Ascending Soul

We are all part of the evolution of the universe,
on our way to higher realms of enlightenment.

"Long ago, you decided to participate in a vast game of exploring separation from Spirit on behalf of the Source -- The Creator! Since the "fall,"you have experienced every aspect of separation -- cruelty, violence, persecution, war, famine, and so on. But now the game is over and it's time to return to the Source -- it's mandatory! Every one of us will ascend. But first we must break old patterns, sever from the consensus reality, and align with Spirit. The goal is full awareness of our unity with the Source by increasing the frequency of our energy bodies until we emerge as self-realized Masters, fully conscious on the higher dimensions."

- From 'An Ascension Handbook' from Serapis (Thoth)

Ascension and the Ashtar Command
An introduction by David Ash

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