly did see those bits of film footage [gun camera footage of UFOs from military aircraft]. Ralph told me — and indeed, I think his testimony has gone onto the written record as well — that he was called to a briefing of senior Air Force personnel, and that they all gathered around to look at some of this footage that had come after a chase where a military jet had been sent up to try and get a closer look at a UFO. Ralph Noyes told me that he and all these people on the Air Staff just sat around gasping with astonishment — looking, pointing, wondering — but frankly, not able to really take it that much further, except, again, the implicit acknowledgement that there are things operating in our airspace that have better capabilities than we do.

When I say that, of course, I include the point about prototype craft, because one of the points that is often put forward about the UFO phenomenon is the fairly reasonable question: Couldn’t it be that what you are seeing when you talk about structured craft with high speeds and extraordinary maneuvers, is just the next generation of Air Force planes — prototype devices, whether they be aircraft or remotely piloted vehicles?

Well, speaking as a serving member of the Ministry of Defense and having done the UFO job for three years, I can tell anyone who makes that point that yes, of course, at any given time, there are prototype aircraft and devices that we operate, but we know where we operate our own bits of kit. We operate them in very carefully controlled and defined ranges and danger areas, and we do not make mistakes about UFOs and prototypes. We don’t go chasing UFOs if it’s a prototype. We can tell the difference.

So, when the public sees something — who knows? It depends where they see it. But, when we’re talking about military sightings, and when we’re talking about the research and investigation that I did, if I had stumbled onto a prototype test, then "A" I would have known, and "B" if I hadn’t known, I would have been told. And, of course we would have butted out of that pretty quick.

Britain’s most famous UFO case is the Randelsham Forest incident, which is sometimes also referred to as the Bentwaters Case. That involved a series of UFO incidents over a number of nights in December of 1980, involving nominally the Royal Air Force Bases, but in fact, they were operated by the United States Air Force. They were RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk.

[See the testimony of Larry Warren, Lori Rehfeldt, Clifford Stone, Lord Hill-Norton, et al. SG]

Now, in this case, there were a series of encounters where some people saw lights in the sky performing extraordinary maneuvers, but much more significantly, on the first night of activity, people saw a structured metallic craft actually moving — not up in the sky — but right down pretty much at ground level. It was moving through Randelsham Forest, which adjoins the two bases. At one point, this small metallic, roughly triangular-shaped craft seemed to actually come down and land in a particular clearing.

Now, all the witnesses to this are military personnel: they’re trained observers; they don’t make mistakes. Some of the skeptics have suggested that this could have been a mistaken sighting of a nearby lighthouse. That’s nonsense for two reasons: firstly, these were trained military observers who actually were familiar with the lighthouse and saw it pretty much every night of their tour of duty, [and] secondly, certainly at one point in the encounter, the lighthouse was clearly visible at the same time as the UFO. So, this simply could not have been the lighthouse, as the skeptics sometimes suggest.

Although this case predated my own tour of duty by ten years, a little more, I reviewed the case and I looked through the file. I tried to reopen the investigation into this incident. The most important thing that I was able to focus on was, in fact, physical evidence that something had taken place, because after this craft had touched down, people went back in the light of day to the landing site and found that where they’d seen this craft land there were, in fact, three triangular indentations on the forest floor. What I mean by that is there were three indentations which, when you drew lines between them, were pretty much in the shape of a perfect equilateral triangle.

One of the things that was done, was that the area was checked for radiation. This is where I came in. I took the readings that were taken, [and] it’s important to say these readings peaked in two places: they peaked in the indentations themselves, and also [in] some damage that was done to the sides of the trees in the clearing — as if this thing had come down and snapped off some branches and stripped off some bark; as it had done so either coming in or going out.

I sent the figures that had been recorded at the time by Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt, who was the deputy base commander — himself a witness at some of these incidents. I sent the data from Halt and his team to the Defense Radiological Protection Service, which is part of the Ministry of Defense. They came back to me, and they were frankly bemused by this whole thing, and they said that the radiations from the indentations in the ground were ten times background for that area — ten times what they should have been.

Now of course, it is important to say that the levels were still comparatively low: Halt and his team were not endangered by this. This was still low-level radiation. But again, looking at it from a scientific point of view, that’s not the point. The point is that when compared with control readings immediately outside of the area, you had this peak of ten times normal right where this craft came down on the forest floor.

So, that, I think is extremely significant, because it involved sightings by trained military observers and, also, at one point, this craft was tracked on radar from a nearby base, RAF Watten. So, you had sightings on radar, sightings by trained military personnel, and after the event, in the cold light of day, the undeniable, scientific, methodological evidence of the radiation readings. So, that, by anyone’s standards, has to be an extremely significant event, and proof, I think, beyond all question of doubt, that there was an unknown craft in that particular clearing on that particular night.

I have seen witness statements from the military personnel, and I’ve heard testimony from some of those involved that suggests that much more went on that particular night, than even went into the file that ended up in the Ministry of Defense.

There are also incidents where it’s claimed that UFOs have taken an extreme interest in civilian nuclear power stations, military installations with nuclear assets, etc.

[At the time it was secret that nuclear weapons were at the Bentwaters Air Force Base under U.S. control. SG]

During my tour of duty in Secretariat Air Staff at the Ministry of Defense, I operated a very open policy with regard to the UFO issue. I made it my business to be quite open and honest about the official research and investigation that I was doing, and not to suppress any data on this. I believe that governments and the military, and indeed private researchers, politicians — whoever — should place everything in the public domain on this issue. Governments can’t, I think, have it both ways. You cannot say on the one hand, as the party line often goes, that UFOs are of no defense significance, and then on the other, keep back some of the data.

You simply can’t do that. You have to have it one way, or the other. And if, as governments consistently say when the politicians probe on this issue or when the media inquire, that there’s really nothing to worry about, then okay, let’s see all the data. Let’s check that that decision is a valid one, reached through a proper methodology.

I, in support of that aim, believe that there should be a full disclosure of all information on UFOs held by governments all around the world. I think there are some encouraging signs that that’s beginning to happen. I know, for example, that early in 2000 at a conference in San Marino, which was part sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism there, so it had an official flavor to it, the Italian Air Force actually sent a delegation on duty, in uniform, to talk about UFO cases received by the Italian Air Force and Ministry of Defense over the years. I’m also aware that this has happened in Chile. As I’ve said, my own efforts to try and be very open with this and to push data into the public domain as well, I hope, have taken the issue forward somewhat.

Yes, I am a supporter of total openness and honesty on this issue. Clearly, it’s a very important issue: one that raises important defense and national security issues, but these are not issues that should be addressed by a small clique and any one grouping of people. These are issues of global significance, which should be addressed and debated by everyone. Indeed, we cannot make a full and proper assessment of the phenomenal data we have, without bringing in all sorts of people — scientists, politicians, military experts — in a much wider way than perhaps this information is available now.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I believe some of these UFOs may well be of extraterrestrial origin. I know that that’s an extraordinary statement for a serving officer in the Ministry of Defense to make. I don’t make it, of course, as an official announcement — it is me speaking in a private capacity — but it is me speaking on the basis of three years official research and investigation; three years of me looking at new sightings coming in, and reviewing the 250 or 300-odd case files held by either the Ministry of Defense or the Public Record Office on the UFO issue, some of which were classified secret at the time. So, I don’t make these statements lightly, and I don’t do so on the basis of a blind leap of faith. I do it on the basis of the data held by government.

It’s important, as well, to say that I am not alone in this assessment; that even within the Ministry of Defense in Britain and at the Air Force and indeed political establishment, I am not a lone voice here. The Ministry of Defense is not a great indivisible organization — like anything else, it is a collection of individuals. So, when you talk about government, the military, and the establishment — whatever grouping you talk about — what you’re really talking about is a group of individuals.

I’ve found that there are skeptics and believers in the world of officialdom, and there are more believers in an extraterrestrial presence than many might expect — particularly in the Air Force. When you go out and speak to the Air Force in Britain, somebody may have had a sighting, somebody may have tracked an uncorrelated target on radar, or [have seen] it do maneuvers that we couldn’t possibly match. Either somebody has had these experiences themselves, or knows of somebody — a friend, a colleague — who’s had the same thing.

At the beginning of my tour of duty, I did make some effort to establish a dialogue with opposite numbers, particularly in America. I was given the party line, I guess, that officially the Americans had been out of UFO investigations since 1969, when Project Blue Book was closed down. I didn’t, frankly, have time to follow that up and probe deeper.

SG: How much assistance did your investigations receive from, for example, the NSA facility at Menwith Hill or the National Reconnaissance Office satellite programs that do reconnaissance? Did you receive any confirmations from those entities or assistance from those entities?

NP: I don’t want to talk, I’m afraid, about any liaison with certain agencies on this. All I will say, in very general terms, is that if I had a particularly interesting case on which I felt I needed assistance from any other agency, with any other capability or bit of hardware, then, I would ask through channels. But really, most of the UFO cases that came my way I was happy with the assets that I had, and really did day-to-day research and investigation using national assets such as the UK Air Defense Region radar stations, the ballistic missile early warning center at RAF Filingdales, and such like. I don’t want to go much further than that.

Suffice to say that there have been a steady stream, over the years, of good-quality cases which I think would convince any open-minded observer who actually looked at the data, that there was something here which went significantly further than just lights in the sky. And something which, whatever the claims that are sometimes made about this phenomenon, suggests that something of extreme defense significance is happening, not just in UK airspace, but indeed I think, in airspace all around the world.

In Britain, at the Public Record Office at present, there are about thirty UFO files open to the public. In total, I believe, there are between around about 250 and 300 files. Some of those were classified secret; now, of course, [are] declassified. Britain will get its Freedom of Information Act shortly. I hope and believe that most, if not all, of the British government and military UFO files will soon be released.

What there is, however, is a body of evidence which when placed end to end and looked at by any dispassionate observer with any military or scientific experience, will constitute proof of the reality of this phenomenon.

One important fact about the British wave of sightings in March, 1993, was that it happened three years to the very night after the wave of sightings that rocked the establishment in Belgium, and led to the scrambling of F-16s. That, again, was late on the 30th and in the early hours of the 31st of March. So, it’s one of those very interesting facts that perhaps two of Europe’s most significant UFO waves actually happened on the very same night of the year, three years apart.

Although it predated my involvement, one of the most significant waves of sighting in Europe took place over Belgium in March of 1990. On that occasion, UFOs were seen by large numbers of people on the ground, and tracked on radar, resulting in two F-16 fighter interceptors being scrambled. These aircraft then picked up the UFOs themselves on their airborne radar, and an intriguing game of cat and mouse played itself out in the skies of Belgium over the next hour or so.

Although that happened before I was posted into Secretariat Air Staff, I made contact with the British air attaché in Brussels. I asked him, really for my own peace of mind and for my own background research, to confirm the reality of that. He had certainly spoken directly to one or both of the F-16 pilots and to the senior military officer involved in this, Colonel DeBrouer. And certainly the word that came back to me officially, via our embassy, was yes, this incident happened pretty much as reported.

Yes, there was a solid-structured craft there, which made some maneuvers way ahead of the F-16s. And as a sort of unofficial aside, there was a comment going around the Belgian Air Staff, which was to the effect of, "Thank goodness they were friendly."

[See the testimony of Clifford Stone regarding the Belgian events and the official government documents. SG]

Testimony of Admiral Lord Hill-Norton

July 2000

[We are grateful to James Fox for sharing this interview.]

Lord Hill-Norton is a five-star Admiral and the former Head of the British Ministry of Defense who was kept in the dark about the UFO subject during his official capacities. In this short interview, he states that this subject has great significance and should no longer be denied and kept secret. He emphatically states, "…that there is a serious possibility that we are being visited — and have been visited for many years — by people from outer space, from other civilizations; that it behooves us to find out who they are, where they come from, and what they want. This should be the subject of rigorous scientific investigation, and not the subject of rubbishing by tabloid newspapers."

I know a good bit about the Bentwaters incident. I’ve interviewed a number of the people who took part in it, and what I have decided after careful thought, is that there are only two explanations for what happened that night in Suffolk. The first is that the people concerned — including Colonel Halt, who was, at the time, the Deputy Commander of the Base, and a lot of his soldiers — claim that something from outside the Earth’s atmosphere landed at their air force base. They went and stood by it; they inspected it; they photographed it.

The following day they took tests on the ground where it had been and found radioactive traces; they reported this. Colonel Halt wrote a memorandum, which was sent to our Ministry of Defense. He has appeared on British television at least once, to my knowledge — possibly more often — in which he has repeated, effectively, what he said in that memorandum. What he said is what I have just described. That is one explanation — that it actually happened as Colonel Halt reported.

The other explanation is that it didn’t. In that case, one is bound to assume that Colonel Halt and all his men were hallucinating. My position is perfectly clear — either of those explanations is of the utmost defense interest. It has been reported and claimed — and I, myself, have raised it to ministers at the Defense Ministry in this country — that nothing they have been informed about regarding UFOs is of defense interest. Surely, to any sensible person, either of those explanations cannot fail to be of defense interest. That the Colonel of an American Air Force Base in Suffolk and his military men are hallucinating when there are nuclear-armed aircraft on the base — this must be of defense interest.

And, if indeed what he says took place, did take place — and why on Earth should he make it up — then, surely, the entry of a vehicle from outer space (and certainly not manmade) to a defense base in this country also cannot fail to be of defense interest. It simply isn’t any good for our ministers — and the Ministry of Defense in particular — to say that nothing took place that December night in Suffolk, or that it is not of defense interest. It simply isn’t true.

Since my name has become connected with UFO matters in quite a big way in this country, and in one or two other countries too, I have frequently been asked why a person of my background — a former Chief of the Defense Staff, a former Chairman of the NATO Military Committee — why I think there is a cover-up, or what the reasons may be for government’s wishing to cover up the facts about UFOs. A number of explanations have often been put forward. The most frequent, and perhaps the most plausible, is the government’s concern (which [is] primarily that of the United States, and that of my own country) over the public’s reaction if they [were] told the truth — which is that there are objects in our atmosphere which are technically miles in advance of anything that we can deploy, that we have no means of stopping them coming here, and that we have no defense against them, should they be hostile.

I believe governments fear that if they did disclose those facts, people would panic: people would rush about and jam switchboards like they did that famous day in New Jersey, when there was a spoof that the Martians [had] landed — people will go mad, and they will jump up and down. I don’t believe that at all — I’ve said so in print. I do not believe that people today, in the 21st century, are going to panic at that sort of information. After all, they have put up with the introduction of nuclear weapons and the destruction of two Japanese cities 50 years ago. They take as a matter of course that we can land vehicles on Mars — land to the precise instant, forecast years before. So why should they panic? They are much more interested in doing the pools or the lottery. They would shrug their shoulders and take it as a matter of course. Anyway, they don’t trust politicians, in my experience.

What I’d like to say is that there is a serious possibility that we are being visited — and have been visited for many years — by people from outer space, from other civilizations; that it behooves us to find out who they are, where they come from, and what they want. This should be the subject of rigorous scientific investigation, and not the subject of rubbishing by tabloid newspapers.

It seems to me that the Bentwaters incident is a classic case where an apparent intrusion into our airspace — and indeed, a landing in our country — occurred, which was witnessed by serious-minded people in the military — responsible people, doing a responsible job. And, Bentwaters is, in a sense, a benchmark for how not to deal with these matters in the future.

[See the testimony of Larry Warren, MOD official Nick Pope, Clifford Stone, Lori Rehfeldt, and others regarding the Bentwaters landing event in the UK. I should also mention that I personally spent a couple of hours with Lord Hill-Norton, and he was very concerned about the secrecy surrounding this subject — and the fact that he had been deceived about it. Notwithstanding his five star Admiral status and his position as former head of the Ministry of Defense, he was never officially briefed on the subject. This is consistent with my experiences with President Clinton’s staff and his first Director of Central Intelligence (CIA Director) James Woolsey, senior members of Congress, very senior Pentagon officials, including the Director of Intelligence (J-2) for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and a sitting Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) — all of whom I have personally briefed, and had been left out of the loop on this very important matter — or were directly denied information when inquiries were made. This is, of course, a dangerous situation. The secrecy itself is a great threat to the national — and world — security, makes a mockery of democracy and our constitutional form of government, and must be corrected by official action. SG]


Testimony of Security Officer Larry Warren, United States Air Force

September 2000

Larry Warren was a security officer at Bentwaters Air Force Base in the United Kingdom. He was present during an event in 1980 when an extraterrestrial vehicle landed, hovered, and interacted with Air Force personnel on base. Afterwards, the many personnel who had witnessed the events were intimidated, debriefed, and forced to sign documents telling a false version of the story. Warren’s testimony is corroborated by multiple other military witnesses who have been identified. There are official documents related to this event; there is a photograph related to the event; and there is physical landing-trace evidence. This entire event is also corroborated by Ministry of Defense official Nick Pope, and five-star Admiral, Sea Lord, former Ministry of Defense head Lord Hill-Norton, and Sergeant Clifford Stone.

LW: Officer Larry Warren SG: Dr. Steven Greer

LW: My name is Larry Warren. In December of 1980, I was assigned to the 81st Tactical Fighter Wing in Suffolk, East Anglia, at the NATO Air Base Bentwaters, which is next to Woodbridge. I was a security specialist and worked with securing the nuclear arsenal we secretly housed there at that time.

On December 11th, 1980, my security clearance notice, PRP, came through and I was approved. My clearance was a secret clearance at that time.

The UFO incident took place near Woodbridge, which is our sister base, six miles [away] and separated [from Bentwaters] by a pine forest known as Rendlesham Forest. I was into my second week on the flight line, working the night shift.

We had just come off a break. The previous flight, C-flight, had a UFO encounter on Boxing Day [the first weekday after Christmas] morning, early in the hours — two nights before my event. A security policeman named John Burroughs and an Airman Parker were at the East Gate at Woodbridge. Airman Burroughs saw what appeared to be an object in the forest at the east end of the runway, just within the trees. There were multi-colored lights, and he suspected maybe an aircraft had crashed. He called in Central Security Control on Bentwaters and reported what he was seeing. A shift supervisor named Jim Penniston responded — he was a Staff Sergeant — [and] a few other personnel arrived.

I wasn’t involved in this, but this is what I know of it: they pursued the phenomena into the woods — they definitely thought there was an air crash, and started to begin those procedures…

They found that it was not an aircraft, but a triangular object about six feet at the base, that rose to a nine-foot point. It was black like glass, with a great density to it. They didn’t know if it was on a tripod or on legs of some sort, but it had multi-color lights around it. I do know this — based on his own testimony — that Sergeant Penniston and these men did bring their side-arms, which are 38-calibers that the law enforcement people carried. Sergeant Penniston drew his revolver when they encountered this object and saw clearly that it wasn’t anything they were familiar with. These are all highly trained observers — as we all were at that time — for aircraft or unusual things. Sergeant Penniston drew his revolver and aimed it at the object.

At some point he approached this [phenomenon], very close to it, and observed a panel on its side with some sort of language similar to hieroglyphics. It was somewhat familiar to him, but he couldn’t identify the script. It was raised from the surface; he touched it and felt the surface — it felt warm to a degree, and [was] the texture of glass, almost — the consistency and hardness. They sensed there was movement within, through this opaque kind of glass. Sergeant Penniston heard a voice. These men had four hours of missing time [and] their radio communication had failed with the base. Luckily enough, some other personnel obviously did respond to see what was happening with these people — and some brought cameras and snapped some photos.

[See the testimony of Sergeant Clifford Stone who confirms that film and photos were taken of these events and how they were handled. SG]

These men were debriefed the next morning. They were retrieved, dazed, [from] the forest; they made statements immediately. They were given injections of what they were told was sodium-pentathol by some element of the Air Force.

Airman Burroughs told me directly that he knew within the next two days that this phenomenon was going to return — and it indeed did. Their shift had ended that day; my shift came on.

There was evidence left by this encounter — pod indentations on the ground. The British Suffolk Constabulary responded to this the next morning, because it was an incident. It was reported to them from the Base Security Police Operations desk. Col. Charles Halt can explain this very accurately, because he was present on-site for the investigation. These pods were in a perfect nine-foot separation, forming a triangle. It represented something [weighing] two and one-half metric tons sitting down on the ground. There was a break in the canopy of the Corsican pines where something clearly came through it. There were background radiation readings taken, and Nick Pope can actually offer some more information on this via the Ministry of Defense.

[See the important testimony of British MOD official Nick Pope which confirms this event and the radiation readings which were taken. SG]

The readings were 25 times higher than the normal natural background radiation in that area. How these readings came up, is that Sergeant Nevels, who was the disaster preparedness man at the base at the time, had the Geiger counters and knew how to read them. These readings were taken from this ground-zero area — there was residual radiation on the trees and everything.

I was put on a very remote post at the end of the RAF Bentwaters flight line, called Perimeter Post 18; it was an alert-man position. I went to my position. It was uneventful for about an hour and one-half. What I noticed first, was an animal disturbance where some deer ran down to a rather low fence we had at that time surrounding the base. This herd of deer jumped the fence and ran past my position, right over the runway. They seemed spooked, or I had that feeling.

Suddenly, I started to hear chatter on the open frequencies. We had Motorola radios at that time. We had four channels of security police and operational active channels. I started to hear commentary about lights over the forest toward Woodbridge: "Those lights are back again," and I was looking up. Suddenly, at this point I [got] a call from Lieutenant Bruce Englund, who is a security police officer. He was the shift commander at that time, and said, "Warren, deactivate your post. You are going to be picked up by a GOV," which is government-operated vehicle. A truck pulled up and Sergeant Bustinza, who [was] my reporting officer, was the driver. Lieutenant Englund was in the passenger seat, and there were other personnel — new personnel like me — in the back. I was told to get in. We went immediately to the Bentwaters motor pool. There was a lot of chatter about people trying to find the Base CO [Commanding Officer], and they were saying, "Change frequencies, put all the radios down." All of this, I must tell you, was recorded in CSC on the tapes they made of that night. Those were stolen, and so were the logs of that period — [Col.] Charles Halt can confirm this, also. They came up missing in a few days when he went looking — that list of personnel on duty and a lot of different things: incident reports and everything. They were gone…

We had our NATO rounds in the weaponry, which is very unusual, and there was an urgency among senior people. We went down a logging trail into the forest, and there was an armored vehicle after [we got] about a half a mile into the woods. I haven’t talked about this in a while, because I wrote it and thought I’d never have to... The feeling in the forest was very strange. Movement was odd. Perception was odd the minute we entered the forest. I will tell you this — there was a problem. Something was wrong. We pulled up. There were some other vehicles. They took our weapons off us. We broke up into four man units and headed down a trail into the forest. [Col.] Charles Halt was out there that night with a smaller party of senior people. Lieutenant Englund joined them at one point. There was a lot of radio contact, but we had to maintain radio silence — the lower ranking guys. But, I could hear on other open channels [the others] saying, "You guys coming in have to avoid those hotspots. We don’t want you walking all over them." I think they had anticipated these objects returning.

Sergeant Burroughs, by the way — from the first night — knew it was coming back, and arrived at the field, off-duty, in civilian clothes, obsessed to get back near the [phenomenon].

You can hear on the actual tape [Col.] Charles Halt made that night: one of the people on the perimeter securing an access to the forest, calling [Col.] Charles Halt on the radio, saying, "Airman Burroughs and two other individuals wish to rendezvous at your location." And [Col.] Charles Halt responds, "Tell them negative at this time; we’ll tell them when they can come out here. We don’t want anyone out here right now." This tape you will have, and [it] should be heard by all interested parties.

What I saw — I wish it was much simpler than what it was. As we moved through this forest in this small group, I was with Sergeant Bustinza; Robert Ball was there, shift supervisor, and a lot of other people. We came to a clearing called Capel Green at the end of the Corsican pines, and there was a phenomenon on the ground in this field: it was like a mist; it looked like a fog on the ground. There was a cinematic film camera — a movie camera — present, and there was a very large video camera there — they were very large at that time. These came from public affairs on Bentwaters. There was anticipation of the return of the [phenomenon]. There is a trail on this film, which has been established; this isn’t just me talking. Anything I’m telling you can pretty much be backed up in any court of law — especially with the body of the evidence, and I’m willing to do that.

I was observing this — it was like watching a movie. This mist was on the ground and it was being observed. There was disaster preparedness present. There was a house off to the left, a farmer’s house. I had never been out in this forest before. There was a light on in this house, so those people were home. There was a dog barking, I remember clearly. I saw a light come in. We could see the beam of the Orford Lighthouse in this clearing, by the way — very clearly. This case has been written off as a misidentification of this lighthouse — an exaggeration, or whatever. In reality, it has been there for over 100 years and was no surprise to anyone. This object, a red basketball-shaped object, came in from the North Sea area over the trees. I thought it was a taillight on an aircraft, but it moved so quickly. The mist on the ground appeared to have structure, and it was 50 feet across. This basketball-sized amber light didn’t seem solid — I couldn’t tell you what it was — but it was 20 feet above the object, this mist. As soon as I got a fix on that and everyone else did, the cameras were upon it — these people were reacting. Then there was an explosion — it’s very hard for me to describe it: this thing broke up into multiple shards of extremely bright light!

I, and others, suffered burns to the eyes — I have documents of this, because I stole them from Bentwaters when an officer advised me to. He said, "Your military record is going to vaporize as soon as you are gone." So my eyes were damaged — flash burns to the retinas and all. This is established medically — it was as if I’d stared at an arc welder’s torch for about 10 minutes, which is unadvisable. Everything was very bizarre at that point.

This explosion of light was very silent, and where the explosion of light happened, there appeared a structured, solid object, rather large — probably 30 feet at the base, to a pyramid-type shape. It was very rough — it would distort if you looked at it, with a rainbow-like effect. And yet, through peripheral vision, you could get a clear fix. I will tell you, there is real evidence for this thing — where it sat — to this day. This one won’t let anyone down — this case — believe me!

This thing was there, on the ground — and it was filmed, and it was photographed.

There were some British bobbies present on Charles Halt’s tape. You hear the Suffolk Constabulary pull up in the forest, with their British police vehicle, because their siren was on for a bit. These police are unattainable — they won’t talk to anyone. They had a camera, and one was taken off of the British police. Already, an international incident was brewing here.

Our Wing Commander, Gordon Williams — who was at a party, I believe, that night — arrived on-site with other senior people. There were British military present. They could have been at the party. And, I will say, they seemed to know how to deal with an event like this.

I have no recollection of any sound emitting from this object. It was almost like a mirage, and yet, I know it was solid because it left traces and evidence and all, but it was so beyond anything I have ever seen, and it [was] right in front of us. I was only 30 feet away from it at one point — too close.

There was a life form in association with it — so I can just cut to the chase: I remember thinking, what are these children doing here? And the mind starts scrambling. There was a bright light, and there was movement. These things had an upper body, I clearly saw, and when I saw an arm move — my, you know — you just, you are in another place at that point. And, these senior people were very close to that [phenomenon].

What I saw was on the right side of this bizarre machine: this bright light moved out, and it was bluish-gold and about a foot off the ground. It split — it was only about four feet in height from the ground up, but it split away — and three individual, oblong cocoons of light with these three individual people in [them], were there.

SG: But they looked like humans?

LW: They were humanoid. Yeah.

SG: Do you know the height of them?

LW: Yeah, they would have been about, in height, four feet. I mean, you think of children. The light diminished, and that’s when you could see what was in it. They were hairless, but there was clothing. There was an apparatus attached — I can’t describe — a dark thing. I could not see the lower extremities because of the light — these were not walking on the ground — these things. And, I wish I never saw this, but there was a white membrane around what are large eyes — and the white membrane was moving, adapting. It was like your eyes adjusting to light.

The Commander was there — and this is where I swear there’s got to be a protocol, in the event of something like this. He moved forward, and at that point we were called out of the area by rank. In fact, a lot of lower-ranking people were involved in this, and [were] sent back to the vehicles. On our way back, there was a lot of phenomena in the forest. These light beings, or whatever, were there; and there were other craft around, above the trees, almost as if they were guarding this thing and backing it up. I will tell you that Airman Burroughs was in the parking area where all the vehicles were. They would not let him out to the sites.

Charles Halt was pursuing other light phenomena and had beams fired down to the ground right in front of him — literally — pencil-sized beams from these crescent-like objects. Col. Halt was making a tape recording as it all happened — four hours of audio; you’ve got 18 minutes of dynamite!

My event was happening about a half a mile away. In fact, on that tape, you hear the beginning of my event. I will clarify this: I was on the record long before the whole tape became public, and I was the one that made the whole tape go public. I turned it over to CNN — and I’ve never taken a penny for anything I’ve done with this, ever. I never have.

As we left, Airman Burroughs told me another object appeared — right in the midst of a lot of security personnel at the parking area where all the trucks [were]. It appeared right in the midst of them. Airman Burroughs grabbed this object, and it moved over the ground — ten meters — with him holding onto it! It’s an absolute fact: he physically touched it! He moved with this thing on it. It took off. It got away from John…Another beam of light came down. There was one guy, a part of the security personnel, in a pick-up truck. This thing was following him — one of these beings and the light — literally following him. He jumped into the pick-up truck, slammed the door, and it passed through the glass right in front of him, and he freaked and kicked the windscreen right out of the truck! This thing went out the other window. I know this person — this was happening in front of many people too! It went out the other window, which was rolled-up because it’s December. As he turned away from the vehicle, a blue beam of light came down from above the trees, and this thing got on it and ran right up into something that was dark and looked like a pinecone with white pins of light on it. It was dark against the night sky, and was watching over this event. Another Officer has said that he felt that these objects had been there looking for something. They were conducting grid searches the night before. There were three nights of activity.

They were there for a reason, and it was kind of like, okay, we are here for a purpose; you guys are bothering us, so we are going to show you what you need to know — but we are going to accomplish what we need to do.

I will tell you that [Col.] Charles Halt said to me later, "Were you aware that on that night, there were three massive triangular objects over the base, over the forest, and over the Woodbridge base the whole time?" And there was missing time with so many personnel over this period — it was amazing.

Afterwards, I noticed I had a shock of gray hair that did fall out — literally, a shock of gray hair on the right side. My eyes were watering profusely. I had a metallic taste in my mouth, and I was sweating profusely, and had cold chills.

I decided: I’m going to go call my mother, but we had secured phones on the base, obviously. Being rather young and naïve, I didn’t pay attention to the COMSEC rules: communication security. We had a phone where I knew they’d always listened in on your calls, so I went to a public phone box (when they used to have them here on the base) and reversed the charges to my Mom. I said, Mom, you won’t believe this. I said, last night a UFO landed on the base, and we saw everything, and you wouldn’t believe it! And, I’m just thinking, she’s not responding: Mom? Mom? She’s gone. I looked at Greg [a friend with me] and I go, oh my God, I got cut-off! I called the operator, and I said, listen, can you reconnect me? She goes, "Are you calling from the base?" I go, yeah. She goes, "I’m sorry, you were cut off from the base," and then she hung up on me. I looked at Greg, and said, man, I think I’m in trouble. So, we ran back to my dorm.

[Before I called my mother] we were called to the office. Malcolm Zickler, a Major, was the Chief of Security Police, and his underling Major Carl Drury — all were involved in one aspect or another with these events. There was a Jaguar outside the office, and there was another expensive car — I don’t remember what it was now. I thought, oh, here we go — the debriefing. Well, first of all, there were all the lower-ranking guys. There were no people above sergeant in my group. We were debriefed in a compartmentalized way, which I understand now, but then I didn’t. And, I said, oh my God, they are going to tell us to shut-up; I know it! I’ll name names. There were people in plain clothes going in and out of the security police law enforcement desk, and that was unusual. And, I’m like, oh boy!

They said, "Did any of you retrieve or remove anything from the forest while you were in there? Anything — a rock, twig, anything?" They kept asking us over and over. And, they said, "If you have, and are not going to tell us now, you are subject to the UCMJ," all these rules: Article XV, beyond that, JL-11, everything. We were young; we were all new — we were like, oh my God, we haven’t even started here, and we are in trouble. We were gone over with a Geiger counter, and there was one return on one of the guys, and something was taken out of his pocket. This guy was removed very quickly, and I will swear on my life — I never saw him again! He was removed. This happened to a lot of people. It led to a suicide that the Air Force is responsible for — this is a real person with a real name. That base, by the way, after that, eventually had the highest rate of suicide in NATO — this is an established fact. One of the Captains involved was found hanging in his back garden from a tree — married, with children — everything. All these people started to shoot and kill themselves. I’ve lived it — and I’m amazed I got out of there alive.

So, we were brought into the office. There were rows of seats, a very small law enforcement desk. The law enforcement operators that day were kept out of the office. Everything was different on that base now. We were brought in and there were sheets on top of the law enforcement desk. There were about 10 of us, and there were one, two, three, four, five, six, seven stacks of documents — pre-typed. One was a pre-typed statement, all generic, of what we saw — which was not what we saw. It said we were off-duty and saw only unknown lights flipping amongst the trees. I clearly remember that. I said, what if we don’t sign this, Major Zickler? And, he [said], "You have no choice." And he [said], "I have no choice but to ask you to do this." I kept seeing these other personnel in his office, because we were heading there next. He [told us to] sign — I think there were four — documents. One was the UCMJ secrecy thing — I forget, JANAP-1-something — and that clearly said, JANAP. But, there were other things that we couldn’t read. They said, "You’ll be able to read them later; put your signature on; social security number." Then we were filed into his office. There was a movie screen set-up. There were two rows of chairs, metal chairs, folded out. Major Zickler left, and there were two gentlemen in civilian clothes — big people, very business-looking: American. They had a plastic ID with a photo and it said Armed Forces Security Services. I don’t know if that’s Air Force — we have been told that is a field arm of the National Security Agency. They were intimidating people.

[See the testimony of Merle Shane McDow and others regarding this pattern of intimidating debriefing protocols. SG]

They didn’t smile or anything. We were in uniform — they asked us specifically to wear the uniforms we were wearing in the field. I think that was for the Geiger counter thing.

So we sat down, and a Naval Commander from the U.S. Navy ONI [Office of Naval Intelligence] in London, named Commander Richardson, was there. He had the reins. He was in uniform and was very affable with us.

Basically, it went like this: I am sitting next to a friend of mine from Alabama, who we called Alabama. Alabama was religious — at this point, he was so unwrapped...He had a handheld Bible and was reading it. He was gone. And being so young, at 19, the human condition isn’t apparent to a lot of people — people’s pain and trauma — but I was watching this guy I knew melting down — next to me. He is one guy that didn’t make it — and he is a name, and he had a family, and everything. They didn’t care about that.

But what Commander Richardson did say is that — we were all numb, but this is very clear — in a nutshell, "You airmen have been exposed to something that we have known about for longer than any one of you in this room are aware of." And it was all matter-of-fact. He said, "There is a phenomenon that has been coming here for many, many years. Some of it comes and goes; some of it is a permanent presence." They didn’t say a phenomenon, they said various civilizations — advanced civilizations. And, there was a lot of talk about the reasons for secrecy — national security. He said, "You’re best to go on with your lives." One of the guys in the room said, "What if we say something?" And he goes, "Know this now — your mail and phones will be monitored for as long as you are in the military." He said, "The best way to go about it is not discussing this with anyone, even each other, from this point on. Go about your lives; forget about all this. Move on with your lives, with the knowing that you have seen something that few people will ever get to see." Every other word was loyalty to national security, our oath, serving the country — it was brainwashing, because all-of-a-sudden it was repetitive lines, and there was a drone to his voice.

Then they showed a film. They said, "We are going to show you a film that might help you best put into perspective what you gentlemen have witnessed, and help you, maybe, put it to bed a little bit for yourselves." We were also told, though, if any of us [had] any unusual dreams, there’s a number we were to call, daily, for the next month. If anyone was trying to pry information out of us we were to let [the authorities] know. They said that there would be a possibility of Soviet infiltration of the area — to try to get information from us. At that time, it was the Cold War, and they said [to] be aware of anything; we were to report that immediately.

They ran the film — I mean, it was just a film on a reel — it was not narrated; he did not narrate it. It began with gun camera footage [from] what I can only assume [was] maybe the 1940s. It showed some propeller-driven aircraft in broad daylight. It looked like the Florida Keys, and a fleet of silver discs [went] under the aircraft. That was one of the first frames. [The] clip [changed]. This thing went all the way up to the space program. The best clip on it showed the berets of the 5th Special Forces in Vietnam on a red clay hill [with] low scrub brush and a guy with a camera…I don’t even know the year, but it was in color. He turns the camera and this giant, green, delta-shaped thing rises out of the brush, very slowly and deliberately, below where they are, up to face level, camera level, and then continues — but, shrubbery and brush is falling off this massive thing, and a flock of big pelicans or (other] birds goes right under it — I’ll never forget that in my life! I remember that better than the incident in the field.

The space program: I swear to God, this film showed structures on the moon — these box kind of things — that looked sand-colored.

[See the important corroborating testimony of these structures by Karl Wolf. SG]

It showed that lunar car moving around. I remember those clearly, because I remember being a child when all that was happening. Then — at a distance — the astronauts pointing at these box-looking things, and structured objects moving off the surface of the moon — filmed by Apollo missions.

SG: What did the structures on the moon look like? What shape were they?

LW: The structures looked like a continuation of the color of the moon, but there was structure to it. Like, huge box-kinds of things — very square and angular structures without windows. But they were artificial, clearly, and, they were being filmed; and then, there were lights and weird things on top of hills.

SG: Are they in good condition or old?

LW: Oh, no — they looked pristine.

SG: And were the UFOs moving?

LW: Very clearly, in different scenes. A lot of it was with the lunar car — that mission. Some of it was the astronauts on space walks, and something dark coming right up near them, with points of red light. I remember that. All of this was very quick. They never showed it again. The Apollo mission is the era where it ended.

So, after this meeting, and calling my mother and getting cut-off, I knew I was in trouble. I was called to the communications section of Bentwaters. I knew what was coming. A Staff Sergeant was there, and the Captain debriefed me. I was asked questions. There was a reel-to-reel tape machine present in the debriefing, and they kept asking me, "Have you given sensitive information out over land lines?" Over, and over. And, I said, no, no. And they said, "Do you want to go with that?" And I said, yes. I was lying through my teeth. And they played the tape — here’s me, ‘Hi Mom, you’ll never believe…’ They said, "Warren, you have to understand, every phone on this base is monitored all the time anyway." I was told that I was not given an Article XV because that is traceable. I would be fined $300.00, and if I caused any more trouble, I’d lose my stripes. There is a paper trail on that fine, and no explanation. Later, I was threatened with the IRS and everything. Madness. They are crazy. The machine is crazy.

Later, we were eating, and Sergeant Penniston was sitting right there. Someone asked me, "What the hell happened to us last night?" And, Sergeant Penniston, who was senior, he goes, "Shut the fuck up, Warren, shut the fuck up." Just like that. I was like this: oh my God, and I threw my tray down and just walked out. It was all downhill from there, my friend.

Later that night, Sergeant Bustinza, myself — and I swear it happened to others — received a phone call to meet a vehicle in the parking lot. Sergeant Bustinza and I were to meet this vehicle at 5:00 p.m. that afternoon. It was dark at that point in England. We both walked up. I said, hi, Busty, how you doing? He goes, "All right." And, we both walked toward this vehicle. The door was open. There was a guy sitting there. In reality, what happened is, two people came up behind each of us — and I do remember someone heading towards him — and I heard the sound of what sounded like an aerosol, and I went black. My conscious memory for years was that the interior lights in the car were too bright, and I just blacked out. In reality, we were hit with an aerosol of some sort. My nose ran profusely, and my chest got tight. I, obviously, was not getting into the car properly, so I was beaten — literally hit in the ribs and pushed. I was resisting, and I know Sergeant Bustinza was doing the same thing.

I had identified myself as a problem. It turns out, years later, that he had made some phone calls too. We were taken somewhere on the Bentwaters flight line. I knew this by the sound of where we went. When I was removed from that car, I cut my face, because I fell out of it — obviously, being immobile — and hit a patch of concrete and ice, and was carried, literally — bodily, face down. I remember my nose running so profusely, and I couldn’t wipe it or anything. I didn’t know if it was bleeding or what. I know we descended. I will tell you there is an underground facility on that base that is — to this day — there.

I have more memories of it being a very clinical situation. We do know, at this time, a lot of outside people were on the base. There were teams in the forest. Aircraft came into Woodbridge, and even the commanders of the base had no access to get near it, or ask why they were there. Teams in white coveralls were going throughout the forest. There were Intelligence people on the base that were never there before. These are all things that can be established as fact, from many other people.

[See the testimony of Sergeant Clifford Stone who was involved with this external team investigating this event. SG]

Anyway, I have 20 minutes of recall, and I’m gone for a day — and, it’s established with other people. People said I was on emergency leave, or on leave, or off the base — but I was just under the base — and there were other personnel down there.

There was a lot of high tech machinery, huge vaulted, glass-like ceilings, panels of glass walls — like a subway wall — old, but huge glass panels. We were brought to one area, and I have a conscious memory, whether it is real or not, of looking into a very dark void, and having someone to this side of me explaining that there were tunnels from the base to the North Sea.

My next conscious memory is just broad daylight — walking out into the sunshine from the base photographic lab. A lot of younger guys and I went through this. I do remember being on a table and seeing Air Force senior people, and some other unidentified people, talking down to me. I know I was looking up at them with bright lights. I had marks, by the way, from an IV, or something, when I came out of there. I had the bruise and I had a bandage. I will admit that. That’s for real. I had it. I’m terrified to know or think of what might have happened, so I’ve only pursued these memories a little bit.

I wrote my Mother a letter, and I wrote the letter a week and a half before Charles Halt authored the actual Halt memo, which was gained by the Freedom of Information Act. It is a document that reads like science fiction on Air Force letterhead. It’s a minimizing of the event — I believe, intentional — but it reads like science fiction. It was released in 1983 through Citizens Against UFO Secrecy, based on information I supplied them, after numerous denials that it existed from the Air Force itself.

Pod casts were made of the indentations where the object landed on the first night. Charles Halt still has possession of one of them, and does show people this, and would show it to any congressional body, I think. Most of them ended up missing. Soil analysis was done on the landing site, but it was all swept away. Years later, from 1988 to 1990, we did core samples, soil analysis, which was analyzed by Springborn Environmental Labs in Massachusetts by accredited scientists. We have the published findings in the book Left at East Gate. An absolute [phenomenon] took place only in that spot — to a level of three feet down. Plants do not grow in this one spot — no matter what crop — we’ve talked to the farmers — for 20 years. However, the soil is darker. It does not absorb water. It is almost crystalline, mixed with a very dry dirt, like freeze-dried coffee.

[See the testimony with Roberto Pinotti and the results from landing sites in Italy and France, which show similar changes. SG]

It was, in a theoretical way, heating the soil to a degree in an industrial microwave oven — to a super high heat — and then dropping it, instantly, into a sub-zero freeze — in almost a conical direction — down.

RAF Watten, a Royal Air Force Base, had radar returns of these objects on all nights in question. RAF Watten, on the third night and the first night, picked up an object descending into the forest. The next day, the U.S. Air Force went to RAF Watten, talked to the air traffic controllers, [and] told them that an alien spacecraft landed in Rendlesham Forest. There was contact with the base commander, and they were borrowing the radar tapes, but the tapes were never returned. These are all real people that are apparently talking now. I also know that on one of the nights in question, a small object appeared near the perimeter of RAF Watten, not far from our base. Of course, they had higher security because of the IRA threat at that time. A Royal Air Force police dog handler (K-9 team) was doing a perimeter patrol, and the dogs went flat down on the ground. These people are talking now. Then they saw these two beings near the fence line — prodding it — next to a triangular object. They were prodding the fence with these light-like objects. When they saw the RAF dog handlers, they fled toward this machine that took off and headed off toward our base.

When people ask about the film and photographs, there is confirmation — this isn’t a story I came up with. Captain Mike Verrano verifies on the Cable News Network program, UFO: the Bentwaters Incident, from 1985, that indeed he drove the wing commander Gordon Williams, the next morning, to an awaiting jet. The pilot opened the canopy, and he said, "What do you have in that satchel?" And he said, "I have actual film. We have actual film and photographs of the UFO." So, Gordon Williams personally handed this material, in a satchel, to the pilot, Mike Verrano [said]. I, by the way, asked where the film was going, and I was told Germany. That was Air Force command at that time. From there, we know that there was a paper trail, and that it was eventually sent back to Washington.

I was an honorably discharged security policeman. I have an honorable discharge. I’ve heard a lot of nasty things said about me, but I have my records. The only reason I have my records is because I was advised to steal some of them — by an Air Force Colonel — because he said they would vaporize you. He said, "They are going to fireproof you."

[See the testimony of Brigadier General Stephen Lovekin regarding his information about being "erased." SG]

I was looked at almost like a Frank Serpico kind of guy. I was not a team player, because I was talking to everyone.

Unfortunately, my friend Alabama went AWOL trying to get back home. At O’Hare Airport, he was captured by the FBI and returned to duty immediately. All he wanted to do was go home, but he was put back on flight duty. I was riding with the senior master sergeant on vehicle patrol, just totally depressed with everything, when Alabama called in — this is a real person — and said he was going to kill himself if he couldn’t go home. And, this guy turned the pick-up truck quick, and was heading toward the post. He said, "You stay on the Goddamn radio..." I saw all the units across the flight line responding and everything. I never hear Mr. Halt comment on this at all, and that’s why he won’t stand with me in a place — because I bring up things that maybe they feel bad about. As he says, the Air Force [was] on the sidelines for it all. Anyway, Alabama had a short M16, and he put it in his mouth and took the top of his head off. This was the first time I ever saw death — violent death — at 19. We were as different as night and day, me and this kid. You know — he was the south; I was the north. He was very religious. I respect that, but we had nothing in common. He was a nice guy. And, they did not do anything to help us…

I have had unbelievable phone problems for years — the typical things — [and] my mail is still intercepted. In this country [the UK], it was, for years, opened and resealed in plastic, with a letter of apology. Many of our packages don’t get where they are going.

[I can verify this, as we have had great difficulty getting follow-up materials from Mr. Warren out of the UK. SG]

Later, my passport was coming up for renewal, and I sent it in. It would have expired by the time I was going on a trip. But soon after sending it in for a new one, I got a letter back saying, "Mr. Warren, your passport was altered or mutilated and you need to reapply for another one." I said, oh my God, what the hell was that? So, I just, I said, oh fine, [and] filled it out. Next response: "Mr. Warren, you must reestablish U.S. citizenship." I’m like, what? I’m calling all these people. Finally, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, at the National Passport Center, this woman said, "I can’t tell you what’s happening here." After a while, I said, listen, I’m writing a book called Left at East Gate, and she goes, "The Bentwaters thing…" She said, "Call me at this number" — it was her home number in Lebanon, New Hampshire. I called her, and she said to me, "I have the official printout: ‘This individual’s passport is being revoked under some classification, due to his speaking of sensitive defense issues at a public forum on foreign soil,’ and then some coding, DOD coding, under it." I have it all, and it is just bizarre.

Our agent at that time, Perry Knowlton in New York City, was friends with Ramsey Clark, the former U.S. Attorney General. He set up a meeting with us, and I met with Mr. Clark in person. He said to me, "I’m going to make some phone calls for you," but he says, "I’m going to tell you this — after knowing everything — they say it was because you talked about nuclear weapons, that’s all." Mr. Clark said, "People in England suspected there were nukes there all the time. I will tell you this: your passport was suspended because of the other things you’ve talked about," and he wouldn’t elaborate any more. He made two phone calls, and the Department of State, with apologies, said it was an error.

So, we’ve tried to do our best. I’d be willing to speak and swear to this in front of any congressional body. I have great respect for my country, and I think it is the people’s right to know.

[We have identified the names of numerous witnesses who should testify before Congress regarding these landing events. This case alone establishes the reality of the UFO and extraterrestrial issue. There are also corroborating documents, tapes, and other evidence, such as the landing site effects and radiation measurements. SG]


Testimony of Captain Lori Rehfeldt

October 2000

Lori Rehfeldt was stationed at the 81st Security Police Squadron at RAF Bentwaters in England during the UFO events that occurred in December 1980. She and a colleague were on duty late that night, when they saw in the distance an object they thought was a plane landing on the runway — coming in from the direction of the North Sea. They also saw it silently explode, split into three parts, and speed across the runway; then it went straight up and disappeared.

… We saw this aircraft... The rate of speed that it was moving when it went across was tremendous. It was moving in like a regular aircraft, then when it stopped, it did this movement and split into three. And when sped across the runway going west, it was just going at a phenomenal speed. The only other thing that really caught our attention was that it didn’t make any noise. There was no sound to it at all. We just didn’t know what it was…

When it stopped, that’s when it made these fast movements: up, down, left, right- the movement was very geometric. I mean, it was not a normal movement. That probably threw us more than anything because it was just so, unusual. It was a lot faster than a jet plane…

He happened to be an electrical engineer for the Air Force. He said, you do know they found something out there? He said, well, we’ve been working with the plastic, with the material that we got from back then. And he said, back then it was pretty raw, but now we’ve been able to use it and to refine it. And they’ve been able to use it and it can take so many degrees of heat and temperature. He mentioned it was a gray material. But he was validating that there was something out there. And he said this material was not indigenous to here…


Testimony of Sergeant Clifford Stone, United States Army

September 2000

Sergeant Stone tells an amazing story about the history of UFO’s and extraterrestrials dating back to the early 40’s and probably before. General Douglas MacArthur organized a group called the Interplanetary Phenomena Research Unit back in 1943 to study this issue and it continues to this day. Their purpose is to recover objects of unknown origin particularly those that are of non-Earthly origin. They obtain field intelligence information and pass it on to those who are the "keepers of this information." Stone says that even Project Bluebook had an elite investigation unit, which was outside of Bluebook. This unit was thought to be working in conjunction with Bluebook but in fact was not. Stone has seen living and dead extraterrestrials in his official duties on an army team that retrieved crashed ET crafts. He thinks that the extraterrestrials will not permit us to explore the depths of outer space until we’ve learned to grow spiritually and that they will make themselves known soon if we don’t first acknowledge their presence.

On February 26th, 1942, commonly called the Battle of Los Angeles, we find that there are some 15 to 20 unidentified craft flying over Los Angeles. We immediately responded by trying to shoot these objects down. The 37th Coastal Artillery Group expended 1,430 rounds. We immediately set out to try to find out if there was some hidden base belonging to the Axis from where these planes could come, some commercial airport that they could have had these aircraft housed. None of this bore out. Every search effort we made turned out to be fruitless.

At the same time in the Pacific they were experiencing the same phenomena, the so-called Foo Fighters. General MacArthur directed his intelligence people to find out what was going on. I have reason to believe that in 1943 MacArthur found out that in fact we had things not of this Earth and visitors from some other planet visiting our planet that was actually observing that world event we call the Second World War. One of the problems that he had was that, should this be the case, and should they prove to be hostile, we knew very little about them and we had very little means to defend ourselves.

MacArthur organized what was called the Interplanetary Phenomena Research Unit.

[See the testimony of Buck Sergeant Leonard Pretko regarding MacArthur’s involvement in the ET issue and his knowledge of the retrieved spacecraft and ET’s from the New Mexico Crash. SG]

It would later be taken over by General Marshall. And it continued all the way through to present day. Names have been changed and records still haven’t surfaced. The Army tries to state that it was not an official organization effort to try to investigate UFO’s. But it was organized by a General, it bore a fruit, it came to conclusions that were not popular, i.e., interplanetary spacecraft. And they continued to do exactly what they do today and that is to be part of a multi-intelligence operation in the recovery of objects of unknown origin particularly those that are of non-Earthly origin. Their purpose is to assess that information, get raw field intelligence data, and process that data into some type of useful intelligence product to disseminate to the field- to those people who have a need to know and those people that are, shall we say, the keepers of that information.

One of MacArthur’s Air Force generals, an Army Air Corps General at the time, came back to MacArthur and told MacArthur "what we have is something not of this Earth". I would suggest that by this time even the Germans had uncovered evidence that we were being visited and had some type of physical evidence. MacArthur definitely had physical evidence. From the documentation I saw [while working this issue in the Army], I was not able to ascertain exactly what that physical evidence consisted of but it was there.

The one thing I find quite unique is that the Germans may have tried to back-engineer one of these objects. We definitely tried to back-engineer it. But we find that your technology has to be on par with the acquired technology in order to back-engineer it…

In the 1950’s, the United States Air Force had an elite unit to investigate UFO’s outside of Bluebook. Even though Bluebook felt that this unit was working with them, they were not. This unit was initially organized as a 4602nd Air Intelligence Service Squadron. Among its peacetime missions was operation Blue Fly. Operation Blue Fly was to recover objects of unknown origin that fell to Earth. It is very important that you remember these were specifically objects that fell to Earth- because we didn’t have any spacecraft up there at this time. As a result of this, they had monitors right there at Wright Patterson that when UFO reports came in they were looked at very closely to see if there was any possible necessity of sending out teams to recover any of this fallen debris.

The Air Force states they never used them. I’m telling you I know they did. But the intent of the Operation Blue Fly peacetime project was to go out and recover objects of unknown origin that impacted with the Earth. Later it would be expanded in 1957 to cover all objects of unknown origin meaning spacecraft too. And it would become part of what they would call in the October of 1957 timeframe, Project Moon Dust.

Project Moon Dust is the overall field exploitation to recover only two items: First, objects of non-U.S. origin that survives re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere and impacts with the Earth and objects. Naturally, we would be interested in those items from a technical, scientific intelligence basis to determine, or try to ascertain the technical capabilities of any potential enemy since our known enemy of the U.S., the USSR at that time that was launching space vehicles into space.

The other area of interest was objects of unknown origin. Now we find that there were quite a few objects of unknown origin that did not correlate with any known space launches, impact times, or any known space debris falling back to Earth.

In short, under [Project] Moon Dust and under Blue Fly, we have recovered alien debris not of this Earth.

The degree of classification that we have now has changed over the years. Back during the time of the Second World War all the way up to, say 1969, you may have had as many as 11 classifications. Now there are three: confidential, secret and top-secret. However, if you have information that is highly sensitive that requires protection above and beyond the norm of what is provided for those classifications, that’s when you have the Special Access Programs. You do not get that type of information out into public domain unless it is officially sanctioned.

During the discussion of UFO’s, the question ultimately is going to come up can any government keep secrets let alone the U.S. Government? And the answer to that is unequivocally yes. But one of the greatest weapons the intelligence community has at their disposal is a predisposition by the American people, the American politicians, and the debunkers- people who wish to try to debunk UFO information. They immediately come out and say oh we can’t keep secrets, we can’t keep secrets. Well, the truth is, yes we can.

The National Recognizance Office remained secret for many, many years. The mere existence of the NSA remained secret. The development of the atomic weapon remained secret until once you exploded one you eventually had to tell some people what was going on.

And we are conditioned by our own paradigms not to accept the possibility or probability of a highly advanced intelligent civilization coming here to visit us. You have evidence in the form of highly credible reports of objects being seen, of the entities inside these objects being seen. Yet, we look for a prosaic explanation and we throw out the bits and pieces of the evidence that doesn’t meet our paradigm. So it is a self-keeping secret. You can conceal it in plain sight. It is political suicide to go and start hitting up intelligence agencies to get this information released. So most of your members of Congress, and I know I’ve worked with a lot of them along that line, will balk and try not to do it. I can name you three members of Congress that were point blank asked to have a congressional inquiry on what happened here at Roswell.

One of the most ridiculous statements that I got was that a person would have to be a chairperson to do that. So I asked a senator from Mississippi if he’d do it and without any hesitation, he said no. I said, would you give me that in writing? I got that in writing but I’m hesitant to release it. I will show it to you but I’m hesitant to release it simply because I made a promise not to.

We have got to get the documentation as it exists in the Government files. We have got to get it released before it ultimately is destroyed. A good example is the Blue Fly and Moon Dust files. I had classified documents the Air Force acknowledged. When I got members of Congress to help me open up more files they were immediately destroyed and I can prove this.

Somewhere along the line they may see that material and realize there is some very highly sensitive information that would have a damning effect upon the national security of United States should it become compromised. It needs to be further protected to insure that there is only a limited access to that information to a small number of people. So small you can put them on a list of paper, on a piece of paper, and list them by name. Thus you have the Special Access Programs. The controls that were supposed to be put on the Special Access Programs are not there. When Congress did their review of the way we protect documents and the way we go ahead and implement our secrecy programs they found that you had Special Access Programs within Special Access Programs -- that it was essentially impossible to keep control of them all by Congress. And I’m telling you right now; it is essentially impossible to keep control of them all.

When it comes to UFO’s the same criteria applies. Therefore, only a small nucleus within the intelligence community numbering less than a hundred -- no, I’d suggest less than 50 -- control all that information. It is not subject to congressional review or oversight at all. So Congress needs to go ahead and ask the hard questions and convene a hearing.

There would be quite a few missions to describe but simply put, yes, I was involved in those types of operations to retrieve crashed ET objects. A lot of people think that you are just in your unit waiting in the rafters, just waiting for the next UFO crash, a landing where there is going to be debris. It doesn’t work that way. You have a real life. You have a real job in the military. However, if you are in an area where an event takes place and you are one of these people that they can go ahead and call upon in your field of expertise, then you are called in.

Now, in order to prepare me for this, very early on in my career they sent me to NBC School at Fort McCullen [sp], Alabama. It’s a three-week school. It’s for NBC personnel, NBC meaning Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical. And it would always be in the context of an NBC unit that I would be involved in UFO retrievals. You would go ahead and deploy as though it was a nuclear accident. There are procedures already established on nuclear or biological or chemical accidents. So you would proceed in that way. If you could get in there and do recoveries, if you could go in and extract the debris that are there quietly behind the scenes and no one knows, you’d do it. If you needed an officially sanctioned deception program to come into play, such as a bogus news release, you could do this also.

For example, if you have an airplane accident we have standard procedures on how we handle that. Those same procedures are utilized when you do a recovery or extraction of a crashed ET spacecraft or debris thereof. And I have to stress debris simply because these are highly advanced technical machines. There were not that many crashes. They are flawed because they are made by an intelligence that is as mortal as you or me. Being mortal, we are subject to error.

Now, we are talking about a highly intelligent civilization, not a highly incompetent civilization. We take steps and they take steps. But at the same time, when you go out, you make a recovery. And when you make that recovery, you handle it the same way you would as if you were out there on an airplane accident or you have a hazardous material type situation, because it works. It is all set up. The only problem you have is that you have people out there that are very quickly going to realize that this is not something of this planet. To be sure, with the Blue Fly recoveries [ET craft], you do what is called an on-site analysis.

In short, you have experts out there who know what missiles are, who know what aircraft are. They are looking at this material. They are telling you what it isn’t. This leaves you to only one possible conclusion, something that did not originate on the face of this planet. That was the intent of the Blue Fly teams. It was very critical to do an immediate on-site analysis. Now, the way you package the material if it is just debris is handled the same way you would if it was hazardous material. You took precautions. If you had a whole craft, you took very serious precautions because while I still state the ET’s are not hostile, you still could cause some serious accidents, which would result in death. I’m not going to get into how it was with the family when I had to leave on these operations because you get a little emotional because you think about what could happen…

Of course, you try to conceal the material, particularly if you have a large craft and it is disc shaped or say, wedge shape -- which is a very good shape that we get from time to time. And you take precautions particularly if you have to go ahead and put it on a truck to bring it in. If you have to put it on a truck to take it to a safe haven area, we track that truck. The truck has an 800 number so if there is a breakdown they can secure the vehicle and stay with it. But they have a number they can call and immediately get assistance out there to move that vehicle to a safe haven area. And there are procedures outlined in this. As a matter of fact, you have a shipping document. And that shipping document has the number right on it to call. So you use a code word -- I’ll give you one that we used all the time: Tabasco.

In the case of an ET craft, you are going to get a specialized team out there that knows what to do should there be a biological component. One of the big concerns we had was biological due to contamination as a result of this being truly of alien origin.

I am prepared to state that I have been at locations where craft of unknown origin that did not originate on the face of this planet were there. I am prepared to state that while I was there, we saw living and dead bodies of entities that were not born on this planet. I am prepared to state that we had what they referred to as "interfacing" with those entities. I am prepared to state that they have a school to try to indoctrinate people. I never went to that school. I always refused. I am prepared to state that when I got out of the service in 1990, that they held me for two months so that I might better reconsider to stay in and not get out. I am prepared to state that I had orders that stated that I was supposed to get out on December 1st of 1989, and that they revoked those orders. Once again, in violation of law they held me for two months pending approval of my retirement, which had already been approved. The purpose of that was to try to convince me to stay in.

We have contact with aliens not originating from some foreign country but from some other solar system. And I have been a party to that. I’ve worked it. I’ve been there. And I know some of the things we do is really, really, really, really terrible. They are not hostile toward us. We are the enemy in this instance -- but we are the enemy, I like to think, for the good reasons. We are concerned about what some other country might do. I have concluded that I am fighting against the clock. That I have but a short time to try to convince people that we are moving down an avenue where we are going to militarize space. Once we militarize space we will have a whole new avenue of technology open up to us.

NASA says it is going to take another 1,400 years before we achieve what we call interstellar travel. I’m telling you by the end of this century we will be doing that. If we do nothing to grow spiritually -- and this is a hard thing for me to state -- but if we do nothing to grow spiritually we will not achieve interstellar travel. They will stop us. What’s worse they will make themselves known to an unsuspecting people on this planet.

We want to acquire this technology. We want to make this technology part of our own technology. Within the next 25 years we are going to militarize space. As a result of militarizing space, we are going to acquire new technologies and we are going to evolve new technology that is going to lead us into interstellar travel. As a direct result, we will become a threat to them unless we spiritually grow also.

But I feel that if we do not grow spiritually we are forcing the situation where the entities will eventually make themselves known. And they will make themselves known. And no power on Earth can stop that from happening. The ET’s will do this in order to stop us from going out into space as a threat. If this should happen, it will happen to an unsuspecting world population and that can create some very serious problems.

[See the testimony of Dr. Carol Rosin regarding Wernher Von Braun’s concern over our weaponizing space. SG]

But this doesn’t deal just with the United States. It is a truth that the entire world has to be informed about. And that truth is that man is not alone, that we have people from other planets, from other solar systems coming here.

I believe that the intelligence community had good intentions when they classified information dealing with UFO’s. I believe that they asked some very serious and hard questions: What impact would it have if the peoples of the world knew that they were no longer alone in the universe, that they had intelligence that was visiting this planet? And I think that the intentions were good there. As intelligence agencies among nations, naturally you want to go ahead and acquire the technology for military application. So you want to try to keep some of that knowledge as confidential as possible by classifying it as high as you possibly can- keeping the information open to only a small handful of people thus, Special Access Programs. However, I believe that while it was full of good intentions in keeping this information classified, it is [now] hurting people.

I do not believe that any government has the right to try to make individuals who merely see UFO’s look crazy. I do not believe that any government has a right knowing that the psychology of specific individuals may ultimately lead to a tremendous amount of mental depression, ultimately, leading in many, many cases to suicide or self destruction. When we see these types of things coming about, we have an obligation to reconsider our thoughts and positions. I would suggest [that] we need to break down the walls of secrecy, that we must be responsible in getting the truth out. We must be responsible in how we get that truth out. And we must be truthful.

And it is not a scary story. You will learn that the ET’s have a perception of God. You find they have families. You find they have cultures. You find that they have likes and dislikes. You look for those things that are similar among us, not the differences. And that is the way you start on the path to truth. The problem that we have right now is that we look at them as something to talk about; something to marvel at and be amazed at.

Well, back to my own story, we had just finished the training that I took to be an NBC NCO. And a friend of mine brought me back to Fort Lee, Virginia. He was going to Fort Meade, Maryland and says, come on, I’ll give you a ride to your base. And we discussed UFO’s on the way to Fort Lee.

Several weeks after I got back to Fort Lee, I got a call from this person and I was going to visit him at Ft. Meade. When I got to Fort Meade where he was supposed to be, they said, well, he is going to be tied up we’ll talk to you later about his situation as soon as he gets free. This person says, by the way, have you ever been to the Pentagon? Well, at that time I had never been at the Pentagon. So they said, well, it is really a unique place. Why don’t we go ahead and give you the twenty-five cent tour. So we went on over. We went in. I had a little badge that was given to me, no picture on it. But the guy that was with me, his had a picture and he’d just tell the guards he is authorized to come with me. And he’d always be the one to get me in. Finally we got to a place that has an elevator. We went down on it- I don’t know how far down we went. I can’t tell you if there is one flight under the Pentagon, two, or fifty. But we went down. When we get out there, there are two monorails there. I mean, there are monorails under the Pentagon. They look like big tubes, rather thick in the center, one on each side. So you had these little monorails with cars that look like a bullet, where you could seat two people in front and two people in back. We got on the one monorail and started to go, it seemed like maybe 20 minutes, but I’m guessing at that because I don’t know for sure.

When we got out, he says, well, let me show you some interesting sites down this corridor here. So we are going down the corridor and it looked like there was a door at the far end of that corridor. As we got closer and closer to that door, my guide turned to me and stated, you know, things aren’t always as they seem to be. He says a lot of people don’t know about these underground locations underneath the Pentagon. Only a few know that the Pentagon has underground monorails that connect up to other locations. He says, it is just like the walls here -- they don’t all seem like walls. And I said, what do you mean they are not walls? I said, what are you talking about? I thought, you know, he was trying to make a joke. At that time he says, no, it is like the wall behind you. I look and it looks like a wall to me. There are no seams or anything I can see. Then he pushes me. I try to grab myself but there is actually a door that opened.

Well, when you go through the door there is like a field table there. And behind the field table you had this little entity. The entity was a little bigger than the 3, 3 1/2 foot tall entities that are a lot of times reported. But there were two men on either side of the table slightly behind the creature. When I turned around, I looked right into the eyes of this little creature. And you know, it’s like you are seeing it but everything is being pulled from your mind-he was reading my whole life. It is hard to describe what I really felt there- your life up to that point goes by in seconds. And I mean you were feeling everything.

I remember going down and grabbing a hold of my head like this and falling to the floor. The next thing I remember I wake up and I am back in my friend’s office [back at Fort Meade]. And when I’m back in Jack’s office they told me nothing happened that I had been there the whole day. But I knew better.

I will go this far to state that there is an interaction between entities and certain Government agencies within the U.S. Government. I will not go so far to state that they are giving us technologies to kill ourselves. They are not along that line. Their purpose in being here is for scientific purposes and for humanitarian purposes.

We have been very foolish in how we have done certain things and we have harmed ourselves. We now realize that we have harmed ourselves and we are trying to take corrective action. And that right there is the one thing that the ET’s are checking on. There is the biosphere that’s been damaged. They are not coming here to repair that. They are coming here to see how we handle it. But a government can’t be the one that shoulders all of the responsibility and shoulders all the knowledge and all the understanding. The whole situation is that we have to work in unison as a people, a united people. We must go ahead and start preparing ourselves to where we ultimately will take that giant step to where we are going to be visiting other planets out there in other solar systems. And we have to, once again, I’ll use the word, grow spiritually as a group of people, the people representing mankind on planet Earth. Yes there is some type- and I don’t know to what extent- but there is some type of dialogue that is taking place between our visitors of all species, because there is more than one, and the various governments- not just the U.S. Government, but of the worlds. Primarily, these are the more developed nations of the world because at present space faring nations represent the greatest threat to them.

Another early experience I had was an accidental viewing of something I was not supposed to see. We were in a facility and a friend and I went to a balcony area looking down over the briefing room. They had a Plexiglas window that separated the balcony and what was going on downstairs- you couldn’t hear what was being said. But we started to notice that they were running a film. And the film showed various types of what we would call UFO’s, today. It showed various types of alien creatures some that looked very much like us some that looked like us with marked differences. We were not aware of the fact that there were people now up there with us. And they said, what are you guys doing up here? And we told them, well you know we are just sitting up here eating our snacks because we didn’t want to go to the snack bar. They said, you need to come with us and you need to come with us now. So I mean they pushed us grabbing us by the nape, the shirt, and pushed us down the stairs.

Once they got down the stairs, they pushed us on out the doors and into a van. The van was right there waiting, a panel van, where they pushed us in and shut the door. And then they drove us off. We don’t know where they took us to but the location where we finally got out was a one-frame military style building. They took us in there, put us into this room. The room had the military cots there. It had one table with a light. And we were sitting back trying to figure out why are they doing this? Why is this going on?

On the fifth night, I got out and they drove me back to my billets. I reported in and went to bed because I was dead tired and all I wanted to do was get some sleep. The next morning, which was a Saturday morning, I am awakened by the CQ, that is, Charge of Quarters. And he says, I want to see you. Well, I was taken to see two men; one guy was acting like a good guy. The other guy went ahead and said, I told you we shouldn’t trust him. Let’s just take the so and so out. Let’s just end this. Let’s shoot him. And the nicer guy says, no, no, we’ll discuss this. And he sent the guy that was supposed to be the bad guy out- we use that technique sometimes in security- good cop, bad cop. The one that was supposed to be the bad guy, he went to get some food.

The good guy says, listen, he says, you like working with this UFO stuff. And I’m saying, no, I don’t. And he says, well, you know, you have experience with it. You’ve had some involvement. He says, and those were not phony pictures up there. He says, would you like to work with it? Would you like to work with us? I said, no I wouldn’t like that at all. Eventually he goes ahead and says, look, you like working with, you’ll get to work with it, you’ll get to learn more about it, he says. He says the whole situation is that by the end of this year we are going to release everything we know. But here again the world is not a safe place. We have to know more from a technological viewpoint and a military standpoint than potential enemies of this country know. So I’m asking you -- work with us. Well, I thought about it. And you know, I was young. And I thought this is something that I’ve actually been involved with all my life, that it’d be fun, that I could go ahead learn certain things, answers to the questions I had, actually get a better understanding of events in my life.

I do believe that, one, they wanted me in the military; two, they wanted me involved in this program; three, there wasn’t really concern about, if at some later date, I started to talk about it. They were only concerned what I might have to prove: If I had some little slivers of proof, what impact would that have on my story. But I know they did not want me out of the military. I know they wanted me to stay in. I know they wanted me to go ahead and go to what they referred to as The School. But I would never commit myself to go to what they were referring to as The School.

I was told that if you go to the school it will open up a whole new world for you, a whole new avenue. But I had to agree to it. And I had to go ahead and sign specific papers to go to it. And I was not prepared to go to that school. I had seen people who were involved with the program that had gone to that school and let me just say I didn’t like their personality. I did not like the idea that by you going there it made you something special, it made you a prima donna, if you wish. That was not the way it was supposed to be. I felt that one of the greatest things you can be is a servant and not vice versa.

So some of these people, I did not like their disposition. I did not like their attitudes. And I did not want to become like them. And one of my fears was if I went to the school it would change me the same way.

Now, there are events, there are recoveries [of ET craft]. But the recoveries are few and far between. One of the events that took place in 1969 was a recovery of a craft that was a wedge shape craft and took place in Indian Town Gap. Now, I know it was cold and I believe it to have been in the winter but there was no snow. We were on a field training exercise, the 96th Civil Affairs Group. I was part of the 96th Civil Affairs Company. I was the NBC Non-Commissioner Officer in Charge. We were notified that they had an incident involving a downed craft and we needed to assist in recovery. The persons that showed up knew exactly where we were going and we went to our staging area. From there we went to another location in Indian Town Gap. We didn’t have any problems about civilians or curiosity seekers or anything like this. The situation is, we did the recovery. I realized that what I was seeing was not of human origin.

When we got there, there was already a team set up. Floodlights were always set up around the object. I was asked to get closer and closer to the object to take readings with the APD 27. As I did this, I realized what I was seeing was not of an Earthly origin. I’m hesitant to go into it too much, because I don’t want to get emotional about it…

Bentwaters is another very interesting case. With Bentwaters, we went there to digest some of the information. As far as the physical evidence, there were photographs. There was film footage. There was evidence of a higher than normal background radiation. Not all that high, but above normal. We found that there were some abnormalities in the area we referred to as the impact point. We also noticed that the trees had been leveled off at the top. When we got there, it was late December, I want to say December 28th was the day that we arrived there.

[See the testimony regarding this event from Larry Warren, Nick Pope, et al. SG]

We gathered up the materials. We took these materials back to Lindsey Air Force Base, all the hard evidence that we could get, all the documentation that was there. There were sightings that were picked up on radar. Both the British Government and the U.S. Government were aware of these sightings. The hard evidence that we had was taken back to Lindsey Air Force Base. There it was digested to where there was some type of information that could be put out to brief Shape Headquarters [NATO]. And I don’t know who in Shape Headquarters was briefed. But I do know that we did have to do that. The information was then put with the special courier. I believe it was coming back to an air base close to the Washington, D.C. area and that the materials transferred on to Fort Belvoir, Virginia, headquarters at the time of the U.S. Air Forces Special Field Activities Group, Air Forces Field Activities Center. They then took this material, did whatever they did with it, and came up with the finalized intelligence product.

The reason it went to Lindsey was because the U.S. Air Forces Field Activities Center had detachments in the field. The closest detachment in the field to Bentwaters would have been Lindsey Air Force Base. They were the ones that got the material. They were the ones that were charged with safeguarding it until it got back to the U.S. They were asking questions, hard questions, critical questions. They were asking technical questions of technical people that were involved. I know for a fact that some of the radar operators, both British and U.S. were questioned. I know some of the people were out there on two different nights and they were questioned.

I was also involved with the Belgian UFO events in June, July of 1989. We were assessing information, gathering data on the UFO over flights of Belgium. The UFOs also went all over Germany. We had one incident there on the border near the Soviet territory. We saw that the Soviets were pretty upset because this was a huge object. It was triangular shape about three football fields on either side of the triangle. It flew over what we call No-Man’s Zone. As it flew over there we all were getting jittery.

It was, I’d say summer, about August. You could feel your hair standing up on end. It was more than just, you know, getting shivers because of fright or something like this. There was some type of physiological effect taking place. Once this incident subsided, we put fighters on alert. We notified them that we may have a Soviet craft coming across the gap and we were going to intercept it. The Soviets did the same thing. It went back over the Soviet airspace and they scrambled fighters to try to intercept it. It wasn’t traveling fast at all. But on this particular night no one fired at it.

There were pictures taken. There was consultation with the Soviet Union. With this going on, everyone was taken in and briefed. People were informed that what they saw was nothing more than a Russian MIG 27 that had strayed across into the area far enough into the No-Man’s Zone to create a problem and cause some alarm. But it was no MIG 27. We knew exactly what we were looking at. You have flashcards which are silhouettes of the various craft of the Soviet Union and even our own.

So we knew precisely what we were looking at. What we saw was a craft that was of an unusual origin. It was not aerodynamically sound. And when I state it was not aerodynamically sound, I mean it had no means of staying aloft like that without some visible means of aerial support like a helicopter. That wasn’t there. It was perfectly silent not making any noise roughly three stories high. This was one of the incidents that got me a little concerned, made me think about wanting to get out and come back to the family, to have some family life. We had the incident escalate. We had it escalate to where the Soviet Union filed an official protest through the Belgium Government to the U.S. Government stating that they were very concerned about the Belgium authorities along with several other countries letting us fly stealth aircraft on reconnaissance missions into the Soviet Union. We notified and discussed it with the Soviet Union. We briefed at least the Soviet Military Liaison Mission Groups that this had nothing to do with our involvement of sending stealth aircraft into their territory.

The Soviet Union was alarmed about what was going on. They even alluded to it being our craft. They were reassured that it wasn’t. We reassured the Belgium authorities that it wasn’t. The Belgium authorities had their own UFO sightings. We have seen this on TV. What you don’t know about those sightings is that there was a tremendous- I don’t want to call it a cover-up- there was a movement to keep specific information about those sightings under wraps. There were some efforts to go ahead and alter the film footage of the radar screens to the point where it showed the UFO going underground, which it did not. I think it was supposed to have gone 600 feet into the Earth. That did not happen. It was visible. People saw it. The pilots saw it. The pilot’s aircraft locked on to it. But these were things that would create more questions that we were willing to answer. So we decided to keep this out of the press. And we were successful at it.

[See the government documents related to this event and the following. SG]

Another case we were involved with was the Iranian incident of September 19th, 1976. Both fighters were taken apart to try to find out if there was any way we could explain what really happened to those fighters which were having malfunctions at the same time. There was a situation where we had some anomalies picked up out where the sighting was- where one of the Air Force pilots saw the UFO go down to the ground. We recorded those anomalies with audio devices. We took film footage of the area and there were some strange things that showed up on that film footage. Everything that took place there at the landing area, I am not privy to. I don’t have all the information. It wasn’t something I had to be involved in. But I can tell you this much, whatever took place there had people out there for two to three weeks.

In 1986, I believe it was, we fired at a UFO on two occasions. The UFO took off like nothing happened. In ‘86 you had the incident where you had 20 or more UFO’s flying around Brazilian aircraft, flying rings around them. These documents are important.

Not more than two-dozen UFOs had been retrieved by 1969 when I was briefed first. We were informed that there had only been a couple dozen tops- that there were several in the ‘40’s and the early 50’s. And to make it perfectly clear about those events that took place then, it sounds crazy but our radar wreaked havoc on the ET guidance systems and they had to make adjustments to their guidance systems for that.

How many bodies had been recovered? Don’t know. How many crashes have occurred in which we only got debris because the ET’s came and did their recovery before we got there? Don’t know but it has happened. It has happened. When they had problems, just like we send out a distress call, they send out a distress call, which is something that a lot of people don’t think about; it’s a question that’s never asked. But here again we think of them as something intangible like that stuffed animal there. But they are living, breathing creatures as mortal as you and me. They think, they have loves, they have likes, they have dislikes, they have social culture.

This is so important to try to make people understand that that is the case. I want to put the human factor back into UFO’s. And when I say the human factor, I mean that these are real people. You can call them entities. You can call them creatures. But you sometimes find yourself wondering: who are the more real people, them or us? And these are things that really need to be brought out- the fact that they are just like you and me. We need to seek out the similarities, not the differences and come to a greater understanding. Because eventually, in the not too distant future, we are going to have that final contact that is going to open new doors…

A lot of people sit back and say, well, they don’t have bases here. Ah, yeah, they do.

We were involved in a major engagement in 1970 in one of their bases in Vietnam approximately seven miles from the Cambodian border. If you want to know more about that, I did an audiotape on that. And I’ll make you a copy of the audiotape. I will apologize for actually trying to hold back from some of the stories simply because if I start talking about some of the stories you start reliving them. And you don’t understand, I mean, you really don’t understand…

Testimony of Major-General Vasily Alexeyev

March 1997

(Our deepest gratitude to Valery Uvarov for interviewing Major General

Alexeyev and to Michael Hesemann for sharing this interview.)

Major-General Alexyev, of the Space Communications Center in Russia, is considered one of the most knowledgeable Russian Generals. He states that if extraterrestrials are capable of traversing vast distances, then they are probably from a higher level of civilization. And if this is true then they must be concerned with normal development of relations between people – constructive progress, not destructive. He says that if we look at our Earth history, we will see a tale of self-destruction, murder and death of entire peoples. He believes that advanced civilizations would not tolerate such behavior because their life would have a different meaning and be understood in a larger context.

Major-General Alexyev knows of many eyewitness reports of unusual craft documented in specific Soviet papers. Various departments within the Government began investigating this phenomena including the Defense Ministry and the Academy of Sciences. They have many reports of UFO’s seen over locations containing high concentrations of advanced science like nuclear facilities. In some cases they have learned how to create situations where they could deliberately provoke the appearance of UFO’s, and in these ‘contacts’ for example, they would point their arms in various directions and the UFO’s would respond by flattening their spheres in the same direction. There was a case just outside Moscow where a warrant officer found himself at the site of a UFO landing and the extraterrestrials made contact with him telepathically and asked him if he would like to visit inside the craft.

VA: Vasily Alexeyev VU: Valery Uvarov

VA: …The information coming in from the bases was of interest if only because it was not merely talk and rumors; there were eye-witnesses to phenomena and that was reflected in specific documents and the reports of officials. At times this information was of such a fascinating nature that it was impossible not to believe it. Later the question no longer seemed so fantastic and began to be examined at the level not only of the Defense Ministry, but of other government departments as well. This interest specifically expressed itself in certain experts being sent to investigate, especially to those places where UFOs, let’s call them that, appeared quite frequently. I know a whole number of military bases in that category. As a rule they are objects of strategic significance, rocket complexes, scientific test establishments, in other words, there is a high concentration of advanced science and, to some degree, danger. Because every nuclear rocket, every new air force installation represents a breakthrough both in science and military terms; it is first and foremost a peak, the summit of human achievement. And that is where UFOs appeared fairly often. Moreover, individual officers and commanders on the spot who knew about the phenomenon and had no official instruction on the matter, acted on their own initiative to investigate UFOs, recording data, and so on. I know that in some places they even learned to create a situation which would deliberately provoke the appearance of a UFO. A UFO would appear where there was increased military activity connected, say, with the transportation of "special" loads. It was enough to artificially stimulate or schedule such a move for a UFO to appear. In other words, some kind of conditional relationship emerged. And they detected it. We’re an intelligent nation; nothing escapes us. I know that at certain testing ranges – I won’t name them, although it’s no longer a secret – they even learnt to make contact of a kind. What did that consist of? First the UFO appeared; in most instances it was a sphere, but there were other kinds. Contact was achieved with the help of physical indications of behavior – pointing your arms in various directions, say, and the sphere became flattened in the same direction. If you raised your arms three times, the UFO flattened out in a vertical direction three times as well.

In the early 1980s, on the instructions of the then Soviet leadership, experiments using technical devices (theodolites, radar stations, and others) were carried out as a result of which the unidentified objects were firmly recorded as instrumental data…

Reports of UFO sightings came in regularly. And evidently somewhere nearer the core of our leadership in the sphere of the Defense Ministry, the Academy of Sciences and so on, a lot of this kind of information began to build up. And not only from ordinary laymen, but from scientists and professionals as well. Military men in general are not inclined to fantasize. They only report what they see, what actually occurs. They are people you can believe. You should not forget that the arms race was still going on at this time, a struggle for military and other priorities. New discoveries in science and technology were being made all the time. The UFOs were something new and not understood. And there really was an idea that they might be some means of gathering intelligence… But it is interesting that one of the official versions from the commission, including among the final points, was the possibility that UFOs belonged to an extraterrestrial civilization! That was interesting! …

By the nature of my work I received information from various military units across Russia, the Soviet Union, as it then was. I know that that material was sent on without any explanations or annotations to the relevant bodies higher up. I was aware that there were groups engaged in investigating UFOs, and perhaps something more, but at that time the level of secrecy over this question was such that all that took place was receiving information and subsequently sending it on higher up: People came to see me, but, as we were military men, there were no explanations of any kind. They simply said they were interested in this or that. Then they came up with a table with pictures of all the shapes of UFOs that had ever been recorded – about fifty – ranging from ellipses and spheres through to something resembling spaceships. Witnesses were asked what it looked like, then they pinned down the locality and so on. After which all the material was passed on. As a result, it is hard to say how the work was continued, to what extent it was scientific. I knew that some kind of work was going on in the Defense Ministry, the Academy of Sciences and the intelligence services. But things were such that those who weren’t directly connected with the investigations didn’t know what was going on. We only provided the information. I must admit that there was an awful lot of information. And here, around Moscow, above many air-defense sites, testing-ranges and other installations – those are the places where UFOs appear most often…

It is a global issue, a geopolitical one. I am sure that the Americans and other countries have built up a large quantity of this kind of information. I am certain today that there is a great deal of this information. And anyway, this issue, like thermonuclear weapons, is a global one. It is a question of the survival of humanity, considering how poor our conceptions about the environment and energy resources are, the ecological problems that are emerging. We burn up the oxygen and do a lot of other things, and in the last resort it is hard to say where we will end up and to what extent these processes are irreversible. A way out has to be found; there must be some kind of breakthrough. With those problems in mind, the study of UFOs may reveal some new forms of energy to us, or at least bring us closer to a solution. Therefore, questions bound up with the UFOs and all the accompanying phenomena are, I believe on the whole, the concern of all mankind. And here our leaders at the relevant level should take matters seriously and find an acceptable solution. Many prominent scientists of world rank have spoke of the need for such an approach. Why it hasn’t come about yet is hard to say… Many countries today have reached a certain level in science and in the study of this question. We have obtained certain results and at present the issue is the creation of some single body that would bring together all our knowledge on this matter. I believe things would be easier then. The Americans have got something interesting, so have we. Conclusions have been made and data assembled, for years gone by as well, and now they have been "shelved" somewhere. Perhaps it would be enough to put one thing together with another for the whole question to appear in a completely different light…

There was a case with us outside Moscow when two warrant officers felt an inner urge to go outside. And one of them found himself directly at the landing site of a flying device. He made mental contact – not at the level of speech, but telepathically, in thought forms. He was given an invitation to visit the space-ship, but due to fear or some purely personal reasons he couldn’t accept. Later he made some interesting drawings of the ship. I saw their explanatory notes and drawings depicting what they had seen. Their account was supplemented by the reports and drawings of the duty officers and their deputies and a whole number of conscripts who were on guard duty. In all the accounts, the place and time were compatible and the drawings of the ship flying away had much in common…

When you have the mass of documentary material which I have worked with, from specific people, eye-witnesses, and that over a period of several years, in different regions, then your attitude to the UFO phenomenon naturally changes. You know, I have kept some photographs for myself…

There are a large number of facts like that, inexplicable for contemporary science. As if some kind of intelligence was reacting.

VU: What do you think – are UFOs representatives of other civilizations?

VA: I think that if their level of civilization allows them to move in space across great distances, possibly in other forms of material – and that is indeed the case – then at their level of development, when it comes down to it, they are also concerned about normal relations between people, some sort of progress, ultimately the survival of intelligent life, if it does exist in the world. And if we look at the Earth from that point of view, then our whole history is a tale of self-destruction, and not creation. It’s the history of murders and the death of whole peoples. Not a singe truly civilized society could tolerate that. Life has a different meaning. No normal person can walk past if a child is drowning! They will save it, if only because the child represents their future. And the higher the level of civilization, the greater the awareness of that. If that works at the level of the single individual, then it will also work at the level of civilizations. But they do not interfere nevertheless, because each civilization should develop independently, according to certain laws. Outside interference in natural processes is always a risky business. But some sort of correction, not allowing processes of disintegration to being when they will bring the history of civilization to an end, is evidently included in the plans of the Higher Intelligence.

Testimony of Master Sergeant Dan Morris, USAF (Retired)/ NRO Operative

September 2000

Dan Morris is a retired Air Force career Master Sergeant who was involved in the extraterrestrial projects for many years. After leaving the Air Force, he was recruited into the super-secret National Reconnaissance Organization, or NRO, during which time he worked specifically on extraterrestrial-connected operations. He had a cosmic top-secret clearance (38 levels above top secret) which, he states, no U.S. president, to his knowledge, has ever held. In his testimony, he talks of assassinations committed by the NSA; he tells how our military deliberately caused the 1947 ET craft crashes near Roswell, and captured one of the ETs, which they kept at Los Alamos for 3 years, until he died. He talks about the intelligence teams that were charged with intimidating, discrediting, and even eliminating witnesses to ET/UFO events. He talks about Germany’s re-engineering of UFOs, even prior to WWII. He talks about our current energy crisis — and the fact that we haven’t needed fossil fuels since the 1940s, when free energy technologies were developed — but have been kept from humanity. This is the real reason for the secrecy of the ET/UFO subject. "What the people in power right now don’t want us to know is that this free energy is available to everybody." In conclusion, he warns against the weaponization of space and the shooting down of ET craft — this could force them to retaliate, and that would be our destruction.

I had a clearance 38 levels above top secret, which is cosmic top-secret -it is the top of all of those clearances. It is for UFOs, and aliens, etc. No president has had that level, has ever been cleared for that level. Eisenhower was the closest. Well, there are several intelligence agencies- the Army had it, the Air Force had it, the Navy had it. And then there were several secret intelligence agencies. One that did not exist, it was so secret, was the NRO. You couldn’t mention NRO. It is the National Reconnaissance Organization. If you’re on that level, then there’s an organization worldwide called ACIO, that’s Alien Contact Intelligence Organization. If you pay your dues and you follow the rules, your government is allowed to benefit from that organization’s information. Now some people call it the high frontier. The Navy Intelligence refer to themselves that way sometimes. And they all work together. Air Force intelligence, Naval intelligence, and the NRO were at one time all in a certain part of Langley Air Force Base in Virginia. And most of the satellite interpreters were there, most of the intelligence interpreters from the Air Force, the Army, the Navy were there, that’s where they worked and interpreted.

Now, Eisenhower wanted somebody to be in charge, he tried the CIA Director, and it didn’t work. The CIA was working primarily for itself. Most of the intelligence directors of the services were working for themselves. So he said, "I want it to be independent, I want it to be civilian. I want it to be some of our top scientists." So it was organized but the name of the NRO was kept secret for years.

About 1968 was when it came into being independently. Now before that, during the war, we had the OSS, the Office of Strategic Services, and that was mostly spy soldiers, you know, men from certain parts of the armed forces formed under the OSS. I never spied for the OSS. I was in Air Force intelligence. And another thing that gave me a high security clearance was I was a CONRAD courier…

And so when I retired from the Air Force, they knew that I knew some of this stuff, and so that’s why they gave me the chance to go work for somebody else who knew that too -- the NRO.

The National Security Agency- the killers work in that. They’re the guys that, when it becomes necessary for a ‘problem’ to be removed, they’re…if you watch James Bond, they’re double-O agents, if you get my meaning. And Secretary of Defense Forestall was the first real powerful known person that was eliminated because he was going to release the information. And nobody has ever paid for that crime, that crime has never really been thoroughly investigated by forces to see what happened to him. But most people know that he was thrown out the window of a hospital - but he wasn’t killed by being thrown out the window, but he never got up alive…

There are other people who have been eliminated for what they know. One was a friend of mine, Phil Snyder, who worked out here in New Mexico building the tunnels- the biggest one that he was involved with was the Dulce underground facility. …

And I know that Phil loved this country and he thought these programs were bypassing our form of government. The way it was set up, there were too many black projects going on, and none were approved by our Congress.

[See the testimony of Clifford Stone. SG]

No Congress ever voted on any of these black projects, and he believed the American people had a right to know what they were spending their money for and what we were capable of doing. And he started talking, so they got rid of him…

But myself, I’m 73 years old and I’ve had a good life and no regrets, and I’ve loved this country and I’ve been a Christian all my life, since I was about 11 years old, so I believe God wants this known, and I believe the cosmos wants this known. And I believe that if we don’t break the secrecy… we’re doing our people a great harm keeping it so secret. And if we don’t break it, I believe somebody else will. Somebody outside of this planet. I believe some of the people who have been with us the last fifty years will break the secret…

Now the two guys who were down there, I told them, "You got your cameras - Official Air Force cameras? Go outside and take pictures, go out and tell me what you see." And they came back and said, "There are UFOs sitting out there in formation!" I said, "Well, take pictures, get the cameras and take pictures." And I told the other two, turn the radar cameras on, because we had radar cameras that took pictures, too.

So that was all there, and this building we were in had one whole side that was glass French doors, so if you set the radarscope, you’d look outside and see there were UFOs. And so I called headquarters. I said, "Okay, we have a contact." He says, "You mean SAC is running a mission against you?" I said, "Not SAC, not SAC." He says, "What, then?" I said, "Cosmos." He said, "Wait a minute. Describe them on the phone." So, there was a switch you could throw that scrambles everything. "So I said, okay, my phone’s scrambled, is yours scrambled?" "Mine’s scrambled." He says, "What do you mean, you’ve got a cosmic contact?" I said, "I mean there are three UFOs sitting out there." "You taking pictures?" "We’re taking pictures." "You taking radar pictures?" "We’re taking radar pictures, taking real pictures." He says, "Okay, don’t say another word, I will send a courier up there, he’ll get there in about six hours, you turn everything over to him." And I said, "Okay." So, about six hours later, he’s there, we’ve got everything sealed up for him, we give it to him. He heads back to Air Proving Ground Command, and we were never, officially notified that they ever received those pictures- it went secret, it went black, like it never happened. But, we had copies of the pictures. So I told the guys, the five, I said, "Okay, guys, here’s a copy for all of you. Keep them for your grandkids…"

Do you know why we stopped exploding nuclear weapons? We were ordered to do it by those ETs from Orion. Orion - they came down and they told us, "Look, you can destroy yourselves, so we won’t put up with that. And if you do that, if you explode that planet, and you’ve got the capability now…" That’s when we really got their attention and they came down and they said, "Look, we won’t let you destroy your planet." So we want you to stop all nuclear testing. They had already stopped us from using weapons. And then they told us, "No more nuclear testing." Now Russia and the United States, we were firm believers by then that those people could do what they said. And you saw the time they all showed up over Washington, D.C., and we went our jets up after them, and every time the jets would go up, the UFOs would zap out, or they’d go to another dimension. The jets would come back to base and the UFOs would be back over Washington. Scared the hell out of everybody in Washington, what are they going to do?

What happened was that we found out that high-powered radar would interfere with their stability, because we could watch the amplifiers and stabilizers come down when they were low and slow. Radar affected the UFOs when they were low and slow. We already knew that, we knew it before ‘47, before they came down. And where was most of our radar? White Sands, and down at Roswell. Who was stationed at Roswell? The only nuclear bomb squadron in the world. So they were interested and we had a lot of radar there, because we were going to protect as much as we could. Well, we focused several, big, powerful radars on them, and it caused two of them to run together. One of them was the one that went down and landed on the ranch, the other was the one that went down into the bank and it had two aliens on it lying outside when we got there. One of them was wounded or hurt, and the other was alive then, but before we could get him anywhere, he had already passed on. But the other we kept at Los Alamos over here for about three years. He got sick. We sent out on every frequency range we could and everything that he was sick, that we didn’t do it, that they could come and get him if they wanted to. But he died before they got here. But they came and got his body, and that’s when they went to Washington and had that formation over Washington. So they retrieved his body.

One time we shot down one and we were catching hell for that. But what do you think we did with all these nuclear weapons that we and Russia had? We put nuclear weapons out in space as a line of defense. And we were ready to blow them up if they started in. …

I became part of a group that would investigate, gather the information, and in the beginning it was still under the Blue Book, Snowbird and different covert programs. I would go interview people who claimed they had seen something and try to convince them they hadn’t seen something or that they were hallucinating. Well, if that didn’t work, another team would come in and give all the threats. And threaten them and their family and so on and so forth. And they would be in charge of discrediting them, making them look foolish and so on and so forth. Now if that didn’t work, then there was another team that put an end to that problem, one way or another. …

So, there would be cover stories deliberately put out and then de-bunked. Information, disinformation has been going on for 50 years.

We need help with most of the guys who signed the security oath- that’s the reason he needs to keep doing what he’s doing. You know, SG. And get us out from under that. And this needs to come out.

Germany recovered two UFOs before. It was 1931, ‘32, and they took them to Germany and started, like we do now, re-engineering. They got ahead, and even before the war started, they had a workable UFO…

We’ve got plenty of film, documentary film to show that in the archives. And then we got a whole bunch more from the Germans after the war, because we brought, not only Von Braun, but we brought Scharberger over here and some of their electromagnetic people who were working on the UFOs. And he gave us a jump on everybody else.

Now the Russians took some people, too, but we had the main ones. Scharberger was out here in New Mexico, and he helped us in White Sands and other places around New Mexico. And then he felt we’d done him wrong and he went home and two weeks after he went home he was killed.

UFOs are both extraterrestrial and man made. Well, the guys that were doing the UFOs, they weren’t sleeping, and Townsend Brown was one of our guys who was almost up with the Germans. So we had a problem. We had to keep Townsend Brown- what he was doing on anti-gravity electromagnetic propulsion secret. Even back in Tesla’s time, we had free energy that we could transfer. All you had to do was just put up an antennae and put a stake in the ground and you could light this house and have all the energy you needed. But what do we run on? For the last century, we’ve run on petroleum. Who’s in control of the petroleum in the world? A lot of people think that Iraq, Iran, and so on, are. They aren’t. We control it, us and the British interests. Well, some people refer to this as the secret government. A group of the richest men in the world control petroleum. And you don’t need cars unless you have an internal combustion engine. Well, if you have one of these units that’s about sixteen inches long and about eight inches high and about ten inches wide, then you don’t need to plug into the local electric company. These devices burn nothing. No pollution. It never wears out, because there are no moving parts. What moves are electrons, in the gravity field, in the electronic field, and they turn in opposite directions, okay? You put one in a car- the car would rust and fall down around it before it would ever wear out. So what’s that going to do to the world economy that runs on petroleum?

So it’s not that our government and the world doesn’t want us to know that there are other people on other planets that have existed for thousands of years. What the people in power right now don’t want us to know is that this free energy is available to everybody. …

The American people are stronger than the government gives them credit for, and I believe that, I’ve come to that decision myself. That the American people can stand to know the truth, and they should know the truth, and that’s one reason I’m coming forward. I want them to know that there’s a better life possible…

You know the South African Government admits that they retrieved an ET craft. They don’t make any bones about it. And they put out a documentary film that has a police sergeant who’s saying that they recovered one- it even shows you pictures of the recovery and so on and so forth. Now, what I’ve read is that an agreement was made between our government and them, that we would not say anything about them developing and using their first nuclear weapon. That if we couldn’t support them in the U.N., that we’d keep our mouths shut, and they would give us that ET ship, and we agreed to it, and they did. We sent a C-5A Galaxy over and brought the ship back as well as the two aliens that they had gotten out of the ship. They went to Wright-Pat Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, where we usually send most of what we recover. There are about eight levels under the ground, and we store it there.

So who’s our enemy now? Now some would like for us to believe and would like to develop the idea that the aliens are our enemy now. There’s no proof that I have ever read in any official document where, unless they were attacked, that they ever shot. And one instance I’ll tell you about involved Russia. Now this involved an admiral who had a son who was a MIG pilot in their air force. We had an F-18 up in Alaska. And the Russians would send their badgers and their beavers out, they’d send their MIGs out, so the 21st Fighter Squadron in Alaska, they’d go up and intercept them. And they were all armed. Fortunately nobody fired. So our controller saw, when these MIGs were mixing it up, that there was another ship that moved in, and our controller was listening to the Russians say, "Intercept that ship." They referred to it as ship, it wasn’t anything we knew or the Russians knew. And so the two MIGs started intercepting. Our guy was told by our controller, "Get out of there, stay in view, but don’t you try to intercept that ship!" So as soon as the Russian fighters turned on their armament targeted the UFO, the missiles were both destroyed just like that, one after the other. Our guy wasn’t shot at, and he came on back home. And that was by a two-star Russian general who told that story. And they also interviewed the admiral whose son had told that story to him…

I think the aliens are aware that we’re trying to build weapons against them. Now I’ll tell you, we do have a defense, we’re capable of shooting some down. We’ve developed that ability. Eisenhower warned the United States public, "Don’t let the military and the industrial weapons builders get in power." He always feared that, and if you look at his last speech, he said that to the public. Don’t let them become too powerful. So, we better wake up. We’ve tried to shoot down several UFOs. And we’ve been successful, we crashed one in White Sands, New Mexico. We were tracking it at the time and we were successful in damaging it enough that it crashed. And yes, there were some aliens on it and yes, we got them. This happened about ‘68 or ‘69, about the same time the South Africans did it. …

We don’t have a threat from Russia anymore, but if we keep shooting at those aliens, we might have a threat from them. We should quit that. We should demand that our government stop trying to shoot down those aliens. We should cooperate.


Testimony of Mr. Don Phillips, Lockheed Skunkworks, USAF, and CIA Contractor

December 2000

Don Phillips was in the Air Force at Las Vegas Air Force Base during an event when UFOs were seen moving at enormous speeds near Mt. Charleston, northwest of Las Vegas. In addition, he worked with Kelly Johnson at the Lockheed Skunkworks — on design and construction of the U-2 and the SR-71 Blackbird. He testifies that we not only have these extraterrestrial devices, but have also achieved tremendous technological advances from their study. He states that in the 1950s and 1960s, NATO did research into the origin of ET races, and disseminated reports to the leaders of various countries. Mr. Phillips further states that there are records and filmed documentation of meetings in California in 1954 between ETs and leaders of the USA. He lists a few of the technologies we were able to develop because of the ETs: computer chips, lasers, night vision, bulletproof vests, and concludes, "Are these ET people hostile? Well, if they were hostile, with their weaponry they could have destroyed us a long time ago — or could have done some damage." Mr. Phillips now develops technologies that can help eliminate environmental pollutants and reduce the need for fossil fuels: energy generation systems that use natural energies from planet Earth.

DP: Mr. Don Phillips SG: Dr. Steven Greer

DP: So Angels Peak was a classified radar installation. And, it’s, a lot of radar installations, as we know them, are up in the middle of no where. We would monitor the aircraft coming from Las Vegas into Area 51 or whatever passed by. And, it was whatever passed by that became most interesting one night, in 1966, to ‘67. That night, I heard a lot of commotion about 1:00 in the morning.

We were at 8,000 feet; the radar domes were at 10,500, approximately. So I decided to get up and walked up to the main road, and up near my office. I got to the area where the fellows were standing- there was a group of about five people- and they were looking up in the air. And, I looked up in the air and saw these objects, lighted objects, moving at tremendous speeds… Right at that instant I saw these things making acute angles and traveling, I would estimate 3,000 to 4,000 miles per hour. And, then immediately making acute turns. I knew that they weren’t ours…

And, then, all of a sudden, they seemed to group, from what would be hundreds of miles in the sky to the west. And they came into a circle, rotated into a circle, and then disappeared. And, I thought, wow, what a show.

So, the security Sergeant happened to be on duty. And, we all looked at each other and said, gee, this is really something. And, he said, well, we shouldn’t really say anything about this.

Well, I had a buddy that was chief radar operator named Anthony Kasar…

He was almost as white as a sheet. He took one step down the steps and he looked at me and he said, did you see those? And, I said, yeah, we’ve been watching them- some of the fellows have been watching them for the last four to five minutes. And, I’ve seen them for a little more than 90 seconds. He says, we saw them on the radar screen and we documented them. He says, they are not bogeys. They are not apparitions. They are real solid objects. And, of course, they would have to be in order to get a fix with radar, the kind of radar we used there, it would have to be a solid object. And, it’s not that we tracked them with the radar- they would go in and out of the signal and register that way. He finally documented that there were six to seven. The speeds that we estimated were also estimated by the radar operators and their scopes.

SG: What did they estimate?

DP: They estimated, around, 3,800 to 4,200 miles per hour equivalent, ground speed. These things are darting across the sky. First they look like a star. And then they move, in any direction or make any kind of a straight line, or just hover. …

These UFOs were huge. And they would just come to a stop and do a 60 degree, 45 degree, 10 degree turn, after stopping. And, then immediately reverse this action. …

SG: Had you heard of anti-gravity propulsion systems being worked on while you were at Lockheed Skunkworks?

DP: The propulsion system that you are asking about, I heard that it existed. But, the left hand never knew what the right hand was doing, and, for good reason. …

We have records from 1954 that were meetings between our own leaders of this country and ET s here in California. And, as I understand it from the written documentation, we were asked if we would allow them to be here and do research. I have read that our reply was, well, how can we stop you, you are so advanced? And, I will say by this camera and this sound, that it was President Eisenhower that had this meeting. And, it was on film, sort of like what we are doing now. Bringing it up to date, the NATO report gave that there were 12 races. To make a final summary, they had to have contacts to go to these races in order to understand who they are, what they are doing, and what they could do. …

Are these ET people hostile? Well, if they were hostile, with their weaponry they could have destroyed us a long time ago, or could have done some damage. …

The reason they crashed is that their guidance mechanism was interrupted by our radar and by some equipment that we have.

Even more validating for me was that one of our contract scientists for our private concern, Light City Technologies, Incorporated, worked with these technologies. He worked with a couple of those technologies while he was with a very prominent intelligence agency of the United States Government.

The one person that I’ve talked to outside of the military or the government level is SG. And, the reason for that is because he makes it the professional approach, which is more in line with the way we were in the military.

About the ET lenses: there were some eyeball coverings that allowed the people inside the craft that made the journey across space to see in the minimal light that we know is now present during space travel. These lenses magnified light, but also brought in a certain type of clarity. And, my reason for mentioning this was that it was Earth doctors and specialists that got them into the removal and study of these lenses.

I think a lot of this has been well documented by Colonel Corso. You know, who was there with him? Well, there were a lot of people there with him. But a lot of the things that are said in the book by Colonel Corso, I can verify, corroborated by people that I have worked with and do work with now. So, I can say what I know about it is very true. The pathway that it took, that’s another story. We talk about hidden technologies and why don’t they let people know about it? Well, they hide it from the public. Well, hey, there is probably a good reason for some of it.

The Government didn’t understand it themselves. Being in the Air Force, maybe we didn’t fully know what it was. Take those technologies from Roswell, it took a while to figure out how they worked before we knew what to make from it and then how to get it into industry, how can it benefit the people. …

I learned one thing from an associate scientist- somebody for whom I have the greatest, the highest respect- who was with the CIA. He says the first thing we want to determine is who is turning the wheels on any project-this is what I did when I was with the CIA.

You see, who is turning the wheels? What is the motivation? Why is it being done? I asked, right after we first talked, why is Dr. Steven Greer doing this? I’ve done my research- maybe a lot of it. And, I’ve watched what’s happening. And, you’ve been very dedicated to what you are doing, and professional. That’s why I am here tonight. That is why I am speaking with you…

Well, SG, one of the purposes for founding this technology corporation that I did in 1998 was to bring forth these technologies that can help get rid of the toxins -- that can clean the air, that help get rid of the need for so much fossil fuel or help it become more efficient. Yes, it is time. I can tell you, personally, that it has already started.

And I can prove what we have come up with. We can prove it…

Testimony of Captain Bill Uhouse, USMC (ret.)

October 2000

Bill Uhouse served 10 years in the Marine Corps as a fighter pilot, and four years with the Air Force at Wright-Patterson AFB as a civilian doing flight-testing of exotic experimental aircraft. Later, for the next 30 years, he worked for defense contractors as an engineer of antigravity propulsion systems: on flight simulators for exotic aircraft — and on actual flying discs. He testifies that that the first disc they tested was the re-engineered ET craft that crashed in Kingman, Arizona in 1958. He further testifies that the ET’s presented a craft to the US government; this craft was taken to Area 51, which was just being constructed at the time, and the four ET’s that accompanied the craft were taken to Los Alamos. Mr. Uhouse’s specialty was the flight deck and the instruments on the flight deck — he understood the gravitational field and what it took to get people trained to experience antigravity. He actually met several times with an ET that helped the physicists and engineers with the engineering of the craft.

I spent 10 years in the Marine Corps, and four years working with the Air Force as a civilian doing experimental testing on aircraft since my Marine Corps days. I was a pilot in the service, and a fighter pilot; [I] fought in … after the latter part of WWII and the Korean War Conflict, I was discharged as a Captain in the Marine Corps.

I didn’t start working on flight simulators until about - well the year was 1954, in September. After I got out of the Marine Corps, I took a job with the Air Force at Wright Patterson doing experimental flight-testing on various different modifications of aircraft.

While I was at Wright Patterson, I was approached by an individual who — and I’m not going to mention his name — [wanted] to determine if I wanted to work in an area on new creative devices. Okay? And, that was a flying disc simulator. What they had done: they had selected several of us, and they reassigned me to A-Link Aviation, which was a simulator manufacturer. At that time they were building what they called the C-11B, and F-102 simulator, B-47 simulator, and so forth. They wanted us to get experienced before we actually started work on the flying disc simulator, which I spent 30-some years working on.

I don’t think any flying disc simulators went into operation until the early 1960s — around 1962 or 1963. The reason why I am saying this is because the simulator wasn’t actually functional until around 1958. The simulator that they used was for the extraterrestrial craft they had, which is a 30-meter one that crashed in Kingman, Arizona, back in 1953 or 1952. That’s the first one that they took out to the test flight.

This ET craft was a controlled craft that the aliens wanted to present to our government — the U.S.A. It landed about 15 miles from what used to be an army airbase, which is now a defunct army base. But that particular craft, there were some problems with: number one - getting it on the flatbed to take it up to Area 51. They couldn’t get it across the dam because of the road. It had to be barged across the Colorado River at the time, and then taken up Route 93 out to Area 51, which was just being constructed at the time. There were four aliens aboard that thing, and those aliens went to Los Alamos for testing. They set up Los Alamos with a particular area for those guys, and they put certain people in there with them — people that were astrophysicists and general scientists — to ask them questions. The way the story was told to me was: there was only one alien that would talk to any of these scientists that they put in the lab with them. The rest wouldn’t talk to anybody, or even have a conversation with them. You know, first they thought it was all ESP or telepathy, but you know, most of that is kind of a joke to me, because they actually speak — maybe not like we do — but they actually speak and converse. But there was only one who would [at Los Alamos].

The difference between this disc, and other discs that they had looked at was that this one was a much simpler design.

The disc simulator didn’t have a reactor, [but] we had a space in it that looked like the reactor that wasn’t the device we operated the simulator with. We operated it with six large capacitors that were charged with a million volts each, so there were six million volts in those capacitors. They were the largest capacitors ever built. These particular capacitors, they’d last for 30 minutes, so you could get in there and actually work the controls and do what you had to — to get the simulator, the disc to operate.

So, it wasn’t that simple, because we only had 30 minutes. Okay? But, in the simulator you’ll notice that there are no seat belts. Right? It was the same thing with the actual craft — no seat belts. You don’t need seat belts, because when you fly one of these things upside down, there is no upside down like in a regular aircraft — you just don’t feel it. There’s a simple explanation for that: you have your own gravitational field right inside the craft, so if you are flying upside down — to you — you are right side up. I mean, it’s just really simple, if people would look at it. I was inside the actual alien craft for a start-up...

There weren’t any windows. The only way we had any visibility at all was done with cameras or video-type devices. [See the testimony of Mark McClandlish. SG] My specialty was the flight deck and the instruments on the flight deck. I knew about the gravitational field and what it took to get people trained.

Because the disc has its own gravitational field, you would be sick or disoriented for about two minutes after getting in, after it was cranked up. It takes a lot of time to become used to it. Because of the area and the smallness of it, just to raise your hand becomes complicated. You have to be trained — trained with your mind, to accept what you are going to actually feel and experience.

Just moving about is difficult, but after a while you get used to it and you do it — it’s simple. You just have to know where everything is, and you [have] to understand what’s going to happen to your body. It’s no different than accepting the g-forces when you are flying an aircraft or coming out of a dive. It’s a whole new ball game.

Each engineer that had anything to do with the design was part of the start-up crew. We would have to verify all the equipment that we put in — be sure it [worked] like it [was] supposed to, etc.

I’m sure our crews have taken these craft out into space. I’m saying it probably took a while to train enough of the people, over a sufficient time period. The whole problem with the disc is that it is so exacting in its design and so forth. It can’t be used like we use aircraft today, with dropping bombs and having machine guns in the wings.

The design is so exacting, that you can’t add anything — it’s got to be just right. There’s a big problem in the design of where things are put. Say, where the center of the aircraft is, and that type of thing. Even the fact that we raised it three feet so the taller guys could get in — the actual ship was extended back to its original configuration, but it has to be raised.

We had meetings, and I ended up in a meeting with an alien. I called him J-ROD — of course, that’s what they called him. I don’t know if that was his real name or not, but that’s the name the linguist gave him. I did draw a sketch, before I left, of him in a meeting. I provided it to some people and that was my impression of what I saw.

The alien used to come in with [Dr. Edward] Teller and some of the other guys, occasionally, to handle questions that maybe we’d have. You know? But you have to understand that everything was specific to the group. If it wasn’t specific to the group, you couldn’t talk about it. It was on a need-to-know basis. And [the ET] he’d talk. He would talk, but he’d sound just like as if you spoke — he’d sound like you. You know, he’s like a parrot, but he’d try and answer your question. A lot of times he’d have a hard time understanding, because if you didn’t put it on paper and explain yourself, half the time he couldn’t give you a good answer.

The preparation we had before meeting this alien was, basically, going through all of the different nationalities in the world. Then they got into going into other forms of life, even down to animals and that type of thing. And…this J-ROD — his skin was pinkish, but a little bit rough — that kind of stuff; not horrible-looking, you know — or to me, he wasn’t horrible-looking.

Some of the guys who were in the particular group that I was in — they never even made it. You know, when they gave you the psychological questions, I just answered them the way I felt and I had no problem. That’s what they wanted to know — if you’d become upset — but it never bothered me. It didn’t amount to much.

So basically, the alien was only giving engineering advice and science advice. For example, I performed the calculations but needed more help…I spoke of a book that — well it’s not a book; it’s a big assembly with various divisions dealing with gravitational technology, and the key elements are in there, but all the information wasn’t there. Even our top mathematicians couldn’t figure some of this stuff out, so the alien would assist.

Sometimes you’d get into a spot where you [would] try and try and try, and it wouldn’t work. And that’s when he’d [the alien] come in. They would tell him to look at this and see what we did wrong.

Over the last 40 years or so, not counting the simulators — I’m talking about actual craft — there are probably two or three-dozen, and various sizes that we built.

I don’t know much about the [ET] ones that they brought here. I know about that one [craft] out of Kingman but that’s about it. And, I know the company that hauled it out of there — who is out here now — but… But, there’s one that operates with certain chemicals.

I think these triangles that people are seeing are two or three 30-meter craft, that are in the center of it [the triangle]. And, the outside perimeter — well you could put anything you want, as long as these particular ones meet the design criteria, and they’ll operate.

You know, there were certain reasons for the secrecy. I could understand that; it was no different than the first atomic bomb that they built. But they are getting so far ahead now with aircraft design. And, like I told you gentlemen earlier — that by 2003, most of this stuff will be out for everybody to look at. Maybe not the way that everybody expects it, but in some manner they determine…appropriate to show everybody. You know, a big surprise.

The reason why I said that is because the document I signed ends in 2003 and I’m not the only one who signed those.

But, that gravitational manual — if you ever get one of these volumes of documents, you’d be on top of the world. You’d know everything.

[See the testimony of Mark McCandlish that verifies human-made antigravity craft and also the use of cameras instead of windows for imaging. SG]


Testimony of Lieutenant Colonel John Williams

September 2000

Colonel Williams entered the Air Force in 1964 and became a rescue helicopter pilot in Vietnam. He has an electrical engineering degree and was in charge of all the construction projects for the Military Air Command. During his time in the military he knew that there was a facility inside of Norton Air Force Base in California that no one was to know about. He heard that there was a UFO craft stored there and that people such as certain Senators including Bob Dole had visited the facility. Colonel Williams also relates another story that his father told him: One time attending a dinner party he had a conversation with a high-level RAND official who told him that the government was spending more money on antigravity devices than any other project in the history of this country.

JW: Lt. Col. John Williams SG: Dr. Steven Greer

JW: There was one facility at Norton Air Force Base that was close hold- not even the wing commander there could know what was going on. During that time period it was always rumored by the pilots that that was a cover for in fact the location of one UFO craft. The reason for that location was that folks could come out, land at Norton, play golf, be part of a golf tournament and so forth and during that process could go by the facility and actually see the UFO. But I was never allowed in that area when I was there at Norton Air Force Base. …

[See the testimony of Mark McCandlish which establishes that indeed a UFO was stored at this facility at Norton AFB. SG]

SG: You were able to validate that it existed?

JW: That’s correct because I was responsible for that base’s facilities from 1981-82.

SG: What kind of VIPs would be put in and out of there that might have seen these UFOs?

JW: It can actually be senators. In fact, it’s my understanding that Bob Dole was at that facility. It’s also possible that back in the early ‘50s that Eisenhower actually visited that facility…

During a dinner party with a very, very close friend, a RAND employee was invited. This is located in the Ventura area, which was near their RAND operation. This story impacted my father and he relayed it many times to me. He said that during that party after several drinks this RAND official said that the government was spending more money on antigravity than any other project in the history of this country. Therefore he believed at that time that we had actually developed operational antigravity systems. That spending would probably have been started shortly after World War II, I would think. That this would be an ongoing effort for many years.

I basically understand that the person who relayed this information was at a high level there at RAND Corporation….

Testimony of Mr. Don Johnson

December 2000

Mr. Johnson was putting himself through college working at Century Graphics in 1971/72. Part of his job was to run blueprints through a large printing machine. Century Graphics used to get jobs from various military electronics firms such as Lockheed, Litton, Hughes and RCA. While he had a low clearance, there were times when his assistance was needed on top-secret documents. In one case he was working on a lithograph negative of the routes for all the American and Russian subs. In his testimony he states that he also worked on a huge electronic diagram from Hughes-Suma Corporation. In the center of the diagram in a large rectangle it said "antigravity chamber." When he completed his work he turned to the man training him showing him the verbiage. This man told him that he was not supposed to be working on that and for him to put it back and forget about it.

Testimony of A. H., Boeing Aerospace

December 2000

A.H. is a person who has gained significant information from inside the UFO extraterrestrial groups within our government, military, and civilian companies. He has friends at the NSA, CIA, NASA, JPL, ONI, NRO, Area 51, the Air Force, Northrup, Boeing, and others. He used to work at Boeing as a surface technician. He was introduced to four-star General Curtis Lemay and one day went to his house in Newport Beach, CA and spoke with him about this subject. Lemay confirmed the ETC crash at Roswell. AH’s NSA contact told him that Henry Kissinger, George Bush as well as Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev were all aware of the ET subject. His CIA contact told him that the USAF had shot down some of these spacecraft. A friend of AH’s who worked at Boeing was part of crash recovery and personally saw and carried ET bodies. AH says that a group in the FBI discovered that radar testing was causing interference with some of the ETV’s and that this was what was causing so many crashes. He also says that there are underground bases testing and maintaining extraterrestrial technology in Utah (reachable only by air), Enzo California, Lancaster/Palmdale California, Edwards AFB in California, March AFB, Eglan AFB in Florida, London England, and many other locations.

AH: A. H. SG: Dr. Steven Greer

AH: …And I asked Curtis LaMay and I said Curt, when you were in the Air Force out of the 100 percent of the sightings [of UFOs] that came into the Air Force how many of them remained not identified? And he said out of the 100 percent that came in only 35 percent of them could not be identified. And I asked well, why couldn’t they have been identified. And he said because the craft were too damn fast. We can’t catch them. In fact, he used some foul language in there too in his explanation.

And then I asked him about the Roswell crash, if that really occurred. And he looked over at me and he shook his head, yes, that it did occur. And I said that I was particularly interested in the strange writings that were found inside. I asked if they were ever deciphered. And he said as far as he understood they were not deciphered when he was in office…

Then Curtis LaMay started to open up and talk about Roswell and the crash that occurred. And he told me that he was aware that it wasn’t ours, it wasn’t the military’s, the Air Force or the Army or the Navy, and that it was a highly strange vehicle that crashed. …

And by the way, Majestic 12 is real. MJ12 did exist. But it does not exist today. The name was changed. The positions are still the same. Henry Kissinger is very knowledgeable about what’s going on. Henry Kissinger was in the loop, I was told.

SG: Who told you this?

AH: A friend of mine who worked at the NSA [National Security Agency] told me this. He saw Henry Kissinger’s name on documents. He saw George Bush’s name on some of the documents. He was made aware of what’s going on. About 1978 Reagan was fully briefed on the alien presence. Reagan told Mikhail Gorbachev of Russia about 75 percent of what’s going on. And then Gorbachev became very, very close to us. …

A CNN reporter in Washington, D.C., the second time that Gorbachev came to America, was able to interview Gorbachev and his wife. When they got out on the street they drove the security detail up the wall. And a CNN reporter asked Gorbachev ‘do you think we should get rid of all our nuclear weapons?’ And his wife stepped in and she said, no, I don’t think we should get rid of all our nuclear weapons because of alien spacecraft.

Now CNN put this story on for the half hour, on CNN headline news; I heard this and I jumped up and put a blank tape in to record the next half-hour. Well, that story disappeared and you know who intercepted that. It was the CIA that got involved with that, because I know that they were monitoring CNN and all international headlines at that time. They squashed that, but I heard it. And this tells me that my information is correct about Ronald Reagan, from my NSA source. The secrecy is just total overkill as far as I’m concerned. And the Congress needs to know about this information. …

The CIA agent, Brett Merrill, told me that he had dealt with the United States Air Force regarding missiles to try to shoot these down, when they come into our airspace. He told me that he was aware of the situation and it’s extremely classified, but he was aware of what was going on. He was a national intelligence agent. He said that we hit several of them in Nevada over Ely, Nevada, and other portions of New Mexico, near Albuquerque.

SG: Did he indicate what time frame these things happened?

AH: This was in the late 60s and 70s…

Yes, I have. I met a gentleman who was in the Army who was involved with several crash recoveries when he was in the CID. In 1947 when he was inducted in the United States Army several of his friends were in the CIC, counter intelligence, and they became very close to one another. And he handpicked a friend of mine that

worked at Boeing Aircraft Company in Long Beach to become a part of ET crash recovery/ retrieval in northern New Mexico.

He saw some of the aliens and witnessed the craft guarded this crashed disc that had crashed and they gave him an M1 carving rifle to guard against anybody who tried to get close to it. And they were given orders to shoot anybody without authorization. They recalled him on several other crashes. They had to fly him with blackened out windows to several of the crash sites. …

My friend had seen personally the dead aliens. They had dark almond-shaped eyes, a rather large head- a little bit larger than a human head. Their bodies were about the size of about a nine-year-old child. They had four fingers, no thumb. He told me that they all looked like they came out of a mold, because they all looked the same. And their mouths were just a small slit.

They had real small ears, no hair on the head, just really strange looking to him. He thought they were probably part of genetic research. But the technology that he saw in the craft could not be of human origin because of the fiber optics that were found inside. And some of the slide switches that they had inside the craft we didn’t have and nobody else on Earth would have that type of technology. …

The 1949 crash was a rather large craft and the people inside were a little bit taller. They were about 5’8" tall. They kind of looked like the ancient race around Palestine, probably about 3,000 BC.

He told me that he picked up one of these aliens and put it onboard one of the jeeps. And he said that it felt like it weighed only about 45 pounds at most, maybe 40. And they put them in body bags and took them to Wright Patterson Air Force base at the time. Later they started taking some of them to Colorado and northern New Mexico and then later on to Area 51 in the late 1960s. All crash debris and technology and anything that had to do with the alien connected phenomenon, all went to Area 51 after that date. …

They found out that the radar testing in New Mexico was the cause of a lot of them that were crashing. When they would get too close to high powered transmitters they would interfere with their guidance control and they would just crash. The other craft that crashed we had shot them down with our military weapons.

One of the things that I do remember him telling me is that there is another alien group that looks a lot like the human race, and they are called the Orange. …

But he did tell me that he worked on the craft to back engineer them. He’s aware of their existence. He knows that I met the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General Lemay. He told me several times of the testing that took place at Area 51, that some of them come up behind the mountain. And they just blank out and disappear and then they appear about 15, 20 miles away within about 20 seconds and just reappear. And they do that back and forth …

SG: These are made by humans?

AH: No, these are the real things. These are the craft that he has been working on. This is our military testing these ET vehicles up at Area 51…

He was working for Northrop. Directly for Northrop. He was not working for the military. He was receiving his paycheck from Northrop.

SG: So Northrop has an involvement with Area 51.

AH: Oh, yes. So does Lockheed Martin, Boeing Aircraft. Boeing does trucking for Area 51. Also Hughes is involved. Most of the major defense contractors have something to do with Area 51. Boeing trucks for Area 51. I do know that for sure. I found that out from a friend at Boeing that told me that they were hiring up there for trucking for some of the military sites. And I found out from him that he had personally gone onto Area 51, escorted to Area 51, from the main highway.

This witness is still alive. In fact, he knows where the aliens are originating from. As far as he understands there is an underground area there and there are a lot of extraterrestrial debris down below Area 51 and stored in some sort of a containment area. But he has never seen any extraterrestrials at Area 51 walking around and conversing with anybody. He just saw the craft and the technology that they’re trying to extract from these vehicles to incorporate that technology into our fighters and possibly some of our space programs.

They have developed laser technology and sound wave defense mechanisms from studying these ET craft. They can use sound waves to blow up tanks and buildings. And some of the laser technology came from these craft he told me about. And I also found out that they are moving a lot of the personnel and some of the equipment and some of the extraterrestrial technology equipment and craft to a base up in Utah…

[I have heard from other deep insiders that this is true and that the most important facility now is totally underground and in Utah, accessible only by air. SG]

Project Red Light is a program to test these vehicles and extract as much information as possible from the alien connected projects to find out how these things operate. They want to gain as much information for our fighters and bombers and for our space connected projects. I was told by people who were in the Army and the Air Force and people that worked at Area 51, all of whom corroborate what was going on regarding Project Red Light. And Project Red Light is still continuing as of this day.

So, Northrop hired him to go up there and help the cause up at Area 51 to try to find out how these things work. And I believe that he started in 1980. And he left there about 1997.

And by the way, Project Red Light and Project Grudge, they are all intermixed. The director of Project Blue Book, Robert Friend, told me this. He was fully aware of Project Red Light and Project Grudge/ Blue Book Report No. 13 was written by him. Robert Friend used to work at Fairchild in Redondo Beach on Aviation and Rosecranz. We talked for about an hour on the phone - he was also reluctant to talk to me about the phenomenon until I told him that I met General Lemay, and of course the CIA and FBI agents.

And so then he started to open up and talk to me about UFOs. I asked him about some of the crash debris that were taken to Wright Patterson Air Force Base after the Roswell crash. He told me that yes, some of the debris and the bodies were taken to Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, and some of the other stuff was taken to a base in Florida. And that shocked me because I never heard anything about a base in Florida…

He said that we’re trying to get a lid on this to try to minimize the sightings and quell the news media and the witnesses that are reporting these sightings to the news media. The Air Force wanted to push this thing under the rug and continue to research it and just get a handle on it. He confirmed that the Air Force wanted to steer the news media off on some crazy idea that these sightings were created by college pranks and balloons and meteorological problems…

What he told me regarding the security ramifications were that if their military personnel talked about this they could be court marshaled or at least threatened to be court marshaled to get him to back down. Other intimidations would be to hold their paychecks back, transfer them to other bases where a lot of people would not want to go to, like Alaska.

My NSA contact was in the Army. The NSA is a part of the Army and he was in advanced intelligence gathering. He had a top secret umbra clearance. He trained at the NSA, at Fort Meade, MD. And then they transferred him to a satellite monitoring station. He received several transmissions from the Pentagon and from other satellite monitoring stations of the NSA that they were tracking ETVS [Extraterrestrial Vehicles]… We’ve intercepted many of their signals during the 60s…

But Carter was largely left out of the loop -- the control group didn’t trust the guy for some reason. They were afraid that he would come out and make blanketed statements to the news media and they just didn’t trust him. They left him out of the loop …

This NSA witness entered in 1974 and left the military, the NSA, in about 1985. He said that Henry Kissinger was involved with the study group back in the 50s to study the ramifications of this information, and to determine what would happen if the information was leaked through a credible source. They were to do a study and pass off classified information to certain outside study groups such as the Rand Corporation and other think tanks of this nature.

Basically, these projects were controlled by the Majestic 12 group, which is no longer called MJ12. I’m trying to find out the new name of this group. My contact that worked at Area 51 knows the name of the group, but he’s refusing to tell me the name. Basically it’s an oversight group intermingled with the National Security Council and the National Security Planning Group in Washington, D.C. There is a group called the National Security Planning Group that overseas everything. And Majestic 12 is intermingled with these people, the National Security Planning Group.

They have full control. They alert the President of what’s taking place and he either authorizes or just says, hey, you guys go at it. They have full control. They have no Congressional oversight whatsoever. They answer to nobody, except for the President of the United States. But they are trying to push even that aside, away from the President, from what I understand.

The Presidents no longer have that much control over these groups anymore. It’s like a separate entity…

And the President is losing control. He’s just absolutely starting to lose control over this. That’s why Carter was not brought into the loop…

The NSA also collaborates back and forth with the NRO, the National Reconnaissance Organization, regarding tracking and intercepts, along with NORAD, the Air Force and the Army. They are all in on it and it’s all connected with the top secret group called MAJI Control.

SG: What did he tell you about MAJI Control and how that operates?

AH: MAJI Control is controlled by the Office of Naval Intelligence. It’s a top secrete collection group, like the Central Intelligence Agency and the NSA. In fact, the ONI is just like the CIA. It’s a top-secret organization within the Navy. It’s similar to the NSA and the CID. It’s all encrypted information. They have agents out in the field, just like the CIA, collecting information. It’s all very, very top-secret…

Most of the craft operate on antigravity and electro-gravitic propulsion. We are just about at the conclusion state right now regarding antigravity. I would give it maybe about 15 years and we will have cars that will levitate using this type of technology. We’re doing it up at Area 51 right now. That’s some of the stuff that my buddy worked on up at Area 51 with Northrup, who lives now in Pahrump, Nevada. We’re flying anti-gravity vehicles up there and in Utah right now…

For example, the information that we have managed to collect regarding the face on Mars, which I know for a fact is real, would have a great impact. I have another contact at NASA, JPL that I haven’t mentioned. I can’t mention too much about it because he is still working there. This person that I know is very high up in NASA. He said they know it’s a face. They know that it was carved by somebody other than us. In an imaging area, they know for a fact that the face on Mars is real and that it was not made by windstorms or trick of lighting or anything like that. They know for a fact that the face on Mars was made from an extraterrestrial race that came here to Earth about 45,000 years BC. …


Testimony of British Police Officer Alan Godfrey (retired)

September 2000

Officer Alan Godfrey is a retired police officer who served in the West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police in England from 1975 to 1984. On November 28th 1980, he and five other officers witnessed a UFO. He saw a diamond shaped object about 75 feet away hovering just five feet above the ground and he estimates it to be about 20 feet wide and about 14 feet tall. The bottom half appeared to be rotating and the top was stationary and it did not make any noise. Months after reporting this incident, he started being harassed. He was transferred 50 miles away and was eventually barred from entering his own police station. Contraband drugs were placed in his locker.

I … was in a police patrol car heading toward Burnleigh, on the A646. I looked up the main road which I was traveling on, and I saw approximately 150 yards up in front of me an object. My first reaction was that it was a double-decker bus. Nevertheless, I headed toward this object. As I got close to it- within about 25 yards of the object- and what I saw quite baffled me.

I thought one of these hot air balloons had come down. Then I thought, it’s five in the morning. Then I realized that this object was actually hovering off the ground; as I sat in the police car I could actually see under the object. It was hovering about five feet off the ground. The span of it was taking much of the road up, so it was about 20 feet wide, because the road’s pretty narrow just there. And over the top I could see the road lamps, so I’m estimating the height of the object was about 14 feet.

I sat about 25 yards away looking at it. I put on the patrol car’s blue lights, headlights, hazard lights, anything you can think of. This was totally blocking the road. It was diamond in shape. It appeared to be in two halves joined together. The bottom half appeared to be rotating, the top half looked like it was stationary, and it also I thought it had dark windows or panels that went all the way around.

I was absolutely gobsmacked. The bushes and the trees that lined the road were shaking very, very violently, as though there was a strong wind blowing but my car was apparently stationary. I didn’t feel any vibrations in the car, I didn’t hear any noise, it wasn’t making any noise, not that I could hear…

It’s totally nothing like an aircraft. You see, aircraft fly, don’t they, unless you’re a jump jet. This thing was actually hovering and it was moving and I suppose it comes in the classic UFO, unidentified flying object, status.

As time went on and I became aware of the other police officers’ sightings, it was a great relief to me. You can’t imagine what a great relief that was to me, because you can understand being a policeman and what my colleagues’ reactions within that small community might have been…

There was a form, believe this or believe it not, actually in our police station, on how to report a UFO sighting to the Ministry of Defense…

I was absolutely amazed at what happened after that. My life just turned upside down in an instant. From being a happy go lucky chap, within a space of six months I was put through hell and turned into one of the most horrible persons you could ever imagine coming across. Purely through harassment, stress, victimization, you name it, I had it…


Testimony of Mr. Gordon Creighton, Former British Foreign Service Official

September 2000

Mr. Creighton spent many years in the British Foreign Service. He spent 10 years in China and in 1941 he saw a UFO while at the Embassy. In broad daylight he saw a disc-shaped, silent UFO with a blue white light on top flying very fast. In 1953 he spent some time with the Military Defense in Whitehall and worked on the floor underneath a department, Air Technical, dealing with UFO’s. He says that a UFO landed on the estate of Lord Mountbatten in the south of England near Southampton.

…We now know that Stalin was quicker off the start than the Americans were. Stalin became aware, at a very early date, in ‘47, after the UFO crashed in New Mexico. Stalin was collecting reports from all over the place. And, one day he called in their top astronomer and showed him all these reports. And, Stalin said to him, sit down there, look at that, and what do you think about it? And, apparently he said, well, can I take it home and look at it? Stalin said, no, you are going to sit here, in the Kremlin, until I get your answer. So, apparently he gave him the answer. He said, yes, it’s not of this world. It is not of this Earth, it’s extraterrestrial…

I asked J. Allen Hynek, my good friend, what do you think caused all these UFO events to start? Assuming they’ve always been there, but, what caused this great interest after ‘47? And, I remember he thought for a moment and he said, well, obviously, the atom bomb. If you think of, if you accept the multi-dimensional theory, it is highly likely that we’ve done a hell of a lot of damage. In some areas we might have done even more damage there than we did here. And, if you kick a beehive, you shouldn’t be surprised if bees come out and look at you. And if you’ve hurt them they might even sting you. And, so, my answer is that this is an enormously complicated problem.

If he man carries on as he is, he is going to destroy himself. Man could have survived forever with bows and arrows. He’s not going to exist forever with this present technology. One or the other is going.

I am certain that measures have been taken by agencies to terminate people who appear to be inconvenient or troublesome through knowing too much…

Kennedy may have been engaged in a bit of a struggle with the CIA in trying to get more information on the UFO subject. And, the story goes, that he might have been thinking that he ought to take it up with the Russians. Now, if he were thinking of taking it up with the Russians, the CIA may have thought this was a premature and very dangerous thing to do, and that might account for his termination…


Testimony of Sergeant Karl Wolfe, US Air Force

September 2000

Karl Wolfe was in the Air Force for 41/2 years beginning in January 1964. He had a top secret crypto clearance and worked with the tactical air command at Langley AFB in Virginia. While working at a NSA facility he was shown photographs taken by the Lunar Orbiter of the moon that showed detailed artificial structures. These photos were taken prior to the Apollo landing in 1969.

So I was asked to go over to this facility on Langley Air Force Base, where the NSA was bringing in the information from the lunar orbiter … As I walked in, there were people from other countries, a lot of foreign people from other countries in civilian clothes, with interpreters with them, with security badges hanging around their neck. …

And they were very quiet, very reserved, and there was a very peculiar pall hanging over them. They had a very concerned demeanor…

We walked over to one side of the lab and he said, by the way, we’ve discovered a base on the backside of the moon. I said, whose? What do you mean, whose? He said, yes, we’ve discovered a base on the backside of the moon. And at that point I became frightened and I was a little terrified, thinking to myself that if anybody walks in the room now, I know we’re in jeopardy, we’re in trouble, because he shouldn’t be giving me this information.

I was fascinated by it, but I also knew that he was overstepping a boundary that he shouldn’t. Then he pulled out one of these mosaics and showed this base on the moon, which had geometric shapes- there were towers, there were spherical buildings, there were very tall towers and things that looked somewhat like radar dishes but they were large structures…

This fellow and I were the same rank, I think he was very distressed. He had the same pallor and demeanor as the scientists outside the room, they were just as concerned as he was. And he needed to discuss it with somebody…

Some of the structures are half a mile in size. So they’re huge structures. And they’re all different sized structures in different photographs. Some of the shapes, as I said, were – some of the buildings were very tall, thin structures. I don’t know how tall they were but they must be very tall. They were angular shots with shadows. There were spherical and domed buildings that were very large. They stood out very clearly, they were large objects. It’s interesting because I tried to relate them in my own mind to structures here on Earth, and they don’t compare to anything that you see here in scale and structure…

I didn’t want to look at it any longer than that, because I felt that my life was in jeopardy. Do you understand what I’m saying? I would have loved to have looked at it longer, I would have loved to have had copies. I would love to have said more about it, discussed it more, but I knew I couldn’t. I knew the young fellow who was sharing this was really, really overstepping his bounds at that point.

I felt that he just needed somebody to talk to. He hadn’t discussed it, couldn’t discuss it, and he wasn’t doing it for any ulterior motive other than the fact that I think he had the weight of this thing on him and it was distressing to him…

I knew that I couldn’t go anyplace for at least five years without telling the State Department where I was, after I left the military.

[See the testimony of Merle Shane McDow and others who had similar restrictions. SG]

Any time I traveled I had to notify and get permission, even in the United States. They had to know where I was all the time. As an example, if we went to Vietnam there was always someone there with us, with a gun, ready to annihilate us basically if we should fall into the hands of the enemy. They didn’t want the enemy to get us; we would be killed instead.

So we knew we were operating under these sort of conditions. Your life was in jeopardy all the time, should you fall into the wrong hands. So we were aware of that. I was told when I left that I would be investigated on a regular basis to make sure that I wasn’t involved in any peculiar activities that didn’t suit the government’s needs. …

Testimony of Donna Hare

November 2000

Donna Hare had a secret clearance while working for NASA contractor, Philco Ford. She testifies that she was shown a photo of a picture with a distinct UFO. Her colleague explained that it was his job to airbrush such evidence of UFOs out of photographs before they were released to the public. She also heard information from other Johnson Space Center employees that some astronauts had seen extraterrestrial craft and that when some of them wanted to speak out about this they were threatened.

My name is Donna Hare. During ‘70 and ‘71 I worked in Building 8 of NASA for a contractor, Philco Ford. They changed their name several times. Over the years, I worked in the photo lab and in different areas of the company on and offsite.

During the ‘70’s, I don’t know the exact date, I walked into the photo lab, into one of the restricted areas- I did have a secret clearance. I walked into a restricted area which was not my company- it was the NASA photo lab. And there they developed the film from the moon and satellite pictures, everything that’s done by NASA.

One of the gentlemen I had been friends with and I still talk to occasionally pointed my attention to one area of this mosaic. It was one panel of a mosaic which are several panels put together to form a larger picture. I believe they were satellite pictures but I’m not sure. They were aerial looking down. And I said, this is really interesting.

He explained everything. And then, with a smile on his face he said, look over there. And I looked. And in one of the photo panels I saw a round white dot. And at the time it was very crisp, very sharp lines on it. And I said to him what is that? Is that a dot on the emulsion? And then he’s grinning and he says dots on the emulsion don’t leave round shadows on the ground. And there was a round shadow at the correct angle with the sun shining on the trees. I looked at him and I was pretty startled because I had worked out there several years and had never seen anything like this, never heard of anything like this. And I said, is this a UFO? And he’s smiling at me and he says, I can’t tell you that. I can’t tell you that. What I knew he meant was, it was [a UFO] but he couldn’t tell me. So I said, what are you going to do with this information? And he said, well, we always have to airbrush them out before we sell them to the public. And I was just amazed that they had a protocol in place for getting rid of UFO pictures on these things…

He said that some [of the astronauts] who wanted to talk were threatened. They’d signed papers not to talk. They would have their retirements taken away. I was just overwhelmed with that piece of information so I started asking questions. Certain people that I knew were key people in the organization so I’d take them away from the site. We’d go to lunch and I’d talk to them. And alone they would tell me things and then swear if I ever said they said it, they would say I was lying. One gentleman that I knew very well was in quarantine with the astronauts. He said, just about every one of them has seen things when they went to the moon. In fact, one said that craft were on the moon at the time of the landing. But this man has disappeared off the face of the Earth. I’ve tried to find him but I only have his name. I’ve given it to SG.

I also met a security guard that was forced to burn a lot of UFO pictures. He came into my office and he was very frightened. He said, Donna, I heard you were interested in this subject. He said, I used to work out there. And one day some soldiers came in fatigues and had me burn pictures. He said that he was burning them and he was forced not to look at them. But he was tempted. He looked at one of them and it was a UFO on the ground. Shortly thereafter he was hit in the head with a gun butt and he still had a scar on his forehead. Now, this gentleman was terrified. He was scared out of his mind. And he also said that in the picture was a UFO with little bumps on it. It looked like it had just landed…

There was a point in time when I had some people come out and tell me I shouldn’t talk about this. They didn’t threaten to kill me but I got the message I shouldn’t talk about it. But I’d already talked about it so much it didn’t really matter anymore. And like I said at the [1997] congressional briefings, I really started feeling like this topic was like sex. You know, everybody knew about it but nobody talked about in mixed company. I’m waiting to tell more whenever there’s a congressional hearing where I could be protected. I trust SG. I feel he’s done everything he said he would do as far as protection, secrecy of what I give him, for now. I want it to come out when it’s necessary and proper and can do some good. I don’t want people going around that are trying to get rid of these people or hurting them or challenging them or making them so frightened they move away-like this one particular man I know of who has just disappeared off the face of the Earth. This one man, he has disappeared. I just don’t want that.

One of the things that I’m upset about is that good people are forced to do illegal things. And I believe that this information should be given to the American [people].


Testimony of Mr. John Maynard, Defense Intelligence Agency (ret.)

October 2000

John Maynard was a military intelligence analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency. In the course of his 21-year career he saw evidence of the military’s interest in UFOs in a variety of ways: electronic communications which did not originate from Earth; military photos of UFOs. While at the DIA, he became familiar with the compartmentalization process of maintaining secrecy. He saw spy plane photos with clear UFOs in them

JM: John Maynard SG: Dr. Steven Greer

JM: My name’s John Maynard. I’m a retired military intelligence analyst and retired in 1980. I was in the military for 21 years and started off with the Army Intelligence Security Agency as an analyst. I went on from there to work for several different organizations with the military, and ended up with the DIA at the end of my career, as an administrator in charge of most of the documents for the Requirements and Evaluation division.

As far as being aware of what was in the intelligence world regarding UFOs and Extraterrestrials, this came early on in my career in the early 1960s. Some of the radio communications that I was analyzing for the Army Security Agency were a little bit more than just the normal type of traffic. I think at that point when I became too curious is when they decided to let me go from that position.

I went on from there to investigate different aspects of what was going on with UFOs. When I got to Europe I was approached by a few of the counterintelligence people there that had information on my background as far as analysis goes. I became involved in looking at where people were moving drugs back and forth, as far as the military was concerned, and at the same time, I ran across the UFO problems that people were having — particularly sightings in Europe. I did preliminary investigations for these people and turned reports in on what people were saying; what was going on.

But getting back to my initial exposure to UFOs — — that was connected to work in Okinawa, where we were analyzing traffic patterns [electronic communications] of the Chinese at that particular time. Every once in a while, I would run across an anomaly that wasn’t really within the pattern of the type of traffic that would be known within our military network.

When I questioned this, I would always be pushed off to the side, and they would say, "Well, you don’t have to worry about things like that." But I just couldn’t let it go — I still don’t. I pursue it to the ninth degree, without getting myself in trouble. But I did get in trouble that time. I found out that there was more to these communications than was normal, and that they were not basically Earthbound [were not coming from Earth].

And the further we dug into it, the more you noticed that it didn’t belong with the normal traffic that was being broadcast. I couldn’t trace any particular origin, and that’s what got me really interested in where this was coming from. Knowing a few friends that worked in the communications department, I sought their guidance on which way it was going. I guess that was my downfall, because they weren’t quite as good friends as I thought they were.

SG: And what did you learn from that?

JM: Basically, that the communications really weren’t coming from within China itself — they were coming from another location, but they would not really divulge it. One of my friends just kind of pointed to me off at the side and threw his thumb up in the air. And I said, ‘Is that a good sign or not?’ And he said, "No." And in private, very private talks, he admitted that they were not Earthbound signals.

We didn’t really have a space program that would be moving that kind of traffic, nor did we have the communications systems and satellites at that particular time that would … I’m talking about the late 1950s, early 1960s. So as far as timeframe goes, it had to be something else besides just us. Sputnik hadn’t been up that long and neither had the American satellites.

I think that that was really my downfall — I realized it had to be extraterrestrial — so they found a way to get rid of me and they did it very well.

So anyway, while in Europe I researched these UFO reports, and we got quite a bit of information about the sightings. We would get drawings of what the vehicles looked like, whether they landed or not, whether they saw any people with them — extraterrestrials, things like that. And, it just made an exciting career for the next two years while I was over there.

SG: And for whom were you making these reports during this time?

JM: Basically they were going to the CIA, some to the DIA, and some to the Air Force, OSI — Office of Special Intelligence. What they were using the information for, I never learned.

There are several different projects that I ran across later in my years when I was in Turkey in the mid-1970s — 76, 77, [and] early 78, when I left. I was an administrator and worked for NATO, Land Southeast Headquarters.

I inquired with a couple of my Turkish military friends, and finally got one general to actually admit that there was UFO activity in this certain area of Turkey. He said, "Oh yeah, it’s a great area if you want to see UFOs, I’ll take you out there some time."

Once, while in the Pentagon, I was sent to try and get some files from Colonel Corso, and he made a comment that was really funny at that particular point. I didn’t really connect it with anything until later. He says, "You have no idea at all what we’re about, do you?" And I told him, ‘No, sir, I don’t.’ He said, "Well, some day the technology will be out there that has been totally back engineered." It went right over my head at that particular point, but I just told him yes, sir, and off I went like a good little private, where I was supposed to go. I didn’t tell anybody what he had told me. I just kept it in my mind. I reported back to my superiors who had sent me, that Colonel Corso promptly just dismissed me from his office and I just left it at that.

That happens all the time in the Pentagon. Materials are kept very tightly by the owners. Years later, while at the DIA, I saw some documents that pertained to extraterrestrials. They were code-worded. A normal person reading it may not catch it — it would go right on beyond them. These were top secret documents. I imagine most of them are still classified. A lot of them pertained to Salt 1 and Salt 2 — the strategic arms limitation treaties with Russia.

I also saw pictures of UFOs from — I believe it was called — the National Intelligence Photographic Center [NIPC]. Once in a while an anomaly would show up on the pictures that didn’t belong there — a round object, a triangular object. They were not markings put on the photograph that indicated some place or anything like that. These were above ground. These anomalies came up in certain photographs and things that we received at our office at DIA and, we always thought they were interesting. They came from the NIPC, which I believe was the National Intelligence Photographic Center over on Hayes Street right there in Arlington.

You knew that they were not part of something that was placed on the photograph, like a marker. It was not a normal type of object, particularly the oblong ones or the circles or the triangular ones — the triangles were kind of funny, with a rounded corner on the tail end of it. These were taken most generally with the Talent Keyhole Satellites, and they would show these objects — these UFOs in them. They would be objects from the TK11, TK12 shots that were taken, that showed the anomalies. Sometimes you could actually track it photograph by photograph as it moved across the [sky] — you knew that it moved.

I had a rather interesting incident, not in an organization that I belong to as far as the DIA, but it was an office put within my area at DIA. Since it was in my area of security, I received the code name to go in there and to look at the office. It was called Omni Project…It dealt with radar satellites. I was talking with one of the sergeants over there in a little show room they had, and I noticed the satellite’s positioning. I said, "Now this is supposed to be a system that tracks radar anomalies on Earth, right?" He says, "Yep, that’s what it does." So I ask, "Then why are half of them pointed towards outer space, towards the moon, towards areas that are just blank space?" I said, "At least half of those satellites that you got up there aren’t looking at Earth — well what are they looking for?" He says, "Well you got to have a need to know to know about that." I said, "I see, in other words, who’s coming?" And he says, "We don’t know." I just thought it rather odd that they were tracking stuff from outer space.

I also did work with the Camp David accords and assigning the SR-71s, the Blackbird, to map the Sinai, and there were several reports at that particular time that the Blackbird had been accompanied by something that wasn’t from this Earth. The photos of the Sinai would show anomalies that weren’t part of the terrain, weren’t part of the people, weren’t part of the atmosphere.

In Intelligence, compartmentalization is probably the whole thing. There is a real big misnomer out here in the civilian world about classification. There are basically three classifications: confidential, secret, and top secret. And that’s it. It doesn’t go any higher than top secret. They come up and they call about umbra and they call about this one, Omni. They called about TK, Talent Keyhole and other projects like that. Well, people have to realize that I had Eumbra documents that were only secret, not just top secret. It was not the same.

I’ll get into the background of what Intelligence [does], how they break things down: they keep pretty much each organization an island unto itself. You don’t have cross-departmentalization a lot within the programs. Let’s say I have an umbra clearance. Well, people say that’s so high above top secret. No, it’s not. It’s a compartment — it is strictly a compartment — it’s not more. Top secret is as high as you go. Ultra is another compartment. That’s something entirely different and has to do basically with the President. So you can’t fool around with it. So that’s it. You have islands unto yourself. Each one does [its] own particular type of analysis.

The one that I worked for was called Requirements and Evaluations, at the DIA. We were the ones that made the determination to fly the birds out of Wallops Island or somewhere else — to go up and put a satellite up.

We were DC3. There was a DC4, and there was a DC5. I would have to really dig back into my background papers to give you exact names for each one — that’s how compartmentalized they become.

One of them did strictly analysis — that’s all they did, and they would feed it to us in Requirements. But, we didn’t really see all of what they did, and didn’t see all the material they did. They gave us the finished product, and we would look at the finished product and make our determinations of what we were going to do from there. That’s basically the way it is. Omni Project, which was the radar satellite — it was an island unto itself. If you didn’t have an Omni stamp on your badge, you didn’t get into their office — period, end of subject. Same thing with people with TK or many other things — Umbra, Ultra — same right on down the line.

The NRO, National Reconnaissance Office, is basically run by the Air Force. The Reconnaissance Office, from my understanding from people that I’ve had contacts with since I retired, has taken on a lot more responsibility — particularly towards the UFO and extraterrestrial activities.

You could say that they picked up where Blue Book dropped off. Blue Book was basically an Air Force project for themselves, but those activities finally fell under the purview of the National Reconnaissance Office.

Now it is basically a joint service, but it is run by the Air Force and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. They have a very ominous job. Not too much is ever really known about exactly what they do, but they’re running the successor to the SR-71, which is supposed to be a Delta-type aircraft capable of [flying from] Los Angeles to London in about 18 minutes — so it goes near space. It’s pretty quick. Satellite imagery has pretty much gone to the background. You’ve still got Talent Keyhole. You’ve still got Omni. They’ve got a couple of others up there now that I don’t even know the code names for anymore, but most of the Reconnaissance is done by aircraft.

As far as anti gravity, they’ve been working on it for a long, long time — I know that — but basically what I’ve seen is the magnetic pulse engine. It has a very unique signature when it flies. It has normal type fuel, but it also has a magnetic pulse set up to it. The signature is like a soap-on-a-rope-type of contrail behind it.

A government is widespread, as everybody knows. It’s into everybody’s pockets and everybody’s life all over the place. The same thing holds true for the UFO/extraterrestrial subject, but very, very few people really [have] the full knowledge of what’s going on. It’s held very tightly within black covert operations. If you want to take a good close look at some of the background on it, you can go to civilian organizations outside of NSA, which are direct contractors for NSA — like Drydon Industries. Why are they flying the SR-71 on Reconnaissance using Navy pilots? What are they looking at? What is NSA looking at, when you think about that? Why are they doing these particular things? They are not using it for training, that’s for one thing.

Within the organization at the executive level, I would dare say that the National Security Advisor, when he comes on board, is fairly well treated as in-the-know from the top at NSA.

His knowledge is still limited, because he’s only an appointee, and at that particular point, a new appointee at the CIA is the same way. They will have knowledge, but very limited knowledge. Only some people within the black covert areas will have very specific information about what’s going on.

But, not very much is known about the NRO — it’s one of those organizations that’s so low profile...Any time the question comes up, it’s strictly an entity that does reconnaissance in the Air Force, period. It leaves a lot of questions. But as far as UFO and intelligence and extraterrestrial matters go, it’s right at the top — and I would say that the President has limited knowledge of it. I know Carter did not have any knowledge whatsoever. And I worked right there with the organization, President Carter’s organization. They kept it pretty secret.

SG: Why do you think it’s being kept so secret?

JM: I think that they made a mistake at Roswell. Rather than admitting it, they covered it, and they covered it because UFO and extraterrestrial activity has been going on a lot longer than this government will admit. I thought it was comical the way Bush — George W. — threw the ball into Cheney’s court saying that, of anybody who would probably know more about this than anybody else, it would be Cheney. He has some very interesting knowledge…

Of corporations involved in this matter, Atlantic Research Corporation is one of the big ones. It’s not very often heard about. It’s an insider beltway bandit, if you want to call it that — very low profile — mostly has all of its work done within Intelligence. TRW, Johnson Controls, Honeywell: all of them at some point or another became involved with the Intelligence field. Certain works, activities were contracted out to them. Atlantic Research was one of them — way back. These are entities that were created out of people in the Pentagon to become a "beltway bandit": [they] received projects, grants, and monies to do certain projects that were so highly classified and compartmentalized that you know only about four people would know what was going on. So it was that tightly controlled.

You would have to look at corporations that were started by people who were retired from the military. Bobby Inman and his little oversight group out there in California [SAIC], for example. Some other things like that. So we would ask the question, who really is controlling JPL? Why was JPL started? Others: Ames Laboratories, Fort Detrick. Some very interesting things come out of Fort Detrick. And Harry Diamond Laboratories…been around for a long, long time. Don’t hear much about them, because they’re all basically military contracted, and they are in a particular specialty.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen any back engineering notes — how they do it and stuff like that. Very unique. You can get an engineer to tell you how they do it, and the specific notes that you do. You take it forward from somebody’s notes, and you can build the item — just from the back engineering notes. Got to take it apart to find out how it works.

I can think of some stuff that we’ve gotten out of Roswell. There was also a crash up in Canada in the mid-50s that was kept very, very hush, hush. There were definitely some engineering projects dealing with those things.

About weapons and space: I think that we can go back to a comment that was made by one of the astronauts when he stepped on the moon. It was the day after they got there, and it was the original flight, and he says, ‘"You’re right, they’re already here." It got out on the airwaves. I know several people who recorded it. But the remark was very unique, because it was quickly taken out of all other tapes that were public broadcast. Weapons in space is still a big enigma. Black covert operations have always been trying to do something like that, basically. Star Wars was a big boondoggle. Most of it didn’t exist. It was just all on paper. Laser weapons…well, that’s a whole different story. There are brand new leaps and bounds that have been made in the laser field. Not only cutting, but pulsed lasers that basically destroys anything it hits.

SG: Do you think then that we have weapons in space?

JM: I’m sure we have weapons in space. There is probably no doubt in my mind about it. They were trying to develop them long before Star Wars became an entity, back in the late 60s, early 70s.

Nixon wanted something along that line to produce weapons for space. The project started then. (Not Nixon per se, the individual himself, but in his administration.) People wanted it done. There was a fear then of something out there. That was when the first stories came out about the asteroids impacting the Earth, and it really didn’t become a heavy project until very recently, but apparently we had some rather close calls back then — a — lot closer than what they call a close call today. So it became a very big concern — asteroids, UFOs, people coming from other places.

[See the testimony of Dr. Carol Rosin.]

Concepts were there. Ideas were there. Paranoia was also there within the government. At certain levels you could feel it. You knew it was happening. Would they tell the truth about it? I doubt it. Maybe some year. Maybe your project will tell them. Britain and the United States and Canada were the biggest party to these secrets. They got the Australians involved with it later on.

The media is very one-sided when it comes to reporting. They don’t step on the other person’s toes when it comes to things that would be controversial — like UFOs and extraterrestrials. There have been too many sightings that have hit the mainstream media, but they die very quickly. Why do they die? There was more interest going on for the media to follow up on, but they just flat refuse to do it. Why did they? Were they pulled by strings from behind? I don’t know. I can’t say. And they’re not saying either…

It goes right back to the same thing with these beltway bandits. Can you get them to say something? No. That’s where their bread and butter is. They’re not going to step on their own toes, punch themselves in the face.

The truth is they have hidden things like UFOs and extraterrestrial information from us for years — not just the current era, but back before the 1900s. So it’s there. It’s about time for them to just come forward and say, hey, this is it.


Testimony of Mr. Harland Bentley

August 2000

Mr. Bentley has been involved in working on classified projects with several Government agencies including NASA and the DOE. He has a BS-EE degree and extensive training in nuclear engineering. Mr. Bentley recounts a story of personally witnessing a UFO crash at a Nike Ajax Missile Facility in Maryland and viewing a group of UFO’s on radar take off at a calculated 17,000 miles an hour after having hovered on the ground. He also speaks of a 1967/68 incident where he overheard a conversation between Houston Control and astronauts in flight talk about avoiding a collision with a UFO spacecraft and our astronauts actually seeing living beings moving about through portals on the UFO.

In 1957 to 1959, I was outside of Olney, Maryland, just north of Washington, D.C. at a Nike Ajax Missile Facility. I was a radar operator. In May of 1958, at about 6:00 a.m. I first heard a sound that sounded like a pulsating transformer. I looked out the window and looked across the field and saw this [disc shaped] object heading toward the ground and saw it crash. It broke apart and then it took off again in flight… The largest piece that I saw was actually glowing white hot and was probably the size of a washing machine…

When the craft took off again after it crashed, it went through a grove of trees and actually sheered three, four or five inch limbs, in just one fell swoop, like a knife or a machete…

[Note the resemblance to the crash of an extraterrestrial vehicle in Peru in 1997 as recounted by Lance Cpl. John Weygandt. SG]

The real exciting part happened the next evening while I was on duty. It was approximately 10:00 or 11:00 at night and I got a call from the Gaithersburg facility saying that they had twelve to fifteen UFOs, 50-100 feet off the ground. So I asked the guy who was on the radio with me, "What do they sound like?" He took his head mike off, put it out the van window and again the pulsating sound except there were more of them. He was describing them in different shapes and so forth.

I had the radar on, the M-33 sweep radar, and right next to the ground clutter where Gaithersburg sits, we found the blip where these vehicles were. Then all of a sudden they all took off at the same time. From my radarscope, it went in one sweep. It is a thirty-three and a third RPM. To go that distance from the center out to where I got the next blip in the first sweep, at a constant velocity would have to be 17,000 miles an hour which we calculated from our analog computer…

I had another one, which I can’t say too much about. I can’t say where I was. I was at a facility in California, that is all I can say, and I was doing particular classified work. The only thing that I can say is that it was occurring at the same time that our astronauts were doing a loop around the moon and back again. On their trip to the moon itself I heard them say they had a bogey (term used for unknown target, and often specifically used to denote a UFO) coming in at 11:00.

Well, familiar with that particular term, I perked my ears up and started listening and discovered that Houston and the astronauts were talking back and forth about a collision. The astronauts asked for permission to do avoidance for a collision and Houston finally granted that permission to do that. Later the astronauts said, "It is not necessary. They are now paralleling our course" and there was a discussion as to what was paralleling that course.

It was another type of ship. There were portals there that they could see in. They could see beings of some sort. They did not describe these beings. They just took photographs. And after a while, a few thousand miles, they [the bogey] took off from the capsule that they were flying in and went away. They just said it was a saucer shaped craft. It was actually paralleling their craft. They saw movement. They saw something or somebody moving inside that ship. This happened before the lunar landing. … Then they said, "There they go." And they [the bogey] went out of sight almost immediately, from what I could gather from their conversation. This event was unedited because of where I was [a secret listening post].

It was an extremely restricted channel… There was only one gentleman there with me when this happened. He said something like, "You didn’t hear anything." And I said, "hear what?" And that was the end of that. In fact, the gentleman was very disturbed that I was even there to hear this. The astronauts were approximately halfway to the moon when this happened…


Testimony of Dr. Robert Wood, McDonnell Douglas Aerospace Engineer

September 2000

Dr. Robert Wood worked in a senior capacity as an aerospace engineer at McDonald Douglas for his entire 43-year career. In his testimony, he states that he was involved in a specific project at McDonald Douglas to study the propulsion systems of UFOs. In addition, he confirms the existence of other projects within the aerospace industry, and gives his assessment of the fact that this subject is not only real, but is of extraterrestrial nature. He also confirms the extreme secrecy surrounding the subject.

[See Secrecy Quotes section 3.3]


Testimony of Dr. Alfred Webre, Senior Policy Analyst

August 2000

Dr. Alfred Webre holds BS and law degrees from Yale and a Masters of Education in Counseling from the University of Texas. He was a Senior Policy Analyst at the Center for the Study of Social Policy at Stanford Research Institute. In 1977 he worked on the Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communication Project through SRI. Its purpose was to gain knowledge on the subject then make policy recommendations. NASA director James Fletcher and the National Science Foundation were involved. The project was prematurely and illegally terminated by the Pentagon soon after it began even though it had already been approved within the Domestic Policy Staff of the White House.

I worked on the 1977 Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communication Project…

When [Carter] entered the White House in January of 1977, I was also entering the Center for the Study of Social Policy at SRI. In the interview process I declared explicitly that I would like to do an extra-terrestrial communication project at the Center. I was brought on with that explicit agreement and I went about making inquiries as to who on the White House staff was interested in the subject matter. I contacted that person and set up appointments with a basic outline of an extra-terrestrial project.

So, this project was undertaken openly and was of a civilian nature with transparency- there were no classified aspects. It started at Stanford Research Institute in my offices…

Once a final report was issued under the proposal it would be a White House document and would come out under their agency and their policy recommendations.

NASA was one of the agencies with which we would work on a contract level. I have direct information from then NASA personnel that the proposal was at the Office of the Director, James Fletcher, who had it in his possession at the time. The National Science Foundation was also to be part of that proposal in terms of being able to work with a National Science Board and a Board of Advisors who would vet the research.

The full management staff and the research institute had signed off knowingly on the proposal at the Center for the Study of Social Policy at SRI. Tom Thomas, who was the Supervisor of the Center had signed off on it. Peter Schwartz who was, along with myself, a Senior Policy Analyst, and who was an advisor to the proposal, was fully aware of it. He is now Chairman of the Global Business Network…

This project lasted from May 1977 when the initial contacts were made with the White House until 1977 when it was terminated by intervention from the Pentagon.

The goal of the study was to fill the knowledge gap on this subject and make policy recommendations for the future…

The proposal was known and approved within the Domestic Policy Staff of the White House and was in circulation with the White House Science Advisors Office. Those were the agencies named in the proposal. It was through the White House Domestic Policy Staff, under Stewart Eisenstatt, that we had the initial contact.

I visited the Carter White House every 20 days and met with White House staff every 2-3 weeks developing the proposal to the sole- source contract stage during the period of May to September of 1977. My meetings were at the White House in the Executive Office Building with White House Staff from the Domestic Policy Staff…

I flew back from my meeting with the White House at which this final approval had been given and when I arrived back at my offices at SRI I was called back into the office of the Senior SRI Official. He was an African-American and I referred to him in my sworn affidavit as John Doe. The other person in this preliminary meeting was Peter Schwartz who was based in the same office as myself and was an advisor to the project. The Senior SRI Official stated to me that in a few minutes a second person, who was the SRI Pentagon Liaison would be coming in.

The project was to be terminated. They had received direct communications from the Pentagon that if the study went forward, SRI’s contracts with the Pentagon would be terminated. These contracts were a substantial part of SRI’s business at the time in terms of studies, monies, missile research contracts, and other contracts. The Senior Official advised me, and I am quoting him, "To dissimulate" and to just pretend I was going along with it- implying that I would keep my job if I did so.

What happened then was that the SRI Pentagon Liaison whom I call in my sworn affidavit John Doe II came in and he stated that unless this project were terminated, SRI’s contract research with the Pentagon would be terminated. He stated then that the project was terminated, the project that had just been approved by the White House, was terminated because, and I am quoting him, "There are no UFO’s." At that point, I vociferously objected. I recited baseline data that UFO’s did exist. It was to no avail. The Senior Official sided with the Pentagon person and the project was terminated.

To my knowledge, SRI does not have a practice- and there is no case- of their canceling a project after explicit approval by the White House. Quite the contrary, they are extremely hungry for research dollars and when the White House approves a project, meaning that it is most certainly going to be funded by the line agencies, they would lunge after it…

I felt that the whole termination of the project was, in itself, a covert operation…

Here we have a President of the United States who came to office under a pledge to open up the UFO issue; and an open study in the White House, and that was squelched…

A colleague that held a very important position at NASA, contemporaneously, has come forward and has confirmed that the administrator of NASA was reviewing this proposal and this provides corroboration…

Testimony of Denise McKenzie, former SAIC employee

March 2001

Ms. McKenzie was employed by SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation) in San Diego, a large defense contractor. In the course of her work, she realized that there were millions upon millions of dollars in contracts awarded to SAIC and in almost all cases none of these contracts appeared to have any activity associated with them. She elucidates how "black" budget monies are hidden in seemingly legitimate projects. A pattern of sexual harassment began after she brought this issue before a supervisor.

…Well, I opened up the files and there were only form letters, maybe two or three, and yet these contracts were several years old. And eve the letters that were in there were back dated several years, saying the same exact form letter: "It’s being worked on, blah, blah, blah." And it was talking about sometimes millions of dollars in contracts…

It seemed like there were all those different contracts that needed to be updated, but there was nothing to back it up. There was no activity on it, and that struck me as very odd…

I thought, "This is just the weirdest run place I have ever seen. How do they do business? How do they get these million dollar contracts when things are so disorganized and nobody seems to be doing anything" – and I thought, "Nothing seems real around here." It’s just like there’s four walls. We’re sitting in a very plush, very expensive building. I don’t have anything to do. I don’t even sharpen pencils. This is crazy. And as soon as I’m starting to do something, there is nothing even to these files.

I thought they were getting a lot of money for doing nothing, and I didn’t know where that money was going. It’s like a front, a front for something. I mean, it was like you wanted to just hide funds or push funds through…

SAIC has a very perfect situation to do any type of research they want to under the guise of anything — and call it what they want. And they definitely aren’t working alone in anything. They are what’s called a conglomerate. There is SAIC, but it’s made up of numerous individual corporations…

And since it’s privately owned corporations, the only people they would have to report to is the ones who they’re doing business with and are contracting with. And so if the people they are contracting with wish to do something that maybe isn’t in the best interests of everyone, nobody is getting to know about it. It’s all kept in-house: the funding, the financing, the contracts. There should be files. There should be documentation and a regular timeline of events on every project, which did not exist whatsoever. And if I’m working in a military division and I have access to all of the files, where was this documentation? So it made me very suspicious of where al this money was going…

[NOTE: I share this disturbing glimpse into the military/industrial contracting world to illustrate how USAPs (Unacknowledged Special Access Projects) hide money in dummy projects while the real money is diverted to super-secret projects not disclosed to Congress, the President or the American people. This is not the only witness I have spoken to who has knowledge of such schemes. In 1994, Dick D’Amato who was senior counsel for the Senate Appropriations Committee under then Chairman, Senator Byrd, personally told me that somewhere between $40 Billion and $80 billion was going into projects that they could not penetrate – even with a top-secret clearance and a Senate subpoena. He said he was sure money was going into UFO – related projects but they could not penetrate them. I remember he said, "SG, you are dealing with the Varsity Team of all black projects – good luck…"

I should also comment on the weird atmosphere and sexual abuse Ms. McKenzie describes: This is common, not rare, in such operations. As she said, it takes on an unreal feeling. Even the story of her recruiter/supervisor having a different first name and being allegedly dead years before is a common pattern. People disappear from one project, allegedly are dead, and reappear in another super-secret operation with a different name or at least a different first name, as Dr. B points out in this testimony. Essentially SAIC is one of the crown jewels of the super-secret, black project world and is connected to UFO technologies and covert funding. Former NSA head Adm. Bobby Inman is heavily involved with SAIC, it should be noted. Here again, we see the revolving door between military and corporate projects described by Dr. Rosin . After meeting with Senator Barry Goldwater in 1994, I asked the Senator to get Adm. Inman’s cooperation with disclosure. He rebuffed Senator Goldwater at that time. We hope he and others will soon come forward with the truth. SG]


Testimony of Colonel Phillip J. Corso, Sr., US Army (ret.)

[Our deepest gratitude to James Fox for sharing this interview]

Colonel Phillip Corso, Sr. was an Army intelligence officer who served on Eisenhower’s National Security Council. After his 21 year military career he served as a military analyst. Colonel Corso personally saw deceased extraterrestrials from the Roswell crash in 1947 and a UFO craft at an airbase. He had also seen UFOs travel at 4,000 miles an hour on radar. When he worked in R&D he was given fragments of extraterrestrial technologies from various crashes and his job was to seed industry with these technologies telling them they were from Earthly foreign sources.

These ET’s are another intelligence, they are ahead of us and they’ve proven it- for one simple reason – they can travel through space and we can’t. It boils down to that simple. How are you going to overcome that? We don’t know anything about that so we have to start with what we know. The little we know is the greatest gift they gave us – the extraterrestrial not the hardware.

The one craft I saw was at one of the airbases. I’m not going to say where it was but it was there and that was it. I didn’t go in it. I had a lot of information on what was inside. There was nothing I could gain by going inside and looking at it. I had the drawings of how it looked inside. I had what was in there. Really to go in it would have been curiosity and those days I didn’t have the time for curiosity.

The extraterrestrial, he’s a little different. He’s composed in a way of cells also like humans are. And the craft is really almost a biological type of structure because the extraterrestrial fits in it. Remember these cloners that made these beings made them in a way where they would fit in what they wanted to fit in. The ship itself is a biological type structure…

Now when this being comes in this world he will wear a suit -- skin-tight suit, which we found. His skin is atomically aligned and his suit is atomically aligned. That is to repel radiation and harmful affects – even cosmic radiation. Since he doesn’t breath air, the ones that come alive in this world, will have a type of helmet on them. Since he doesn’t speak, he has no vocal cords, he will have something that intensifies a transmission so he can communicate.

I’ll go through that story now. I wasn’t at Roswell in ‘47. In ‘47 I had just come back from Italy where I had been Chief of Security in Intelligence in Rome and in the Intelligence business I was trained really by the British. I was an MI-19. When I came back, I went to Fort Riley, Kansas. I was stationed there. I was an instructor at the Intelligence school and we had an aggressor force. One night I was first duty officer. First duty officer means that I was in control for that night and I checked all the guards, all security areas - I checked the whole post.

So I went to the veterinarian section and a sergeant I knew very well was the sergeant of the guards that night. I told him, "Sarge, how is everything around here?" He said, "fine Sir." I told him, "they told me to be careful, to watch this area because you have something sensitive here." He said, "you want to see it Sir?" I told him, "yeah." He said, "just go look." I knew the Master Sergeant.

I went back and there were 5 crates there, 5 or 6, but I think it was 5. I lifted one up and here’s this body floating in fluid. I looked at it for about 10-15 seconds, not much more than that, so I put it back down and said, "Sarge, get out of here now, I don’t want to get you in trouble. I’m the duty officer I can walk around here but you might get in trouble for coming back here. Come out with me." We went out and I told him, "where’d they come from Sarge?" He said, "well 5 trucks have been coming through here from New Mexico and they’re heading for Wright Patterson Air Force base."

Now in those days Route 40 was about the only cross-country route and the route that they took was Route 40 going through Fort Riley, Kansas and then to Wright Patterson Air Force. So I say, "stay away from it Sarge I don’t want you to get in any trouble." I told him, "I can walk around." So then I started to figure what was that? First, I thought it was a child because it was small, then I looked at its head and all, and this only happened in a matter of seconds, then I put the end back down. The head was different, the arms were thin, the body was gray, so right at that moment I figured I don’t know what this thing is. So in the Intelligence business I better just put it in the back of my head and wait in the future to see if I get corroboration so I can evaluate what it is. I promptly forgot about it.

Ten years later, I was down near Commando Range [sp] in New Mexico, in White Sands at the Army & Missile firing range, right near Trinity site, my headquarters. On my own radar, I started picking up items going 3,000-4,000 miles an hour in this area. I had pencil-beam radar which locked on the target and the boys told me these objects were going about 3,000 to 4,000 miles an hour.

Once I notified headquarters. They said, "forget it - we’re not interested." So I figured I won’t tell them anything anymore. Every time that would happen I would tell the boys, "bring me the tapes." All my computers had a tape, which gave the whole firing sequence and we could check it if anything went wrong. So I told them, "deliver the tapes to me, personally."

Then I left and went to Germany and I started picking up the same things in Germany - 3,000-4,000 miles per hour flying over Germany. Again, the pencil-beam radar would lock on and all the ones [UFOs] that we would lock on would break loose.

Then, I was four years at the White House and I kept getting reports there but they were just reports. I had all the clearances so I’d get them, even code reports I’d get. I did get one time a report that NSA was getting signals from space, which were not just space noise, or unscrambled, or something you couldn’t read- they were really very perfect and looked like something was guiding a real message. But we were never able to decode it. This was a very coordinated message. It wasn’t space noise or jumbo mumbo or anything like that or just noise coming.

[See the testimony of John Maynard and A.H.. SG]

It was a pattern. The evaluation was that it might be coming from outer space beings and I got that report at the White House because I had the NSA clearances and all. Then I came back and General Trudeau pulled me in. He had organized a Research & Development project from a secondary … At first, when I reported in I was a special assistant. Then he created the Foreign Technology Division about a week later and put me in charge of it. There I started getting the autopsy reports of ET’s, and I started getting other crash reports and the artifacts from the crashes. And I visited the site here [near Roswell New Mexico] a couple of times.

When I came into Research & Development, I inherited all these artifacts and I inherited autopsy reports from Walter Reed Hospital. Now at Walter Reed there is a laboratory there, which was our laboratory that we financed. That is who did the autopsies for us. But we didn’t leave any copies there. All copies had to come back to us because it was our lab,-we financed it all. So there we started getting proof that a crash really happened here.

Of course, I kept it quiet for 35 years I had an oath with the General and I didn’t reveal names of peoples. My son said, "35 years you kept a secret and didn’t even tell your family." I thought, "why should I tell anybody?" Now the General told me and said, "so let’s keep a secret, but when I die I relieve you of my oath."

Three years ago the General died and I started putting all this on paper. My grandchildren said, "what did you do during the war?" I thought I better leave them a legacy. I had no intention of writing a book, being in the military. But finally, it evolved and I gradually started to write and it evolved into this. So that is my background and as I said I had the evidence that a crash did happen here.

Wilbert Smith was a genius and the government really treated him badly. I was supposed to go to his laboratory with him because the General told him, "Smith, you and the Colonel have a lot to talk about. I’ll let the Colonel come and visit you at your lab on Lake Ontario. Well, I put it off, and in 1962 I decide to go up. I called up and they told me Mr. Smith died of cancer and I never really got to go to his laboratory. He gave us a piece of a metal that he took from a flying saucer.

[See the Smith memo and the testimony of others including Dr. B., et al. SG]

We exchanged metal samples [from crashed UFOs] and he brought ours back later.

To Congress I’d say, "it happened" and I’d add on to that. "Give this information to the young people of the world - they want to hear it, they want it. Give it to them. Don’t hide it and tell lies and make stories, they’re not stupid. They’re not young men that will panic." In fact, my own nephew is Research Director of DECO [sp] Corporation. He calls me and says, "Uncle Phil, why don’t they tell us the truth? We aren’t going to panic and pull our hair out."

One good example of this, which I always tell, to prove this point that the young people want it and aren’t going to panic: I always prove it this way – I commanded a battalion of 1,500 men, a combat battalion, average age of my soldiers was 19 years old. I told my exec one day, "my God, we’re sending babies into battle." These kids fought the greatest armies in the world. They didn’t run. They didn’t panic. They stood there and fought. Why do you think they’ll panic? They want this information and they deserve it. It’s their information. It doesn’t belong to the Army or Department of Defense- it’s theirs. If it’s classified, take the classification off and give it to them.

I always say this – the government is so big and so vast, that if you leave it alone it will cover itself up. When I testified in front of Missing Prisoners of War in front of Congress, Senate, and not too long ago in front of the House, and they asked me a question like this. I told them, "look it amazes me when General Skolcraft [sp] and Kissinger can come up here in front of you gentlemen and say there is no information there. I sent it myself from Tokyo over a teleconference over a two-year period. How can they say that?" And all the families were sitting there and they wanted to hear this. Later on we searched and we found it. It had fallen through the cracks. The politicians didn’t care, they have their own little ego, and do their own little job to get in the newspapers. If a Prisoner of War is missing from families, they don’t care. And the cover up happens like that sometimes with nobody doing anything- it will cover itself up and fall through the cracks as I put it.

We never trusted the CIA because in my day Stalin gave orders to get information that came out of Roswell to some of his top scientists and agents. That order went out and we knew that in Special Intelligence (that I was in the Pentagon) the KGB tried to penetrate that but they never did. We knew that Stalin sent agents out all over this area here to try to get information on Roswell and yet we stood back like fools and said it didn’t exist - we said it was a weather balloon. They didn’t think it was a weather balloon because they had indications that this event was happening.

[See also the testimony of Gordon Creighton. SG]

Countries in Europe are taking this very seriously. They’re not like us. They’re not going to put out stories that dummies came out of the air or that these were people with big heads. Those people are more serious about this than we are. But around here I’m not surprised to see the reaction from these people. Some are like me, they’ve never been out like this, after being in the military you don’t go out and give interviews and write books.

We gave information about the ET technologies out and insisted they [the corporations] take the patents. But also we put a little bit of a requirement: Feed it back to us, the competitive edge of the Army-take the patents, make all the money you want, but give it to the American people and give it to the world.

The Japanese, they interviewed me and I told them, "when we put the integrated circuit out we also gave it to you." I’ve testified in front of six congressional committees. If they want me to I will testify, providing they’re serious and they’re not going to put it in the archives and just put it away…I won’t go up there to help a senator or congressman get elected.

Look, there is a lot of stupidity involved- let’s face it. Maybe mine is a little stupidity that I kept quiet so long but I had an oath to a General that I wasn’t going to talk until he died three years ago. Also there were other people involved and like I told you before I don’t reveal them unless they want to come forward. But we should have done more.

The head [of the ET] really wasn’t that big, but in proportion to the small body it looked big. Later I got my hands on the autopsy report in 1961, when I took charge of the Foreign Technology Division, from Walter Reed Hospital. From there, I started putting it all together. The nature of the body inside was described in the autopsy report. They did an autopsy and they cut open the brain and all. The brain was different, and most of the body was different – no nose, no mouth, no ears, no vocal cords, no digestive system, no sex organs. So, then we came to the conclusion that it was a humanoid clone. As I say, when I saw the body, there was nothing to go on. Later on, I got the autopsy reports that experts had done, our own experts.

But we kept it to ourselves- only certain people knew about it, head to head, brain to brain, no paper trail. We were able to accomplish something. Now we had discussions with the German scientists [brought over after WWII in Operation Paperclip].

General Trudeau told me one day, "it took us five years to fully develop a transistor that somebody else started and the integrated circuit. If we didn’t have the help of people like Hermann Oberth and Wilbert Smith and the boys upstairs, it would have taken us 250 years. The message in my book I like to see is that the younger generation looks at this and see what we did and see the help we got from outer space and that these beings exist. Let the young people know that that’s the future they are going to be seeing and live with.

That’s what I think the message of the book is and what I’d like to see it do: Let the young people have it … we’re old, we’re going to be gone, let those young people know… they need this help, they’re going to be the ones to carry it on.





Testimony of Mr. Glen Dennis

September 2000

Mr. Dennis was a mortician in Roswell, NM. In July 1947, the time of the famous Roswell crash, the mortuary officer from the Roswell Army Airfield called him asking for hermetically sealed infant caskets but never explained why. Later that day when at the Airfield for an emergency he saw debris of unknown origin. A nurse, whom he knew, described to him the bodies of extraterrestrials she had just handled at the base.

GD: Mr. Glen Dennis RS: Ralph Steiner

GD: Well, our mortuary had the contract for all military services out at the Roswell Army Airfield. This gentleman called and said he was a mortuary officer at the base and he needed some information. And I said, what do you need? He said, how many hermetically sealed infant caskets do you have, three and one-half, four foot, in stock? I said, we don’t have any. How long would it take you to get them? I said, well, I can call them by 3:30 this afternoon and have them in here in the morning. I said, what’s going on? He said, that’s not important.

Then he called back later and he said, I need more information. And he wanted to know what embalming chemicals that would alter the tissue, the stomach contents, and what is our preparation for taking care of bodies that are lying out in the elements for several days? And I said, you are the mortuary officer and you are asking me? I was trying to find out who I was talking to

Later on in the day I got an emergency. When I arrived at the base there were three field army air force ambulances backed up against the ramp. We were walking up the ramp and I saw a lot of debris. And when checked in, I said, sir it looked like we had crash. Do I need to get ready for it? And he said who in the hell are you and what are you doing here? And I said, well, I had an emergency and we have the contract for all military services. And it looks like you had a crash. He just said, stay right here. Don’t move. So I stayed there. And pretty soon he came back with two military police and said get this guy off of the base he’s not supposed to be here.

Whatever had happened, all the doctors and nurses that were stationed here in that area were given orders not to report [it]. It was my understanding that the reason for this was that there were all these specialists who had been sent in from Wright Patterson.

So evidently I was involved in things that I shouldn’t have been involved in.

I knew this nurse. And this nurse didn’t get her orders not to report. She met two pathologists from Wright Patterson. They were examining what was brought in from the UFO crash, what we call the Roswell crash. And they said, Lieutenant we still need some help. And this is what you are going to do. And they wanted her. And so they’d turn a hand [from the ET] and she’d say, four fragile fingers, so many centimeters etc. She said she wasn’t in there over 20 or 30 minutes at the most and then all their eyes started burning and their skin was getting real warm and real hot. So they had no idea what they had, and the two pathologists said there wasn’t anything in the anatomy books like this. There wasn’t anything like that in our medical schools. They had never seen anything like this. Immediately after that the ET bodies were put in these pouches

RS: And the nurse actually described for you what they looked like?

GD: Yeah, when the MP’s were taking me out down the hall, that’s when she came out of the supply room with this towel over her face and that’s when she screamed, Glen get out of here as fast as you can. I met her the next morning at the Officer’s Club in a conference room and that’s when she gave me a little diagram of what was going on and what they looked like. And it looks like what you see today, most of the little diagrams, you know the four fragile fingers and the long arms, the large eyes. She said the heads were almost completely demolished but they could see they only had two orifices. They didn’t have ear lobes; they had two ear canals. The mouth was only about one inch. And that’s the way she described it to me.

And I was with her until about 11:30 that day, and then at 3:30 that afternoon her supervisor called me and said, your friend has been transferred out. And I have her military serial number and everything else but I never have found her to this day. I’ve never made contact with her. She had been planning to join a convent. And I imagine they discharged her and let her go. It’s a good place to keep somebody quiet.

[There is a repeated pattern of people who are witnesses to extraterrestrial events being suddenly transferred and separated from other witnesses. SG]

One of the MPs took me aside and he just said, look mister, you don’t go and start any rumors. Nothing happened down here. And he said, if you do you know there’d be real serious problems. The way my character was at that time, I just said, I’m a civilian and you can go to hell. And that’s when he said, you may be the one going to hell. He said, somebody would be picking my bones out of the sand if I talked.

The material I saw from the crash didn’t look like aluminum or stainless steel. What it looked like, of course, we didn’t have in those days. It was a real light gray, almost a white. And some of it was real dark. It looked more like what fiberglass might look like today. And it wasn’t dented or anything. It looked like it had been twisted and shredded and all this kind of stuff. But I didn’t see any real sharp dents. I know it was very thin. I could see that it was very, very thin.

One of those sergeants out there said, well, let him go to hell, nobody is going to believe him anyway. Nobody is going to believe this happened.

[Indeed the truth about this matter is so far outside of most people’s reality that it is its own best cover. The truth covers itself even if placed in plain sight.]


Testimony of Lieutenant Walter Haut, US Navy

September 2000

First Lieutenant Haut was the Public Information Officer at the Roswell Army Air Base in Roswell NM when an extraterrestrial vehicle crashed in nearby Corona. He was the individual who put out the original story that a flying disc had crashed there. That story was retracted the next day.

… We had, in our possession, a flying saucer. It was found on a ranch up north of Roswell. It was being flown to General Ramey’s office, that being the next higher command- the 8th Air Force. And that was the end of it. The information that I got was given to me, almost verbatim, by Colonel Blanchard. He read off of a scratch pad that he had in front of him and I was writing it down. After we got all through with it, I was kind of awed…

I learned that they put all the hunks and pieces [of the crashed ETV] in an aircraft and it was flown out. But [after the press release went out] I got call after call after call…

The [cover up] was pretty well orchestrated. I think the thought of handling it that way came down from Washington, through channels, and we were told that we were all wrong, that it was just a weather balloon…

I think that there was lots and lots of cover up. My sincere feeling is that thing was something from outer space. And the military decided that our public may not accept it very graciously, something coming from outer space and hitting our own Earth. It’s a little bit hard to get many people to accept it…


Testimony of Buck Sergeant Leonard Pretko, US Air Force

November 2000

Buck Sergeant Pretko was trained in communications and served at Hickham Field in Hawaii. In the early ‘50s at an outdoor theater with over 250 people present nine silver disks were seen by everyone randomly moving over the entrance to Pearl Harbor. The event lasted for about 10 minutes. At another time he explains that he befriended one of General Douglas MacArthur’s personal security guards who told him that MacArthur had seen the craft and extraterrestrial bodies from the Roswell crash.

… Everybody turned and looked to the right and over the entrance of Pearl Harbor there were nine silver disks. The first sighting that we had they were like a letter "L". Before we knew it they were going this way and that way and they were making all kinds of maneuvers. It lasted about ten minutes. Everybody just kept looking. We had some Colonel get up and he said, "Don’t worry about it folks. Those are all just spotlights."

Well, being an idiot like me I jumped up and said, "Colonel, what do you mean spotlights? There are no clouds. There is no beam of light coming from anyplace." He told me to shut up. Just then the Bird Colonel jumped up, his name was Miller, and he said, "Colonel, you shut up. You aren’t going to fool the people here. They are all military." So we watched the things for about 10 minutes and then they just took off.

These things, they were really fast. There were times that we read in the Honolulu newspaper that they had tracked these objects once going from Hawaii to Japan in eight minutes…

He said to me, "You know that I am a member of General Douglas MacArthur’s security guard. I am on my way to the States for TDY. General Douglas MacArthur was very familiar with the Roswell incident, the crash material, and also the bodies because he himself has seen them. That is what he told me. From that day on I never mentioned a word until five years ago.

In the military they do ridicule you and I was ridiculed a few times about these UFO events. I was told that I would never make Master Sergeant if I brought this crap up again. My superior said, "If you keep this crap up you will never make Master Sergeant. You will get orders for Tech but you will never make Master Sergeant. They will force you out of the military."


Testimony of Mr. Dan Willis, US Navy

March 2001

Mr. Dan Willis was in the Navy from 1968 to 1971 with a top-secret crypto level-14 security clearance. Later, he worked for 13 years at the Naval Electronic Engineering Center in San Diego. He tells of a time when he received a most unusual communications from a merchant marine ship near the Alaskan coast. The message said that there was a reddish-orange glowing elliptical object about 70 feet in diameter that came out of the ocean and shot off into space. It was tracked on radar going 7,000 miles an hour. Many years later, Mr. Willis related this story to someone he knew who had previously worked at NORAD. He said that there were occasions where objects would be tracked on NORAD radar going so fast that they were off the scale, and once when this happened one of his older supervisors causally told him that, "it was just a visit from one of our little friends."

… The message had the following content… I remember very vividly the details of what the content of the message was. The message revealed that coming out of the ocean, very near the ship, off port bow, a reddish-orange glowing elliptical object, approximately seventy feet in diameter, came out of the water and shot off into space. The ship’s radar tracked it. It was going over 7,000 miles per hour. It all stuck with me to this day…

I worked with some of the personnel that worked at NORAD. We were talking about UFOs. He said, "When I first started working at NORAD," quote, "the screens, which monitored the radar across the country, all of a sudden something would come across the screen and the scale – reading the speed on this thing would go off the scale …" And one of the older supervisors advised him, "Oh, it’s just a visit from one of our little friends," like just a normal occurrence.


Testimony of Dr. Roberto Pinotti

September 2000

In his testimony, Mr. Pinotti speaks about the 215 inexplicable UFO events in the Italian Air Force files. He obtained official Italian documents that date back to the 30’s, specifically 1936 where the then Fascist Government was handling and documenting UFO sightings. Mussolini was very concerned about these unexplained craft because of the effect they might have on the Italian Air Force. The documents talk about elongated craft expelling smaller flying-saucer type UFO’s. One sighting happened over the sky’s of Venice. The Air Force attempted to intercept these craft but could not as they were too fast. Recently the Chief of the Intelligence Office of the Italian Air Force, General Olivero, spoke about this subject saying that the problem of UFO’s exists and that the Air Force has been dealing with it since 1978. There were even two landing traces in Campagna near Naples where the soil was bombarded with high intensity, high frequency microwaves. There was another important event documented by Air Force General Salvatore Marcholetti in 1976 where, in Lechi, he was flying and came across a huge green object that appeared over his plane. Soon the UFO took off at tremendous speed.

…From the standpoint of the nature of the sightings, the Air Force documents show that we are facing definite real objects and that these objects are detected by radar. The Italian military pilots have had encounters in the skies of Italy exactly like in the US and elsewhere. When the Italian Air Force says that they have 215 cases still unexplained this means that they are UFO sightings which have unknown characteristics. For instance, there are cases of military planes attempting to intercept these objects in the skies of Italy. But these objects go away without the possibility of being intercepted…

Recently, we had an Italian Air Force officer speak officially and in uniform about the UFO issue. The speaker was General Olivero. He’s the chief of the intelligence office of the Italian Air Force, which is in charge of following the UFO cases. He said that the problem exists and the Italian force is handling this difficult issue since 1978. He said that they have on file at least 215 UFO cases, and that really there are inexplicable cases. He was also asked officially by the press what he thought on a personal basis. He said that, since he’s a pilot, he knows serious colleagues and serious pilots who have related encounters with UFOs, and he said, I trust them.

In the ‘90s we had two landing cases in Italy and both occurred in Campagna -- Campagna is the region near Naples. The landing traces left by these two different objects were analyzed in a laboratory by our experts. We got specific results. We discovered that the objects, after their landing, had really bombarded the surface of the soil with high intensity, high frequency microwaves. We could check and define this effect. We then compared these results with the world famous case of Trans en Provence in France, which occurred in 1981 and which is a classic from this point of view. It was very important because when we went to Toulouse we found that the data we saw from these cases were really similar in effect.

This was very, very important. We have a good relationship with the French governmental body which researches UFO matters in France. Monsieur Valesco is the head of the governmental body who studies the UFO problem in France.

The French, they think that the problem is real, that we are confronting a real phenomenon, a technological phenomenon of unknown nature. The position of the French is extremely open and extremely realistic…

Another important case was the case of an Air Force general-he is retired now- General Salvatore Marcholetti, in 1976. When he was the chief of the flight school of the Italian Air Force in Lechi, he happened to meet a tremendous object during a flight. He was flying and he suddenly saw this green object over him- over the cockpit. He understood that something enormous, huge, was over the plane.

He didn’t know what to do. Seconds later, minutes later- he still doesn’t know how long this experience lasted- he suddenly saw this mass take off with tremendous speed. Only after he left the Italian Air Force did he mentioned this event…

From a logical point of view, I don’t think that we have anything to fear because if we were facing hostile beings, surely they would have conquered us or made incredible things happen in the past -- they could really. If this hasn’t happen, surely it is because we haven’t nothing to fear.

Probably there are, in every part of the world, invisible links with a definite invisible college that is keeping this secret. They are dealing with this subject from the standpoint of research secretly in order to have gains and technologies to be applied in a various ways. The UFO problem is not only a scientific problem, it is also an intelligence problem.

This is the second important face of the UFO reality. When we begin to understand this we may understand a lot of things, because all this has to do with power. Power everywhere, in every country, with every government, with every situation.



3.8.5 Technology / Science

Testimony of Mr. Mark McCandlish, US Air Force

December 2000

Mark McCandlish is an accomplished aerospace illustrator and has worked for many of the top aerospace corporations in the United States. His colleague, Brad Sorenson, with whom he studied, has been inside a facility at Norton Air Force Base, where he witnessed alien reproduction vehicles, or ARVs, that were fully operational and hovering. In his testimony, you will learn that the US not only has operational antigravity propulsion devices, but we have had them for many, many years, and they have been developed through the study, in part, of extraterrestrial vehicles over the past fifty years. In addition, we have the drawing from aerospace inventor Brad Sorenson of the devices that he saw, as well as a schematic of one of these alien reproduction vehicles — in some remarkable detail.

I work principally as a conceptual artist. Most of my clients are in the defense industry. I occasionally work directly for the military, but most the time I work for civilian corporations that are defense contractors and build weapons systems and things for the military. I’ve worked for all the major defense contractors: General Dynamics, Lockheed, Northrop, McDonald-Douglas, Boeing, Rockwell International, Honeywell, and Allied Signet Corporation.

In 1967 when I was at Westover Air Force Base, one night before going to bed I saw this light moving across the sky; then it just kind of stopped, and there wasn’t any noise. I took the dog back in the house, and I brought out my telescope and watched this thing through the telescope for about ten minutes. In fact, it was hovering directly over the facility where they kept the nuclear weapons — at the storage facility near the alert hangers at Westover Air Force Base. It started to move off, and it moved off slowly and kind of wandered around the sky. Then, all of a sudden it was gone, like it had been fired out of a gun. It was out of sight in just a second or two.

Well, it all started coming together when I was working at IntroVision, and John Eppolito talked about this interview that he had done with a person who had, for some reason, wound up walking up to, or near a hangar at a section of a military Air Force base. [He] had seen a flying saucer in a hangar, and then he was arrested — hauled off, blindfolded, and debriefed — this sort of thing. Then I learned that this fellow, Mark Stambough, had developed an experiment that created a kind of levitation. In some circles it’s been called electrogravitic levitation, or antigravity.

What he did, apparently, was acquire a high voltage power source — a DC (direct current) power source, and he took a couple of quarter-inch-thick copper plates about a foot in diameter, with a lead coming out of the middle of each one at the top and the bottom. [Then], he basically embedded them in a type of plastic resin like polycarbonate or Plexiglas, or some other kind of clear resin where you could see the plates, and you could see the material. Apparently, he did everything he could to get all the little air bubbles and stuff out of there, so there wouldn’t be any pathways for the electricity to break down the material and arc through them. The experiment was to see how much voltage you could put on this capacitor — the sub-plate capacitor — in this arrangement; how much voltage could you put on this thing before the insulating material begins to just break down?

Well, he got up to about a million volts, and the thing would begin to float, and it floated in accordance with principles that had been described in a patent that was filed back in the late 1950s/early 1960s by a gentleman called Thomas Townsend Brown. Brown and another individual by the name of Dr. Biefield had done this, so this effect became known as the Biefield-Brown effect. Well, [Stambough] apparently duplicated the experiments done by Biefield and Brown, [and] the one aspect they found about this arrangement was that the levitation or movement would occur in the direction of the positively-charged plate. So, if you had two plates, one is negative, and one is positive because of the direct current system. If you have the positive plate on top, it would move in that direction. If you had it on a pendulum, it would always swing in whatever direction the positive plate was facing.

Later, I got a call from a kid that I had known in school, a fellow by the name of Brad Sorensen. He apparently had recognized my name [from some work I had done in a magazine], and had contacted the art director who gave him my phone number, and he called me up. It turned out that he had gone to work for a design firm in the Glendale/Pasadena area of California and ultimately wound up acquiring most of the clientele for this particular agency.

In the process, he developed a business practice where he would create conceptual designs and products for different clients. The way he structured his business [was to] set it up so that if he came up with some new and novel design, something that was patentable, the client would pay to have the patent secured. Then he would agree, if the patent was in his name, to license it exclusively to them and no one else, and they would pay him royalties. So, he got his clients to pay for all these patents, and he had all these royalties coming in, and he was a millionaire before 30.

So, this is Brad Sorensen coming back to me eight years after school, and we’re talking, and he’s telling me all these interesting stories. There was an air show that was coming up at Norton Air Force Base, which used to be an active Air Force base right on the eastern fringe of San Bernardino in Southern California.

I suggested that we get together and go to this air show. I had heard that they were going to have a fly-by (a flying demonstration) by the SR-71 Blackbird, and he seemed to know a lot about it, so I said, well, let’s do that. It turned out [that] at the last minute, the magazine Popular Science came back again and [told me] they had some really, really crazy deadline for another illustration, and they wanted to know if I could do it over the weekend, so I had to beg off on this air show.

Brad had already made arrangements to go, and he was going to bring one of his clients with him. It turned out that this client was a tall, thin, white-haired man with glasses [and] an Italian-sounding last name. He was already a millionaire in his own right and was in civilian life again after having been either a Secretary of Defense or an Under-Secretary of Defense. Brad wanted me to meet this gentleman, and if I had known this at the time, I probably would have told the magazine to wait, because I had no idea at that point what I was going to be missing out on.

Believe me, I’ve kicked myself ever since, because the following week, after Brad got back home, he called me up and told me about the air show. He told me about what he had seen there: apparently, right about the time the Air Force flying demonstration team, the Thunderbirds, were planning to begin their show, this gentleman that Brad was with said, "Follow me," and they [went] walking down to the other end of the airfield, away from where the crowds were, to this huge hangar that’s at Norton Air Force Base. I don’t remember the building number, but it’s got to be one of the largest hangars in the Air Force inventory.

In fact, on the base it was called The Big Hangar. It looks like four giant Quonset hut style hangars that are all connected in the middle, with shops and work areas out around the edges, and there is sort of a divider in the middle.

[See the testimony of Lieutenant Colonel John Williams. SG]

This gentleman took Brad down there. He said, "I’m here to talk to the guy who is running the show," so the guard goes in and out comes the same guard with a gentleman in a three-piece suit, who immediately recognizes this fellow that Brad is with: this fellow whom I speculate was probably Frank Carlucci. They go inside, and immediately after getting inside the door, this fellow apparently passes Brad off as his aide to this fellow who is managing the exhibit that’s going on inside this hangar. This exhibit is for some of the local politicians who are cleared for high security information, [plus] some of the local military officials.

Well, as soon as they walk in, Brad is told by this fellow that he is with, "There are a lot of things in here that I didn’t expect they were going to have on display — stuff you probably shouldn’t be seeing. So, don’t talk to anybody, don’t ask any questions, just keep your mouth shut, smile and nod, but don’t say anything — just enjoy the show. We’re going to get out of here as soon as we can."

In the process, the host or the person running the show was very engaging with the gentleman that Brad was with, so they bring them in, and they are showing them everything. There was the losing prototype from the B-2 Stealth Bomber competition. They also had what was called the Lockheed Pulsar, nicknamed the Aurora.

These things had the ability to be just about anywhere in the world 30 minutes after launch, with the capability of 121 nuclear warheads — you know, probably 10-15 megaton weapons — a tactical type nuclear reentry vehicle.

So, getting back to Brad’s story at Norton Air Force Base: one of the other things he said was that after they showed them all of these aircraft, they had a big black curtain that divided the hangar into two different areas. Behind these curtains was another big area, and inside this area they had all the lights turned off; so, they go in and they turn the lights on, and here are three flying saucers floating off the floor — no cables suspended from the ceiling holding them up, no landing gear underneath — just floating, hovering above the floor. They had little exhibits with a videotape running, showing the smallest of the three vehicles sitting out in the desert, presumably over a dry lakebed — someplace like Area 51. It showed this vehicle making three little quick, hopping motions; then [it] accelerated straight up and out of sight, completely disappearing from view in just a couple of seconds — no sound, no sonic boom — nothing.

They had a cut-away illustration, pretty much like the one I’ll show you in a little bit, that showed what the internal components of this vehicle were, and they had some of the panels taken off so you could actually look in and see oxygen tanks and a little robotic arm that could extend out from the side of the vehicle for collecting samples and things. So, obviously, this is a vehicle that not only is capable of flying around through the atmosphere, but it’s also capable of going out to space and collecting samples, and it’s using a type of propulsion system that doesn’t make any noise. As far as he could see, it had no moving parts and didn’t have any exhaust gases or fuel to be expended — it was just there hovering.

So, he listened intently and collected as much information as he could, and when he came back, he told me how he had seen these three flying saucers in this hangar at Norton Air Force Base on November 12, 1988 — it was a Saturday. He said that the smallest was somewhat bell-shaped. They were all identical in shape and proportion, except that there were three different sizes. The smallest, at its widest part, was flat on the bottom, somewhat bell-shaped, and had a dome or a half of a sphere on top. The sides were sloping at about a 35-degree angle from pure vertical.

The panels that were around the skirt had been removed, so he could see one of these big oxygen tanks inside. He was very specific in describing the oxygen tanks as being about 16 to 18 inches in diameter, about 6 feet long, and they were all radially-oriented, like the spokes of a wheel. This dome that was visible on the top was actually the upper half of a big sphere-shaped crew compartment that was in the middle of the vehicle, and around the middle of this vehicle was actually a large plastic casting that had this big set of copper coils in it. He said it was about 18 inches wide at the top, and about 8 to 9 inches thick. It had maybe 15 to 20 stacked layers of copper coils inside of it.

The bottom of the vehicle was about 11 or 12 inches thick. In both cases, the coil and this large disc at the bottom were like a big plastic casting — sort of a greenish-blue, clear plastic, or it might have been glass. I determined, using my conceptual artist skills, that there were exactly 48 sections like thin slices of pizza pie, and each section within this casting probably weighed four or five tons, judging by the thickness and the diameter. It must have been monstrous in weight. It was full of half-inch-thick copper plates, and each of the 48 sections had 8 copper plates.

So, here we are back to the plate capacitors again, and the prospect of someone finding a way to use the Biefield-Brown effect — this levitation effect where you charge a capacitor to lift towards a positive plate. Now, when you’ve got eight plates stacked up in there, they alternate. It goes: negative positive, negative, positive, negative, positive — four times, so you ultimately wind up with the positive plates always being above a set of negative plates as you go up.

On the inside of the crew compartment was a big column that ran down through the middle, and there were four ejection seats mounted back-to-back on the upper half of this column. Then, right in the middle of the column, was a large flywheel of some kind.

Well, this craft was what they called the Alien Reproduction Vehicle; it was also nicknamed the Flux Liner. This antigravity propulsion system — this flying saucer — was one of three that were in this hangar at Norton Air Force Base. [Its] synthetic vision system [used] the same kind of technology as the gun slaving system they have in the Apache helicopter: if [the pilot] wants to look behind him, he can pick a view in that direction, and the cameras slew in pairs. [The pilot] has a little screen in front of his helmet, and it gives him an alternating view. He [also] has a little set of glasses that he wears — in fact, you can actually buy a 3-D viewing system for your video camera now that does this same thing — so when he looks around, he has a perfect 3-D view of the outside, but no windows. So, why do they have no windows? Well, it’s probably because the voltages that we’re talking about [being] used in this system were probably something between, say, half a million and a million volts of electricity.

Now, he said there were three vehicles. The first one — the smallest, the one that was partially taken apart, the one that was shown in the video that was running in this hangar November 12, 1988 at Norton Air Force Base — was about 24 feet in diameter at its widest part, right at the base. The next biggest one was 60 feet in diameter at the base.

Now, I started looking at the design of this thing, and it occurred to me that what I was looking at was a huge Tesla coil, which is kind of like an open-air transformer. What happens is that when you pass electricity through this large diameter coil, it creates a field.

That’s what this system does: it takes electricity, using two large 24-volt marine-style batteries. You basically use that to somehow put an alternating current through these windings. [Then], you step up that electricity through the secondary coil, which is on the column in the middle, and you get this extremely high voltage. You can selectively put the voltage on any of these 48 capacitor sections.

Well, why would you want to do that? If you’re using just a normal Tesla coil, you usually have maybe one or two capacitors in the whole system. But, you’re talking about a different type of capacitor here — you’re talking about capacitors that are made up of plates — plates that are shaped like long, thin triangles, and they are all radially-oriented just like the spokes of a wheel, just like the oxygen tanks, just like the field lines from that large diameter coil. As you look at this system, if you’re an electrician or just somebody who knows a little bit about Tesla coils and the way they are set up, you begin to realize that the orientation of components is really the key to making the system work.

Why so many different capacitor sections? If you just have one big disc like Mark Stambough did with his experiment at the University of [Arizona] — which, by the way, was confiscated by men claiming to be from the government and claiming privilege under the National Security Act. They took all this stuff, interviewed all the people that saw the experiments, and told everybody to keep their mouths shut and not talk about it. But, I heard about it from his roommate who knew what had happened. [Anyway], in that case, you have levitation, but you don’t get any control. You have this thing floating around, and it’s just sort of floating on whatever this field is that it’s producing, but you don’t have any control.

So, what happens? You break that disc up into 48 different sections, and then you can decide how much electricity you want to put on this side or over there on that side, so you can control the amount of electricity and the amount of thrust and vectoring that you get. You can make it go straight up, you can make it bank and turn and pitch — whatever you want to, by virtue of the fact that you can control where the electricity goes in those 48 different sections. If you ever take a circle and divide it up into 48 equal sections, you’ll find that those are really thin little slices. So, you have these 48 individual capacitors, and you have one big Tesla coil. You’ve got to have some kind of a rotating spark gap, just like the distributor in your car, that sends the electricity out to each of those sections. Then, you have to have some way of controlling how much electricity goes to each one.

[A disc-shaped craft like this has omnidirectional movement — it isn’t limited to moving in one direction like a jet with a nose and a tail. LW, after talking to McCandlish.]

Now, when Brad described the control system, he said that on the one side there was this big high-voltage potentiometer — it’s like a rheostat, a big controller. It allows you to put progressively more electricity through the system as you push the lever. On the other side of the control system, there was a sort of a metallic bar that came up like a stork’s neck, and right at the very tip of it was a sort of metallic-looking ball. Attached to that ball was a kind of a bowl that seemed to just hang off the bottom of the ball, almost like it was magnetically attached to it. He said the whole thing would just sit there, and it would kind of rock and list, almost like a large ship at anchor in a harbor on the ocean, floating on the water. It was literally on a sea of energy.

Dr. John Moray did experiments with different kinds of energy — something that may have been scalar energy — back in the early 1920s or the 1930s, I believe it was. He wrote a book called The Sea of Energy, and he describes this type of energy. Brad said that when this thing was moving around, the system wasn’t energized to its full strength, so components inside the ship were still subject to some influence by gravity. He [said] as it would start to list in one direction, the bowl, because of the influence of gravity, would swing in the same direction. As it started to tilt, it would slide over and it would power up the system on that side, and it would bring it back to a righted position all by itself. Completely unmanned, it would sit there, and it would correct itself just while it was sitting there.

It was all linked fiber-optically. Well, why would that make any difference? Why would you want to have a system that’s all linked fiber-optically? The reason is that if you find a way to control gravity, you reduce the mass of it. If you are able to do that, what are the other side benefits? What if you somehow found a way of tapping into this scalar field, this zero-point energy? If what the scientists believe is true, then the zero-point energy is actually what keeps the electrons around the atomic structure of everything in our universe. It keeps them energized — it keeps those little electrons spinning in their different clouds around the nucleus of every atom in our world. It keeps them going, keeps them from crashing into the nucleus like a satellite orbiting the Earth gets pulled into the atmosphere by gravitational drag. Well, if you have a way of interfering with that interaction, that absorption of zero-point energy by those electrons, they begin to slow down.

Every atom in the universe is just like a little gyroscope: it’s got all these electrons spinning around the nucleus, and they have a gyroscopic effect, which is the effect we call inertia and mass. We have one nucleus with a proton and a neutron and one electron — hydrogen — spinning around like that: not very much mass, not too much inertia. If you take uranium 235, [with] 235 electrons all spinning around in their different clouds, there is a lot of mass; there is a lot of inertia, because it’s like a bigger gyroscope, in a way. At least, that’s the analogy that I’ve kind of picked up here. But, if you have a way of interfering with that absorption of zero-point energy so those electrons become de-energized, they begin to slow down. The effect of that inertia, that gyroscopic effect, begins to drop off, and the mass drops off too, even though the atomic structure is intact; and it’s still there — it’s still uranium, but it’s not as heavy.

One of the things Einstein said was that you could never accelerate anything up to and past the speed of light. If you did, you would have to have all the energy in the universe, because as you accelerate through space, mass increases. One of the old films showing this concept shows a train going faster and faster towards the speed of light, but the train keeps getting bigger and bigger until the engine just can’t pull it, so it can never pass the speed of light.

But, what if you have a system, a device, that absorbs that zero-point energy and prevents it from interacting with the atomic structure of the vehicle? And at the same time, it’s providing additional power to the capacitor section — this whole electrical system that is going on in the vehicle, that’s running. In effect, the faster you go, the easier it becomes to go up to and exceed the speed of light.

Brad said that in this exhibit at Norton Air Force Base, a three star general said that these vehicles were capable of doing light speed or better. Oh, by the way, the largest of these vehicles was about 120 to 130 feet in diameter. I mean, that’s massive when you think about it — it’s just huge.

There is a scientist in Utah by the name of Moray B. King — he wrote a book called Tapping the Zero Point Energy. What he maintains is that this energy is embedded in space-time all around us; it’s in everything we see. I think it was James Clerk Maxwell who speculated that there’s enough of this flux, this electrical charge, in the nothingness of space, that if you could capture all the energy that was embedded in just a cubic yard of space, you’d have enough energy to boil the oceans of the entire world. That’s how much energy is sitting there waiting to be tapped. Now, one of the things that Moray B. King said was that the best way to tap that energy is by driving it out of equilibrium. It’s just like a bunch of cigarette smoke in a box, but if you somehow send a shockwave through it, you can get force — you can get ripples through it. Then, if you have a way of collecting that energy at the other end, you have a way of tapping into it and using it.

This Alien Reproduction Vehicle, this Flux Liner, has a way of doing that somehow, electronically. Now, Brad had described the fact that this central column has a kind of vacuum chamber in it. The vacuum chamber is one of the things that all of these scientists describe in these over-unity or free energy devices they build. They all have some kind of vacuum tubes, vacuum technology.

Brad maintained that inside this big vacuum chamber in the central column that’s inside everything else — inside the flywheel, inside the secondary coils of the Tesla coil, inside the crew compartment — there is mercury vapor. Mercury vapor will conduct electricity, but it produces all kinds of ionic effects. These little molecules of mercury become charged in unusual ways, and if you fire a tremendous amount of electricity through mercury vapor that’s in a partial vacuum, there is something special, something unusual that happens in that process.

I believe it’s the process that Moray [King] came to describe when he [proposed] driving the energy in the vacuum out of equilibrium, putting some kind of a shockwave through it.

Now, the other thing that I believe happens here, is that as this system begins to tap into this zero-point energy and is drawing it away from the local environment, the whole craft becomes lighter in weight — it becomes partially mass-canceled, if you will, which is one of the reasons why just a little bit of energy in the capacitors could shoot it all over the place.

One of the things that I believe happens, is when you take a system like this and you fire it up, everything in the system starts to become mass-canceled. The next thing that happens is that the electrons that are flowing through the system also become mass-canceled. What does that mean? It means as that system and all the electrons flowing through that big Tesla coil become mass-canceled, it also becomes the perfect super-conductor, which means the efficiency of the systems goes right through the ceiling. You get dramatic efficiency, just like the whole thing was dunked into liquid nitrogen or made out of pure silver or pure gold, which at certain temperatures are perfect conductors — it becomes lighter and can accelerate at incredible speeds.

[The faster it goes, the lighter it gets, and the faster it’s able to go. LW, after talking to McCandlish]

In 1992, I met a man named Kent Sellen and, as it turned out, Kent Sellen and I had a mutual friend: a fellow by the name of Bill Scott, or William Scott, who was a local editor for a trade publication called Aviation Week and Space Technology.

Bill Scott used to be a test pilot at Edwards Air Force Base back in the early 1970s, and Kent Sellen had been a crew chief working on the plane that Bill Scott flew. So I was talking to Kent Sellen about this and he nodded his head and smiled a big wide grin, and he winked and he kind of said, "Yes, I know what you’re talking about." I [asked], how do you know what I’m talking about? And he [said] "Because I’ve seen one." At that point, I keyed in on something that John Eppolito of IntroVision had told me about something in a hangar — something that someone had seen in a hangar.

So, I [asked] Kent, when I’m meeting him at this air show at Edwards in 1992, was it flat on the bottom and had sloping sides and a dome on the top and little camera things? And he said, "Oh, you’ve seen one?" I said, let me borrow your pen. I took out a little piece of paper, drew a sketch, and I [asked] does it look like that? He said, "Yes, that’s it — that’s what it looks like." I [asked] when did you see this? He [replied], "I saw it in 1973." I [asked] where, when did you see it? He [responded], "I was a crew chief, [and] I worked on Bill Scott’s plane when he was a test pilot."

He [told me] one night [his] shift supervisor [had told him], "Go out to North Base — they’ve got a ground power unit for an aircraft that’s leaking or failed or something, so we need you to take a tow vehicle out there. Go out, pick it up, bring it back, drop it off at the repair depot; then you can go for the night, because we’ve finished all our other work." Well, instead of going around the big perimeter road that goes up to the main entrance of North Base, Kent Sellen drove straight across the dry lake bed at Edwards to the North Base facility. He [came] up off the dry lake bed, [rolled] right up on the tarmac, and [was] going down these rows of hangars — they [were] all Quonset-style hangars back then. He [stopped] in front of the first one with the doors cracked, expecting to find this defective ground power unit, and what [did] he see? He [saw] this flying saucer sitting in the hangar, hovering off the ground.

This brings me back to John Eppolito’s story about a guy who saw a UFO in a hangar sometime prior to 1982, when I met him. I [asked], what happened? He [said], "This thing was flat on the bottom, [with] sloping sides, little cameras in these little plastic domes all over, [and] there was a door on the side. I wasn’t there for 15 seconds, [when] I heard footsteps running up to me, and before I could even turn around and look, there was a machine gun barrel at my throat." A gruff voice [said], "Close your eyes and get on the ground, or we’re going to blow your head off."

They put a hood over his head, blindfolded him, hauled him off, and they spent 18 hours debriefing him. While they did, they told him things about this vehicle that my buddy Brad didn’t even know.

Brad had said that all of the components in the system were off-the-shelf components — things that you could find right in the inventory. They [had] their own oxygen supply, and he [said] they [ejected] once they [got] below 15,000 feet. The individual seats [came] down off this central column on a set of rails, just like little railroad cars. They [came] off one-by-one, and the parachutes [came] out, and away they [went].

I looked at all this information that I got from Brad, [and] I realized there [was] a mechanical arm that [could] extend out from these little trap doors that [opened] up on the side of the vehicle. It [was] obvious that these things [were] capable of space travel. 10 [or] 15 years ago, I was talking to Tom Bearden about scalar effects. One of the things that he said, just off the top of his head, was, "Have you ever wondered why the NASA budget has been cut back so severely? It’s because they’ve got all this other technology that is so much better, so much faster. They are so much better than rocket-propelled spaceships that take months, sometimes years, to get to the outer reaches of the solar system. Why would you put millions and millions of dollars [into] what [amounts to] a public works program for scientists? Why invest all that money when you have this classified system that’s used exclusively by the National Security Agency, the CIA, or Air Force Intelligence? It will go anywhere in the solar system in hours, compared to months or years. Why spend all that money on NASA when you’ve got something that will go there right now?"

When people speculate that there [might] be manned bases on the back side of the moon or there might be bases on Mars, I can tell you that I am almost positive that that’s true. In fact, I am positive that it’s true.

I have met another man who knows about these things. He said, "I work at the B-2 bomber facility out at Plant 42 in Palmdale and Lancaster. Catty-corner across from the big production facility for the B-2 bomber, down at the southwest corner of the field is the Lockheed Skunkworks — it’s that huge complex down there." I said, yes, I know exactly where that is. He [said] "In the summer of 1992, I was outside about 10:30 at night, because I work a late shift and was smoking a cigarette, and I noticed that the sheriff’s deputies were blocking off all of the streets surrounding Plant 42. They do that anytime there is a classified aircraft that is coming in to land or is departing from Plant 42."

He [continued], "I noticed all the streets being blocked off, and sitting out in front of this hangar [was] this circular formation of vehicles — but they [were] really weird vehicles. They [were] like a little tractor with a turret on it, and the turret [had] a big mechanical arm with a basket on the end of it. It’s the kind of thing that electrical linemen use to work on high-tension power lines, but the baskets [were] all up in the air, and strung from each one of the baskets in this big circle is this big black curtain that [came] down, and there [was] a rope that [tied] them all together."

He said, "I looked up above the circular vehicle, and at about 500 feet was this big, black lens-shaped flying saucer, just sitting there above the vehicles. Out of the midst of this group of vehicles [came] a man with a big blue-green handheld flashlight. [He shined] it up at the vehicle and [flashed] it three times. There were three blue-green lights underneath the vehicle, and they [flashed back] at him three times."

"Then this thing [lowered] down into [the] cluster of vehicles. The arms all [extended] out over the center and [covered] this craft all up with the curtain — then they all [trundled] into the hangar. The doors [closed], lights [came] on, [and] the sheriffs [left]." He said he smoked a lot of cigarettes for the next week after that, waiting to see something else, and a week later his patience was rewarded when the whole process reversed itself. He said that the lights [went] out, the doors [opened], [and] this cluster of vehicles [came] out. The arms all [stood] up, and after a while, this thing silently [rose] up to about 500 feet above the vehicles. The guy [came] out with the flashlight, [flashed] three times, [and] it [flashed] its lights at him three times.

Then he said this thing took off, [covering] the entire length of the runway, which is right next to the B-2 facility. It went past him and disappeared into the dark in under two seconds — and this vehicle did it without any noise, without any supersonic shockwave, no sonic boom, nothing — just like it had been fired from a canon. He said it changed [his] life. It changed [his] whole perspective, because then he [knew they had] anti-gravity — massless propulsion. He [said they had] technology that they might have even recovered from some kind of a spacecraft that came from God-knows-where — some other star system — but, he [said] the fact [was they had] it.

We have found a patent filed by a James King Jr., and this patent looks just like this system except that instead of having a dome for a crew compartment, it has a cylinder in the center. [It has] the same shape, the flat bottom, [and] the sloping sides. It has the coils around the circumference, [and] it has the capacitor plates that are all radially-oriented. This patent was filed initially in 1960 [and] was secured in 1967 — the same year that a photo was taken near Provo, Utah that looks just like [this craft].

The clincher is the guy who filed the patent worked with Townsend Brown. Townsend Brown had worked at a laboratory near Princeton, New Jersey with a scientist by the name of Agnew Bahnson in the Bahnson Laboratories. They did all these experiments that they were calling electrogravitic propulsion. There is [a] video that was converted from the 16-millimeter film that was shot by Agnew Bahnson’s daughter. Originally it was called "Daddy’s Laboratory", and it shows all these experiments that Bahnson and Thomas Townsend Brown did, along with their assistant James King [J. Frank King], who filed the patent. That film shows little discs levitating and shooting off sparks and stuff. So, it all kind of comes full circle.

You see that now, they not only have the technology, they’ve got the technology in deployment. Not only does it fly but it looks just like the patents that were filed back in the 1960s — the same year the photos were taken near Area 51 — between Area 51 and Provo, Utah, by a military pilot. It shows all the same features; it shows all the same shapes. So, the bottom line for me is that regardless of whether you understand all the fine points of the technology, the technology exists and there are people that have seen it. I have seen these things myself, so to me it’s just really a matter of time before they bring this technology out of the black and begin to let us use it for other things like pollution-free production of energy. You could probably take a couple of little things that look like those flying saucers and put them around a crank shaft and use them to drive an engine, pollution-free — no use of fuel.

Anyway, the only other thing that I could say, is that when I was talking about the fiber optic control system, that’s also one of the things that goes back to the original Roswell account that there were all these little fibers with light going through them, and they couldn’t explain what this stuff was. Well, why would you need a fiber optic system in a spaceship? If, suddenly, everything in the vehicle becomes mass-canceled, and even the electrons become mass-canceled, it means that all of the telemetry that’s going through your system is going to go haywire. It’s going to be like, suddenly, the system goes through a phase change, and everything is super-conducting. So, you have to have some way of maintaining the same level of control for your spark gaps — the control of the amount of electricity that goes out of the capacitors — so that when you change the control stick, you still get the same amount of movement and deflection in the system, even when you go into a state of mass-cancellation or partial mass-cancellation, because the electrons are also mass-canceled, so they become super-conducting circuits.

Why use fiber optics? Because photons have no mass, so they are unaffected. That means any information, any telemetry that you send back and forth to your computer gets there. It doesn’t matter if the computer functions at the super-conducting level, because it just makes it faster, more efficient, smarter. You want to be able to control the aircraft so it doesn’t crash, and what’s the best way to do it? With fiber optics.


Testimony of Professor Paul Czysz

November 2000

Dr. Paul Czysz is a Professor of Aeronautical Engineering at Parks College in St. Louis. He spent 8 years in the Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and another 30 years working for McDonnell-Douglas in the field of exotic technologies. While at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, he was involved in tracking UFOs over Missouri, Ohio, and Michigan. These UFOs were seen my many people: military, local police, and civilians, and were clocked at speeds around 20,000 MPH as they performed unusual, silent maneuvers. Dr. Czysz spent more than half his career at McDonnell-Douglas working on classified and compartmentalized projects, and testifies to the processes involved in maintaining secrecy on these projects. He warns against the human tendency to make every new technology into a weapon, pointing out that our weaponization of space does not address the threat of Earth terrorists, and the idea of using these weapons against extraterrestrial targets would be suicidal.

PC: Prof. Paul Czysz I: Interviewer

PC: I’m a graduate of Parks College. I started in the Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and was in the Air Force for two years, [plus] stayed an additional six years working in research. Then I returned to McDonnell-Douglas and stayed there for thirty years. I finally ended up at Parks College again as an endowed Chair.

At McDonnell-Douglas, we did lot of high-speed work — hypersonics. We worked on things that flew from Mach 4 to Mach 12, and had some airplanes that flew Mach 12 all the way around the world. We almost built it.

One of the more interesting nights I had at Wright-Patterson was when I was the assistant to the head officer-of-the-day over at Patterson Field. We had 151 phone calls come in regarding unidentified objects flying down U.S. 40 — then turning at Columbus and going up to Detroit. These [calls] were [from] state policemen, some doctors that worked late at night, all kinds of people that reported seeing this. We had radar tracks on them and had airliners call in that they had seen them. It was very, very interesting. These guys gave very clear descriptions of what they saw.

You know, probably more than half of my career was in projects that were classified or compartmentalized.

I: Can you describe how that process works?

PC: Generally, depending on the level of the compartmentalization and the secrecy level, you have to go through a fairly significant background check. It takes between six months to a year to get the background checks. Then, when you do that, if you’re in a very tight compartment, you sign a statement that you will not divulge the existence of the project or even answer a question that could acknowledge the existence of the project. It’s not even on a need-to-know basis; it’s on the basis of people being identified specifically to know what you’re working on and [who are] directly associated with the project, so it’s very closely-contained material.

If you have a covert project, the funding would come through a number of government sources, none of which would be identified to the workers. Whatever high-level people were involved in it — even they might not know where the funding came from. It’s just that you sign a contract with the U.S. government, and the funding would show up at the right place at the right time.

If there were non-Earthbound sources of the information, the people who were doing the design work or doing the analysis work would never have any idea of where it [the materiel] came from. All you would have to do is visit Russia to see how they did it. They would compartmentalize every project into what I used to call silos, and they would have a colonel or a general sitting on top of that, and literally, they could not talk to anyone outside of that silo. If someone else needed help, one person would be sent over to another place, sit down at a desk, look at a piece of paper, say, "Yes, I know what that problem is; here’s the answer to it," and walk away. He would not even know what it was that he was working on.

The giant triangles that appear over Palmdale move very slowly — they’re very large and very slow-moving. That’s different, I think, [from] the ones that appear all over Belgium and that are very fast-moving.

You can’t explain that in conventional physics. By conventional physics, I mean engines and jet engines and rocket motors and propulsion systems as we know them today. You put fuel in, you burn something, and it produces thrust and accelerates an object. In conventional physics, you cannot explain how human beings could live long enough to go much beyond the edge of our little solar system.

So, in conventional terms, no, you can’t explain it. It has to be related to quantum physics, in which things can appear to be almost two places at the same time, and appear and reappear just like positrons and electrons do in some of the high-energy particle colliders. It’s a coupling of the device with the energy that permeates space. Probably Tesla was close to it when he said that if given the right energy system, the right electromagnetic spectrum, he could power a human base on Mars from Earth, without any loss of energy. In quantum physics and zero-point energy, that’s a possibility.

Sakharov and others were working on this and made very convincing arguments that the fabric of space is like an ocean, an energy ocean, in which solid energy is floating, and solid energy is the mass. If that’s true, then gravity waves exist, and in fact, everything goes back to Heavyside’s [phonetic spelling] equations. Here, the quantum is now not mass, but time. If that’s true, then you look at the whole universe in a different light. A lot of things become possible, that we think impossible within our current understanding of what time and space and thrust and force are.

If these UFOs come from another part of the universe, it must involve something like this. Even our galaxy is about 100,000 light years across. All of the conventional thrust and force mechanisms that we conceive of just won’t work in terms of human timeframes. If people are here from another civilization, then they’ve understood the finer points of quantum physics.

When I was at Wright-Patterson, we had the flying saucers that covered the distance from Columbus to Detroit in something like the equivalent of about 20,000 miles an hour. Back then, I don’t think anyone in the ordinary aerospace business would have had any knowledge of quantum physics or wormholes or the types of things we know now. But, if you went to CERN now and talked to the particle physicists, they would tell you certainly, some of this was possible, because they see it all the time. Where they think they see mass, they really see energy frozen in a time quantum. What they’re seeing is really a frozen bundle of energy. It moves back and forth almost without any restrictions.

The UFOs weren’t phenomena that were [just] people’s imagination. Whatever they saw was real; I couldn’t explain how it was real, what made it real, but I think they saw what they saw.

Near St. Louis, there was a fairly large triangular object seen, and it traveled the distance down to south St. Louis. In some of its sightings, it was moving relatively benignly, but then it literally jumped about 20 miles in a couple of seconds. I received a lot of phone calls from the local newspapers and TV stations, asking how that could be done. I said, I don’t know how it can, unless you explain it through something like a quantum physics explanation of time and space and relationships that gave you time and space travel. Other than that, there’s no way to do that. And, this object made no sound at all. It starts out at hover, and it literally almost disappears and pops over here — so it’s not like a cartoon where it goes "whoosh." It’s almost like it disappears and comes up over here, according to the descriptions that some of the police officers gave.

The hard part is to find a way to physically do that. There are people who have been experimenting with zero-point energy, or who tried to tap zero-point energy for years. Every once-in-a-while, someone will do it accidentally. They’ll call it cold fusion, but I don’t think it’s cold fusion; I just think it’s a zero-point energy tap. Except for three people that I know, no one has been able to control it. When it happens, it happens for a short period of time and it’s almost always destructive. It’s like drilling a hole into the base of Grand Coulee Dam, and all of a sudden a jet of water comes out that literally has enough pressure to cut you in half. Without a valve on it, you can’t shut it off.

There’s one guy that a friend of mine actually visited in Ann Arbor, Michigan, who I consider a mathematical genius, and who actually figured out a way to control it. He was terrified that someone would kill him for the knowledge that he had and the ability to tap this whenever he chose to, and control it. We haven’t seen him in five years; we don’t know where he is.

Today you’ve got an energy problem with the price of oil. What do you think would happen if you introduced the ability to tap this zero-point energy? Zero-point energy represents about 40-50 megawatts of power per cubic inch of space. That’s a lot of power. If you could tap it at will, then no one would have to sell gasoline or oil anymore. You would just tap into it. It would be like going out to the Great Lakes and taking out one drop and using it — you’d hardly miss it. And, since it permeates the whole universe and it continually fluctuates as matter-antimatter interaction, it’s not like it’s a steady lake. It’s a pool the size of the universe. So, for what we would use it for, you’d never even miss it.

This one researcher claimed if you bottle it and move it to another location and release it, you’d create a tear in the time domain of local space and actually cause a problem, which he claims he did, and he will never do it again.

Also, it doesn’t work in conventional jet engines. One has to create an actual zero-point energy engine to do that. This researcher in Ann Arbor, Michigan had one running in his basement. It was not connected to any power source whatsoever, sitting in the middle of a table, and it had been running for a year.

But, none of these researchers would have an inkling of how you would build a ship the size of a football field and make it move at the speeds that apparently it [the one near St. Louis] moved. Speed’s actually the wrong word, because conventionally, we think of this as speeding through space, but what if it really acts like some of the high-energy particles at CERN? They really transfer into energy and reappear over here, and there was no mass that went anywhere — because all mass is solid energy. The conventional wisdom is that a complex organic structure like [a human] cannot transfer back and forth from energy to solid, but that’s just because we’ve never seen it done.

What you represent is solid energy. You think you’re solid, right? In fact, the distance between the atoms in your body [is] almost exactly relatively proportional to the same distance as the planets around the sun. So, if you could look at your individual atoms, you would be 98 percent space. If you were the equivalent of a neutron star, which is only the nucleus and the electrons compressed, you would fit on the point of a pin. When you really get down to what you’re made out of, the total state of you is on the point of a pin.

James S. McDonnell [who founded McDonnell-Douglas Aircraft] actually had an institute to study paranormal psychology. That’s why his airplanes were named Banshee and Phantom. He was an Irishman who was very much interested in the spiritual world and the paranormal, and he had part of his research department working with [his] foundation to study the paranormal.

[See the testimony of Dr. Robert Wood confirming this. SG]

The "Great Randi", the magician, infiltrated his organization and actually, for about six months, did sleight-of-hand experiments to [deceive] him. There would be something really there, and then he’d discredit it — the head of the research department eventually would not even talk about anything related to this.

The guy in Ann Arbor that had the zero-point energy machine actually came to McDonnell-Douglas. He and his partners came in, and they were going to talk about this hydrogen motor that they had. I got invited to the meeting, and about halfway through it, I just said, guys, you have a zero-point energy machine — why don’t you admit it? The head of the research department who was discredited [by Randi] was put off when the inventors discussed this. [He] had the guards come in and escort them off the plant, because the head of research was just so terrified of this happening again — he thought it was pseudoscience. I said, it’s not pseudoscience; it’s just beyond what we know right now.

[There are many accounts of people infiltrating operations to discredit or spin an area of research so it is ridiculed, thus keeping it out of mainstream development and acceptance. SG]

Parapsychology — how do you measure it? The only people I know that have come close are the Russians in their parapsychology institutes, most of which are all now defunct. They had some very interesting twins that they were doing experiments with: they were measuring something that was occurring between the two of them, in their brains, so they could actually know what the other one was thinking. It’s utterly amazing — the spectrum of electromagnetics that are going on inside the brain.

The Russians have done a lot with what’s called scalar waves and different spectrum electromagnetics within the brain. They’re convinced that you can explain parapsychology, if you could ever find out what it is that you’d have to measure to prove that it’s occurring. But, they just got to the edge of perhaps measuring something.

It’s all based on physics. If it’s scalar waves, then you’re in a whole other avenue of physics that [is] very controversial. Tesla was very, very much into those. The difficulty with Tesla, is that when he passed away, J. Edgar Hoover came in and confiscated almost everything. When his maid discovered him dead, she didn’t discover him dead alone — she discovered five FBI agents in his room pilfering everything, and he was [lying] on the bed dead. His nephew sued the U.S. government and won back, theoretically, all of his equipment, experiments, and records.

[See government documents at the end of this interview! SG]

There were, theoretically, fifty boxes [of records, etc.], but they only got forty-five of those in Belgrade. The other five are missing, and a whole bunch of stuff is missing.

We also found a record of a submarine that was in the Mediterranean in 1917 [or] 1918. Tesla, in New Jersey, put one of these antennas in the ocean, right off the coast, and [one] on the shore. He’s holding a conversation with the captain of the submarine — one of the guys actually dug out of the Navy records the log of the submarine, and it essentially says: some idiot who’s claiming he is in New Jersey is talking to me; he must be absolutely crazy because I know I am 100 feet underwater, and no one can be talking to me from New Jersey — and he had the matching language in Tesla’s logbook. So, what was that? People say no — it was an accident, it was a coincidence, etc., but there are a lot of things we can’t explain that people have actually done.

Back when I was a young engineer at McDonnell in the 1960s, we routinely designed for the Air Force and the Navy airplanes that flew at Mach 4 and 6. The Vietnam War interfered with most of that, but we had running engines that would fly Mach 6, easily. We actually had tested engines that would fly the Mach 12 airplanes. In fact, in 1966 a fellow by the name of Bill Esher — he’s still alive, working for SAIC in Huntsville — had on the test stand an engine that was within 5 percent of predicted performance of Mach 8 conditions at about 120,000 feet, and it ran for about 20 minutes. We were convinced we could build them then. What’s fascinating is I got to see the X-33 a couple weeks ago. They had this new breakthrough — a new shingle technology that allowed the inside of the airplane to be room temperature, while the shingles reflect the heat. We built almost exactly the same structure in 1965 and tested it to Mach 12 conditions. It is a little bit more elegant than what we had, because they have more elegant materials these days, but we were convinced we could do it then. People laugh at you and say, no you couldn’t, or no, it’s impossible, we’re not going to do that because it’s risky. But no, it wasn’t risky, and yes, it could be done. All it takes is a dreamer.

Can you imagine the Wright brothers if one was a lawyer, and one was an accountant? They would say: "Why do you have to build a stupid airplane? It only carries one person. Who’s going to buy it; what kind of profit margin are we going to get? We’ve got 40 percent on bicycles; what are we doing this for? Think of the liability — everybody can sue us. It’s a bad idea; let’s not do it." As long as we have that mind-set, we’re stuck. What you have to say is: "By gosh, it’s something that no one’s ever done before; let’s try it."

If I were to look at [the period of time] since my first introduction to UFOs as a young lieutenant, to today, I would say there’s a large number of covert projects that go on in the United States that none of us are ever aware of. If you saw some of those things, they would probably bend your mind, and they would not fit your conception of what an airplane is — so it seems to you to be a UFO. So, maybe a large fraction of those [suspected UFOs] are covert projects that we’re doing, or someone’s doing, that are Earthbound [technologies]. If you really knew what was behind them, you would say, yes, I can see how that works.

[See the testimony of Mark McCandlish regarding functioning antigravity vehicles made by humans, and which could easily be misidentified as extraterrestrial vehicles. It is clear from many insiders with whom I have spoken that we have both man-made exotic craft as well as ET craft — and they are all called UFOs. SG]

I think it’s like Project Bluebook: there’s this hardcore 10-15 percent, or 20 percent, that don’t fit any explanation other than the fact that the beings that are in the UFOs came here by way of a process that we’re not familiar with — and that is time-space travel. I firmly believe that some of those are like that.

Almost anything you can think of can be turned around and used as a weapon. When you get into this kind of energy, and energy-time transitions, they can be used to just wipe out whole segments of the population on the Earth — and they can be made to liberate us from all dependence on fossil fuels.

[It is obvious that in order for humanity to continue with adequate technologies for long-term sustainability, peace is the first requirement. We are clearly at the point in our evolution where the option to use such technologies for war means the end of our civilization. SG]

First of all, the ballistic missile defense system is probably a pipe dream, in the sense that what it’s designed for is assuming that you know where [the threat] is coming from. When we had Russia, there was a 50-50 chance that you knew about where it would be coming from. With the rogue nations that we have today, it’s absolutely ludicrous. The threat is the guy who walks in with the briefcase — remember that in the 1950s, they built a nuclear warhead that has an eight-inch-diameter body. That was a quarter kiloton weapon. That will fit inside any briefcase you can think of. The guy may die carrying it, but he’s going to die anyway, so what difference does it make? I’m far more afraid of that. If beings can travel in time-space, then anything we would put in orbit as a weapon would be like going against Genghis Khan with a firecracker. It doesn’t make sense.

[Here he makes a very salient point regarding the weaponization of space: the real threats from Earth terrorists would not be addressed by such weapon systems, and the notion of using them against any extraterrestrial target borders on the suicidal, if not insane. These comments also support the idea that IF the extraterrestrials were hostile (thus requiring space weapons), Earth civilization could have easily been terminated around the time we detonated the first nuclear weapon. That we are still here is strong support for the assessment that the ET presence is not a threat and cannot be used as an excuse for space-based weapons. SG]

When we talk about zero-point energy, what that means is when everything comes down to rest, there’s still energy left. It’s like sea level in the ocean. There is a constant flow of energy between matter and antimatter, as it annihilates itself and recreates itself. It occurs in stars — it’s a continual exchange of energy. Although the average is zero, that zero may be a pretty high level above nothing at all. What Sakharov and some of the physicists said, is that it’s this level that creates the background energy for the universe to exist.

When I got involved in space again with Sandy McDonald, and we started what eventually became the National Aerospace Plane, I met a group of Russians over in England at a conference. One of them had been involved in transmitting energy from an antenna on the ground to a satellite in orbit, and back down to Moscow, with only about 10-15 percent losses. He said the reason we can do this, is this is a scalar wave projector, and here’s what it uses — he opens up his loose-leaf binder and says, "You can’t take any pictures of this or make any sketches; just look at it."

And, lo and behold, there’s the tube I saw in Yugoslavia, which Tesla had built! This was the antenna that Caspar Weinberger was saying was the antiballistic missile weapon [the Russians allegedly had]. He says if you ever go in the building [where this scalar device is located], all you’re going to see is an empty concrete building with a couple of cables — because it’s not an anti-ballistic missile radar — it’s a scalar wave transmitter. Finally, when the U.S. DoD got in there, they found an empty concrete building with a couple of wires in it, and they said, "Ah, they pulled everything out." But, he says it never was in there. He claims he transmitted up to 10 megawatts of power from this station, to a satellite, to Moscow, and got about 8.5 to 9 megawatts of power back in Moscow.

[Note that Dr. Carol Rosin also confirms that the U.S. exaggerated the anti-missile threat of the Soviets — we were claiming that they had ‘killer satellites’ when they did not. SG]

They were on the verge of understanding how you do some of these unconventional things, but all of that is now gone. I don’t know where he is. He lost his job, [and] his institute disappeared, so a lot of that work just collapsed in the Soviet Union.

[See also the testimony of Lt. Col. Bearden and David Hamilton.]

That’s the same tube that Tesla said he could [use to] transmit energy to Mars — the surface of Mars — and support a human colony, or [the same] to the surface of the Moon. Once you actually do that, fuel doesn’t become a problem anymore in orbit: you just use one of these tubes to generate the power directly to the right antenna, and you can fly to the moon, you can fly into orbit, you can do anything you want.

The people that have access to [these advanced energy technologies] don’t know how to let go of it, because they’re afraid of who’s going to get their hands on it. Even though there would be a tremendous benefit to mankind, they’re also worried that somebody could take that same energy source and do the equivalent of what they did with the USS Cole — instead of blowing a hole in the side, they could just obliterate the whole ship.

The black budget world is like trying to describe Casper, the friendly ghost. You might see a cartoon of him, but you don’t know how big he is, you don’t know where his funding comes from, you don’t know how many there are, because of the compartmentalization and the oath that people have to take. I know people today that worked on one of the things I worked on, and if you asked them about it — even if it is being discussed on the Internet — they would say: "No, I have no idea what you’re talking about." They’re in there seventies now, but they still absolutely would never admit that they even know what you’re talking about. You have no idea, but it’s probably larger than you think. And again — there’s a reason for it: you don’t want people who would be hostile to you to know what you could do to them if they really caused a major catastrophe. If they knew that, you wouldn’t prevent them from doing it — they would just do it another way.


Testimony of Dr. Hal Puthoff

November 2000

Dr. Hal Puthoff, a theoretical and experimental physicist, is a graduate of Stanford University. He has published over forty technical papers in the areas of electron-beam devices, lasers, and quantum zero-point energy effects, and holds patents in the laser, communications, and energy fields.  Dr. Puthoff’s professional background spans more than thirty years of research at General Electric, Sperry, the National Security Agency, Stanford University, SRI International, and, since 1985, as Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin, Texas, and President of EarthTech International, Inc. In his testimony, Dr. Puthoff points out that as we uncover the technologies that make space travel possible, we must consider the possibility that there are other civilizations who have been down this track ahead of us. This opens up the possibility of ET visitation. Considering that our electromagnetic technology is a century old, we must realize that there could be advanced civilizations out there that are millennia beyond us, and their technologies could be well beyond our imagination; therefore, the ET/UFO topic deserves to be taken seriously by modern scientists.

…[Regarding UFOs] Of course, we see claims, and not just among the public, but among military pilots and good observers, typically the military, that there appear to be something like craft flying around with anomalous behavior.

In terms of some of the characteristics that seem to be attributed to them, and given the kind of physics and the direction physics is going, you can’t rule out that maybe some are some kind of craft or probes. Maybe even more likely probes than craft, from some far away civilization.

But when you consider that our electromagnetic technology is a century old, basically you then realize that you could have advanced civilizations out there that are a millennia beyond us. You know, there really is no way of saying whether they might have some other way of making contact or find other ways like worm holes or whatever. It could be well beyond our imagination.

NORAD has ‘uncorrelated targets’ that they can’t account for, and, from time to time, satellites see things called fast walkers, which seem to be energetic signatures moving faster than can be accounted for by known planes for example…



Testimony of David Hamilton

October 2000

David Hamilton works for the Department of Energy in the area of new generation power systems. He explains that we have nearly exhausted the world’s supply of fossil fuels, just at the time when Asia and China are undergoing an "industrial revolution" and are positioning to become bigger consumers of these fuels than the "first world" countries already are. In order to alleviate the current Earth crises of environmental pollution, global warming, etc. and advance as a sustainable technological society, we must develop technologies that don’t fit into the old paradigm.

We have designed a world that feeds on oil and those oil supplies are becoming more and more limited. Now if we look at what the supply of oil is, never before in our history have we been in a position where supply and demand would intersect. But in about 10 years we will see the intersection between supply and demand and that means that we will be seriously supply limited…

In working with the Russian universities, they did what I consider one of the best gravitational experiments ever done. It was at the High Temperature Materials Laboratory in Russia. They had done their experiment off-site and demonstrated that this device could develop a 35 percent reduction in the gravitational field.

Now we saw that. We were very impressed with it. The high gravitational researchers at DOE, I had them look at it. We were all interested in it. We would like to follow up on that to do a second type of experiment – duplication, reproducibility, getting back to the issues of how do you get good science. But you run into a lot of resistance among people. And in the Russian case it was even more so. When they were away from this off-site laboratory – it was across the street from the university, as I understand it – the place was completely ransacked.

All the equipment was lost. Now lucky for us they had their recordings, they had their videotapes, they had their presentation materials. All of that was still intact. But the machine was lost as well as a lot of the equipment necessary to duplicate that test.

It may have been that there were some Mafia type individuals involved, thinking that there might be some profit in this thing. And my Russian friends say that part of the government that does that sort of thing is no different from the Mafia. So that complicates the problem….

I am concerned that if we don’t do something very soon, any society that begins to be resource limited begins to eliminate the problem causing that resource limitation. And I would hate to see us get into the position where other people want to eliminate us or we have to eliminate them in order to continue our lifestyle. And that’s why it’s so important that we start now.


Testimony of Lieutenant Colonel Thomas E. Bearden (retired)

October 2000

Colonel Bearden is a leading conceptualist in alternate energy technologies, electromagnetic bio-effects, unified field theory concepts, and other related areas. He is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. Army and holds a Ph.D. and an M.S. in Nuclear Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is currently CEO of CTEC, Inc., Director of the Association of Distinguished American Scientists, and Fellow Emeritus of the Alpha Foundation’s Institute for Advanced Study. In Colonel Bearden’s testimony he speaks extensively about how it is possible to derive useable energy from the vacuum without violating any currently known laws of physics. He and others have built electromechanical devices which actually demonstrate this technology. He also explains how certain powers would rather keep this technology from becoming widely known outside of small esoteric circles. Time is running out however because our Earth does not have enough oil and coal reserves to last even for this generation. He explains how our top minds and scientists must first recognize then rally around an effort to solve this energy problem before 2004.

… We have the giant industrial economic cartels in energy. And it is not one cartel. It is many, many groups in energy. And each of those has become very powerful in its own area. And each one does not wish to see simple little electrical taps pulling out enormous energy from the vacuum. They would much rather see you burning a lot more oil and so forth…

Lethal force is used. I worked with an inventor, for example, Sparky Sweet, who is quite well known. He was shot at once by a sniper rifle from about 300 yards. The only thing that saved his life was, he was an old guy and very feeble, there towards that part of his life, and he stumbled as he was coming up the steps and he fell down. As his head went forward, the bullet went right by where his head was. And of course, the assassin was never found…

if we use this system where we extract energy from the vacuum we can clean up this biosphere. One of the greatest, most critical things facing us is that the supply of cheap oil has now peaked. We are there. What this means is we will continue to get some oil, yes. But it will be more and more and more expensive, year by year by year. Meanwhile, the demand for electricity goes up everywhere in the world, which drives the oil curve, again. And what you have is a classic escalation of prices type situation…

Well, what happens? Somewhere along the line of about 2008, the way I look at it and project it, we are going to have a world economic collapse. The economy cannot stand such increases as it is going to come. And God help us if we have a war in the Mid-East. But I believe by 2008, we will see the world economy collapse. Now, about a year before that, as the economies are crumbling and the stress on all these populations and all these leaders and all these nations increases so much, desperate people will do anything. Desperate leaders, particularly fanatical leaders will do anything…

The energy crisis going right now, in my view, will probably evoke a great Armageddon that we’ve all feared so long in about 2007, if we don’t solve the [energy] crisis. If we back up from that, it means the first quarter of 2004. These new energy devices had better be rolling off of the assembly lines like sausages or we can all forget it and go home. It’s too late to change it. That is how short a time we have.

I view this as the greatest strategic threat to [the] survival of the United States, and in fact, of civilization itself, that has ever existed in my lifetime…

We had one friend, for example, that we worked with very closely who built practical over-unity systems. He demonstrated at a conference, for example, an 8-kilowatt system. And then, very mysteriously he and his whole family disappeared. We have found out since that he is still around and he’s doing very well, because he was attired in a very expensive suit and a very nice automobile. He and his family are okay, even though they disappeared back then.

But here he had a successful unit that just flat disappeared off the face of the Earth. Now, its [disappearance] has to either be for the great financial empires, or it has to be for some kind of black project. And they classified it …

I really believe, through the auspices of the U.S. Government, we must bring [these technologies] forward to save ourselves and save the Earth. If we keep it secret, or if we keep it in the control group’s hands we shall all go down to oblivion in about 2007 …

I’ll make you a prediction. If the Government doesn’t move, there’s a 75% to 80% chance we will fail. We certainly won’t make the first quarter of 2004 [to get an operating energy device to replace fossil fuels]. And if we miss the first quarter of 2004, then we may as well all go home and enjoy our families for the time we have left because it is going to blow…

Everybody wants a modern life. They want to get out of the mud and the slime and everything and have lights and have things that are powered. And have industry and jobs and homes and schools. It’s a common striving from the human heart. And to try to do that the way we are doing it, we’ll destroy the planet and we will forcefully destroy each other. It seems to me, we just ought to be wiser than that.


Testimony of Dr. Eugene Mallove

October 2000

Dr. Eugene Mallove is currently the Editor-In-Chief of the magazine Infinite Energy and Director of the New Energy Research Laboratory in New Hampshire. He holds two MIT degrees in Aeronautical-Astronautical Engineering and a Harvard Doctorate in Environmental Health Sciences (Air Pollution Control Engineering). He has broad experience in high-technology engineering at companies including Hughes Research Labs, TASC (The Analytic Science Corporation), and MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Dr. Mallove was the Chief Science Writer at MIT when the cold fusion story broke in March 1989, and he resigned in 1991 after his requested investigation into the fudged cold fusion data at MIT (which helped to discredit the whole subject) was not properly done. The marginalization by the scientific establishment of the cold fusion topic bears strong resemblance to the similar marginalization of the ET/UFO topic: both have been ridiculed and defamed because they break established paradigms. As Dr. Mallove states in this interview, "There is nothing worse…than suggesting to academic physicists in particular, and academics in general, that they are not only wrong; they are disastrously wrong, catastrophically wrong." In his magazine, Dr. Mallove has advised us to remember the sentiments of Michael Faraday: "Nothing is too wonderful to be true."

… We know for a fact, today, that the cold fusion low energy nuclear reactions are real. It’s a class of nuclear non-dangerous reactions producing dominantly heat, but also nuclear changes — a very beneficial type of powerful reaction. It is a commercially emerging technology in the hands of a number of companies…

There is absolutely no doubt about this. What that means is that in one cubic kilometer of ocean, if you fuse all the heavy hydrogen, which is just one sixty-five hundredth of that cubic kilometer of ocean, that would equal the oil energy from combusting all the known oil reserves on Earth…

There has been an extraordinary abrogation of basic legal responsibility at the Patent Office and at the Department of Energy on the matter of cold fusion. Cold fusion patents have not been approved. The only way of approving any patent that resembles cold fusion is to eliminate the words cold fusion or anything like it. Certain people have done that and succeeded. The Patterson power cell is one such example. It was an age acceleration clause (because of the age of Dr. Patterson) that helped him, and he went through a different art group at the Patent Office.

But predominantly, if the patent goes through a certain gentleman at the Patent Office today whose name is Harvey, he will reject all such patents. They will not get through. American citizens are being denied their constitutional rights in this particular case. There is no question about it. We have a complete audit trail on that. Yes, there is serious criminal activity going on that ultimately must be rooted out if the cold fusion and new energy revolution are to go forward. If it doesn’t get rooted out, you will not be able to have a commercial infrastructure …

There is nothing worse, I found, than suggesting to academic physicists in particular, and academics in general, that they are not only wrong; they are disastrously wrong, catastrophically wrong…






Testimony of Dr. Paul LaViolette

October 2000

Dr. Paul LaViolette has written four books and has published many original papers in physics, astronomy, climatology, systems theory, and psychology. He received his BA in physics from Johns Hopkins, his MBA from the University of Chicago, and PhD from Portland State University, and is currently president of the Starburst Foundation, an interdisciplinary scientific research institute. He is the developer of subquantum kinetics, a novel approach to microphysics that accounts for electric, magnetic, gravitational, and nuclear forces in a unified manner and resolves many long-standing physics problems. Based on the predictions of this theory, he developed an alternative cosmology that effectively replaces the big bang theory. Dr. LaViolette has also developed a new theory of gravity that replaces the deeply flawed theory of general relativity. Predicted from subquantum kinetics, it accounts for the electrogravitic coupling phenomenon discovered by Townsend Brown and may explain the advanced aerospace propulsion technology utilized in the B-2 bomber. In addition to his understanding of UFO and black budget craft propulsion systems, including materialization and dematerialization, he has deep knowledge of the inner workings of the U.S. Patent Office. He states in this interview that, currently, if an invention doesn’t fit into the accepted physics paradigm, the patent examiners immediately reject it thinking it violates the paradigm and must be a mistake. In effect, new energy technologies are the underdog: They don’t fit the paradigm so they are left out of the needed funding, or their patents are denied — even to the point that the Patent Office is breaking the law. In order to alleviate the current Earth crises of environmental pollution, global warming, etc. and advance as a technological society, we need technologies that don’t fit into the old paradigm.

… Let’s say there was a Roswell crash, and the National Security Agency was formed to keep this all classified. Now, something like that is a very emotional experience [with] some of your Government officials. You realize there is extraterrestrial life, and they have this advanced technology. When you become very emotional about something, one reaction is to hide it and then see how we can use this for ourselves — we’ve got to keep one step ahead of the other countries. At that time we had a Cold War with the Soviet Union, so the rationale was to use it for military purposes.

Suppose the same thing happened 100 years ago at the time the automobile was developed? I sincerely believe we’d still be driving horses and buggies today, because it would be feared that the automobile could change warfare. It would mean a much higher speed of travel, and obviously, we should classify this. At that time there wasn’t the same mechanism in place; we didn’t have the NSA and this major program to contain advanced technologies.

We think of science as being based on observation and being open to change, but as you learn more about it and about the scientists themselves, you realize how much it is a religion. It is very closed [and] resistive to changing its fundamental principles…

There was a case of a Canadian fellow who had developed a technology for producing enough power to power your house, out of something about the size of a shoebox. It was a new way of wiring something up — some sort of non-linear device. He was very open about it and [about] publicizing it. One day his house was surrounded by SWAT teams and all of his equipment was confiscated. He was arrested on the grounds that he was harboring terrorist technology or weaponry, and he was released only after he had signed something that said he would not continue doing work in this area. Now he is mowing lawns for a living…

The Patent Office, in its current approach, is actually breaking the law. It is trying to make happy the physicists who are with the American Physical Society — to keep them in power with their ideas, you might say, and withhold from public use good inventions that could solve our problems, like the energy crisis. There is a whole pattern of this going on at the Patent Office. I personally know it, because I was at the Patent Office for about a year and I know some people there, and I know some of the things that were going on. For example, there was somebody I know who issued a patent on a process of sending signals faster than the speed of light. This was then made fun of by Robert Park on his website. Through their connections, they had this posted somewhere as the most ridiculous patent of the year award — this sort of thing…

They can say what they want; it’s freedom of speech, but for the Patent Office to do their bidding instead of following the law — that is illegal…


Testimony of Mr. Fred Threlfall

September 2000

Mr. Threlfall was a communications instructor in the Royal Canadian Air Force at RCAF Station Toronto in 1953, when he witnessed an experiment involving the successful dematerialization and re-materialization of an object. Because of his top clearance, he was also able to check out from the base library, original films of gun camera footage from WWII planes. Many times, while watching these films, he noticed UFOs in the footage — different positions, different shapes, but, definitely UFOs. He has also himself seen UFOs maneuvering in the sky.

…While in Toronto stationed at an air station as an instructor in 1953, I observed an unusual experiment. I had just finished an experiment and I was on my way back to my classroom. There’s this one experiment that was going on and it was in an approximately four-by-four enclosed glass enclosure inside this room. On a cabinet there was a large glass ashtray. I said, what’s going on. Oh, we’ve got an experiment underway and we have a similar device in the other room with no ashtray. So we’re talking away and one of the scientists said go ahead. Next thing, that ashtray wasn’t sitting there. Everyone went into the next room and was excited as can be, because the ashtray was sitting there. So it dematerialized and materialized…


Testimony of Dr. Ted Loder

October 2000


Dr. Ted Loder is a respected scientist and oceanography professor at the University of New Hampshire. After learning from his cousin, Brigadier General Stephen Lovekin, that the ET/UFO subject is not only real but is the key to technologies that could preserve our Earth’s environment while advancing humanity into a sustainable planetary society, he has become an outspoken advocate for ending the secrecy surrounding this subject. He has worked to introduce students, other scientists, and legislators to the fact that humans are not alone in the universe.










4.1 Recommended Press and Public Actions

The role of the press in this disclosure effort is critical to its success and the acceptance of the facts by the American public and academic institutions in a non-threatening, but intelligent and interested manner. It usually becomes obvious to anyone studying this field that the American press has played an important role over the last half century in helping spread disinformation and shaping the public’s views on UFO/ET issues. The press has often been an unknowing partner in the distribution of misinformation/disinformation or a knowing partner in the refusal to report real events. It is exceedingly rare that major sightings are reported at the national level. When reports are made, they often done in a condescending, slanted, "add the giggle factor" manner that leaves the audience confused and turned off. Two recent exceptions were the report of the Phoenix Lights story in USA Today by Richard Price and the Boston Globe report on the French COMETA report by Leslie Kean. Both articles were well researched and presented in a balanced, non-judgmental manner.

We recommend the press take the following actions:

1. We recommend that reporters writing on this topic familiarize themselves with the evidence and the implications of this topic. It is felt by many who have studied the UFO/ET issue that it is the most important issue facing the world today. This importance should be conveyed to the readers in a responsible serious manner;

2. We recommend that media organizations assign these issues to senior, well-respected, nationally-recognized journalists and reporters. These issues should no longer be confined to filler articles assigned to junior staff or relegated to entertainment programming;

3. We recommend that the present clichés of reporting on these issues, which maybe intended to "dumb down" the topic by conveying a non-serious and silly tone to the reporting, be eliminated. These include the use of opening statements such as "little green men" and the filming of interviewees with weird camera angles, colored lights, fog generators and the like. All of these techniques, which have been successfully used for decades to "spin" the topic, must be eliminated if the public is to believe the seriousness of your reporting.

We recommend the public take the following actions:

1. We recommend that the public open their minds to UFO/ET issues by thoughtfully investigating the issues themselves;

2. We recommend that the public, once recognizing the implications of a disclosure, encourage the press and public officials to research and report responsibly on them and further to take part in a dialogue addressing a dramatically transformed view of humans on this planet and their future place as part of a larger group of intelligent beings;

3. We recommend that the public write the President and ask that he issue an executive order permitting witnesses to safely come forward (see section on Presidential actions) and write their senators and representatives requesting that they sponsor open hearings where these witnesses may testify.

4. We recommend that former government, military or corporate persons with knowledge about this subject and willingness to be witnesses, contact the Disclosure Project to help make their knowledge public in an honorable and patriotic manner. We have protective measures in place, and the more witnesses we have, the stronger the case – and the greater the margin of safety for all concerned;

5. Ultimately, if the people will lead, the leaders will follow. Courage, vision and perseverance are needed to transform this situation, and create a time of openness and trust. If our leaders currently lack this courage and vision, then we must manifest it for them since ultimately the public will help drive the disclosure effort.


4.2 Recommended Congressional Actions

Considering the incredible importance and implications of this subject, Congress has played an almost negligible role over the past four to five decades. In fact only two formal hearings have been held during that time period. The first was held by the House Armed Services Committee on April 5, 1966 because of strong editorial and public criticism of the Air Force Project Blue Book UFO program. Then Representative Gerald Ford of Michigan was a strong supporter of the hearings, in part as a result of major sightings that had occurred during March of that year in his state and seen by hundreds of people and reported widely in the press. The result of the hearings was the recommendation for an independent scientific investigation of UFOs, which became the University of Colorado "Scientific Study of UFOs" directed by Dr. Edward Condon.

Then in 1968, the House Science and Astronautics Committee held a "Symposium on Unidentified Flying Objects" to review the scientific evidence for UFOs. Of the six scientists who testified, five opinioned that there was a valid scientific anomaly that should be studied further. In fact, one of the scientists, Dr. James McDonald, a senior physicist and professor at the University of Arizona, concluded that, "My own study of the UFO problem has convinced me that we must rapidly escalate serious scientific attention to this extra-ordinarily intriguing puzzle." A year later the Condon Committee concluded that there was no convincing scientific evidence for UFOs and recommended that Project Blue Book be terminated, which happened later that year on December 17. This surprising conclusion was reached in spite of the fact that about 30% of the cases investigated by the committee had remained unexplained. In the 1990s, the refusal of the Air Force to even comment on the growing evidence of a crash near Roswell, NM lead then Representative Steven Schriff (R-NM) to request that the General Accounting Office conduct a search for related documents. In 1995 the GAO released a report stating that they could not find documents related to the crash as documents from Roswell Army Base from that time period had been improperly destroyed.

Then in early April, 1997 the CSETI organization held a closed briefing for members of congress and civilian witnesses in the hopes that someone in Congress would have the courage to hold hearings on this topic. No one then nor until today has had the courage to call for hearings on this topic, even though the statement made by Rep Gerald Ford in 1966 that "We owe it to the people to establish credibility regarding UFOs," is as true today as it was then. It is interesting to note that the members of the Senate have never held any hearings on this subject although privately individuals have expressed significant interest in the subject.


We recommend that Congress take the following actions to pursue this matter:

    1. Make directed inquiries to contacts and chairmen of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees;
    2. Inquire directly to the various facilities, agencies and entities listed (section 5.1.3);
    3. Pursue other contacts known to the Congress, which may be able to assist in identifying points of control for these operations.
    4. Purse this matter further by convening Congressional Hearings whereby direct witnesses to these projects may testify. We believe more than one member of Congress should be located to co-sponsor such an inquiry.
    5. Pass a Congressional ban on weapons in space and encourage our allies and the UN to do the same.

Note that once issues concerning the validity of National Security oaths (Section 4.7.2) and amnesty (Section 4.7) are resolved by congress and/or presidential order, there are hundreds of potential witnesses who are willing to testify on the reality of the UFO/ET issues and their implications for our country’s future.

It is only through the medium of open and public congressional hearings that an understanding of the complexity of these issues may be achieved and our country can move forward.

Because of the interconnections between the UFO issue and the world’s energy status and technology, it will also be necessary to also hold Congressional Hearings on these energy issues as well, as a pursuant, but somewhat parallel process.

Once the reality of the UFO issues are accepted by Congress, then we recommend that Congress:

    1. Thoroughly investigate these new technologies both from current civilian sources as well as compartmented projects within military, intelligence and corporate contracting areas.
    2. Authorize the declassification and release of information held within compartmented projects related to this subject.
    3. Specifically prohibit the seizing or suppression of such technologies.
    4. Authorize substantial funding for basic research and development by civilian scientists and technologists making this research available to the public and mainstream scientists.
    5. Develop plans for dealing with disclosing such technologies and for the transition to a non-fossil fuel economy. These plans should include among others: military and national security planning; strategic economic planning and preparation; private sector support and cooperation; geopolitical planning, especially as it pertains to OPEC countries and regions whose economies are very dependent on oil exports and the price of oil; international cooperation and security.

The Disclosure Project stands ready to assist the Congress in any way possible to facilitate use of these new energy sources. We can recommend a number of individuals who can be subpoenaed to provide testimony on such technologies, as well as people who have information on unacknowledged special access projects within covert government operations that are already working with these issues.


4.3 Recommended Military Actions

Since the early 1990s, the Director and members of the Disclosure Project have briefed various high level military officials including the Head of Intelligence Joint Staff (J-2), the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Director of Central Intelligence, Wright Patterson Director of National Air Intelligence Center and others. It has become obvious to us during these briefings that senior officers have not been informed on this subject. This constitutes a serious threat to the national security and to military readiness.

To quote Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, "I urge immediate congressional action to reduce the dangers from secrecy about Unidentified Flying Objects." Note that here he is emphasizing the dangers from secrecy, not danger arising from UFOs.

We recommend senior military and national security leaders take the following actions:

    1. Receive a thorough briefing on the subject by the Disclosure Project leadership and military/civilian witnesses;
    2. Fully brief CINCS (Commander in Chiefs), and develop special ROEs (Rules of Engagement) for ETI/UFO encounters;
    3. Independently investigate the subject and penetrate USAP (Unacknowledged Special Access Projects, see section 3.4) operations related to the subject;
    4. Become fully involved in covert projects related to the subject to ensure that such projects are adequately supervised and are under the direct and continuous control of the constitutional chain of command;
    5. Correct and/or restrain any USAP’s covert misuse of advanced technologies or weapon systems related to UFOs;
    6. Attempt peaceful, cooperative engagement of these life forms and assiduously avoid violent military engagement;
    7. Carefully reconsider the deployment of space-based military assets in light of the above information and avoid actions that might be viewed as bellicose or hostile by extraterrestrial life forms.

More details on these recommendations are found in section 5.1, "Operational Readiness and the Unidentified Flying Object/Extraterrestrial Intelligence Subject."

4.4 Recommended Scientific Community Actions

As observations of the UFO phenomena reported by many thousands of witnesses worldwide (see sections 3.8 and 7.0 for some documented examples) are validated, a new set of scientific paradigms will need to be researched to explain what is being observed. Twentieth century scientific theories have barely touched the surface in explaining what numerous scientific, military and civilian witnesses have observed and reported. However, in some cases, covert military research programs appear to have advanced much further in understanding the observed phenomena and technologies (based on witness testimonies, section 3.8) than have our academic and public scientists. Recent findings, such as the demonstration of possible faster than speed of light phenomenon, suggest that indeed there will be a whole new class of scientific phenomena that 21st scientists will investigate to explain what has been declared as "impossible" by scientists of the last century.

There is still a major acceptance problem about UFO/ET issues with most scientists. Dr. Peter Sturrock, a highly respected solar physicist and now an emeritus professor at Stanford University, summarized the problem as follows:

"The definite resolution of the UFO enigma will not come about unless and until the problem is subjected to open and extensive scientific study by the normal procedures of established science. This requires a change in attitude primarily on the part of scientists and administrators in universities."

A further view by Dr. Sturrock on the role of scientists and scientific journals is quoted in section 3.2.1. Surprising though it may seem to the lay person, scientists often have trouble changing their understanding of processes and natural phenomena when faced with evidence that their theories may not be correct. The history of science is replete with examples of scientists proclaiming such and such is impossible, only to be shown later that their assumptions were incorrect. This normal human tendency is certainly not limited to scientists. (For example, for a number of years after the Wright brother’s planes had been observed flying by thousands of people, there were still popular articles proclaiming that flying is impossible.) Furthermore, most scientific research in the United States, especially in colleges and universities, is colleague-driven through the peer review process for promotion and tenure as well as for grants and journal publications. Stepping outside the bounds of peer accepted research often spells difficulty for the scientist, even if they are well established in more conventionally accepted scientific areas. Consequently, the vast majority of academics are not willing to take such a risk, since it is safer to remain with the accepted views of the day.

Over the last century, scientists have played both an active and passive role, often unknowingly, in shaping the attitudes of the "trusting" public on the UFO issue through promulgation of misinformation and disinformation. Since the 1950s, scientists have been used to persuade the public that there is "no scientific evidence" of UFO phenomena. High profile scientists are still playing that role today, as did one of the leaders in the SETI program who stated in a recent public guest lecture at Harvard University that "there is no scientific evidence of the existence of UFOs." There are several possible explanations for this statement. Either she was unaware of the depth of evidence on the subject, in which case she could have qualified her authoritative pronouncement, or she knew that the subject was real but there were motivations which inadvertently mislead the public in order to gain more support to expand SETI research. Either way, scientists need to be more honest with the public, who for the most part still trust them and their pronouncements.

In summary, without investigation and research, there can be no intelligent informed statement on the phenomena. This need was also recommended by a panel of scientists in the Sturrock/Rockefeller report and by scientists and military personnel in the French COMETA report summarized in section 8.0.

We recommend scientists take the following actions:

1. Scientists must open their minds to the possibility of the UFO/ET phenomenon and stop prejudging others who are researching this area. This will require each to do their own "research" into the matter;

2. Scientists who know the UFO/ET issues are real (such as those who participate in covert research projects) should share the reality and their understanding with scientific colleagues to start to bring them up to speed. There will be a lot of catching up to do and it will be difficult because of reputations and funding issues;

3. Academic scientists should share this knowledge with their students and the public, for it is the next generation of students and graduate students that will help make the breakthroughs in research to explain what has been observed for several generations;

4. It is critical that scientists help make the study of UFO/ET issues a supported and encouraged area of scientific investigation for these future graduate students and young professional scientists;

5. Scientist/managers who run our federally funded academic research programs should set aside a small percentage of their budgets for ‘outside-the-box’ research into the UFO/ET arena, helping to make it a legitimate area of research.

6. Finally, scientists should realize that advances in science and technology that could come from an understanding of the UFO/ET phenomenon will have far ranging effects on the future of the people and the environment of our planet. The opportunities for new ‘breakthrough’ research have never been better (as well as the opportunity to rewrite many textbooks).




4.5 Recommended Actions for the President of the United States

Although Presidents since World War II have known about the reality of the UFO/ET issues, in recent decades their knowledge and ability to affect the issues have become limited. It is time for the president to take a proactive role in the disclosure process, because should significant disclosures occur without any presidential role, the president would be viewed by the American public and the world in one of two perhaps equally damaging ways.

1. If the President and the executive branch of the U.S. government maintain that they did not know anything about a subject this important, presidential stature and credibility would be significantly damaged.

2. If the President and the executive branch maintain after "unsanctioned" disclosures that they knew of the subject and its incredible national significance, but were not connected to the disclosure, the President might be accused of supporting the cover-up, even though this may be unfair in light of the actual facts of how this subject has been covertly handled.

Either way it behooves the President to begin the disclosure process with the following steps or one of the above damaging options may become the prevailing view.

We recommend that the President set forth an Executive Order releasing witnesses from national security oaths on this subject since a critical issue for witnesses willing to testify is their security oaths, even though they may have been illegally obtained (see section 4.7 on security oaths);

We recommend that the President convene an independent, fair and open commission to investigate the subject, USAPs connected to the subject, and technologies that are currently clarified and could benefit humanity if released;

2. We recommend at the same time that the Executive Order support the declassification of government documents related to the UFO/ET subject, a process that has already begun through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA);

3. We also recommend, as the disclosure process proceeds, that the President issue an Executive Order providing amnesty for members of the suspected group and its personnel that control the UFO/ET issues, provided that there is cooperation and non-interference by that group;

4. We recommend that the President present a nationally televised talk on the issues and the process to start to restore public faith in the government and democratic principles;

5. Finally, we recommend that the President create by Executive Order, a new scientific research organization to develop covert technologies that can be used to address our energy problems and start to integrate these technologies into our mainstream academic institutions.

These Executive Orders would fully utilize the powers of the presidency to help terminate certain "black projects" activities that appear to be operating outside the constitutional chain of command. While certain aspects of extraterrestrial technology (and other matters) may not be fully accessed through this EO process, it would enable definite witness testimony to be disclosed. This would start the process of neutralizing the present efforts by the covert groups to keep the President and the Executive branch, Congress, the press, and the taxpayers out of the loop.

4.7 Amnesty Issues and Security Oaths

4.7.1 Why Amnesty?

One of the major stumbling blocks to disclosure is that those involved with the cover up are afraid of retribution once the government and the people realize the depth and extent of deceit that has occurred over the last half century. We citizens should not condone what those have done, but nor should we punish them. We citizens must be prepared to forgive. There is nothing to be gained by calling for severe retribution for those involved with either current or past secrecy. Although some individuals have acted to end this secrecy, such as the witnesses who have contributed testimony in sections 3.6 and 3.8, many others may have felt they were doing the right thing at the time, which often continues until today. Our world does not need a cosmic Watergate, and we must collectively renounce it. We must be willing to look to the moment and to the future, and forgive the past. Even though our culture wants to blame and hold someone accountable, we need to offer complete amnesty to all those involved in suppressing the truth. There is international precedent for this approach, such as shown by South Africa in recent years. There is precedent in the US as well. For example, in the early days of the Clinton Administration, there were sweeping disclosures about past excesses and crazy experiments within the Department of Energy, and the former Atomic Energy Commission. We learned of plutonium being put on the oatmeal of kids in orphanages, of deliberate radiation releases in populated areas to see ‘what would happen’, and so forth. This truth came out, and the world did not end. Nobody had to go to jail. The government did not collapse, and the sky did not fall. Let us move forward, with some real compassion and forgiveness, and begin this century anew.

Our president must take the lead on this amnesty issue as was noted in the section on Recommended Presidential Actions. It is our understanding that the people of the United States are ready to move forward and as the saying goes, if the people will lead, the leaders will follow. The stakes are too high to look the other way while our future is stolen from us. Courage, vision and perseverance are needed to transform this situation, and create a time of openness, trust and to lay the foundation for both global and inter-planetary peace. If our leaders currently lack this courage and vision, then we must manifest it for them.


4.7.2 Evaluating the Validity of National Security Oaths Related to the UFO/Extraterrestrial Subject (1996)

copyright Steven M. Greer M.D., 21 October 1996

A number of first hand military, intelligence and government-associated witnesses to covert projects dealing with UFOs and Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI) have been identified by the Disclosure Project’s effort. Over the past three years, we have located several dozen such potential witnesses as part of a comprehensive strategy to collect adequate evidence for a global, definitive disclosure on this subject. The story which these important government witnesses can tell will make a credible, undeniable case for the reality of UFOs and the existence of extraterrestrial life forms in proximity to the Earth.

One of the persistent obstacles to this testimony coming out into the public arena has been the issue of so-called national security oaths and restrictions placed on these witnesses. Some feel that they are not free to speak unless ‘released’ from these national security oaths and restrictions, and so we have been working to encourage Congress and the White House to take actions that would remove these restrictions.

In the summer of 1995, a number of these witnesses gathered at a witnesses’ summit and signed a letter to President Clinton asking him to take actions leading to the release of these restrictions. While receipt of this letter was acknowledged by a special assistant to the President, we still await specific action from the executive branch of the US government (Note that we still are waiting in 2001).

With this said, it is important to visit the question of whether or not such national security oaths and restrictions are themselves legally valid.

We have compelling witness testimony that the operations dealing with this subject currently exist, and have existed for several decades, outside of normal governmental projects. Members of the Disclosure Project team have met with very senior members of the Administration, Congress, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the CIA and other relevant government agency operatives. The picture which emerges from these discussions is that of an operation dealing with UFOs which is functioning outside of the normal channels of government, as it is usually considered. Indeed, we have found that the most senior levels of the executive branch, Congress, the military, etc. are totally out of the loop on this extraordinary matter.

This then brings up the sobering question of who is in the loop, and under what authorization are such projects operating? It is our assessment that for the large part, these operations do not fall under any constitutionally sanctioned avenues of authorization, and as such are, perforce, illegal.

Aside from the lack of oversight and authorization from the executive branch and Congress, these operations have, from time to time, engaged in deceptive practices, which have frustrated the organs of constitutionally legal inquiries and democratic processes. Any such operation which behaves in this fashion unilaterally removes itself from the inherent legality and protection which exists for projects which are consonant with constitutional law.

This being the case (we are eager — nay, desperate — for someone to prove otherwise) all of the so-called "national security oaths" and other "restrictions" placed on military, intelligence and government contract workers are null and void. That is, they appear to have no legal validity since the operations for which they were obtained are themselves illegal. In a constitutional democracy, it is a basic requirement of law that such operations be constitutionally legal, and if they are not, then all that flows from them — including such "oaths" — are illegal and therefore non-binding. IF these operations are legal, nobody in the Congress, executive branch or senior military with whom we have spoken knows of it. The production of a single current executive order or congressional directive authorizing these projects, which can be independently verified, would convince us otherwise.

More than one covert contact has told us that, indeed, any such witnesses can and should speak out at the right time and place since no legal entity would — or legally could — do anything about it. We agree.

Beyond this, it is the legal, moral and patriotic duty of such witnesses to come together, and at the highest, best and most credible venue possible, speak out in unison regarding the truth on this matter. Granted, if only one or two such persons come forward, the case will be weak, and the risk will be unacceptable. But if ten, twenty or more such witnesses come together, and united, resolve to share their information and experiences on this subject, then a definitive case will be made , and a great service to the world and their country will be fulfilled.

The return of this matter to the legal channels of government and the deliberation of the people is one of the great unfulfilled tasks of the post cold war era. Over half a decade has elapsed since the end of the cold war, and there can no longer be a justification (if there ever was) for this type of extraordinary secrecy and covert agenda. Both national and world security requires that this matter be returned to the world community as soon as possible.

We recommend that men and women of vision, courage and dedication join with us in fulfilling this task. Far from being a legal violation of ‘security oaths’, the public testimony by such witnesses is a highly moral and legal act. Further, is it not true that the continuation of this secrecy itself is illegal and immoral, given the inherent unconstitutionality of such programs? Credible witnesses, joining together and providing their testimony in a united strategy can return this subject to legal oversight and control, and thereby enable the people of our country and of the world to begin the public deliberations which should have occurred 50 years ago.




The following "position papers" were written by Dr. Greer over the past eight years to either summarize the state of our understanding of UFO/ETI issues or to provide briefing documents for members of the government or the Joint Chiefs of Staff. They are divided into three main topical sections consisting of:

    1. Background and history;
    2. The need for disclosure;
    3. The implications of disclosure.

Although they can be read in any sequence, in order to really grasp the depth and complexity of the whole UFO/ET issue, we recommend that you read them in the sequence they are listed. The sharp reader will find some repetition in some of the articles a result of the fact they were written as standalone documents for different audiences over a several year period.

In a number of the papers, our disclosure effort is mentioned. This refers to the mid-1990s efforts of the Disclosure Project to bring the whole UFO/ET issue to the attention of world leaders. The project held a major closed congressional briefing in April, 1997 to urge congress to hold congressional hearings with witnesses in order to bring the reality of the subject to the attention of the media, government, academics, and the public. No one in congress was brave enough to urge that hearings be held at that time.

There are other papers written by Dr. Greer on this subject that are not included in this Disclosure document due to space restrictions. Some of them can be found on the Disclosure Project website at www.DisclosureProject.org or in Dr. Greer’s book.


5.1 Need for Disclosure and Dangers of Continued Secrecy

5.1.1 Operational Readiness and the Unidentified Flying Object/Extraterrestrial Intelligence (UFO/ETI) Subject: Why Military and National Security Leaders
Have a Need To Know

Steven M. Greer M.D., 22 August 1998


Key military and national security leaders have been inadequately informed on the UFO/ETI subject due to its management under Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPS). This lack of information has resulted in substantial national security risks. The risk of inadequate and/or dangerous actions by uninformed or misinformed leaders is greatly increased by the lack of in-depth briefings and discussions on this subject. Key areas of operational readiness are thus placed "at risk" by these leaders being dangerously uninformed or misinformed on such matters as the following:

  • Use of Alien Reproduction Vehicles (ARVs) in false indications and warnings (I &W) scenarios;

  • The unexpected appearance and disappearance of extraterrestrial vehicles with super-luminal speed (faster than light) capabilities;

  • Unanticipated extraterrestrial concern over deployment of space-based military and other assets.

Senior military leaders and senior national security leaders, including the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the National Security Council, Senior Watch Officers in the National Military Command Center, key Congressional leaders, the President, the Secretary of Defense, the Director of Central Intelligence, among others, clearly have a need-to-know regarding the issues above.

Background and Introduction:

Since 1990, the Disclosure Project, a non-profit research organization based in the United States, has been conducting original research into the subject of UFOs and Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI). In 1991, an initial Comprehensive Assessment was completed and since that time the Disclosure Project has been investigating the subject through real-time field expeditions throughout the world and through the identification of scientific evidence and information sources with direct knowledge of the subject. Sources for our information and subsequent assessments include:

    • Direct, real-time observation of UFOs/Extraterrestrial Objects via field research teams deployed throughout the world;

    • Collection of retrospective evidence with thousands of case reports, including military and civilian pilot encounters, military and civilian radar contact with these objects, landing trace cases, photographic and videotape evidence and thousands of pages of declassified government documents;

    • Extensive interviews with several dozen scientists, military and civilian witnesses in intelligence and other programs and civilian research witnesses who have been involved in covert programs. These witnesses have had direct, personal knowledge of UFO/ETI events and covert programs, including the retrieval and reverse engineering of extraterrestrial spacecraft and the covert applications of technological breakthroughs resulting from possession of these spacecraft.

The above sources and research have resulted in a number of assessments regarding the subject in general and national security implications in particular. These are provided as separate attachments to this document.

Overview of UFO-Related USAPs:

While tight compartmentation of intelligence and programs is often needed to maintain security of sensitive operations, excessive classification and compartmentation poses a threat to national security and military readiness and is contrary to Presidential directives. In the case of the UFO/ETI subject, extreme secrecy and multiple levels of special compartmentation has existed since the 1940s. This extreme secrecy, together with the special nature of the technologies involved, has resulted in a potentially dangerous situation with respect to lack of oversight of actions not in the national interest, significant degradation in military readiness to deal with events related to ETI/UFO and total lack of Congressional oversight.

The nature of the covert entity/USAP which currently manages the UFO matter is described in the above paper "Unacknowledged" in section 3.4. Briefly, this unusual USAP has the following characteristics:

    • Global in scope;
    • Multiple levels of sub-compartmentalization;
    • Primarily based in the civilian, privatized contracting/work-for-others sectors;
    • Runs parallel to and generally separate from conventional government, military and intelligence programs, including other sensitive USAPs/black projects;
    • Exists as a hybrid entity which draws from high technology corporations and compartmented, government, intelligence and military operations, but which in effect functions as an independent, separate entity;
    • Apparently is controlled by no single branch of conventional government, military service or agency;
    • In general, access to this project is by project-controlled inclusion and access has little to do with the individual’s position in government, military rank or position in the traditional (constitutional) chain of command;
    • After nearly 60 years of studying advanced extraterrestrial technologies from retrieved ET devices, the group that controls this USAP possesses substantial technologies that may present a threat to conventional military assets and to world security in general;
    • Funding for these operations is derived both from the so-called "black budget" and from "creative," non-governmental sources;
    • Maintenance of secrecy/control over this project has been at all costs and has consistently violated legal, constitutional oversight and checks and balances and the rights of U.S. citizens.

Discussions with a sitting Director of Central Intelligence, senior White House staff, senior members of Congress serving on key, relevant committees, senior military staff in the US and UK, among others, has shown that access to projects related to UFOs / ETI is not related to position or constitutional law. Five star Admiral and former UK Minister of Defense, Lord Hill-Norton has confirmed that a similar arrangement exists in the United Kingdom. Directed inquiry by such officials has not resulted in disclosure, even when the request originated from the office of the President of the United States.

Why Key Military and National Security Leadership Need to Know:

There are several inter-related aspects of the UFO/ETI issue, which necessitate key military, intelligence and national security leaders knowing about this matter. Failure by such leaders to be adequately informed has resulted in a situation wherein important decisions and actions may be made which could result in extremely undesirable outcomes. The capabilities of the UFO/ETI USAP allow for widespread deception of chain-of-command leadership and for surprise scenarios, which could be catastrophically misinterpreted.

Moreover, while there is no objective evidence that the non-human life forms behind the genuine extraterrestrial events are at all hostile towards the Earth or humanity in general, events could be - and more importantly we understand have been - negatively misinterpreted, leading to unwarranted human military actions against such ET assets. Such actions constitute a genuine world security threat about which conventional military and civilian leadership is unaware. In order to avoid the potential for future human military actions, which could lead, to a dangerous escalation of events, it is imperative that military and national security leadership be adequately informed on this subject.

Below is a brief summary of scenarios and activities, which illustrate why such leaders have an immediate need to know on this matter:

  • Misidentification of UFO/Extraterrestrial assets. Since there are both genuine extraterrestrial and look-alike human engineered ARV (Alien Reproduction Vehicle) assets, the risk for confusion and misidentification is real. Such confusion could result in actions that could then lead to unintended results (See also False Indications and Warnings below).

  • Surprise by extraterrestrial object. In the past, senior military commanders have been surprised by the sudden appearance of extraterrestrial objects and have taken hostile actions towards them. For example, in October of 1981, such an object appeared off of the eastern seaboard, triggering pandemonium in the U.S. Atlantic Fleet (CINCLANTFLT) Command Center. This object, estimated 300 feet in diameter and disc shaped, was able to rapidly move, in one radar sweep from an area off the coast of Newfoundland to off the coast of Norfolk, Virginia. During this daylight event, the U.S. Atlantic Fleet Command Center went to Condition Zebra alert ("Stripes") and orders were given by NORAD to the CINC, ADM Harry Train, to identify this object and even force it down if necessary. Fighters were scrambled from land and sea-based forces and, while one fighter got close enough to clearly photograph the object, it moved in the span of one radar sweep from off the coast of Norfolk, Virginia to an area in the Atlantic Ocean near the Canary Islands, turned upward at a 60 degree angle, and left the Earth’s atmosphere. This situation, which resulted in surprise to the CINC, chaos on the Command Center Floor, and orders to force down the object (which could have had catastrophic consequences) could have been avoided with concept and scenario briefings to top military leaders and the development of clear "Special Rules of Engagement" (ROEs) for these unique situations.

  • Misinterpretation of Extraterrestrial Actions. It is our assessment that more that one extraterrestrial civilization is involved in reconnaissance of the Earth and in surveillance of global military developments. In the past, extraterrestrial concern over weapons of mass destruction has led to technological demonstrations at certain strategic sites, such as SAC ICBM facilities at Minot ND in November of 1975, which had its strategic launch capabilities inerted. Similar neutralization, we understand, occurred in the USSR. While such an event would understandably generate human military concern, it is important for such events to be interpreted in a broader context, which is non-anthropocentric. While one view may hold that this action demonstrated extraterrestrial hostility, it is more likely that, given the event’s non-violent nature, that it was intended to be a message of great concern over such globally destructive weapon systems. Unless leadership is adequately briefed on this subject, the potential for a catastrophic misinterpretation of extraterrestrial actions and intentions exists.

  • Extraterrestrial concern over space-based military assets. It is our understanding that the extraterrestrial view of human military assets being placed in space is very unfavorable and that in the recent past certain events have taken place which underscore this ET viewpoint. U.S. Space Command and other military entities dealing with space or which interface with and depend upon space-based assets need to be aware of this concern. It appears that ET concern is based on the increasing militarization of space, combined with a continued high level of human warfare and violence and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. There is also reason to believe that covert USAP programs are targeting ET assets with increasing frequency and efficacy (see below).

  • Multiple credible first-hand military and intelligence program witnesses have described covert USAP utilization of advanced weapons systems to track, target and destroy extraterrestrial spacecraft. Such events have apparently increased in frequency and accuracy since the 1980s. If true, this constitutes a grave national and world security crisis about which key leaders have an urgent need to know. In light of the testimony that we have heard, simple denials that such events are not occurring or are somehow justified are not sufficient grounds to dismiss these reports or take a hands-off approach. Key military and national security leaders need to fully investigate this matter and produce a full assessment of the situation for the National Command Authorities (NCA), the Chairman, Joints Chiefs of Staff (CJCS), and key congressional leadership.

  • Multiple, military and civilian witnesses involved in covert programs dealing with this subject and having first-hand personal knowledge have corroborated reports of UFO/ETI related USAPS’ intent to utilize reverse-engineered ET based technologies to stage (hoax) ET events of a violent nature. The existence of a very powerful covert USAP which possesses extraordinarily advanced technologies capable of materialization/dematerialization, faster-than-light travel, antigravity propulsion and related systems is in itself a direct threat to conventional and constitutional military and national security leadership and control. Such an entity, unless fully under direct, legal and constitutional chain of command oversight, and control, has great potential for abuse, deception and manipulation of traditional governmental leadership. For example, an important intelligence witness has described the planned use of ARVs in a false indications and warnings scenario in which the ARVs would attack conventional military assets to make it appear that we were being attacked by hostile extraterrestrial life forms. If military and national security leaders do not know of such covert human capabilities, they could be deceived by such a scenario and could then issue orders for unwarranted and potentially catastrophic counter-measures against genuine ET assets.
  • Sub-electromagnetic, non-linear communications systems of extraterrestrial origin which interface directly with consciousness and thought have been reverse-engineered by covert USAPs and can be used against civilian and military leadership in False I and W scenarios. Information directly from a foreign head of state suggests that this has already occurred. Such non-linear telemetry systems, which bypass linear time/space and interface directly with mind and thought can be modified to induce hoaxed but very real experiences in target subjects. Senior military and civilian national security leaders need to know about the potential of these systems, thus minimizing the deceptive value of such systems should they be directed against them. (Alleged "Alien Abduction" experiences are largely the result of the misuse of these systems by covert USAPs.)

  • NASA, civilian astronomers and other scientists are increasingly concerned about the possibility of an Earth orbit-crossing asteroid or comet impacting the Earth. Teams at JPL and elsewhere have already detected thousands of such Earth orbit-crossing objects within our solar system. Large impacts in the past have created what is now the Gulf of Mexico, Hudson Bay and other geological features on the surface of the Earth. Most scientists agree that it is not a question of ‘if, but ‘when’, such an impact will take place. Conventional scientists have discussed using nuclear weapons and other conventional means to avert such an impact. However, it is clear that UFO related USAPS possess technologies which are far more advanced and which could be brought to bear on this problem. This is especially true of gravity-altering technologies that could be used to change the mass effect of such an object and move it off of an Earth-intersecting course. Since such an impact could potentially terminate human civilization as we know it, senior military and civilian national security leaders should have knowledge of and access to such UFO USAP related technologies. Moreover, use of such technologies in space for such a critical and beneficial purpose may be dependent on the perception by ET s that such space deployment would be only for peaceful purposes. We understand that this is not the current perception.


    • Disclosure of the reality of the UFO/ETI subject and associated technologies would certainly alter many aspects of life on Earth, including geopolitical relations, technology, economics and the general social order. Military and national security leaders unaware of the subject cannot adequately anticipate the far-reaching implications of such a disclosure and would therefore be unprepared. Since the Disclosure Project and others are actively pursuing such a disclosure in the relatively near future, it is important that leaders understand these implications fully and are able to respond to the challenges of such a disclosure in an orderly manner. Should a sudden, undeniable extraterrestrial event occur, it is even more important that military and national security leaders be informed and are prepared to respond properly to the situation.

    • The energy and propulsion technologies associated with extraterrestrial spacecraft utilize the zero-point field of energy, do not rely on nuclear or internal combustion engines and are therefore non-polluting. One of the great ‘wild cards’ facing the military and national and world security leaders is the eventual exhaustion of fossil fuels and the concomitant decay in the Earth’s ecosystem. With the rapid industrialization of China, India and much of the third world, the damage to the Earth’s ecosystem will only accelerate exponentially, even as the fuel sources are more rapidly diminished. Currently, we exist as a terminal technological civilization - a serious long-term security issue indeed. However, the covert USAP responsible for UFO/ETI matters has already reversed-engineered energy and propulsion systems which render the internal combustion engine obsolete. We estimate that this breakthrough occurred between 1954 and 1957. Ben Rich of Lockheed Skunkworks, prior to his death, confirmed to a Disclosure Project consultant that "we already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity..." Long term national security planning necessitates the eventual (and preferably near-term) release of these technologies for the benefit of mankind and the preservation of the planet. Certainly national security and military leaders should understand these technologies, which will replace the entire global energy and internal combustion infrastructure. Moreover, they should anticipate the implications related to the release of such technologies so that the transition to sustainable energy systems can be as smooth and peaceful as possible.

These are a few of the national security and military implications of the UFO/ETI subject — any one of which justifies a full briefing to leadership on the subject.


We recommend senior military and national security leaders take the following actions:

    • Receive a thorough briefing on the subject by Disclosure Project leadership and military/civilian witnesses
    • Fully brief CINCS, and develop special ROEs for ETI/UFO encounters.
    • Independently investigate the subject and penetrate USAP operations related to the subject
    • Become fully involved in covert projects related to the subject to ensure that such projects are adequately supervised and are under the direct and continuous control of the constitutional chain of command