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this book continues on past life therapy through the use of hypnosis.

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Extract 2 from chapter 4 :

Another case of nearly now-time…:

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Janice=J: (In awe.) Huge! Huge ship! It's in front of me, but it's above me. I'm looking, and I think, "what exit?" I was only on the freeway for a minute or two, and there it is.

D = Dolores: Do you see other cars around you?

J: I know there are other cars, but it's like I'm the only one. It's like I'm in a corridor, for lack of a better term. It's like I'm in my own "space," but it's separate from the other cars' space.

This phenomenon of being separated from the outside world when these events occur was explored in The Custodians, where no one else seems to see anything. I have learned it is an individual experience and is invisible to anyone that is not involved.

J: I've seen large ships, but this one is just astronomical. Whew! (She was definitely in awe.) It's a gray color like the sky looks on a cloudy day. There are different sets or lines of little windows, because it's several stories up. It's just huge!

D: Then what happens?

J: I'm just blipped. (I didn't understand.) Swhooosh! Just snap your fingers, and it's just snap your fingers. Poof! It's an instant thing. It's almost as fast as a thought can be. One minute I was on the freeway, and then I wasn't any more. I'm up there.

D: Is your car up there too?


D: Tell me what you see.

J: It's like you have your own city there. It's just so big. And we have the car right there, and I go with them. You know they're waiting for you, and they take you where you have to go. This place is so big you would get lost. You couldn't even find your way around. It's so big.

Her escorts directed her to get on a strange contraption. "You're tilted. It looks like a seat by itself. There are no wires. I was looking for the wires."

There was then a sharp intake of breath, and she seemed uncomfortable. I could see she was experiencing something that was an unfamiliar physical sensation. It seemed to take her breath away. "How does that thing go like that? It moves very fast."

She reported becoming dizzy, so I supplied instructions to alleviate any physical sensations. For several seconds she described the sensation of moving very fast, and literally had to keep trying to catch her breath. This was punctuated by vocal exclamations. She could not describe the appearance of the area she was rocketing through because it became a blur of color, and the sensations took precedence.


J: Oh, goodness! Ooohh! It was really fast. Really, really, really fast. My body feels weird. (An almost hysterical laugh.) Oh, it tingles all over.

I continued to give suggestions of well-being as she took deep breaths. I was trying to move her ahead so she would arrive somewhere, and the sensations could subside. After a few seconds her breathing was returning to normal….



much later in the book on chapter PARALLEL UNIVERSES, and then on "dimensions" and portals:

not from book ill.


During another session with Phil in 1999:

D: I have been gathering information about different dimensions, and I wanted to expand on that. I do know, in my limited way, that the other dimensions that surround our planet are physical worlds, with physical human beings living on them. But they are vibrating at different speeds and are invisible to us. Can you give me any more information on that?

Phil: There is a certain circular reality in that there is no sense of finiteness in the true reality. There are many shades of reality, which are expressed in different ways. However, to say that a dimension is physical, as opposed to spiritual, is somewhat misleading. The concept seems to be understood as physical being different from spiritual. It is simply that that which you call "physical" has certain characteristics, which are somewhat separate or different from that which you call "spiritual". However, they are one and the same. It is simply a matter of there being certain differences, which distinguish one from the other. If you were to define the true reality of green water as opposed to blue water, you could say that certainly green water is not the same blue water. However, it's obvious that the true constituent of each which is water, is entirely identical. There is simply difference between the two, which distinguish them. So could you say the blue water is really different from green water?

D: I have heard there are other beings living in these other dimensions. They are invisible to us, but they are living in what they consider a physical world.

P: That is accurate. It is as the radio waves in your air are all existing at the same time, and all contain different information, different realities, but yet can exist in the same space at the same time. It is simply a matter of a difference in frequency. There is interference until the frequencies attempt to share the same frequency at the same time.

D: This causes what we call "static" or overlapping?

P: Yes. Trouble.

D: Does this happen with dimensions?

P: Occasionally. But thankfully, in the scheme of things there are safeguards which prevent this. However, it is possible for occasional overlap.

D: What would happen if that occurred?

P: Beings from different dimensions could interact and become aw of each other through their own sensory perceptions. The senses which you call your "five senses", are instruments which attuned to the frequencies on your level of existence. The beings which inhabit other levels of existence have sensory organs which are attuned to their own particular frequency of existence. If for some reason, these levels of awareness were to overlap or to share the same frequency, then the sensory elements of each would be attuned to the same frequency. And the beings on each plane would be aware of each other.

D: Would they know something unusual had happened?

P: Perhaps, but not necessarily. There are between the dimensions slight changes. Between successive dimensions the greater changes become more apparent. Such that the beings from several dimensions removed would, if they were able to comprehend that they were seeing, realize that there is indeed something very peculiar happening. However, becaus the changes are so subtle between the dimensions, each successive dimension is slightly different from the next It could possibly be that one would not be, at least initially, aware that they had found themselves in another dimension.

D: But it is possible to go back and forth.

P: That is accurate.

D: We have heard that sometimes there are windows that make it easier to go from one dimension to the other. Is this true?

P: There are openings, which are useful to allow beings, who have the knowledge and awareness, to be able to manifest this so-called "window". However, there is not in your terminology, a certain place which can be defined as an existing phenomenon, in and of itself, which is static, that you can access at any time simply by walking up to it. The energies can be manipulated such that a window can be generated. However, it is not a naturally occurring phenomenon. There was, as you are aware, an experiment done by your Navy which is commonly referred to as the "Philadelphia Experiment". This is an example of an experiment with these "windows". There are those beings who are spiritually capable of passing from one dimension to the other. Your best example perhaps would be Jesus, who could access many different levels. After his ascension he could return to your plane consciously and appear. Even though he perhaps was not of your plane, he could come to your plane.

D: You mean the government found a way to open the window to go back and forth, with the Philadelphia Experiment? Or they created a window?

P: We would say that a window was opened. However, the ability to get back was not quite as finessed as the ability to open it. There were catastrophic results because of the inability to properly manipulate this phenomenon. It is a natural - in the universal sense - condition. These planes are simply natural and common. However, it is your level of understanding at this point which makes them or this concept somewhat supernatural. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is the basis of reality, in the universal sense.

D: But the government found a way to do this.

P: There are those who are working on manipulating these energies. There are some who have succeeded in more or less fashion. However, because of the lack of spiritual awareness, which is necessary, there is as yet perhaps a most crude fundamental understanding of this phenomenon.

D: Are the experiments continuing?

P: That is accurate. It is possible at this time to transport energy ol matter through the dimensions. However, the spiritual realities which enable this phenomenon to occur are as yet not understood The basis of understanding to this point has been technological. The spiritual component has not been understood. There have been experiments, which have failed. And the participants were somewhat in worse shape afterwards than before. Their soul or spirit has the ability, or perhaps the resources, to heal these victims of these experiments when they have passed through the dimensional plane to that which you call the "spiritual" plane. There have been cases where individuals were completely lost to another dimension, and were, in essence, trapped in another dimension.

D: How could they be trapped if the soul can go anywhere it want and do anything it wants.

P: It is the physical components, which we speak of. There are case of the physical body being completely transported to another dimension with the soul intact.

D: That's what you mean. The physical was trapped in another, dimension, and couldn't get back

P: That is accurate. Your comprehension is adequate to allow us to see that which you are describing. And yes, it is true that they sometimes overlap. However, at this point it is not technological feasible for someone on your plane to attempt this on a regular basis. It is in fact one of the manners in which those you call the "aliens" are able to maneuver through vast distances. It is simply a matter of going between the dimensions, and finding those portals, which exist in their naturally occurring state. We wish her to define the difference between that which we were describing and a window as opposed to what we describe as a portal.

D: Yes, I would like to know the difference.

P: In the context in which we were speaking earlier, a window was device, which allowed one to simply pass from one plane existence to another. This is not a naturally occurring device. A portal, however, is a naturally occurring phenomenon much like tunnel, in which what you would call "distance" on a particular plane can be crossed. One would be able to travel great distance by going through these portals. However, these portals are on the same plane. They do not transcend the separate planes of reality. Once one has arrived at the destination on that particular plane, it is necessary to convert to the plane, which one wishes to arrive at.

D: That's the part I'm having confusion with. This is different from other dimensions, this is on the same plane.

P: Portals are on the same plane. They don't transcend planes. There are portals within the planes themselves, however, the portals do not span the planes.

D: And this is different than going between dimensions.

P: That is accurate.

D: I'm still a little confused on that. If we're thinking of the same plane of existence, would the aliens be coming from a physical star or part of the galaxy that is out there now. But rather than going by speed of light or whatever, they would just find a portal?

P: That is accurate.

D: So they're on this physical plane of reality, rather than in another dimension. They just found these doorways so they can go back and forth faster.

P: That is accurate.

D: All of this is confusing to me, but Ijust had an idea. Using the planet Venus as an example, in our ' dimension it appears that there is no life there. Could it be possible that in an "alternate" reality or a different dimension, there could be people living there?

P: On the level in which you experience reality, there would not be. However, in higher dimensions there are in fact many lifeforms on many of the planets that are simply at a different level of expression. It would be simply that the expression, as it manifests on your level, does not convey or express the essence of what you would call "lifeforms". There is at the lower levels of that expression simply gas and rock. However, much as an iceberg is considered only partially visible, it's known that the entire expression of the iceberg is not visible. The level at which you are seeing the reality on Venus is simply a portion of that which is underwater, so to say. There are portions of the total expression, which are invisible to you because your perceptions are not able to conceive the reality of the higher planes of existence.

D: So on an alternate reality, another parallel world so to speak, could there be a physical race living there?

P: That is accurate.



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