"Each choice is correct for where we are at the time
and what we each need to experience."

This is a very special time to be on Earth. We are in the midst of a spiritual awakening. Planet Earth is shifting from a third dimensional- to a fourth- and fifth-dimensional vibrational frequency. As we enter the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Light, we experience a new awakened consciousness. We realize that we are not merely human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience. This experience with its many limitations often bring about fear. As we wake up, we let go of old dogma and perceptions of how we experience reality and we realize that love is the answer. By simply being on the planet we are raising the vibrations which will lift the planet and literally take us to a higher, more enlightened way of being.

We live in a vast universe with layer upon layer of existence, what we experience here only a small part of it. This will introduce you to the idea of ascension, the dimensional shift, which will lead to awareness of the simultaneous coexistence of multidimensional realities. The Mayan Prophesy and other prophesies speaks of such a shift in consciousness, which will most likely be experienced sometime between now and 2012.

Too many people are distracted from a spiritual path by being so involved in their daily material existence, luxuries and laziness, or just plain apathy, ignorance and indifference, following the collective consciousness of the mainstream flow. The "second coming of Christ" is happening right now as thousands of people around the world are waking up to the knowledge, understanding and realization of who they really are, where they came from, and why they are here. These are the Lightworkers who will assist in the birth of the New Age. You must decide whether you want to stay where you are, or move forward. You must find your role in the universe, among the whole. As Light, We Are One.

What Is The New Age?
by Andrew Lutts

En Ny Tidsalders Fødsel
av Rune Øverby og andre

Spiritual Illusions

Age of Aquarius

The Nine Insights of The Celestine Prophesy
[De Ni Innsikter]

De Ni Innsikter (Celestine Prophesy)

The Mayan Prophesy
Mayaenes profeti


Diverse artikler om Fotonbeltet

Schumann resonance

More on the Schumann resonance

Ascension and the Ashtar Command

The Merkaba

A Multidimensional Universe
by Drunvalo Melchizedek

Maya-kalenderen: Skaperkraftens rytmer
Artikkel fra Alternativt Nettverk

Om New Age, krystaller og en global bevissthet
Utdrag fra David Spanglers bok 'A Pilgrim in Aquarius' fra Alternativt Nettverk

Cosmic Insights by John Hornecker

Geophysics of the Paradigm Shift (Gregg Braden)

The Flower of Life

The Merkaba

The Keys of Enoch

Ashtar Kommandoen

Forventet utvikling ved Tore Alfstad

Marina Munk om frekvensskiftet

Marina Munk om Sananda og Ashtar Kommandoen

What is channeling?
by C.C. Raphael and Lynnéa Deva Raphael

- the New Age practice of channeling

Edgar Cayce, "The Sleeping Prophet"

Channeling - A natural skill easily learned
by John Payne


St. Germain - About Channeling

Messages From Archangel Michael

Channelings from Hilarion by Jon C. Fox

Utdrag fra Krystalltrappen

Artenes opprinnelse og karma fra Serapis (Thoth)

Catching the Wave of the Future from Archangel Michael

Budskap fra erkeengelen Michael

Kanaliseringer fra Hilarion ved Jon C. Fox

En kanalisering på norsk

Metatron om oppstgningen

Kanaliseringer på svenska (fra Ajkon)

Ways to Love by John L. Payne

What Your Light Is Hilarion by Lisa Holloway

The Pleiadian Agenda (Barbara Hand Clow)

Artikler fra Alternativt Nettverk og AlfaOmega

Guddommelig samarbeid i den nye tid
Intervju med Asger Lorentsen (Gyldne Cirkel)

Maya-kalenderen: Skaperkraftens rytmer

Om New Age, krystaller og en global bevissthet
av David Spangler

Meditasjon i en foranderlig verden av William Bloom

A Course in Miracles

Kristusmedvetandet på plats runt Jorden
Intervju med Drunvalo Melchizedek

"Most important now is to spread the message of ascension" Intervju med David Ash

Oppstigning: Virkelighetsflukt eller kjærlighetsbudskap?
Intervju med Thomas Fasth (Oughten House) om oppstigning (ascension).

Konspirationen speglar vårt inre
Intervju med David Icke (Hjemmeside) (01:00)

Dags att omvärdera historien!
Møte med Graham Hancock