by Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

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Subject: Mayan Prophecy
Date: 10 Jan 1995 15:34:37 -0500

The month of December 1994 is a conclusion of an incredible year, and yet a new beginning that the Mayas understand as even deeper and more profound than we have yet to experience. Mayan sacred text states "The reincarnated teachers of the new age of Aquarius implore for the sacred human race to awaken, so that in this way it can fulfill its sacred destiny, which is to be the true sons and daughters of the cosmic light." This is the call for the light workers to reunite and harmonize the Earth, to bridge the gaps between the continents, religions, cultures, and races for all ages, for all time. It is time to sing our dreams into reality and live our true solar destiny.

By the use of ancient calendar cycles, the Mayas understand that the spring equinox of 1995 is the completion of a Mayan prophesy that marks the end of two cycles of K'altun (two cycles of 260 years), bringing us to the time when ancient and hidden knowledge is to be reawakened. The Maya understand it is the end of the "age of belief" into "the age of knowledge." The Itza Age, The Age of Aquarius. We will no longer be veiled by illusion.

Hunbatz Men, a Mayan Shaman and Daykeeper, asked me to share this ancient prophesy. He said this information is for everyone, not just the Maya! He said being Mayan is something that is in the heart and spirit, not just created by the color of the skin. This sacred prophesy is a call for the lightworkers of the Earth Garden to reunite and harmonize the Earth, to bridge the gaps between the continents, religions, cultures, and races for all ages, for all time. It is time to sing our heart song and begin to live our true solar destiny.

The Path of the Sun and Mayan Prophesy

It is common knowledge that the sun travels 182 days to the north and returns 182 days to the south again every Earth year. This is the season or cycle of the solstices. At the midpoint of this season/cycle is another cycle of the east and west called the Equinoxes. On the Equinox, the sun crosses at a center point of all 4 seasons making exact 90 degrees angles directly on top of the pyramid of Kukulkan in the sacred site of Chichan Itza. This creates the phenomenon known worldwide of a shadow of a serpent. This shadow contains 7 triangles that represents the awakening of our seven centers of the physical body and illustrates our connection with the Pleiades. This event happens every equinox, but it is in the year 1995 that the reawakening of the cosmic human is activated. This is clearly stated in the paraphrased sacred Mayan prophesies below.

Paraphrased From a Sacred Mayan Text.

"In the year 1475, before the arrival of the Spanish, The Supreme Maya Council revealed that a calendar cycle of twice the Kaltun of 260 years had to go by in order for the Maya Solar Culture to flourish again for the benefit of mankind... In the spring of 1995, this 520 year period will be completed, bringing to an end the cycle of darkness brought by the Spaniards to the land of the Sun. ...1995 is a decisive year and the sacred human race will have to enter the path of cosmic light if it is to remain a thinking species... The human race will have to seek the path of initiation on Earth and in Heaven... Through Solar Initiation they will be able to see the luminosity of the great spirit... through Solar Initiation, the sleeping body of mankind can be awakened... Hunab Ku (God in Mayan) will flash like lightning that will pierce through the shadows that envelop the human race. Let us prepare to receive the light of knowledge that comes from Hunab Ku and transcend into the memory of the creator and become beings of eternal luminosity.

The Mayas understand this auspicious event as an initiation into cosmic consciousness that will reawaken humanity into the Age of Knowledge. By the use of the magnetic grid that covers planet earth, the solar ceremonies in Chichan Itza will create a unifying intent to activate humanity into Galactic citizenship. This will be done by harmonizing the earth and its peoples thus initiating the healing process for the entire planet and humanity as we enter the age of knowledge and peace. We will begin to remember the ancient knowledge of the cosmos.

For those of you who can't join us in physical form, you have the opportunity to join this event in spirit. Hunbatz Men and the Mayan council ask humanity to unite in prayer at sunrise on the morning of March 21, 1995 with the understanding that we are all connected and live in the same house, the house of Mother Earth. They ask you to send the energy of the Father SUN into Mother EARTH, giving her essential energy for healing. You may also send letters of inspiration, prayer, and devotion to: The Center for Mayan Studies APDO 7-014 Merida, 7 Yuc. Mexico. These letters will be anchored in a sacred site during this ceremony.

The Solar Meditation / Ceremony

The Mayas had an intimate relationship with the sun. They knew that the information/energy we require to live comes from the Sun. They understand that the sun can heal our physical and emotional illness. In these times where humanity receives so much of its information and energy from sources other than the sun, it is essential at this time that we begin to remember how to use the sun once again. For those who wish to receive solar initiation as the Mayans have for thousands of years, you first must reconnect with the Sun. It is a simple process and all that is needed is your hearts intention to begin to receive life sustaining energy / light / information directly from the sun once again. Below is a simple solar ceremony you can begin RIGHT NOW, and perform in unison with others from around the world during this coming spring equinox. Everyone is encouraged to initiate solar meditations and related events in the areas where they live.

Here is a simple solar ceremony you can do during this important event:

Face the rising Sun and begin to meditate. With respect, ask Hunab K'u (God in Mayan) for permission to reenter his memory. Ask to be reawakened to the ancient knowledge of the cosmos. As the SUN begins to rise look directly at the SUN. Please use discretion here. Just one second of pure sun light directly in the eyes is enough. Then close your eyes and begin to say the name of the SUN in the Mayan language (K'IN) and catch your spirit in your hands by holding your hands out in front of your face as if you were holding a sphere. Just as Om-m-m is the name of the Earth, K'IN is the name of the SUN. It sounds like, "K'ieeeeeennn" with a distinct E sound. You may need to practice this a little while to get the habit of it. When you do this properly you will hear the sound of the Sun in you ears and in your head.


Say K'IN 7 times into your hands for your body, K'IN 7 times for your spirit, and K'IN 7 times for the awakening of the cosmic human. You can actually feel the energy of your spirit in your hands! Feel the vibration in your hands. Hear the sound of the SUN in your heart. Now place the blessings of your spirit on the Earth by bending down and placing your palms flat upon the Earth. Allow your spirit to enter the Earth and send your blessings and intentions to walk on earth in a way that will awaken yourself and others into rightful living once again.

A Mayan blessing to you for coming the new year:

("Only may there be peace in your presence")

DUE TO OVERWHELMING RESPONSE TO THIS EVENT ALUNA JOY YAXK'IN CAN NOT RESPOND INDIVIDUALLY BY E-MAIL .....But you may receive the complete sacred text including the Mayan Prophesy, map of the magnetic grid, and Solar Ceremony, by sending a self addressed stamped #10 envelope to: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, P.O. Box 1351 Mt. Shasta, CA. 96067 or ph/fax 916-926-1351. Small donations are greatfully accepted to help cover printing costs. If you are interested in attending the event in the Mayaland please inform Aluna and she will also send information regarding partipation in the event.

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in is the author of "The Mayan Suns" a daily journal based on the sacred calendar and the Mayan Solar Destiny Readings. She teaches "Return path to the Sun" a workshop based on cosmic and traditional teachings of the Maya, including Mayan Solar Destiny, based on the sacred calendar "Tzolk'in." Aluna has been receiving information from her "buddies" since she was a small child, but it wasn't until 1990 that they jokingly informed her they were the Gods of the Mayan Calendar, the Cosmic Maya. She has been working with day-keeper Hunbatz Men on several projects, including "Solar Initiation Tours" to Mexico, calendar studies, and a meditation tape based on the Mayan prayers called "Journey to the Maya Land." She interviewed Hunbatz Men on the video, "The Mayan Message to Humanity" by Doorway Publications. She continues to merge cosmic and traditional Mayan-based information through her organization Hauk'in Publishing which is dedicated to the rediscovery of the cosmic wisdom of the Maya.

Hauk'in Publishes free "The Mayan days" a current one month calendar incorporating Gregorian and Mayan days. To receive a current issue please send a S.A.S.E. to Aluna Joy Yaxk'in - P.O. Box 1351 Mt. Shasta CA 96067. (offered in the spirit of the Maya and small love donations)